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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Suigyoku [APPROVED, 4-1]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Suigyoku [APPROVED, 4-1]   Suigyoku [APPROVED, 4-1] EmptySat Sep 15, 2018 3:30 am

Suigyoku [APPROVED, 4-1] Suitem

<Ⅰ> Basic Information

Name: Suigyoku

Alias: None

Age: Appears early 20s

Gender: Male

Species: Shinigami

Association: Gotei United - 4th Division

Appearance: How to put this...Suigyoku has pointed ears. It garners a bit more attention than he would want. With rustic, sand-colored hair, he stands approximately 5'7" tall, and he has been told his eyes remind people of the ocean: containing a depth one cannot simply see from the surface of the sea. He wishes he could tan, but his light skin doesn't take well to the sun, and largely remains unaffected. Or he burns as if by fire; either one could happen. In retrospect, he spends a good portion of his time on physical exercise to keep himself fit and alert. His normal attire consists of the traditional Shinigami Shihakusho, but on occasion, he will don a black cloak from before his time with Soul Society. While incredibly useful, it serves as a constant reminder of a past he cannot remember.

Face Claim: Link from the Legend of Zelda series

Voice Info: Steve Blum as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Theme Songs: Word Count: 9,747

<Ⅱ> Personality

Idiocentric & Allocentric: Highly independent, Suigyoku doesn't like the idea of reliance, but he does understand that there will always be situations where people must work together in order to accomplish a goal. At the same time, he values his friends and their well-being. He is generally empathic toward other people, but has difficulty acting on what he feels with people he doesn't know well.

Escapist: He may be empathic, but he can be withdrawn from the world around him. He often prefers to keep himself occupied with various activities, whether he's reading, a card game, or exercising. Some people may view his willingness to participate as being an active component in society, but as a daydreamer, he doesn't do it to socialize. He does it to distract himself from the places his mind wanders.

Protean: His greatest asset is his capacity for change. He doesn't allow himself to be stuck in the mud for long. His mind may wander, but he recognizes the dangers he could put himself into, and will forcefully change his habits depending on the situations he finds himself in. A wheel is only as good as it's ability to turn, and so he keeps moving, for by striving forward, he will never become dull.

Venturesome: Change takes risks, and by extension, he must take both difficult and unusual courses of action, whatever they may be. Courage and bravery could be used to describe people of this demeanor, but Suigyoku isn't sure such praise should be left in reserve for him. At the end of the day, he must move forward. To do otherwise is a matter of survival. In that sense, his courage is not out of choice, but simply living.

Vivacious: Despite his melancholic viewpoint of survival, he isn't all rain and storm clouds. Suigyoku can be quite lively when he wants to be. His best friends have seen the darkness of his soul, and it is within that a fire burns brightly. Want a drinking buddy? He will down shots with you. Need to spar? He will kick your ass. Need an extra for your band? He will jam out the neighborhood with you. The sky is the limit. It might rain some days, but it doesn't pour every day.

<Ⅲ> Zanpakuto

Name: Unknown

Appearance: Suigyoku's sword appears to be an ordinary blade on the outside. With a black sheath and handle, the tsuba is circular, and adorn with a picture of a dragon among the clouds of heaven. When drawn, the blade is shown to contain red wave bands along its length, as if it secretly contained a fire deep within that could not be contained.

<Ⅳ> Skill Sheet

General Skills
    General Speed:
    Weapon Skill:
Shinigami Skills
Will Skills
    Mental Deduction:
    Pain Endurance:
<Ⅴ> History

Life did not begin for Suigyoku until about three years ago. Why? Because he does not remember anything before three years ago, when he awoke in the middle of the forest, and knew not a reason for being there. Draped in a black cloak, the only clothes he had were the loose shirt on his back, the rough pants over his legs, and the boots that felt too constricting for his tastes. He was thankful for the sword at his side: a blade whose appearance reminded him of flames at twilight. When he gripped the hilt, it felt comfortable in his hands, as if it were always meant to be drawn by him. The sensation felt odd to him, not because it gave him an uncomfortable feeling, but that he had no memory to compare the feeling to.

He felt...strange, as if waking up from a long sleep. Restless, he started to walk. The day turned to night, then back to day, and to night again. This continued for some time, but even if he looked back on it now, he could not tell how many days had past. When he finally stopped, he stood before a clearing of stones. The scene reminded him of thrones toppled over and shattered against the protests of its usurpers. At the center sat four figures, also cloaked in their respective wears, and they turned upon his approach. He wasn't sure why, but he got the feeling he was the last one to arrive.

