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 Midori Sugiura [APPROVED, 0-4+; Soul Evo]

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MIDORI Sugiura

Midori Sugiura [APPROVED, 0-4+; Soul Evo] 6EdIfMt


» Name: Midori Sugiura(False name) Amaterasu(Adopted) True name: Unknown. Has no recollection of her mother.
» Titles: The Remorseless Heroine. Remorseless one. Warmonger. Tyrant Hero.
» Age: 500
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: No specific organization, though she is heavily tied to Shadin and thus works in the interests of the protagonistic side of warriors.

» Physical Appearance Description:

» Physical Appearance Image:


» Personality:

Ambition: One of her foremost defining traits, Midori's ambition is unquestionably vast - some would say - immeasurable. No goal is insurmountable, no obstacle is unbreakable. The mountains that stand before her is nothing to be feared. Her ambition is a flame that never fades, a spark that is always ever-present. Even if you seek to break her resolve, she will merely grin as she stares you in the face, instilling the fear of a true hero - a fierce demon of war who will not stop even when her body is bloodied and torn.

She is not swayed by fear nor does she take her opponents lightly. In a frightening way, her existence simply does not allow for even a speck of submission. Embodying the idea of an undeniably ruthless heroine, the protagonist who will take any route whatsoever to achieve the objective, Midori has no qualms with stepping over the toes of others if it leads to the results she intended. To her, she no longer possesses the shame or indifference that most noble warriors are faced with, readily accepting whatever cards the battle may deal her.

Why do the heroes of the story always seek to show their opponents mercy until they kill someone - or has killed someone - close to their heart? Why do they always act like they are above the act of killing or mutilating their enemies, even though they know of their wickedness? Why should they always be provoked until it is too late? If someone betrays you, why hesitate to slit their throat? Midori once battled with these questions for ages. No longer. Her heart is bathed in a specific form of unbridled ferocity towards those who wish to kill her, those who wish to hurt her, and those who have betrayed her. If your focus even sets upon her loved ones? May the gods of myth have mercy on your soul.

Midori is remorselessly ruthless in many of her actions towards those who raise a sword against her. Possessing a limitless amount of killing intent, she is not below murdering friend or foe, though she normally tries to maintain a solid list of friends that benefit the side of "good". If there is a hint you are even harboring betrayal, she might well murder you on the spot.

There was a time where she felt she was above such malicious emotions but.... fighting in cosmos-defying wars will do that to a girl. Of course, she would not admit to being broken or that the cards life dealt her made her this way... no, she merely grew tired of being humble or meek within a world full of predators. Thus, she became a predator herself, ever hungry to sate her bloodlust.

One law that she found that rang true, even in modern times, was the law of the jungle. Kill or be killed. Eat or be Eaten. There is nothing else to consider, even more so when you have entered a struggle of life and death. She does not proclaim to be fearless and her ambition isn't so egotistic that it would foolishly lead her into her own demise.... but she will not simply kneel before anyone, no soul having the right to instill fear in her heart. She would not be a tyrannical hero if she fought without having the willpower to sustain herself.

To be sure, in most cases, her ambition does not stem from a desire to be praised but a desire to maintain the status quo within a world she has come to love with every fiber of her goddamned nigh-immortal soul---earth. She has already engraved her history within this planet as one of its finest heroes but she does not intend to stop there.

Her ambitious desires to further cement her legacy as one who truly made a remarkable imprint on the annals of time is breathtaking. To have her name within the history books alongside those she fought with... is no doubt a dream worth fighting for. Some might consider such a goal to be the height of self-centered intent, a wish of self-fulfillment that should not exist within the heart of a true hero. Midori is no longer such a warrior. She is prideful and no matter how much she has attempted to deny that part of herself, the tyrant hero no longer denies this central aspect of her soul.

Of course, there are times where her ambition can be a double-edged sword, though she will never readily admit such. To reiterate, if there is an opportunity for her to achieve her goal and an obstacle happens to be a person fighting on her side? In certain situations, Midori will act on her impulses and remove the obstacle and achieve the goal. Her aim is certainly never to kill those who she considers allies, but her desire can often consume her. She is the epitome of a ruthless heroine, a warrior willing to achieve victory against the enemy, without mercy.

Dominance: Ah, how good does it feel to rule with an Iron fist!? In other words, that is the summation of Midori's dominance, carrying herself with an aura of magnanimity and fierce will. Never once seeking to be at the mercy of anyone, Midori desires control in whatever situation she is placed in, having trained tirelessly to learn the art of strategy - mentally and physically - ensuring that she is always at an advantage somehow.

Midori was raised within royalty and unlike her firstborn sibling, she does not retain any sort of humility. Oh, she does indeed carry herself with grace. There is no denying that. Subordinates who fight under her banner never question her decisions. She does not allow them to. Midori is, to an extent, what one would consider a tyrant.

She does not believe in treating those beneath her with kindness, believing that an antagonistic relationship between superior and inferior will reap significant results in the favor of all. It is not as if she is above kindness, but it would be utterly futile to expect it from someone who has waged her life on the battlefield numerous times. She does not seek to be a mentor, nor pat you on the back and smile. War is unrelenting. One must intrinsically possess the aspect of a soul ready to do battle at all times.

Even as a ruthless warrior, Midori is not above congratulating her allies for their efforts, such warriors are to be admired. Even so, she will not allow for celebrations at achieving such a goal, for victory is finite and battle is always imminent.

If you won one battle, there are a thousand more that will test your mettle far more than those that preceded it. Embodying a tyrannical warlord clothed within the fold of Alexander the Great or Nobunaga, Midori is the epitome of dominance within efficiency. Comparable to her mother, she is a war strategist worth the highest form of praise. The battlefield is like a chessboard to her.

When she enters with her comrades - if leadership is lacking, she will lead the fray in a gruesome blaze of glory. Cutting and slashing through her enemies or incinerating them while grinning with satisfaction. She isn't foolish, of course. In order to dominate your enemies, you must be able to beat them at their own games.

Aware of this, Midori will oft play the role of someone who merely engages in playing mind games with her enemies; deceiving them or luring them into a trap until it is too late. Indeed! If she cannot subjugate you through battlefield warfare, she will immediately pursue the route of mental warfare. Absolute domination.

Predator: The law of the jungle is a philosophy that Midori follows with a religious fervor. The evolutionary race - throughout time - has repeatedly shown that those who seek what their heart desires are often those who emerge victoriously. Be it animal or human being, there is no difference. When prey appears before you, there is nothing else that should fill the mind than to consume it and feast upon it until you have had your fill. Embrace the nature of the beast. Consume until you have reached satisfaction, for that is truly what it means to be a predator. Mercy? Honor? Compassion? Useless. Completely and utterly useless. Midori no longer holds herself too weak standards.

If you were born an irredeemable bastard, then you shall die an irredeemable bastard. Comparable to a fierce predator in the wild, it is necessary to secure the advantage of the first strike. Her fierce nature as a warrior is often at the forefront of her mind and when she senses blood, she will waste little time in making sure her prey is within reach. However, such predatory nature can often lead to her downfall when she is not careful.

She enjoys good prey but not at the cost of the lives of her comrades. Even though much of her personality is abnormal to the common man, she is not above compassion to those who have earned it. Although the hunt fills her with gratification, Midori is able to discern when her ambitious nature becomes detrimental to the goal.

The Eccentric Mother & Obsessive Desire: Past, Present, Future.... for as long as Midori breathes the air of planet earth, she will remain a mother that adores her children. It is the most peculiar layer of her personality yet one that is nevertheless interesting to observe. Prideful mother and doting mother, as well as a worried mother.

Midori desires nothing but the happiness of her children. Having fought many wars, Midori had always sought to be a mother who lived through hardships and deadly battles, living to tell her children of her survival and be a star of inspiration to the children she raised or helped raise. For one who can often appear to be antagonistic in nature, Midori's humanity shines through her motherhood. She will waste no time in spoiling her beloved kin, much to their embarrassment.

Whereas her other personality traits equally define her as a warrior and an individual, her motherhood is her pride. She genuinely cherishes those that were born from her and wishes for nothing but their wonderful, limitless futures. Even though she may fight glory, she also fights to secure a world that her children can live in and feel protected.

Although it may sound questionable at first, Midori's obsession is actually quite inspiring. It is something she possessed before her ascension; it is also an emotional trait she has come to embrace. Even with her ruthless personality towards enemies and foes, Midori has never lost her compassionate heart. Not once did she ever give up her ideology to be a praiseworthy heroine.

No, she merely decided that there were flaws to her ideal and merely embarked on a pursuit to become a warrior that could truly be called legendary. That obsession manifested itself in the form of who she eventually became - a ruthless combatant who holds dominion over the battlefield. To achieve that goal, she trained in every stage of physical and mental art forms, honing her mind as well as her magic.

