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Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] I_vote_lcapObzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] I_voting_barObzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] I_vote_rcap 
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 Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3]

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Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7194_zps90aba4e2

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7195_zpsa25520b2

- Name: Obzedat
- Titles: The Delirious Deicide, Diety-slayer
- Gender: Male
- Age: 602
- Bloodline: Pure-blood
- Affiliation/Rank: Rogue, (Former:The Vandenreich||Captain of the Kriegpferd)

- Appearance Age: Mid-thirties

- Appearance Description:

Obzedat is a rather stacked individual with an extremely sculpted muscle tone, weighing in at two-hundred-twenty pounds and some ounces he is a war-made machine by sight. Standing tall at the height of seven feet and eight inches with a wing span of eight feet flat, meaning his arm length is rather long compared to the average guy his size. Not to mention how wide he is as well that adds into that, however he has an inch or two on the average man his size. He wears dark gi that is near black, but in the proper light displays itself as a dark blue. He has crimson red hair and is kept in a messy ponytail most of the time, his teeth come to a point unlike most, and to match his crimson hair he has a set of crimson eyes that are offset by his dark tan skin. Typically always barefoot Obzedat despises shoes as he is feet aren't exactly a normal size due to their unusual muscle tone.

Wrapped around his neck are, what are thought to be by most that don't know of his abilities, Buddhist Beads that he had taken away from his old sensei, many years ago after killing him in cold blood. These beads are used almost like that of Kenpachi Zaraki's eyepatch, but not quite the same. For more information on these please look down to the items area.

Tied to his hands is a rope that was used in attempt to lynch him back when he lived in the monastery. His fellow students tried to hang him after realizing he had a special ability that they had not learned and tried to eliminate him in order to keep him from ruining their own ambitions. However he was able to break free after many attempts of using his ability but being unable to. He soon figured out that they had a special trait that was exactly like Kenpachi Zaraki's eyepatch and hindered his abilities. From that day forward he trained with the ropes wrapped around his hands and has become accustomed to wearing them. For more information on this rope head down to the items area.

Upon his waist is the same rope, however this rope is used for different reasons that will be explained with the others.

- Appearance Picture:

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Akuma_Sfxt_Plain2_zps5350ecb5


Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7196_zps50142750

- Personality:

Vowed to Silence;;
When he was a student at the monastery he as well as the rest of the students vowed themselves to an oath of silence in the name of Buddah. This was taken seriously by Obzedat, but not by his fellow classmates. It resulted in him becoming more disciplined than the rest of the students and resulted in his serious demeanor and becoming socially inept after he broke his vow. His faithfulness to oath is what resulted in him finding his inner abilities faster than he would have if he were unaware of them and wasn't so disciplined. His vows were broken the day that his classmates turned on him and treacherously tried to lynch him with a spellbound rope that he would in the future use to his advantage.

For hundreds of years Obzedat had went without knowing what sarcasm was. Being that he has usually always been one to keep to himself even when he was part of the Vandenreich, he didn't know much about social aspects. Though, once he was explained what exactly sarcasm was, he began overusing it as though it were a fad. Due to his inability to properly socially react with people outside of combat he doesn't always use sarcasm properly, but is sure to add in that he is being sarcastic if he isn't receiving a reaction from his audience right away.

Since rejoining the Vandenreich he has silently vowed to himself, being that he is the leader, that he would attempt to be more social. So he has been known for his dim-witted sarcasm by many members of the Vandenreich.

Since he was raised within a monastery he has always been rather serious about most matters, this especially pertains to combat and war. He doesn't take jokes lightly if they are insulting to him, and often replies with physical reactions. Whether it be a swift kick or punch he always gets revenge for verbal abuse toward him. His serious demeanor has been a major benefactor in his social awkwardness that he is currently trying to fix, but is unaware that he is overly serious at times. His unawareness of when people are joking with him in a dry manner often results in awkward silences, leaving the conversation in whole, or changing the subject.

Being illiterate, socially inept, and an overall loner he has become extremely gullible to the technologies of this day and has been that way ever since he left the monastery. That and the fact that he has been alive and has never really settled down anywhere focusing mainly on his strive to success in combat.

A lot like Zaraki Kenpachi, Obzedat believes in letting those weaker than him live if necessary so that they may become stronger and challenge him again in the future. Although, it's not all the time that luck is in their favor as sometimes he let's his ruthlessness get the best of him and kills his opponent. Typically when he has used a person's fear against them he does not finish them off as it could potentially make them stronger. He will either leave them to their mental demise or wait for them to overcome the experience.

A simpleton in many aspects, Obzedat doesn't demand a lot. He has worn the same style gi for his entire existence and has never desired to change his look. He has always maintained the same haircut, and has always used a dull razor in order to get it to it's length, the same can be said for his facial hair. He doesn't like shoes and never really has, but he doesn't care much for being perfectly clean at all times or for taking time to relax. He's very primitive.

Although he is compassionate with his foes, it's not always the same in all cases. Based on their affiliation or whether or not they beg for their life or for him to finish them he will either do so or he will not. Typically if they beg for their life it is a sign of a mental weakness and will cut them down. However if they beg for their death because of their pride he will explain to them that they're lucky their not dead, just like Zaraki, and that they should take the opportunity to better themselves and challenge him again in the future.

In the Vandenreich's old days he held no sorrow for shinigami as he saw them as a weak race that believed too much in redemption. This was back when he was a ruthless man. These thoughts still revisit him from time to time when in battle with Shinigami or races there of.

When it comes to slaying hollows however, he believes that only Quincy should do it, as purifying a hollows soul will only create yet another hollow.

He treats his leaders with respect as long as they do the same toward him. He isn't the type to sit back and listen while someone talks about him through a closed door and he definitely isn't going to take any disrespect without action. He treats battle as though he is at a ball asking a female to dance with him, trying to figure out every strength and every weakness of his opponent and letting them know his name before he defeats them. He demands the same in return and if it's not given at least they know his, because he will not spare their lives if they disrespect him.

