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Soul Evolution Human Profile
تطور الروح

Asha [APPROVED; 3-4++] 8Ib9gWd
I. Basic Information

» Name: Asha
» Titles: Momma Bear, The Enforcer, Technomancer(Due to the nature of her power) Atlas's real one since day one. Enchantress of Machines.
» Age: 31
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank:Vastime(Asset and a founding member)

» Physical Appearance Description:

Ebony skin and long elegant hair - that sways with an air of elegance and grace -, as well as a pair of enchanting amethyst eyes, are the two defining features that begin the illustration of Asha's appearance. Born on Ethiopian soil, Asha has a mix of African and Egyptian heritage in her blood.

Her lips, always within a seemingly dignified smile, are often enough to leave most men with weaker minds spellbound. Neither meek nor bashful, Asha always maintains an aura that is domineering, magnanimous, and graceful, all in the space of a single breath.

If one were unaware or her history or bereft of due diligence, they would wholeheartedly believe that Asha is of royal birth. Donning outfits of elegant make, she wastes not an ounce of extravagance on the way she dresses. She is aware of her body and what she wants it clothed in. Indeed, the majority of Asha's outfits looks as if they were ordered from a fashion magazine. If vastime was not her main occupation, she would certainly dominate the modeling world with an iron fist. In fact, she did pose for a magazine shoot during one of Vastime's travels across Africa.

Concerning her frequent attire(around vastime), Asha usually wears a white long-sleeved shirt that exposes both her midriff and her large cleavage. As well as a pair of white pants that seem to double as shoes. On her back, she dons a long cape and her hands are covered by a pair of black leather gloves. Tribal marks(passed on from her mother) adorn her midriff.

On more formal occasions, she wears a more modest attire. She wears a suit, the back part of which extends past her knees. Inside, she wears a white dress shirt, and a black necktie with a white butterfly design at the knot. She also wears a long maroon cape and white gloves.

» Physical Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality:

An intellectually fascinating enchantress endowed with knowledge of transcendental import, Asha is a woman whose fair beauty is surpassed only by her profound erudite and remarkable wit. To those within vastime, she has been described as " a confident woman with the mind of an absolute genius, she can best be defined as a motherly woman with an air of grace and magnanimity, something surprising for one who did not come from such birth. " This description is most certainly apt. Asha is proficient in the art of technology and utilizing it to bolster the forces of the subordinates as well as the leaders if they so desire.

To Asha, every ounce of knowledge is a treasure, a timeless gem of meticulous worth. Though she possesses many worldly accolades in the field of technology, she does not relegate herself to scientific scholarship. Of all there is to partake of the world's vast spectrum, she believes that there is much to be learned from all walks of life. From where she was born, she is very skilled when it comes to life, a symbol of resilience if there ever was one. She has no particular distaste towards violence but because of her experiences, she often tries to avoid anything that would lead her to the battlefield, content with bolstering vastime whenever their upper authority desires. If she is called to bear arms, she is quite adaptive as a fighter and won't hesitate to enter into battle. While Asha isn't particularly fond of fighting, however, choosing the role of overseer rather than a participant; one would be wise not to underestimate her fighting prowess, however.
From the newest advent in modern technology to the ancient philosophies of Greek philosophers, Asha seeks to attain every tidbit, every particle of knowledge that is attainable. Though she is well known for her undeniable enthusiasm towards learning, it is but a piece of the complex puzzle that defines her. Asha is a born leader, suited to making assessments in a matter of seconds. Her discernment on the battlefield has earned her much praise. Where others would find themselves stifled with trepidation in the key moment deciding whether or not they live to see another day, Asha analyzes, forges multiple stratagems suited to the task, and acts on a logical course of action without batting an eye.

Though she is more suited to the role of the wise-woman who instills knowledge into those who seek it - her ingenuity in the face of danger, no matter how great is a trait found only in the most domineering of war generals. Her approach to the way of war is parallel in nature to that of an expert chess-player.

Each strategy that she executes is planned with intensive care, and when one such strategy does not suffice, she enters a process of elimination in which she searches for a plan appropriate to the objective at hand.