An obsession to become someone so much greater than what she was, a benevolent ideal stripped of ridicule or mockery. Why does she strive to such a length, you ask? Well, an additional explanation that can be summarized within one word - love. When Midori loves you and you are someone close to her heart, she feels it is her need to care for and protect you. Even with all of her ruthless ways, there is a maternal layer hidden within. She does not easily show it to people she is unfamiliar with, but to someone like her husband, Shadin, her love knows no bounds. Obsessed with the strongest warrior in Karakura, she cannot help but express how much she truly loves him.

They have been through so much and endured a lot. Forgiving one another for their transgressions, they developed a romantic bond that she dreams of attaining once more. From her obsession to strength and her obsession to love, one can ultimately conclude that while she may possess a fierce and ruthless nature(due to her training in hell), she still cherishes familial and romantic connection, as well as an eagerness to temper her own strength and protect those special bonds.


Ars Pandemonium - Book of Bedlam: An artifact that was gained at the end of her four trials under the tutelage of a powerful Demon, Ars Pandemonium is a compendium based on the timeless history of weapons.

From the beginning to the modern day, it serves as a collection of history, construction, philosophy, and the mystical nature of weapons. Her Prima Matter is largely centered around the nature of weapon creation, her primary form of battle. It, therefore, followed that the finest reward was to give her a book that would satisfy any savant who claims to be enthralled with the nature of weapons.

The book itself has no special ability outside of granting her with the knowledge and flowing through her mind, allowing her to quickly craft these weapons within periods of time. It is often used for when she is truly set upon creating a new weapon with mystical nature that can either be granted to someone else or for her own use for future battles.

Each weapon is built with resilient durability. None can easily break, and even if they are broken, in time, Midori can rebuild it with different ideas, different concepts, and enhanced durability. The Danava of Knowledge couldn't have granted her a finer gift. If the book is destroyed, its composition allows it to reform within a matter of seconds, so as long as a single page is still intact.

Sword of Goujian - Time Defier: A Jian-sword whose origin is housed within China. Jian-swords are referred to as the 'gentlemen of weapons' within Chinese Mythology. Appearance and construction wise, it is relatively short compared to other historical pieces of its kind. It is a bronze sword with a very high concentration of copper, which made it more malleable and less likely to break apart.

The blade’s edges are made of tin, which not only made the sword harder but also made it more capable of retaining a sharper edge. The sword also contains small amounts of iron, lead, and sulfur. The sword’s high proportion of sulfur and sulfide cuprum is revealed to be what gives the weapon its rustproof quality, as sulfur decreases the chance of tarnish in the blade’s patterns.

Weighing 30.9 ounces or 875 grams, the Sword of Goujian measures 21.9 inches or 55.7 centimeters long, including its 3.3.-inch or 8.4-centimeter handle hilt. The blade, on the other hand, is 1.8 inches or 4.6 centimeters wide at its base. Repeating black rhombic etchings cover both sides of the blade, while blue crystals and turquoise are embedded in the sword handle. The grip of the sword is bound by silk while its pommel is composed of 11 concentric circles. In truth, this was a weapon passed down to her as a secondary gift from her trials.

In due part to her significant skill with weapon creation, she has enhanced by increasing its already mystical-aspects of sharpness and durability. To her, however, the sword has not awakened yet and there are abilities that it possesses but she has unlocked none of them so far. In the words of her master; "It awakens in resonance with its wielder's heart. "

Abilities: (Will be added over time as she learns to develop and hone the weapon and its nature. )

Gungnir: Gungrir is the mighty spear within Norse mythology wielded by Odin - the god of war - a divine weapon forged to be wielded within the hands of those who are true warriors of the battlefield. This was a weapon created on her own during her extended period in hell. Utilizing her Prima Materia and applying the concept of balance and relentlessness within the weapon's making - as well as applying runes to the tip of the spear - she imbued the weapon with the notion of a spear "that will not divert from its aim no matter how the enemy may evade' and thus her idea and vision of Gungnir was created.

It is a spear soaked within magic and mystery; Even though it is only a replica formed from her own mind and knowledge, it comes close to the original. Its sole ability is that when it is launched, the concept of speed is eliminated entirely, as it eats away space in order to reach its target immediately. Even if it is deflected, it will not stop its flight until something has been pierced - be it flesh or the enemy's heart.

She can cause the spear to self-destruct once the enemy is impaled, and explode, to entrap and implode their body within an explosion. In addition, she can utilize her solar energy to enhance the power of the weapon even more. Even so, as it is a replica, it can still be easily destroyed. Midori has no idea who owns the actual spear.


» Anima Stone Name: Helios

» Anima Stone Appearance:

Midori Sugiura [APPROVED, 0-4+; Soul Evo] Ratumag

Anima Stone Abilities

Photon Manipulation: Her most variable form of manipulation amongst all her Anima Stone abilities, can skillfully manipulate, shape, bend, and execute a myriad of strategies through the manipulation of photons surrounding her. The versatility of this ability is beyond comparison as the environment -- depending on most factors - can theoretically always be in possession of the necessary photons she needs to converge into the light.

If she is within a location where there is nothing but light in her vicinity, the manipulation capacity is increased tremendously. Having already familiarized herself with light through her connection to the sun, Midori can employ Helios(Anima Stone) without any significant worry of mishandling the light that is controlled.

Her preferred application of photon manipulation is to form the photons into solidified light. Light so formidably fierce, that a strike from whatever solidification she may choose, is capable of cutting through steel due to the intense heat and concentration of photons created. The damage can increase with increased focus and manipulation of the photons she employs.

A highly condensed set of photons may allow her to form weapons light that can pierce through and affect spiritual beings. For example, whereas her light may not seem like such a threat to deal with at the outset of the battle - if Midori is allowed to fully manipulate and grasp how she wishes to control and focus this light, it can carry the same destructive damage seen in Sol. Intense heat, blinding light, highly resilient cutting, and slashing capability, and the added advantage of being able to affect spiritual opponents tremendously due to the divine nature of her own unique ability in combination with the light.

Indeed, if an opponent finds themselves struck directly by these creations of light, their body will undergo intense damage that can range from burned flesh, blindness, and if the focus is great enough, being completely incinerated or having a part of their body sliced apart. In addition, she can utilize Sol as a source of light to rely on, thereby combining her unique ability with her Anima stone to elevate this skill and its effectiveness.

This light can manifest in the form of photon blasts, beams of light that can expand on contact, and even be used as a defensive mechanism through the form of shields. One simple but special trick she can utilize is manipulating light to a point where she can appear invisible to the eyes. On its own, this skill isn't as formidable as one might think, as the eyesight of spiritual beings should definitely be see through such a useless trick. However, along with utilizing the light, she can temporarily cloak her own spiritual pressure and strike the enemy at potential weak points.

Posting limit/Cooldown applicant: Even though Midori is very familiar with Photons as a source of manipulation, she cannot use it endlessly. Therefore, she tends to use it at about four post use with a two post cooldown.

Kinetic Energy Manipulation: The manipulation of potential energy, converting into kinetic energy to utilize in whatever manner the remorseless heroine desires. Significant training with her husband allowed her too intently on the sort of manipulations she could attain through environmental control. One of the most simple, yet very effective methods, was the ability to manipulate Kinetic energy. Simplicity does not devalue effectiveness.

Wholeheartedly chaining that theory to her heart, Midori sought to utilize and manipulate the potential energy within her environment, continuously training until she could utilize the ability to its finest capacity. Kinetic energy may not be the most awe-inspiring ability - especially to those with more conceptual skills and nature - but it finds its most significant advantage in being utilized alongside her unique form of Prima Materia - that is, the creation of various weapons.

Utilizing Kinetic energy, Midori can enhance the concussive force of her strikes, executing devastating palm thrusts that can absolutely disorient the enemy, sending them flying backward due to the momentum gained and the force transferred. Midori can even delve into manipulating the velocity of an opponent's attack or affecting a projectile attack's trajectory, completely sending it off course.

However, that hardly signifies the end of what she is capable of. Recall, if you will, that Midori can utilize her Anima stone in combination with her Prima Materia. Therefore, this allows her the advantage of creating her weapons and enhancing them with Kinetic energy and added velocity, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

Imagine the thought of thousands of weapons - created and improved upon with enhanced velocity and motion, raining down upon you in a relentless downpour. In addition to the onslaught of weapons, there is the additional factor of her manipulation over the trajectory of those weapons, allowing them to follow the opponent mercilessly, leaving no significant space with which they can evade. If Midori is forced to relegate herself to fighting defensively, she can utilize the Kinetic energy and defend herself by manipulating velocity and the kinetic energy of attacks that are focused on her.

