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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Hitsuyona Shizukesa [APPROVED; 3-5] Empty Hitsuyona Shizukesa [APPROVED; 3-5]

Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:09 am
Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Hitsuyōna shizukesa (必要な静けさ, Requisite Tranquility)
» Titles:Black Star
» Appearance Age: 21
» True Age: 437
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Onmitsukido[Seated Officer, Admin decide please]

» Appearance Description:Hitsuyona appears to maintain the look of a healthy individual. .Unlike the other Shinigami of the Gotei 13, Hitsuyona has a more customized outfit and appearance. He wears the standard Shinigami Shihakusho; however, this outfit is sleeveless. The shiakusho is opened down to his waist in a v like fashion, which reveals the tank top he wears underneath, accompanied by a white scarf that hangs around his neck. This unique outfit is topped off with a unknown white fabric wrapped from his forearms to his knuckles. Strangely enough, this exact same fabric is found accompanying the hilt of his dual zanpaktou.

Significant Features: Aside from his unique outfit and hair, Hitsuyona has a few distinguishing features. One would be a black outline of a five pointed star on his right shoulder. He also seems to lack any visible bodily hair apart from his '5 a clock shadow' style facial hair, eyebrows, lashes, and hairstyle. The man's hands are slightly smaller than normal for his general size, and his nails appear to have went unclipped for quite some time. His earlobes are attached, and has a fairly smaller nose than normal, much like that of an anime style character.

Movement, stance, etc.: Hitsuyona keeps a clean posture until he's comfortably away from the prying eyes of higher ranked individuals. He most usually keeps a stance that would allow instant or quick access to his weapon, or potential negation of whatever force may be coming his way. Beyond that he may slouch his stance to lean, or place his hands in pockets and/or on the hilt of his blade .As far as movement, his steps are as equally distanced and silent as possible. This would apply to even the most casual of walks, as he never knows what he may stumble upon along his way.

Spiritual Description: The 'spiritual' side of Hitsuyona is difficult to perceive when his emotions aren't being exhibited. It's a faint blue flame nearly flickering from existence itself. This reiatsu gives off a very subtle stench of copper, which is related to that of the deeds weighing on his very soul without retribution. These characteristics are often kept in check, but much like a flame fueled with gasoline, his vibrant aura can spread like wildfire when he becomes 'ignited'. Underlying the physical appearance and stench is the feeling of fear itself, much like one would feel in a 'fight or flight' situation. One wouldn't tremble in fear at his mere presence, but they would sense almost as if the very essence of such an emotion were flowing from its aura..

» Appearance Picture: Imagine this but with the above outfit differences.

I. Personality

» Personality:
Positive Traits:

Determined | "I welcome death should it befall me, can you say the same?" - Orders are absolute ,and judgement is righteous. Hitsuyona shares a mindset similar to this when given a task, a truly expendable soldier to the Soul Society. He will get the task done one way or another, even if his mind is filled with complaints for the task at hand. There has yet to be a task that he wouldn't commit to, but miracles do happen. He is bound to the cause so long as his eyes see it just, even when the cost may be difficult to grasp.

Observation | " Your words tell lies, but actions speak truth." - Hitsuyona is a very observant individual, a quality derived from a negative one that actually has useful purpose. Although he doesn't trust most people by nature, he has developed a skill by looking into what others wouldn't. He feels that words are unreliable coming from an unknown individual, while their facial expressions and other key features can easily give away their true intentions.

Neutral | "I've no reason to argue." - Hitsu is more neutral than anything. He simply has no argument personally in favor of something that doesn't personally involve himself. He is truly a good 'third opinion' on matters , as his opinion would derive from the actual pros and cons, as opposed to personal attachment to what may be gained for himself. He can't be 'pressured' into swaying in favor of one particular person ,lest it was his will to do so all along.

Negative Traits:

Unforgiving | "Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool me twice? Our blades do the talking." - Hitsu has difficulties forgiving actions taken against him, and holds quite the grudge. The only exception is the will of the soul society, which can still at times bring him unease. It honestly takes real attempts from the party that loses his trust in order to regain it, assuming he even let's the wrongdoers have the light of day.

Distrust | "If you want it done right, do it yourself" - He doesn't really trust people he doesn't know, and his trust in known people isn't always present. A real first impressions kind of guy for the most part. He does his best to forcefully trust judgement of others when it involves orders, but has his doubts at times.

Arrogance | "Long after the river runs dry, I shall remain, as I have will it to be" - One of the worst qualities he has is arrogance. He feels he has to make even himself believe that if he couldn't do it no one could. This sense of arrogance goes as far as to fuel his determination.