A woman of elegance, Asha always adorns herself in robes of elegant make. She, as any woman should, takes pride within her body; even so, she does her best to remain humble and never over-accentuates her appearance with unnecessary additions. True beauty lies on the inside; no amount of beautification can overrule that rule. Even so, Asha habitually wears clothing that seems to be something you would see out of a modeling shoot.

When it comes to wisdom, Asha's intelligence becomes even more profound. She adores whenever people seek her out for advice, whether it be on a particular moral conundrum or even a troublesome dilemma in a relationship that one may find too difficult to endure. She always speaks fervently of how great it is to pass on knowledge to future generations, of how evolution is always ever closer to unveiling new inventions forged for the betterment of the world.

In fact, unless one is prepared to endure hour-long expositions of how these aforementioned inventions work, they would do well not to mention such subjects around her. Even though she is a wise lady who loves to speak of the things she has encountered…. Asha is not averse to participating in activities that are not bound by learning something groundbreaking, as she, like any other aspiring individual, enjoys everything life has to offer.

Whereas it is highly likely you’ll find her face-deep in a myriad of literary books, ranging from novels to autobiographies, she will just as likely be found overlooking the grandeur of a serene sunset. Though many words have been used to paint the complexities of her personality, Asha’s most noteworthy virtue is her motherly acceptance towards others.

She is a firm but kind soul who rarely seeks combat unless there is nothing that can be said to resolve the matter of dispute that spurred the battle on to begin with. Asha has a heart of mentorship and often chooses that role in order to maintain morale within vastime. Indeed, it is not surprising to see her bring together inexperienced or beginner soldiers, rousing them to battle with speeches of valor and the cause that they all joined together for. Concerning vastime, as it has been mentioned quite a few times within her personality, Vastime is what gave Asha a purpose when her life had none.

She owes her life to its leader as well as one of his soldiers - Atlas - who saw potential in her that others were simply to blind to see. Atlas maintains a special seat in her heart. She is undeniably fond of the man and she learned of war and how she could provide the world with her talents and her technological prowess.

Their relationship can accurately be described as one of admiration towards your superior. His will, his ferocity, his unbreakable resolve.... is what draws her admiration to the man in a way no other person can. She respects Hayden, of course, and often gives him an equal level of respect but there is something innately different about how she conducts herself around Atlas. She playfully - shamelessly - flirts with him when the moments present themselves and often does it to see if she can get a rise out of the man.

Asha knows that his mind is often elsewhere and a source of comic relief between the two is often when she flirtatiously announces her reward(a night in the bedroom with him) and he often replies with "soon" but never seems to come through. Joking aside, her heart lies in Vastime and its goals, and she carries out her missions with unbridled efficiency. You want a weapon or advice around the base to be made within a month? She will do it within a week. That is the epitome of her commitment to their cause.

» Likes: Atlas. Hayden. Those who are curious to learn of knowledge and technology. High-end fashion. Adopting inexperienced vastime members under her wing. Children.

» Dislikes: Even though Asha isn't one to dislike any number of things, two things that will definitely earn her ire is unnecessary violence and admitting defeat or showing weakness. She dreads the thought of having to see people die if it could have been prevented.

She can handle it more often than not and you will not see her too deterred when it occurs but that does not mean it will not linger in her mind. As far admitting defeat and showing weakness, Asha has developed a reputation around Vastime as both its mother-figure and disciplinarian.

She has no qualms towards showering soldiers who try their best to succeed, even if they fail. However, much like an army Sargeant, she will dig her heels within your nether-regions if you show signs of resigning yourself from the task at hand. Asha wants nothing but the best, soldiers that she can trust to follow Vastime regiments and give one-hundred percent of themselves. Anything less.... well, she won't seem so motherly once the hell is inside your ass, but that's a story for another day.

I. History

» History

Born within the Omo valley of Ethiopia, Asha was born into the Banna tribe. She was born to a farmer and a traveler. Her father was the farmer and her mother the traveler. The year she happened to be born in was 2385, and although different parts of the world had seemed to make vast technological and cybernetic advancements, Africa was lost within the race of evolution. Their Africa was no different than it was 400 years ago.

