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 Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED]

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Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED] QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Henrex Astillon
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Sealed Zanpakuto Powers

Zanpakutō Manipulation: This is one of Henrex's main powers in terms of usage. With such a strong connection to his Zanpakuto, as well as the main part of his kit once again being versatility, Henrex has gained the ability to manipulate his Zanpakuto at will. From the shape, size, or even the properties, there is little limit to what he can do with his Zanpakuto. This process is usually instantaneous, or damn close to it -- as it also takes very little energy to pull off in general, including the various applications of it. When it comes to changing the shape, size, and other various parts of his Zanpakuto, the length of which they last in that state is indefinite, as Henrex does not have a limit to how long his Zanpakuto lasts in those conditions. However, the properties of his Zanpakuto are another story entirely. When it comes to matters such as those, they usually last around five to seven posts and have a three post cooldown.

  • Zanpakuto Manifestation: With the traits that Raiu expresses towards his owner, as well as the immense willpower that said man possesses, it isn't hard to see that the two have a powerful bond with one another. While this is something that is rather common between a Zanpakuto Spirit and owner, their bond is one that allows for Henrex to manifest his Zanpakuto Spirit on a level much farther than what the acquisition of Bankai entails. Rather than only him being able to see his spirit, there is virtually no restriction to Raiu in this state, as he is free to move around and interact with someone else as he pleases, acting as a separate entity from Henrex himself and allowing him to aid in combat, should the time ever arise.

Storm Manipulation: At the core of his Zanpakuto, the power of storms is the most notable power in Henrex's arsenal. In the simplest of terms, this allows Henrex to create both storms itself, as well as create and manipulate the aspects entailed alongside it. The first thing that should be noted is that the "creation" of storms is, in all actuality, manipulation of the weather. By tapping into his energy reserves, he can use a portion of his energy in order to influence the weather and create any variety of what could classify as a "storm". Though, this mostly leads to the most basic type: a thunderstorm.

But, this power goes much deeper. To branch off into the "abilities" of his Zanpakuto, they are appropriately the three elements that are most primarily seen within a storm: lightning, air, and water. While most of the techniques of his Zanpakuto are made of separate elements, it is rather easy for him to use this influence in order to mix these elements to achieve a variety of results. For example, he could mix the elements of water and lightning into a single attack in order to cause a much greater amount of damage that these attacks would have caused on their own.

So, breaking them apart, there is lightning. Lightning is, without a doubt, the strongest element that Henrex has access to, and is the most refined out of all of his abilities and techniques. Thus, it is the most potent element that he is able to use, allowing him access to any and all forms of electricity (outside of other characters), something that gives him an immense amount of versatility and destructive potential, which has caused him to create a variety of techniques, that of which he has refined over the course of his time since unlocking the true nature of his Zanpakuto.

The next element would be none other than air. While drastically less versatile than his control lightning, it is still quite powerful. In summary, Henrex's skill over air manipulation is high, but still rather weak. He is capable of controlling the air in a two-mile radius around him and using this power in order to create powerful attacks with immense cutting power. However, the main weakness of this is the lack of much, if any defensive options. Therefore, most of the uses of this element is tailored to either heavy offense or brief utility.

The final element that he has access to would be water, which is his weakest overall. While he does have the potential to create high-pressure water-based attacks with this, there usually isn't much of anything that stands out, as it's also one of the least used elements that he possesses. Overall, he is capable of moderate-scale attacks with basic levels of manipulation, but outside of altering the shape, mixing it with attacks, or altering the water's pressure, there really isn't much else to this.


Storm Kata: As swordsmanship has always been a part of his life, Storm Kata exists to reflect this. As his Zanpakuto always takes some form of a sword, no matter the state he is in, it wasn't hard for him to utilize the control and skill over his Zanpakuto's powers in order to create a sword style specializes around it. To begin things, it should be noted that Storm Kata does not have a singular stance. Rather, there are three stances, each with their own different forms, footwork, and overall movements that they possess that make them different than the others along with allowing Henrex to fully utilize the aspects of his Zanpakuto.

The first stance is Crashing Wave, a style that is focused wholly on defense and perseverance. Taking the base stance of standing straight with the legs slightly spread, with the sword held with two hands, high in front of the user. Through this, the user would be capable of moving the sword in brief, quick movements in order to deflect incoming attacks, whether from blade or blast. However, due to the emphasis on defense and outlasting opponents, it is wise to have practiced multiple sword styles, as to be able to switch onto the offensive, should the time call for it, as the footwork and formation of Crashing Wave prevent one from making much if any offensive attempts.

With the influence of his Zanpakuto, Henrex is able to use this style alongside his base power of small-scale water manipulation in order to put even further emphasis on this defensive playstyle. By generating water along the blade of his sword, he can use this in order to slow down or potentially completely halt the momentum of another's blade. Another example would be using this same base water generation in order to create a brief, small shield roughly an inch thick in front of him, allowing him to weaken an attack in front of him by a very, very small margin -- not enough to cause any significant difference, but enough to potentially prevent the worst of effects.

The next stance would be Grounded Thunder, a style that vastly different from the previous one, as it almost completely forgoes defense in exchange for a very fast and powerful offense. With a single-handed grip and the user positioned with footwork and a stance very reminiscent of modern-day fencing, the main core of this style is quick, yet powerful strikes with equally swift movements. This can vary from wide, circular swings to sudden, abrupt stabs. All of which ties into another one of the cores of this style. When it comes to Grounded Thunder, there are no direct defensive techniques that are or can be applied to this, as it is simply not suited for it.

