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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:37 pm



» NAME: Yuel Duulheim
» EPITHET: The Devil Particle; The Sealsmith
» AGE: 17 (508)
» GENDER: Female
» AFFILIATION/RANK: Lux Orior/Sector Head


» Out of her Shell: In her younger years, Yuel was fairly shy, though her emotional, rambunctious and idealistic mindset rarely kept her introverted. In fact, much of her shyness was born from the fact that Yuel was often alone in her youth, admittedly to some degree by choice. Unable to comfortably play with the kids of her village due to such a difference of mentality, and the fact that her obsessions lied with engineering and academics, she spent considerable time alone. It was more out of a lack of social exposure that Yuel was shy at all; at heart, she was instead an extremely social, life-of-the-party type of person, often functioning as a whirling eddy within the different groups of conversation, constantly carrying at her own pace. She still retains some of her more reserved traits, and a bit of social anxiety when forced outside of her comfort zone, but after years of being a leader constantly engaged in work that she loves and people she enjoys, Yuel can be said to be near unrecognisable to her former self--at least, if it weren't for her overwhelming amount of terribly over-the-top quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Fickle Relationships: In fact, with her current personality it can be said that Yuel practically draws people into her. Like a hurricane, she sweeps into your life and brings you into hers, moving along the world without letting you go. Admittedly, she isn't aware of this phenomenon. She's pleased to have enjoyable people around her coming along, but from how one-track minded and forward-moving she is, it's quite often she forgets about those around her. In this sense, Yuel is fickle about her relationships. She doesn't realise the presence of those around her and why they're there too much, but at the same time she doesn't question why they're gone, when they're gone.

» In Her Own World: Because of that, it can be extremely difficult to emotionally connect to Yuel. She attracts people and brings them along, and very often pleasantly socialises with them, but isn't to say she's emotionally engaged. It's often that her conversations with others is moreso Yuel talking to herself with another person as a soundboard, bouncing off ideas back, maybe slightly differently than how she initially put it out based on a response and input from her conversational partners. This is because Yuel isn't usually "experiencing" the world and living in it, so much as living in her own head. This is what really embodies her "idealistic mindset", lost in her own thoughts.

» Strong Leader: Fortunately, Yuel isn't only characterised by her emotional distance. In fact, sometimes it's that distance which makes it much easier for her to carry out her job as a leader, especially with her level of authority in the Lux Orior. There's several factors which come together to appropriately label her a "strong leader", perhaps something she may not have been considered as in her youth due to how turbulent of a person she was. Since maturing, Yuel has been able to translate her hurricane-esque aura of attraction into charisma and confidence, the fact that she's most concerned with her ideals and less with the thoughts of others, and project it into a voice of authority that draws in the crowd. Her words will be concise as she knows what she wants and communicates those thoughts properly. Though she can take feedback as constructive when communicated appropriately, it's also this strong-headedness that allows her to maintain rationality unswayed by the opinion and agendas of others, enact more ruthless tactics that stay true to achieving the objective, and be unhindered by more timid and sensitive ideals. There may be some weaknesses to draw from these qualities, but they've undoubtedly aided her in shaping the world around her to what she'd like to see in it.

» Stubborn to a Fault: All things considered, without the appropriate advisor--in fact, even with an exceptionally skilled aid--it's difficult to change Yuel's mind. This can become problematic in a lot of ways, especially when she interacts with people that place more importance on the means to the ends than she does. Yuel operates with the goal in mind as the number one priority, and the methods to do so aren't utilised in an "any means necessary" sort of manner, but that doesn't mean she's so flexible as to accept all means. As aforementioned, Yuel knows what she wants, and it's rare that she stops before getting it. To begin with, the girl doesn't often aspire or reach for things she truly believes is out of reach or impossible, but for the Mind of Karakura, that's a very short list as is, and a challenge or defiance is anything but a deterrent. You aren't inherently an enemy if your disagree with her, but you're certainly not going to be well respected.

» Morally Driven: Yes, Yuel is exceptionally stubborn and ambitious, often a dangerous and ethically unsound combination; however, the Duulheim is still powerfully attached to her humanity, both literally and figuratively. A good girl at heart, Yuel has boundaries and a moral system to live by. She may not agree with everything people claim to be "good", and is certainly more concerned with protecting and acting on what she thinks is "good", but Yuel will go to great lengths to not let things fall to darkness. By no means is she a pariah of light and lawfulness, but she refuses to ignore actions of evil when its conducted within her reach. Yuel isn't the most concerned with how the world is, and she doesn't have the strongest opinion on how the world should be outside of her areas of interest, but she's certainly decided on what she believes the world shouldn't be.

» Strategic Thinker: For how fickle, hyperactive, and manic Yuel can be, it's often underestimated that Yuel's a rational thinker. Yes, she's driven by ideals, but only because she's confident in finding the means to achieve them. She's lost in her own world and lives in it rather than the tangible world around her, but that's only in anticipation for her world to become the world around her--it's only a matter of time. Yuel is a highly adaptive and quick to jump-start lass that switches from project to project endlessly, but that doesn't discount her ability to hold a broader, long-term focus, and execute each step of the plan with determination and precision. Those qualities become self-fulfilling prophecies; when Yuel is driven, and she's very often driven, all things in sight become a part of the plan as she considers all variables and resources to be at her disposal--if not immediately, then eventually.

» Driven by Clear Goals: Yuel's got a good head on her shoulders--genuinely one of the best and brightest in the world. The reason this can ever really come to shine is due to the goals she sets for herself when performing any task. Even in the most sporadically approaching and sudden events, one of the very first things Yuel sets out is what goal she needs to achieve, or what sort of conclusion she needs to come towards. The actual performance to get there comes afterwards; in her eyes, there's no point in walking towards a location if you don't know where that location is; doing so makes you stupid. Very, very, utterly stupid. That said, from how objective-oriented she can get, a lack of a point of focus can make things exceptionally chaotic for her. Naturally that sort of scenario will almost never happen if we're being honest, but the point is that Yuel isn't just capable because she can identify and is driven to achieve these clear goals, but that she's almost dependent on them. If the girl didn't have aspirations in her life, things she wanted to do and places she wanted to go, in all honesty, Yuel would be horribly lost and utterly useless in so many ways. It's also goals, namely achieving them, that is one of her greatest souurces of happiness. The challenge is overwhelming and overcoming it is overwhelming respectively. That said, her focus to achieve in this aspect often drives her too linearly to that goal, avoiding and ignoring obstacles in the way. The thing is, not everything's really an obstacle, but too often does she subconsciously pin things as obstacles. Unfortunately, this can also include relationships. also include relationships.

story of my life

» Inception: Two years before the Suika family had their future chief, Ibiki Suika, the same parents had another child. To the family of strength-empowered brawlers, by all means this child was a failure upon inception; however, this was their first child, and they loved her nonetheless--and they wouldn't have too much time left to love her. This child was born with a birth defect, and through a family friend they were able to take her a quality hospital within Seireitei. It was there that they found that their child had an abysmal level of reiatsu. Such that it was barely on-par with mere humans, and the environment of Soul Society was actively hurting her. It was like a mammal born in the deep sea, the pressure of the water slowly killing it. Tsume was personally devastated, largely because even the zanpakuto spirit within her was especially fond of this child, as if something within the baby's soul was kindred. For the time being, their child was kept at the hospital, barely surviving on a lifeline of the hospital equipment.

» Letting Go: The couple couldn't stay permanently in the hospital, as much as they didn't want to let their firstborn go. They visited often, thankfully, but duties in the outside world still demanded their presence. Several years passed by, the couple even having another child in the meantime. Eventually the couple visited with their second daughter, Ibiki, likely around eight years old at the time, well after her own prodigious strength was established. Ibiki wasn't made aware of her sister until this visit; in fact, most people were unaware. It was such a sensitive topic for their family, and it was rarely brought up. During this visit, the doctors on-hand let them know that their equipment was not sufficient to sustain their firstborn's life for much longer. It was at the suggestion of their family friend that they let her go, as the doctors suspected this continued, forced living was bringing unimaginable pain to the comatose child. They took this suggestion and let her go, hoping their daughter would find peace in another life on earth, as the soul cycle continued life onwards.

» Repeated Rebirth: Unbeknownst to them, the reason for the child's birth defect lied in her inner world. An exceptionally unique, perhaps one in a million circumstance, the child upon birth held a dormant zanpakuto spirit. In its dormancy, the spirit siphoned all the spiritual energy the child produced, effectively weakening her to a point beyond survivable in Soul Society. It was also the same reason that all the spiritual particles of her being as a plus retained itself, when normally a soul would disperse as it reentered the soul cycle. For nearly five hundred years, this soul lived and died, all particles of its being retained. All the way up until the twenty-fifth century, when a circumstance changed.

» Inception Part 2, Electric Boogaloo: Sayal Du'ulheim was a prodigious woman in her family. In their line of work, results were all that mattered, and through any means necessary she'd achieve her results. The main reason for that sort of efficiency was the fact that she truly hated the family business. She committed and performed out of piety and dedication, but that wasn't where her heart lied. It was during a mission in Japan that she found her path. She met a completely normal man who captured her heart. Sayal formally retired from their line of work and renounced connection to the family, and in turn they disowned her. Anybody from her lineage would be disallowed to adopt the Du'ulheim name. From thereon, she simply went on as Sayal Duulheim, keeping her maiden name after marriage. Later, the two had a child with immensely peculiar features, such that Sayal's husband accused her of cheating. A DNA test proved that the child was theirs, and her odd features was a result of their child inheriting a lot of recessive features from her mother's ancestry.

» Birth of the Savior: Although Sayal renounced her family, she still loved them dearly, and her mother loved her, so at the very least their child would certainly see her grandmother once. Thus, Sayal took her child to her homeland for a short weekend visit. Upon arrival Sayal was met with mixed feelings and mixed perceptions. She still loved her family, she just hated their line of work; in turn, much of her family still loved her, but as a clan that held tradition and culture at the highest, they could not give her the respects she once earned. Fortunately, the family respected her freedom, and Sayal respected their work, so even if she couldn't live with them, there weren't exactly hard feelings. When she finally brought her son to her mother, it was fairly shocking. The recessive genes the child retained held special meaning in the family, as a sign of direct connection to their ancient progenitor, for which they became the Du'ulheim family. It was taken a as a sign more or less; unfortunately, the clan's laws dictated that this child could not go into their line of work. Sayal's mother said that this irony was likely destiny in itself, and that the child, despite having genes reminiscent of their progenitor and foretold as some sort of savior, was not meant to be in the family. In the end, Sayal's mother sent her and the child off with a name, Yuel, and two gifts for the child: an ancient gourd relic and a tiger pelt.

» Poor and Brilliant: Yuel's early life was loud and filled with vibrancy. Though he didn't get to see his parents as often as some of the kids around him, by no means was he alone. The small family lived in the boondocks, as Sayal's family business had a lot of transferable skills and work ethic, but no actual credentials to show much worth for. On the other hand, her husband was a man who followed his passions, and those passions weren't very lucrative. Regardless, they were a happy family. While Sayal and her husband often went out of the village for work, leaving Yuel alone to be raised by the villagers around. It was likely thanks to this closeness to the villagers and people around him that started the groundwork for Yuel to grow up extraverted. Unfortunately, that extraversion didn't have much room to shine as the older Yuel got, the more apparent it became how different he was. Yuel took after Sayal in so many more ways; she was a true, traditional genius.