There were still heinous crimes that could be committed in the blink of an eye and one even within villages had to steer clear of what surrounded them. Be they evil spirits or demons - her parents often warned her of wandering off without being chaperoned by one of the villagers.

As a young girl, being raised within Africa always made her question her reason for even living here, yet her mother - a soul-evolution human - often reminded her of being able to see the beauty in something, no matter how ugly it may appear. Her mother was revered as a goddess and protector around the village tribes. She could create with her own hands and move objects through metaphysical abilities.

She could craft items with efficient detail. If any demons or enemies sought to cause danger, she was always prepared to deal with the threats; maintaining peace within the valley with her life. Much like those who came before her, she wanted to see the best version of her motherland. Africa would often be a source of comedy in the other nations, and she wanted to change the perception. It is why she traveled and exhibited her abilities around the people she met.

Her mother never discouraged Asha from learning of similar talents and whenever she wasn't traveling, she often taught her minor spells in order to accelerate her own process as a soul-evolved human. This woman took pride in who she was and never once regarded herself in anything more than amazing. Asha revered her mother, as she often made the young child imagine and dream of the possibilities she could achieve. Although her mother was talented, Asha, even as a child, was no pushover herself.

Her IQ as a child was extremely high and most of the knowledge she learned from books or television was something she could adapt to in a matter of seconds. Although it seems cliché' to confer such a title to a child, Asha was revered as a genius among her childhood peers.

She could craft objects together through telekinesis and use them to play around with the other children in her tribe. Although she was popular around each tribe, she had ended up becoming something of an outcast due to her knowledge and her rather exemplary use of the English language. In time, Asha could sense the disdain from the children, even slight forms of envy.

As such, she became reclusive, focusing on gaining knowledge and tempering her skills as an alchemist. She had enjoyed her life even with being ridiculed for not fitting in. However, when she was a young adult - eighteen years old - her life took a severe turn that she was not prepared for. In 2403, Omo valley was attacked by a group of rogue demons, unaffiliated with Shadow Fall. Mercilessly, they attacked and murdered members of the tribe - innocent or otherwise - as if it were a mere game hosted between children.

Her father was devoured right before her eyes, and before those demons could lay their hands on her, her mother rescued her, fleeing from the valley. They unwillingly moved to Tanzania, where Asha would be under better protection. It was rather astonishing to now live within a location beaming with wildlife and peaceful residents who spoiled her with excellent meals. It was almost like a paradise.

However, her mother feared that the same attack that befell her fellow tribes in Omo valley would eventually occur over other locations within Africa. For ten years, she would teach Asha everything she knew until she could properly defend herself.

In time, at the age of 28, Asha grew into a fine woman whose beauty was enchanting and an intellect that was breathtaking. Her mother had felt that she was old enough to live on her own and for a time, Asha chose to do so. She traveled to North America, Hong Kong, and Tokyo Japan.

She bore witness to how advanced technology and cybernetics had evolved. It filled her with a slight sense of envy, but she would not allow that to deter her. She went to various academies that specialized in technology and graduated from each of them with efficient grades. She returned to Omo valley. On a whim? She supposed so. It was where she was born, after all. Part of her believed that perhaps she could liberate these people and Africa from the danger of being attacked by demons; preventing the death of others who could not defend themselves.

She brought different metals and materials from America and Hong Kong and decided to craft them with both knowledge and her masterful grasp of Alchemy. Even with that, she knew she could not do it alone. The makeshift protectors that she would create with her materials and her mind were not indestructible. If demons were to attack her people again and her powers failed, she would fall victim to the same atrocities that her father did.

No, her blessing would come in the form of a man who she would eventually come to fear and admire in the space of a single breath. Atlas D'al Decter. Over a few years since her return, there were stories that loomed around Africa, of a relentless soldier who fought in the "People Liberation Army" or PLA, for short.