When it comes to women he typically doesn't take kindly to others fighting them, however if he has no other choice he will do what needs to be done. Other than that, he will do what he can in order to avoid fighting a woman out of respect for them, as that is what he was raised to know until recently with women wanting to be just as strong as men and what have you. He treats children the same way as well, asking they come back and fight him when they are older, which is always found disrespectful to them.

His large stature and over-toned physique leaves most weaker opponents in awe as well as humans that are unaware of spiritual pressure. He has been denied fights time and time again due to his overwhelming spiritual pressure, therefore he wears the ropes that were used to try and lynch him to hide his spiritual pressure.Along with his physical look his voice is very deep and dark, and talks with a slow pace setting a dark and maniacal tone for those that converse with him.

Well aware of his own abilities and strength he some times flaunts them and is known for talking shit when in combat if it is given to him first.

Obzedat doesn't believe in using tradition equipment or abilities of the Quincy such as ginto tubes, hollow bait, bows, etc. He believes in using his own brute strength and power in order to overcome his enemy and isn't one for strategy. He does use some abilities such as hirenkyaku, but that is beneficial to him. He finds most other things a waste of time in most aspects.

Obzedat has an extreme fear of losing in battle, which is what causes him to strive toward greatness. Even after witnessing his own fear in front of him he still fears it, because without a fear of death one cannot become better. It is the fear of death that grants him the drive and focus required to win his battles without fault.


Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7200_zpsf0469393

- Background:

Birth Arc:

Nine pounds, six ounces was the young Obzy as his parents called him when he was first born. A rather large and healthy baby, which was uncommon for the times, but with his size came an abnormal feeding problem. His mother having to breast feed would have to use a very pain intensive pump for hours on end when she wasn't feeding him herself. He was born into a family that wasn't quite poor, but wasn't exactly middle class. The quiet family lived in the outskirts of Tokyo Japan, the father was a half-way mediocre doctor that did house visits, usually with no pay and the mother sold homemade dishes from out of their house. The two worked diligently in order to provide for the young Obzedat, but there was something that would prevent them from keeping him. It was in the early 1800s and the Quincy and Shinigami had been at war for years, the two parents tried to separate themselves from that life but it wasn't long before their prior comrades came knocking on their door for assistance. The family tried their damnedest to stay together as a family traveling all over Japan to do small missions for the tiny faction of Quincy. However, as they continued to travel they began to realize more and more that their family would not be together forever.

The family had high hopes for Obzedat, and planned on him carrying his name for them for generations to come. However, that name would be something that he would never learn. His parents had plans to begin his training as a Quincy at a young age and sought to teach him to coexist with the Shinigami as they did not plan on being at war with them much longer, at least not his parents. They wanted to seek refuge in another country and hide out while the war subsided but they wouldn't get the chance as it wasn't an easy task to get away from their faction. The family had tried multiple times during his mother's pregnancy to separate from the faction moving away to several different houses, but word of mouth would travel through the streets and once one person knew everyone knew. The Quincy needed everyone they could get in the war and began training children at the young age of four, which the parents thought to be ludicrous. It was evident they would never get away. However, the family made arrangements with a family friend if anything were to happen to them that he would be taken care of. Though they were to forfeit all of their wages that they had earned while working alongside the Quincy in return for the friend's help, prior to anything happening to them. Meaning they struggled dearly to survive having to eat what others didn't, bathe in dirty waters, and drink water from foreign sources. However, their struggle wouldn't last much longer...

Small group of Shinigami were ordered for a Search and Seizure of the small faction of Quincy as rumored reached Soul Society of the assassinations of their men. However, this small group was going to need reinforcements as the Quincy gathered intel prior to their arrival having some reinforcements of their own along side. The Shinigami were shortly executed, but that wouldn't be the end to this battle. More Shinigami began to show up to the location off in the woods a few clicks away from Karakura Town as the Quincy tried fighting them off. The forest began to fall over from the wreckage of war as the number of Quincy reinforcements grew so did the Shinigami. The battle lasted for days on end, humans becoming curious as to why flash fires kept coming out of no where and why the forest was being cut down so dramatically. However, the fighting still would not end.

As Obzedat was laying in the arms of the family friend that promised to help the now nine month old child started to cry. This cry was unusual, as he was typically quiet as long as he was eating, which of course he was being the fatty he was. The cry was mundane and was unable to be treated. It sent the family friend, who was human with no spiritual awareness, into a panic thinking that the child was going to suffocate because he refused to gasp for air.

The battle continued and began to spread into the city of Karakura Town before it finally died out. The Quincy had won this squall, but their loss in numbers would be tremendous. They began to do a census of the deceased in order to lay the bodies to rest properly. As the census came out with all of the names listed Obzedat's parent's names were found. The leader of the small faction was aware of where the child was being held, and was aware that it was their last wishes that he be raised away from the war. He fulfilled the wishes they requested, but also bared bad news to come with it. In order to fix the damages within Karakura Town each of the Quincy that had deceased in the fight were to give up what wages they had saved up, leaving the friend unappeased as this was not part of his agreement. As he was told this he simply handed over the child and said that he didn't sign up for this and that he thought he would be rewarded for his meritorious work as a Godfather. The leader of the Faction was baffled by the reaction, but still sought to fill the wishes of the deceased, so he set off back to Tokyo while things were still calm and left the 10 month old child wrapped in a blanket within a weaved basket outside of a well-known monastery. There he would live the remainder of his life, or so they thought...

Monastery Arc:
The Monastery stretched for over twenty acres of land, there were several centers within the grounds some of them including the meditation grounds, the training grounds, and the garden. When he arrived there the baby had went from a very calm child that was happy if he had a bottle in his hands to a very melodramatic child that would whine and cry for the smallest of reasons. He didn't sleep at normal hours and because of this one of the female caretakers in the monastery tried to punish the poor child. She struck his behind several times in order to install discipline into the one year old's mind, which would prove ineffective. The abuse continued until he grew to be about three years old which was when he began to become more self-reserved and keep from others. From this day forward he would live life as a "lone-wolf".

