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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Demon Update - Henrex [FINISHED] Empty Demon Update - Henrex [FINISHED]

Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:17 am
Demon Update - Henrex [FINISHED] QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Henrex Astillon
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

I. Racials


  • Can use Za Koa, like a normal Demon, along with the applications tied to it.
  • Can use Possessive Augment
  • Can use Possessive Influence
  • Can use his demon half to augment his existing skills
  • Retains Zanpakuto and Shinigami skills


  • Sacrifices and Worship do not affect him, and are therefore pointless
  • Possessive Drives unattainable
  • Shikokai unattainable
  • Can only have 3-4 Demon Spells on the field, regardless of level, along with a 1-2 post cooldown in between spells
  • Mental state is deteriorating
  • While this allows him access to Za Koa and Reiatsu, this has the potential of triggering alarms
  • Release of his Zanpakuto creates instability in his energies

I. Possessive Powers

Possessive Powers

Emotion Manipulation: This is one of the main aspects that Henrex draws from whenever it comes to his demon half. While at first, his Possessive Powers were only able to draw from the negative part of emotions. But, now that Henrex has grown much stronger, his demonic half has matured. Therefore, it isn't much of a surprise that the scope of his power has broadened immensely. To this extent, Henrex is now able to sense any emotion of another person, if he were to focus directly on them. This only works on a single person at a time, so if he would wish to analyze another, he would have to swap his focus.

Furthermore, it should be noted that this ability is the most rooted in negative emotions. While it has evolved into something much broader, due to the number of negative emotions that Henrex had suffered from throughout his life, as well as how long it had been the only thing his powers revolve around, he is much more versed and experienced in the realm of negative emotions, and -- as a result -- negative emotions are easier to work with overall. It's easier for him to induce them, consume them, and be powered by them, as positive emotions only do part of the job.

Additionally, as stated before, this also allows Henrex to become empowered by negative emotion. While this isn't a trait that can be drawn from himself and his own negative emotions, it is still rather potent. Any action performed within a mile radius that involves negative emotions (an example being cutting out of depression) is something that can empower Henrex. As a result of this, not only is his demonic magic empowered as a result, but his possessive powers are as well. This scales at half the amount listed in the Demon Racial Specs (in reference to his possessive powers being empowered, not magic), and should be noted that a good deal of the limitations and other downsides are also listed there.


Next, there is also the rather standard ability for a demon to consume their element. For him, this is very well the most important part of his physiology, as this can lead to his demise if it is not kept in check. While many demons focus on a single emotion or concept to feast on to sustain their hunger, Henrex is a lot more general and board when it comes to eating. For him, his source of food as a demon is any sort of negative emotion that a human can find themselves encountering. Sadness, grief, distress, even despair as a few examples.

The most common way of retrieving such emotions is simply through physical contact. Any sort of physical contact will do, which leads Henrex with a number of options of how to approach this. Furthermore, this has also been noted to go one step further when it comes to what all Henrex can eat whenever it comes to his demon half's sustenance. While this is usually something that is very seldom done, Henrex is able to consume flesh, bones, and the blood from other people.

If he can get his mouth on it, there is a very strong chance that he can consume it, and potentially draw power from it (figuratively). So, it should be noted that this is not the only things that Henrex can eat and consume for his demonic half -- at least not primarily. While Henrex is someone who can feed off a large number of various foods and such, this is heavily limited by the fact that anything other than negative emotions will simply be considered by his body to be a secondary food source, and he will not gain as large of nourishment as he would normally be able to via negative emotions.

  • Dread Gaze: The eyes, above everything else, are particularly connected in a metaphorical and literal sense to the mind and soul, and by extension, emotions -- both negative and positive. At its core, Dread Gaze is the focus of emotional inducement through eyesight. Through this, it can cause a variety of effects on both the emotional and mental plane, something that Henrex can use to his advantage in various scenarios. However, before anything else, it should be noted that this ability -- without much surprise -- is connected to Henrex's eyesight.

    Thus, when he focuses his eyes on someone else, he is able to induce effects of negative emotions. For example, he could use this in order to create the feelings of exhaustion and fatigue that one tends to feel during heavy bouts of melancholy and depression. Through this, he could dull the senses and cause an enemy to fall asleep. Furthermore, should he draw this focus from the concept of fear, Henrex could also use this in order to trick the brain by generating bouts of anxiety and terror in order to create visual and auditory hallucinations.