Each day she was hearing a story about how resilient this man was and his overwhelming nature. Asha never thought a man could sound heroic and villainous at the same time but she had to admit that her interest was sparked. Her mother was a member of the relief force of the PLA and invited Asha to assist the soldiers who survived.

This would mark the beginning of her first meeting with the young man. When she arrived, the war had concluded. The fierce man had seemed to accomplish his mission but even with multiple fractures, broken bones, four gunshot wounds, and losing one eye, he still ordered his men until he assured that they had reached safety.

That image was not only burned into her retina but in her memory. It was her first impression, and a fine impression it was. She had heard tales of soldiers bravery in the past but to actually see the willpower within his figure... sparked something within her. Although healing wasn't a specialty of hers, thanks to her mother and her own efforts, they were able to heal the soldiers who survived and Atlas.

As an alchemist and technological genius, Atlas was intrigued by her abilities to heal each of the soldiers as well as himself. Over a few more years until 2416, the two became familiar with one another. As he rose through the ranks, Asha was there to congratulate him and he would always compliment her on her potential and talents and believed they could assist in liberating Africa from Shadowfall and their cruel ways.

2416... that was the year Atlas would invite her to meet a mutual contact. His name was Hayden Desmond. Hayden had a vision within his mind and although he initially only met with Atlas, Atlas had brought her to meet with him so that he, too, could use the potential Asha possessed within her mind and her hands. The rest was yet to begin...

I. Equipment

» Equipment: Compact Lab: Quite simply, Asha knows that she cannot always be within Vastime's headquarters, where her main lab/experimental hub is located. As such, the compact lab is something she created through her Anima stone by way of the Anima Mundi and Prima Materia principles. She can apply the effect of "shrink" onto the lab she created through her own ingenuity and mold it into a compact state. If she needs to utilize her lab, she can simply reverse the effect of shrink with "grow" and the lab will grow to a size where humans can enter. Her compact lab is often shown in a cube-shaped form when small.

I. Anima Stone

» Anima Stone Name: Olodumare("Almighty")

» Anima Stone Appearance:

Olodumare - Asha's Anima stone is primarily shown in the form of a opal gemstone centered within a ring of radiant gold. It is regal in appearance, resembling a treasured item worthy of a royal queen. Decorated with ancient symbols engraved within its radiant exterior, the ring carries an aura that can be felt within one's own body, as those who gaze upon it are spellbound by the vibrancy of the ring as well as the stone itself, which glows with a mystical color as if projecting images of a colorful dreamscape.

Asha makes a habit of wearing her Anima stone around her person at all times. Compared to other Anima stones, Olodumare is mystical in its nature, as it emits orbs of light based on her emotions. If she is full of joy, it glows brightly. If she is worried or disheartened, its light dims in response. As anima stones are the hub that connects Prima Materia and Anima Mundi, Olodumare is Asha's most cherished possession. There are things that she cherishes in this world but none bear more meaning than her almighty.

» Anima Stone Abilities:

Enchantment: Compared to someone who is not well-versed within the art of tempering or guiding their Prima Materia and Anima Mundi, Asha has certainly achieved the level of a master. Therefore, she is certainly more than qualified to perform countless spells in rapid succession, which is all dependent on the level of energy being used. Her spell of enchantment allows her to quickly paint her influence upon the items around her.

Painting one's influence by her definition is manipulating the objects within her environment to perform supernatural methods that defy the common laws that nature intended. if an item is motionless, she can enchant the item with the effect of movement, causing something as immobile as a lampshade to be guided through a telekinetic channel and thrown in the direction of the desired target.

In addition, beyond moving inanimate objects through this spell of enchantment, the spell also allows her to dive deeper into the manipulation of Anima Mundi. Whereas before she was merely enchanting the objects and applying ideas to them, she can now pull on the soul of objects she chooses to paint within her influence. Her scientific background allows her to possess an added advantage as far as combining her enchantment spell with her prowess in Anima Mundi. For example, through manipulating a wall, Asha could theoretically phase through it by overlaying her otherworldly influence over the obstacle before her.

