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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Usu-Hoshi, Pale Demon of West [Finished] Empty Usu-Hoshi, Pale Demon of West [Finished]

Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:43 am

Plus Spirit Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Usu-Hoshi
» Age: Around 600 years, give or take.
» Gender: Male

» Appearance Image: Usu-Hoshi, Pale Demon of West [Finished] SOc2Jls

» Appearance Written: Hoshi stands no taller than 5’7, with lean, but muscular, body, pale complexion and eye color that changes upon both his emotions or just desire at the given moment. His hair is light in color, variation between blond and white, though, having the capacity to turn black as well, if he so wished. Hoshi’s facial features are more sharp then soft, that being because of the fact he was in the middle of a growth spurt before untimely death. As years went by and the identity of Pale Demon set in Hoshi base form generated pair of small, white horns, decorative than anything else, that grows longer as more energy is being generated out of his body.

The spirit’s outfit largely depends on environment he needs to fit in, even if a plain, sand colored kotabira(casual everyday kimono) is his favorite. In the last few centuries the go to outfits had been variations of school uniforms depending on the region and casual everyday wear as washed out jeans and white, no print shirt paired with sneakers. Then and now some accessories as well.

II. Personality

» Personality:
  • Quiet - What’s for sure, Hoshi is a man(spirit) of few words. He will not take active part in conversations, never knowing how to act in social encounters. With friends he rather show how he feels then say. But when he does speak, it usually means either he has something important to say or there is so much emotions inside him that they are demanding to be vocalized.

  • Friendly - Throughout life and after the Plus never had many friends. While living he was too busy reaching his parents expectations and once dead first few centuries were so lonely that in time he got used to this loneliness and never craved for change even when supernatural became increasingly popular. Still, once in a while he had his run ins with others and then only the best could be said about the boy. He liked company. Liked others around him to share stories, experience or just have a moment, afterwards parting ways and never meeting again. Exchanging laughs and smiles were nice, even if he never had energy for longer communications. Introvert, yes, but a friendly one.

  • Naive - Living a sheltered life had protected the boy from deception and malice people have in them. He doesn’t know how to tell real emotions apart from fake. How to see when someone is trying to exploit him. Don’t get it wrong, Hoshi knows there are many, many bad things out there, but lack of communication with society had dulled his senses of telling these evils apart. Such, both Maro and Maru, are there to look out for their a bit dense companion.

  • Observant - You can blame his hermit’s nature, fact that as time went on it was getting harder and harder to avoid people or constant hide&seek with hungry Hollows, but no matter, Hoshi had developed habit of picking up details. Paying more attention to his surroundings. Habit of remembering these details then followed. Sadly, it also developed in boy overthinking alot. Assuming things way too oftenly. That then led to more or less awkward situations.

  • Cautious - Think it through three times and when sure two more. Moto after which Hoshi led his life. For him planning and thought through actions were the key of success in anything. He was not beyond taking risks, but accounted ones. If it was a spontaneous decision you wanted from the boy, good luck getting it. Mostly then not, he will panic and then act completely blindly. Just another reason why Hoshi avoids direct confrontation.

  • Caring - From the rare few things Hoshi remembers about his family and life before dying the strongest emotion was probably love. Love and desire to care. If thinking really hard the boy is pretty sure that was also the feeling he had just shortly before his death. And that didn’t change even in the afterlife. Once you are the boys friend, companion or even family he automatically will be ready to do almost anything for you. Even for strangers, if they seemed in trouble, he was ready to help without thinking twice and if it would not be for the spirits reclusive nature he would probably be abused more than once.

  • Possessive - Something one would notice only spending longer time with Hoshi. While the boy has no problems with sharing what he has it changes upon feeling of losing someone dear. And then it can go from cute at the start to straight way creepy. He doesn’t let go. Can’t understand the concept that sometimes people just don’t work. And once he feels threatened that his relationship can be ruined by someone from outside his passive nature does a flip, him turning even slightly aggressive.