To continue on with the layout of the land, Obzedat did not begin learning until he was near four years of age, he began his studies at the normal age other kids would. They utilized the garden as a search for zen and inner peace as well as mentoring their minds to withstand great patience. The garden wasn't one of the elaborate gardens that had all types of different flowers and plants. No, it simply was a bamboo tree surrounded by stone tiles with a few other trees such as bonsai trees and other oriental plants. Though there was much space between most of the plants and within this space was a very fine grain dirt. The task of fixing the garden would be to create a pattern that speaks your mind, if they completed the task without flaw it would dictate whether or not they were in a complete state of zen. Prior to doing this the students would meditate for hours on end to enter the correct state of mind that they were told they would be delighted to be captured in for the rest of their lives. However, for several reasons or another Obzedat would be stuck behind while the others would run off to go do there gardening as he couldn't understand why he wasn't feeling what the others were. However, he soon came to realize that the others were not entering the state of mind either, they just lied their way out of their meditation. However, Obzedat would not do such things for the people that took him would no one else would. He would stay true to his word.

As he began to age in years as well as knowledge of peace and core strength he learned many things about how others functioned that didn't have these things. He noticed his classmates unable to produce the same drive that he had to excel further in his studies and to reach complete zen. He witnessed time after time his classmates cut their meditation short, their studies short, and their newly added defense training short. Yes, at the age of seven they had begun their defensive training using the martial art known as Kempo. Though it was a Chinese Martial Art, they respected their neighboring country's skill and taught it to their students. When the class of monks had their first sparring session Obzedat was rather timid about fighting against someone, but he'd soon come to learn that he wasn't fighting at the time, he was defending himself from those that were not taught in the same inner peace that he was, as they had been skipping out on their trainings for so long. They were corrupted and did not understand, this set him apart from the others. They attacked with anger and fear in their eyes as Obzedat patiently waited for their first strike and simply slipped right under their arm grabbing them and bringing them to their back. While the other students let their minds become full of aggression at their inability to hit the level-minded Obzedat it became obvious to the elder monks that all the long hours he spent "being behind" from everyone else was not because he was slow. It was because it was real. It wasn't that he was a prodigy of any type or anything, it was just the mere fact that he was so determined to be at peace with himself and the world that he put the correct amount of time into all of his training and studies. All of these things led to self-defense coming naturally to him. Although, these were the days that he was much thinner and didn't have so much bulk, so he was much more nimble.

As if it were not bad that he was already a lone wolf the other kids started to shun him more noticeably. The threw banter toward him ridiculing him for being a goody two shoes and becoming one with his heart and mind. The words simply went in one ear and out the other from what it looked like on the exterior, however these words would leave mental scars on him and stay in the back of his mind. As they continued to learn Kempo and other self-defense techniques the other kids grew more and m ore tired of losing to Obzedat, however putting them on the ground let him blow off well needed steam on his fellow peers. Each loss for his peers, meant an addition sense of aggression toward Obzedat. The mentors began to notice and questioned him to see if he would like to move up a year. He told them that he had no problems with them, they were the ones that had problems with him, he would not let them get in the way of his goals and would do what he could to help them reach theirs.

The years started to fly by one after the other, Obzedat grew in strength as well as wisdom and patience. He began to gain a more defined muscle tone and a substantial amount of weight by the time he was fourteen. Three years ago the class had started to do core strength training, which in order to do so they were to complete extravagant tasks that were both harming to the body and mind. These tasks included walking on a flimsy panel of wood without making it crack, or bend; walking on hot coals with no signs of pain; and laying on a bed of spikes. Though, cliche all of these things were to be done with a straight face, they were taught to never show their weakness to the enemy. And through Obzedat beating most of the students over and over again it had made them more determined in their studies, causing all of them to spend the same amount of time training as he did. Some made it through the tasks, including Obzedat, while others still lingered behind in their studies making it difficult to complete the task.

As the years crept near his thirteenth birthday he as well as all of the other students were to take a vow of silence. Though it was brought up to them rather late because the elders believed in them getting better through helping one another like brother and sister. They no other choice but to agree, so they did. However in the presence of their leaders they were silent, but within the thin walls of their rooms within the monastery slight whispering could be heard. Obzedat on the other hand had never associated himself with the others unless it was in combat so he never had the chance to break the vow, and so he didn't. The class of monks continued with their day-to-day studies and sparring sessions, but one day was different than the others...

During a fight against three of the students at once while blind-folded Obzedat was having trouble following his other senses in order to block or dodge their attacks. It was as though his inner chi was being disrupted by something. As he continued to struggle he felt a sudden surge of power as his body began to glow a crimson red. He felt more at ease and regained his composure and was able to feel where they were instead of having to rely on his other senses. He easily dodged and blocked their attacks and countered them as they all became frustrated and tried to strike him all at once. With a low sweep he put them all to the ground which is where his sensei would stop the session. Obzedat was unsure of where this power came from, but he knew he would have to learn what it was. He went to his sensei that witnessed it all for answers, but he had none for him. So Obzedat left taking his problems to meditation where he would try to unlock the power again. Although, it came to him easily as he could feel and see it surge through his body. He was able to sense more beings that had different scents of spiritual energy. He tried to see if he was able to channel the power, but he was not.

Yet another training session went by as he attempted to use his power against his fellow monks, though it wasn't the way he wanted it to be done he was able to encase his fist with spiritual energy making his attack much stronger. The attack caused a broken rib or two and some internal bleeding that would lead to the death of one of his fellow brothers. Though he was sad at first, he was more impressed by his new ability, as was his sensei or his master, Master Doruga.