The defense of this style can be surmised into the fact that a user of this style is capable of defending themselves with the constant, incessant attack that the core basis of this style embodies. Furthermore, as stated in the name, another part of this style would be the fact that evasion is entirely on the ground. Side-steps, backsteps, any of these forms of movement (including racial movement techniques) would fall into the prime form of evasion and countering of this style. Thus, it is a very close-range and quick style, one that aims at giving an opponent no time to rest in between attacks, and seeking to overpower them with an incessant barrage.

So, when it comes to Henrex's usage of this, similarly to Crashing Wave, he can utilize one of the elements of his Zanpakuto, this time, lightning, in order to emphasize pure power. An example of this would be channeling lightning through his arms in order to increase his reaction time, allowing him to make faster slashes and strikes, while also retaining the power of his weapon. Furthermore, another example could be channeling lightning along the blade of his weapon in order to increase his cutting power and create even more powerful attacks.

The third and final style would be Gentle Breeze, using air and wind as a way of mixing the two previous styles together to form a style of moderation and versatility. Spreading the feet, placing the dominant leg forward and raising the sword moderately high above their head forms the basic stance for the Gentle Breeze style. This allows a user to possess both offensive and defensive elements to their stance, as well as allowing them to switch between the two at a moment's notice if the situation calls for it.

While neither form is particularly better than the other, and both are weaker than the two previous styles that specialize in their respective forms of combat, the amount of versatility between the two more than makes up for the weakness. Ergo, it should be noted that there really isn't a whole lot that is unique with the Gentle Breeze style in its base format. All that can be said is that it mimics the functions of Crashing Wave and Grounded Thunder, only slightly less potent. However, when it comes to Henrex's Zanpakuto, there is a much larger room for creativity.

By controlling the air around him, he is able to have a ranged option by releasing airwaves at an opponent, each containing moderate cutting power and allowing for, at the very least, a small portion of creativity. Furthermore, another application of this would be utilizing the air in a defensive matter, by creating a wind current around him and using it to counteract an attack by equalizing or overpowering the momentum of the opponent, negating the strike or possibly even repelling it back toward them.

Karada kaminari (体雷, Bodily Thunder): As lightning is the most common element to think of when it comes to speed, this ability is no exception. By gathering lightning energy and charging his body with it, Henrex is able to heighten his speed by overcharging his muscles. This allows him to move and attack at much faster speeds than before, as well as allowing him to react much faster than before. All of this combined makes him a much more devastating force in battle, as this allows him to reach even greater levels of Mach speed than before and close most distances in a matter of seconds.

However, this does not just extend to just his speed. As a result of the lightning that courses through him when this ability is active, this also allows all of his lightning-based attacks to come out much faster. This is due to the immensely increased energy summoning that he has whenever this is active, as he can use this as a means to quickly use an electrical attack, though this is something that will shorten the time of this ability by a post, of which is roughly around four to five posts and has a three post cooldown.

Hiraishin (避雷針, Lightning Rod): As his strongest element, it's only natural that he would develop a resistance to it. Thus, because of his natural ability to control the element of lightning, Henrex's is capable of utilizing this passive ability in order to counteract most lightning-based attacks, as whenever lightning should come into contact with his body, rather than taking damage, his body will absorb the power from the blast and mitigate/negate some of the damage that he would have taken. So, it should be noted that roughly 50% of the damage of all lightning-based attacks will be just flat-out not affect him.

However, this does not grant him a total immunity to lightning-based powers. Again, all this does is mitigate and negate the damage of these types of abilities in order to reflect and signify the resistance that he has built up to the element over the years. Furthermore, another note that should be made would be that this passive ability does not empower any of his existing attacks or give him energy as a result of this. This merely gives him a powerful resistance to his strongest and most prominent element.

Kamikaze (神風, Wind of the Gods): Kamikaze is an ability meant to encompass the creativity and broad nature of the base power of wind manipulation. Through this, Henrex can access a plethora of different ways to utilize this, with the most common form of this being a form of telekinesis. By controlling the air around objects, he can lift an object up to the limit of his physical strength. Furthermore, this is also something that he can use similarly to his other abilities revolving around the stat he specializes in: speed.

By reducing his own wind resistance and utilizing pressurized air to propel himself forward, Henrex can create brief, massive bursts of speed in order to drastically increase his movement speed. By performing this in even shorter bursts, he can use this to isolate the application and create bursts of movement speed for a single limb, allowing him to conserve energy. However, this is not something that only has utility usage.

By altering the properties of the air, Henrex can also use this for offensive purposes, creating blasts of air, or sharp, cutting waves, their strength also being reflected by his own physical strength. But, while this does have a lot of creativity and power, this does have two major drawbacks. The first is that one of the most important drawbacks to note would be the lack of ability to use this power in any form of defense.

It is either used for extreme offense or subtle utility. The final drawback would be that any and all forms of these applications, both offensive and utility, can only be used for around two to three posts at a time, before going on a three post cooldown.

Resolute Strike: Resolute Strike is an ability meant to be passed down to Henrex after Erna's training. As her intent is to make him focus on higher quality attacks with less need for spreading himself thin with a million lesser potent attacks. Therefore, Resolute Strike is going to be fueled by both his willpower and energy as a high 0 tier. Since it allows him to utilize his electricity to cut through the bonds of attacks when he can gather, pinpoint and make a concise effort to attack an opponent or assault heading his way.