» Finding Passion: The boy just couldn't find intellectual connection with the community around him. No-one really thouught like him, or at his level, and in conjunction, though both parties tried, Yuel couldn't understand the villagers, and they--him. As a result, he also couldn't relate or emotionally connect, and the sense of isolation grew, despite how cared for he was. It certainly didn't help that as he grew older, the time he could see his parents grew fewer, sometimes not seeing them for months at a time. Yuel tried to be understanding, but no matter how intelligent he was, Yuel was still a child. So in the meantime, he spent quite a bit of time adventuring around the village on his own. It was at this point that Yuel found a whole world of means to entertain himself. Through hand-me downs and a local junk depot, the young Duulheim found electronic devices. This fascination with a rarer appliance in his small world turned to obsession, and he quickly entered the world. This quickly progressed through means of reverse engineering, and after years of self-study, the local junkyard turned into his own private tech-centre, filled with junk-turned computers and assorted adventures. Once he gained means to access the internet, the rate of knowledge growth expanded exponentially, and along with this progression came a great deal of information traditionally inaccessible. Yuel became well-versed in the spiritual and magical, fascinated with a world he couldn't touch. Another rare part of himself that made relating to his community difficult was the fact that Yuel was spiritually inept. Generally everyone in the village could see and interact with spirits, but he couldn't. The internet was a means to explore this world. This passion was quickly facilitated by the trigger event which eventually launched Yuel into this world.

» Power is King: Azure Iramasha was a well-known figure and Yuel was by no means a stranger to his reputation. Of course seeing someone online and seeing them in person was two different things, and at first he didn't recognise him. Near the village, the Hybrid King was in heated battle with another winged individual, and the splash from their battle was affecting the village. Though the whole area was to be evacuated, this was the first time Yuel had a chance of personally viewing anything so spectacular, and in his fervent excitement, the boy chased all the way to get a clear, close, and personal first-seat view. Of course this was much too dangerous of a situation for him to get close in any respect at all, but children weren't the best at listening to reason. The fight quickly took Yuel's conscience and he awoke to Azure attending him. This exchanged soon turned to Yuel inviting what was a celebrity to him to the village, asking him a plethora of questions, and eventually finding out that Azure was currently operating in Karakura Central. From thereon, it was the young boy's dream to head to Karakura and follow what was now his idol.

» Knowledge is Power: With a clear goal in mind of what to do later in life, the already studious Yuel took to the books--and internet--to fill himself with knowledge. Through some misunderstandings and embellishments online, Karakura to him was the hub of technology, and to sustain himself and live there, he needed to be more than just bright. Yes, he was smart in his circumstances, but would that really hold up in Karakura, where the best and the brightest weren't even just contributing, but competing? On top of that, considering his abysmal personal power, the only way he might find himself standing beside Azure was to be brighter than the brightest. So for three years, Yuel learned everything there was to learn, from quantum mechanics to property portfolios. When Yuel turned fourteen and earned his parents' blessings, the boy set on his way to Karakura Central to enroll into Karakura High School.

» Life Begins Now: Yuel reached Karakura safely enough, took the entrance exam, and barely passed. Not due to how difficult the exam was, so much as Yuel had many misunderstandings about the cultural difference, lacked common sense, and psyched himself out of going with her first answer on a question--which was usually the correct answer. Fortunately, he still made it, but a new issue arose: housing. The boy didn't really plan everything out and eventually found himself without shelter. During this time, he opted to camp out in front of the high school, and doing this brought a bit of attention. Fortunately, a kind soul, Touma Yuudeshi, took pity on his circumstances and took the boy in. During this time, Yuel underwent a peculiar transformation, and before he knew it, Yuel was now a girl. At the time, the phenomenon was completely unknown, and for many years it remained completely ambiguous, even after meeting many people experts in the matters of the soul. At the core, the reason for this transformation was more a return to form. The zanpakuto spirit which cursed Yuel to a human life with spiritual ineptitude for several hundred years had finally matured, and its interaction with Yuel caused her to become her original self.

» Running Start: From hereon, Yuel's life started to get a bit more out of control. Her enrollment into Karakura High was pretty redundant considering how little time she spent in it, though she did gain some experiences there. Having finally reached her goal and coming to Karakura, she met a plethora of people and gained a plethora of experiences, ranging from meeting the President of Japan, Shadin Yuudeshi, after hacking through the Yuudeshi Network and accidentally summoning a Vasto Lorde in the middle of Central, meeting one of Truth's Angels and exposing his undercover work in Karakura High, being invited to work with the leader of the mafia world in Japan, Augustine, getting through the Iramasha of Borders's zone of control through inventing a space-warp device, and so many more. Likely the most impressive exercise of her genius was inventing a spellcasting system that didn't require spiritual awareness to use, such that any random human could learn and perform it. Of course she didn't account for how much brain power it'd take to mathematically breakdown the method of controlling spiritual energy through nodes and how much mastery of the system was required to perform Renkinjutsu adeptly, but in theory anybody could use it. It's also the instrumental reason for her later success and survival once she thrusted herself further into the spiritual world, and that started with her meeting Jaeden Caldwell.

» Change of State: After discovering this gem in the rough through the Yuudeshi Network, Jaeden Caldwell--at the time the lead authority of research and development in the Vanguard--the man invited her to one of their bases in Mongolia. When Yuel accepted the offer, she was quickly met with a handsome and intelligent man, and she also quickly understood how unlikeable a person he was. Under her understanding, the man completely underestimated her and constantly patronised her, going so far as to assert that magic had no system of operation, hence, "magic". It was during this time the man challenged her to a spar, and while Yuel had engaged in some fights in the past, this was the first time she was truly engaging in "combat". Of course, through her pride and anger, Yuel accepted fervently. This was also the first time she truly held onto a sword for a fight, and her natural synergy with one came through. With careful planning, psychological warfare, and a genuine mastery of the environment and control of the circumstances, Yuel obliterated Jaeden with a force not too distant from the level of destruction world leaders brought about in massive wars. Of course even then, Yuel maintained control of the situation, but she didn't really maintain control of herself. As soon as she realised what she did, the girl was drowned in remorse and guilt. It was through the whispers of a certain entity within her, someone she'd later come to know as Wukong, that she once more took matters into her own hands, quickly taking the power that killed Jaeden and targeting temporally ambiguous particles to essentially return time in the location a few minutes back. In the process, she also ended up absorbing a colossal amount of these particles into herself, forever changing the state of her body and soul.

» Accelerating Wisdom: Post-Caldwell, Yuel's life unimaginably became even more hectic. The temporally-ambiguous particle, to which she named the "Keter Particle" after conducting research on it with ASRA from the Vanguard, fractured her personal timeline. Multiple Yuel's would pop-up in various locations in various times, all with differences in memories. In this sense, Yuel would occasionally remember the future, and sometimes that future wasn't even one that actually happened, but the experiences still centralised. From that, Yuel gained experience from excursions in Hueco Mundo and the wastelands, fighting wars that never happened, honing her swordsmanship she felt so attached to, making friends with more vanguard research personnel, helping Ash Iramasha in his shockingly similar circumstance, helping Shadin stabilise Tsubasa Unabara after the Demon Incursion, and so many more.. Likely the most shocking event wasn't even one that happened to her. During the Moon-Invasion, her beloved Azure Iramasha fell. This event was devastating and pushed Yuel to start dedicating herself more to changing and shaping the world into a more peaceful Earth. Shadin took Yuel under his wing, helping her to master her various assets, her intellect, her swordsmanship, and--though she wasn't aware of it--Shadin even prepared her for the inevitability of coming across her ziamichi spirits. Unbeknownst to her, the two artefacts Yuel received from her grandmother, the tiger skin and gourd, actually housed a demon and another spirit, which over the years progressively transitioned from being within the gourd to finding home within her inner world.

» Communicating Within: Often in her dreams, without being aware, Yuel conjured her inner world. It was a rare occurrence for the most part, but in these moments she'd hear the voice of that spirit from so long ago, telling her she had the power to save Jaeden if she wanted. Sometimes, she'd also hear the rumbles of another creature, something of a more demonic tone. Yuel could never fully cross the barriers within her inner world to fully meet them, but at the time she was content with just talking. It wasn't until she met some individuals that could help her go further in communicating with them, like Ulv Auber and Calypso Asthavon, that Yuel's innate curiosity started to bloom. The biggest help was meeting Ulv, who taught her the Arms of the Earth technique and developed her own Tulpa. It was through this Tulpa that Yuel could force the spirits within her to face her. It was also in this exchange that, mostly because Ulv entered Yuel's inner world, her zanpakuto spirit finally awakened. To confront the intruder, the spirit confronted Ulv, but in the process Yuel also recognised that this behemoth was most definitely the product of her own soul--and more importantly, that this creature was the reason for her spiritual ineptitude. It wasn't necessarily anger that Yuel felt upon this revelation, but she certainly was very adamant in how they were going to move forward. Once Ulv exited her inner world, Yuel took the vizard's advice in how to treat a zanpakuto spirit, and began proper communication. After this sit-down, so to speak, her inner spirit finally offered Yuel its name, and through this interaction, Yuel achieved her shikai.

» Channeling Mastery: Of course things wouldn't just stop at attaining shikai. Studious as she is, establishing communication with her zanpakuto spirit and being able to have cordial conversation immediately unleashed unending conversations. Yuel talked to herself often as is, so once she found someone to literally always talk to in her own head--which also included her two ziamichi spirits--things just wouldn't stop. And, fortunately for her, Lov was a great listener, or at least great at nodding his head and making single-syllable responses. This unending communication, combined with Yuel's being a quick learner, served to move towards a level of mastery exceedingly quickly. Such that, once she was able to tap into the latent energy reserves burrowed within her soul, an innate sense of comfort in utilising these newfound strengths was hastily achieved.


» Knowledge: It wouldn't be an exaggeration by any means to say Yuel is one of the most modernly knowledgeable beings in existence. While this is most accurately applied to subjects of academia and especially science and engineering, years of practical application, study, and on-hand experience through the means of her nigh omnipresent being granted Yuel incomparable banks of knowledge. This extends to political climates, geography, history, culture, language, and likely the subject she's not only known for, but is the premiere and foremost expert on, Quantum Mechanics.

» Handicraft: Having knowledge is one thing; being able to apply it is a whole different matter. Fortunately, Yuel possesses even this skill. Since her toddler years Yuel was able to make the most of even the tiniest bits of information, and out of pure intuition and rational thought she could construct functioning pieces of technology. Granted, they were on the level of the 21st century at most, and in comparison countless other geniuses have already surpassed her; nevertheless, without the essentials of prior knowledge, experience, and even a more developed mind to make sense of the contraptions she was making, it's still an impressive feat. While she is still limited mainly to her resources and, to some extent, the understandings of logic and knowledge, with all three present Yuel can be regarded as unstoppable--and now that she has those resources on-hand and available? It's unwise to underestimate the machinations she can produce. Even just utilising scraps Yuel has been able to go so far as to affect quantum fields and take space fabric by hold, contracting to simulate a “warp-speed” effect with her creations amongst other achievements. The further she progresses, even with minimal tools and resources at disposal, her creations become increasingly radical.

» Calculability: It’s been vividly shown just how powerful Yuel can calculate, and not just numbers but events, expressions--in short, information in general. The best example thus far is the fact that through natural phenomena and two triggers, she was able to create a pseudo-star and blackhole within fifty feet of herself, and still survive based off of calculating multiple factors and variables in terms of the physical and parametres and magnitude of the two celestial bodies. Additionally, she was able to in real time calculate the mass and force behind the sword swings of an experienced combatant based off of outside sources off the top of her head, and accordingly respond with her own calculated movements to minimise damage spur of the moment. You might think a computer with larger resources and extremely high output of power--like the ASRA IAs or Yuudeshi Network for example--surpass her by far, but the gap isn't as wide as one might presume.