For example, if she were to focus the Kinetic energy into the form of a makeshift shield of energy, an opponent who may intend to strike her physically may find their attack diverging, missing its intended target. The motion of their attacks is slowed down due to utilizing the kinetic energy against her opponent, nullifying their effectiveness in physical combat. She can form fields of Kinetic energy through manipulating the potential energy around her, making it yet another formidable skill in her arsenal of Helios, her Anima Stone. Even so, no matter how easy it is to utilize Kinetic energy, it still comes with a necessary drawback. As such, she could perhaps utilize it four times before a two-post cooldown is administered.

Alteration: Alteration is the mystical concept of refining through touch. That is, any object of mortal origin, that is located within her space, can effectively become a formidable weapon. It goes beyond merely manipulating objects, however. As a result of honing her Prima Materia and her virtuous grasp of Anima Mundi, Midori can effectively manipulate the landscape. It is a central tenet of Alchemy to manipulate that which dwells around you, to assert your dominion over matter. Alteration takes the theories of alchemy and expounds upon them exponentially.

It goes beyond the mere idea of transforming metals into gold. Objects that may not seem like they could pose any particular threat, can now be enhanced through her touch, strengthened and reinforced. It is the idea of adding to something that already exists. It is no different from the idea of how humans use various forms of nourishment to enhance their performances.

If she, for example, were to grasp a gun between her fingers, the alteration would not only enhance that gun's durability but its ability to shoot bullets would be altered into bullets filled with magical energy that can cause significant damage if struck directly. Each bullet would feel like the equivalent of a bomb exploding inside you - if struck directly - and tear your flesh apart under contact.

Rather than simply being a bullet that would strike the head, these altered bullets - enhanced with magical energy - would pop the head open like a balloon full of brain and gray matter.

Another example of Alteration would be grasping upon a man-made object; a lamppost, if you will, would be altered into the form of a weapon and possess the capability of holding its own in a clash of weapons between mystical weapons, Zanpakuto, Sacred, and demon weapons. However, while the examples are many, perhaps none more suited for the battle than the added capability of altering weapons formed by her own hand.

Her weapons that were formed through Prima Materia prowess, now find higher durability and can be nearly unbreakable when she is focused. Even so, Alteration finds its most meaningful use in manipulating that which resides in her space, the sort of objects or things one would not expect to be used as a weapon. The limit to the ability is that it has a cooldown period(2 posts) for every three posts that it is used.

Another limit to mention is that this ability cannot be used on weapons that do not exist in the mortal realm or are primarily linked to the user such as zanpakuto, Sacred Weapons, Aether Armament, and other mystical weapons that can be found around the universe.

Transmutation: Transmutation is another central tenet found in Alchemy; it is the collective skill of molding the mundane into the extraordinary, building upon what was already present. Bearing many similarities to Alteration, Midori's transmutation allows her to configure and mold objects into products of her own creation, painted with magical energy.

By far, due to the superlative skill and divine nature of Transmutation, it teems with versatility and effectiveness on the battlefield. Mastering such art has allowed her to convert something so simple as a pile of wreckage into a steel beast that can fight alongside her. Whereas Alteration manipulates objects through enhancing them with attributes that did not exist before, Transmutation defies mortal law by transmuting those items through thought, transforming them into marvelous constructs of a divine nature.

Simple examples would be turning a cup of water into a fine glass of wine with a tinge of healing property layered within; another would be to discard one set of clothing for another, as well as manipulating the form of one's hair without using one's own hand. An even more prounounced example would be to refill a glass of liquid with even more of the beverage, without lifting a finger or retrieving that drink in question; or transmuting an animal so that it might have wings or do certain things normal animals cannot do.

To take the principle beyond the scope of normalcy, controlling other forms of matter like steel, she can manipulate and completely convert the structure of an item composed of steel into a monstrosity capable of providing assistance on the battlefield.

If a tank happened to be destroyed or a missile was launched in her direction, with enough focus and magical energy, she could transform the tank into an otherworldly war-machine that can expel booming blasts of spiritual energy capable of leveling buildings, while the missile would be transmuted into a steel dragon in the sky, who redirects itself towards the direction of the enemy or enemies and explodes upon contact, creating an explosion equal to a small nuclear bomb. Bullets could be transformed into a harmless flock of birds.

At the zenith of such a formidable skill, the remorseless heroine maintains an advantage against those who rely on spiritual warfare to decide their battles. Alchemy does not merely limit itself - when in the hands of a master - to earthly creations.

When the pinnacle of her power is at its highest and she is utilizing her stone to its fullest capacity, it is theoretically possible for her to use an opponent's attack against them with proper preparations.

The matter is not simply limited to the mortal realm. As such, spiritual attacks such as cero blasts, energy blasts, and various Kido spells, can be transformed into a particular creation of her choosing, so as long as she has an image in mind. Thus, whenever an attack is launched towards her, there is no guarantee it will hit successfully - be it mortal, elemental, or even divine in nature - so as long as she is familiar with the source, she can alter it to fit her own use on the battlefield. Even with such a myriad of limitless possibilities, one flaw to transmutation is the law of equivalent exchange.

This indomitable law indicates that in order to obtain or utilize something, one must offer something in return. In order to utilize this skill, Midori must be wholly connected to the Anima Mundi, her focus wholly centered on the images in her mind. It requires significant magical energy to utilize the higher spiritual aspects of transmutation while simplicity requires less.

For example, one spiritual aspect would be transforming a fierce blast of energy into something as harmless as a swarm of fireflies. Elemental attacks such as lightning, wind, fire, water, or even earth, would be transmuted into oddities that no longer hold any use to the enemy that employed it. Lightning would merely be turned into a harmless little spark, water would be turned into bubbles, the fire would be turned into ash, and earthen rock would turn into mud.

Divine sources such as Reishi, Psions, DE, and other otherworldly sources of spiritual energy are not above alteration, but due to how potent such forces are, a greater expenditure of energy would be sacrificed in exchange, which could work to the advantage of the opponent depending on how he/she goes about their strategy.

One particular weakness in her transmogrification is that, if faced with an unfamiliar source of energy, such as a zanpakuto that may operate outside of the elemental norm or possess a type of matter beyond comprehension, she cannot alter or manipulate it properly. A secondary weakness is that she cannot simply use the same ability in rapid succession.

If too much energy is used, the process cannot be maintained properly and this deft ability no longer possesses the formidable nature that it once posed.

In a word, the possibilities are endless but the drawbacks are certainly nothing to ignore. Too much energy expenditure can render the ability inoperable for an entire battle. In addition, she cannot simply manipulate every form of matter that comes her way. If the energy and attacks of her opponents are too much or exist on a higher plane of understanding, she cannot properly pinpoint a method which to use that energy against her enemies and can find herself overwhelmed in such a clash.

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

Midori Sugiura [APPROVED, 0-4+; Soul Evo] Pbucket

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» Natural/Racial Abilities:

Master of Armaments: Although the primary aspect of Midori's overall combat style and aesthetic revolves around her various spells - offensive and defensive - her greatest strength seems to lie in her dexterity with a multitude of weapons. From her youngest days, she was groomed and trained to be a strong warrior that could protect herself at all times. Her kingdom possessed some of the strongest soldiers with martial principles that stood the test of time, lasting far into the modern era.

Even when such an era arrived, her kingdom took from their principles and mastered it beyond superhuman levels. Swordsmanship, archery, hand-to-hand combat - her kingdom sought to attain it all, to reach that unbridled level of true legend, spoken of only in mythical epics. Born from such a kingdom - taught under the tutelage of the Queen of the East - Midori has ascertained knowledge and skill as well as an unparalleled grasp of many weapons in existence.

Swords, knives, short swords, daggers, spears, bows, each weapon that graces her fingers is comparable to an instrument played with resounding perfection. She has developed an innate sense to know how to strike with different types of weapons, even if the scale of difference is between long-range or melee.

As a warrior worth her mettle, she has lived centuries in order to fortify such skills until she has achieved a level of efficiency exceeding the realm of common sense.
If a bow and arrow must be wielded, her mind dissects the area, gaining an intuition of the direction, of the air, of the wind, of the distance, each factor accounted for to assure that her arrow reaches its mark.

If the spear must be wielded, sweeping, parrying, striking, thrusting, and swinging, her mind executes each function while her body acts in concert, creating techniques and movements that transcend into the realm of legend. If the sword is wielded, timing, execution, and strategy fill her mind instantly as she examines her opponent and swings the sword with grace and might. Even beyond simply wielding one sword, Midori's symbol of swordsmanship lies in wielding two blades, allowing her versatility to truly soar.