To give a proper illustration of how it works in combat: say that an opponent produced an attack that manipulated reality by blocking the ability to teleport within a radius of a city block. By focusing in on the element he wishes to attack, Henrex can channel that vision into his mind, infuse it into his lightning and attempt to enforce his will in a concise attack aimed at the general vicinity to try and cut through the particles of energy which produced this effect. In turn, with Resolute Strike, he could then attempt to cancel out the ability to break through it.


  • Application Usage: It is often recommended that Henrex focuses Resolute Strike into one or two applications per post. The reason for this is while it may not take away the amount of volume from within at a rapid rate, it can take away the potency as the whole aim of the technique is to allow him to have higher quality attacks. Repeating this in rapid succession will take away that potency and potentially make future attacks weaker if spammed. Thus, reinforcing him making more critical thoughts when it comes to his plan of attack in battle.

  • Not Absolute: While this ability greatly increases his chances of canceling out attacks with his lightning, it is by no means absolute. It is possible to have draws where only half of the effect was nulled, while the other goes through. An example of this is if he fired it off a cero released by a Primera Espada. If the lightning hit, but it only vaporized half of the blast, he'd still get hit by the other chunk left at half potency. Additionally, with a high enough magic-user, they could create potent barriers to shield themselves, or the opponent could just straight-up move out the way or have other objects in the area around them take the damage. Which is the risk of this ability, as there is no telling if it will pay off.

  • Focus: If his focus is broken, as to will the lightning break and harm. Henrex needs to know what his objective is for using Resolute Strike to channel that into his energy and control it with the utmost of will because of the tremendous volume of the will being infused in his blast to distort the reality around him. So if there is no focus, there is no attack.

Tenkoku (天刻, Heaven Cutter): One of the most basic applications that Henrex can perform with his control over electricity. By manipulating existing electricity, or by creating it through his own spiritual energy, Tenkoku takes the form of a blade of lightning on either the blade of his hand or originating from his hand. Regardless of the medium, this grants him drastically increased cutting power, allowing him to cut through a good majority of physical objects without much issue. However, when it comes to spiritual objects, it often takes either a great deal of strength or infusing a further amount of energy in order to cut through these, should he even have enough energy to counteract it in the first place. This lasts around two posts and has two post cooldown.

Kazakiri (風切り, Wind Cutter): Utilizing the air in a similar fashion to his Tenkoku technique, this allows for Henrex to freely and actively manipulate the air in a half-mile radius with his sword as a medium, therefore making this technique much more powerful, due to it being originated from his Zanpakuto and for his Zanpakuto. By inserting his energy into the air around him, Henrex can use this in order to create a variety of air-based attacks originating from his sword. This could be simple sub-applications, such as a single air blade from a swing of his sword, or a piercing spear-like attack from a thrust. This could also be used to create another similarity with Tenkoku, coating the blade of his sword in the air and force it to spin around the blade rapidly in order to increase the sharpness and potentially increase the range, with this effect lasting for two posts and having a three post cooldown.

Shikai Abilities & Techniques

Crash down, Raiu: The initial ability that unlocks whenever Henrex releases his Shikai, this is something that, rather than expanding on the scale of his base manipulation powers, is something that heightens the destructive scale that his abilities were able to reach before, adds new abilities, and enhances his previous powers, heightening their destructive potency as well. Upon release, the first passive ability would be the increase in cutting power, allowing him to access Tenkoku's level of power naturally, as well as allowing him to augment this with the aforementioned ability.

Secondly, as mentioned before, this causes a moderate power boost to Henrex as a whole, allowing him to reach higher levels of destruction, as well as augmenting his sealed powers in order to also reach these feats. However, the only ability that gains any form of direct alteration would be Hirashin. Previously, this would only allow up to 50% of negating the power of lightning-based attacks. In Shikai, this number is now increased to 75%, allowing him to take even less damage from most lightning-based attacks.

Another new passive effect is Internal Conduit, an effect that creates a constant electrical current through his body, on a slightly lower scale than his sealed technique Bodily Thunder, as this also boosts his speed. However, differing from Bodily Thunder -- while it still increases all forms of speed, albeit passively now -- the main focus of Internal Conduit is to use the electric current to empower his muscles and nerves, allowing him a much higher reaction time, rather than movement and attack speed.

Thus, while he can still reach incredible feats of speed, it is not as all-rounded as the aforementioned technique. While there is the choice to stack these two boosts onto one another, allowing for a higher boost of speed overall, and even higher than before, this is causing his body to tire much quicker than before, burning energy at a much faster rate, leaving him with the limit of only doing this around three times in a thread, with a three post-interval between these bursts of speed, and only lasting around one to two posts.

Gathering Storm: As his release allows, as well as demands him to create and use high-scale and destructive attacks, this one of the first abilities that combine the base elements that he controls in order to create a singular, powerful, and very destructive tornado. By combining lightning, water, and (rather obviously) air, Henrex can create a massive whirlwind of all of these elements, creating a funnel cloud of utter destruction, capable of leveling entire cities if it goes on for long enough. Furthermore, environmental destruction isn't the only potential this ability has, as Henrex can also cause this twister to detonate, allowing him to create a massive burst of force, but at the cost of him only being able to use it a single time, before waiting for four posts in order to use it again.