As he continued to school each every opponent he had with his new found ability he became more and more full of himself, letting his power get to his head. The students began to rant and rave at him when they were in their sleep quarters but he ignored them and went on about his ways. However he could hear the others plotting for his demise before falling into slumber, hours later he woke up standing on a platform hanging in front of all of the young monks. He tried to move but was unable to due to his hands being tied together and a noose being around his head. He felt a large weakness consuming his body as well, and it wasn't from a lack of slumber. He felt as though the power he had obtained over the last year was being contained within the rope that was constricting him. One of the monks stepped forward and told him that he would no longer continue to make them look bad as he snapped his foot at the platform moving it away. Obzedat dropped about six inches as his body whipped from the sudden stop, his neck remained unharmed due to their poor planning on how far the drop would be. He rocked back and forth as he began to control his breathing not showing an ounce of pain in his face. Not one moan or groan, he just hung trying to free his arms. He began to slide them against on another as one of his hands slipped out so did the others, he held onto the rope in his hand and then tossed it at the monk that had stepped forward, grinning as Obzedat came to his demise. Still weak Obzedat showed them his hands that were now free and grasped onto the rope at his neck freeing his lungs from the neglect they were once receiving. The monk stepped back in fear as the others ran forward to try and attack him. Quickly Obzedat began making his way up the rope loosing the noose around his neck. He slipped out of the noose and dropped to the ground as he did he could feel his spiritual energy surge from his body. He brought himself back to a defensive pose as he they began to charge at him. After taking a lot of blows and giving them back in return he had finally had the majority of them aching in pain. Knowing that there would be no way that he could avoid being tortured for his actions he left the monastery by climbing the stone wall and ran off toward the direction of Tokyo. Prior to escaping, he gathered the rope and placed it into a small potato bag.

Freedom Arc:
Finally, after fourteen years Obzedat was able to see past the red walls that surrounded him for so long. However, he was slightly disappointed thinking that there would be something more to it than just boring dirt roads and rickety shacks. To be honest he was unsure of where he was and wasn't able to find help as he was rather shy being alone for so long. He ended up living off of the land, after seeing a squirrel make it's way to a tree that he would be able to climb easily. After that he taught himself how to create a fire and then figured it would be better without the fur so he used the edge of a rock to remove the skin from the poor, small creature. He repeated this process until he was able to find and kill bigger game using a bow and arrow he had crafted himself. Soon he was able to eat enough each day to exert his body to intensive training where he began to do a various amount of exercises that relied on just his own body's weight and the things within the wilderness. After he increased his own physical strength he would meditate and try to hone his new abilities. However, his attempts to try and produce the energy from his fists to a target still failed.

After some time he began to sense a strange feeling, a dark being. These beings did not stay on this planet very long however, as he would sense them and they would shortly vanish with another spiritual energy that he had once sensed. He wondered if these energies were able to sense him as he was them. He didn't linger on the thoughts very long as he had no interest of meeting them either way, they would just ridicule him just as the others did. They would just have to come to him instead...

One day after completing his meditation Obzedat laid down as he prepared for slumber. Although it seemed as though he would no be getting any for the night. A loud ripping noise resounded close to him sending Obzedat in a jolt off of the ground and to his feet. Curious as to what the sound was he ran toward the direction to make sure his spot within the forest had not be compromised. Upon coming to the area where the source of the sound was he found nothing besides large foot prints that led directly where he was at. He looked around unable to see anything until his eyes finally caught a blur above him. The blur soon began to take shape and color, Obzedat stepped back in shock not knowing what exactly he was staring at. The large being went off into a heavy laughter, he went on to tell him what exactly he was and what he was going to do with him. Obzedat knew that he wasn't going to let himself get devoured by such an ugly being, so he quickly jumped toward the monster unleashing a high-powered punch compared to the hollow's weak durability. The hollow screamed in agony as Obzedat backed off and watched. He ran toward the hollow once more sending him an uppercut straight to his mask, the hollow then vanished from sight. He wasn't sure what he had just done or if he had even defeated the hollow, but he did know one thing. He had won that battle and it gave him a sense of power. He wanted the feeling to last forever and told himself that he would never let another one of those beings go off with any other spiritual beings again, being aware of their intentions.

As time went on he became stronger and began to increase his spiritual energy, however he became interested in what this rope had done to him that night at the monastery that he kept in the small potato bag. He began to fiddle with the rope and came to the conclusion that the rope did not exactly steal his spiritual pressure, but it simply made it weaker keeping him from being able to use all of his spiritual powers. He figured if he masked his abilities he would gain more physical strength as well as be able to try to break through the powers of the ropes. Which he would still to this day be unable to do. As he would find out they would simply hold a mask over his full potential so that he would be able to fight people that were weaker than him as well. As he continued on with his battles against hollows he began to obtain a greedy sense of winning, he enjoyed the feeling of beating an enemy in battle and started to grow on him.