Two Dao swords are often her common preference in combat with opponents who prefer melee combat. These broadswords are her primary choice due to how many techniques she can execute without missing a beat. She can swing one sword while she strikes with the other or deftly juggles them while performing acrobatic movements in order to close the distance. Of course, this is not to say that she could not theoretically fight with large swords, as she has shown in past battles. No weapon is discriminated against. As such, she can definitely dual-wield a variety of weapons.

She is a metaphorical menu of weapons. Would you prefer an order of the spear and sword? Perhaps an ax might interest you? Does the mace tickle your fancy? Even so, where the true marvel manifests itself is in how she can wield these weapons as if she has mastered them over a lifetime. One can easily argue that wielding weapons and mastering how they operate are two separate realms of skill. The grace and dexterity with how she is able to execute a strategy based on the weapon she wields are what makes her one of the most formidable warriors to ever live.

She defies the notion of a jack of all trades, master of none. She stands at the precipice of a godlike warrior whose name and glory has already supplanted itself within history. Transcending beyond the title of a warrior, entering the threshold of legend, that is the epitome of the remorseless heroine.

Transcendent Perception: Considered more of a gift that manifests itself on the battlefield--as a result of how many battles Midori has engaged in and small remnants of Sugiura blood within her DNA, Midori's eyesight is one of her finest tools on the battlefield. Her eyesight is so perceptive that even things that flicker through her vision that may appear to be going at imperceptible speed might well seem as if it is moving at a speed defined by the laws of man.

She has nearly eliminated the concept of a blind spot through mastering martial discipline that allows one to perceive beyond the unseen, to be granted with a sense of divine intuition of sensory reaction that cannot easily be taught. Her eyes possess a mystical aspect that allows her vision to sense or see her opponent from a faraway distance.

If she becomes familiar with their source - unless they have an ability that masks or cloaks their spiritual pressure - Midori can immediately discern the location of her opponent. However, whether fighting at long-range or in close combat, all that matters to her is the opponent before her eyes. be they, someone who chooses to fight from a distance or face her directly, she has honed her perceptive eyes to be able to account and calculate ways with how her opponent may attack next(concerning melee or long-ranged combat with weapons).

As such, a sneak attack is usually not advised because it is difficult to assume she will fall for it. Her perception and sense are so otherworldly that the concept of "unawareness" is almost nil, to say nothing of when opponents are foolish enough to face her head-on. You could certainly overpower her with your attack or even consume her collective space with a myriad of attacks but the difficulty lies in her being able to sense that intent.

Midori is not a foolish warrior, she does not rush blindly into the battlefield, and she always uses tools at her disposal to ensure that she is not facing her opponent with negligence. Her perception on the battlefield is so innately attuned to the battle itself, of warfare, of being able to examine a location with her mind and execute an idea on the type of performance it requires. A sixth sense for confrontation.

Killing intent, bloodlust, none seem capable to escape her perceptive mind or her mystical eyes. Her perception equally serves as a guide or a warning as to what she may encounter, of how dangerous facing an opponent might be. She may choose to ignore it or face the threat head-on, and her newly developed sense of pride often compels her to face the threat at its source.

Expert Hand-to-Hand combatant: Even as a master of weaponry, Midori does possess a skill for hand-to-hand combat. Although she does not even sniff the threshold of anomalies such as Iori or Ulv, she is nevertheless an accomplished martial artist as it concerns executing techniques and movements with her hands. Due to training under her sister, she is proficient with Bājíquán and wing-chun.

Coupled with the physical strength she has developed over centuries, she does boast a significant threat even with such a simplistic fighting tool. An uppercut from her to the jaw might well result in death for those who lack the endurance to handle it. Each strike of her fist can inflict damage on humans and supernatural beings, though this often depends on what type of defenses they may have.

Her strikes would certainly lack against those with godlike endurance, but for those who may consider themselves "glass cannons", her strikes would definitely leave their mark. However, such a disadvantage for the remorseless heroine can change when she decides to employ "Sol" - her unique ability as a human with soul-evolution.

It uses the sun as a power source and generates sources of intense light that suffuses her body, granting her an extraordinary augmentation in her arsenal. Now a strike that seems like it could only take down your everyday superhuman now possesses the possibility of taking down otherworldly beings depending on the power and destructive capacity with which she attacks and how much she employs Sol.

Superlative Agility: Even though her mastery of weaponry stands as her undisputed skill, it would certainly mean nothing without possessing the movement and mobility necessary to achieve perfect execution of her techniques. Possessing a body at the peak of superhuman performance, Midori possesses innate agility and ease of movement that allows her to attack with immense speed and efficiency, creating momentum that strengthens her striking power tremendously. However, it goes beyond more than her natural body and its capabilities. The true nature of her speed lies in precision and efficiency, in how she strikes with her weapons.

In nature to that similar of Byakuya, Midori seeks to never waste a single movement when she attacks, the opponent's vitals always remaining a steady target within her mind. Exceeding the supernatural, Midori can strike with such an imperceptible speed that she can execute a myriad of strikes within a single second. Each attack is well thought out and coordinated to serve an underlining purpose beyond physical damage.

Her movements create afterimages, as her speed rapidly increases with each strike. Her speed has reached a supernatural state of being able to attack so quickly that her techniques with her weapons can be executed within the space of a single breath - to a point where it didn't even seem as if seconds had passed. Each strike of her weapons overlap, one turns into five, five turns into ten, ten turns into one-hundred, each targeting a vital part of the opponent's body. The neck, the throat, the thighs, legs, and any other part of the body that serves to incapacitate the enemy.

Her endurance as a warrior allows her to perform these strikes at otherworldly speed for a long duration of time. Even with that natural speed granted to her, when Midori enhances her speed with the addition of Vima - she can reach truly magnificent heights.

However, her speed isn't defined by moving at incredible distances that define warriors such as Shadin, Nagato, or even Yoruichi. The true nature of her high-speed movement is meant to execute strikes and perform techniques so fast that it leaves the opponent dumbfounded. Every single attack is meant to fill them with a sense of dread and only a true master of their weapon can match her as an equal.

Wind Generation: As a result of her training under the tutelage of Misaiko Kamui - her adoptive mother - Midori has developed the supernatural skill of being able to swing and strike with such force that she is able to generate fierce gusts and gales of wind that can inflict significant damage and produce destructive shockwaves that can leave a battlefield devastated.
Each strike she executes - depending on the pressure she applies - can form these shockwaves and even control their direction if the opponent seeks to evade the attack.

The powerful gusts of wind and the shockwaves that follow in its wake possess enough power to easily cut through and slice down small armies, large buildings, large hollows, and when enhanced(Sol), can cut through spiritual defenses, though it is largely dependent on the spiritual defense she may be faced with.

For example, an opponent armed with elite durability may not feel a scratch unless Midori has attack power matching that durability. On the other hand, her attack power can gain a significant increase(Sol-enhanced) that can affect an opponent even if he has heightened amounts of durability. If you strike something long enough, it will fall.

If she attacks and aims her weapons in a constant state of movement and continuously swings them around, at the zenith of her momentum, she can form a tornado that can cleave through a mountain, level half of a forest, or form a large rupture beneath the ground, causing the ground's foundation to shatter, creating such a heavy amount of debris that it flies up from the ground and into the air.

Mixing in the debris with the tornado, she can formulate another form of attack that uses the wind and heavy concrete/rock to assault her opponent from multiple directions. Pulverized or cut to pieces - her focus is often to ensure the kill. She cares little for the result of her enemy's death.

Hot Wind Generation:When her unique evolution ability - Sol - is activated, Midori is granted access to a myriad of offensive applications of attacks - enhanced by the spirit and essence of the sun. It, therefore, follows that any technique or attack she can perform naturally now gains a significant boost upon Sol's official activation.

Sol provides different aspects of the sun - offensive and defensive - and one of those aspects allows her to passively tap into that essence through manipulating the air until it becomes hot. She cannot cover an entire area in this passive state - as the distance of how much air she can generate is based on concentration and the size of the area.

At its zenith, she can cover a small city within hot air or focus the effect of the hot winds onto a large army. These hot winds, once possessed of only cutting/chopping attributes, are now solar-powered and can cut through spiritual defenses and affect otherworldly beings on a tremendous scale, depending on their spiritual defenses.

High-level racial skills that allow opponents to passively defend themselves from harm may falter before the might of her effervescent strikes. Hierro, for example, must definitely be on the level of advanced or higher or belong to that of a character in possession of immense power. If there is anything below it, Midori can cut through it with enough persistence.

Demons who lack a proper defense and possess an attribute anywhere close to that of darkness - can suffer even more damage than they bargain for. Her solar-powered winds seek to do more than burn. Their divine nature allows them to burn/incinerate an enemy if he suffers too much damage. Each cut from the solar winds can cause the wounds to burn with immense pain and even grow in intensity. Regeneration is easily capable of remedying the problem, though continuous strikes will serve to prevent them from fully healing their wounds.

