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 Clarissa [Approved 4-3]

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Coding In Template By:


Sueki Profile

I. Basic Information


» Name: Clarissa (She used to have her own name but after Claire took her in she was given a new one. She will be referred to as Clarissa throughout to avoid confusion)
» Titles: Pet
» Age: 368
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Grand Sueki Army

» Appearance Picture:
Clarissa [Approved 4-3] VJaQuVd

» Shifter Appearance Picture:
Clarissa [Approved 4-3] DZKv5U9

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Compliant- Clarissa is ever eager to please, regardless of what is asked of her. Assuming of course, that this request is coming from Claire, or one who Claire has given power over her. As long as this is the case she will do anything she's told.

Literal Cuck- She is often in a position where her only "choice" is to watch. Luckily, due to a combination of low self esteem, her inherent need to comply with Claire's wishes, and a deep seated (although well hidden) personal fetish, Clarissa enjoys this.

Low Self Esteem- It is to be expected that when one lives a life such as Clarissa has led they will not be the most confident of individuals. She was mistreated by her family from a very young age, and even when she left home as a teen to try her luck in the wider world she was not received well. In fact almost every interaction the girl had before she met Claire was ostracizing in some way or another. This has led to a constant need for approval. The only avenue she has for this approval is from Claire, so naturally she in entirely devoted.

Loyal- As stated above, the only avenue Clarissa has for approval is Claire. This leads to her undying loyalty, regardless of the situation she happens to be facing at the time. She will gladly lay down her own life before she even considers allowing something detrimental to fall upon Claire's head.

Reliable- Clarissa is an excellent person to put your faith in, assuming she has loyalty towards you. She will almost always uphold her side of an agreement or bargain if it is within her power to do so. If not she will inevitably feel completely worthless.

Withdrawals- Clarissa can't exist outside of the influence of Claire's emotional manipulation. At this point in time she's become so reliant on the constant effects of Claire's powers that without them she will rapidly deteriorate. After a day or two away from Claire she will begin to lose consciousness, and after only five days she will no longer remain a sentient being.

» Likes: Claire, watching, flowers.

» Dislikes: Bugs

I. Character History

» History

Clarissa was born to a poor family in central Europe, unable to provide her with even the most basic of necessities, let alone any kind of comfort. In fact, her parent were mainly resentful of the fact that she existed, as before she came along they were able to live at least somewhat reasonably, but after her birth there was a third mouth to feed, as well as the other expenses that are inherent to the raising of a child. This mistreatment only continued to worsen as she aged due to the fact that she took up more and more of the already sparse resources.

After her tenth birthday things really started to deteriorate in her family life. At this point in time she was basically considered nothing more than a curse, as her existence had drastically reduced the standard of living her parents had previously been able to afford. She was able to weather this storm for a time, but eventually the constant torture became too much for the young woman to bear.

On her fifteenth birthday Clarissa finally decided she'd had enough of this environment. She was already damaged emotionally, but not to the point that she would never be able to recover. The next two years however proved to be worse than anything she'd ever previously experienced, and this ultimately proved to be too much for her already weak psyche. At least in the past she'd had, if nothing else, a dry and comfortable place to sleep, security, and the requisite amount of food to, if not keep her from experiencing hunger, at least enough to survive on. During these two years all of those things were no longer a given. She was hardly ever able to find a comfortable place to sleep, and even when she did, she was constantly worrying that she would be harmed or killed where she to let her guard down. Safety was a thing of the past. Food also proved to be a major problem, as she wasn't the very charming, and almost nobody she came across pitied her enough to part with their own resources. Of course, the world was not in the best shape, so that could be expected, but it had no less of an effect on her. There were several times during these two years that she almost starved to death.

Eventually Clarissa was no longer able to withstand the pressures that were being lain upon her. She was young, and had been in a state of constant stress essentially from birth. The fact that she was able to hold out for this long is honestly impressive. It was on one of the many nights she found herself sleeping in a cold, damp, and lonely alley that she came to the decision. It just wasn't worth it to go on any longer. She searched the alley for several minutes before she located a rather sharp shard of glass. She then sat in the middle of the alley for a few moments more, the glass in her hand, before she slowly raised it to her neck, shaking silently as she did so. She'd hoped to leave this world without crying, but in the end she wasn't able to pull that off. The shaking began to grow more violent as the sobs wracked her body, and the glass inched ever closer to her neck.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the glass made contact with her skin. At this point she was audibly weeping, and the shaking made it impossible to keep her hand still. She scratched herself superficially several times while she was building up the courage to make the final plunge. Just before she did so she felt another's body press against her own, obviously someone had just sat down behind her. She hadn't heard anyone approaching, so she was startled, but at the same time she had nothing left to give, so she wasn't concerned. That was when Claire wrapped her arms around the young woman, gently confiscating the shard of glass and tossing it away before drawing her into a warm embrace. Clarissa still hadn't seen the person holding her, but she was easily able to determine that it was a woman. The pain and emptiness that the young woman had been feeling for so long now inexplicably began to drain from her. For the first time in her life, in the middle of the cold, damp, and no longer lonely alley where she'd just attempted suicide, she truly felt happy. Her tears slowly dried, and she felt content to live the rest of her life in this woman's embrace.

