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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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She Who Whispers Death, Øydis and Fenrir Årud JCRrxmK

» Name: Øydis Årud (Romanized as Eydis) is the given name of a Norwegian powerless human, based within the Kokuryuteshi controlled lands of China and Korea. The name is taken from the Norwegian word for "Goddess of good fortune" while Årud uses the Norwegian Å meaning river, while rud means "clearing." Though her base of operation is set within East Asia, Eydis keeps very strong cultural roots in her Scandinavian origins. For this reason, she also chose the Norse Mythological figure as a name for her "pet" Fenrir, who was a mythological wolf. Fenrir shares the surname "Årud" with Eydis.

»Epithet: She Who Whispers Death (Eydis), The Crimson Wolf (Fenrir), Death's Fangs (Fenrir).

»Race: Human (Eydis), Demon (Fenrir)

»Age: 35 (Eydis), 7000 (Fenrir)

»Gender: Female (both)

»Sexuality: Asexual (both)

»Eydis' Appearance:

She Who Whispers Death, Øydis and Fenrir Årud Integra

»Body type: Eydis' body type is rather slender, a lean body that stands quite tall, at around 6'2. Though she appears slender in her green tailored suit, underneath she sports quite a trained and strong physique, very defined muscles with the signs of someone who works out regularly. She is in incredible condition, and considered at perfect health for someone in her mid 30's. In total she weighs 75 kilograms, mostly muscle with her height being irregularly tall for most women she interacts with in China and other East Asian countries.

»Face, eyes and hair: Eydis' face is rather slender overall, but she sports a rather pointed chin but also sporting a strong jawline. From looking at her face alone, one could easily get an overwhelming sense of being a woman in charge. She has strong features atop of this, a very defined and pointed nose while her eyes are a deep blue. She has a very defined brow, and the way the bone curves her face often makes her look she's constantly soft-squinting. Her hair is rather long, a very bright blonde that almost breaks into white territory, running down to around breast height and the middle of her back. Parted in the middle, Eydis' hair keeps a solid parting down the middle of her hair, keeping majority of her face visible.

»Tattoos, piercings and markings: Though majority of her skin is free of any type of voluntary mutilation, she does have a single red tattoo on the back of her left hand. Under the gloves she wears, Edyis' sports a blood red tattoo that takes the shape of a bird with eagle-like wings spreading to the edges of her hand. They are filled in with a black inc while the red outline is etched across the detailed feathers.

»Irregularities and scars: Although surprising due to her perfectly clear skin across her face and neck, her lower body and just breasts seem to be covered in scars from all different sources. Stab marks, slashes from swords, tears with other types of weapons. This was the body of a battle hardened woman who had to go through hell to get to the point she is at now, and if it wasn't immediately obvious from her outfits and general physique, Eydis was always in charge. No matter the cost.

»Main outfit: Eydis has a rather professional appearance. Her main outfit consists of a dark coloured suit with very fine detailing, a deep green being the most prominent part. At her neck appears to be neck tie that is a deep blue, while a white button-up shirt is donned under the suit. She is almost always seen wearing glasses atop of this, thin rimmed but very prominent

»Fenrir's Appearance:

She Who Whispers Death, Øydis and Fenrir Årud Ca769f0eca812fcefee4f29cb005bb2b

» Body type: Fenrir is quite different in build to Eydis. Standing at 5'4, she is almost an entire foot smaller than her master. Her body is rather muscular, and in comparison has a much larger chest, with thicker legs and waist that grip tightly to her red-tinted skirt and shirt. Though short and muscular, she weighs 65kg in total. She still holds a healthy figure with quite long legs, appearing to be around 25 while being over 7000 years old. Her figure is quite attractive, although she never really pays attention to this or uses it to her advantage. She is a tool, and uses it to fight. Nothing more.

» Face, eyes and hair: Unlike her master, Fenrir sports a rather welcoming and calm looking visage. Her face holds a strong jawline that produces in a rounded shape, but her piercing red eyes hold a level of calm apathy. The softness of her cheeks and the delicately kept eyebrows make her appear as someone who is not battle hardened in the slightest, but it savage in her own right. The interesting part of her face is that her teeth seem to peak out over the bottom lip a little, and when she opens her mouth appears two decently sized fangs. Outside of facial features, her hair is a rather yellow-looking blonde, which seems to be slightly messy with a long fringe leading over one side of her face. Her right eye is commonly covered, and at it's roots appears to be entirely natural with no regrowth visible.