» Ingenuity: Yuel's ingenuity is world renown. The Duulheim can adapt not just to an assortment of scenarios, but adapt her skill sets--or even conjure all new skill sets--at a moments notice. She's proved time and time again how masterful she is at approaching situations unconventionally and finding routes to success by the most unorthodox but effective paths, and essentially gaining a means to be victorious no matter what. It becames incredibility difficult to come at Yuel without a plan, and just as difficult even with a plan, as the girl as developed an expertise in turning contingencies on their head and manipulating them to her benefit. The most noticeable application of this is creating top-tier technical pieces out of minimum resources, developing an entire system of spiritual alchemy without ready access to her own energy reserves, and causing grandoise physical interactions on quantum scales on a moment's notice.


» Metal Limbs: Having suffered an unfortunate accident, Yuel lost her right arm and left leg entirely. In their place, she possesses outdated metallic limbs that function just as well as her natural limbs. With her own additions and care, they work very well, and are in complete balance with the rest of her body both in terms of strength, weight, and dexterity. Having quickly adapted to them with around five years of experience in handling the items, they are as easy and comfortable to use as their organic counterparts.

» Spiritual Ineptitude?: For the longest while, Yuel had no capacity to utilise spiritual energy, and this persisted to the extent that she wasn't even spiritually aware. After having unlocked her shikai and gaining access to her innate shinigami abilities, even in her base, human form, she at least was able to sense and interact with spiritual entities--spiritual awareness, essentially. However, much of the content of her spiritual energy is locked away deep within her and her inner world in such a fashion that she can't readily access any of it without assuming her shinigami form, such that for all intents and purposes, spiritually speaking Yuel is still powerless in her natural human state [5-5--].

» Swordsmanship: After having used a sword in actual combat, with Yuel’s intuitive prowess and--as she stated--comfort with the weapon specifically, to the extent that it feels like it runs in her blood, naturally there were countless things she instantly discovered when utilising it and continued to practice the form. Within seconds of her first moments with a blade in hand, taking into account her knowledge of physics and the ability to apply it in real time, she assumed a perfectly balanced and stable stance that would easily lead into offense, defense, or a change of scenery within minutes.

To be specific, she largely learned proper handling of a sword and efficient wielding. For example, stance. Balance and stability is key, or else any clashing or power put into a swing is disrupted and in the end made redundant. Proper distance between your feet in correlation to your shoulder width should be parallel for a basic stance. Having bent knees to a slight degree allows for quick change in posture and position, or application of power in a swing or block generated from throughout the body. One’s posture should be kept straight from their hips to shoulder, and the curvature of the neck is relatively negligible. Depending on what kind of movement you want to make or be prepared for changes how you hold the sword. For a quick reaction ready to make any necessary movements with no focus on mobility, defense, or offense, Yuel prefers holding the sword close to her centre with both hand, around two or three inches apart in grip. Preferable, she holds it close to her chest and keeps her wrists straight for steady but powerful hold.

In terms of swinging, Yuel often rotates her hips without leaning in any direction should she swing diagonally or horizontally, with her shoulders kept steady and elbows initially bent. Towards the point where her blade makes contact, Yuel rapidly shifts to having her elbows straight. This method is to exert full power with minimal effort. The bend-to-straight maneuver offers a slingshot-esque effect, with movement of the waist and hips--which for most females are their centre of gravity and balance--adding rotationary power without risking going off balance, especially with her shoulders kept stable.

Defending shouldn’t come from strength in the arms, but stability of the legs. In a clashing, Yuel lets the power of the ground tank the force as opposed to her body. Bending the knees and contracting her body in the opposite direction of the attack while throwing her balance at that direction, so long as Yuel’s body can physically hold out, she should be able to block the force directed towards her. This time around, her elbows should be kept locked, but not straight so as to avoid them bending in the wrong direction when under too much stress. Furthermore, her wrists should still be kept straight to allow all the stress to past through so as to prevent any fractures in that area.

There’s still a lot more to learn in terms of wielding them, though she's come a far ways away with it, not to the extent of overwhelming mastery, but she wouldn't lose out to anybody save the well known powers. On the other hand, she’s also grasped a lot more in terms the sword’s self as well. For example, why she can’t just rely on the sword’s weight to produce a proper swing. Well made swords typically balance themselves closer to the hilt, so the weight towards the end of the blade isn’t a substantial amount, or at least enough to produce decent force on weight alone. Additionally, why a sword is thinner towards the edges to make it “sharp”, but why the slope of the edge isn’t too intense. The edges must be able to tackle enough stress to keep shape and produce more pressure than whatever it’s hitting can take on.

Those vibrations run through the edges and into the thicker centre of the blade, where the entirety of the sword must be robust enough to not bend enough to lose defensive/offensive force. Furthermore, forging a sword in layers allows for better spreading and neutralisation of the stress. At the same time, a sword too formed will risk shattering as a result of having low compression strength, thus it must be able to bend, especially when stabbing things. This also helps the vibrational transfers throughout the sword to the hilt, arguably the most stable part of the entire sword according to Yuel’s experience.

» Arms of the Earth Tulpa: Once Ulv taught Yuel the Arms of the Earth Technique as a foundation to build her Tulpa, the blonde quickly adapted this asset into her repertoire. Functioning off her willpower, strength of mind, and ultimately the level of mental fortitude she can summon to establish the entirety of her mindscape, Yuel can conjure profound power to manifest in the real world. Starting from the building blocks is establishing her mindscape.

Arms of the Earth is a technique which starts with entering one's mindscape. Different from the inner world, it's entirely a hypothetical land conjured by cognition. A blank slate of an imaginative plane. From there, the user draws upon their experiences, memories, and imagination to conceive people. Essentially, populate this mindscape with the people she knows, forms of herself, monkeys with tophats, anything living, and essentially bring life to this world. The only limit is the person's force of will and mind. The second step is to formulate a method to connect all these people and the world they inhabit, ground them and circulate the connection of their beings into a tangible power to manipulate. The part after this wasn't necessarily taught, but Yuel drew some conclusions on how to operate things hereafter. For the Duulheim, she visualised this connection that centralised everything in her mindscape, using "gravity" as the tool to tether everything together, and through that tethering, she manifested this centralised power into reality to influence the world around her, essentially achieving a Territorial Tulpa. In terms of how Yuel specifically utilises Arms of the Earth, and later developed her Tulpa:

"Create things. Visualise them... easy enough."

Yuel wasn't keen on visualising other creatures in her mind. Largely because they were a bit more random with their organic movement and thoughts than just standard thought experiments. But, if she were to visualise living things... well, it was her mindscape, with the only limit being her own imagination, right? So, if that's the case, as far as Yuel was concerned, there really was no limitation.

Suddenly, the world was quite literally roaring with life. The white around her expanded nigh infinitely. The memories of her past and future and alternative selves finding some physical form. There were different Yuels around her, the things they saw and experienced being created in this mindscape. Less of this was from the draws of her willpower, and instead creations of immense proportions finding form through her sheer intellect. Entire buildings were found in her mind, colossal organic beings roaming between busy streets, islands floating in the air. Each living creature, millions, billions, an incalculable number roaming about. Each one had their own thoughts, their own dreams, their own individual actions. They weren't random, they were purposeful. All the gears took in motion, as if the imagination Yuel manifested in her mindscape was the will of fate itself. And the one thing that really tied all this together, the unifying force where Yuel's willpower truly came into effect, was visualising gravity

Gravity influenced all these creatures, all these beings, and just like Yuel, they were tethered to her mindscape, now a part of its reality. The girl even visualised the beings she'd once conversed with, in the sky a monkey floating on some cloud, looking at her with a devious smile with mischief on its mind. It was a being of enormously powerful proportions, to a terrifying degree, but matched by this creature whose roar literally made the ground tremble and air shriek like a sonic boom. A massive white tiger, awoken from its slumber somewhere in the mountain range, annoyed at the new bustle from Yuel's inceptions. And in the distance, the calm of the ocean was disturbed by a grand dragon, tsunamis in the distance rushing upward from the swing of its tail as a plethora of sea life circled the divine beast.

"So... if I think of these things... and they channel this force that binds them... Well, they're all channeling it. Without even knowing. Each of them have their own weight, a gravity to them..."

It was the thought of all of them not just being individuals, not just all of them having their own thoughts and dreams and means to achieve them--it was the thought of each of the things having weight to them, that made Yuel really start to think they had weight to them in a different sense. Suddenly, this gravity meant so much more than some unifying force, a creation of hers to tether to the ground. The stable force that would be ever unchanging regardless of what the small, comparatively insignificant entities bustling around did. The only thing that could ever change the impact or existence of gravity was to change and impact the source--which was everything, or in this case, the mindscape itself. Hence, that which humbled all life within the mindscape was what Yuel manifested.

If Ulv had even so much as blinked, she would miss it, though immediately recognise it afterwards. Ulv was, after all, well-versed in the arts of the wind, and she'd certainly feel the tangible difference in the air around Yuel. It was thinner, or thicker, or blowing in chaos, like it was being played with. But it wasn't just the air; more specifically, it was the space itself which the air occupied. And on the ground beneath them, natural cracks in the ground were being sealed, then reopened, small uneven portions of the ground being ever so slightly leveled and raised. The world around the two, at least in their immediacy, was shifting about.


Yuel looked into her palm, closed her eyes for a moment, and focused. In the back of her mind, she thought of the experience, her mindscape, and drawing that tethering sensation out once more. The young Duulheim opened one her eyes and looked at ground beneath her and drew out that power. Once again, cracks formed beneath her feet, opening and closing as if spaces between the matter was expanding and contracting, nothing but an abyssal vacuum occupying the area of this expanded space, before it collapsed and sealed the cracks thoroughly. Yuel smiled wide, genuinely thrilled from this experience.

So how does Yuel's Tulpa work specifically? Not just the illustration of it in action, but the actual methodology to the magic? Essentially, Yuel's Tulpa is what she defines as a "Tertiary Interaction". In physics, space tells matter how to move, and matter tells space how to bend via gravity. Yuel's Tulpa manifests a third interaction in between, allowing the two laws to interact more dynamically. Through her Tulpa, Yuel can manipulate how gravity bends without the state of matter involved, and how space fabric moves without the occupation of matter. The general limitations to utilise this lies in how condensed space actively is in an area based on how much matter occupies it--hence space within an atmosphere with matter occupying it is more difficult to manipulate.

Basically, a more vacant space with a lower density of matter and therefore interacting gravity is more easily manipulated as there is less variables to work with and change at Yuel's leisure. That said, given her Tulpa operates off force of will and mind, utilises her Tulpa drains her mental faculties and exhausts Yuel mentally. On top of this, while Yuel is a quick thinker, there is still a delay in every time she manifests her Tulpa given that she draws this power from the mindscape visualisations, so it's an opportune moment to take advantage of her during these delays, especially given her generally vulnerable the girl is.

Interacting with Yuel's Tulpa is difficult without understanding it, and trying to combat it is much more complicated, especially since it doens't work off any sort of spiritual or magical source, therefore interfering with its effects doesn't work by just sending energy at it. Especially considering the Tulpa does not have an interactive body as a artificial physical law. The means to interact with it mostly have to do with manipulating space itself, or increasing the amount of matter occupied within space in range of her Tulpa, and doing so can serve to weaken its effects. That said, considering her Tulpa has no interactive body, you can't really "break" it, though you could break her concentration and disable it; however, even if it wasn't disabled, there's a limit to how long a Tulpa can be maintained.

[All energy-draining techniques have an increased post limit of 1 for Adept Willpower, 2 for Advanced Willpower, 3 for Elite Willpower, 5 for Master, and 7 for Grandmaster Willpower. Beginner Willpower is to weak to have any noticeable change. Tulpa have a limit of the same number of posts. Beginner Willpower can not manifest enough tenacity and discipline to construct a Tulpa.]

Finally, Yuel's Tulpa as a territorial ability also has an effective range, and while it can be extended based on how much she concentrates to expand her zone of influence, larger zones of influence also reduces the amount of time Yuel can manifest her Tulpa, with a maximum of three kilometres being sustainable for one post.