Raitoningu ten'nō yoroi (ライトニング天皇鎧, Lightning Emperor Armor): While Henrex's main physical weakness is the lack of any drastic defense to his body, he does have methods to make up for that. By releasing spiritual energy around himself in the form of an aura, as well as a blue outline around himself, this allows his spiritual energy to harden and act as armor. This allows him to take more punishing attacks than he did before without having to lose a limb or have to be forced to push his regeneration too far. Thus, it should be noted that this ability slightly affects his Durability through its activation.

Now, while this doesn't give him a direct boost in skill level, it does allow him to block and defend against, physically, more dangerous feats than what his current level of Durability would allow him to. For example, at Advanced, this would allow him to be able to take several stab wounds, as well as moderate-level projectiles or energy blasts with moderate to little damage. However, continuous assault on this aura of defense will eventually cause it to shatter, forcing it into an even longer cooldown state from the base of three posts to six posts, lasting around four posts in general before dissipating when it's not destroyed.

Rairyū (雷竜, Lightning Dragon): After the fight with Erna in the Demon World, Henrex was able to fully adjust himself to singular investments in his attacks, and this technique, along with Resolute Strike, became the end result. As per the ability to control and freely manipulate lightning, Rairyu is an attack that can only be used when the power for it is focused solely on it. It is a lightning bolt that generates from the blade of Henrex's sword, taking advantage of the massive amount of lightning that the blade produces. Firing off a lightning bolt in the shape of a dragon, this crashes into and destroys anything in its path -- metaphorically, of course. But, it does go to show the amount of power stored in this single attack. However, this is something that has a limit of three uses in a post and having to wait for three before being able to use it again.

Mizuryū (水竜, Water Dragon): Like Rairyu, this is another technique that was created after the fight with Erna in the Demon World, allowing him to isolate the destructive power of his elements in separate, singular attacks. Thus, as the name suggests, this concentrates a large amount of scalding, high-pressure water onto his sword that takes the shape of a colossal water dragon. This attack can be released toward an opponent to cause severe burns, as well as being able to potentially cut off entire limbs or cut through most other physical materials with ease. Finally, this also shares the same post limit and cooldown as the aforementioned technique, with three posts at a time before going on a three post cooldown.

Kazeryū (風竜, Wind Dragon): As with the previous two techniques, Kazeryu is comprised of none other than Henrex's third element, wind, and air. Thus, by isolating his focus into this, it allows him to channel the air and wind around him to himself and his sword, creating a colossal cyclone dragon out of super-heated air, of which is moving at rapid speeds and allows for the air to have the potential to cut and burn skin, muscle, and potentially even damaging the nerves in the body, granting this a great deal of potential when it comes to both damage to a person, as well as the environment around him, as these winds and waters have equal, if not greater destructive potential. However, like the last two, this does have a post limit of three posts and a cooldown of three posts.

Torrential Hurricane: By combining his available elements together, Henrex can create powerful and destructive attacks, one of these being the ability to combine water and wind. By creating mixing these two elements together, he can create a powerful twister made of both water and wind. Furthermore, with a large amount of power behind this combination, it's possible for the waters and wind to cut through up to Advanced level defenses with little issue, with the downside of being able to use this three times before going on a three post cooldown.

Arashi Nami (嵐波, Storm Wave): Similarly to his other abilities, this primarily is concentrated on his sword. By generating energy along the blade, he can tap into the influence of his base power over storms in order to swing his sword and create an elemental wave of varying size, properties, and effects, depending on the amount of energy placed into the attack. For example, should he create a lightning wave, it is likely to create a brief sense of numbness and instability in the body, causing an opponent's Focus to lower a level for two posts, while still maintaining the immense cutting potential as Tenkoku.

However, should he decide to use wind for this, it becomes much simpler, as it has no other effects outside of incredulous cutting power, even greater than a lightning wave, capable of cutting through Advanced level spiritual defenses with minimal difficulty, while still being capable of cutting through most physical material without much difficulty either. However, when it comes to using water, there isn't much that makes it stand out.

This leaves the water as (mostly) an additive for the technique itself, to create a conduction point for his electrical attacks and increase their damage and overall power. However, it should be noted that the water from these waves on their own is also capable of acting as weapons, with high enough water pressure to cut through steel. Henrex can fire off around ten of these waves at a time, before waiting for two posts as a cooldown.

Wild Storm: As Henrex releases his Shikai, one of the main attributes that come with the release would be the enhancement of former abilities. Branching off from the base form of Storm Kata's "Grounded Thunder" style, the escalating nature of his Zanpakuto has created a new style, Wild Storm. At its core, this is meant to embody and focus solely on that form of the base style. In order to do so, this style forces the aspects of Grounded Thunder into overdrive. Again, it completely forgoes defense in order to devote everything to a powerful offense.

When it comes to the base footwork of the style, it very lightly mimics Grounded Thunder. This is also true for the base stance of Wild Storm, mimicking fencing. However, what differentiates the two would be the wild flurry of movements that the main kata of this style pertains to. Each and every strike flares with lightning and is wholly unpredictable, as there isn't any real rhyme or rhythm to the way that his sword is swung with this style.