"Am I late?" His question gave them pause. They glanced at each other, without any exchange of words, and sighed. One of them stood up, and pulled back their hood. A woman with jet black hair and hazel eyes stared him down with a look of cold calculation, but with confusion in the back of that exterior facade.

"We don't know. We were hoping you might know."

Suigyoku wasn't the only one on this mysterious boatship of amnesia. Every single one of them "woke up" only days ago, and were urged to come here to this very spot, several miles away. The woman with black hair was Makura. The other three were two males and another female. She called herself Ritsuki, and had the brightest hair there: pink, and a painful scar across her face. The other two were Kizuku and Izumo. Kizuku also had black hair, though longer than Makura. Izumo was a blonde, but it was spiked straight up. And none of them had pointed ears like Suigyoku. He wasn't sure if this was the norm yet. When they asked for his name, he contemplated the question. He hadn't thought of what to call himself before then. They all choose names for themselves, so why shouldn't he?


"Suigyoku...alright. What now?" Izumo asked. While the others were silent, Suigyoku lent his voice.

"We keep walking. Sooner or later, we will find something. A person. A place. We found each other; surely we can find others." Only a minute of silence crept before they all nodded in agreement. If they found each other so easily in the middle of nowhere like this, then maybe they could find others...somewhere. And so they walked, and without realizing it, appointed Suigyoku their lead. Not out of conscious thought. Not out of voiced agreement. It was as if it had always been this way.

Days and nights blurred together in memory. Days turned into weeks. In that time, they shared their thoughts with one another. It was perplexing how they all carried a blade with them, and like Suigyoku, it was already there with them when they awoke. The feeling felt when grasping their blades was identical to what he had experienced. And he discovered something else: everyone knew how to wield them, even Suigyoku. It was strange, not because they all knew a similar skill, but because it felt familiar, almost like deja vu. Makura broke the subject of martial arts, and before long, they were all taking turns and sparred against each other. A routine of practice felt as natural to them as breathing. It was as if they did it only to pass the time.

Their first interaction with this world did not turn into a pleasant one, unfortunately. When the sun shined on high, they heard voices in the distance. There were people talking, but what gave them cause to pause was the scream that followed. They bolted through the trees, and the taint of blood saturated the air. More screams followed. A giant of a figure stood over the tallest branch, but the mask of bone atop its head parted its white teeth, and roared in delight. Suigyoku's veins ran cold. Blood and gore littered the ground, and several men and women lay dead, in pieces. Blood smears decorated its jaw as it turned toward them. Its humanoid body rippled with movement from its muscles. Later on, he would come to know this feeling as fear, but he did not run. No, something else took hold of him instead, something far stronger than fear: rage. He drew his blade and charged the beast; his comrades followed his example shortly afterward.

They weren't sure how long everything lasted. Seconds, minutes, it didn't matter to them. What they did do was take their time. They wanted it to pay, hurt for its crime, and suffer for the lives it had taken. In the end, it fell with Suigyoku's sword embedded into its skull, and crumbled to dust. It was dead. And them? Not a wound, not a scratch, and their breathing barely became heavy. Their only regret was that they didn't show up sooner. They gathered the dead, and counted a total of about a dozen or so; or at least that's how many heads or torsos they could find. Among the dead were curved blades, much like their own, and this helped better count them, if they assumed each blade went to a person. Seventeen total dead. Seventeen people they were unable to save.

When they gathered the remains and wood for a fire to burn, they heard movement in the distance. As if from thin air, a dozen figures in black appeared with swords drawn and at the ready. Black garbs were tightly bound to their figures, and a scarf covered their faces; it seemed reminiscent of...ninjas.

"Who are you?! And what happened here?!" yelled a male in front of them, who stepped forward and raised his sword directly toward Suigyoku. see, a giant monster ate people, and they were trying to give them a proper burial, Viking style. Having swords waved in their faces was not exactly on the list of reactions Suigyoku was expecting. Before he could respond, however, the man continued. "It matters little anyway. You're coming with us."

"Wait, if you give us-" He could not get the words out fast enough before the individual charged at Suigyoku. Thanks to the past few weeks of daily sparring, he reacted smoothly, and side stepped the forward thrust from their sword. In the same motion, he brought his elbow square against their forehead to knock them back. At least, that was his intention. Instead, he over-did it by quite a bit. Instead of knocking them back, he sent them through the air, and crashed into one of the surrounding trees. They were out like a light. In the instant he took him out, the other four took out four individuals of their own in a similar manner. The sudden confrontation sewed a heavy tension in the air; one could cut it with a knife. This was not how he wanted any of this to go.