Moments later she felt a new sensation. It wasn't exactly painful, but she was certain that her skin had just been pierced rather deeply by two... fangs? Regardless, she was content. If the other woman decided she should die now then that was perfectly acceptable. It didn't feel like she was dying though. She did feel strange, and she supposed she couldn't know what it felt like to die, but this didn't feel at all like what she'd imagined it would be like. The only regret she had, if she was in fact dying, was that she wouldn't be able to repay the woman who'd made her feel happy for first time in her otherwise miserable life.

She wasn't dying though, and she found this out relatively quickly. The woman behind her tightened the embrace, and she leaned back, unendingly pleased. That was when she heard Claire's voice for the first time, and if she hadn't already been forever devoted, she was afterwards.

"I am Claire. From this day forward you will follow me, and you will be my pet. Your old name you will forget, and instead you will honor me with a new one, Clarissa."

Clarissa was unable to vocalize any of her feelings or thoughts at the moment, but she knew that she vehemently agreed with the words that Claire spoke. Hoping with every fiber of her being that her silence wouldn't be deemed disrespectful she simply nodded her head emphatically. Claire smiled at the new soon to be Sueki, and placed her lips against the younger woman's cheek in a gentle kiss. They remained in the alley for a while longer, but eventually Claire grew tired of sitting in the damp, and led her new pet home.

It took several months for Clarissa to develop into a full Sueki, but even when the transformation was complete she was unable to utilize any of the normal powers a Sueki would possess. She did notice a drastic increase in her body's ability to function, but other than that there was very little change. There was something about her body that was incompatible with Night Energy, and because of that she would never be able to use her abilities on her own. She tried to hide this, as she was worried that Claire would disown her once more if she were to find out, but eventually the truth came to light. It turned out she had nothing to worry about. Claire was completely accepting of the fact that she was completely devoid of any kind of actual energy, and even worked out a way for her to still be useful.

Claire discovered a way to give the young woman a bit of her own emotional energy to use as a power reserve, thereby activating her powers. This is when they both learned that Clarissa belonged to the House of Illusion. Perhaps the most fitting house for her to belong to, and due to the fact that Claire's own powers were so closely related there were no problems when Clarissa used Claire's emotional energy to power her abilities. During all of this Sueki training Claire had also been using her emotional manipulation at a level that would permanently alter the younger woman. She magnified the feelings of love, respect, subservience, and loyalty that Clarissa was already experiencing deeply to an entirely new level. A level that would never decrease, but could be increased quite easily if Claire decided to do so. After a time Clarissa became entirely dependent on the continued effects of emotional manipulation, to the point where she was unable to function without it.

On a day when there was little else to do, Claire decided she was bored. She was curious to see if she could train her new pet to alter her appearance as she did, and so they began a new experiment. Clarissa was given a moderate amount of emotional energy and instructed to take on a new appearance. Claire demonstrated this for her several times, and gave an in depth explanation of the technique, and of the sensations that would be experienced. It took the younger woman a fair amount of time to be able to use the ability, and they had to return to it several times before she could do so with any semblance of consistency, but after a few weeks Claire was satisfied with the progress they'd made.

From the day they met Clarissa has been following Claire basically as her religion. Anything Claire desired of her she was happy to comply with, regardless of how she would normally have felt about it. This led to many a reward, and grew the relationship between them naturally. Of course, Claire has always been using her emotional manipulation on Clarissa to some extent, unless she's currently being punished. Without it Clarissa is unable to experience any positive emotions, and as soon as the effects are withdrawn she quickly spirals into a deep depression. At this point in time though she is no danger to herself, as she's well aware that Claire enjoys having her around, and regardless of the way she feels she will stay by the woman's side indefinitely.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

A collar (permanently)

A leash (occasionally)

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Natural Abilities:

Speed- Clarissa is exceptionally quick, even for a Sueki. While her general movement speed is only slightly higher than average, her ability to react to situations unfolding before her is greatly heightened. She can easily catch arrows, bullets, and most projectiles of a comparable, or even moderately faster speed.

Strength- Although all Sueki gain more powerful bodies upon transformation, due to Clarissa's unique nature she gains much more benefit to her body than to her ability to utilize any sort of energy or ability. Due to this, she is now exceptionally strong, able to pulverize thick concrete with ease, tear apart large buildings, create a hole through an average, or even considerably durable, human's body with a single punch, and otherwise tear shit up.