As for general movement and footwork, it too shares the wild and chaotic nature of the style, as Henrex's footwork is hardly ever the same for a long period of time, as it is constantly shifting and moving. Again, taken from the original sub-style, this can include a variety of different actions in order to keep himself unpredictable and keep moving. Whether it be jumping and flipping, or simply moving around an enemy, this is meant to keep his enemy on their toes, as well as forcing them to expend physical energy in order defend themselves, lest they risk a lethal attack.

Whirlpool Bolt: This is another one of his combination abilities. By creating a large water tornado along the blade of his sword and firing at an opponent, Henrex can use this in order to mix in lightning with the water, using the wetness as a conduction point for this attack, as well as drastically increasing the damage that an enemy would take. Furthermore, with his control over the two elements, Henrex can alter the properties of the water in order to soak the enemy with highly pressurized water in order to cause even more damage to the opponent. However, as a drawback, this can only be used three times a post, and if he uses two in the span of a post, he would need to wait for a post before releasing another, and enacting on a three post cooldown.

Bankai Abilities & Techniques

Strike, Shiro Rakurai: Upon the release of Henrex's Bankai, there are a number of things that are enhanced and changed as a result, the first of which is the general increase of power and the passive effects behind that. Firstly, this allows him to reach even higher levels of destructive potency with his abilities, empowering all previous abilities to almost double their original power. Furthermore, something else that changed would be the general nature of Henrex's powers as a whole. While his Sealed state and Shikai were focused on the concept of storms and gradual increase in the destructive scale of his powers, his Bankai goes a step further.

Upon release, Henrex gains access to a number of new abilities, the most notable being Natural Disaster Manipulation, taking these elements and their destructive potency and making emphasis on the almost worldly influence that his power is capable of reaching. As the name suggests, this allows him to casually create varying disasters such as blizzards, tornadoes, and even hurricanes, granting him a very wide variety of different forms of attack, as well as having a very large area of destruction naturally.

However, these are very heavily restricted in the sense that he has to use a large amount of energy in order to create these without any base source, ala using energy to create them from nowhere. For example, should he walk into an area where a natural disaster like a flood, hurricane or tornado is already occurring, it becomes much easier and a lot more conserving on his energy to insert a small portion of his energy into said disaster/storm and control it, as opposed to creating one, which would take more time and energy. However, not every disaster and storm is created equal. Thus, when it comes to tornadoes, it becomes much easier to create one due to the ever-present nature of wind and air in the atmosphere, while something like a hurricane would take a much longer time to form due to the general size, destructive potency, as well as the amount of water and air that would need to be concentrated together in order to create one.

Another thing to note upon release is that, like most general release forms, there is a natural increase in the overall physical condition of the "caster". Base durability, stamina, strength, and speed are drastically increased, letting Henrex hit harder and move faster, while also being able to last longer in a fight. Additionally, his technique in Sealed and Shikai, Hiraishin, has been enhanced even further, now allowing him up to 80% resistance while in this state. Furthermore, it should be noted that the appearance of Henrex's Bankai is not just a wardrobe change on its own. As his prime form of combat relies on using energy in some form, the garbs that cover his body in this form are also made of highly condensed spiritual energy, acting and functioning as armor to protect himself with.

While this does not scale in any form and is rather weak in the grand scheme of things, it is still able to protect him from basic physical attacks and small-scale energy-based attacks. Something else that should be noted while in this form would be the changes made to the lightning that he is able to summon and create, in that the color has changed to a pure white. Augmented to such extreme levels, entering his Bankai allows Henrex to access an entirely new form of lightning, named after the color: White Lightning.

At its core, these bolts of lightning are much more in-line with the traditional properties of lightning, no longer solely focusing on destruction and paralysis. Firstly, it should be noted that the movement of these bolts now is able to reach Mach 1 speeds, capable of reaching and surpassing the speed of sound with ease, should he put more energy into these attacks in order to make them stronger. Secondly, as stated before, these are now capable of much more than just destruction and paralysis with the addition of another aspect of lightning: heat.

While normal lightning doesn't generate heat on its own, Henrex's lightning not only heats up the air around the area the bolt passes through, causing it to heat up and evaporate moisture in that immediate vicinity, as well as igniting the air and creating an explosion of fire wherever the bolt lands. Thus, it should be noted that even his base powers have a new selection of variety when it comes to his second release.

Godspeed: As his two main elements revolve around speed, and a good majority of his physical stats, this passive ability upon releasing his Bankai boosts all forms of his speed to even greater levels. At its core, this allows him to constantly have energy stored and ready throughout his body in order to use for bursts of speed from any part of him. For example, should he need to move, he can tap into this energy in order to create a tremendous boost in movement speed, allowing him to reach Mach speeds almost instantly, covering ground in almost no time at all.

Furthermore, this allows Henrex an immense boost in "mental speed". What this means is that, passively, Henrex is able to process and send thoughts to the brain much faster, causing his reactions and With the smallest of thoughts of what he needs to do, Henrex can use this pent-up energy in order to respond to those thoughts and desires on a whim, and even respond to threats and danger faster than normal, almost as if his body is moving on its own in order to protect himself.

Additionally, another form of speed boosted from this would be none other than his attack speed. Similarly to the augmentation to his movement, Henrex is able to use the energy stored in his body in order to create massive bursts of movement, allowing him to unleash a flurry of attacks in little time at all, even giving the potential of creating movements faster than his opponent's perception, depending on their level of Focus.