» Unlimited Thread Works: First and foremost, the time-continuity upgrade thingy. In the Mongolia thread, Yuel goes through some dark emotions as a result of assuming she killed someone. For a fourteen year old girl that only concerned herself with the sciences for the most part, the impact of killing someone was much more than she could handle. With her being rash as is, Yuel attempts to influence and utilise tachyons and their ability to transcend light-speed easily. With a dash of PH Physics, the tachyons contract time like space would according to special relativity, to the extent of negative progression in layman terms. In the end, these tachyons are sent to the past--specifically, her past. What with relativity being focused on being "relative to the individual", the time travel for the most part has only adverse affects on Yuel herself. When she uses these tachyons, she surrounds herself in them and integrates them into her body, sends herself through the blackhole that already contracts space more than enough, and accelerates herself into her past so to speak.

With all this being said, the end result is a fracture in her own timeline, and relative existence in space. Basically, the only actual application of this time continuity thingy is that Yuel's existence is warped. She can be in multiple places at the same time from different points of her personal history--though all her simultaneous existences would never meet as that's an anomaly we don't need to get into for simplicity's sake, so I'll just avoid it altogether. Additionally, her linear timeline being all messed up, Yuel's memories are scattered. She is able to know information from another thread that she is in (that only she would be aware of in that thread), regardless of what order they're set linearly.

If someone I'm threading with is uncomfortable with this more-or-less metagame, then it won't happen; to ICly explain it, Yuel's timeline is fractured. There's no guarantee of her knowing information from all her points in time simultaneously. As for her going towards omnipresence in terms of being in multiple places simultaneously at different personal points in time, that just means she can be in several different locations, and she may act more mature and grown up in some, or more childish in others. To reiterate, the only timeline this directly affects is Yuel's, so it doesn't directly manipulate anyone else's. By emphasis in directly, I mean that if Yuel was in a thread with a character in two different times or locations, naturally they would be subject to some of the effects by extension, but at most they might just be confused or something.

To some extent, considering Yuel's bound to find out about this issue sooner or later, and her knowledge in "present" would no longer really be a factor to consider since it's all jumbled up, Yuel can predict her own presences in these different locations at these different times. For example, if she met someone, and they were about to teleport to some other area, or just travel there super fast or something along those lines? Basically, she could calculate the probability (which she's really good at considering her ties into quantum physics) of her being in the location they intend to go, and say something like "meet you there".

Speaking of pseudo-teleportation, as her existence in space is messed up and her timeline is fractured, Yuel is prone to phase in and out of space at any given moment. Just to clarify for future reference, technically speaking this is possible to occur when she's attacked, thereby avoiding the attack altogether. Of course, that won't be happening, unless OOCly it is decided between myself and my RP partner that they would be okay with this happening, primarily for plot reasons. It can also be used to avoid death, but again, this is only actually applicable in the event that my RP partner is fine with her avoiding death in this manner. Furthermore, it can be used to easily exit a thread, and only in the instance that I'd like Yuel to leave the thread and there's no combative situation to pull Yuel out of the way from, will I probably not ask my RP partner beforehand if it's okay, so much as tell them. I'd assume that wouldn't really be a problem since it's akin to teleporting out of a thread to exit, or something along those lines.

Since this timeline fracture, well, fractures her timeline, with permission from my RP partners, these abilities can come into effect in threads that technically occur before the Mongolia thread in Yuel's timeline.

To cover some extra bases, there are more applications that may come into effect, but these applications may only occur at the time Yuel enters the thread. Mainly, other objects coming with her. Since Yuel can come from different points of time and space into a thread, ICly-wise at random, there’s the opportunity of objects coming in with her. Naturally, there’s a limit and for the sake of OOC, unless with proper permissions (e.g anyone in the thread and under certain circumstances the governing body in that location, OOC) she won’t be spawning in a thread with a nuke or something along those lines. For convention sake, they’ll usually extend to some sort of hand-held weapon or an advanced device, things like that.

In truth, these aren’t tachyons at all. Even now, they’re still theoretical, and instead the product of her transformation lied in the even less defined Keter Particles. It’s just that, the particles Yuel utilised exhibited effects so similar, she assumed that’s what they were. After the timeline, through her future selves and memories from those future selves, Yuel has discovered that these are not only entirely different, but undiscovered particles up til now. To be specific, one of the reasons they were able to integrate into her soul was their duality nature, as both a physical existing particle, and metaphysical particle. Of course, evident from her still spiritually unaware self, these do not actually enable her to see spiritual beings, or utilise them as a spiritual being might. Just as she still is, their presence is akin to most other powerless humans: they still emit spiritual signatures, thus having to some extent spiritual energy within them, just not enough to actually utilise them or to particularly benefit from them.

» Immersion Winds: Immersion Winds is an Iramasha Gem, though in form it isn't exactly a gem. In fact, it is nothing more than the shattered remains of a once whole stone. So, what remains of this emerald are golden particles which have star-shaped symbols woven into them. This is because the desire of Yuel Duulheim's was one with immense and charitable applications to it. And, due to her formless ambition, as to did her Faith Stone become shapeless.

A lone and seemly powerless human entered the mindscape of The Angel of The Ice following her vast astral call to raise new heroes of the world. Upon receiving this earnest request to awaken her latent potential to improve the world, there was no stopping the desire of Cirno to want to help Yuel in this quest.

For when she learned of the applications that her prowess possessed, she saw a great flare within that just needed a bit of assistance to help blossom into a wondrous tree of divinity. Thus, she took it upon herself to forge the Immersion Winds. By latching on to the immense aspirations of Yuel's request, Cirno was able to find herself crafting quite the versatile and potent tool of blessing.

A Vow: Before any of the abilities of Immersion Winds can be activated, a vow must be taken by Yuel that is done in the physical presence of Cirno's energy. This vow can be spoken in any which words she desires, but the words must come from honest and earnest intent.

As the vow must state that she will use these abilities for just, right and moral causes. If these powers are used for selfish gain, malicious intent or fiendish purposes; then these abilities will be absolved from her spirit and returned to The Angel.

If these conditions are then met and accepted upon, Yuel must then consume the dust and allow it to become whole with her body overtime. And, funnily enough, Cirno has described the taste as having a honey flavor. That is, she didn't want the medicine to be bitter to the tongue when going down.

Regardless of that extra tid-bit of energy, however, the following abilities will be unlocked so long as she mentally activates the Immersion Winds functionality with her mind.

Activation Period: Once Immersion Winds is activated, it has a five post activation limit before there must be a two to three post cool down before it is used again. This is because the effects of the gem stone possess a tremendous effect on the body and mind of Yuel. Therefore, it is not something that can be sustained indefinitely. But, that isn't the purpose. No.

Cirno believes that Yuel can construct wonders of imagination with just a short interval of time given the genius of her power and mind. Henceforth, these circuits of starlike power and intellect are meant to be used as accelerated paths towards reaching her aspirations.

And, given each usage of it, The Angel of The Ice firmly believes she will take fractions of that enlightenment used and retain it overtime. As, over a long period of time, these gemstones are meant to be infused into her body as a whole and help awaken her full celestial potential as a servant of heroism an righteousness.

If she accepts that into her heart, then miracles will surely come her way and she will undoubtedly find her path to power in the stepping stones of charitable love for her people and the innocent. Ergo, with each trying conflict her life is placed in, the stronger her values, the further the EXP can be pushed in order to help expedite the development of Yuel's mind and powers.

Astral Sync: Astral Sync allots Yuel the ability to convert spiritual energy, chaos energy and holy energy into tangible forms of power for her to use at her digression. This works by the fact that Immersion Winds acts as a purifying agent. Once Yuel's body is able to absorb and consume the energy, the remnants of the Faith Stone form a temporary core within the embodiment of the human in order to host the energy.

After this external energy is hosted and secured within that finite gem core, it is then broken down and processed until it is made usable for Yuel. Following the event of it's usability, the dust of Immersion Winds will empower themselves and be able to store as much energy as a 0-4. A high volume of power would need to be consumed, of course, but it is within the range of feasibility given that it is an extension of Cirno being used as opposed to Yuel's force.

As for the duration of the gem? If not used, it will most likely last for four threads before being depleted and another needing to replace it. If it is used in thread? It will take four cycles of usage before it is broken and another will need to be mended in a new thread. This is because the effects are vast and very draining to withhold. So it stands to reason that such power will need to be constantly recharged just like the human body needs a good rest to restore itself.

Stellar Consciousness: This is a secondary ability of Immersion Winds. Given that her gift lays in the mind, it stands as no reason that this faith stone would have the capacity to unlock it's potential. Therefore, unrestricted access to her brain's power would be allotted during the time that Immersion Winds is activated.

And this simply taps into the fact that she would be given a form of ethereal intellect that allows her to tap into the wisdom of heaven and conjure up the greatest of ideas. The laws of the world would become grasped, the metaphysical would become better understood and the processing power of the brain would be totally unhinged.

In this way, the birth of many incomprehensible sparks of creativity, discovery, invention and bouts of unreal focus could be forged in the hopes of this noble goal that beats like a burning sun within Yuel's heart. For with this blazing prowess, the blessing to give birth to wondrous works is given and the world can swiftly be made a better place by them.

However, even with all these grand enhancements, it still comes at a cost. For, once this ability is deactivated, it will feel as if the brain of Yuel had ran an absurdly long marathon. Sensations of tiredness, mental fog and heaviness could ease into her mind. Which, in turn, will serve to induce further mental pains for the duration of the thread if absued.

As, even when she activates it the next turn, the pain will only become worse if she does not allow herself a proper period to rest her mind or is given the adequate resources to heal and recover. Since, in this state, it is quite easy for her to run through the energy of the Immersion Winds due to how grand-scale some of the concepts can seem and how close to achieving they may influence her mind to appear as.

Ergo, it is wise to enter this state in a space of focused mind in order to properly wield it. Otherwise, this dream mind can turn into a nightmarish brain should it fall into the realm of malice and abuse.

Abstract Embodiment: Given the fact that particles of Immersion Winds are constantly being produced in Yuel's body, it stands as no reason that she can't create numerous types of constructs from her mind with said mystic dust. These can range from weaponry, energized material, structures and any material that her mind can comprehend and body can perform (WITHIN REASON).

Therefore, Yuel can then take her inventions to another level as this is primarily meant to be used in non-combat threads to produce her genius. So, in order to forge said equipment, it must also be done in thread and documented under equipment after the thread is complete.

Self-training threads would be the most effective at honing her art and becoming adjusted to the power. As there is a learning curve to it and it is recommended to stick to one to two construct per post. This is because the ability is quite extensive and has the potential for vast usage. And, the more complex and widespread the construct is, the more intense the side effects, drawbacks and drain will be.

So while her mind can expand to such enormous heights, her abilities must still be drawn by reality and done within material and feasible means. Otherwise, it will turn into a waste of an ability as it will not grant feats of power outside the gems energy.

Celestial Grace: This is a tertiary ability of Immersion Winds. In order to keep the ambitions of Yuel further safe, Cirno imprinted her blessing upon the human's body. When she is in danger, an astral force will arise in order to help protect her. This will be tethered to a secondary source of power in the gem meant to shield and defend Yuel so that she may produce her wondrous works of genius innovation.

This core is roughly on par with the energy source of a 1-1, but it will have enough potency behind it's attacks in order to be on par with a 0-3 capable of harming other 0 tiers just fine. As, like most other gems, this is coated with Cirno's will and power. And, since this is an extension of herself, there is no reason why it would not possess a similar might as Cirno's celestial hand.