If she gains enough momentum from her swings and is allowed to attack with weapons that can generate enough wind force, she can create a large tornado - except this time what was merely a tornado that could cut and slice - now becomes a solar-wind tornado that can severely damage anything it touches, burning it until there is nothing left.

As opponents normally possess a type of defense against any attack, she cannot burn them within an instant. However, if they suffer a full blow, they will feel as if their skin is now in a constant state of being burned as if their existence is being incinerated. The heat from the solar winds will continue to dominate the wound unless they are properly tended to; or if the opponent may properly possess regeneration/restorative agents to assist them.

Veteran of Battlefield & Strategic Mastermind: A mind for the battlefield, an intuition for war, and an otherworldly knowledge for being able to eliminate factors that may lead to defeat - that is a summation of Midori's knowledge on the battlefield. Having faced and battled in countless wars that threatened the sanctities of earth, Midori has developed a highly perceptive sense of spiritual warfare.

A true war veteran, her aim is to never attack without an elaborate plan. Each strategy that she executes is reminiscent of a chess game in her mind, each piece is essential to the overall scheme but one must do well to protect their kings and queens. She does not abide by any code of honor, so if a sneak attack is necessary, she will hardly waste any time in employing a plan of action.

Beyond these methods, Midori actually goes as far as analyzing an entire area - through smell, through sight, through hearing, employing every sense of her body in order to gain insight on the types of battlefields or realms she will wage war in. Shadin Yuudeshi serves as a secondary guide to why she is so resilient in planning beforehand. As the two fought together and developed, so, too, did the technology develop around them. Shadin utilized it to its finest degree and his influence has grown on her immensely.

As such, Midori is often found within a training ground she has created for herself in order to prepare for battle. No matter when those battles may occur, she always wants to allow herself a level of preparation that keeps her awareness at a maximized peak. This requires every ounce of her concentration and why those around her recommend that she remain unperturbed in her focus, for such a focus allows her to enter a battle with proper measure and preparation. If leading an army, she will guide each of them to an area where she feels they can utilize their talent to its highest potential. Long-ranged fighters can take the rear while those who revel in close combat can charge in unhindered.

Midori is also not above placing or planting traps in unsuspecting areas to catch her enemy at unawares. This usually occurs when Midori is familiar with the area or location and knows exactly where to plant the traps in order to achieve a desirable result. When spiritual warfare is concerned, Midori often aims to ensure that the causalities remain low. She may claim that her reasoning for such prudence is pride; such reasoning is false.

Due to her traumatic experiences with war(losing her loved ones) Midori despises the idea of willingly throwing any man to his death, even if they are willing to do so. She is not above resorting to such measures, however. To her, the means can often justify the ends. It may be ruthless, it may be cold, but that is a notion that rings true in her remorseless heart.

Aura: A racial ability derived from her nature as a soul-Evo, Aura is a passive spell of Midori's that allows her to channel an aspect from her unique ability - Sol - that generates a metaphysical membrane that primarily acts as a defensive mechanism, though when under duress, can be used just as equally for offensive counterattacks. As her aura is a manifestation of her radiant soul, it acts as a remarkable form of endurance that she can rely on.

Her fierce nature manifested in a layer of supernatural energy that acts as her protector, Aura is a unique form of defense that allows her to defend against otherworldly threats or attacks - depending on the strength and nature - acting as her shield. An orange magical circle - resembling the shape of a sun - appears before her, upon the immediate sense of an attack. Midori does not have to have awareness of the attacks as her aura provides its own form of sensory support as if the solar energy has a mind of its own.

The defensive capabilities against physical attacks allow her to deflect a myriad of attacks from weapons made by mortal men. Sword strikes with weapons of man-made steel or bullets that exist on earth cannot possibly ever hope to bypass this formidable layer of energy. The only possibility that her "shield" is bypassed is through the possibility that her opponents may possess physical strength strong enough to shatter the shield and breakthrough.

Even so, it is still an arduous task as this shield can maintain its defense even against opponents with formidable strength. As it is a manifestation of her soul, it cannot easily be penetrated. Her will and spiritual endurance cannot be easily broken. Concerning attacks that exist on the spiritual plane (Physical strikes from a mystic weapon or zanpakuto, Demon Magic, Kido, etc. ), Midori's aura serves its greatest purpose as her metaphysical shield.

Already easily capable of sustaining itself against Bala, a typical cero blast, elemental Kido spells, physical zanpakuto strikes, whenever Midori truly focuses her aura and desires nothing else but to protect herself or those around her, the layer can sustain itself against higher forms of spiritual destruction, though the results may vary. Higher forms of spiritual destruction can range from a gran ray cero to advanced Kido spells, and so on and so forth.

Even with such immense defensive power, there are two distinctive drawbacks. The first is that while it is a passive spell in nature and can act on its own in terms of what it chooses to shield her from, it can absolutely be broken. If struck by those with an advanced, elite, or grand skill(grandmaster) in physical strength, her aura will be shattered within minutes. One particular weakness of her Aura is that while it has a high resilience against spiritual attacks, those who possess a significant amount of physical strength - Advanced or higher - can overwhelm and eventually break through her spiritual defense.

An advanced strength-based combatant can also hold his/her own though he/she will likely require more striking power depending on the type of techniques he or she may employ. Spiritual attacks against her aura will often depend on two factors - strength and skill - it, therefore, stands that those without a significant influx of spiritual offense cannot hope to easily break through her layer.

Of course, when it concerns those who do possess a significantly powerful spiritual offense, they are not held down by such a standard. At her maximum focus, Midori's aura can hold itself against a gran ray cero(at least once) but the moment a cero oscuras is employed, there may be no such strategy other than to evade as the shield will indicate that it cannot defend against such a powerful and destructive attack.

It can hold itself against elemental kido, but with those who are truly proficient in the art and could, for example, execute a myriad of spells in rapid succession, the remorseless heroine would certainly find herself at a disadvantage. If faced with a shinigami with his Shikai, a similar principle would apply. If he is weaker and cannot properly wield his weapon, he cannot bypass the layer.

However, if he has mastered his weapon and resides on the level of a captain, with enough strikes, the magical layer will falter, leaving her open to be attacked directly. The second drawback is that while it finds its primary use in defense, it means that Midori must remain within the layer or utilize as little motion as possible, as the focus is definitely necessary for ensuring it maintains itself as a powerful shield.

However, the moment she chooses to attack, the layer of aura is thus transformed into a stream of divine solar energy whose form can be molded to her choice(knives, swords, arrows, etc. ). It provides her with a unique form of combat without delving too far into her arsenal. However, the sacrifice is that she is now vulnerable to any form of an attack and must rely on her physical/spiritual endurance to overcome the threat.

Post Cooldown: Can be maintained/utilized for three-to-four posts, though this depends - and I cannot stress such a fact enough - on the strength of the opponent and the attacks employed. If higher levels of attacks strike her layer, the maintaining period will drop to two posts before she must rely on her own natural or other spiritual defenses. If a truly destructive attack from a 0-tier character is launched her way... instead of staying there and looking dumb, she will rely on her senses and hopefully evade such an attack - if given proper time and if she is not caught off guard.

In addition, once she attacks her own, she bypasses the layer and it transforms itself to fit the user's intent. The shield now becomes the sword. Once usage has reached its limit, a cooldown of three posts now means that in the meantime, the aura will not manifest automatically but can resurface during the battle. Concerning what can get through and what cannot, Midori's Aura is inherently stronger against attacks of a spiritual nature. However, when it comes to physical attacks with brute strength or focused strikes, her Aura struggles and can be broken through with enough effort and persistence.

Aiónios Resiliency: As a warrior who has fought in many battles deciding earth's fate, Midori had accumulated her fair share of lacerations, cuts, burns, and deadly wounds. She wouldn't be a warrior otherwise. However, what seemed to manifest as a result is her delving deeper into the art of utilizing her life-force to its highest peak.

Each battle hardened spirit, mind, and body. Concerning the body, in particular, each battle taught Midori that the essence of her blood had exponentially accelerated healing properties and endurance. Such knowledge led her to conduct training and test herself in terms of what she could endure and what she could not. As such, Midori is in the upper echelon of soul-evolution humans who have truly learned to maintain their life-force and use it to their advantage.

Her stamina as a warrior is already beyond the realm of humankind - Aionios only serves to strengthen it as she can easily maintain physical combat against her opponents without reaching the threshold of exhaustion. Her body is always filled with bursts of energy, always allowing her to attack in rapid succession. Beyond her stamina, the greatest advantage that her Aionios resiliency grants her is in durability and high-speed regeneration. Mastering her endurance over centuries, she has trained her body to withstand and survive a multitude of attacks.