    However, one of the main restrictions that he faces when it comes to using this is that he must be looking at someone and focusing his efforts on a single target for most effects that he wishes to use against someone. Furthermore, it should be noted that this is something that affects someone through both Mental Deduction and Focus. At a base, Advanced of Mental Deduction and Focus would allow a target to begin to resist the effects of both mental and emotional forms of Dread Gaze.

    At Elite and Master? The target would easily be able to notice the flaws and realize their manipulation, allowing them to escape with minimal difficulty. At Grand Master, however, this would lead one to be practically entirely immune to the effects, as the acute precision would allow them to, in essence, see directly through the illusion. Should one be higher than the other, it simply means that said person would be more susceptible to one form of Dread Gaze than the other.

  • Sorrow's Bolt: When it comes to power, one tends to have a primary technique that they use as the application of that power. With this, Henrex is able to use the essence of his demonic half in order to create a black lightning bolt that channels negative emotions and aspects of those emotions into it, allowing to create a variety of effects. This is something that, depending on the intent that Henrex has to actively exert into his bolt, can affect someone on the physical, mental, or emotional plane. For example, it is possible for him to focus his intent on simply causing a tremendous amount of physical pain, or, at the very least, using the bolt as a means to weaken the target's ability to resist pain and make them more susceptible.

    For an application like this, it would cause the Willpower stat to drop by a level, and last for around three posts. Another example would be focusing on the speed aspect of someone, allowing him to decrease the speed of a target by a level, using the bolt as a means to influence the feelings of sluggishness and slowness of body and thought onto someone else, much like his Possessive Influence. But, with his own intellect and creativity, he is very well capable of utilizing a variety of different effects besides just those.

    But, this is not without its weaknesses. The first thing that should be noted of this is that it can only be applied to one person at a time, and the effects will reset if he should shift the influence and intent of this ability on another person. Furthermore, like with Sympathy Bolt, it typically is wise for him to use this in a single application at a time, as he must keep his focus on the influence he is trying to project. It should be noted that if his focus is broken during this, it can drastically weaken or even break the attack itself. Thus, if there is no focus and will, he cannot apply it.

  • Sympathy Bolt: As his powers over emotions grew, the ways of applying them to the physical world did as well. Thus, as a complete polar opposite to Sorrow's Bolt, this technique channels positive emotions into his lightning, such as warmth, love, hope, trust, and various other "positive" emotions. As it's core, it allows for Henrex to generate or strengthen these feelings, saving them from their inner darkness. However, this is something that can also be applied on a metaphysical level.

    By channeling this power into someone and focusing on a specific part of them, Henrex could use this in order to briefly empower someone for around three posts. However, this is something that only has a single use at a time, as well as restricted to a single target at a time. Additionally, he could use this in order to generate a burst of will for the target for four posts, or potentially give a small boost to someone's will-based abilities in order to give them the extra drive.

    Furthermore, this is also something that can have a more direct boost to someone else. Should he keep his focus on one's skill or mental prowess in general, this has the ability to boost the skill level of one will skill for three posts, while sharing the drawbacks of the former. However, this does have its share of weaknesses, the first being that this cannot affect Henrex himself, as he is channeling these positive emotions into the heart of another.

    Furthermore, it should be noted that it is possible to resist this, as it is not forced onto someone. It should also be noted that he typically only can use one or two applications on his target of choice at a time, as attempting to use more would only end up breaking his focus and weakening the results. On a final note, there is another drawback to this in the form of having absolutely zero offensive power. It is unable to physically or mentally damage someone in any way -- it is purely meant as a support technique.

Possessive Influence - Sluggish World: As half of him is a race that is focused on the aspect of possession, it isn't hard to assume that with such a heavy impact on negative emotions, his Possessive Influence is altered as well. While this prevents him from being able to directly affect the world around him in the ways that the base Possessive Influence is able to, his own influence over negative emotions is something that he can tap into, using this in order to cause various effects on the world around him. Firstly, by actively exerting his energy up to a mile radius around him, Henrex can use this in order to create a slowing effect around him.

As the main hook from his powers over emotions revolves around the aspects of sadness and depression, it is possible for him to replicate these feelings of slowness in movements and thoughts. Thus, anything within this zone of effect will have their movements halved from their current speed. With careful timing, this can allow Henrex to potentially stop items in their tracks. Furthermore, when focused on another person, he can also produce this effect, albeit with some level of difficulty, should he attempt the entire body.

