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[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Left_bar_bleue33500/2500[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Empty_bar_bleue  (33500/2500)

[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Empty [Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E]

Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:50 pm
[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Image4131-1

Basic Information
× Name: Durza Iormúngr
× Titles: Rumbling God - A title given to Durza by the few that had witnessed the events leading to obtaining his Zanpakutō. Thus it has yet to become widespread.
× Gender: Male
× True Age: Twenty-four
× Appearance Age: Sixteen.
× Date of Birth: September 7th
× Affiliation | Rank: Gotei Reformed, Combat Unit

Appearance Information
× Written Appearance: Durza is a male Shinigami whom, despite his age of twenty four, appear to be only sixteen years of age. Atop the young mans head rest a head of spiky dark blue hair that has begun to reach past his neck. Contrasting with his hair Durza's eyes are a piercing red, nearly the shade of a blood ruby. Generally Durza can be seen wearing a purple-ish undershirt with a white lining to it, a white over shirt, baggy red pants, purple-ish combat gloves, and a white cape bearing the emblem of the Combat Unit.

[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Image4132-1

Likes, Dislikes, Etc
× Likes: When it comes to things that Durza likes, or enjoys, the list is quite large. Though there are several hobbies or interests that would be at the front of said list, some further ahead than others. The main interests would be sleeping, eating, training, and women.

If Durza isn't training to better himself and his swordsmanship he can usually be found doing one of four things, though the fourth is a rarer find than the others. Generally he can be found sleeping in a spot he finds relaxing, or sitting somewhere stuffing his face with endless amounts of food. Third on the list would be admiring the female form, even going to the extent of spying on women when he can. And finally Durza can occasionally be found listening to various types of music while reading.

× Dislikes: There are very few things in the world that Durza has found he dislikes, or even hates. The first of the things, which he would never stand for, is those whom prey upon the weak. Whether it be abusers, thieves, rapists, or murderers. Otherwise he simply dislikes the following; having his sleep interrupted, his food stolen, and being called a pervert.

× Ambitions/Goals/Dreams:
× Perfecting the Raijin-no-Mai
× Bettering the bond between himself & Seiryū
× Gaining friends, and one day a family
× To become the strongest swordsman

× Fears: Durza possesses a single fear and that is returning to the isolation he had lived through for nearly two decades.

Overall Personality
× Carefree: Generally a carefree person Durza will usually approach any situation without a care in the world. Because of this the young Shinigami tends to get injured more often than not, simply because of almost always getting in over his head. Beyond this Durza's carefree nature tends to cause him to be late more often than not, laze about during the day, among other things.

× Determined: Despite his carefree nature Durza is a highly determined individual, especially if one sets him on a path towards one of his goals. For the most part though Durza's determination truly shines when he tries to make friends, while training, and when in combat. When making friends the blue haired male can at times be overbearing simply because he tries so hard to make a friend and keep them. During training Durza's determination to grow stronger and perfect his techniques is such that he will train till he passes out on the spot due to overworking himself. And in battle the lads determination becomes borderline insanity. Throwing himself into battle against any foe to test himself and grow stronger Durza is relentless in his pursuit of his own growth.

× Afraid: Finally, at the core of his being, is a child who is afraid. And the one thing Durza truly fears, even more than being wiped from existence, is being alone. Surviving nearly his entire life on his own Durza never wants to return to such an existence, and because of this, would do almost anything to form bonds with nearly anyone.

[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Image4135-1

[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Azulongmon_by_ghaskan-d474zs1
Spirit Information
× Name: Seiryū
× Appearance: Upon first seeing Seiryū one would notice that he is an immense eastern dragon, roughly three hundred meters long and twenty+ tall. Seiryū's form appears to be mainly composed of electrical energies, though he does possess quite a large white beard. Finally there seems to be a mass of chains surrounding the large dragon's body, as if to signify that his powers were still locked away.

× Personality: For the most part, who Seiryū is, and what he is like, is still unknown to Durza. This is because the two have only recently formed their bond, and as such, Seiryū has yet to feel a level of kinship with Durza in which he would reveal himself completely. Until then Durza will only know the Seiryū that said spirit wishes his partner to see. Despite that being said it isn't as if Seiryū will show a false image of himself. Thus far the draconic spirit has demonstrated great patience, kindness, and acceptance with Durza and the hardships he has faced up to this point. One day, in the future, Durza will learn that much like his inner world, Seiryū too is like a raging storm.

× Inner World: The inner world shared with Seiryū is quite simplistic in its appearance. Upon entering it the first time Durza found himself upon a small island floating in the clouds, the island being only large enough for a single building, a castle, to stand tall upon it. Surrounding the castle, and seeming to go on for eternity was a raging storm unlike any other, and yet wind nor rain harmed the island at its eye. If Durza had to compare the storm within his inner world to any that has struck Earth he would have to admit that the one raging within his own soul was much more fearsome. And finally, within the clouds, illuminated by his own being and rapid flashes of lightning, Durza was able to spot Seiryū flying within the storm.