After living on for about one-hundred and twenty years of defeating all that opposed him, including races he had never heard of, he had finally decided that he would take back his speech through challenging the man that taught him all he knew and gave him his vow of silence. So, he traveled back to the monastery where it was thought that he would spend the entirety of his life. Though, he was unsure of whether or not his sensei would still be around, being that it had been over a century. As he simply scaled the wall he had once climbed over he was approached by many bald-head monks that looked as he once did. He bowed to them as they readied themselves for battle. He unwrapped his hands and arms from the ropes that restrained his power and sent them to their knees as he released his full spiritual capabilities. Unable to move in the dense spiritual pressure he proceeded past them and all others that opposed him as he approached the room that Master Doruga lived in. He opened the door to see the man meditating. "I knew you would return to us, Obzedat. Please sit." He insisted but Obzedat refused by shaking his head as he placed the ropes back onto his arms. "Why have you hindered your ability when you came here to fight me? That is why you are here, no? You wish to release yourself from your vow of silence as many that have escaped this temple have done. However, I will have you know that I am similar to you. I too have the power of a Quincy." He stated as he brought himself up from the ground releasing his Reiryoku it made the air around Obzedat seem dense. "I'll have you know that I have also had this ability far longer than you. You see the whole reason we agreed to take you into this monastery was because I sensed your spiritual pressure even as an infant. That is how great my power is." His words sent Obzedat back a few steps in shock, he shook his head in disappointment. "However, it seems as though you do not even know what a Quincy is... I shall explain." He stood up as his Reiryoku ripped the clothing from his torso, this revealed a tattoo that was on the monks wrist of a pentagram. "Buddha, forgive me." The man whispered. "Now this is what a real quincy is able to do, as for you! You are just a weak and uneducated monk refuge that could never bare the name of Quincy!" He synthesized a bow and shot a volley of arrows toward Obzedat who simply raised his hand and took them, however some of the reishi was absorbed by the ropes. "Ahhh so you are stronger than I had thought... Well then come at me! Come earn your right to speak again!" Doruga shouted and Obzedat jumped toward him as the two began a fight that would last until sunrise when Obzedat was able to finally bring him down to one knee from a devastating blow.

"Ahhh, it seems as though you were wrong, Master. I am able to bare the title of Quincy, as you thought I wasn't. With this last strike I shall take back my vow of silence and put an end to your futile life." Obzedat had finally spoken as his battle came to a close. Doruga begged for mercy as Obzedat was taught not to do, he became disgusted with the sight of his master and grabbed his hand that was still wielding the bow. Obzedat twisted and pulled as he removed his hand from his master. He used Doruga's hand as if it were a Quincy's cross and formed a bow of his own, much larger in comparison to Doruga's. "Now who is the real Quincy?" Obzedat inquired as he brought his other hand toward the bow pulling back an arrow that was quintuple the size of Doruga's pointing it at his abdomen. The monks gathered around as they witnessed the death of their Master and dropped to their knees hailing their new sensei. Obzedat looked down on the man that was dismembered to two parts and missing a hand. He reached down and grabbed the prayer beads that were covered in blood and placed them on his own neck. He turned around to face the monks bowing to him. "I am not your Master, nor your sensei, you are free to go or free to stay. It is your decision, your new master will be decided by the elders." He stated as they began to rise from the ground they cleared a path that led to the front gates he threw the hand that dripped blood to the ground and walked out of the front gates. He had been rid of his vow of silence and had obtained the trophy of Doruga's prayer beads that he would soon come to realize had special abilities.

Wandenreich Arc(To be updated for more depth):
Obzedat continued fighting to feed his lust for victory and he began to find joy in fighting the more difficult the battle was. However, he began to feel that without fighting for a reason, besides his own lust, he would eventually find fighting dull and not entertaining. So he set out to find more people of his kind that Master Doruga had called "Quincy" however it seemed as though everyone he asked had no idea what he was talking about as if they were some sort of undiscovered race. He finally came to the notion that Quincy were a race that coexisted with humans, but humans were unaware of them being different being that they had no way to sense their difference. His search came to a conclusion after realizing this and he began training to create a bow like Doruga had. He came to the realization that he would need something that served as a source point, so he had an blacksmith create a small pentagonal shape that he attached to the rope around his wrist. After this he found it easy to create and shoot blasts, however he found these blasts to be pointless as they weren't size sufficient for him. So he gave up on using the Quincy cross he had created for him and stuck to the close combat that he had learned when he was younger.

One day he was approached by a person that had a similar spiritual pressure of a Quincy. He was told by the man that there was a organization called the Wandenreich that could use his brute strength and power in defeating the Shinigami. Obzedat questioned what they could possibly want with a race called the Shinigami, the man explained to the oblivious Obzedat what the Shinigami were and why they were different from Quincy. Just from the simple explanation convinced Obzedat that this was where he belonged. So he continued off with the man to obtain his garb and the training that would be needed for him to gain rank.

He was assigned to the War Horse Unit at a low rank and was given a very insignificant number compared to those that possessed the same spiritual pressure as him, but the fact that he was didn't use a bow or anyway weapon made him fall in rank. However, this would be corrected later when he was told that he would be able to blast shots from his fists if he used them as spiritual weapons it would just require training. He agreed to undergo the training and within years he was able to produce the attacks.

Blut Arc(To be updated for more depth):
After receiving the blood of their leader he was offered to take on training to obtain two new abilities that were equivalent to that of a Shinigami's bankai. He agreed and underwent the training where he learned the skills and abilities of his prayer beads and underwent the trials he would have to complete in order to withstand his reishi manipulation's skill of sensing fear.

Correctional Arc(To be added in the future):

Vollständig Arc(To be added for more depth):
When he was approached by a member of the new Vandenreich he first reacted with hostility, but was constrained by a ginto technique that stalled him only for seconds before he broke from the restraints. Though, during the time he was able keep Obzedat from attacking again. He went on to explain that the organization had changed and no longer existed to destroy the Shinigami race. Upon obtaining all of this information he agreed to join the organization, but was told that there would be one ability he would need to perfect his Quincy powers. This ability was the Vollstandig, he then proceeded to be trained by the man to learn the ability.

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Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7197_zps6fbafd56

- Human Skills;;

Exaggerated Superhuman Strength;;
As a human, Obzedat would be able to lift up to a maximum of two tons, or a large sized vehicle of the 2010s. However with his spiritual pressure he is able to life five times the amount equally up to ten short tons or the weight of a semi-truck without a trailer. These factors play into his overall strength while in combat making him able to level multilevel building with one punch, or being able to stop a moving vehicle while only sliding back a few feet. He has even been known to be able to raise the ground to a crouching height with a single blow between his feet.

Mixed with his spiritual energy when he strikes an opponent and it is deflected damage to nearby structures or to the ground beneath are caused. These effects are with his reishi limiting ropes on his hands. Without them he is able to produce much larger effects, but being blocked by a sword so many times will wear his strength down from the pain and strain of using such powerful attacks.