In closing |Much like fire would cease to exist without oxygen, his underlying qualities mix to strengthen one another. He wouldn't have his sense of determination without the seemingly necessary arrogance he has fueled throughout time, nor would his observation be so keen without his paranoia of others true intentions.

Overall :A known individual for the keenest of observation and persistence. His observing skills are strayed from his distrust in others, but specifically those he has not properly met or thoroughly examined. This often leads to Hitsuyona's first impressions deciding whether or not someone can be trusted. Once these first impressions have been altered, it would be difficult to sway him from his thoughts of someone. Some would label this as his way of being stubborn, and simple minded; however, it is his way of taking precautions in an already uncomfortable situation. Although he clearly displays qualities of an antisocial individual, he has the calm and clear mind of a Omnitsukidou member. He is just as subject to emotions as anyone else, even though he is capable of bottling up said feelings to do what he knows must be done.

His sense of self is very apparent in his belief of accomplishment. Over time he has honestly convinced himself to be capable of anything, given that proper training and preparations are made. This could very well be the result of a sudden lack of failure over time. Instead of being grateful for having succeeded in most challenges, the Shinigami took this foolish sense of self as a sign to constantly place himself in more difficult situations to conquer. Surely this fueled a fire from within himself, and brought about a true determination to grow stronger; however, this mission of improving himself has often came from a belief that he is merely better than others.

If any difficult decision making were brought forth, the first priority would be for those potentially in danger. Hitsuyona could put his pride aside in most cases, and take care of what orders may be given, although preferring not to kill anyone deemed innocent by his standards

Hitsuyona essentially believes his emotions to be an impenetrable fortress. The foundation of these emotions lies within himself, and those who have become important to him over the years. Their safety provides him with comfort, and seeing them in danger could most definitely alter his course of actions. This could even go so far as to alter and/or go against orders if it led to such a case. To him the upholding of respect, friendship, and promises are the true foundation of the soul society, much higher than any order or rules set forth to follow. He sees these rules as only an example, and feels as though all rules are meant to be broken if the importance of his personal wishes are strong enough.

He has a preference for short bladed weapons, as shown by unusually small zanpaktou. The preference of this weapon is closely tied to his style of fighting, which allows him to make use of preemptive strikes with deadly precision. His desire in going for the quick kill is often shown by his dislike of death. This is not to be confused with an enjoyment of fighting, as the two had completely different coinciding meanings to himself. Death is rarely sought for personal reason, aside from avenging a close comrade or friend.

Hitsuyona relies on more than his physical capabilities to carry out tasks, being more of a thinker than a brute. His strongest non-physical weapon is the art of deception. This was ironically picked up from his lack of trust in others, which made him wish to learn what it is people wanted to hear or think. He may purposely act more foolish than he truly is to sway people into giving away information they believe he couldn't utilize, or act as if he shares interests with an enemy to bring them closer and gain their trust.

» Likes:
Music| While not outwardly appearing to be much of a music type, Hitsu always enjoys a good tune to fill the silence, and even whistles from time to time while in solitude.

Peace | A man melded into such a warrior that appears emotionless, yet he strives for a true peace for his people. He has gladly welcomed the terrible actions and qualities needed in order to create a better world for his people. He is driven by thoughts of peace to do the unspeakable.

» Dislikes:
Silence | "Nature speaks, and I listen, it tells me unspeakable things that can never be forgotten ." - Aside from meditation, Hitsu greatly dislikes prolonged periods of silence, as they bring upon uncomfortable thoughts. He may at times seek out solutions like conversations with his zanpaktou, or whistling, etc. This derives from his prolonged stay within the 'nest'.

Spiders| Hitsu hates eight legged freaks, but not to the extent of having an irrational fear. He would go out of his way to avoid a web, or stop on one of the bastards though, and rues the day he fights anything of the arachnid nature.

Mental Disorders and conditions:

Depression | Something that many people exhibit in some form or fashion. Hitsuyona's actions throughout the years can at times take a toll, perhaps nightmares with prolonged effects, and constant weighing thoughts after committing acts he wishes he hadn't needed to. A quality many try to run from and not face head on, and he is no exception.

Disassociation |Although this is obviously something he can't control, he has found ways to help at times. Hitsuyona can at times disassociate from reality of the world around him, most specifically in times of prolonged silence or depressing thoughts, as a instinctive defensive mechanism.

I. History

» History:Kami Shizukesa was a renowned individual among the Soul Society, most specifically known for his combat capabilities and royalty among the Seireitei. He was once like any other Shinigami, working hard throughout the ranks. This however changed at the spark of a war with the Quincy. At the time, Kami was Vice Captain of the 13th division, and led into battle much like the others among him. At the age of 200, Kami fought within the Quincy's homeland, taking significant victories in battle. At the death of his captain, he would soon assume the role of captain himself. It was at this time his name soon came to be well known, as his strategies in battle were supreme. His skill in war, as well as efforts in aiding the Soul Society in times of need brought the family name to wealth, and royalty. Between deployments into battle, Kami had many children over several years.