Sealed Information
× Reiatsu Color: The color of Durza's reiatsu contains a multitude of various blues, the extent of which ranges from almost white blue's to a blue that appears almost as dark as blackness itself.

× Natural Traits:
× Advanced Swordsmanship
Easily the one skill Durza takes the most pride in, and the one he aims to master, the blue haired Shinigami works daily to hone his skill with the blade. Even during his days within the Academy Durza was capable of taking on and winning against foes whom should have had a considerable edge over him. Few have even called the young male a 'genius of the sword' even if they had only based such an opinion off of how rapidly he picked up Ryōdan, and Hitotsume: Nadegiri. And while he knows no other zanjutsu techniques Durza still displays remarkable skill with his Zanpakutō, surviving in combat against more capable foes due to said skill and his determination alone. In the end only the future can tell just how good Durza currently is, and will become with his blade.

× Average Strength
While not his greatest asset Durza's strength isn't to be overlooked. Despite his child-like stature Durza is capable of physical feats many his age and size wouldn't be able to accomplish. Before gaining his Zanpakutō Durza was known for picking fights with adults twice his size, if not larger, and winning. He had been seen lifting grown men over his head before throwing them several meters. Since coming into his powers as a shinigami Durza's strength has only improved, the young man has displayed the ability to overpower several seated shinigami with brute strength, even going as far as catching their blades with a bare hand in combat.

× Exceptional Eyesight & Perception
Durza's eyesight is such that the young Shinigami is capable of spotting even the slightest movements in ones body. This, in combination with his already impressive perception allows Durza to not only judge attacks and their pathway, but even discern and even evade strikes that most others at his general tier wouldn't be capable of. With further training and focus upon his perception Durza could truly become a force to be reckoned with, and one hell of a hard foe to hit.

× Adept Natural Speed & Surprising Agility
Again while not his greatest asset Durza has still obtained a moderate level of natural speed. Such that, even without the use of Shunpo, Durza is capable of moving a supernatural speeds, at times reaching even 600mph if he went full out. When translated into combat this allows Durza to strike out at his foe faster than any normal human being would ever be capable of, and move from the spot before striking again.

When combined with his surprising (for a male) agility Durza's natural speed makes him that much more of a threat. Agility wise Durza has displayed the capability of evading the strikes of multiple foes, at multiple angles, without a hit being landed. Although it could be said that against a faster, or more experienced for Durza's agility may not be so helpful.

× Techniques:
× Ryōdan (両断, Bisection)
Grasping Seiryū in a two handed grip Durza would bring his Zanpakutō down upon his foe with, hopefully, enough force to slice them clean in two. Unfortunately at his current level of strength such a perfect cut may be unlikely, but Durza has still taken the time to learn, and begin mastering this technique despite his lack of strength.

× Hitotsume: Nadegiri (一つ目・撫で斬り, The First: Killing Stroke)
Similar to the Ryōdan Durza currently does not possess enough strength to utilize Hitotsume: Nadegiri at its full potential. Despite this Durza, once again, still chose to learn the technique and begin the path to mastering it. And while it lacks the necessary strength for its best use, Durza can almost supply enough speed to his slash to make up for the lack of strength.

IF Durza were to gain the strength to utilize this technique at its full potential then he would be capable of slicing through multi-story high opponents with ease. Even if they were protected by a layer of Hierro.

× Appearance:
Sealed Zanpakutō:

× Zanpakutō Abilities:
× Soukai (蒼雷 Sourai, lit. "Blue Thunder")
Soukai is simply the name Durza gave the primary ability granted to him by Seiryū. Meaning blue thunder Soukai was named for Seiryū's ability to manipulate lightning and other electrical energies. Currently, until furthering his bond with Seiryū, Durza is only capable of creating lightning/electricity with Seiryū's aid, or manipulating an existing form of said energies. When creating lightning or electricity through Seiryū it is done so through Seiryū converting Durza's reiatsu into the electrical energy he wishes. Because of this the electrical energy utilized by Durza tends to take on the blue hues of his reiatsu, as well as allowing him to control it much easier.

× Raijin-no-Mai (雷神之舞 lit. "Dance of Raijin")
Raijin-no-Mai or Dance of the Raijin is an ability of Seiryū's sealed blade that Durza has decent control over, but has barely begun mastering. With this ability Seiryū creates a large storm cloud overhead while supercharging it with electricity. Upon doing so Durza can then call down that electricity as several bolts of lightning. This can be done upon mental command, pointing at a location, or even physical contact with a foe. In other words when this ability is active Durza could call down a bolt upon his foe, close in and slash them, and said slash would result in another bolt being called down.