Therefore, this Celestial Grace cab be used in whatever shape or form Yuel wishes; even outside of the activation of Immersion Winds. This is because it can ONLY be activated in that state of mind. It is not meant to be used alongside Astral Sync and Stellar Consciousness because they tap into a different source of power. If attempted, it would only end in disaster to say the least.

No. Celestial Grace is to allow Yuel a means of defense outside of those immense burst of intellect and power. So it can be used even after the cooldown period of Immersion Winds, but it will be rather difficult to use if she pushed her mind too far and it's best to stick with simpler constructs due to it's lower power. This core is also able to be used until the energy within is drained. And, it is limited to 1-2 actions as well.

However, unlike Immersion Winds, Celestial Grace can be utilized again if an external source of energy boosts it power in thread. Granted, it may tax Yuel's body depending on how banged up she is, but it is within the realm of possibility to achieve. This is because it purely feeds off of her mortal intellect and nothing more.


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» Zanpakuto Name: Lov Rahjun
» Shikai Release Phrase: My will is truth, my word is law; arise, Lov Rahjun.
» Shikai Type: Constant Shikai

» Inner World: Yuel's Inner World is unfathomably massive. In the immediate vicinity to which a person could enter, thee world around them would be a completely blank white plane, indistinct scenery in thee distance. The white plane itself would appear to only extend perhaps a kilometre outwards, and unreachably beyond it to the west was an enormous mountain range, whose base couldn't be seen, and peaks extended so far into the sky that they were indiscernable. To the east, an enormous sea that expands on into infinity, and finally an enormous sky coated with vague dancing shapes and celestial bodies glistening in magnificence. The only things in reach would always be the pure white world, and any distance moved would never come closer to approaching the west or the east.

Anybody with any degree of spiritual awareness would be capable of sensing the three enormous presences within. In the sky lies a being emitting chi energy freely and without reserve, enough to cover the sky three times over. In the west within the mountain range lies a demon of enormous, roundingly equal power pervading through the entire mountain scape menacingly. In the east slumbers Yuel's zanpakuto spirit underneath the sea, the waters entirely made up of its emitted and hyper-condensed spiritual energy.

» Zanpakuto Personality: Lov Rahjun is kind of like an old, prideful man. Like anyone else, he disdains in being wrong, though he can accept it at times. What’s more difficult to accept, is a stubborn person. Or rather, to be more specific Lov dislikes someone wrong, incessantly professing themselves right. Though not violent in nature, these kinds of people are one of the few to actually set him off. Of course, acting this way on purpose isn’t going to generate much of a reaction from him--he isn't that easily or predictably provoked. Lov is an introvert, but he isn’t socially stupid--just generally apathetic. Unless confronted with a particularly good liar, fake incompetence isn’t going to get far with bim. In fact, while he also finds strong dislike in such a person, these actions instead solicit his curious side. He’d far sooner inquire why someone was, by his definition, acting stupid, than get angry at them for thinking they could fool him.

As a result of his superior-complex and aforementioned incompetents, having to justify himslf is unpleasant. There’s an understanding that some people need things explained to them, but especially in the case of him proving right in any number of situations with the person present, being questioned instead of garnering their faith becomes a tiresome thing. His actions have on occasion made him heretical to the public’s eyes, especially out of defiance for sake of spite. The act of justifying himself brings Lov Rahjun back to those moments, if only in thought--not to the extent of some sort of PTSD reaction.

As mentioned before, Lov is an introvert who therefore wouldn't often initiate conversation, despite having no problem doing so. He possesses a decent level of social skills, more than enough to get him by, but through and through Yue is an introvert. By no surprising, he doesn't find much comfort and enjoyment in social situations and being around people. His introvert status is thoroughly within his core being. That said, the scales are gauged through comfortability on an individual basis in terms of who he can tolerate to be around. The more he’s familiar with you? The easier it is for him to not mind your presence--such as with his owner, Yuel.

» Yuel Personality Change: Yuel more closely embodies the liveliness of someone her age and apathetic exterior of someone as long-lived as her zanpakuto spirit, like a rowdy charismatic protagonist with infinite potential. With her manner of play being rough and loud, any party she was to enter becomes electrified with her endless amounts of energy. For that reason, her sociability can be contagious, but it's not all good and well. This energy is paired with an extreme level of aggression true to an oni. Playing a game? Yuel is highly competitive, in and out of shikai, and she may potentially get too heated about the outcome. Paired with her loud, outspoken self, she's the best tool used to piss the neighbors off. In terms of martial arts? She'll prefer relentless battering with no room to breathe. Social situations? Yuel is entirely comfortable with making first contact, but her approach may be a bit too high speed for some people's tastes.

As a matter of fact, even some undesirable traits of hers is exemplified in her interactions. Yuel's natural jealousy can blot out the heavens in green, becoming quickly triggered in the sense that she's incredibly protective over that which she considers is "hers". This vice comes out fairly easily, and to that extent Yuel in shikai can come off as greedy and stingy, but as far as Yuel is concerned, her friends are hers. In that seense, she also is very defensive for the people she likes and is always on their side in most circumstances, even if she may subconsciously recognise that they were in the wrong.

Not just being envious, but in just about all her emotions, Yuel will lack discipline. Unfortunately, her emotions control her; at the very least, she’s well aware of the fact, but who cares? Normal Yuel can deal with the consequences later. Often times, anger gets the best of her and she becomes explosive--but when someone points it out? Fuck it, her rage cannot be suppressed because the offense was too great, and Yuel won't even bother to take a step back and review herself, rethink things and in most situations, calm down. Fuck the world and what it thinks, what she does is her business and the world just has to deal with it. It’s a similar scenario with most any other emotion of hers, to include a favourable person that may drive her to borderline personal-space impeding and obsessive tendencies, or a level of melancholy that brings you to check her room for any bleach--just in case. To that extent, one of the best words to describe the youth is: extreme, in everything that she is and does.

That being said, Yuel assumes an otherwise easygoing persona, and most of the time she puts no effort to mull over every little thing. Sweating the small stuff is a good way to turn her blonde hair white. Of course, when her limits are reached--and they’re not all too tolerating to begin with--she becomes explosive, like a pressured bottle that finds release. Touch her his reverse scale, and maybe he’ll curse you and your generations to come forever more, swearing to the heavens she’ll destroy every fiber in your being. And this sort of threat in this form of Yuel's kind of means something.

Yuel exemplifies ambition and this truly shines out with her shikai; paired with her radical nature, many accurately pin her as obsessive. Any goal she’s set for herself is something she’s chased fervently, and having gone through a number of exceptional hardships to temper her mind, Yuel proves incredibly dedicated and focused--to even the smallest of performances. Considering she puts her heart into all that she does and plows forward with unparalleled aggression, her single-minded attitude is easily seen as a stubborn personality, or in more amicable words, a steadfast nature. In fact, her obsessiveness goes to the point being the type to justify the means with the ends.

[little note but Yuel speaks heavy Scots in Shikai.]


»Oni Inheritance: Accessing her constant-shikai fundamentally changes Yuel's physiology from her normal, spiritually unempowered human state to an actual shinigami's spiritual body. Due to this, Yuel's physical abilities are similarly transformed, in particular taking on a lot of the Suika traits that is a part of her shinigami lineage, to include things such as overwhelmingly enhanced physical strength and endurance.

Oni Path Of Strength: This is the front liner of abilities for The Suika Clan. The bulk of the tribe is often known throughout the rukongai for their vicious and demonic-like strength. Essentially, Suika Tribe Members already have a large volume of food that their body breaks down into various proteins. This is because most Suika Tribe members are required a huge sum of nutrition due to the demands their body requires. Once it is digested, it is broken down into supernatural proteins that gives it the proper growth needed to fuel their muscles.

Then, by pushing themselves to the limit with their training/fights, the micro-tears in their muscle fibers repairs at abnormal rates due to this digestion ability + supernatural energy fueling it's repair. And since they recover from their regenerative properties quickly, it is possible for rabid muscle gains and durability + strength to be made the more a Suika Tribe Member fights and trains.

This has then led the the infamous knowledge that many of The Suika Tribe's member can often even become stronger by defeat. For, if they push themselves in combat hard enough, they can progressively get stronger throughout each training session, sparring match, battle waged or war fought. From this attribute, they've often been thought of as Shinigami with a great potential for rabid growth if put under the correct circumstances of constantly fighting against abnormal combat situations.

Furthermore, once they've mastered their Shikai, it is possible for their strength to even effect the metaphysical and supernatural. How so? By becoming highly attuned to their Zanpukto and spiritual energy, it is possible for their reaitsu to fuse into their body and evolve their bodies to naturally being able to pierce through magic, supernatural or other types of metaphysical assaults. So, to provide an example, it is possible for a Suika Tribe member who is 2-1 to be able to destroy, lessen or deflect something like an electric bolt fired off from a lightning based Zanpukto if their strength is strong enough.

Granted, they should be careful not to wear themselves down when applying their strength to that level. That is because they are still physical creatures in the sense that they can tire out similarly to an athlete pushing themselves. They'll begin to feel muscle soreness, strain and eventually sluggishness if they do not allow themselves proper time to recover from these extents of otherworldly strength.

[It is possible for those even on the three and four tier to receive advanced strength as well at the start of their application. However, in exchange, they will have to lower one or more of their skills. These can range from mental, racial or natural skills.]

Tools Of The Oni: Tools of The Oni refers to an innate ability that allows some Suika Tribe members to have knowledge of demonic weaponry. This stems from the traditionally aspect that many types of Oni are seen wielding clubs, irons and other various large weapons. These Suika Tribe members have a better time adapting weapon based combat, high zanjustu affinity and they have a firm instinct for what it takes to forge a good weapon. So these are either often sign as inventors of the clan or outright weapon freaks.

Their spiritual energy also allows them to otherwise alter and repair Zanpukto of those who are of the Suika Tribe. This is because they have a firm implemented knowledge of how oni-based Zanpukto work and the capacity to repair them. This means they are often sought for those who either have their Zanpuktos broken, newly converted Suika Tribe members or those seeking to further improve their Zanpukto's ability. It is also possible for them to repair regular Zanpukto, but it is a far more complex and demand task that is reserved for members of this trait who are on the 0 tier level.

[This means it is possible to receive an advanced knowledge of weapon skill for all Suika Tribe members, but they will have to give up another in exchange for it. The same can be applied to Zanjutsu as well if they decide to go that route.]

Oni's Restoration [Rare Bloodline Trait]: This is a trait that is related to the mystic proprieties that an Oni's body can possess. And, for that reason, Oni Restoration is a rare trait in The Suika Tribe. It is often said that only one in ten children are capable of attaining this trait. And, even from that small pool who have do it, most often do not realize it's full potential until much later in their age.

Thus, essentially, there are those in the Suika Tribe who are able to otherwise have various levels of slow, moderate and fast-paced regeneration. In the different tier levels below, you will learn the different levels of regeneration that they have as they train and progress in their power.

Four Tier - When a Suika Tribe member is at four tier, their regenerative capacities allow them to recover from cuts, bruises within the same post. They can also recover from minor blood lost quite well. Moderate blood lost may take two to three post; while major blood lost can take upwards of four post. Urgent wounds such as internal organs being crushed, limbs being lost and damaged to the nervous system will take much longer to reform. Somewhere in the period of five post. If they invest a large sum of energy, they can increase the speed of their regeneration upwards of one to two post across the board.

Three Tier - This is when this ability becomes more potent. External injuries ranging from cracked or broken bones can be recovered within one to two post depending on how extensive the damage is. Deeper burns, wounds and damage to organs can also be eased in roughly two post as well. Furthermore, due to how their body is constantly regenerating themselves, Suika Tribe members of this caliber are known to have far longer lifespans than their lower level counterparts. This is because cellular and genetic damaged is greatly lessened at this point. Other traits include the fact that they can endure sever blood loss, and more severe wounds will take longer times to heal.Things such as losing kidneys, limbs and large chunks of their body will take around three post to recover from.