To illustrate an example, Midori has the capability of suffering multiple wounds to her body, even a limb or two, and somehow, maintaining the spirit to fight on unperturbed. That fierce willpower manifests within her body, serving to accelerate her regenerative healing at an otherworldly rate. To wit, she can still suffer a deathly blow - through decapitation - but outside of that, her body can withstand damage and simultaneously recover within a matter of seconds.

To delve even further beyond high-speed regeneration, due to her extensive years of battles against spiritual entities ranging from Arrancar to humans, and even demons, she has taught and trained her body to achieve a grasp of reactive adaption. In other words, wounds that may have caused significant damage before, her body can pinpoint how intense the damage was and reflexively heal her wounds and form a resistance against that attack should it occur once more.

As such, the conceptual nature of her spiritual makeup has reached such a threshold that her body can repeatedly withstand damage and still fight on. The opponent has to constantly think of new methods to strike her down, as repeating the same attack may backfire(depending on what that attack is, of course. ) She can most certainly be felled, but due to the endurance and exceedingly high Aionios lifeblood that flows through her veins, defeating her is no easy task.

Extraordinary Vima: A soul-evo's skill simultaneously representing speed as well as transportation, Midori - due to her century's worth of battle experience - has elevated this skill to the realm of legends. It all started with an obsession to master her own supernatural racial skills. As someone who has always known strife and adversity as a warrior, no goal seemed to be more pressing than enhancing her own personal abilities so that she could attain godlike skills on the levels of her peers.

Never desiring to be lost behind in the race of evolution, Midori not only tempered her endurance in order to master the nuance of her self-regenerative lifeblood but master every mechanic that her mind could imagine. In her mind, precise execution is always necessary when executing a fighting technique or conceptual attack. The focus is always vital. Naturally, Midori is capable of tracing lines to move her body forward from A to B, without a single misstep.

Tracing the lines with her fingers, weaving them around her body as if she were constructing the notes in a piano, her body is always remaining in a state of high-speed movement that defies the laws of physics. Whether in flight or on the ground, she is always in perpetual motion. Her body loses no stamina because she manipulates those vectors constantly until an advantage is spotted. Even so, that hardly defines the extent of her skill in Vima.

If an opponent enters her physical space, she is capable of implementing a series of vectors ahead of time, tracing lines within the air, using them to slow and divert the direction of her attacks, allowing her to evade them seamlessly. Even if she allows them to attack ahead of time - before she can create the invisible vectors within the air - if they attack her physically or spiritually, she will study the formation of the attack and enact a countermeasure, using the metaphysical lines to impede the accuracy of an enemy's attack.

However, perhaps her greatest strength is found in her otherworldly speed. Whereas she used the vectors defensively to alter the direction of an enemy's spiritual attack(basic attacks such as Bala, cero, novice Kido, etc) , she focuses her vima on creating a point to another point, allowing her to flash forward, attack, and evade - repeating the series of motion without batting an eye.

This allows her natural speed to reach the realm of hypersonic, perhaps even beyond that, though it is only a theoretical. Her attacks are often executed so fast due to the momentum she creates from herself - in addition to the lines of Vima she forms around her body in order to exceed beyond that momentum. Her speed is often so imperceptibly fast that she execute consecutive series of strikes - one-hundred - within an instant.

She often attacks at such a movement of high-speed that it seemingly appears as if she had never moved from her original location, to begin with. Her hunger to strive beyond her limits as a warrior is truly seen within Vima.

Note: Although Midori loses no particular amount of Stamina in utilizing Vima, she still has to utilize a greater amount of energy to utilize it. Meaning that the more she delves into an aspect of speed or motion manipulation, the more energy that can be drained as a result. In addition, if she wishes to utilize one aspect of Vima to its fullest, she can only use one form of Vima - be it manipulating the vectors to influence her surroundings or to enhance her own speed. A posting limit of three-to-four is her limit before she has to enter a three post cooldown as a sacrifice or to replenish her own personal energy.

Master of Arms: Prima Materia is the unquestioned manifestation of Soul-evolution, the energy that defines magical prowess and allows one to achieve skill beyond measure, conceptual or scientific. The possibilities are limitless, as Prima material has infinite applications that a user can manipulate and employ at their leisure. Even so, the skills that define the harnessed state of this universal energy is construction and manipulation. To wit, Midori has mastered both of these arts to varying effects. However, whereas others can - in theory - construct and manipulate any sort of object the mind fancies, Midori had chosen to be one who focused her mental ingenuity on the creation of weapons.

No discrimination; Swords, Spears, knives, longswords, weapons of various length, weapons that defy natural order, and weapons imposed with mystical aspects spoken of in mythos. Even though a spiritual weapon like a Zanpakuto may be marvelous in its nature, they are the definition of a shinigami, with no distinction whatsoever - one could never recreate a weapon of that nature. Weapons of earthly make are far more versatile, to say nothing of mystical artifacts that might well exist on earth.

There are swords of a legend like Excalibur, Spears such as Gungrir, bows such as the one wielded by Arjuna, and countless others.
As the imagination is a soul-evo's greatest weapon in battle, it is even truer concerning the remorseless heroine. She has committed a significant part of her life to understanding the nature of many weapons, and through this lifetime, she allowed her own prime energy to serve as the focus in the creation of the weapons.

Each outline traced through her mind and recreated on a metaphysical scale, conceived to be manipulated and used in battle. Creatively speaking, Midori always creates weapons before a battle and even after the battle has concluded, in order to grand her advantage should she face that opponent again.
Her construction is truly at the level of one who has sought to master their craft as if she were a blacksmith dedicated to their life's work. Her manipulation often goes hand in hand with her construction, as she will apply certain aspects to the weapon in order to strengthen its versatility and striking power, or even a conceptual/elemental attack if necessary, though this requires time and commitment.

Her manipulation isn't limited to the weapons, however, as she has mastered manipulation in real-time on the battlefield even if she doesn't intend to utilize her weapons from the outset. Easily capable of manipulating elements on a metaphysical and scientifical scale, she can alter the battlefield to her advantage, depending on her location and the tools at her disposal.

Such as increasing molecules within the air until they are superheated and thus reaches a level where she can cause explosions, manipulating a source of water in order to form a shield, or using the wind to achieve flight or increase it rapidly until it becomes a gale of destruction to wipe out the opposition. An alchemic genius, Midori has mastered her craft to that of legend.

Midori Sugiura [APPROVED, 0-4+; Soul Evo] Pbucket

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Sol - Genesis of the Sun: The penultimate manifestation of Midori's nature and power as a soul-evolution human is sun manipulation, channeling the divine and esoteric nature of the sun. Even from birth, it has always seemed as if Midori's existence was spiritually connected to the nature of the sun.

As a result of her mystical nature, she needed only to tap into this effervescent essence and achieve a flawless state where she could manipulate the latent energy of the sun and achieve a godlike state where she could match any warrior in existence that her heart so desired.

Tapping into the metaphysical nature of the sun thus grants her access to a myriad of abilities that stem from its collective branch. Whether offensive or defensive, she is able to channel solar energy at a unique rate, manipulating and releasing it in order to fit the nature of the battlefield. If a battle requires her to assume the defense, she can activate Sol and boost her aura to a higher level of defense than it had before.

If she goes on the offensive, she can delve into her highly unique and otherworldly art of Prima Materia, wherein she utilizes her weapon creation and suffuses her weapons with solar energy in order to increase their potency against enemies that require more firepower.

If there happen to be comrades on the battlefield or she herself requires critical attention, she can access the esoteric nature of the sun and use enchanting rays of light in order to heal their wounds or her own, all dependent on the situation and timing of course. The applications are many and each one explained below only serves to solidify her status as one of the earth's finest heroes. Let it be noted that before she fully utilizes any Solar manipulation, these are powerful applications that are used as techniques.

Genesis of the sun allows her to naturally channel her solar energy without utilizing any of them and still carries the same damage of absolutely powerful heat, the ability to generate light from different parts of her body - including her eyes - as well as manipulating molecules within the air, speeding them up so that they may become superheated and explode within a small radius of her person.

She can also form fiery formations that can float around the area and overwhelm the enemy. Formations of Runes, magical circles, as well as mandalas are not outside the realm of possibility in this basic state; on the contrary, her basic state can grant her more capability than her applicant techniques, especially when combined with her unique form of Prima Matter.

The nature of Midori's solar energy is not something that can properly be defined in a scientific scope, as it resides more on the scale of how Solar energy - nay, the sun itself - has been defined over time. Powerful, inimitable, divine, radiant. When one ponders the nature of the sun, they think of light, they think of invigoration, of strength, of vitality, of authority. As such, her solar energy exists on a scale that could be defined in one term; the esoteric and the mythological; Divine. It is not bound by any form or idea of temperature yet at the same, it is not as if it requires the notion of one either.

