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Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:14 pm

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Artist: Hammerfall - Song: Heart's On Fire

Ulv would deal with the first thing first, and clasp Shunsui's hand, fixing his broken ribs in an instant, almost as if she had removed the event of them breaking from reality itself.
"Devil's Heart. It's an ability that was made when me and Ibiki put our heads together. It's meant to be used to solve a person's deep emotional scars, but can technically be stretched out to anything that is causing the person negativity. Gods, I could use this power to get Ice Cream if someone was sad that the store was sold out. It just, feels wrong to be using it on such a small scale" Ulv looked at her hands, and shook her head.

"Maybe it's just that I have been using it to such a high scale, everything else feels too low" she sighed, this was hard. "But, I think it is because I used to be Mirja that the flow of energy doesn't feel right. It is too familiar without being familiar enough to fit. Another person would not have any trouble using it, but for me it's to close without being close enough" eventually Ulv just waved it away and gave Shunsui a smile.

"I'm going to go to that thing where I think about punching people in the face. Enjoy the drink~! And maybe next time I will try come visit just to visit"

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Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:36 am


Shunsui could feel the wounds that he'd just received gradually healing as Ulv worked her magic. He was pleasantly surprised with how fast it was occurring, but really, that was to be suspected. After only a few moments he was all healed up and ready to go. He rubbed his ribs where they'd been injured with his hand, gingerly inspecting them to determine if there was anything still ailing him. When he determined that there wasn't, he smiled at Ulv and thanked her.

"Well, you seem to be pretty decent at healing as well. I don't know why you were worried."

It seemed that with their business concluded Ulv was ready to head out once more. He could understand that, as she probably had a lot to think about, especially after their conversation. Of course he was being a bit presumptuous by thinking that, but he didn't voice his assumptions, so there was no harm in it. With that, he would wish Ulv well and see her off.

"Don't worry about it. I'm always here to help out if you're bringing drinks."

He would wave as she left, thinking over what they'd talked about. It seemed that he had some things of his own to think on. He turned back to the alcohol that had been left, took a seat next to it, and began to drink directly from the container. Once he'd taken a long swig he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and let of a sigh.

"I should really think about settling down soon."


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