Two Tier - At this point, their regeneration would have been taken to another level. Minor wounds heal almost instantly, but they often can tire out a Suika Tribe member's spiritual energy OR physical energy if done too often. Since this can be supernaturally sped up with their reaitsu, or it can take place naturally on their own as the Suika Tribe is capable of regenerating without it. Furthermore, on that note, a Suika Tribe member's spiritual can be replenished rather quickly from battle after this point. Within every post they do not sustain damage, they are capable of recovering five to ten percent of their energy. And, they are able to recover upwards of fifty to seventy percent at max.

Other feats include being able to recover damaged nerves and healing them to a great extent after a few post (Most often three) have passed with no further injury to their nervous system.Lost of limbs and internal organs can also be recovered in one post, but can leave them physically tired if repeated too often and depletes their energy. Cellular degeneration is also reduced to the point where those with this level of regeneration are essentially granted eternal youth. Toxins and drugs also seem to have little effect on them; which can also be a downside as their bodies will often reject most forms of medicine in favor of its natural healing.

One Tier - Reaching this level of power will take The Suika Tribe members regenerative functions to a new height. At this level of strength, it is possible to form extremely high resistances to diseases, toxins and poisons to the point of forming a near immunity to them. As, they would have 90% resistance against them. Furthermore, all injuries to their organs, bones and limbs can be recovered within the same post at fast speeds. However, this does not equal to infinite regeneration. At some point, it will continue to zap their stamina and they will tire out. So a Suika Tribe members repetitively gets their limbs and body blown out, at some point the regeneration will be slowed or outright stop working until the next thread. So it is important not to be careless.

Other traits that are notable is the fact that The Suika Tribe's regeneration becomes so potent at this stage that just their blood is capable of recovering twenty to thrity percent of an allies stamina, energy and health by drinking it. Granted, they can only consume this blood three times per thread, but it is still useful for them to use as a back-up. And, on top of that, their body is often constantly returning to its peak, physical form. So, while their energy levels may take abuse from constantly forming, they can maintain their NATURAL born strength even through critical injury.

Zero Tier - When reaching zero tier, the regeneration seems to even bridge the gap between mental barriers and even restores willpower. Often time, when they are mentally stressed, A Suika Tribe's member regeneration can reform self-confidence, reduce self-doubt and cause them to keep pushing forward until they secure their victory. This can lead to high levels of pain suppression to the point of ignoring pain even when in focused states.

Additionally, their stamina increases to such a high point that it is rather difficult to exhaust or permanently injure them until you wear them down. That isn't to say they are unbeatable, but you had better bring some serious firepower to impede their level of regeneration because they are constantly reforming their bodies and refueling themselves with the pool of power they would have attained at this point.

High Endorphin Release: Although most write off the Suika Tribe as a band of brutes, lunkheads and overall idiots, outside of combat -- most of these tribesmen are quite creative, friendly and jovial to be around. This is because the amount of endorphin that is generated within a Suika Tribe members body is ten times higher than the average human or Shinigami's body. And, as they become stronger, this elation only becomes stronger and more potent. For, this effect is stimulated by the fact that their bodies are always constantly being pushed to the extreme, so the reward is that they have a constant sensation of joy and happiness.

In turn, this has then led to them achieving a high level of social intelligence, creative intelligence and peace of mind. Often times they can be the life of the party because they always feel charged and full of energy. This makes them rather sociable and easy to be around. Or, in other cases, they can turn into great poets, creative writers or even artist because their mind is constantly painting vivid scenes of pleasure in their mind and they can channel that into varying different outfights. And lastly, meditation comes quite easily to most of the Suika Tribe members because their body is often in such a peaceful and serene state from this state of constant endorphin release.

Some have even used this talent to outright come out with abstract ways to further their training, understand their zanpukto or increase their strength. As, depending on their onihood, many types of Suika Tribe members have varied regime's of training to reach their goals of evolution.

Ridiculous Alcohol Tolerance: Don't try it. Don't think it. Don't even speak about it. The alcohol tolerance of The Suika Tribe is second to none. They crave alcohol no other being and can consume massive volumes of it at a single time. The stronger they become, the more fierce this tolerance enhances itself. It has reached a point where Ibiki Suika herself stated that she can endlessly drink her liquor and never succumb to fatal symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Her mind may alter from being under the influence, but her body will die from it. So don't do it. Don't try to out drink a Suika Tribe member.

Alcohol Boost: Most Suika Tribe members do experience a high spike in elation when they drink large quantities of Alcohol . This then turns them into believing that they've gained a massive physical buff, but in reality it is nothing more than a psychological booster. It helps them to focus better, improve their endurance to pain, helps them channel their creativity and otherwise serves to bolster their mood to better face off against stressful situations; combat or non-combat related. So if a Suika Tribe member is strained or stressed, give them a good deal of booze and they'll be back to cloud nine soon enough. It's their natural anti-depressant.

Vast Hunger And Thirst: Due to the high amount of energy that their bodies demand in order to stay in peak physical condition at all times, The Suika Clan are known to be a tribe of Shinigami that consume vast quantities of food and water. Whatever a normal person eats? A Suika Tribe Member eats four times that. And the more powerful they become, the more food they often require. It even reached a point where Ibiki Suika herself developed a technique to produce infinite booze in order to help sedate her thirst. Without proper nutrition, a Suika Tribe member can become weakened. So they often eat a diet rich in meats, liquor, vegetables and whatever else they can take from the land.

(Bonus: They aren't a clan known to like sweet tasting things. This is due to the fact that their taste buds are often altered to seek out the most enriching foods. So, in some cases, Suika Tribe members break out into a disorder that makes them eat dirt, pure iron, zinc and other minerals to make them stronger. They often call it "Endo Resu Endo Resu", or "Endless Hunger")

Strong Immune System: As a passive trait, most of the The Suika Tribe does have a tendency to produce Shinigami who have tenacious immune systems. This made possible in part by a few factors. The first factor is the fact that their bodies are often in peak physical condition when it comes to their natural traits. That is, they are comparable to athlete's in their prime even when at tier levels comparable to human's or low-level hollow's. Henceforth, their natural immunities are bolstered to that allow them to overcome illnesses and diseases more quickly than other Shinigami. Those on the stronger side can even recover from toxins, poisons and other alignments within an hour; such as the case with Ibiki Suika.(And potentially less than that if empowered or augmented.)

Secondly, while excessive consumption of alcohol normally impairs the immune system and increases vulnerability to lung infections, the opposite is true for The Suika Clan. The more booze they consume, the more powerful their immune system becomes. It is apart of the reason why Ibki Suika herself tends to drink as much as she does. Liquor is considered such a rich nourishment to their bodies that it is even said that booze is what allows The Suika Tribe to stay in such pristine health. Even throughout their old age, most of their internals can be spry as a child if they continue ingesting large volumes of alcohol into old age.

So, in short, while they may not have absolute immunity to diseases, sickness and toxins; you'll find it mighty difficult to poison, sicken or make ill a Suika Tribe member. Especially if they are on the more powerful end of the spectrum.

Devil Nature

This is considered to be one of the Suika Tribes ultimate family abilities. It is referred to as "The Devil's Essence", "Oni Nature" and "Devil's Face" within the tribe. For the requirements below, you will soon find out why these titles are so apply applied:

1. The user must have an in-depth knowledge of their inner world, abilities and sense of self. This can be achieved through finding themselves in the world, challenging themselves, meditation and things of this caliber. If you do not understand your Oni-Nature, then you will not succeed in manifesting The Devil's Nature.

2. Often times, you must have the age between 60-100 years old in order to be eligible for a Devil's Nature to be unlocked with your character. This is because it takes a full human's life in order for a Suika Tribe member to understand who they are and have a decent command over their powers.

3. You should at least be 3-3 before unlocking The Devil's Nature. This is because it takes a fair bit of training and energy to sustain.

With the requirements understood, The Devil's Nature is fabled to be one of the ultimate abilities that Suika member can possess. Why is that so? The reason for this stigma is because it captures the essence of The Oni evolution The Suika Tribe member underwent and brings it to its utmost peak no matter what form they are in. So, that means it can be utilized in a base, Shikai, Bankai or even Shikokai itself.

It often takes the form of a traditional Japanese oni mask, but there have been known to be formations so long as it pertains to a folklore associated with Japanese mythology. This is what primarily separates them from being confused with Vizards. Furthermore, their mask is born from the users own spiritual energy. So, once a Suika Tribe member unlocks it, they can chose to keep it sealed within themselves to summon at their leisure. Or, in the case of others, always keep a physical copy on hand at all times.

But more importantly, once the mask is dawned, it will stay fused until the user either runs out of power or decides to deactivate the form. And, unlike Vizards, there is no way to remove it until either of those situations occur. The only real way to do it would be to rip off their head or kill them because The Devil Essence becomes one with the user and it would be akin to taking a limb or two off of them.

Digressing, this prime essence can manifest in many different ways. For instance, if there was Devil's Essence that unlocked an Oni's Nature who took on more malicious traits, then their Devil's Essence would reflect a feral form. This savagery would alter their personality to make it more aggressive, null the sensation of pain entirely and bolster their augmentations by two times in base, three times in Shikai, four times in shikai and five times in Shikokai.

So, because of this, there is often a warning and omen for Suika Tribe members to have the utmost of control of themselves, their powers, zanpukto and sense of mind when wanting to attain this family ability. If their element is one they cannot control, or one that evolves into a true beast, they may very well lose their minds in the process until the mask runs out of juice.

Ergo, below is how long The Devil Essence can last based per tier:

0 Tier: Twenty post in base. Ten post in Shikai. Seven post in Bankai. Three post in Shikokai.
1 Tier: Fifteen post in base. Eight post in Shikai. Five post in Bankai.
2 Tier: Eight post in base. Four post in Shikai.
3 Tier: Four post in base.

With that said, it can also only be used once per thread!

Having laid that out, the benefits will once again be laid out and the drawbacks.


Each active ability has a benefit and drawback. Below you'll see them.

Physical Appearance: Often times, when a Suika Tribe member achieves their Devil Essence, an alteration of some kind will occur. Skin may become darkened or reddened, their spiritual energy may shift or turn into multiple colors, their Zanpukto may alter somewhat or other similar changes may occur. These adjustments often reflect their Oni Essence as well. So, if you had a Suika Tribe member whose spirit reflected that of an Oni who relied on brute strength, then chances are their Devil Essence would look wild in appearance. Bigger horns, larger fangs, longer hair and a raging aura are all possible things that could occur while in Devil Essence.

Augmentation: There is a potential for augmentation of all their abilities and attributes. This ranges from two times in base, three times in Shikai, four times in Bankai and five in Shiokai. However, when it comes to augmentations, they must be considered carefully when used in released states. This is because it can be taxing on the body and cause immense strain when they release their mask. These can range from damaged organs, bones being cracked or broke or just an overall sense of fatigue. So, if they utilize them in release, they must aim to finish the fight swift and fast.

Devil Ability: Oftentimes, in their Devil Essence, one can attain a new power or ability associated with what their Oni Nature is. So, if ones Onihood turned them to rely on the elements and live off the land, it is possible for them to temporarily gain a power akin to elemental control. Manipulating earth, wind, fire and air as these would represent the tools needed to thrive off of in nature. Or, in another illustration, an Oni whose life was spent in insanity can gain an ability to empower himself and others based on this deranged nature of his Oni essence. These Devil Abilities are only available to them while fused with their Devil mask. (So you CANNOT add a power that IS not related to your current powerset.)