Healing- Her body is her main source of power, and because of this it has a greater ability than most to keep itself intact. Clarissa is able to heal most minor injuries over the course of a few posts, although more severe injuries directly to her internal organs may see her out of commission for an extended period of time. She is able to regrow lost limbs, but this takes a considerable amount of time and is quite painful.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:


Blood Rites

The Sueki live and die by the blood within their dark veins. Blood is not just a source of survival either. By taking blood and drawing certain patterns on surfaces, a Sueki can conjure a Blood Rite. These spells widen the strategic options a Sueki has in and out of combat. Upon finishing the blood drawing, the Sueki must then make contact with the pattern with their own blood and call upon the ability. This is often done by cutting the Sueki's own hand, feet etc and slamming them onto the pattern. A glow of darkness will emit from the bloody pattern and the spell is cast. Note that these patterns may be drawn upon the Sueki's own body. Some Sueki have even scarred their own bodies to create permanent patterns on their skin for easy access to these spells. The effects of a Blood Rite are increased in speed, size and strength (where applicable) based on the Sueki's Blood Rite skill. The actual pattern needed to be drawn is not specific and can be changed slightly so long as it fits the theme. The pattern also can be of any size, so long as it is distinguishable.

Kumitsu: The ability to cover the target in a veil of shadow that blocks off energy from the outside and from within. This allows anyones energy that has been covered in shadows to become undetectable by people outside of the veil. This gives off a visible aura of darkness that hides their appearance so it's rather obvious that they are there. However, if used at night or in very dark places, the affected target becomes very difficult to see as they blend into the darkness around them.

Kumitsu is generated by drawing any image, but then drawing a circle around it. The image cannot be symmetrical.

Kumotabi: The Blood Rite latches onto the darkness of shadows and of the night all around them, churning darkness around itself. After a few seconds of this the churning becomes an enveloping portal of shifting shadows that can expand and contract to hold multiple people. The size of the vortex is 10m in diameter for each skill level. A sueki may create this vortex on any surface but they must always remain in contact with it otherwise the portal will dissipate instantly, not function or pull anything in.

Once everyone has been highlighted by this ability, the user casts the Blood Rite a second time upon the pattern in the center of the vortex, channeling the vortex as the darkness pulls everyone within. This ability can suck in anything that is within the vortex and connected to anything that is currently in it so long as the entirety of the thing being pulled in can fit through the circumference of the vortex. This means a building could not be sucked into a small vortex just because the corner happens to be on it. The whole building must be able to fit and slip through. This does mean that vertically, there is no limit to how much that can fall inside.

Anybody that stands on the swirling darkness that isn't granted permission to travel by the user or denies their own desire to pass will not move at all when the vortex pulls.

During travelling, everyone falls through what seems to be an endless chasm of darkness lit by candles on black chandeliers. The distance required to make it to the other world is about a mile of falling. At the bottom is another swirling vortex that spits everyone out at the other end the other way up, so they emerge from the vortex head first and stop at their feet, standing. It is possible for a Sueki to force another person to move through the portal so long as their willpower is higher, but this requires triple the effort and can be fought against.

Kumotabi is generated by drawing a perfectly symmetrical image.

Blood Dependency: All Sueki characters Are highly dependent on a constant intake of energy to survive. This means feeding. If this is ignored then the Sueki will start to age rapidly and turn to ash during the night of the 7th day without feeding. The withdrawal symptoms slowly start to becomes noticeable on the 3rd day and get worse leading up to the seventh when the Sueki will look about 100 years old. After bleeding, the Sueki will feel full and no longer hungry then their body will gradually become younger over the same number of days they had not fed.

The actual age it stops at changes depending on the person and can be altered as Sueki may have preferences on how they look. There are some that even choose to look elderly. Whilst blood starved, a Sueki will always feel hungry for anything so long as they do not drink blood.

Mental and Physical Constitution: Sueki have strong bodies to handle their blood but also a decent amount of mental strength. This allows a Sueki to last much longer than a human when faced with dizziness and effects that instill mild mental weakness. They also suffer less when afflicted by sickness, viruses and disease.

Child of the Night: Being outside in the light of the moon or covered in natural darkness and shadow enhances the Sueki's body. This allows a Sueki to react faster, move quicker, think more rapidly and generally become much more aware and agile than if the sun was out. This includes the shadowy veil of Kumitsu. Training and fighting in the moonlight or dark places enhances their potential and growth. This effect becomes stronger based on how little sunlight the Sueki can stand. Sueki that can withstand sunlight easily will get little benefit from this, but those who can't stand it at all will benefit greatly.