High Stamina;;
In addition to his high amount of strength he is also very durable and has a large amount of endurance when in combat. His overall size doesn't exactly affect his breathing rate, due to his overall fitness. However, when it comes to attack his fists can only take so much without his rope wraps attached. Attacks from his feet are very limited as they have no protection but the reishi he applies to them. However he is able to sustain dense attacks using his head without much injury, as a little blood loss has never really hindered him from continuing to fight.

Low to Average Speed;;
He may be able to stop things that are fast, but it doesn't mean he'll be doing it with his own hands. He frequently takes hits instead of trying to dodge them or block them. Though doing this only makes his reaction time to things even slower it takes a lot for him to fall.

Although he is slow he still has the ability of hirenkyaku, though not mastered or even at an advanced level, he is still able to use that to his advantage when he is up against someone that is overpowering him, which isn't frequent. He finds that his durability is intimidating and doesn't let his slow speed keep him from winning fights. It doesn't exactly help if the opponent isn't phased when they strike him and he simply leans to the side to let it hit him in the shoulder. Typically when this happens it causes the opponent to back off and rethink their strategy thinking that he will remain durable for the duration of the fight. However, he isn't one to let a fight last long enough for that to happen.

Multi-Martial Arts Expert;;
Specializing in Judo, Karate, and Kempo Obzedat has had many years to perfect his form and execution when it comes to the hand-to-hand combat as it's his specialty and main source of damage. Although, the extent of his knowledge does not end with those three types of martial arts. He is aware of near all styles of fighting including zanjutsu and marksmanship due to the many fights he has had with Shinigami, Arrancar, and Shinigami. His knowledge in marksmanship coming from his Quincy surroundings, of course as well as his early years as a Quincy.

With his vast knowledge of different types of hand to hand combat he isn't surprised when he sees something different as he has nearly seen it all. However he isn't able to mimic many other types of fighting as most others require nimbleness as well as being limber. Which he lacks in. However, having being so well-rounded in battle and knowing the ins and outs of most combat styles he is able to nearly predict a fighters next move. Seeing as his whole life has revolved around fighting and beating the next strongest opponent. This doesn't make him a master of dodging and deflecting, however, it simply helps him out when he is up against someone that has a strange style of combat. Keeping him out of the dark.

Unreadable Willpower;;
Though he is illiterate and not very bright when it comes to things of this day-in-age he has a very strong mind and is able to withstand a lot of mind tricks. Being that he had to gain resistance from his own ability throwing his fears in his face and taking away his beliefs before he was able to master the ability.

Enhanced Spiritual Awareness;;
Being a Quincy he is able to sense spiritual pressure even if it is condensed. This is all based on whether or not the target has a higher spiritual pressure than him however. Though he isn't as good at this as most Quincy are he is still able to use it to his advantage to people that are a few levels below him. As their strength starts to come close to his it becomes more difficult for him to read if it is condensed.


Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7198_zpsff6ddc3b

- Quincy Items;;

Master Doruga's Buddhist Prayer Beads;;
Killing his own master hundreds of years ago Obzedat took Master Doruga's prayer beads as a trophy, though at first he was unable to tell that the beads were able to store reishi until one of them burst while he was in combat revealing yet another secret as well. After the death of his master, who was a Quincy unaware of his abilities, his spiritual pressure as well as his last thoughts and fears were stored into the beads. This ability was triggered into the beads from Obzedat's last blow being full of spiritual pressure mixed with his own masters. Obzedat unaware of his ability to mend fear also trapped his master's final fears and thoughts as he bled out in front of him.

These beads act similar to that of Szayelaporro Granz's fraccion giving him the ability to gain more spiritual pressure, but not being able to regenerate his bodily wounds back to good health. Obzedat also does not consume said beads through eating them, instead he simply crushes them. The beads being synced solely to Obzedat cannot be consumed by others and only him, however the difference in power does in fact effect the others and whether Obzedat chooses to or not the amount of spiritual pressure will not go onto him, but to the area around him, a target, or targets. This results in those in the effected area having a sort of mental break down as their fears become an delusional reality based on their willpower. The severity of this attack and the long term effects of it is also based on the target's willpower. If they have the will to fight it, it will be almost as if it had never happened. However if they are too weak-minded it will consume them causing them to fall into a mental breakdown, leaving a mental scar on them permanently or even freeing them of the fear they once had permanently.

The power of the beads does not come from just Obzedat himself, but from reishi that is within the ground. The beads are constantly consuming reishi little-by-little over time in and out of combat . In addition to the reishi that is obtained in the surrounding area he is able to obtain spiritual pressure and chi from those that he is in combat with, the more the merrier. As the spiritual pressure and chi is absorbed from his nearby opponents, Obzedat's own ability to sense what a target fears is also stored captured within the beads.

Depending on how long the battle is will depend on how much willpower will be needed to overcome this fear. Tier plays a small effect, but doesn't change the outcome in near all cases. (Being that this won't always be used in combat, the amount of posts having to be more than will be under my discretion as well as the person that I am role playing with. This ability will not be activated without their knowledge.)

Beginner: Less than 5 posts total.
Adept: More than or equal to 1 thread page(10 posts) total.
Advanced: More than or equal to 2 thread pages total.
Master: More than or equal to 3 thread pages total.
Grand Master: Ineffective in most circumstances.*


Rope of the Lynching(Hands/Wrist);;
In attempts to kill Obzedat because his abilities that were unknown to everyone were causing him to excel above them, Obzedat obtained a strange rope that was found by the group of monks right outside of the monastery. They attempted to hang him by the tree as they heard rumor that some people did when what was known as "witchcraft" was present. The rope was created by female scientist by the name of Netasha Riyu, who had gone mad years after the creation of the ropes abilities. The first intentions of the rope were to imbue it with a special formula so that she would be able to lift heavy objects around her lab. Though it was a success at first it had a strange reaction with the spiritual energy that came from Obzedat as it came into contact with him. It made him feel weak and drained his ability to produce, what was strange to him then, reishi from his hands. However, he was able to meditate with his last breathes of air and muster up enough reishi in order to free himself from the rope. After that he proceeded to punish the monks, but in doing so he had broken his vow of silence that he had taken so seriously for so long. Once the squall was over he claimed the rope as his prize and applied it to his hands in order to compress his spiritual energy so that he would not be cheating his way to the top with his abilities.