However, it should be noted that, while both passively and actively able to create immense bursts of speed in all forms, using this at its maximum potential repeatedly can lead Henrex becoming physically exhausted, as well as exhausted in terms of energy. Thus, it's common for him to use these bursts in small amounts and infrequently, as it allows him to manage his energy as well as prevent it from exhausting himself right off the bat. Finally, these bursts can only be utilized around once or twice a post, with a one to two post cooldown.

Raijinto (雷王拳, Thunder God Sword): A grandiose name for a grandiose form, this is another passive ability that Henrex gains when he enters Bankai. As, when he is in need of a sword, all he has to do is summon an arbitrary amount of energy to create a lightning bolt that turns into and acts as his sword while in this state. Similarly to previous abilities in his base form and Shikai, this weapon naturally has an immense amount of cutting power, capable of cutting thought average-level physical and spiritual material with little to no issue or resistance, as well as still possessing the ability to augment this passive effect and make it even stronger.

However, being that his sword is now formed from an actual lightning bolt, his "sword" can now take on the various properties of lightning, mimicking the abilities of the base ability in this form, White Lightning. As a result of this, it grants the blade of these swords to have a powerful heat emitting from them, alongside the lightning made up of it. As stated in the previous section, this is due to the movement of the lightning to create the weapon itself, the movement in order to cause the almost microscopic levels of rotation in order for the weapon to have as immense cutting power as it does, and all of this combined causes the air to heat up with something as simple as a sword swing.

As a result of this, it allows Henrex to create brief bursts of fire from his sword, as the heat from the heavily concentrated lightning immediately heats up and evaporates the water/moisture and air in the immediate vicinity of his sword's movements. However, it is important to note that Henrex has little to no control over what these flames do, as they are a byproduct of his abilities, rather than a direct cause. Finally, there is the active augmentation that Henrex can activate at any time. As with Tenkoku's base form, this is something that drastically increases the cutting power of his lightning, and by extension, swords.

With this, Henrex is able to create sword slashes that can cleave through most physical material and defenses without any trouble at all. However, when it comes to spiritual material and defenses, he is still able to cut through it, albeit just not as quickly or as easily, leading him to have to make many, many cuts in order to fully break through these defenses in this augmented form. As a final note, this boost is only able to be used twice every three to four posts.

Tide Jewels: The tide jewels were a set of magical gems that the sea god, Ryujin, used to control the seas. However, this ability takes the form of 3-4 magatama-shaped orbs of water around both of Henrex's wrists, giving him 6-8 of them in total. By willing them forward, Henrex can fire these off at high velocity, capable of almost reaching Mach speed in no time at all. This, combined with the natural destructive nature of his energy, scalding water, and high pressure of the water itself can cause each one to have the potential to destroy a building.

Upon landing, this creates a gigantic waterspout that covers around a quarter of a mile in width. However, with some small adjustments, it is possible to lower the size -- and, by extension, their destructive power -- in order to make them even faster and giving them even greater piercing power. By doing this, it gives these orbs a maximum speed of Mach 2. This also allows them to pierce almost any physical material, due to the immense amount of condensed, high-pressure water that is contained in the smaller forms of these orbs.

Furthermore, this can serve as a powerful conductor and conduit for his electrical powers, water being one of, if not the most infamous conductor of electricity in history. By combining the two elements together, it can cause even greater damage than normal. However, while these are powerful in their own right, Henrex is only able to fire so many in a single instance, limited at around two to four in a post, with a three to four post cooldown after expending all of these orbs.

Raijin (雷神): Vicious as the legends of the god himself, this technique is rather basic in concept. By tapping into his influence over lightning, Henrex is able to create a blue circle in the area around him, stretching to around three miles in radius before a colossal lightning bolt would fall from the sky and create a massive blast in the center of the circle with enough power to singe the ground black, as well as cause a city-wide blackout. After the initial strike, lightning immediately spreads out to the ends of the circle, igniting the air and the area in the entirety of the circle before immediately redirecting and surging back to the center and causing even further damage to whatever should find itself in the circle. This can only be used twice in a post, with a three to four post cooldown.

Susanoo (須佐之男): Named after the god of storms, this evolution of his skill in Shikai takes on a much more solidified form while in Bankai. By creating an additional layer of spiritual energy around his body and attaching to his clothes, modifying and reinforcing the clothing of his Bankai in order to create armor alongside it. Thus, combining the two, it's possible for Henrex to have an even greater level of defense in battle, allowing him to be capable of tanking Elite level physical and spiritual attacks.

However, while this is all possible for him, it should be noted that the higher level of attacks that he receives dissipate the energy that makes up this armor much faster and has the potential to cause the amount of time that this armor is active to be cut short. Normally, this would last around three to five posts. However, should he consistently be taking extremely heavy hits, this can cause the posted limit to shorten to as little as one to two posts, while also increasing the cooldown in exchange for even greater defense from the original four post cooldown, up to six posts.

Suijin (水神): The most powerful applications of a base power often become named techniques, and thusly, named after the god of water, Suijin is no different. With the amount of destruction that his abilities cause in his release forms, specifically in his Bankai, Henrex needed a way to take advantage of that. Beginning with an enormous amount of energy and force exploding outward, this creates a large amount of wind force powerful enough to lift just about anything from the ground into the air, into a twister.