Dark Vision: Sueki are able to see in the dark. This allows them to notice more when others cannot but also never lose sight of the shadows around them. Sueki are able to use darkness to track movement by focusing their mind on their prey. Moving in darkness is like second nature to a Sueki. The stronger the Sueki is, the larger scope their influence will be.

Solar Frailty: Sueki have a weakness to sunlight that is consistent among the race, but the potency of this weakness varies greatly. Some may even stay in the sun with no ill effect, but in exchange for this they receive no power up at night. Others however, can not withstand the sun at all, and accordingly their nighttime boost is rather significant. Sueki have a disadvantage against solar based characters.

Fire, electricity and other non-sunlight abilities do not cause this effect. Thus, candles, light-bulbs etc do not age them. How your Sueki falls apart into dust is up to you.

Human State: This is not a form in the slightest. Sueki are capable of entering a sort of meditation that shrinks their fangs and reduces the prominence of their Sueki features so they appear to look like they have normal teeth, no horns, normal eyes etc. Upon close inspection, it will be noticeable that their features are not exactly the same as a humans, but they can pass as a Human in most situations.

The Sueki also denies Night Energy access to their powers in this state of meditation. They can move and react as normal as though they were 5-5 tier humans but if they wish to use abilities they must stop meditating and return to their normal state.

Holding this state for too long eventually tires the user. They are still weakened by sunlight as normal and by revoking darkness to keep this form up, their aging process occurs more rapidly. The Human state is not recommended, but is there if necessary.

I. Bloodline

» Bloodline:


House of Illusion

Themed Visual Alterations: White, Gray or Black Hair. Black Sclera. No Iris. No Tongue (Mute) and/or No Eyes (Blind) Their Kumopu generally takes the form of a black inky substance.

Tier 3
Tranquil Mind: Meditation allows you to clear your mind and allows you to think with no distractions. Intense focus allows you to calculate quicker and react faster than standard Sueki as you can feel energy more clearly.
Hell Born: The Sueki has a natural affinity to the sense of terror. They revel in the fear of their opponents

Tier 2
Glimpse of Monstrosity: You become a visage of nightmares for a few minutes, confusing those that look at you as though you were a monsterous creature with hundreds of eyes, limbs etc. How you appear is up to you. This visage has heightened chances of terrifying those that see it. Unless the viewers focus is higher than the Sueki’s. You cannot be seen as anything 10ft larger than you actually are.
Sunlight weakness: As with the house of wraiths, the house of illusion also suffers greatly when exposed to sunlight. They can not withstand direct sunlight for more than a few moments. (Although this is true of any Illusion Sueki possessing energy, Clarissa is able to survive indefinitely in the sun as long as she has no energy. If Claire gives her energy however, she will almost immediately be killed by the sun if she is under its light.)

Tier 1
Call of the Abyss: Depending on the general sense of terror in the area, your abilities that affect focus are heightened. Also, you are able to conjure up to 3 ‘Glimpses of Monstrosity’ against an opponent who is truly terrified.
Terror Incarnate: You are truly one to be feared. You may manifest what you imagine to be your opponents most intense fear. This is no illusion, this is a true manifestation of terror. This manifestation cannot be damaged by brute force, but its strength is based on the focus of those it attacks. A high focus will sustain less damage than a low focus.

I. Umbra State

» Umbra State Appearance Picture:
Clarissa [Approved 4-3] C3NwjQY

» Umbra State Benefits:


In her Umbra State Clarissa gains an exponential boost to her speed, strength, and ability to heal herself. If Claire deigns to give her the extra energy she needs to use her powers they will also receive a moderate boost.

I. Skill Sheet


General Skills
  • Durability: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Sueki Skills
  • Blood Rite Affinity: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Umbra Control: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Dependencies: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Bloodline Affinity: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Pain Endurance: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced//Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

  • Comments/Notes: N/A

  • Tier: 4-3

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I'm putting this up for adoption
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It's taken me a while but I am going to try and throw myself back into the ring. As such I'll be doing this finally.


The moon was out and the night was where the terrors came out to play. Unfortunately there were none of these so called monsters of the night out at this hour unless you counted a Sueki as one of those. While some of her species might've been monsters of the night Clarissa was far from that. She made her way through the halls of the fine looking estate of her master with the moonlight's illumination silhouetting her.

She had been making preparations for Claire, having been given errands that could've probably been entrusted to any other servant of the Sueki it was not an issue. In fact she quite liked these small tasks, even the smallest request or errand still gave her the feeling of meaning and requirement, it made her feel less like she was replaceable essentially.

Having completed this errand though she was faithfully coming straight back to her master, like a well-trained dog that had completed its trick and ran back expecting a treat or to be thrown another bone to chase. Such was her life. After finally getting to her destination she knocked gently and awaited the response of her master from behind the door before entering to see what else was required of her.


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