III. History

» History:
Life before becoming a spirit is quite foggy for Hoshi. It is more flashes of emotions and silent pictures then anything else. There are some facts he managed to salvage from his brains after a while, but most was left under a heavy fog that may never be lifted. Hoshi remembers his name. Or at least he hopes that was his name. The boy also remembers love for the family he had, as well, as utter fear and despair around the end. Between washed out pictures of temples, shadows of monsters lurking around and books after books, there were emotions as frustration, light fear, anxiety and something of burden. Sense of responsibility.

As a spirit, though, he had no such feelings. Actually, at the very start Hoshi was sure there were no feelings in him. Just faded memories. As he started to wander around the forests he woke up in it was soon obvious danger lurked around him. Creatures, beasts in masks, crawled and preyed on souls as him, but luckily Hoshi soon realized he had some kind of a gift for getting unnoticed in form of crawling fog.

Not everyone fell for it, in some situations the spirit escaping just by the hair of his neck, but it did make his life much easier compared to the other souls the boy spotted time to time. As time passed his senses and emotions became stronger, but also chain coming out from his chest became shorter and shorter. That worried him. There was something scary about it, nudging in the back of his head that once the piece of metal corrodes something terrible will happen.

And then he saw it, near the city, around almost desolated temple. He had been staying in that area for a weak now, the last priest dying of old age. Then his ghost appeared, but unlike those he had seen before, this one was chained to the temple. Screaming and growling like a mad beast. Curious to see what will happen next Hoshi witnessed as the man slowly turned into one of the masked demons. He learned what will happen, if his chain corroeds.

Afterwards it was a plunge into desperation. Fear. And as it got stronger the chain faster and faster went to his heart. But gods had mercy for the unfortunate soul in a form of a creature Hoshi had never seen before. It wasn’t a spirit or a demon, Hollow explained later on. Humanoid form with reptile scales this being looked like a dragon from temple decorations. And that’s how the stranger named himself, the Yellow Dragon.

He offered the plus to take part in a experiment of his that would stop the corroding of, what he called, soul chain. There were risks he could explode or something, but Hoshi was desperate at the moment. After agreeing he was then taken to another once abandoned, but renovated temple, which was said to be his, if the boy survives. There the Dragon implanted in his chest a gem.

The process was painful in which the boy was pretty sure he will not survive. His heart felt like burning away in intense fire, every sense in his body seeming too much. But that past and the next thing he knew everything was fine. Hoshi’s heart was beating. Or the gem replacing his heart at least was.

The Yellow Dragon, Sensei for Hoshi, seemed pleased about the boy and spent the next year with him, teaching the soul in ways of the new world. How to fight the Hollows, something he avoid in all costs, how to understand his own new found power and what to remember when wandering. A lot was left out, his Sensei believing experience was important for new souls. After that year, upon the dragons departure, he told that asides from him, there were three more souls gifted. His older sister and two brothers.

Years past in loneliness, Hoshi enjoying the solitude. Those trying to bother him were easily scared away, soon legends spreading of a pale demon wandering around the temple and it’s forest. The boy was amused. In this time he met a injured, near dead Hollow. Usually Hoshi didn’t pay much thought to it, but something in the raven-like creature summoned sympathy and for the first time he used one of the abilities he knew he had, but had never used. Soul Link. Maru joined the lone boy.

The raven was quite addition in the boys life, being both incredibly loyal, as well, as with sharp wit and great social skills. He was the one to convince Hoshi to leave safety of his temple and travel. See the world and look up those his Sensei had deemed as brothers and sister. And he did. Finding them was hard. Only lead being a weak bond the gem in his heart had with the others. It took time, but along the way Hoshi got to see how the world had changed over time. One by one he then found those he now called onii-san and nee-san, but did not stay long with them, all doing their own thing and being a bit too much for the boy.

As years past and world around him evolved Hoshi learned more and more how to use his abilities both to avoid, blend in and defend himself. Growing in strength then caused other issues, him facing something one would not relate with being dead. Hunger.