In any case, it should be noted that while enchantment possseses a variety of capabilities as it pertains to earth-based or man-made objects, her influence has no effect whatsoever on weapons of conceptual, sentient, or metaphysical nature. Additionally, it is not something she can overexert herself with. Normally, she can use it for an extended period of time(seven posts of usage, five post cooldown. )

Reinforcement: Differing from enchantment, Asha pulls a coin flip in terms of how she utilizes her Prima Materia; rather than enchanting the items to perform an action or effect, Asha strengthens the item through reinforcement, applying her Anima stone to the object of her choosing. Since her Anima stone is worn around her finger, it is not difficult as it would be otherwise, to strengthen an object within her grasp.

It is simplistic in nature but provides her an advantage in battles revolving around closed quarters or tight spaces. It strengthens items that may appear relatively harmless in hopes of granting them an extra boost, such as but not limited to - fortifying a gun or the bullets housed within its chamber, turning a wooden stick into a bow, and other abilities. Truthfully, it is simply no different from another form of transmutation but is a method more suited to battles that do not allow for one to rest in the slightest. Just as it is the same with enchantment, Asha cannot exert this influence over metaphysical/spiritual weaponry, especially weapons with a mind of their own.

I. Natural/Racial Abilities

» Natural/Racial Abilities:

Transcendent Intellect: Though there are many attributes that define Asha as a combatant and individual, none merge so simultaneously as her exceptional intellect. Equally defining her myriad of combat techniques as well as her eccentric personality, Asha's intelligence is heralded among Vastime members as legendary - as such she is classified as one of their finest assets and someone who definitely has to be considered when enemies choose to attack Vastime or its forces.

She admits that she does not possess the intuitional strategic prowess that Atlas has---however, what she may lack in terms of strategic warfare, she most certainly possesses in creating weapons and items to assist on the battlefield.

She always analyzes each battle Vastime participates in, electing to enter the battlefield from afar or even create devices that can allow her to collect data on the opponents as well as her teammates. As you would tell, one not only has to understand their enemies but themselves; how they can train to ensure that whatever weaknesses were able to be exploited, cannot be used to the enemy's advantage again.

If that means that she must enter the battlefield to collect DNA from the body of a demon who hasn't died yet in order to find a weakness, Asha is not afraid to do so. Due to her nature as an alchemistic human, Asha has reached the supernatural level where she can gauge the nature of her enemies as well as a metaphysical sixth sense of what attacks can be fatal or defended against.

This advanced intuition does not grant her with the specific ability to predict how an attack will occur, but she can sense how fatal it might be. In addition, battlefield prowess is not the finest gift granted to her as a result of her unparalleled intellect.

As one whom descends from the race of Soul-evolved humans, her intelligence also manifests itself in the crafty inventions wrought by her own hands. She has mastered her own skills to a level where she can turn what might look like a scrap heap of useless metal into a technological marvel. Truly, when it comes to the field of intelligence, few alone are smarter than this Vastimian genius.

Engineering Marvel: Even though it is quite difficult to define what a master often is - especially within the realm of technological prowess - Asha is an exceptionally accomplished and ingeniously prolific engineer. She is responsible for most of the defense, communication, transportation, and weaponry housed within Vastime's organization. As one of its founding members, Asha is the lynchpin that holds together Vastime's offensive and defensive preparations. Analyzing countless battles as well as receiving advice from Atlas or Hayden allows Asha a level of efficiency not easily found in other organizations. She engineers with what they have in mind while maintaining her own vision of how each weapon or device operates. Each weapon is tested through practice missions hosted by Asha herself.

Although that may seem intrusive at times, her reasoning behind it is to ensure that each weapon, device, airship, and technological tool operates the way she envisioned it. Committed to maintaining the strength behind their forces, she will deprive herself of sleep until every kink has been worked out. To maintain everything the way she intends, she employs a team of supervisors and fellow experts to assist her during the process. Asha is always open to improvement - thus, she is never against others lending their assistance. As with most goals in life, one may be able to achieve a lot, but an army can achieve so much more.