Kami's most talented and looked upon child was Kami Shizukesa the 5th, who was likely to become his predecessor. He took after his father in joining the academy, ascending through with ease. Becoming part of the very division his father was in, he wished to soon join the battles. He however, did not gain the attention or respect he'd wished to obtain from his father. The 5th was rather jealous of this, and constantly forced into doing more without anything in return. Kami's son while successful, would seeminly never live up to the standards of his father. The royal son abandoned this hope to join the 2nd division instead, but would still try to please his father through achievements of his own. Before ever having had the chance, his father died in battle, and in a rage to become what his father was withholding him from, Kami the 5th killed any of those who could receive leadership of the royal family. In doing this, he had left many of the higher ranking seats within the two squads momentarily vacant, and a watchful eye among the Soul Society confronted him with an offer that he could not refuse. Out of spite his son organized an invasion into the Seireitei among the turmoil. This invasion while on a lesser scale, caused distractions allowing him the time to kill the remaining family he'd had left. His foolish actions were easily discovered, and the central 46 had him caught, and imprisoned within the maggots nest for near limitless life sentences. Along with this, they placed a seal among him, bearing a star. Each point of this star suppressed him in a different way. It denied him from being able to manifest reiryoku, it suppressed his reastu, denied him the use of his own reastu, along with other things he was still unaware of. They did this out of respect for the family name, instead of public execution.

After spending many years within the prison, Kami Shizukesa the 5th was granted permission to roam the inside of the facility freely. This was not an order to end his containment within, but rather a foolish mistake of an officer from within, who had been fooled into doing so by the deception of Kami himself. Taking use of his physical capabilities, he overcame the guards within, taking his own escape. He fled into the rukon distracts upon his escape. While in the security of the vast areas of this place, he was certain that Shinigami would be unable to find him, due to their foolish supresing of his curse. Without the ability to use zanpaktou, his expertise in combat through his sheer force waas enough to defend himself, and form an organization of his own. As a countermeasure in case of discovery, he had each of his members bear a tattoo much like his curse symbol. The group survived for many years, while Kami began to slowly rebuild his family in his own eyes. He called them the 'star clan' and wreaked havoc within the Rukon distracts, as well as the world of the living. During this time Kami Shizukesa had children, but only truly claimed Muriasa Shizukesa as his own.

An Unlikely Upbringing:

Hitsuyona is a pure born soul of the Rukongai, yet holds no true recollection of his birthright. He'd been left abandoned at such a young age that any memories he might of had were locked behind suppressed memories of a fearful child. He'd managed to survive either by pure luck, or through the sympathy of those who happened to stumble upon the frail shell of a boy. His first recallable memory is a fragmented moment of melancholy, related to an individual who came to visit him within an abandoned shack he'd occasionally sleep in. After initially stumbling upon him, the elderly man often brought him scraps from the daily bread they'd share back at home. However, one day came that this kind elderly man did not show, and this child did wait for days with no food. He eventually came to conclusion that he was dead of course, and went on to attempt fending for himself once more.

Misfortune and luck alike seemed to accompany Hitsuyona throughout his travels amongst Rukongai, yet they never seemed to show any sense of balance between the two. He never truly got to experience the meaning of being a 'child', as his days of youth were spent trying to survive in a world cruel to those without anything to give in return. This led him to be driven by more instinctual mannerisms than emotional throughout activities of daily life. Instead of going about playing with other healthy children he would rummage through the remains of trash cans for hopes of scraps. In truth he was actually confused by the emotional state of those who appeared to be his age, and resented how they seemed to lack any fear or real worries of day to day survival. They seemed as though they had only one care in the world; begrudgingly so, that he saw their pleasure as a form of torment. The one thing worse than these children were the parents who cared for them. They looked at him like a dying animal, and he couldn't stand it. Their eyes stared down upon him, and it felt as though they wished to end his misery. Hitsuyona's attitude towards their lackluster attempts to 'help' him merely drove away any chances he had at salvation from life as a street rat, as their attempts usually left him angered at the pity he felt was insulting. Begrudgingly the peoples attempts from town to town had been far too late to help the shatter shell of a boy who was forced to succumb to anger and resentment, having forfeited trust and hope for a better life in many ways. He'd simply take what was given and vanish to move elsewhere, however seldom such a gesture was given. More often than not though, mistreatment came to be given out. Once he'd reached an age where most kids start to show a real sense of personality, it seemed as though they also gained a sense of judgement. The chances of these children judging or harming him for what he was to them became painfully obvious the longer he stayed in one place. Others his age usually saw him as some peon ; rather, they saw him as less than that. Just because of how he acted to survive they would try to gang up on him from time to time, and a malnourished boy hardly had a chance at fighting to defend himself against a group. On the chance that he did defend himself though, it only came with the repercussions of a parents wrath coming to 'rescue' their loved ones.

