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Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:57 am
There's been a little trouble in big China recently. Firstly, an ancient artifact has been found and is currently being employed by an evil order of monks to bring devastation to China, and if they are successful there, then to the rest of the world as well. This event is limited to characters who are 1-5 or below.

Secondly, there's been an ancient beast awakened which has broken out of its containment deep within the heart of China. It has lain dormant underground for eons, but has now returned, eager to wreak destruction upon anything within its grasps. If it is not stopped it will surely travel towards other continents. This thread hasn't been created yet but will be linked shortly. This is the higher tier thread, any character can join, but it is intended for 0 tiers. If you would like to join either please reply below and indicate which you'll be joining.
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