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 Coyote Starrk

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Enter The Arrancar

I. Basic Information

» Name: Coyote Starrk (コヨーテ・スターク, Koyōte Sutāku)
» Age: Unknown, potentially very old due to having naturally become an Arrancar before meeting Aizen 400+ years ago
» Gender: Male

» Association: Hueco Mundo Empire

» Appearance Image:
Coyote Starrk 4t59Tj0

» Appearance Written:
Unlike many of his fellow Espada from Aizen's army, Starrk largely lacks any over-the-top or especially distinctive features. His dark brown wavy hair is pretty common even for humans, as are his greyish-blue eyes far less intimidating and aggressive than those of other Arrancar. After four hundred years Starrk's facial hair hasn't changed at all either, remaining as a faded stubble goatee on his chin. Outside of his messy hair and light goatee, Starrk's eyebrows are thin and brown as well. Finally, his high cheekbones and thin, but not overly-so, face makes Starrk appear quite handsome though perhaps not exceptionally attractive. Finally, though during high stress situations or times where he gets surprised Starrk's facial features may change in response to either, largely speaking the ex-Primera Espada's appearance is one of unenthusiastic lethargy, perfectly mirroring the man's personality.

In terms of clothing Starrk still wears the same outfit he donned during the times of Aizen's Espada, one quite typical of Arrancar with few variations. The variations his clothing does have includes an upturned collar and black sash wrapped around his waist. Also, the white gloves Starrk still wears despite his previous Espada tattoo no longer having any meaning are rarely worn by other Arrancar. No longer cracked, his Hollow fragment still takes the form of a fanged bottom jaw placed directly above the usually-concealed Hollow hole located in the lower middle of his chest. Last but not least Starrk wears his classic yellow sheath katana on his left hip, held up by the black sash he wears like a belt.

II. Personality

» Personality:

As a Hollow Starrk lived in a black veil of perpetual loneliness, unable to attract and retain comrades due to the overwhelming strength of his Reiatsu killing off all those who approached him. For a Vasto Lorde Hollow whom possessed above-human intellect and could both feel a vast spectrum of emotions and make reasonable decisions, such a life was like crippling torture. Even his fellow top three Espada, Baraggan Louisenbairn and Tier Harribel, managed to avoid solitude by amassing retainers/soldiers and friendly underlings respectively. This existence dramatically shaped Starrk's personality, and was also the cause of him removing his Hollow mask naturally and splitting himself into two distinct individuals in the process, thus creating the person known as Coyote Starrk and his other half Lilynette Gingerbuck.

For about ninety five percent of the day, Coyote Starrk is a lethargic and uninterested man with seemingly little care in the world. Preferring to relax and sleep in lieu of combat training his Arrancar brothers and sisters regularly participate in, Starrk is often unseen around Hueco Mundo or in general. Despite seemingly being uncaring by the events that unfold around him, Starrk often remains incredibly observant and is able to deduce quite a lot quite quickly, including discerning power levels, how abilities function, and the personalities of others. Perhaps this increased focus on others is a result of his lonesomeness, though it's just as likely Starrk is merely an incredibly intelligent individual with enough experience to remain aware of his surroundings at any given time.

Though initially not caring much for his comrades, despite seeking suitable allies for almost his entire life as a Hollow and Arrancar, Starrk's feelings toward friendlies has changed quite a lot. Beneath the surface is an individual who not only cares for his allies to the point of wanting to be strong enough to ensure no more fall, but also his ability to feel a sense of loss and depression from their deaths is rather unique to him among most Arrancar, something especially true for the group of Espada he served with under Aizen. Upon his defeat at the hands of multiple Gotei Captains, such aspects of Starrk's personality were only reinforced with him never wanting to fail his comrades again.

Along with the above, after it became clear Aizen would not seek to save the Espada whom pledged their endless loyalty and fealty to him Starrk's feelings towards the Shinigami changed as well. Though he still felt remorse at not being able to pay Aizen back for taking away his loneliness, Starrk would not wish to serve a leader who cares so little for his allies or underlings again. This is also unique among Arrancar who, generally speaking, merely seek to be the most powerful and obey the most powerful. This is reflected in his actions post-Fake Karakura War, such as seeking out not the most powerful but loyal allies to fulfill both this change in heart and his need to be surrounded by individuals who can survive his presence.

III. History

» History: [Everything has a history. Even if it's just a mindless creature spawned by an org, someone had to of created it. So please put at least a paragraph or two of thought into it.]

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your Arrancar has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities: [You can put any customized racial skills/abilities/techniques in here. These can range from cero/bala, hierro and anything else you want to add. Feel free to skip it]

VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: [What is your Arrancar's Zanpakutô's name?]

» Zanpakutô Appearance: [What does your Arrancar's zan look like? A picture or written bio will do. You can also do both if you wish]

» Unique Power: [What is your Arrancar's power? Try to make it related to what embodiment of negativity they represent. For example, if you had an Arrancar whose sin in their previous life was laziness, then you could make a power which induces lethargy on other opponents. Be creative.]

VII. Resurrección

» Resereccion Name: [What name does their resserecion go by? If any.]

» Resereccion Release Phrase: [What do they say to release their sword? If any]

» Release Actions: [What do they do to release their sword? If any.]

» Resereccion Appearance: [Describe what their resserecion looks like. It can be written, or you can use an image. You can also use both if you want]

» Resereccion Abilities: [Explain the abilities and powers that your Arrancar gets in their form.]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Racial Skills
  • Perquisa: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Sonido: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Cero/Bala: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hierro: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

IX. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: [Please show us how you role play by either posting a previous post from another site or creating a new one. We do this so we know your RP skill. If you already have an accepted, you need not do another RP sample]


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