Upon further mastery of this technique Durza will be capable of sustaining the storm cloud longer, calling forth more bolts of lightning, and possibly even travel from bolt to bolt granted a mastery over Seiryū's other forms. Currently though Durza can only maintain the cloud for a total of five posts, and call down a total of fifty bolts of lightning. If he wished Durza could call down all fifty bolts at once but this would have to side effects, the storm would dissipate, and Durza would be extremely taxed from trying to control the fifty bolts.

Generally a single bolt from Raijin-no-Mai is capable of causing severe nerve damage, severe burns, and potentially pierce the foe that is struck. Albeit more powerful foes may find these bolts almost harmless in some circumstances, unless they were composed of natural lightning, in which case they'd still pack a decent punch.

Shikai Information
× Release:
× Appearance:
× Abilities:

Bankai Information
× Release:
× Appearance:
× Abilities:

[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Image4134-1

× Act One - A Soul, Born to Rukongai: Just over twenty-four years ago a soul was born within the outermost districts of the Rukongai. This newborn lad would be named Durza Iormúngr. Born with white hair, and crimson eyes, the recently born child was somewhat an oddity as such features were quite uncommon. For the first brief years of his newborn life Durza would know the love of his parents.. But after that.. The young child would come to know that things in Rukongai can become exceptionally nightmarish.

× Act Two - Life as a Young Wanderer: After nearly a decade Durza had grown into a fine young man, despite learning of the harsh realities of life. Having lost both parents while young the white haired boy had become a wanderer of sorts, moving from district to district, doing what one can to survive. As time passed him by Durza would learn several means of survival, theft, working for others, harming others, saving them, etc. Some means had been easier for the boy to accept than others, but none were left untouched. And so as the years would continue Durza's skills in various aspects of life would begin to grow, from combat to surviving, from the mundane to the complex.

Alas eventually some of his chosen means of survival would catch up with the young lad. This would cause his course to be littered with various conflicts, some which he came out the winner, others the loser. And some.. Neither could be considered the winner.. And others.. Everyone lost. It would be this pattern that would gradually develop Durza's combat skills, and it would be in these fights that Durza would decide on his path in life.

× Act Three - A Storm Appears, a Shinigami is Born: Nearly twenty years of life had passed him by and not much had changed. Durza still lived the life of a wanderer, albeit now possessing some skill in combat, which has served to make him less a target in some areas and more of one in others. It would be upon deciding to travel the outer districts that Durza would find he had become a target out in these reaches, whether due to his growing reputation, or a target to vent ones frustration upon. Either way to many the young man was an easy target lacking in experience. And for others, he was a way for them to take out their rage and frustrations upon.

Because of this Durza would eventually find himself surrounded on all side, in a life or death battle, where not a single thing appeared to be going in his favor. Sure the lad was faster.. But the men that had attacked him were more numerous, experienced, and stronger. If it weren't for his natural speed, and exceptional eyesight Durza was sure he'd have perished already. It would be on this day, during this attack, that the young man would awaken to his destiny and roll in the world.

After several hours of combat, trying to flee his attackers, etc, things had finally come to a point. Durza, and those still after him, were nearing the ends of where their energy would take them. Still outnumbered the young man knew there was no hope for him, but would fight till his last breath. It was this determination, and lack of fear in the face of death that would trigger something deep within.

As it seemed as if his life would end a well of power would awaken within Durza, a power he'd only seen in passing, and one he'd wished he could obtain for years now. With blades descending towards him Durza, unknown to himself, let loose an immense wave of energy from his body as the stress of survival, and the conflict finally snapped within him and awoke that which would allow him to become a Shinigami. While the energy let loose around Durza the skies above began to darken, thunder rumbling through the clouds as lightning began flashing across the sky.. Yet there was no rain.. The men around the young lad, not being ones to turn away, moved to strike down the white haired youth yet again. In that final moment their lives would end as brilliant blue pillars of lightning struck their positions, once each, ending their lives before Durza's could be ended. As quickly as it appeared the energy would vanish, and Durza's unconscious form would hit the ground, a new blade held in hand.

It would be at this momnet Durza's life would change forever..

[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Image4133-1

General Skills
Durability: Beginner
General Speed: Beginner
Strength: Beginner
Martial Skill: Adept

Shinigami Racial Skills
Hoho: Beginner
Kidō: Beginner
Zanjutsu: Adept
Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
Willpower/Determination: Adept
Mental Deduction: Beginner
Focus: Advanced

Original Coding By: [THEFROST]
Changes By: Horus Sariel
Header Graphics by: CPKallday

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[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Empty Re: [Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E]

Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:19 pm

≪ Application Checklist ≫
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced

[b][u]Will Skills[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Willpower/Determination:[/b] Adept
[*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b] Beginner
[*][b]Focus:[/b] Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: Solid app.
  • Tier: 4-1

[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] 8Bvy1N8


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[Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E] Empty Re: [Shinigami] Durza Iormúngr [Approved, 4-1; Shinigami] [Hazard Rating E]

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