"STOP!" Another figure in black landed in the clearing, but her garbs were not like the others. They were identical to the ones found among the recently deceased. What followed was nothing short of a drawn out explanation of "what the fuck just happened?" She had seen the fight with the "Hollow", but before she could approach, the others did first. They were part of an organization called the Gotei United. The woman was a part of the Fourth Division: Realm Enforcement. The group with the guy Suigyoku knocked out? Fifth Division: Stealth Division. Apparently they were a part of the Onmitsukido, their specialized unit of soldiers committed to the art of the unseen. So much for stealth. Today had not been their day.

And this place? Soul Society.

"You fought well, even against Shinigami." The term was unfamiliar to Suigyoku.

"What are...Shinigami?" The woman blinked.

"You...really don't know, do you?" They explained their situation, the amnesia, the swords, and the weeks of travel up until this point. "...have you guys not been hungry?" It was their turn to blink. They understood the confusion, but could not recall a time they were hungry, or why. When an answer didn't come, she continued. "If nothing else, come with us. Maybe we can find some answers for you." Without much else to lead them, they agreed.

At first, they traveled at much the same pace as before, but this was...annoying for the group. At such a slow speed, it would take them weeks, if not months, to get back to "Seireitei."

"If we need to, we can go faster." Suigyoku's deadpan statement caused the Shinigami to glance in suspicion.

"How much faster?"

Realization crept into their minds. Travel went from a snail's crawl to bounds and leaps across the landscape. They understood how outclassed they felt compared to these five individuals. Keeping up was not a problem in the slightest.

"We were on recon to this sector when we felt the Hollow. I went ahead to scout, but you took care of it." She frowned in thought as she contemplated an idea. "Say, when you find your answers, would you want to join us? You all seem more than capable of going through the Academy."

They reserved their answer for later, which she understood. In the mean time, she explained many of the different terms they were unfamiliar with, such as Shinigami, Hollow, Seireitei, Rukongai, and Soul Society. When she started to explain what a Zanpakuto was in relation to a Shinigami, they asked how they would get one. She stuttered in confusion.

"D-don't you already have one?"

"You mean these?" Suigyoku's pointed to his blade, as did the others to their respective blades. A look of shock and awe swept her face.

'This...just got a lot more complicated.' Their very existence was an unknown, and they just handed these Shinigami a dilemma they weren't sure how to solve. A few days more went past, and they arrived in the heart of Soul Society. First stop: Third Division: Research.

It was...eventful, but ultimately they were no closer to the truth. Test after test for months revealed...nothing. Their ages corresponded to around fifty years, but that didn't explain their gap in memory. Their blades were indeed their Zanpakutos, but revealed no further information beyond this obvious face. What's more...they couldn't explain the amnesia. Out of the data they could obtain, they were all perfectly healthy. Their hunger came to the fore-front shortly after they got there, and...they ate. A lot. The Third Division theorized they went through a hibernation cycle of some kind, and retained enough Reiryoku to not require sustenance. If they had not trained as they had, their reserves could have last them month. Once depleted, they became ravenously hungry. It made sense, but if they did go through a hibernation period, how long was it? What for? That, unfortunately, wasn't something the Third Division was capable of answering.

After months of testing, tired and with a lack of answers, they left. They did what they did best: they wandered. Over the next year, they wandered Rukongai. Took up various hobbies and means of income. Suigyoku was partial to music and forging items, particularly weapons and armor, but took up the noble art of an ordinary blacksmith and maker of all things. He was fond of alcohol too. A bad vice, but he enjoyed sake, among other drinks. Imported liquors from Earth were always on his list to try. He would eventually get a list of good sources who could help him "acquire" what he needed, a Shinigami or two that could get some of the good shit. On one such occasion, a Shinigami would be able to get them to Earth. Now that was calling a favor.

The man's name was Shiro, and he became a good drinking buddy when he was off-duty. He wasn't one of those who completely focused on their work. He liked living, doing stupid stuff, and boy, did they ever. They shared stories, made stories, and rarely never caused trouble. They laughed, cried, fought, but stayed together. He was the only one allowed into their circle, and the only one they would consider a part of their family.