If her energy is used with the notion that it is a form of life force meant to serve the purpose of restoration - such as seen in Amaterasu - she can use her solar energy as a form of solar influence that can heal and invigorate those in civilian-based locations(if she did not wish to harm them) and on the opposite hand, for her enemies, she can invert the concept to an offensive nature.

Thus, the form of retribution, eradication, and overwhelming destruction. The nature of the sun that humans fear. The light that is overwhelming, light that can eradicate, light that can vaporize on contact and so much more. As such, when her solar energy is imbued with that concept as its designated/chosen objective, her solar energy manifests - as seen in Apollo or her final states of ascension - as a tumult of annihilation that seeks to eradicate, disassemble, vaporize, and outright eliminate an enemy from existence itself. The will to do so grants her solar energy even more power and allows her to even utilize fire and plasma as a result.

Ra - Radiant Wings: Though hardly extravagant or extraordinary by the standards of the warriors that roam the various realms, she is still capable of achieving high-speed movement at a remarkable rate. Consider the fact, if you will, that most humans who follow the path of soul-evolution are born with the capability of accessing Vima(their form of a high-speed movement technique), honing such a skill until it has reached a flawless state of execution, thus granting them a formidable tool to employ on the battlefield.

Add to that, then, empowerment from the sun and this introductory application into Sol becomes all the more formidable. Initially, she can either begin by channeling small bursts of solar energy into her body or a greater amount if her opponent's speed outmatches her own. The method is comparable to the act of charging a battery and then simultaneously releasing all of the energy that was collected at once into her body, focusing it around her feet.

A pair of winged sandals in the form of orange light appears below her as she propels through the air, capable of holding her speed for an extended period of time depending on how much power she chose to generate. She can even levitate and fight aerially with an opponent, launching projectiles of solar energy with deadly precision. Through Vima, she can trace lines through the air and use them as a sort of map in order to gauge her enemy's location and mercilessly pursue them, offering them no form of respite. The initial acceleration is considerably formidable, as it allows her to reach hypersonic speed.

A greater amount of solar energy in synchronicity with Vima is where her flight is freed from any form of binding and she temporarily reaches a territory where she can maintain her stride against those who are defined as warriors who have reached the epitome of speed that can no longer be defined by natural law. With this form of the highly-enhanced flight, she can reach speeds that allow her to travel long distances within a short period of time, especially if she were thrown from a battlefield.

The maximum speed is primarily hypersonic(normally), though she can possibly go even further if necessary. However, the one limit to her flight, if it is allowed to reach full potential, that is, is the indomitable fact that she requires a greater surplus of solar energy to achieve her aim.

Naturally, her body is always filled with solar energy - great reservoirs even - however, to maintain high-speed, even with vima, can be quite a draining experience for her, so she often decides to maintain her speed at a tempo where she can execute her strikes with graceful ease of movement and precision. As her natural agility and speed are already breathtaking, she can certainly hold her own without the need of accessing too much solar power.

When she is accelerating through Ra and utilizing Vima, she can leave behind fiery lines of solar energy that can completely disorient an enemy. She can force these lines of energy to explode, forcing the enemy to evade while she remains on her course of the flight. Even though it is an ability meant for the skies, she can still very much use it on the ground.

Strengths and Drawbacks: The strengths are certainly easy to notice, but if one required closer attention than I am happy to oblige. The strengths of Ra is the ability to fly and soar at rates of speed that otherwise would not be achievable by human standards. As explained before in her natural abilities, Midori is naturally fast and never seeks to waste a movement when she strikes. Ra increases the speed and distance she can gain or carry during her flight or charge.

This allows her to travel distances that may be considered "far away" from her location. In addition, it increases her battle capabilities and allows her to strike with even more speed and relentlessness. As stated, if she charges enough of this solar-powered energy as her source she can - in theory - combined with Vima, reach an upper echelon of speed that belongs only to the truly great of legendary warriors. However, one significant note is that her speed is not directly boosted in the scale of leveling up, rather it only increases the current speed she already has. So whatever her average speed is, it would be increased higher than that in terms of scaling it in the form of a skill-listing/skill sheet.

Individuals such as Shadin or Yoruichi, for example, would have an advantage over her from the outset due to their natural speed and even their mastery of the art of speed itself. However, she could at the very least, match them temporarily until her speed of flight returns to its normal state and simmers down. Such a state of that "hyperspeed" would only last for three-four posts because then it becomes too energy-consuming to maintain for an extended period of time.

The natural speed she can achieve with her flight is hypersonic and can normally be maintained for four-to-five posts, though she will momentarily take breaks in-between in order to ensure she doesn't wear herself out, so the number may vary in the case of her hypersonic speed.

To reiterate, the main weakness of her solar flight is if she chooses to soar at hyper speed, her body will not only quickly drain itself of all the solar energy that was stocked up but cause significant tears and burns to her body, all as a result of mishandling her solar force. Depending on how she works it, she can use this ability as many times as she wishes, so as long as her body is filled to the brim with Solar Empowerment.

Amaterasu - Benevolent Restoration: A divine method of healing through the effusive energy of the sun, Amaterasu, a symbol of the name Midori once wore in her home realm, is an ability that is not meant to secure any significant advantage on the battlefield; from an onlooker's perspective, an ability that revitalizes the user or their comrades is not much to summon any fear into the heart of the opponent. It might as well be no different from the regeneration found in other races.

However, much like Ra, Amaterasu is an ability that gains a unique attribute as it can meld seamlessly with Aionios, a soul-evolution skill that allows one to naturally heal their wounds, acting as their own form of regeneration.

When Amaterasu is activated, both of her hands are enveloped within a golden light that is so breathtakingly warm that comrades within her presence feel as if they are being embraced by a gentle force. In truth, that is the first direction the ability takes. It creates a spiritual link with a comrade that may be present and maintains its focus solely upon that individual.

The second phenomenon to occur is when she places her hands upon her ally's head and the light surrounds their entire body. Once that light envelopes them, her fingers release a restorative agent filled with metaphysical solar energy that does not burn but rather renews their body and spirit. It happens gradually but the wounds that seem to have left her allies in dire straits, slowly but surely, begin to disappear; the skin and bone start to reattach itself until the flesh that was cut, bruised, or pummeled, is restored completely.

However, while healing is its main objective, a secondary effect caused by the solar agent, is empowering her allies with newfound strength and granting them a boost to their physical and spiritual strength, empowering them with her solar essence. In theory, if given enough concentration, at the pinnacle of this skill, Midori could spread her focus throughout a group of allies and invoke her essence within them but it is often taxing. Even though much detail has gone to the focus of her allies, Midori can apply the same energy to herself, though she does not gain any boosts in return.

It is more of a form of accelerated regeneration for her. What makes it formidable in her hands when focused on her own body, is that the blood of soul-evolution humans already possesses a healing agent within their blood. As such, when one restorative force meets another, the results can be otherworldly.

Strength and Drawbacks: This is quite simply, Midori's way of doing two things. Sharing the wealth of her solar energy by empowering others and healing damage to their body. The reason she does not gain a boost herself is that she naturally has a form of regeneration, so Amaterasu simply would amplify that faster, making it even more difficult to kill her than before. When focused on Midori herself, this ability can usually be employed to about five times until a seven-post cooldown comes into play.

Now, concerning her allies, when it is mentioned that she can grant them a significant boost in their physical and spiritual strength, one idea of an example could be the concept of the "second wind", wherein a person may feel exhausted and weary but by some sequence or another, gains a boost in energy and rushes towards their goal.

Empowering her allies with the solar energy doesn't give them a super boost nor changes anything, merely gives them that same second wind. The energy she empowers them with is not meant to last for a long period. If she is allowed to heal them long enough, it grants them with a small surplus of her solar energy. If there are those who can truly absorb it well enough, they can use that energy in whatever way they see fit. In most cases, she can only heal one individual at a time but if given enough time, in theory, she could spread her energy over groups of others. However, this ability has a limit.

For one, the healing is not instantaneous. She must form a bond with the person she chooses to heal. If a bond is not formed, the ability is practically useless for its intention. Even with that bond formed, she must be allowed to be away long enough to ensure that the healing has fully been completed. To form a bond, two posts must pass(or a bond has to have to been formed in the past).

To complete the healing process(HIGHLY DEPENDENT ON THE WOUNDS THEY SUFFERED) she must be allowed to heal for more posts.... however, this is dependent on the factor of how grave the wounds her allies suffered were. This healing ability may possess the name of a goddess but it is no miracle worker.