However, he can use this in order to cover smaller and select parts of the body with this influence, such as arms or legs and allowing much easier impact. But, this does not come without further drawbacks. Firstly, it should be noted that it is in the largest range of comfort to use this on two to three applications at a time. There is the potential for more, but it would induce a great deal of strain on him in order to do so. Additionally, there is the limit of a single use before waiting for three posts in order to use it again. So, while there is a great deal of potential in this, it comes at a cost.

Possessive Augment: Quote from "The Traditional Demon Race 3.0": Possessive Augment is one of the key elements that make the physical might of demons rather difficult to deal with. This is because the bodies of most demons are possessing the energy from the world around them passively in varying volumes. They then store this energy within themselves, digest it and convert it into the fuel needed to help them create a physical boost in power. As a result, they can create Possessive Augment which deals with the elements of possessive body manipulation and speed in which their energy moves in their body.

As unlike other races that depend on things like shunpo, Hierro or hakuda; a demon's Possessive Augment houses all of their body manipulation and speed in one skill. And, what makes it different is that they can have some control over all these elements, but they most pick which element of their physical attributes will be their major focus. Thus, depending on their level of skill, they can have varying degrees of control and mastery of these attributes.

  • Possessive Shifting [Major]: The very first skill that Henrex learned about his demon half and one of the most important This is, like the name says, allows Henrex to perform various feats through the manipulation of his body, and the contents of it. This is something that Henrex was trained in by Arianda -- as he had unstable powers during that time -- which is something that he still is able to do, to this day. This is something that has many associations with the rest of his unique traits, such as his Possessive Shifting being the main basis for his regeneration, or tying in with his Avian/Corvid Physiology. Now, while this is something extremely potent and powerful, there is one major drawback, which is energy. Most of Henrex's uses of Possessive Shifting requires at least a small semblance of energy in order to perform.

    • Regeneration: While Henrex lacks extremely when it came to bodily durability, he was able to more than make up for this with one of his signature unique abilities -- regeneration. Henrex's regeneration first sprouted when he first became a hybrid of Shinigami and Demon, with something that had now come to scale with his Possessive Augment skill. However, over time, Henrex's regeneration has built up more and more, with his capabilities rising, as well as the speed of his regeneration. This is something that can vary based on the wounds, as well as how much energy he has left. However, something that Henrex has been able to do, is adapt his regeneration to things such as the aspects of his Zanpakuto.

      For example, Henrex could passively use his power over lightning, and instead of simply nullifying the lightning itself, it would instead power his regeneration, giving him a loophole of energy usage. In addition, this is something that also allows him to greatly increase the speed of his regeneration, as the lightning would charge his body, and increase both his regeneration factor's speed, as well as the body's natural healing process. However, this is something that is not just limited to lightning. Another example would be his ability to manipulate water.

      While this is something that is very limited and restricted, Henrex can use this to his advantage, causing the water to cover said wound, and lowering the temperature to change it into ice, which freezes and renews dead molecules, stop bleeding, as well as blocking off wounds. While the "regeneration" part of this application is rather slow, it is something that can prove itself useful if used in the right instance. And again, this all comes down to energy usage. While this is primarily coming from Henrex's own, core spirit energy, this can also have adverse effects on outside sources, such as extreme fatigue, or being unable to access their power for a while.

  • Possessive Movement [Minor]: While his physical traits are very heavy in the aspect of speed, his demonic half falls rather short in that regard. He does have an above average level of skill, something that allows him to utilize his Za Koa and demonic energy in order to create a large burst of speed and reach small Mach levels (Mach 1 or 2) with ease. But, with such a high level of control over his energy, it is possible for him to channel this and tap into this power, empowering not his movement speed, but his reaction and combat speed tremendously, letting him create more attacks, as well as allowing him to be more aware of his surroundings.

    Furthermore, this can go a step further in order to tie into his regeneration skill. By focusing his energies into the process of this skill, Henrex can channel the particles of energy and use this to boost the speed of his regeneration for a short time. This only lasts a single post and has a much more intensive drain on his energy than normal, but it does allow him to gain a quick burst of healing in a tight pinch. Additionally, it should be noted that this use of Possessive Movement can only be used once -- further emphasizing the amount of timing and thought that will need to be put in as to when to use this, as it could mean life or death, if not thought out properly.

Skill Sheets

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Advanced
  • Posessive Magic: Advanced
  • Possessive Augment: Elite
  • Possessive Influence: Advanced

» Why: This is mainly to update his racial skills, as per the demon racial update. Decided to submit this through a power upgrade, since revamping his app again is not something I'd want to do.

» Extra: Doom n' gloom incoming

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