Prime Health: A Suika Tribe member is considered their most dangerous while their Devil Essence state is active for this trait alone. Any damage that they previously sustained is restored and ignored for the duration that their Devil Mask is merged with them. However, what is more important to pay witness to is the fact that their health and energy can exceed far beyond their natural limits. In base alone, A Suika Tribe member's health can extend pass the realm of 100% into 200% terrority. While, in Shikai, this further evolves into a 300% increase. In Bankai, this jumps to 400% and lastly to 500% in Shikokai.

Now, one may wonder: what exactly does this translate to? And it is simple: a person can think of it as a health bar type of system. Normally, a person would have 100/100 HP while in their regular states. Well, when Devil's Essence kicks in, this can boost them to 200/100, 300/100, 400/100 and 500/100 to prevent the time it takes for their Devil Essence to start taking damage. Even more than that, this applies to their MP as well to the point where they are capable of ascending one to three tiers higher than they normally are while in this state. [With staff approval] This can then lead to the potential of temporarily 0-1's being formed and most of their natural traits being boosted by one level.

This then makes it extremely difficult for their foe to impede them because it will take some time before their rampage is stopped.Therefore, as a drawback, they often receive most of their old injuries as soon as the juice from their Devil Essence State runs out. And, on top of that, they will often incur further injury from pushing themselves that hard. Things such as broken bones, ruptured organs, extreme fatigue, blinding headaches, dizziness, dulled senses and other types of bodily side effects are possible depending on how far they went into their Devil Masked States. This is why it must be used with caution and why it is often reserved for a final move of sorts.

» Compartmentalised Energy: To start off, Yuel's energy in her shikai is utterly enormous. It might seem that way given her human form, but Lov Rahjun had been siphoning all the potential energy she'd been building up for five centuries now, and once she wrested control of her inner world from Lov Rahjun, all of it became accessible, enabling such an overwhelming force of power to be utilised, at full force being capable of expanding to one hundred kilometres. Though the range isn't that big for someone emitting her levels of energy, this is because Yuel's powers are focused on "zone control", whereas another person's abilities such as lightning generation are more tangibly manifested, and can extend and be sent out to strike things innumerable kilometres away. Yuel's abilities do not function outside the theatre of her control.

Now the unique thing with Yuel's energy is how uninteractive it is with foreign powers attempting to manipulate or generally influence it. Make no mistake, people can combat her energy and defy or oppose its effects, But Yuel's energy essentially cannot be manipulated or influenced directly by a foreign entity, be used as a conduit to empower someone else, or essentially interact with it beyond dispersing/repelling it. The reason is her energy exists in an independent state from the physically/spiritually occupied world due to how Keter Particels are embedded in it, such that while they can interact with the world and be interacted with as an individual entity, they don't necessarily belong in the world. Therefore, attempts to manipulate, control, or otherwise utilise it dynamically in some form by others just won't work out. There are still ways to circumvent this issue, such as manipulating the space that her energy occupies, is running through, or generally expanding/interacting with to nullify or otherwise negate its effects. Furthermore, while this occurs, Yuel's energy is still expended, so the act of manipulating her energy this way (save for dispersing/repelling it) is viable and can still spiritually exhaust her. The only exception to that is if Yuel has established control over that zone of space herself, in which case you can still combat her energy/the space controlled more conventionally through energy-to-energy opposition.

» Eyes of the Prophet: Yuel is capable of perceiving the elements of a target in existence (therefore she wouldn't be able to analyse an entity of non-existence), and depending on the amount of time she focuses on that particular existence--provided nothing is blocking her perception, both literally and magically/spiritually--Yuel can persistently unravel the elements, attributes, and mechanisms of the target to find out what it does, how it works, and what it can potentially achieve. That said, she can't actually tell what it's going to do precisely, but with the information on hand and achieved through Eyes of the Prophet, she can find a means to predict the feasible options of its performance. This is only operable in her shikai and technically does utilise spiritual energy, so things which interfere with the usage of spiritual energy can inhibit this ability. If she's also occupying an area or is under the effect of some sort of passive which weakens spiritual techniques (given it doesn't infringe on the clauses of her compartmentalised energy), the rate of information she can extract can be slowed down. This doesn't work on magical that operates without a specific set system, as it needs to be something that if not obeying a physical law, at least has its own system or rules that it operates by for her analysis to take effect.

»Renkinjutsu: - Yuel has since evolved Renkinjutsu to become much more powerful with more efficiently written sigils to enhance the strength the utilisation of Renkinjutsu, and since Yuel can directly reinforce its strength or write the sigils solely off of her own spiritual energy, the level of strength she can utilise this alchemy has become considerably more powerful. Additionally, Yuel utilises Renkinjutsu solely in lieu of kido, given she self-devised this system and is more confident in its strength than the shinigami spell-sytem.

Renkinjutsu Kaishi Undō - A play on words. Separation of "Kaishi", meaning "Start", and "Undou", meaning "Motion" is similar to Kidou, in which separating the two characters results in the individual characters also meaning "start" and "motion" respectively. Basically refering to "invocation", this seal is the one which sucks in roaming spiritual particles to activate connecting seals off of a minimal amount of spiritual energy. Of course, to even activate it a certain amount is needed, which is why it requires direct blood from the person to activate. Smudging the intricate lines that make up the seal disengages the process. Although there's no byproduct as a result of the failure, the time spent gathering reishi is still wasted.

Renkinjutsu Tentodoke - A bit of a stretch on english translation of the kanji, this seal meaning "Heavens Notify" produces a clear beam of energy in similar manner to a Chaos Blast or Cero. Looking through it is similar to looking through a stream of clear water being poured without any air bubbles. The other sides is a bit distorted, but the colours can be made out. This ability largely depends on the surroundings. If there's a denseness of spiritual energy, the potency goes so far as to utterly decimate even the side of a mountain after absorbing reishi for around two posts. But, within the span of a single post in a fairly average density of latent reishi? At most, a building could be speared through. Naturally, the size of the beam is entirely dependent on the size of the seal made. It should be noted that smudging the intricate lines that make up the seal can very well disrupt the flow of spiritual energy that produces such an effect, and a byproduct of the disruption will immediately cause the energy to burst out violently, easily allowing the same amount of damage to be done around a radius at a 1:10 ratio, 1 being the size of the seal. That being said, the seal should be carefully maintained, or else the one who activated the seal is easily in danger of immediate death.

Renkinjutsu Kuchi no Honō - Easily translating to "Mouth of Flames", Kuchi no Hono is activated similarly to Tentodoke, typically as with all other seals. requiring as many as six seals which circle around the invocation seal, needing an entire post to create these seals before activating them, naturally the potency of this ability is far greater than Tentodoke. Upon activation, a fire engulfs the area of 100 metres that swallow the surroundings utterly. The heat of the flames reaches a point that instantly melts iron and turns rocks into lava. The rebound of failing to fully activate the seal will result in the energy signature that started the whole process--being traced by the blood used to activate the invocation seal--will transfer all that heat energy to the user as opposed to being expelled in the intended manner, dealing the full brunt of damage to them internally. Basically, instant, painfully fiery death.

Renkinjutsu Ransora - The intention of Ransora--translating into Disrupt Sky--is to essentially create a vaccum in the surrounding area. With the seal as the epicentre, the surrounding 50 metres loses all air. This state of no air lasts for one post, and when that post is over, the seal slowly retracts all the air back into that space. For that amount of time, there's literally no air resistance and therefore friction above the ground, aside from outside factors. On top of that, there is no air pressure, and only gravity to pull upon you. Of course, there's no air to breath either. Disrupting the seal will cause all the air to rapidly come back into the vacuum, literally causing a 50-metre implosion. Without adequate durability, the user of the seal will almost certainly die.

As per her attempt to save James’s life when she thought she killed him, Yuel had carved multiple intricate Renkinjutsu seals into herself. Some of these seals are multiple Kaishi Undou, to balance out their small size and multiples, in effect retaining still conjuring an equal amount as she normally might when writing the sigil onto the ground or some other surface in large. All of these sigils are multi-purpose, and changing the flow of which sigil leads to other sigils changes the effects. For example, she can utilise any of the aforementioned sigils such as Kuchi no Honou, or Ransora. Naturally, she must go through the same procedures, such as using her blood for the preliminary gathering of reishi into the Kaishi Undou seals, and having that power connect and spread to the others to garner the desired effect. In short, Yuel now has her seals at her disposal, and can now mobilise them as opposed to initially writing them on the floor and prevent their disruption.

Of course, there are also drawbacks. Mainly, the fact that as a powerless human she still can’t control the effects outside of what’s been inscribed in the seals. If a Kuchi no Honou is raging fire, she can’t control the spread or deter the effects. Additionally, since these seals are literally carved into her body, and for some reason stays as scars and won’t heal, even in the future or through advanced medical technology, she can’t disrupt the effects to cancel them. Of course, the result of disrupting these seals are typically disadvantageous towards her, as they produce highly dangerous drawbacks towards the conjurer--that being Yuel, such as Kuchi no Hono tracing back to the source of the spiritual energy and burning that source alive. But at the same time, she also can’t utilise some of these drawbacks offensively, such as disrupting Ransora to--with some outside sources--induce a star. Additionally, most of these seals release their effects with themselves as the epicentre. With that in mind, some of these effects are essentially unusable without risking her life, like Kuchi no Hono. With the high-intensity fire starting at the seal and going outwards, that’s essentially asking for Yuel to be burned alive.

Of course if Yuel utilises Renkinjutsu in shikai, with her own spiritual energy she now has means to better control it, but considering Renkinjutsu mostly utilises latent spiritual energy and is a system that operates without her energy, she still can't actually control what occurs with the effects of the spells as a foreign entity, she can just better empower the sigils through her own energy, prepare it more safely, and choose the activation of the energy. Otherwise, Renkinjutsu as an independent operation is more like another entity utilising spiritual energy and conducting attacks or otherwise rather than something coming from herself.

» Oni Combat Style: The defining trait behind Shikai Yuel's main fighting style is relentlessness, in ways more than one. In terms of technique and skill, Yuel's movements mold together, offense and defense, footwork and hand movements working in tandem to move the whole body as a single unit in one flow. The most fearsome product of her fighting style in relation to technique in skill is how each movement is a flowing response leading into another seamlessly--that is the product of her intuitive fighting methods. In truth, what propels Yuel's techniques--and its simulation of multiple schools of martial thought--is manipulation and control of force.

For Yuel, the truth behind her seamless attacks and defense is through manipulating her momentum. Every strike will generate a cyclically overwhelming surge power, as its recycled into the next attack through centrifugal force. The Duulheim's relentlessness in technique lies in her never stopping movement, steadily and constantly building momentum. For example, a simple right-hook. Yuel's immediate action thereafter is to use torque through her waist, storing all that kinetic energy released from her right-hook in her shoulders as if actively converting it back into potential energy. Her shoulders must then follow after per inertia, pulled by her initial strike forward and the exerted centrifugal force pulling it back, and centripetal force pulling it around, keeping all the force of her right-hook available to add onto her next attack. Like this, the Oni's movements constantly gain speed and momentum like a juggernaut, simulating heaven breaking blows with godlike strength.

This kaleidoscope manner of combat injected into a coalition of simultaneous attack and defense makes her all the more fearsome. This allows for inescapable pressure, as most attacks thrown at her are responded to accordingly, while she still provides her own strikes to give little room to breathe, fully embodying her “Oni” self. Once more, the key feature of Yuel's fighting style is “relentlessness”. Once she starts, it’s difficult to stop her, like a raging ogre coming down on her opponent in a flurry of attacks whilst absorbing all initiations and counters perfectly.

Exerting maximum force with minimal exertion through whole-body utilisation in every movement, the White Rider’s endurance appears endless, presenting the second half to her “Relentlessness”. Born from her inexhaustible determination, Yuel's body may not be indestructible, but the toleration towards pain and next-level reserves of mental endurance and capacity to fight leaves her enemies breathless. While she prefers using technique as her defense due to a weaker constitution, blocking, parrying, and dodging any attempted damage, the Devil refuses to let injury or pain discourage her onslaught.