But, because it starts out at the bottom, it is significantly more powerful there. Thus, as the energy reaches higher and higher atmospheres, this because less and less powerful. However, this is much more effective than his normal tornadoes, as this is taking the core of his disaster manipulation and applying it with as much energy as he can in order to directly affect the immediate environment. With this, the effects of this can vary depending on where and what this is used on.

If this was used on water, this could create a powerful, just about instant water cyclone. This is by far the easiest form of application because of the liquid nature of water and how ever-present it is within his powers. However, as stated before, there is more to this and a variety of different ways that he could utilize this, such as creating sand tornadoes or lava tornadoes if the situation aligned with the nature of the technique.

But, it does not perform any of these attributes specifically or uniquely. It is purely a byproduct of the core of the power, which is to create an explosive amount of energy to influence the environment and take his disaster manipulation skill to its limits and create a disaster in his own way. Finally, this only has a single-use in a post before Henrex would have to wait another post to recover before using it again.

Ryūjin (龍神): Named after the dragon god of the sea, this technique combines the family of dragon-based elemental techniques into one, merging them into a maelstrom of wind, water, and lightning. Like the others, this is created along the blade of his sword and can be manipulated by swinging his sword. Furthermore, as the creation is made from all of Henrex's elements, it isn't a surprise that all of their aspects merge as well. Thus, upon contact, most physical and spiritual barriers will find it hard to resist this. With scorching hot, shredding winds, scalding, high-pressure water, and the effects of White Lightning all together, this technique can cause an immense amount of damage on contact from all of the different elements.

Ergo, it can be rather easy for him to break apart low and mid-range barriers, and even cause significant damage to some high-level barriers, as well as the person behind them. By hitting a person, the combined elements can cause a variety of effects, such as damaging the muscles and nerves with wind or causing severe water burns. However, while this is powerful, combining all of these elements together is incredibly exhausting, leaving this technique to be used only once before going a three to four post cooldown.

Fūjin (風神): Both violent and protective, this technique named after the wind god is the final and ultimate application of his base power of wind manipulation. By tapping into this, as well as his power over natural disasters, it's possible for Henrex to create tornadoes. Thus, with this technique, he uses this in order to create a colossally sized whirlwind around himself, with the phenomena itself totaling a base size of roughly a mile, with winds reaching out past the initial radius to cut and maim at anything that comes near.

Furthermore, multiple other tornadoes split off from the main body and spiral around it, reaching out to total the amount of distance covered by this technique at three miles, the spiraling whirlwinds destroying everything in their path, with clouds forming above and in the tornadoes and causing lightning to strike down and out from the cloud in order to create an additional source of damage. Finally, after reaching this range limit, all of the tornadoes converge together, increasing the main body's size to the three-mile limit, before violently erupting into a wide-scale blast of sharp winds.

However, it does have its share of weaknesses. The first being that is is almost an "all or nothing" attack, which leads to a much higher energy drain than most of his other techniques in exchange for this power. Furthermore, this is something that can only be used once per post before being unable to be used again for another five posts after, something that ties in with the aforementioned energy drain. Finally, while powerful, it should be noted that the expansion and rotation of the tornadoes themselves are rather slow in comparison to the rotating winds within them, as they're restricted to the area of effect.

» Why: This is mainly an expansion to show the maturity of Henrex's Zanpakuto, to form a more solid theme for it, the releases, and how all of it ties into Henrex's personality. These will replace his current abilities for his Zanpakuto.

» Extra: N/A

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED]   Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED] EmptyFri Jul 19, 2019 4:46 pm

[adm]Kamikaze/Kazakiri: Isn't Kazakiri kind of just Kamikaze but better? Having both of these seems redundant.

Hiraishin: Bring this down to 50%, bring the Shikai numbers to 75%. I know he's all about this, but that's still a very very large reduction to passively have.

Shikai: Not sure why he can control the temperatures to such a degree, it seems like an added layer that lessens the thematic cohesion, which is an extremely important aspect of a zanpakuto's powerset.

Gathering Storm: Maybe just change "massive burst of damage" to "massive burst of force," to clarify things a little, since damage would be the effect rather than the cause.

Raitoningu ten'nō yoroi: If it's lightning-based armor, it would do well to be more thematically lightning/energy-related rather than functioning simply as a generalized barrier. A physical attack, for example, wouldn't make sense to actually be significantly hampered by electricity other than perhaps passively hurting the person hitting it with their hands, and at times a weapon.

Storm Wave: Twenty is a whole lot of these at once for such a low cooldown, I would either make the cooldown longer or just cut down the number a little.

Whirlpool Bolt: I don't wanna sound like a cock here but shooting a boiling waterspout filled with lightning three times within the span of a post sort of falls under the same area as Storm Wave, in that that's a whole lotta energy at once for such a low cooldown.

Bankai: I'll be blunt on this one. This is a pretty thematically interesting development from the concept of storms, however you don't really go enough into the Natural Disaster Manipulation for such a massive increase in the scale of his abilities to be justified on top of the numerous other abilities his Bankai offers. There is an exceptionally wide scope of powers across this release, and several of them could easily constitute an entire Bankai on their own.

Tide Jewels: An ability of this degree shouldn't be able to be done again. This is the sort of ability where you get the 20 orbs when you enter Bankai, and that's just it for ya.

Raijin: This falls into the same category as a lot what has been said, look to scale it back some as multiple in the same post isn't going to fly. This seems like one of those 'one and done' type of deals.

Susanoo: See Lightning God Armor.