When Suigyoku asked to go to Earth, Shiro did it on one condition: he would call for a favor of his choosing. Since it was the entire group going, this was a monumental risk for him. At the same time, it wasn't: Shiro was a member of the research team who first met them in Soul Society. Since their information was already on file, it would be a matter of fabricating a report for transport to and from Earth. And his condition? He wouldn't say, but the group's only request was the timing be up to them, if possible.

On the day they arrived on Earth, it felt like cloud-nine for a month. Karakura Central was far more than they ever realized. Reading about it was one thing; seeing it in person was a different experience. They indulged themselves almost the entire time. Suigyoku may, or may not, have gotten drunk and wrecked a motorcycle while there. He got himself a new one, but didn't wreck it this time. Getting it back to Soul Society was...interesting. Having to send it in pieces, it got stored in boxes until he could find enough time to learn how to put it back together. In a lot of ways though, he didn't care. He loved it. It was his, and his alone.

The two year mark approached, and that's when everything tanked. A letter came by the blacksmith shop Suigyoku set up, and when he opened it, his heart dropped.

Hey, this is Shiro. If you're reading this, it means I have died in the service of my Division.

He couldn't read it. He fell to his knees in shock. His hand shook violently, and it felt like the world would empty into the sky. This had to be a joke. Shiro was suppose to come by later today for another drinking contest. No, he would show up and it all be a prank. Any moment now, fireworks would go off and they'd laugh over a bottle of sake to make up for it...right? Tears welled up, and spilled slowly down his face. He could see the rays of sun through the building in front of him, and couldn't decide if they were in mourning for him, or mocking him. He had crinkled the letter by accidentally when he finally looked down at it, so opened up his hand, and continued reading.

If you're reading this, I had hoped that maybe you would never need to.

This letter would have been sent as soon as the Division had confirmation of my death. They don't like being uncertain about these things. I imagine my funeral will be a simple one, since I spent all my money on drinking with you guys, and I don't regret a single second of it. I can't take it with me, so we need live our lives, right?

I think you were the only ones who cared. My life was interesting, researching and all, but when you showed up at our door, it was like a big mystery we couldn't solve. Nine months of research and nothing to show for it. It blew our minds how this was possible. My higher up thought I was chasing a pipe-dream, but he didn't knew you guys. Didn't talk to you. Didn't drink with you. You were like liquor that changed with time, but could never discover the taste. I'm going to miss our talks.

I know this might be redundant mentioning this now, but do remember that favor you guys owe me? This will sound cliche, but I have to say it.

Find out who you are. The last while might not have been the greatest, but they were the greatest of mine. I do not regret a single thing. The data I've collected should be in our research vault, so I've asked the others to allow you access to it when needed. I hope it will be useful after my passing, if any of it is.

When I reincarnate, I hope I get to see you guys again. Have a drink. Get plastered. Laugh. Cry. All the things we did while I was still alive.

Find me when you can. And most of all...find yourselves.

Goodbye, my friends.


The tears wouldn't stop, and he let forth a cry that could split the heavens. When he came to, he rose up from the ground. He needed to tell the others. Searched for the others, he did, and one by one, they read the letter. By nightfall, they circled their table in Izumo's house. It had been their drinking table. A bottle of sake and glasses lay at the center of it. He poured out six shots, and raised his glass high.

"For Shiro." He whispered. They took a glass, one by one, until only one was left. The shot that would never be drunk.

"For Shiro!"

Forsaking their normal routine, they went to the Third Division, and took a look at their data. To say they didn't understand a bit of it was an understatement. Suigyoku felt like he was looking at numbers and letters to the building blocks of the universe.

"I can read some of it." Huh? They turned to Kizuku and he shrugged his shoulders. "I've been reading. I can't read all of it, but what does stand out is this set here." He pointed on screen to a data chart on the side. "Some outliers were recorded."

"What's an outlier?" Izumo asked, and Kizuku had to pause, forced to switch his line of thinking. He was visibly annoyed by it.

"Data that doesn't fit with everything else recorded. Now pay attention." With a sigh, he punched in a few keys, and went to a separate graph of the chart they looked at. "Normally outliers aren't significant for your data, but they are used for instrument correction. However, look here." A note appeared on screen. "Says: 'Outlier data consistent with programmed chaos variable. Intentional?' He ran some more tests and-"

"Layman's terms?" retorted Izumo.

"Predicting the future, slow-poke." replied Makura, patting Izumo on the head. He frowned and groaned. He needed to read more.