»Tattoos, piercings and markings: Outside of any normal irregularity, the only type of "tattoo" present on her body is placed directly on her back. It is a replica of the wide spread eagle wings present on the back of her master Eydis' left hand, signifying a seal that has been placed on her as a tool of her master. In this way, it acts similarly to a metaphorical leash. My using this, Eydis can physically control the actions of Fenrir by simply telling her to attack. If she wishes, it can be any action possible, but for the most part is limited to only attacks and lets Fenrir work freely alongside her otherwise.

»Irregularities and scars: Surprisingly free of scars, Fenrir's body is entirely clean of any markings or scars that would cause physical abnormalities. That being said, there is one giant abnormality that is immediately obvious just by looking at her body from the get go. Her gigantic, piercing red Za Koa filtered arm that takes the place of her normal arm. Almost like her left arm has been ripped off, the swirling energy of an arm has shown to take many different shapes and sizes. It is the most obvious thing about her appearance, and the first give away that she is a demon.

»Main outfit: Blood red is the initial thought upon seeing her outfit. Her shirt is tinted in a deep red hue while sporting the appearance of a standard police button up. Around her neck is a tightened red collar, and the skirt she sports is rather short but ripped to allow free movement of her legs. Up her legs themselves, she shows a ripped pair of crimson stockings that stop at around thigh-height. Her boots are similarly coloured red, military esque and entirely crimson in tone. It's almost like her entire outfit had been tinted with blood.

»Occupation/Affiliation: As a part of K-world, Eydis' is mostly known for her ability to battle and kill demons whom come into contact with her. Although she worked alongside demons during the alliance of Shadow Fall and Kokuryuteshi, the moment they renounced any friendship, she was immediately put to work. Although most people don't know she works for K-world, "She Who Whispers Death" has become quite a common nickname for her not only on Earth, but among Demon World as well. Fenrir, who is publicly known to be affiliated with her, has also received a nickname from the world: "The Butcher." Fenrir herself has no regrets or second thoughts about her choices, and embraces this title the more it strikes fear into demonic hearts.

»Residence: At the moment, they take up residence within Beijing, China. Specifically, their reason for being stationed there is entirely to do with Shadow Fall's prominence over Tibet. Due to Tibet being in close proximity to the border of Western China, they choose to be stationed in Kokuryuteshi facilities to combat that front. Though Beijing is eastern, the lightning-fast transportation systems allow for fast travel across the western mountain ranges of China. On the border, they are credited with leading a rebellion of militia and aim to eventually control and free Tibet of Shadow Fall's grasp, and allow them to lose a foothold in mainland China.


»Serious and blunt: The first thing someone will notice about Eydis, beyond her height and overall energy, is how straight to the point she is. No matter the situation, she is very realistic in her thought process. She doesn't sugar coat, and if she thinks something needs to be said, she won't shy away from it. Even in the face of Kin Iramasha himself, if she disagreed, she would call him out on his bullshit and throw another solution into the works. This goes double for her underlings, not only does she hold them to an extremely high regard, she will cut the bullshit and tell them whether they are truly good enough. As a joke, many people in K-world have dubbed her "The Unjoking", citing that if the day comes where she makes a joke, the world will truly end.

»Mocking: Especially when winning in a fight, or utilizing her control over a situation, her serious and blunt attitude is often given a hint of mockery. Though she is said to never joke, this will not stop her from completely tearing into someone for being pathetic, and meaning it in all sincerity. Though she is a hard nut to crack, she does know when to shut her mouth and not mock an opponent. She enjoys seeing an opponent completely outclassed and destroyed by Fenrir, but if the time came where she is outmatched, she knows her place. This also plays along well with her realistic outlook and often keeps her grounded in reality than letting herself get pig-headed.