Growing up in conditions like these caused Hitsuyona to form a barrier around himself. He never truly let anyone get close to himself, and kept to this even towards those with no ill will towards him. He would avoid confrontations with others, and learned that watching people closely gave him an understanding of how they act. After countless villages with both bullies and kind men and women, he could tell who was who based on their mannerisms. He used this to his advantage, and got whatever he could out of those that were foolish enough to contemplate helping him. However, as soon as the thought of any attachments appeared in his mind, he would run from them to avoid any more emotional pain coming from a failed relationship. This constant bottling of positive emotions to avoid harm indeed did more harm than good. The more he grew into a man, the more this unhealthy behavior took a toll on himself. Constant thoughts of what ifs and the like brought sadness to the surface of his mind, but he constantly tried to push away uncomfortable thoughts.

The Tides Turn:

During his day to day life Hitsuyona stumbled upon two specific individuals who seemed different from the rest; rather, they came to him as luck would have it. The two known as Ginjo and Selina came into a debt to a woman who let them bunk down in one of her places, as well as Hitsu. They agreed to help him in acquiring work to pay for their stay, but more so than that they taught him something very useful. These two went as far as to teach him about reiatsu and how to control it, which is something that began the path that Hitsuyona decided to take.

After his encounter with Ginjo, Hitsuyona wound up making a similar mistake as he did in the past. He chose to take what little they gave him before leaving as soon as he'd came. He decided that ths 'reiatsu' they'd spoke of could be of use to him though, and attempted to learn more about controlling it. This wasn't without difficulties though, and the struggle seemed immense. IT was like a door left open, and his presence constantly leaked outwards. The young man attempted to keep the essence of his reiatsu hidden at all times, much like his emotions.

Time would come when life on the road took its toll on his will to move onwards. Each day began to feel like the last, and he had grown weary of what his true existence was meant for. He was truly alone in this world, and had come to both regret and loath having missed all his chances at making friends or acquaintances. This constantly present thought chiseled away at his will to move on so much that thoughts of suicide became ever more desirable. He'd pleaded to whatever gods might be there to grace him with the presence of a partner that may ease these desires, yet to his demise did they not answer. The day came that he'd finally had enough, and so he did try to kill himself in cold blood. Right as he was about to take an attempt at his life he suddenly felt as if he'd frozen in time, even if it had been for a brief moment. In that moment he could hear a faint and distant whispering, and although he couldn't distinguish the words it was astonishing. Her voice echoed in the depths of his mind, and his inner spirit manifested on that night. Although he didn't hear the words, nor see their presence, he could feel something different within himself, and it gave him a glimmer of hope to go on even if for but a moment.

Hitsuyona eventually decided that simply living was no longer enough to move on, and vowed that he needed to work towards a goal to feel any sense of happiness. Over his years he'd seen that most people could not be trusted, but some were among that many that are worth the time of day. Essentially he had destroyed all chances of reconnecting of any of these people from the past, and needed only to keep moving forwards. With that in mind he needed a common goal among others to do so, and as such decided it was time to take a leap of faith for once in his life. The young man had heard many times from others about the Shinigami, and sought to finally learn more about their existence. He'd known that they have an academy for those strong enough to become one, and with that information chose to enlist.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back:

Hitsuyona was accepted into the academy rather quickly for a reason he hadn't personally known. They saw that he'd managed to manifest his weapon of his own free will, as opposed to being issued one upon enrollment into the academy. They quickly realized that he had potential, but lacked a great deal of talent. Hitsuyona's reiastu had grown a great deal compared to the average citizens over the years, while it was far from honed. After working with the man for a short time they began to notice that his spiritual capabilities exceeded any of his physical strengths, and pushed for his training to primarily be related to kido. He exceeded in this department, and with time hoho. His Zanjutsu on the other hand was far behind in comparison, yet still on par with the average students. As time came closer to his graduation they pressured him towards the kido corps, but he wasn't interested in the slightest. He had taken a profound interest in the onmitsukido and the way that they operated.

The deep rooted intentions of the Central 46 came to fruit days before the young man had made it to his day of graduation, and they ordered for his capture and detainment within the Maggots nest. Of course, this information had not been divulged to the unknowing offspring of a known criminal to the Soul Society, yet they had decided before his graduation that the Soul be placed under careful observation as a potential threat to the Soul Society. He was placed in an area that allowed himself to roam 'freely' among the other prisoners within due to being in a lower level security section, but this still eventually began to drive the man mad. IT became apparent rather quickly that the vast majority of its inhabitants had been here for an unspeakable amount of time, and had either said all there was to say with one another, or lost the will to even socially interact altogether.