Suijin: I really am beginning to not see where this ability fits in. Look to my over all note on this bankai, but this is a prime example of what we mean.

Overall: This upgrade has a significant hindrance in that it generalizes Henrex's powerset to such an extent that nothing actually stands out anymore. His thematic becomes muddled as the powerset continues on, as rather than any unified set of core abilities and purposes therein, it comes across more as a universal toolbox.

I'd highly recommend cutting some of the abilities and focusing on the theme more. As this seems to touch a lot of japense mythology and less on natural disasters or even lightning to a degree. [/adm]

Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED] JfH75kA
Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED] H8Tyk70
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED]   Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED] EmptyWed Jul 24, 2019 4:34 pm

Kamikaze/Kazakiri: They're not the same, one is a wide-scale application of the base power and the other is a focused application that does much more singular target/focused damage.


Shikai: I...don't see the problem since this is just him altering the properties of the elements he controls. It doesn't lessen the cohesion, it's a byproduct of the base power, Storm Manipulation if anything. This feels incredibly nitpicky and unnecessary because it's not a real problem


Lightning Emperor Armor: It' energy shield around his person that mimics the properties of his electricity. it serves as physical and spiritual protection. Another overly precise nitpick that could be simplified to "make physical effects less of a priority/protection", which isn't a problem for me to fix.


Storm Wave: Twenty at a time in their base form, combining elements (obviously) would take more energy, and these aren't very highly destructive in the first place, so I don't see a reason why I need to cut this down. I'll cut it down to ten, but that's as low as I'll go because I don't feel like this is a big issue.


Whirlpool Bolt: No, it doesn't. Another nitpick that doesn't make sense because I've written my abilities like this all the time -- for the last two and a half years -- and have had no problems, because saying that has always been said as "x can be used y amount of times, at a time". not to mention, Henrex is a 0-2 character in a release, he has a lot of energy in the first place, so what is that energy tangent about?


Bankai: By that same logic, Hayden shouldn't have storm manipulation because nothing in his Zan revolves around it. his Zan is about his Hollow/Vizard powers and Death Matter. His zan has less to do with storms than Henrex's does and has even less of a coherent theme as a whole. A storm by default is a natural disaster, and I'm not going to go into a ridiculously deep level of explaining every single natural disaster, what I wrote should be enough, because I don't know how I'm supposed to expand on it without adding more useless fluff.


Tide Jewels: No. I can lower the amount and adjust the cooldown, but this is not a "one and done" ability. A small amount of building-level attacks are nothing to the Russia level that his power can reach this level, especially when unrestricted like it is in Bankai.


Raijin: Again, no, see what I said with Whirlpool Bolt and Tide Jewels.


Susanoo: For this, I don't see the problem. I feel that I've made appropriate limits to this, with higher-end attacks causing the armor to dissipate quicker in exchange for higher levels of protection against both kinds of threats.


"Overall": So much of what you said was wrong. His thematic hasn't become muddled, nor has it become generalized. It's the same as it's always been: Storm Manipulation with an emphasis on lightning and wind, as they're both speed elements -- with multiple techniques revolving around that speed, while also tying small amounts of water-based techniques with it as well. The previous Zanpakuto had even less cohesion than before because it was just a bunch of techniques that I threw together that I liked that I modified to fit with the base powers.

I made this with the intent to solidify his theme, and I did so. His theme went from just "storms" to "Storm Manipulation with scaling destruction", to reflect what a Zanpakuto and release forms like those mean to him, coming to terms with the power that he holds and utilizing the full potency of it -- something he rarely does. All of these abilities were worked in with the power scale in mind, and this entire check feels like an unnecessary, absolutely ridiculous amount of nitpicking and downplaying, down powering, and devaluing my character to feel less like a 0-tier as well as invalidating the work that I've done to get there, while other characters can have even crazier things than something as simple as elemental abilities that scale in destructive power, such as Yuel's Law Manipulation, Shadin's Imaginary Computation, or Hayden's Shikai ability Separation of Creation.

None of these are what PH's classification of abilities are. They're applications of the base powers (techniques), gradually increasing in scale as he releases and taps into a further amount of his power. Henrex's Zanpakuto has never been about mythology itself, nor has it been about lightning only -- as I've said multiple times, as well as it is in the base power itself, his power is over storms as a whole. If it were about mythology, I would have been more detailed about the myths themselves and put more emphasis on them in the abilities' mechanics. All it is is flavor text to give a more grandiose feel to something grandiose in nature, which is his Bankai -- to wash away the black with purifying white lightning and wild, unrestricted power. I'm not cutting any of his abilities, because his Zanpakuto and powers relating to it are already lacking compared to some others.


Other Notes:


Suijin: This was something I threw together, admittedly rather haphazardly because I wanted to find some level of a unique trait to give it, and I'll change it to something else.


Hiraishin: That's fine -- 50% in the base form, 75% in Shikai, and could I possibly go to 80-90% in Bankai?


Gathering Storm: I...honestly fail to see the difference. I don't understand why this was even a part of the check.
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Finally able to approve this after edits have been completed. Discussed with Henrex at length about what kinds of techniques were issues, and he has changed/edited them for his Zanpakuto to make much more sense thematically as a weapon of 'Disasters', with more description of exactly what that means and the implications it has. Several abilities have been reworked and reviewed.

Have fun, Henrex.


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Zanpakuto Expansions [FINISHED]
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