»On-guard: Eydis is said to never let her guard down. Even when relaxing at home, her brilliant mind is always at play. To get a surprise attack onto her would seem like an impossible task, and given how she is so readily protected at a moments notice, it's hard to imagine that she would ever leave an opening in her defenses. She is fully aware that outside of battle, or stressful circumstance, people are the most vulnerable. In her mind, if she never lets that vulnerability show, she will never have the opportunity for someone to take advantage of it. Though it's tough for her to consistently be stressing about her personal safety and remain attentive, she is no stranger to this, and when she sleeps will often have Fenrir be the one guarding her instead.

»Tactical Mind: Although she is powerless in abilities, her ability to formulate complex strategies on the fly is said to be unmatched. Not only when commanding armies from a empirical stand point, but in the heat of battle, she is capable of relaying and switching up tactics to match the situation almost immediately. This makes her quite versatile as an opponent, and not only shows she can fight multiple opponents in multiple different ways, but also proves she will ALWAYS come prepared to a fight. There are so many variables available in the heat of battle that she is constantly looking for ways to shake it up, meaning she will always come equipped with different weapons and devices which throw a wrench into the works.

»Inner Turmoil: Although she does give off a very serious and controlling exterior, she is human after all. She not only suffers from an immense sense of guilty regarding past actions, especially regarding her upbringing, but she also struggles with personal thoughts of self worth. She doesn't question her decisions, but the way she goes about life is very matter of fact - there is an answer and she will find it. But the only elusive concept she hasn't found the answer for is her purpose, and she feels as if she's treading water, not moving forward or backward. Stagnant and stuck to fight the forces of Shadow Fall and the enemies of K-world eternally. One day, she hopes for true purpose.


»Aloof: Sometimes, as a side effect of the "tame", Fenrir is shown to be rather aloof and air-headed. Though she can speak and do normal actions, she often will appear as rather dim or silent as she is being pacified by the bond they have sealed. Though not always the case, often times she will trail off mid thought and lose her thought process as this aloof attitude begins to kick in and control her personality. When she is aloof, she will lose her train of thought and seem rather shut-off, and become somewhat reserved and quiet. It may only last for a few seconds or last for hours, but she will often be rather embarrassed as she usually forgets everything she was talking about prior to this. Often times she will be very annoyed about it, as every time her memory "resets" the past hour or so, she feels very out of place and vulnerable.

»Blood Hunger: Due to her nature as a "tamed beast", one of her most prominent traits in battle is her insatiable lust for the battle. When she is left to her own devices, she is normally rather docile. But when it comes back to defending her own master and herself, in the heat of battle she turns into a blood hungry animal that won't stop until her opponent is completely obliterated. If she is thrown into the middle of a fight, her own control is generally pretty limited as a result of the taming. If left unchecked by her master Eydis, Fenrir will go on a blood frenzy and fight everything friend or foe. Thusly, Eydis is a key part of Fenrir's combat style while tamed. The best way of thinking of this would be losing her self in the heat of battle, with one thing on her mind: destruction of the opponent.

»Self-hatred: A large part of her persona is dedicated around demon hunting, which is tied very deeply into her self hatred as an identity. Ever since she has been attached to Eydis as a partner, she has received a rather low self esteem and feels an immense amount of guilt being associated with that of demons. Partially a result of being controlled, Fenrir's guilt as a demon reaches beyond her self and projects onto others. This being said, it means she has a natural hatred for any other demon and will often question this motives and goals because she was also once like them. Although she is fully capable of understanding the nuances of demon personalities, she holds a deep bias towards her own race and wishes for them to do better: and those who refuse shall be purged from the world.

»Explosive personality: Although she can be aloof and blood hungry in battle, she has a rather vibrant and colourful personality outside of it. She is shown to be quite bright and somewhat upbeat, she will not look on the negative side unless provoked. Much like her owner, she has a realistic outlook on everything, but she will try to look at the positive before the worst outcome. Due to how well she is treated, she is also often quite happy to be along side Eydis off her own free will, rarely ever needing a reason to be physically controlled by her master. She will joke, play and even display friendships with many other people, despite many others seeing her as a pet and treating her as such.