It was hunger as any, though, more for energy then real food. He knew others also had this issue, but in no way the boy was ready to go where they did. No way he was about to consume other souls. Real food then became a thing he again needed to consume and in immense quantities, physical matter being broken down to energy. Maru then became unreplaceable.

Things continued changing in the world at faster paces, Hoshi learning to restore his energy through meditation rather then food. It got harder to avoid civilization and slowly rather than escape, the boy tried to fade in. Become the background. That worked partially, as there were creatures and being too strong to deceive, though, not oftenly. Mostly his biggest problem was those called Shinigami and them he tried to avoid even more than Hollows.

It was start of year 2000 when he met and bonded with yet another soul, Maro, Hollow being hunted down by a Shinigami. The boy again grew sorry for the sad creature and offered way to escape his miserable fate. Their small family grew from two to three members.

After WW3 life became easier and more complicated at the same time. While supernatural became the norm, wandering souls like him were hunted or converted one after another. It was getting harder to just be left alone and the constant wars, as well, as multiple big powerhouses making Earth their battlefield, just made living more and more complicated. That went to the point he got sick. Sick of lurking and hiding. Sick of being on the route. So, with a lot consideration and pep-talks from Maro side he found a friendly looking Shinigami, asking to perform Konso on him. Might as well go to that heaven everyone is promised.

IV. Special Traits

» Skills:

» Powers & Natural Attributes:

  • Powerset: Pale Demon
    This set of powers reflects both Hoshi's trip of re-inventing his feelings after death, as well, as going through understanding himself and what he wants to be. The aspects of the boy's family roots is also touched, him trying to remember from where he had come.
    Power - Partial Shape-shifting: This power is a combination of Pluses wide potential in change and Hoshi's desire to understand himself. With focus and understanding what he wants the boy can alter his body parts for various purposes. Because of the intricate process, though, it takes chunk of his energy to transform. Cooldown between each shift is 4 posts.
    Aspect of Oni - By channeling his natural instincts and feeling of transforming into Hollow Hoshi can talter various parts of his body. Depending on the body part that is being changed he gains physical boost and suffers from certain penalties.
    • Arms: They grow proportionally larger to the rest of his body and grows short silver fur. These arms have claws that are sharp enough to go through [Adept] level defense and has Strength of one level higher that Hoshi's default one. That caps till [Elite] after which it just gives a slight boost. Drawback to this is their out of proportion size that makes their attacks more awkward and decreasing their speed by a level, lowest being Beginner. Side note, the boost and drawback influence only the arms, not over all skill. It means, while his punch would carry more strength in it once it would be up to him to lift something, carry, keep his ground etc. the boost would not apply. Same goes for the drawback. While his swings are heavy, uncoordinated and slower then usually, his legs still has the same speed to carry him around.

    • Hide: His skin turns gray, thick and harder to penetrate, bones becoming heavier and muscles denser. This boosts the boy's overall durability by a level till [Elite] but reduces his General Speed by such to minimum of [Beginner].

    • Legs: When altered to resemble those of a silver furred primate(including long, flexible tail), Hoshi boosts strength and agility for both jumping and climbing, but sacrifices durability for the said limbs by making their bones lighter.

    • Sensory Organs:

    • Regeneration: Standout from other alterations as visually there are no changes but small horns growing from his head. This taps in Hollows natural ability to heal themselves. Damage this ability is capable to heal is connected with amount of both reishi and stamina Hoshi has. The more he heals, more exhausted he becomes.
      Tier 5 and 4: Minor scratches and bruises, but not for long time. One or two deeper wounds before feeling exhausted. Can't fix bones.
      Tier 3 and 2: Minor injuries doesn't create complications and can heal few more larger wounds. Can mends broken bones, but not perfectly.
      Tier 1: Can heal deeper wounds and broken bones, but need to remember overusing will summon sudden exhaustion and body can start to form serious deformities.
      Tier 0: Can mend bones, large wounds and even regenerate limbs, but will tax the body on constant use.