Savior or Executioner?

After what felt like an eternity within the confinements of this prison he had begun to lose all sense of sanity, and found himself within solitary following several altercations with prisoners, and as the result of the suggestions of persons from multiple interviews.

Ages of solitude

After what seemed like an eternity within the confines of four prison walls Hitsuyona was finally released once more from the shackles that had since imbedded within the mind of the shattered soldier. The aftermath of an ongoing war called for the release of select individuals whose ‘threat’ weren’t outweighed by the dire need for reinforcements to a currently ongoing war that lasted a grand total of 70 years. It caught many off guard ;after all, the vast majority of existence had lived in peace for over a century.

Wages of war

Hitsuyona was vastly unprepared for the atrocities that soon followed his release, as he went on to face the forces of demons and hollow alike. It was during this time that he had to rely solely on his physical capabilities alongside the use of Kido to ensure his survival, as the imprisonment of nearly a century has deterred his bonding with his zanpaktou spirit. His lack of a bond with his asuichi however was low on the totem pole of regrets at this point in life though, as the weight of many a dead comrade and innocents took a much heavier toll on the man’s shoulders.


Following the end of the war Hitsuyona was granted immunity from his prior charges as a reward for commendable services, as well as granted permission to bypass the needs to retake graduation exams. Following the events that took place over the past few decades he’d taken it upon himself to join the Onmitsukido and join the Detention Unit; however, as a newfound guard as opposed to his prior incarceration. He knew the prison like the back of his hand after all, and knew all too well how to handle himself without he need for a zanpakutou. It was after the initial joining process that he decided to take his training in a new direction though. Hitsuyona began to spend the majority of his spare time in meditation, as an attempt to find the voice that had so long ago saved himself from death.

Current day

200 years felt like a decade after so many years of incarceration and intense war. Ironically it felt comforting for the first several years following such a long period of unmentionable events; yet, the pain of that period seemed to stick with him to some extent. The seasoned soul spent the majority of those first years focusing solely on self improvement as if to avoid the inevitable inner conflict that was soon to come, but I’d did eventual catch up to him. It wasn’t until after his obtaining of shikai that Hitsuyona began to truly form a sense of self that lead to drive him in his efforts to rise above and beyond within The Seireitei.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:
Spare Gigai
Jigokucho (Hell butterfly)
Chōkoku-ka (彫刻家, Carver)
Henka (変化, Changeling)

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:
Natural Abilities:
Shadowstep l Unlike it’s parent counterpart Shunpo, this stepping technique is entirely unique to Hitsuyona due to the particular zanpaktou he possesses. This technique works much like Shunpo by getting from point A to point b in as little steps as possible; however, it also applies more ‘steps’ to the techniques process, making a sub-category movement style. In this style of movement the user applies as much force as possible while simultaneously remaining completely silent in doing so. This process is more stressful to the body though, as it pushes the user to its limits by prioritizing the highest possible momentum while still maintaining accurate movements; thus, this style allows for extremely high speed movements along side high impact strikes. Generally speaking one could use this technique about half the time they could maintain high speed Shunpo movements, but the sacrifice would result in nearly half of its speed increased; although, this technique is essentially doubled both in benefits and drawbacks for hitsuyona in particular through use of his unreleased/released shadow related zanpaktou powers. He essentially follows the same patterns as others while also using his own shadow as a multiplier of his own actions. The use of this technique drains Hitsuyona twice as fast as Shunpo movements generally would.

Sensory Overload l Unending torture as a result of his childhood, incarceration, and nearly a century of war led him to the brink of death, but it left him with a singular mindset. He trusts no one unless they prove themselves to be trustworthy, and has learned to always be on the guard, which also means to be completely aware of his surroundings. Over the years his attention to detail became fairly versed in most aspects, leading him to pay very close attention to all his senses when taking in his surroundings.

Merciless tactics, daunting speed l Hitsuyonas struggle to survive throughout life alongside a series of life choices have forced him into a life within the shadows so to speak, and is a place he feels most comfortable. What he lacks in physical strength he makes up for with deceit speed and accuracy. Instead of honing his weaknesses in life he simply built upon them as a way to overlook his smaller stature. The results are his capability to reach astonishing speeds in attempts to exterminate foes with precise and deadly attacks.