"It means Shiro thought the data was fabricated." A moment of tense confusion washed over them as they watched the screen. "But Makura is on to something. Chaos variables are only meant to guess the outcome of an experiment. They were predicting them."

"I take it that's impossible." Ritsuki gave a somber expression.

"Imagine throwing a ball and knowing with absolute accuracy where it'd land. Not just then, but months in advance." A few more keystrokes and Kizuku brought up another report. "This is nuts. I can read quite a bit of this, but I'm having trouble following." As he spoke, something dawned on Suigyoku.

"When did he run that test?" He remembered Shiro wanted to check something he hadn't tried before. Said he wasn't sure if anything would come of it. It was an impossible notion, and he was sure it wouldn't work. Almost. Kizuku brought up the report almost immediately.

"Three days ago."

"When was the last time he was seen alive?" A look of horror crossed their faces when the question was asked. They all realized what Suigyoku was implying. Kizuku brought the autopsy on screen. It estimated that he was killed...

"Three days ago."

"Do we know for sure about this?" Izumo popped the question, and everyone glanced around uncomfortably. "Are we sure our results were fabricated?"

"We aren't sure any of it isn't."

"If Shiro was killed for running these tests, someone might be watching."

"Iz, we can't be sure he was."

"Then who has access to this?" Suigyoku's question brought both of them out of their staring contest and onto the blonde.

"I imagine the entire division. Anyone with enough sense to run a computer, really. If they knew what they were looking for, they could just walk in it."

"Precisely. This says Shiro was found on Earth, but is there a record of him going there?" Another keystroke, a curse, and then another few before Kizuku snorted in frustration.

"Nothing. Either we don't have access to their log list..."

"Or he never went through the Senkaimon." Their heads felt like spinning in place. How could this have happened? With no one knowing? What's more, who did it? "Can you make a copy of this?" Before today, that question would have been a strange one for Suigyoku. Now, it was perfectly good question.

"Yes." A few strokes away on the keys and a disk popped out of the computer. He slipped it out and handed it to Suigyoku.

"Thank you." After it was handed to him, Suigyoku found himself with this dawning sense of not knowing how to go forward. Without the resources to track down what happened, they were left without much else. 'Resources...' He trailed his gaze over the computers. It should have been so obvious from the beginning. "The does one join them?" Taken aback by the question, Kizuku wasn't sure of the answer to his question.

"A few ways...why?" Ritsuki was the one who spoke up, and they turned in her direction.

"If we're going to find the one who killed Shiro, where better to start?"

And so began their introduction into the Shino Academy. Under normal circumstances, most who enter would find themselves spending the next six years learning the Shinigami arts. For these five individuals, they were there with a purpose. Six years was six years too long in their eyes. They supported each other in every situation, every problem, and they would overcame them all. It did not take them six years to graduate from the Academy. It took only one.

For Suigyoku, he excelled in Zanjutsu and Hoho, but Hakuda and Kido were his forte. He imagined they all excelled somewhere, for they never stopped training when they found the time to be together. Constant training over two years can do wonders for one's abilities. A year under supervision would allow them to soar. During their time, the instructors would correct where needed, but they expected as much. When one learns from self-teaching with four other people, there are always liable to be gaps. Then again, he couldn't exactly say there was much in the way of gaps. Each of them did take out a member of the Onmitsukido with only a single blow. Good day, or bad, how many could say they did the same before attending to become a Shinigami? Out of all the things he did, however, he could not communicate with his Zanpakuto. He spent hours one day to hear something...anything. His blade was as silent as the grave. He's heard of the silent treatment before, but this took the cake. What's worse is that he wasn't the only one. None of them could.

Regardless, communication wasn't entirely a requirement for graduation, and they all passed with honors. Not bad for five people who didn't know Adam from Eve three years prior. Their mission now was about to begin. It was only a matter of time before they find something. Whatever it was, they would be ready.

Would they?

<Ⅵ> Role Play Sample

{I decided to make the writing sample as a continuation of his history, so this will be shortly after he gets out of the Academy.}

"Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?!"

He was warned back at the Academy of this man...but being face-to-face with him was a different experience. Suigyoku stared at the face of the Seventh Seat of the Fourth Division: Konogi Yuzuki. Rule one: Don't call him Yuzuki. He hates the name. Put it down on his Academy application on a dare, and it has stuck ever since. At least he choose Konogi to offset it: "the righteous" as it were. Suigyoku was sure he read too many war books from Earth, given his fascination with quotes from various wars throughout history. The rapier in hand was probably a dead-give-away to his appreciation for them.