» Indomitable Will: Eydis most amazing trait is her ability to hold the human trait of indomitable will. If there's one core strength that should never be underestimated, it's her strength of will both in and out of battle. The natural traits that allow her to constantly be in charge, constantly keeping a level head and controlling the battlefield - it all falls down onto her ability to never snap and break under pressure. Though she is powerless herself, a being that tries to fight her mentality will often find themselves at a loss. She is trained for years on end, brought through hell and back to strengthen her will to a point of absolution. If she cannot withstand the absolute worst of mentalities, attacks and situations: how can she expect her subordinates to do so?

» Weapons and tech master: Being powerless as she is, one of the first things that Eydis learned was how to defend herself with a wide array of weaponry. While mostly skilled in the usage of pistols and guns at large, she is trained with a wide array of weaponry and will call upon all manner of K-world weapons including swords, shields, spears and everything uniquely empowered by Aether energy from the borders of K-world. She realised at an early age she is extremely vulnerable, and that the world would only grow scarier. Since majority of her country and origins had been obliterated, as a Norweigen woman, she felt a need to protect and uphold her own strength and grow her nation under the guise of a strong nation like K-world, no matter the cost.

» Photographic Memory: Possibly her strongest asset when assisting in strategical movements, Eydis has shown to have a photographic memory that will remember virtually anything her eyes lay upon. As a result, she is a perfect encyclopedia for knowledge, once she has visualized it, she will always remember it.

» Fast Thinker: As mentioned, she is always on her toes. This fast thinker trait allows her to not only come up with strategies and theories on the fly outside of combat, but gives her a distinct advantage even without needing any cybernetic enhancements. If given the opportunity, she has shown to completely outwit opponents within seconds due to two main reasons: recklessness and inability to strategize. Though she is powerless, she has powerful tools, and as a genius she knows how to utilize them all to their maximum potential.


» Blood of the Demon God: Even prior to her enslavement as a tool of Eydis, Fenrir's most remarkable trait was her passive ability "Blood of the Demon God." If she is in combat, and that blood hunger is pumping through her veins, she has a natural ability that amplifies the Za Koa coursing through her veins. It entangles with her blood, and her body is visibly glowing with a red and black energy, not just from her left arm. Her eyes turn a blood red and a very visible anger is crossing her face. By the time this personality kicks in, the blood of the demon god activates and hardens her skin to a point of near impenetrability by conventional means. Through wild slashes and heavy blows, she can take blunt force damage and still receives slashes and gashes, but if there isn't enough force in a lack luster strike, she has shown to straight up shrug off many attacks. She is a walking tank in this regard, and the moment she is in combat mode her passive ability activates.

Just as it makes her a tank, her left arm is shown to become much more wild and can grow much larger. As it is an extension of herself via Za Koa, her left arm not only has the natural strength or her right arm, but is amplified to a point of pure energy - making simple punches enforced with an incredible energy unlike before. Where as brute strength might previously be involved, it takes all the Za Koa in her body and forces it into her demonic arm. This has been shown to shatter seki-seki stone on occasion, and completely obliterate shields, weaponry and other defenses with multiple combos.

» Demon Veins: Demonic power courses through her veins, meaning that when she is cut, or any form of blood gets onto something of angelic presence, Fenrir's blood will eat away at it like acidity. Like many interactions between angelic and demonic forces, they will often eat and destroy each other. Just as it can cause immense pain to her, blood from her will do the same.

» Physical Prowess: Her physical strength is nothing to gawk at, and given her demonic blood traits, powerful kicks and punches are capable of ripping open flesh and tearing open seemingly impossible objects. Although she looks innocent and small, many people will often mistake her for having weaker physical strength - meaning she will often surprise them when she lifts incredibly heavy items on her own, and completely rips apart opponents with her bear hands.

» Fast Thinker: As mentioned, she is always on her toes. This fast thinker trait allows her to not only come up with strategies and theories on the fly outside of combat, but gives her a distinct advantage even without needing any cybernetic enhancements. If given the opportunity, she has shown to completely outwit opponents within seconds due to two main reasons: recklessness and inability to strategize. Though she is powerless, she has powerful tools, and as a genius she knows how to utilize them all to their maximum potential.


She Who Whispers Death, Øydis and Fenrir Årud Ap8OoJO

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