However, over time he had gained enough spiritual pressure in order to surpass that of which the rope could withstand, it still kept him from using his full ability however, and still does today. With the ropes around his hands it cuts his spiritual pressure down by twenty-five percent.

When the ropes are removed his spiritual pressure returns to it's normal state, but it is unstable for the first post as he tries to adjust to the major difference. As he takes the ropes off they change in appearance and grow in size, that wrap up and around his his shoulders and then tie in a bow knot behind his back. However, they do not lay on any major release points for his spiritual pressure so it doesn't take a toll for still being attached to him. However, if he is to lay his hands back on the rope they will not do him any harm as the other rope around his waist diffused the power of the wrist wraps when they are attached to his back.

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Akuma_gif_by_gravelee-d57wvzn_zpsa3e1d9ce

Rope of the Lynching(Waist);;
This was a section of the rope that was cut and augmented once again by Netasha Riyu, though she was unable to recall originally making it. Therefore, she had no idea what she was even dealing with as it had completely different abilities that before. She augmented the rope so that it would be able to channel reishi down to his feet acting somewhat as a quincy cross. Redirecting reishi collected in his body down to his feet or even just to his legs giving him the ability to produce reishi blasts form his feet and reinforced kicks with reishi. In trade for the augmentation to the rope, Obzedat indebted himself to her service if she ever needed it. Being a man that's soul purpose is to fight he saw the offer as a win-win situation.

Although, he only wears it now to keep his pants up as he doesn't need the redirection anymore.

- Other Skills;;

No Cross;;
After hundreds of years of training about two hundred years ago Obzedat was able to make reishi blasts without using a bow or a quincy cross obtaining full control of his reishi manipulation.

The Five Senses of Fear;;
After obtaining the prayer beads from Master Doruga he became in touch with his ability to sense fear using his five senses. Depending on the race and nature of the target he is able to either smell, taste, feel, hear, and see the fear in his opponent. However he can sense the fear and is able to determine what it is through the mixture of his spiritual pressure and his targets when in combat.

The way that this works is that when his spiritual pressure is mixed with with his opponents the his spiritual pressure reacts with theirs. It then follows their spiritual energy deep within their mind until it finds what they are most afraid of. It is then transferred back into the very same crevice within Obzedat's mind via spiritual energy, whether it be reishi, chi, or reiatsu. From there Obzedat is able to store this spiritual pressure imbued with their fears within his prayer beads in order to build the power of the fear as the fight continues.

For information on duration of time that is needed for this to be effective against the target please refer to Master Doruga's Buddhist Prayer Beads above.

Reishi Absorption(Passive);;
As stated above Master Doruga's Buddhist Prayer Beads are constantly collecting reishi from nearby sources little-by-little. However it is very minuet when he is outside of combat, however when he is in combat it also is able to feed off of the opponent's spiritual pressure, which acts as a catalyst to these efforts.

Reishi Absorption and Manipulation;;
Unlike most Quincy that use their Reiryoku in order to create a weapon, Obzedat uses his more like a shinigami using it in tandem with his fists in order to create stronger hits. However, he is able to use his fists as if they were a quincy bow in order to deliver large reishi arrows at his target. Although using his Reiryoku as though he was an everyday Quincy puts a strain on him as he is unable to produce smaller arrows like a normal Quincy. His arrows are a foot in diameter and stretch for a length of up to four feet, on average. He is able to produce arrows that are six inches smaller in diameter as well as six inches larger, but producing large arrows results in a higher strain on his stamina. However whenever reishi is hindered for him he is still able to rely on nature to collect more due to his many years of training with reishi absorption.

This ability is the equivalent to a Shinigami's Shunpo or an Arrancar's Sonido. To better explain this, Obzedat is able to manipulate reishi beneath the souls of his feet which lift him slightly and move him forward at a rapid speed. However, it can also be used to hover in mid-air or to travel long distances at a slower pace. Through knowing this technique he has gained a greater control of his reishi in comparison to other spiritual beings, as the Hirenkyaku is a difficult ability to master and requires the utmost spiritual concentration in comparison to Shunpo or Sonido. Although he is able to use it while in combat, he is only of adept level in this ability therefore it can severely wear him out, due to the immense amount of concentrated reishi it requires. Therefore, he typically sticks to staying on the ground.

(血装 (ブルート), burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise") is an advanced Quincy technique that grants one inhuman defensive and offensive capabilities.By making reishi flow directly into their blood vessels, a user of this technique is able to drastically increase their attack and defense power. However, despite the significant danger this potentially presents to one's opponents, Blut possesses one major flaw in that the independent forms of the technique for attack and defense operate using two different reishi systems, meaning they cannot be employed simultaneously or else they suffer all their veins bursting at once, killing them instantly. However some are able to use both at once but not for short periods of time, as they start to burst their veins. This is a pure blood Quincy ability.

Blut Vene;;
(静血装 (ブルート・ヴェーネ), burūto vēne; German for "Blood Vein", Japanese for "Stilled Blood Guise") Upon entering Blute Vene, the defensive form of blut that grants him a greater durability, Obzedat's arm and other parts of the right side of his body gain a metal, cybernetic effect. Using his right arm he is able to deflect even that of a Shinigami's Bankai or absorb and redirect their ability. Although the longer he stays in the form the weaker he becomes as the cybernetic parts begin to fade back into his skin. He typically only uses this if he is being overpowered or the opponent is far faster than he is.