      Additionally to the restrictions Hoshi's kidō and other energy fueled attacks are slightly weaker then regularly.

    Aspects of Yūrei - The first partial transformation Hoshi unlocked. They origin from how he saw himself at the very start after realizing he is dead and feeling detached from his own feelings. The abilities cover concepts most would connect with ghosts and other restless spirits.
    • Phase-Shift: Body is surrounded by blue aura. Heavy, once per thread ability to become intangible for a single post. Hoshi's reishi parts become almost completely separated from each other, giving multiple properties to it. First, he can go through physical objects and can not be harmed by such weapons. If energy is involved in the mix than it depends on its strength. Weaker energy barriers can still be bypass, though, it will deal small damage to his body. Stronger the barrier more damage is dealt. Barriers in same power level as him cause immense damage what could even lead to loosing consciousness afterwards. Barriers stronger then him cannot be bypassed.

      When it comes to energy attacks, same rules apply. Weaker the energy attack more of it he can ignore in this state and vice-versa, stronger it becomes less he can avoid. Additionally, if the enemy picks up the moment when the boy activates this ability they can disrupt it by release pulse of energy at him. Though, for that the enemy needs to be the same tier or higher. Higher tiers also being capable to seriously damage his body in such way.

      Next post afterwards he will feel greatly strained, not counting on top all the damage, if any.

    • Chilling Touch: Fingertips becomes snow white. Rather then cold this attack attempts to drain energy that makes one function. Channeled through his hands it feels like something sharp has been stabbed at the spot and the warmth has been dragged out from it. On a brief contact it doesn't feel like much and disappears fast, but as the contact becomes longer and longer such does the feeling and effects it carries with it.

      As mentioned before, what is absorbed is basically stamina, mental energy, call it how you want. As more of the target is being drained out they will start to feel cold and exhausted. Additionally, the pain of the touch will also increase. Asides from the damage done to the enemy their energy will be sent to Hoshi and replenishing his physical and mental stamina.

      When it comes to restrictions for this ability, there are quite few. First, you need a full post of physical contact for the touch to have any effect. Then it will take one more post to drain the victim.
      Second, this ability can only be used when Hoshi himself feels exhausted cause he can't have more energy than his body and mind can handle.
      Third, this ability has a three post increment(at Tier 4) per thread with additional post per tier. While the ability isn't energy draining, it is one of the most body altering abilities.
      Fourth, while physical defenses are ignored by Chilling Touch it is quite easy to defend from it both with Willpower [Adept] and energy defenses of [Adept] or Tier 4-3.

    • Invisibility:

    Power - Emotion Convertor:

    Power - Ancestor Blood:



  • Powerset: Soulmates
    Originated from the gem replying to Hoshi’s desire to have a group he could call his family and always look over them. This powerset is based around making a stable, strong group where everyone would benefit from each other and Hoshi being their linking chain. As so far the boy has mostly lived a hermit life this powerset is used only two times.
    Power - Soul Link: This power is meant to link a soul to Hoshi and all those who are already linked with him, creating something of a hive mind, though, not taking away anyones free will.

    This ability, if both sides are willing, bind everyone in connected web, Hoshi being their central piece. What are the pluses of such connection.
    First, safety net in case of dying. If someone from the net would be killed part of their soul would then travel to any of the other members and there incubated as an egg and then slowly regrown, using the hosts energy. While far from immortality it is a nice safety net just in case, though, may cost some temporary or permanent tier loss.
    Second, power share. Once someone joins the net they choose one power that becomes available to everyone to use. It is then just scaled depending of the tier of the user. Obviously, once leaving the net the access to these powers is lost as well.
    Third, once a thread for 3 posts one of the nets members can receive one minor tier boost per member that has their tier or higher. Each 0 tier will boost per 2 minor tiers, if the person is not 0 tier themselves.
    Fourth, each member of the net is capable of mentally communicating with others as if calling, but need to understand that what one hears, all from the net hear.