Ho-Hou:[\b] Shunpo


Non Classified Kido
Ninja Art: Shadow Warrior

Hensōjutsu - Shichi Hō De

Tamashī no kara 魂の殻 (Soul Shell)

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name:Nise no Kage (偽の影, Deceitful Shadow)

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:She appears o stand around 5 feet, 11 inches tall;weighing in around 145 pounds. Her skin color is a lighter white,and she has black hair color accompanied by her brown eyes.The hair style shows two streaks of hair coming down on each side of her face, and a singly ponytail in the back. Around her neck is a black scarf, yet it remains completely entangled around her neck at all times, instead of hanging about her. She wears a white one piece attire, that comes down to slightly show her bust, and cut up to her right hip line allowing for easy maneuvering . -as stated by her to not show off her body- She also wears a sort of stalking on her right leg, though mysteriously she does not on the left. Also take note that on the white clothing, to her right side of the chest is the emblem of a gold star, closely resembling the curse mark that Hitsu has. She as well has a forearm guard, and black cloth covering the majority of her arms;and wears simple white boots.

» Inner World: Hitsuyona’s inner world greatly resembles Karakura Towns infrastructure in general; however, it would appear to be in ruins as an aftermath of a great catastrophe, namely as a result of the war that he participated in. It would appear as if the entire town remains engulfed by a dense fog and scattered flames accompanying the vaguely recognizable shadow of a town that it had once been. A full moon poorly illuminates the ground below and is hardly visible within the fog from a personal point of view. If one where to survey the landscape they would periodically find the occasional carcass of hollow and humanoids alike, alongside the seldom cries of agony from indeterminate locations.

» Zanpakutô Appearance:l Hitsuyona's zanpaktou's are dual Wakizashi blade's. The hilt of the blades are approximately 1/2 thick, while the dull of the blades are 1/4 thick. The blade itself comes to small curve. The zanpaktou have a thin white fabric wrapped around the hilt similar to tape, opposed to traditional wakizashi blades. Themysterious fabric can be unraveled from his forearms and attached to the blade to used as a ranged weapon. Their hilt is 7 inches in length, and the blade stretches out to an 18 inch length.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: Hitsuyona has the capability to manifest/manipulate his own personal shadow in a fashion that allows him to manipulate it Into a physical form. The fashion in which it can be manipulated is up to the users imagination, so long as it maintains the appearance of a humanoid.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Disperse

» Shikai Appearance: Upon release a large quantity of what would appear to be a dense Greyish black smoke disperses in a fifty meter area around Hitsuyona.
» Shikai Abilities:
Fog | The central source of Hitsuyonas powers in shikai come from the gaseous shadow fog it initially produces. Elements such as wind will Only partially or momentarily disperse the fog as it is constantly generated, and masks the presence of its user. This fog also doubles as a form of reiatsu surveillance allowing hitsuyona to easily sense and signatures within it including the forming of reiryoku.

Detection of Hitsuyona is done by comparing the opponents or allies mental deduction tier to the list below in terms of their ability to sense hitsuyona’s signature/Reiatsu. Keep in mind that they’re ability to see or hear would depend on how keen those senses of the particular person is, and if they have supernatural characteristic like animal senses.

Beginner - They are essentially a sitting duck in terms of the spiritual senses. They can only feel the presence of others within a ten meter range.

Adept- People of this level can somewhat see through his technique branching their range of detection to 20 meters.

Advanced- It’s at this point that the person would be capable of sensing up to 35 meters away, any levels above this would see completely through hitsuyonas tricks such as master or higher.

Shadow Manipulation| Hitsuyona can alter the state of matter his shadows are in while within ten meters of himself, and control their movements from up to fourty meters away. This allows for him to form a projectile near himself for later use, or the setting of traps etc. The nature of the shadows are reiryoku like in nature and specifically drain from his reiryoku reserves; meaning, it is similar in construct and use as Kido. The use of these shadows are however less exhausting to use than Kido of equal power.

Shadow ‘Power’ Scale follows same guidelines as Kido in terms of strength and drains his reserves as if ¾ the power of Kido strength.
Tier level:
4 Untrained: Capable of up to Kido 20

Tier Level: 3-5 to 3-1
Beginner: Capable of up to Kidō 30

Tier Level: 2-5 to 2-1
Adept: Capable of up to Kidō 50

Tier Level: 1-5 to 1-1
Advanced: Capable of up to Kidō 70

Tier Level: 0-5 to 0-1
Elite: Capable of up to Kido 90

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Bankai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Bankai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Bankai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Bankai?]