Resourceful Strategist: Combining elements of her intuition and experience in real-time combat, Asha is very clever when it comes to constructing strategies that relate to the battlefield. She is certainly not averse to using any advantage to her disposal, though she tries to maintain a level of honor and will normally not result to using a hostage to secure a victory, finding such brutal methods to be barbaric and distasteful. Her strategies often consist of using her wit and intelligence to formulate a plan based on what she has analyzed from the opponent.

Her analysis consists of the enemy's movements, their breathing, their fighting techniques, and various other factors that are accounted for in a battle. If it is necessary, she often plays the role of spectator, allowing her access to analyzing multiple opponents, during large-scale battles with multiple enemies. These methods allow her to discern everything she needs to bolster her opportunity of victory.

Asha never chooses to attack the enemy first. Some may call such a strategy foolish but the enchantress of machines prefers to study her enemies before she chooses to form or mount any counterattack. Her philosophies as a strategist often resemble her strategies as a combatant; analyze, deduce, and contemplate a strategy that grants her and her fellow soldiers the best path to victory. For a woman who wishes for the best results, she certainly requires a similar level of patience, too.

CQC: It is certainly not something people think of when they look at her, but Asha is quite skilled in CQC. She is not at the level of a master martial artist but due to being trained under Hayden and Atlas, she has become an advanced student in the realm of hand-to-hand combat. She has trained and altered her body to be able to withstand a multitude of strikes before it becomes necessary to retreat. Her body can usually withstand strikes from stronger superhumans and possibly even more with augmentation.

One can not merely strike her and foolishly assume that she will break like a brittle piece of glass. As a fighter in this form of combat, she always prepares beforehand, be it spar or a duel to the death - she never underestimates any of her enemies in battle.

One facet of Asha's skill set in close combat that stands out the most is how she analyzes the movements of her opponent, martial artists primarily. Each strike is studied, analyzed, and virtualized within her mind's eye.

Will they strike from the left? Or will they strike from the right? Is her opponent a fighter who specializes in popular fighting styles such as Taekwondo or Muay Thai? Does his or her skills descend from a certain continent? Are they utilizing qigong when they strike? Her aim is to account for every factor, allowing her to maintain a certain advantage over martial artists who outclass her. She may not be able to match them but certainly boasts the ability to hold her own.

Experienced Aiónios: Having tempered and evolved the mechanics of this skill during her young adult years, Asha has gained a high-developed attunement with the lifeblood that flows within her. Advancing it to a stage where she can recover twenty times faster than a soul-Evo at the intermediate stage.

This doesn't mean she can simply restore a limb in the blink of an eye or even survive a strike any different from a fatal blow that would certainly indicate 'certain death. " To be sure, it merely means that her body has the attributes of being able to heal faster at a highly accelerative rate(this is in comparison to those on her level. )

As long as her limbs aren't slashed off, she can easily restore deep cuts and stab wounds on her body without sacrificing a huge surplus of energy. Healing her body doesn't always require concentration either, as she can theoretically keep battling while her wounds restore themselves. It is due to this advanced form of self-healing that Asha has a certain threshold of endurance.

She is nowhere near the realm of those who can utilize their willpower and ascend to the metaphysical realm of unmeasured durability, but she is not to be underestimated in the slightest. However, beyond healing herself, Asha has learned to utilize Aiónios through aiding her fellow brethren on the battlefield. If it is asked of her, she personally utilizes her blood and saliva and stores them within glass vials in her lab. If one is lucky to earn her affections, applying the medicinal effects through more intimate interactions but she tends to keep things professional and so that is often out of the question. For her lifeblood to take its healing affect, it normally requires two posts for herself and depending on the damage done to her comrades, four to five for it to truly take an effect worthy of good recovery.

Vima experieience: As of someone who has reached a higher realm of mastery in all of her soul-evolution based skills, Vima is yet another skill that Asha has mastered to an extent. Her expertise with Vima is advanced enough to where she can trace lines and achieve distances that defy the speed of sound.