Blut Vene Appearance;;

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] 2011_04_25CyberAkuma_zps6e72879a

Blut Arterie;;
(動血装 (ブルート・アルテリエ), burūto aruterie; German for "Blood Artery", Japanese for "Moving Blood Guise") Upon entering Blut Arterie his overall bodily features change as depicted below. With this he gains a substantial amount of power that is able to overpower that of a Shinigami in the bankai state. Not only this but the Reiryoku that is stored within his prayer beads are also doubled and the passive gathering of Reiryoku to them is exponentially catalyzed. When he is in this state his prayer beads leave from his neck and float around him, he is able to punch them sending out insanely large arrows that are actually more like a cero's blast in longevity to his target that travel at a high velocity. Whether he triggers the fear effect or not is completely up to him as the power of the ability alone would be enough to severely injure his opponent.

Blut Arterie Appearance;;

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Oni_gif_by_gravelee-d57wvqa_zpsefdaee75
Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] OnistreetFighterfull1211795_zps2090b3d0

(乱装天傀; lit. "heavenly wild puppet suit", "disheveled paradise puppet" in the Viz translation): This is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless reishi. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement. In an ill-state of mind or in dire situations Obzedat is able to use this ability for a short duration to thwart any further injuries as makes his last attempts to finish the battle.


Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7199_zps1eefe21f

- Type: Fists
- Reishi Color:

Obzedat's reishi color changes as he obtains different types of reishi. When he is obtaining or is using reishi from his prayer beads his reishi color is a purple hue. When he is using Blut his reishi is a blue hue, and in normal circumstances his reishi is crimson red.


Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7203_zpscd53d932

- Name;;


- Appearance;;

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Detail_zpsb3b8ce56

- Abilities;;


The Quincy: Vollständig;;
(滅却師完聖体 (クインシー・フォルシュテンディッヒ), Kuinshī Forushutendihhi; German for "Quincy: Complete", Japanese for "Monk of Destruction: Complete Holy Form") is a powerful transformation that belongs to what Raiki refers to as "The third generation of Quincy". It is an upgraded version of the Quincy: Letzt Stil (滅却師最終形態(クインシー・レツトシュティール),Kuinshī Retsutoshutīru; Japanese for "Destruction Sage: Final Form, Quincy", German for "Last Style"; Viz Media Translation, "Letz Stile"), as it has none of the drawbacks that was present in the last transformation. With it, the Quincy acquires increased battle traits, such as speed, spiritual power, endurance, strength, and increased Reishi absorbtion and manipulation, and they can do all of this without the risk of losing their powers, unlike the Letzt Stil. It is the pinnacle of a Quincy's true power; the ultimate example of how they can truly ascend beyond the races of the Spiritual World. With the power of the Vollstandig, a Quincy can easily match and even surpass a Bankai or Reserreccion enabled opponent. In order to use his Vollstandig he must sacrifice his prayer beads for the time being, in doing so all of the spiritual pressure that is within them is transferred to Obzedat and the ability to use someone's fear against them is imbued within him.

Upon entering the state the spheres burst as a purple sphere encases Obzedat. As the sphere lowers he takes upon a large rock-like form that glows a bright blue hue and towers at a height of ten feet. While in this state he is able to not only use their fears against them, but by getting a hold of their head with his over-sized hands he is able to find their beliefs whether it be someone they hold idol or their beliefs of defeating Obzedat he is able to take those beliefs and bend them to nonexistence for a small duration of time that sends them into a deep depression or a mental breakdown. In some cases the small amount of time is enough to make them believe that their deity is not real. Unlike his normal ability with the beads this ability holds no time constraint and can be completed upon entering Vollstandig.

Being that his spiritual pressure is so high due to the collected Reiryoku from Master Doruga's Prayer Beads he is unable to maintain proper control of his spiritual pressure if he was to use blut in this form, therefore he never does.

Complete Reishi Dominance;;
Which gives one the capability of absorbing a large amount of Reishi at the tip of his/her spirit weapon to use in a powerful attack. In this form, a Quincy's absorption of reishi has exponentially increased. He/She is capable of absorbing the trees, sand, rocks, and even the buildings in Hueco Mundo or Soul Society, as well as most energy attacks, but this skill depends greatly on one’s reishi control.

Highly Developed Spiritual Pressure;;
Upon entering Vollstandig Obzedat must sacrifice his prayer beads for the time being, as they all burst increasing his reiryoku exponentially enhancing his powers and abilities along with his base stats.

(聖隷 (スクラヴェライ), Sukuraverai; German for "Slavery", Japanese for "Holy Slave"): A Quincy can use the most basic ability to gather Reishi in the most powerful way; by enslaving it. It literally tears away the components which make up Reishi-based objects, such as those which make up Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, as well as the bodies of spiritual beings, such as Ayon. When the body of a spiritual being is affected by this power, a Quincy can assume the characteristics and associated capabilities of his victim. However, the transformation is not permanent, for the power absorbed eventually vanishes.

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Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Sbb1I7e
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Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Image7201_zpsb6f8ab42

- Durability:
- General Speed:
- Strength:
- Weapon Skill:

- Marksmanship:
- Blut:
- Hirenkyaku:
- Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation:

-Mental Deduction:
-Pain Endurance:

Consolidated List of Updates:

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Littleguy_zpsf75fd811

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Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Sbb1I7e
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Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Left_bar_bleue99999/99999Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Empty_bar_bleue  (99999/99999)

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] Empty
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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Elite
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: I feel the app quality reflects somewhere along the line of a 1 tier. Given the characters history and need for quincy to have some type of strength at the moment, I feel comfortable giving it a tier of 1-3+. If you feel it warrants more, you can discuss this with me in DM's and we can talk it out as MGK would say.

  • Tier: 1-3+

Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3] WVMWLOu
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Obzedat, the Delirious Deicide [Approved 1-3]
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