I. Shikokai

[NOTE: This form is restricted until 0-3, and is not usually granted upon approval. This is ONLY for pureblood Shinigami! Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Shikokai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikokai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikokai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Untrained
  • Hakuda: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: 001 l An Unlikely upbringing

A large arrangement of billowing white fills the skies as it covers the light of which once descended upon a building so rugged. The foundation of its entirety was feeble so that it appeared to slant and sway whenever the breeze commanded such. The very wood that made up the shack shown apparent signs of water damage from the bloated rotting wood holding its self upright, which was without a doubt seemingly soon to fall. Within this termite infested catastrophe there lies a child whom had come to call this place a 'home' of sorts. He, like the building, held a daunting image of a figure, which appeared to be on the brink of destruction. The boy's body showed extreme signs of starvation, and his hair looked almost as if they were straws upon a broom. Just from the appearance one would presume the child to be near immobile, but the child did move round the shack. The child's fickle figure easily exposed his ribs and skeletal structure in a number of places. In fact, the hunger that overwhelmed himself had become so strong that it rivaled the ravaging beasts that seldom plagues the Rukongai districts, so much so that he'd been on the verge of becoming a plus on a path to wickedness.

A soul that completely represented the wild endeavors of the vast forests that surround itself, which was what the boy had essentially became, that very instinctual animal hell bent on survival. Such survival as of recently consisted of a need for nutrients, and surprisingly this place had given him the most that was accessible in his current state. The boy wasn't capable of hunting any prey with his mal nourished body, and eating fruit of the forest had proven to be a rather risky decision. The last time he had chosen to do so left him sick for an extended period of time, which led him to find shelter in this very spot.

This shell of a child that remains would have appeared to be looking for something in particular, as his eyes scan the walls that surround himself. The half druping lids blink as he begins to walk towards a single wall, which was presumably what he'd been looking for even though no exact signs of clarification where shown. Upon reaching it he pulls back a loose plank to see a variety of crawling insects that mostly consist of termites and grubs. His blank expression remains while reaching the other hand into the amass of bugs to take back for consumption. The bitter taste no longer mattered, nor did the 'sensation' of the moving insects, in fact, he had even grown to endure the pain of their stings and bites while trying to eat them.

While he devours the unlikely meal it would become apparent that a visitor had come within earshot recently, but the exact nature of such a visit was completely unknown alongside its species. He could hear the approaching footsteps more clearly as they neared, and turns his insect juice covered face towards the now silloughette entering the doorway. The person would soon come to enter and be forced to gaze upon the barely living subject who now feasts on the most rugged of choices. The man that soon walks into such a sight appears to be elderly, and was presumably searching for a place to rest for a few moments before his travels home; however, such a sight left himself to feel obligated to approach the poor soul. Upon such an action the boy lifts his grips on the plank before retreating slowly to the corner of the single room shack while staring intently at the man who slowly makes his way towards him. "It's ok child, I am not here to hurt you."

The child didn't know how to respond and intently stares upon the man still looking as if he didn't want him to come any further. "Back.." A face of utter confusion comes from the elderly man as he takes a step back in order to oblige while devising a way to possibly help the boy that stood before him. After a brief moment he would reach into his pack to pull out a loaf a bread, which immediately catches the attention of this child. "I was saving it for the trip home, but you clearly need it more than I." He would extend the bread outwards in order for the child to accept this offer, but the boy still seemed reluctant to some extent. There was sliht moment taken as he eases from the corner to slowly approach. His hand extends outwards to snatch the bread before once again retreating to his corner. It wasn't long before he would sit down knawing away furiously at this food while the grown man stares awkwardly with a slight grin. He would once again attempt to approach, but it alerted the child who takes on defensive positioning once again, halting the process of eating his meal.


It has been weeks since this altercation, but the man didn't leave to never return. Even though he couldn't manage to get near the boy let alone help him in any physical way, he did manage to stop regularly with food and water. Over time the child began to open up to the idea of this elderly man, who revealed his name to be Gaiu, and revealed his own name to be Hitsuyona, which was given to him by his own accord. The boy mentioned that he chose to call himself this due to feeling 'necessary' to live no matter what. During these visits the man had managed to actually be near the boy enough to give him simple medical attention like bandages, and even teach him the basics of how to hunt small game. One day did however come that the man ceased appearing, which brought the childs small hope for humankind back down to menial levels. He was left with the conclusion that the old man died, and decided now that he was somewhat recovered he would have to leave this place before he could not longer muster the strength to be able to do so.

"Your very name is proof of the extraordinary accomplishments and essentialities you will one day achieve." - Gaiu to Hitsuyona the day before he vanished never to return.

The young soul wanders diligently along a dirt path somewhere between the 79th and 80th districts, which were most commonly referred to as both 'the slum districts', and also well known as 'the path of which few return'. His composure had slightly changed since his first days within the shack he had since abandoned. Now the child looked more like a healthy young man than a starved child, but he was still leaning towards a very thin physique. He seemed to walk as quietly as possible during his travels, although the path would appear to be vastly abandoned with few signs of previous tracks as of recently. This was due to an overwhelming sense of precaution that came from his abuse from both nature and man alike over the years.