    Of course, with the benefits also come restrictions of the Soul Link.
    First, those in different realm then Hoshi will not be able to use tier boost, hive mind ability or power-share.
    Second, if the member is 3 major tiers lower than Hoshi they will not be able to travel outside of the realm he is and will be automatically pulled where he is if the spirit would decide to change realm.
    Third, all members of the net need to understand the risk of majorities energy. What it means, if, for some reason, majority of the net would turn into demons, those left would also get corrupted in matter of time. Same, if someone tainted would join the net, it being pure, the overwhelming purity would remove the taint from the person joining. As an example, Maru, when joining Hoshi, was a Hollow, but once he joined him in the net he was reverted to a spirit form, losing the Hollow traits.

    As a last note, Soul Link can only be removed by Hoshi or broken, if ones Willpower is [Elite] and above.

    Soul Link members/powers:

    Maru(NPC) - Placeholder till NPC is made
    Maro(NPC) - Placeholder till NPC is made

I. Equiptment/Resources

» Item Name: Unknown Gem
» Item Type: Rare
» Used For: Supplementary
» Item Description: Obtained from his Sensei, the Yellow Dragon, this gem almost perfectly matches the energy of its current owner. Fused inside where a Plus would have its Soul Chain, if a professional in the matter would inspect this stone they would notice it as a well made example. Primary task, give its host the ability to grow and evolve in power as any other race. Secondary task, to grow and evolve with the owner as time goes(new update requests will be made accordingly to the rules).

» Item Name: Silver Whistle
» Item Type: Rare
» Used For: Offensive Attack
» Item Description: Dagger specially made with Hoshi in mind by his Sensei, this weapon can be used to channel his powers and abilities through it. Note of caution, if repeatedly charged with power matching Tier 3 or higher during a single post the dagger comes in risk of shattering from the pressure.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

VI. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: Hoshi felt truly depressed. Last time he felt such was back when possibility to turn into a Hollow loomed just around the corner. This time, though, he had no reason. Everything was as fine, as it always had been. Hiding from one corner to another. Keeping to himself, unseen, unheard. People saw him, but did not notice. There was no reason for the Plus to feel any of the sad, suffocating emotions he did now. Except...There were.

It wasn’t a war, just small battle between two groups that they saw. Hoshi, Maru and Maro had to sneak around a nest of Hollows and in that place they had to fight for their own life. Again. That was something he was tired of. Wars. Demons against other. Other against again others. Everyone fighting everyone. And him being a Plus that was happy to be one. It was one of those situations after which he asked why did he need to linger. Why death just couldn’t be the end.

Now the boy was sitting on a bench in the park, pouting, petting a white and ginger cat in his lap. The animal was purring, mentally letting him know they will be alright. Maru, who was chilling in some tree nearby, let him know how happy he was that the boy did exist. And usually it would be enough. Usually. Not today, though.

And then he saw the man. Man with a badge and a sword. Those who he had avoided for good 600 years if not more. 600 years spent in a blur of running and hiding. Well, maybe it was time to stop. Maybe he should just approach this man and finally see where they are sending all these soul he had seen disappearing. It for sure couldn’t be any worser then here, right?

Hoshi approached the Shinigami with a wide smile.


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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]

  • Willpower/Determination:Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

  • Comments/Notes:

    Sensory Manipulation- Change the cooldowns for mist form, focus on cooldown between uses, not how many times it can be used per post. Additionally, becoming intangible isn't something you should be doing many times a post, I would say keep it at one and reduce the cooldown between uses based on tier.

    Mist- Don't refer to the powerscale, that's meant to be an example of max output, not a common thing. Describe the area in detail. Also, what is meant by halfway intangible?

    Three- In what way does this modify other spells?

    Unknown Gem- I don't feel comfortable with the last sentence at all, explain in more detail how this would help in achieving wishes.

  • Tier: currently 4-5

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[adm]Moving this to WIP since the changes haven't been made yet.[/adm]

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