That being said, as is most often the largest fault in the young, Yuel's combat potential is stunted by her immaturity. By the present descriptions, Yuel seems like an incomparable opponent with unstoppable force. She holds an iron defense which, even if penetrated, still meets her unending will, further accentuated by an offense battering down any opposition to an inevitable defeat. That is what it means for Yuel to be called a Suika. So, what do you do against a difficult opponent with boundless energy? Restrict them, seal them or their driving power away, interrupt their building momentum before it becomes unbearable.

All things considered, Yuel still relies much of her force on wedging her way into a position where slowly building up power to an incredible extent is viable. Taking away that initial positioning, even outright restricting her physically, nullifies any attempt to do so, leaving her particularly vulnerable given she’s not in the peak condition to engage. Breaking her positioning is a weakness for her in that her combat potential relies on that initial build up, so facing someone who can break her stance and prevent her to start up the engine that powers her consistent dynamic combat style makes it impossible for her to gain hat "unstoppable force" to begin with.

Yuel's usual success using this method never allowed for development of proficiency in any sort of holding, grabbing, and locking-oriented martial arts, and instead developed in parallel on becoming proficient at avoiding situations enabling the sort, neglecting any attempt at learning them herself. All things said, considering her locomotive transactions using close-quarters combat as a conduit, any ranged fighter that could keep her at a distance would easily lead her on like a dog on a leash.

Another apparent weakness is Yuel's straight-forward manner of combat, as that bit of immaturity disconnects her tendency and preference of mind-games to win battles without a single exertion of energy or drop of blood spilled and separating the two methods sharply. While she’s working on it, and at an incredible pace, as a young human she is not yet fully adapted to tactical combat and real-time strategy. She’s grasped many more rudimentary concepts such as misdirection, sensory illusions, or elusive body posturing, but something like mind-games through technique--as anything less direct to include speech isn’t a viable distraction for such an steadfast warrior--easily escape her attention and bypass her instinct-driven fighting personality.

Take too long and, in accordance with her personal tendencies and natural inclination and inherent talent with combat, and she may adapt, learn, and adopt these methods, so a hasty utilisation is paramount. Draw things out too long, and not only is her built-up momentum virtually unstoppable, but she's had the time to adapt to any cues that lead into strategic fighting styles, all leading up to Yuel fully embodying the idea of a “weak early game” character.

» Theory Induction: The primary ability of Yuel's zanpakuto and the source of how things operates. At its core, Theory Induction eanbles Yuel to influence and take direct control of physical law and how the universe fundamentally functions, but naturally there's a method to how this works. In short, Yuel needs to align different attributes of the environment to support an active "experiment" she intends to perform. This experiment finds the hypothesis as theory and induces the effects of the proposed theory onto the world around her in the range of her spiritual energy. After inducing the theory, though it's generally only a temporary effect and within the thread/duration of its effects, with an upgrade thread approved Yuel can validate the theory as a subset ability of the power without having to perform the experiment again. Essentially, this means she can add the theory as an independent subset ability to her repertoire, and there are three abilities she's thus far achieved with this. But first let's better define how these experiments work.

So to start off, Yuel needs have a hypothesis in mind. For the sake of example, the hypothesis is that "there is a third party of interaction between space and time, another dimension which has the two concepts interact more dynamically than simply space occupying entities which moves through time linearly and changes as time progresses, or that time is influenced by how space contracts and expands". It's a vague concept that takes an excessive amount of preparation to reach the conclusion to turn hypothesis into theory.

Now she just needs to conduct an "experiment", or a process to reach this conclusion. In the case of something as vague and nonexistent as a "third-interaction law", similar to her Tulpa but on a different interaction, she needs to first establish control of a given space to conduct the experiment. This is generally the easiest portion given she just needs to envelop a certain area with her spiritual energy to have it act as a space in her control, essentially the "lab". After setting the stage, she can take control of time in the area. This is the more difficult part and it will take a while to establish. For an operation such as this, it may take a full two to three posts to set control. For this experiment, she needs to have a target which transforms with time break time symmetry. Time symmetry is the law in which something which moves forward in time must also move in the exact reversal of time moving backward, essentially moving symmetrically through time back and forth.

If Yuel interjects her spiritual energy in this process to have the object transform through time without that symmetry, this proposes that time doesn't interact with objects in space linearly, in that there's the option for more dynamic interaction. From here, to fill the void of what's a physical impossibility, she can insert her own theory to manage what happens when such an interaction reoccurs. Essentially, her hypothesis of "another dimension exists which allows space and time to interact more dynamically" becomes proven theory.

So take away the specific example, and you have the essential framework of Theory Induction. First, Yuel must establish a zone of control, a "lab". Then, she conducts the "experiment" within the lab undergoing the process of disproving an existent law. Once she disproves the law forcibly through the interaction of her spiritually energy, she can propose a theory to fill the void, and within the zone of influence that is her spiritual energy, this theory now operates as a physical law.

Once an experiment establishes the theory, while Yuel utilises her energy to actually induce the effects of a theory, the theory itself becomes a natural physical law within her zone of influence; that said, while one can essentially combat the effects of an induced theory with energy in the same way that a hierro of spiritually energy can defend an arrancar from the kinetic force of a projectile, the effects itself aren't supernatural in nature--they are, as aforementioned, a part of natural law, so abilities which specifically interfere with the supernatural--once the theory is established--doesn't work. An experiment being conducted before the theory is established can still be traditionally interefered, however.

Considering how terribly powerful and versatile Theory Induction can be to call upon reality-breaking power, there's also considerable drawbacks to utilising this ability, and any sub-set abilities that come from it.

First is that her abilities are all interruptable. Yes, compartmentalised energy can make it difficult to manipulate the manifestations of her abilities, but when she conducts the experiment, or even when Yuel is utilising her subset abilities, due to all her applications usually taking time to activate rather than immediate usage upon summoning the energy and shaping it to perform a task, there's a lot of room left for counterplay. Taking advantage of these time delays, preventing the activation of her abilities, and essentially shutting Yuel down before her abilities take place is crucial. That said, due to the unique disposition of her energy, failing to interrupt Yuel can make things exceedingly difficult once the operations are set into motion.

The second fatal drawback is that she can only utilise two applications at a time. While she's preparing an ability to activate, she can only conduct one other preparation, and essentially trying to use Theory Induction more than twice simultaneously is impossible. That said, interrupting her experiments or applications often tends to turn out as interrupting her managing two systems simultaneously, shutting down any operations she's undergoing.

Due to the sheer amount of power Theory Induction can output, there's enormous energy expenditure. Using this power without keeping it in check or finding ways to manage it better serves to quickly expend all her energy, especially with experiments that work on a grander scale, and before you know it Yuel is forced out of shikai and back into her base, human state.

The most detrimental drawback to Theory Induction is an accumulative energy expense. Using her shikai power adds a cumulative cooldown, such that Yuel can choose to forego a waiting period between the activation of her abilities, but once she stops using this ability, she can't use Theory Induction or any child abilities until the cooldown is fully complete, making the girl hyper-vulnerable. So for example if Yuel utilises Theory Induction for six posts in a row, if she doesn't utilise Theory Induction for a seventh post, then the ability is suddenly inaccessible for four posts, in a 3:2 ratio. For every three posts she consecutively uses Theory Induction, a two post cooldown is added. If she takes a one post break between two applications of the ability or less, then there is no accumulated cooldown.

So it's well-established that Yuel's most optimal strategy to using Theory Induction is to rapidly throw out usages with consistency; in theory, she can sustain usage for several posts in a row (given she doesn't run out of energy) without having to worry about any cooldowns provided she's uninterrupted. However, the second her "combo" is broken, she's immediately and horribly vulnerable. The thing is, chaining utilisations of her ability together one after the other actually serves to strengthen their applications, in sort of a "combo modification" fashion. If Yuel's chain of abilities is unbroken, they gradually climb and stack in efficacy, strength and power at no extra energy expenditure. She's directly countered by any combat-control oriented abilities that aren't protected against by her compartmentalised energy and punished hard for having her combo-broken, but when it isn't? Like a rampaging fire, the damage she can dish out continues to spread and destroy the target unendingly.


»World Embodiment: The first child-ability of Theory Induction that she gained straight from her zanpakuto spirit. Lov Rahjun housed her ziamichi spirits in their own manipulable world, and when Ulv giuded Yuel to achieve the Arms of the Earth tecnhique, her visualisation was to recreate the constructs within her trans-temporal experiences within a world of her own, filled with life. Replicating this idea in the actual world instead of her mindscape through Theory Induction, Yuel can conjure the products of her mind into the real world. Now, Yuel can't entirely summon her own world on the domain of her control, but she can conjure an ethereal projection of it to draw power from, bringing constructs into the world and conversely placing constructs from the world into this conceptual world. Using this in tandem with another one of her child abilities, Synchronisation and Dissonance, she can phase these constructs into existence in more permanence. Additionally, the denizens of her conceptual world hold power of their own beings, as replicas of the actual world recreated. From this, she can even draw energy from them. This is the most energy-expending application, but it's also the most sustainble considering the energy she can draw from the conceptual world by linking herself up to them like some network of her own.

» Dissonance and Synchronisation: The ability to disconnect or destabilise targets, and in the case of her existential status, also synchronise herself into the world. In this aspect, Yuel in shikai won't go randomly popping in and out of existence, but the real most frightening application of this ability is how she can centralise the experiences and power she accumulated through her other selves, synchronising them into her present self. A very specific interaction with synchronisation is that it isn't operable on magic or other similar/variant applications which directly defy physical law, similar to her Eyes of the Prophet. Conversely, her dissonance application is extremely effective against breaking magic down, given they don't operate on an established and stable system. If it's a magic that can be analysed and broken down to work within the confined of an established system--even one independent of physical law, but still works in accordance with its own rules of application--then synchronisation can still be used, but the enhanced dissonance application doesn't apply. Otherwise more practical applications on a grand scale would be synchronising dimensions to collapse on one another in a defined space and create a chain of implosions across her zone of control as worlds slam together, create dissonance on her physical body to phase between the boundaries of barriers as if she were an entity of nonexistence herself, and essentially more powerfully penetrate defenses by doing so on a targeted projectile and launching it at an enemy.

» Third-Interaction Law: From the example given earlier, Yuel adds a new component to the interactions between time and space. This third component allows space and time to work more dynamically than simply space changing through the flow of time or the rate of time flow changing to the contraction or expansion of space. This enables Yuel to change the state of an entity in terms of how you can interact with it, such as making fire physically tangible, pick it up, and throw it or whatever without fire manipulation or something along those lines, even though fire isn't a physical entity with mass but rather a chemical reaction. Or, she can change the heat of a fire by making time flow slower in the space and have heat transference/absoprtion occur at a slower rate.


Human General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Elite

Shinigami General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Elite
  • Weapon Skill: Elite

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Untrained
  • Kido: Untrained
  • Hakuda: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Grand Master
  • Focus: Elite


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I'd like to request an upgrade for Yuel's Mental Deduction to Grand Master. I think this is justified considering she's well established herself as one of the most prolific inventors, had major achievements in strategy and utilising her intelligence and ability to break down scenarios before her, utilise her ingenuity on the spot, and even establish herself as the foremost expert on the sciences throughout the realms. I'd also like to apply for an upgrade to Master for Focus for the same reasons, especially with the degree of both these skills utilisations due to the nature of her shikai abilities. Furthermore, I'd like to request two different tiers, one for her natural human powerless state that's now at least spiritual aware (5-5 or something) and a tier for her shikai, and i'll apply general skills accordingly since does create physiological changes.

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