Over time Hitsuyona had grown cold, even for a child. He had hopes to live out a simpler life than he had before, and aimed to move somewhere where he might be able to more easily obtain sustenance, or possibly even find more like that man if they somehow presented themselves in a right way. Little did that young boy know that he was slowly making his way farthest from where such a fate would be remotely possible, as the outer districts comprised of ones without law, and at times it seemed as if though their sense of right and wrong had become null.


"Hello? Do I need to repeat the question?"

Two men sit at a table across from one another within a cold damp room, which happens to be one that is somehow within the remains of what was once an abandoned cave. It's cold atmosphere caused the man who spoke to release visible breath that lightly fades as a teal haired individual looks up from the table his eyes were once set upon. The man staring into that of the question maker appears to be in a multiplitude of shackles while donning a solely white outfit. "That won't be necessary, I merely got lost in my train of thought while trying to recall an answer to your question. The memory can sometimes fade when you age a few hundred years." The latter of his statement had actually been false in this scenario due to the fact he was recalling events in grave detail. In either case, the prisoner raise his hands to rest upon the table whilst they jangle in his attempts to reposition himself. "I was abandoned at infancy for one reason or another, so trying to locate any of these 'shizukesa' that you claim myself to belong to will not occur through my medium, whether I bear their 'mark' or not."

The original questions where given several at a time, with a variety of which that revolved entirely on specifics involving a family name Shizukesa. The Central 46 believes he is an active member of such a clan though, so trying to claim anything but had so far proven to be persistently annoying. "Very well, then where did you spend your childhood, and who were your guardians, given you were a pure born soul you would have needed them to survive." Hitsuyona looks fairly annoyed with signs of such in his facial expression. His glare stares deep into the eyes of the man's, as he leans in more closely before halting when his reach of the chain had been met. "I was abandoned at infancy, and survived through the will of nature itself. I've no clue of my methods, or if I am the product of a string of multiple guilty souls that took me in for short periods of time. The earliest I recall is roaming a forest of limitless danger while somehow living long enough to find my next meal."

The interviewer seemed pleased enough with this answer, or at least felt that prying for something he might have assumed to be more truthful would be useless. He then flips to another page to view before continuing. He looks at the prisoner with a bit of judgement in his eyes, and mockingly asks his question. "You clearly knew more than enough before reaching the academy, please tell me, how did you learn to fight on your own, and what else might have you done during this time of your life?" The young soul leans back to release the straing of his bindings before letting out a sigh, and holds his hand up as if to signify he needed a moment. "Take as long as you need, so long as it doesn't take long."


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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: N/A
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Gotei Position

Just a small note, but the Gotei 13 from the manga doesn't exist here, it's been reformed into the Gotei United, and the Stealth Force is currently the Fifth Division, and the Onmitsukido is a separate branch of the Gotei (something you've already signed up for, but I just want to make a brief note of).


Natural Skills

Shadow Step: I don't see this noted in the description, but you should write that utilizing this will drain him of energy much faster than regular Hoho/Shunpo usage would.

Sensory Overload: Only issue I have with this is the following line:

"Hitsuyona uses a combination of sight sound and reiatsu sensory to gauge the intentions strength and possible counteractions of his allies and enemies alike."

No form of sensory abilities can probe someone to read these kinds of things. Remove this line.


Sealed Zanpakutô Power

I...genuinely can't figure out what you're trying to say from this. The Shikai form of this is actually better explained, but the base, I'm just not understanding what you're saying.



Appearance: Main issue with this is that it feels like you're describing a power, not the appearance. I feel that, if you removed the description that mixes with the fog power, it would flow a lot better, as it currently just feels like fluff.

Fog: A couple issues with this -- firstly, there needs to be a scale as to who can detect him in that fog, based on the Mental Deduction skill. Secondly, there needs to be a way to counteract it. Wind is something that would counter it heavily -- even if he were constantly generating it, as he likely wouldn't be able to keep generating it fast enough.

Shadow Manipulation: I feel that, if you're going to compare it to Kido, there should be a scale to how strong they can be, based on his own skill and tier. All of this can be found here:



So, for this, since you're wanting to join the Stealth Force/Onmitsukido, I wanted to show and recommend you add these to your app:

Kage-musha [Stealth Force Kido]
Shichi Hō De [Stealth Force Kido]
Soul Shell [Replacement for the Gigai]
Carver [Stealth Force Equipment]
Changeling [Allows Shihakusho Customization]
Gotei United Equipment Thread [Misc. Equipment for Gotei Members]

Furthermore, there are racial skills and equipment that you can C+P into your app from the Shinigami Racial Information thread:

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  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Tier: 3-5
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