As part of orientation for the Fourth Division, a "mock" patrol of Rukongai was performed on the outskirts of a district, where trees could be seen for miles. He couldn't quite remember the name of it, but it mattered little. Their "company" of a dozen Shinigami were about to run a "battle" drill from their "Captain." Oh, the trouble that could come about.

"Remember! Hollows aren't our only enemy! We get lots of complaints, lots of fights, and we have to make sure we can take them down as painlessly as possible if necessary. You!" Konogi bellowed as he jabbed a finger at Suigyoku. "Front and center!" The group formed a circle in the tiny clearing of the trees, though branches still shadowed them overhead. Thank goodness; he didn't want to sweat in the sun above. It's almost noon!

"So! Suigyoku, no last name, eh?" Oh no, not another one. His time in the Academy was not entirely without its pit-falls. Along with his pointed ears, people made comments towards him not having a last name. Considering he couldn't give one, even if he tried, a single name would have to do. "No name will!" Konogi pointed at random toward the crowd, and a figure stepped forward.

"Don! You two will fight with Hakuda only. No Zanpakutos!" It was a kid. The boy looked no older than fifteen. Normally Suigyoku wouldn't think twice about it, but this was not a group of normal individuals: they all went through the Academy. They were Shinigami by right and by trial. Appearance wasn't everything. He couldn't assume this would be handed to him on a silver platter.

"Begin!" The boy charged forward and made a sweeping kick for the legs. The kid was quick, but Suigyoku was quicker. He disappeared from view, and appeared behind him, grabbed the collar, and tossed him over his shoulder into a spinning throw. With a twist of his body, the boy flipped, landed, and skid along the ground to a halt. His calm demeanor changed to concern as he glared down Suigyoku.

"That was...Shunpo..." the boy whispered under his breath. Suigyoku was trained at the Academy too, but unlike some of his peers, he caught the basics earlier than a lot of them did. By graduation, he had a firm grasp of Shunpo. From the boy's reaction, Suigyoku had him beat in the speed aspect.

"Enough." Konogi stepped forward between the two. It was his turn to glare down Suigyoku. "I didn't expect a graduate to know Shunpo."

"I'm a quick study." While true, it was a bit more complicated. Some weeks after he "woke" up with no memory of who he was, he practiced with four others he formed a group with. In their time wandering, he developed his reflexes, and single-handedly took out an Onmitsukido member. His instructor at the Academy couldn't believe it until he saw it himself. First time is a fluke, but what about a second? Dumb luck?

"Let's see it again." In one step, he flashed in front of Suigyoku, who in turn disappeared and reappeared behind Konogi. "Impressive. Now your Zanjutsu." Suigyoku's expression soured, forced to draw his blade in time to block a sword swing to his side. The rapier sent a spark along its length as Konogi pressed forward, and forced a sword lock between them. Their faces were barely a few inches apart as Konogi smiled down at him. It reminded Suigyoku of some crazed customers he once had. When they wanted something, they became obsessed to get it, by any means. He wasn't getting a warm and fuzzy from this guy, and that only deepened his feelings of apprehension.

"Aimed a bit high for my shoulder. Shouldn't we be using bokutos?"

"I like blades. Your blade is especially fine." Chatter went out the window when he side stepped and swung for the opposite shoulder. Suigyoku blocked in time with his strikes, and repeatedly blocked Konogi's advances. Shoulder, hip, cheek; swing, thrust, slash; Suigyoku kept up with each attack, but something was off. Each strike was...intentional. Konogi flashed out of sight, and Suigyoku had to do the same to evade a swipe at his leg. At least, that was the plan. Skid to a stop, he crouched low to the ground, and a drop of blood dripped from his left leg.

"Damn, I missed."

He wasn't holding back. He meant to kill Suigyoku.

'This...could be bad.' Was this related to their mission to find out what happened to Shiro? It had been a year since his death, but nothing came about. Nothing happened while they were at the Academy. Ye, the first development is that someone is trying to kill him? Suigyoku didn't expect was for it to play out like this straight out of graduation. Why make a move now?

A breeze caressed his cheek lazily, and crossed over his uniform. The wind made the wound stand out on his skin as it brushed past it. While only a surface wound, he could have hit a tendon. It was a reminder of how it could have gone.

"Looks like I'm going to have to be serious after all. I was going to play it off as an accident, but it won't matter now."