In addition, by tracing lines around her own body - through her own ingenuity - she is capable of accelerating her personal speed to a level where she at her maximum level of power and speed, she can match a vice-captain in terms of overall speed. It isn't something she can maintain, of course, and so she much prefers to strengthen the speed of her own attacks through this skill, especially if combined with her enchantment spell. She often has to prepare herself to move at such speeds so it normally requires a two post charge to reach maximum. Outside of that, she can only reach the level of superhuman speed-wise with no charge.

When manipulating her Anima stone in conjunction with this ability, Asha can perform attacks with objects around her that can be launched at rapid speeds that defy the laws of physics(by the standard of a normal human). If a bullet is already fast, a combination of these two skills would probably outfit that bullet with even more firepower simply because of its heightened speed and manipulation as well as its control.

I. Unique Abilities

» Unique Abilities:

Enchantress of Machines; It is commonplace knowledge that Asha's intelligence and intuition are her finest gifts as a warrior and her greatest weapon on the battlefield. Most will assume this, and one would be hard-pressed to say that those who assume such are incorrect. However, Asha's greatest skill is her ingenuity as a Soul-evolution human. From childhood to adulthood, Asha was taught and later learned to study the mechanics of her alchemic abilities. Primarily, what she learned to study was the art of manipulating Prima Materia - the first matter. Through harnessing this infinite source of creation, she taps into two of the primary strengths that define the principle - construction and manipulation. Ever since she ascended to the height of her powers, Asha never allowed herself to believe that any object was useless, even if it was little more than a useless scrap of metal or a rusted piece of machinery. Her extensive years of being around technology in Africa and America led her to cultivate her powers around technological objects. There was certainly power in manipulating her environment but to apply concepts to something already created.... that sparked a curious flame in her heart indeed.

Possessing a capability to apply spells to strengthen and cultivate pieces of machinery filled her with the glee that every creator always experiences in their life. Constructing items from her mind was equally enjoyable. In other words, the title of "Enchantress of Machines" is no mere hyperbole.

Whether creating or applying, when it comes to metals, weapons, and other pieces of armory, Asha's imaginative mind and her dedicated knowledge allow her to form and manipulate otherworldly creations within the palm of her hands.
For example, if there was a car that could only ride by the standards of humans, Asha would elevate that automobile to the level of a divine steed that could traverse air and whose speed could no longer be constricted by the chains of mortal men - through manipulating and applying a particular principle within her mind onto it.

To provide another example, if she were provided with weaponry such as a machine-gun or rifle, she would apply and manipulate the principles of the weapon within her fingers - that is, if it was meant to harm, she would strengthen the lethality of the bullets by applying them with attributes that could most certainly affect otherworldly beings - or grant the weapon more firepower by applying an idea of "increased artillery".

Construction, though not recommended for battle, is another area where Asha thrives, as well as the reason she is so heralded within Vastime's forces. Along with being able to create Familiars and Golems, Asha can craft weapons based on existing or original technology, outfitted with otherworldly abilities. High-speed, Increased firepower, long-range efficiency, and advanced durability are but a few of the attributes that her weapons contain. Whenever she is called upon, the Enchantress aims to create a masterpiece mankind won't soon forget.

Limiter of EOM: Although Asha's unique ability is incredibly powerful with what it can create and influence, as all great abilities, they eventually reach a limit where they can no longer be maintained with heavy strain or overusage. EOM is no different. As such, she cannot extend her influence over multiple applications. The limit is often two, and that is dependent upon what she is extending her influence over in terms of machinery or weaponry at that time. Construction-wise, when she is in her headquarters, she can prepare the items and that is often outside of any activity(as it relates to threads) that involves battle. If she creates items, they will be posted up in the equipment board when neccesary. Outside of the construction, manipulation only extends to two applications. She cannot extend influence over objects that are, once again, beyond the scope of modern technology and are sentient or metaphysical. As it has been explained, it only extends to machinery and technology, used or new.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Racial Skills
  • Anima Stone: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Prima Materia: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Aiónios: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Víma: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you roleplay. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


Asha [APPROVED; 3-4++] Pbucket

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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: Talked it over with Kendall in DMs.
  • Tier: 3-4++
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Asha [APPROVED; 3-4++]
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