"S-sir, y-y-ou can't be s-serious? This is a joke, right?" One of the more timid students voiced his concern, and given the circumstances, Suigyoku couldn't blame him. They must have though this was an easy assignment, but if Konogi had succeeded in his mission, the other students wouldn't live long afterward. Suigyoku was certain of it. This whole "mission" got them out into the middle of nowhere, and no one around to stop what was about to transpire.

'How did this assassination attempt relate to myself and the others? If they wanted us dead, why now? What changed?' Suigyoku wrecked his brain for a solution, but nothing came.

Konogi raised his blade, and flourished his blade, displacing the blood from it. With a look of delight, he raised his hand, and maneuvered the tip to his palm. It pierced through to the opposite side, but no blood came out, not until he retracted the blade. It gushed out in a single wave like a spray, and covered the ground and him in blood.

"Emerge, Myaku Kusari."

A rush of black and red reiatsu washed over everything in sight. Suigyoku jumped out of the way, and landed behind a nearby tree. It covered everything like a thick liquid, and smelled foul, noxious. It reminded him of blood, but this was far worse. It was as if a rotting corpse lay in front of him. When the energy slowly parted, he could see spots of blood on the ground, the trees, and everything it touched acquired this dark, red tinge to it. All of it looked as if in a state of decay. Suigyoku dared to peek around the corner and saw a sickening sight.

All of the students withered on the ground, covered in the red grim, and tried to flay about, to get away. They were held down by chains, wrapped around each limb, and tightly bound. He couldn't help but be reminded of a fish being caught in the sea. No, they weren't fish. They were prey, caught in Konogi's trap. As he watched them, something happened; for a moment, Suigyoku thought he was hallucinating. The chain pulsed like veins.

"When I showed the committee my Shikai to get my seat, almost all of them puked." Konogi's voice carried over the air, and Suigyoku risked a look around the tree. The man stood were he had been, but his blade was gone. All he held was a handle, but a chain seemed to sprout from the tsuba and into the ground, specifically a pool of blood next to him. "I so wanted to show them more...but Myaku has a bit of an appetite, the sweet girl."

'Appetite?' Suigyoku realized something as he stared at the man. His eyes became bloodshot, the same color of blood, but his skin was darker, grey. Veins were visible on his skin, and they pulsed, like...

'The chains!'

"It's impolite to keep us waiting." A rattling sound echoed around him, and Suigyoku flashed away, just in time as chains wrapped around the tree and crushed its trunk. It exploded into splinters, collapsed to the ground, and shook the earth violently when it fell. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Another pair of chains lashed out and tore a tree out from its roots, sending it flying into the air. Suigyoku had very little time to evade. "Come out and plaaaaay!" The man's echoed laughter sent chills down his spine.

' chains...' Suigyoku dodged another set of chains as they ripped through another tree he hid behind. 'I'm going to run out of trees at this rate.' He landed next to a large oak, but noticed one of the others lay next to him. His blood ran cold when he looked down at them. Their eyes...they were sunken and dried out. Their skin was wrinkled, and blistered, as if all of the blood had been drained out out of their body. Only horror remained in their eyes, pleading for the end.

'Their end.' His hands balled into fists, and anger grew in his heart. 'Is this all our fault? Why? Why kill them? WHY?!'

"You lot are a pitiful bunch." Konogi's words snapped Suigyoku's attention from himself. "They said you needed to die first. Said you were the strongest. Ha! This is a waste of my time!" Suigyoku flashed away to dodge another attack, the previous tree now destroyed, but when he landed some meters away, he realized he didn't have many options. The trees close by were becoming fewer and fewer. Some of the other Shinigami weren't moving. Konogi had drained them of their blood...their energy.

'Wait, didn't he say it had an appetite?' A chain shot from the ground, and wrapped around his left arm. 'Shit!'

CRUNCH. It was too late. Suigyoku flashed away to escape, and nearly avoided having his arm taken off. Pain coursed throughout his body as he rested against another tree. Blood dripped steadily from his arm, and he was bloody from shoulder to finger tip. 'Dislocated shoulder.' With it leaning on the tree, he stuck his blade briefly into the ground, and moved his hand to it. With a quick jerk, it popped back into place, but not before his world spun on its head. He nearly collapsed from the pain. 'Entire arm is broken.' He grabbed his Zanpakuto and glanced around the side. His vision blurred sporadically as he glared down Konogi. The prick just stood there, as if admiring his handy work.

'How am I suppose to stop him now?' The image of the last attack went through his mind, and a thought dawned on him. 'His chains...they come out of his blood.' He turned toward one of the Shinigami, and took notice: the chains were still there. 'He can summon them from blood...but they stick around. Does that mean...he cannot retract them?' Fatigue and pain started setting in too quickly. His mind could only block out so much. He needed more time. He needed a plan.

"This has been fun, but I could have killed you long ago. Too bad your friend wasn't such a sport." Friend? Suigyoku's eyes widened. Who was he talking about? "The lad knew he couldn't win, but he tried." Konogi's eyes shined brightly with glee at the memory, and his smile widened from cheek to cheek. "I enjoyed draining him dry. He turned as white as his name. So delicious." He licked his teeth, as if savoring the taste within his memory.


"Huh?" Konogi saw Suigyoku step out from the tree and face him. He couldn't see his eyes, but knew he did a number on him. Arm was bloody, and useless. This would be over soon. "Yeah, what about him? A pound of flesh is all he is now. Soon, you will be too."

"His name..." Konogi's face contorted to one of confusion, unsure of what he was seeing. Maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him. His report said the guy graduated within a year, but couldn't communicate with his Zanpakuto. Didn't have any lick of reiatsu.

So why...were there golden shimmers around him? They twisted and multiplied rapidly, until Suigyoku's form was engulfed in a brilliant, golden light. It was as if he stared at a raging inferno.

"His name...was Shiro!" His eyes burned brightly and changed right before Konogi. Previously, they were blue, but now, they were a vivid gold, with a vertical iris. Like...

The eyes of a dragon.

"This was not in the report!"

"What report?" Suigyoku had disappeared from view, and his voice echoed behind Konogi. Before the man could react, Suigyoku's sword swung, and split the man's arm in two, slicing above the elbow. He screamed in agony, leapt away from reach, and clutched at the stump of his arm.

"I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!" He roared in pain. He raised the handle of his Zanpakuto toward the sky, and chains erupted from every puddle and every drop of blood that drenched the earth. They circled Suigyoku, and were prepared to rip him to shreds. There would be nothing left.

Then they stopped.

"What?" Konogi couldn't believe his eyes. This had never happened before! This was impossible! "Move!" He yelled. "Move!" Still nothing. "MOVE!" He tried to pull his Zanpakuto, but it didn't budge. Not a twitch. Not a sound. "Move move move move move move move MOVE MOVE MOVE!" The more frantic his movements, the louder he became, until hysteria set in. He couldn't understand. Why wouldn't they move?

"I thought so." Suigyoku's voice was soft, low, but the rage was barely contained. "Your Zanpakuto feeds on living matter, but when you run out, you cease to function. Like an animal robbed of its pound of flesh...just like you said." Konogi's veins were like ice as he saw Suigyoku flash from sight, and reappeared before him. Out of all the people he's met, the people he has killed, never has he seen eyes like those...

"'re a fucking devil!"

"Devil? No, I am no devil." The gold, iris eyes bore a hole into the man's soul, and the gold energy of his reiatsu flowed like fire. "But I will send you to hell." A scream gargled into silence as Suigyoku's blade cut through chain and bone. Split in half, the chains broke into pieces as Konogi's lower body fell forward, and blood poured from the open torso. Even while dying, he held tight to his Zanpakuto, but death took the light from his eyes, and he fell when the chains collapsed.

But death would not satisfy the rage in a heart that kept the pain at bay. Suigyoku may have killed his friend's killer, but not the master who designed it. His eyes returned to their ocean blue, and he felt the weight of his sorrow on his soul. A wail pierced the heavens from the throat of anguish. Pain set in, and soon, his body would hold him up no more. He felt the fall, but not the earth under him. The sun was still high in the sky, but darkness set in around him, and the world disappeared, if only for a little while.

<Ⅶ> Secret History

Note: The following are future elements that I'm going to be incorporating into Suigyoku's story as time progresses. For the most part, these ideas are not completely fleshed out, but I have a bare outline of what I am looking for. As time goes on, I will be rewriting portions of it for the profile, but it will mostly stay the same. For the purposes of this initial application approval, I don't know if all of this is required up front, since I haven't done anything with the character yet, but please read. I would love feedback.
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  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
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  • Comments/Notes: Oof, handsome boy.

    Before anything else, welcome to Platinum Hearts! I know you've been here for a bit, but still.

    I have to say, this was very nice to read. I enjoyed reading his history and personality and getting to know the character. I'm looking forward to seeing what all this character brings forward in the future!

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