If they are near-death, she could be held back as far as having to wait until the thread is over and sacrifice her participation in that battle or ten posts, nearly a whole page. There is also the fact that she cannot necessarily drag them all the way back from their near-death state.

The number of times she is able to utilize Amaterasu is usually five before a ten post break. This, of course, depending on how long it had to take her to temporarily empower and fully heal her ally's wounds. If she has to heal someone with extreme damage, she can only use it once and never again for that thread. On her own person, she can normally maintain Amaterasu's regenerative attributes for five posts and then a ten post break.

Apollo - Arrow of Retribution: An offensive application of Sol that allows Midori to focus her solar essence into divine arrows of light that can she can fire and manipulate in a multitudinous succession of attacks and aerial strikes of bombardment. Utmost concentration is overwhelmingly important here. A slight misstep and overzealous intent can render this skill inoperable. Even so, Midori rarely has to fret over such an inconvenience, as she is always laser-focused on flawlessly achieving her aim.

To enact Apollo, Midori executes a series of successive hand movements until she has formed a magic circle with the inscription of the Greek god himself who this ability derives its name from. Once the circle has been projected, she strikes her hand through the center. The circle turns into a series of spiritual layers resembling rings of incandescent light. These spiritual layers act not only as her an offensive weapon but also an assistant of sensory perception that allows her to track the whereabouts of her enemies(if fighting from a pronounced distance).

When her target appears within focus, Midori releases one of the ringed-layers into the form of a solar laser resembling a mighty arrow. Her arm acts as the bow, as the remorseless heroine snaps her finger and launches bolts of shining light into the direction of her target. The bolt of light itself is so imperceptibly fast that it can travel at long distances in a matter of seconds.

To add versatility to their firepower, each solar bolt has the added ability to expand upon contact, ensuring that the target will not evade her attacks so easily. Otherworldly rays of light are released instantaneously from her arm. She can choose the number of solar blasts she can release from a thousand to ten thousand, to nigh-innumerable, though the power level varies upon how much of her solar essence she is willing to extend. She can manipulate the forms of these beams in order to disorient the opponent even more.

When firing her mighty arrows, she prefers to keep the number of solar bolts to 10, as this number allows her to achieve a destructive capacity that can overwhelm a large city(ten altogether, not individually).

The solar bolts possess can possess an explosive aspect that can reach the opponent where her arrows may have missed. Naturally, each on their own is formidable as they possess a similar destructive nature to a cero blast.
However, that does not properly define the nature of the bolts.

As Midori as a warrior who wishes to keep civilians safe, she does not seek to cause widespread damage. The focus is the enemy and when her bolts are able to strike on contact, that is when the true nature of Apollo is achieved. Upon contact, the damage can be overwhelmingly devastating, an indomitable force of annihilation seeking to completely eradicate the enemy before her.

Possessing the nature of an attack that can bisect, burn, or outright incinerate the enemy, if the opponent does not possess the necessary defensive fortification or a grasp of evasion, they can find their body to first experience severe burns that may persist even after the attack has worn off.

The first symptom. No wound can be healed as quickly when hit by such a strike, as the essence of her solar influence can still remain until it is dispersed or forced off of the enemy's body through their own spiritual potency or a truly high level of regeneration. Those with low or even no form of a regenerative agent can heal their wounds automatically, while those who possess higher regeneration can still heal/regenerate their wounds/flesh but the process of doing so is slower and requires more energy to heal themselves properly.

Separate bolts are normally capable of this damage and nothing more. However, when Midori is able to focus her mind and soul into a singularly focused attack - that is, a massive singular bolt composed of celestial brilliance, she can achieve the aim of eradicating her enemy. If that singular bolt imbued with all of that energy strikes, the divine light will greatly overwhelm the opponent, mercilessly incinerating them from the inside out.

For indeed, the potency of this heat cannot be measured by temperature, for it exists in a realm of conceptual and spiritual destruction that can burn and incinerate spiritual particles and even forces that seek to threaten Midori herself(Death energy, for example. ).

Prolonged effects of being burned or incinerated can effectively leave the enemy with wounds that cannot easily recover, and those who suffer the full-blunt of her strikes can be eradicated completely(Up to the user of said character) with not a single trace to be remembered by saving for ashes of reishi or remnant energy.

Strengths: The main strength of this application of Sol, is the advantage of long-distance combat. A highly proficient archer, she has no difficulty in searching/analyzing the location in order to find her enemy(if they do not choose to face her in direct combat. ) Each spiritual layer released forms into an arrow/bolt of light and each is formidable on their own.

A single bolt can cut and burn the limbs of her enemy upon contact. Add to that, the ability to manipulate the forms of her solar bolts in order to fool the enemy/disorient their progress in evading her attacks and even these lesser bolts of solar energy can be difficult to handle.

When a single bolt is given focus and filled with a greater amount of solar essence, it possesses the destructive capacity of a nuclear explosion. If the enemy is struck completely as mentioned above, the likelihood of survival(to the user's wish) is slim, though it is not impossible to still remain to some degree even if the body has been struck with such an annihilating force.

It should be noted also that while I described the damage, I did not describe the temperature, though I am willing to add one if need be. I just felt that when it comes to spiritual beings, it is difficult to assume that any type of temperature that isn't conceptually tuned, can affect certain individuals.

Especially if we're speaking of beasts like Shadin or Mana, and even demons themselves. I instead describe how much damage can be done and what are the effects of the results of being struck.

A lot of her offensive attacks can be deflected regardless, and depending on the opponent's nature of their ability, negated even. It would often depend on the nature of her opponent's attacks versus her own and other factors.

Drawback: Needless to say, one of the primary drawbacks of Apollo is whether her attacks can actually strike as an opponent who is well-versed in the realm of speed can easily maintain their distance, evading her attacks as if it were mere child's play.

Each arrow she fires has an instantaneous fire rate and formidable speed, yet against those who have truly learned to evade or even deflect the solar bolts of light, Midori may have to seek a different strategy in order to achieve victory.

Another weakness is that the more she fires, the lesser the firepower.
Meaning that while each bolt may possess divine potency, she cannot simply continue to create more light as it will drain her of her primary source of energy.

Opponents who may possess special spiritual attributes or godlike regeneration can suffer the full brunt of her power and still survive, even if the damage they suffered can be life-threatening.

Those who possess otherworldly endurance and willpower can survive due to sheer force of will. Complete incineration only occurs in the case that the user of that character wishes for their character to be in that state, and even then she may not choose to do so.

This leaves Midori susceptible to attack as she must replenish her solar energy in order to continue the battle and any large expenditure of energy can greatly damage her ability in battle. Apollo has no defined posting limit and can be simultaneously used with Ra. The only time a true posting limit occurs is when she focuses her solar essence into a greater bolt of light.

Her solar energy cannot be used without a strategy. If that grand bolt cannot do its intended damage, Midori cannot form another bolt of its size for at least a strong duration of the thread(eight posts.).

She can still utilize her normal-sized celestial arrows, however. On the other hand, if she does not wish to utilize Apollo in the form of a bow and arrow, she can subsume the solar energy within her body and release it in the forms of energy beams, from her hands, her feet, and her eyes, all with the same destructive effects of Apollo but more compressed and singular.

[Event/Player Permission Only]Mithra - The Guardian of Truth: Lauded for its resilient endurance, Mithra is doubtless -among all the known manipulations of Sol - the strongest defensive mechanism within its expansive repertoire. Once more, Midori utilizes a skill from her natural skill set in the form of her metaphysical Aura - utilization of spiritual layers - and increases it beyond a realm unheralded. Let it be remembered that Aura was a racial ability derived from her nature as a soul-Evo, a passive spell of Midori's that allowed her to channel an aspect from her unique ability - Sol - that generated a metaphysical membrane that primarily acts as a defensive mechanism, though when under duress, can be used just as equally for offensive counterattacks. As her aura is a manifestation of her radiant soul, it acts as a remarkable form of endurance that she can rely on.

Her defiant nature manifested in a layer of supernatural energy that acts as her protector, Aura is a supremely unique form of defense that allows her to defend against otherworldly threats or attacks - depending on the strength and nature - acting as her shield. Thus, Mithra is the true nature of her Aura. However, rather than allow it to play second fiddle, she brings it to bear on the battlefield, on a grand stage befitting of the guardian of truth.

Whereas Aura itself was limited by two factors - one being that it did have its limits even with her will imposed on it, and the second in that once she attacked, the function of her aura would manifest into an offensive form of attack - Mithra has no such limitations. It is the ultimate defense granted to her in Sol. The execution in this is the ultimate key. As its name spiritualizes truth, Midori must never question her will, her ideas, nor those that she wishes to protect.

A true embodiment of the guardian of truth. Resolved to protect until the very end, Mithra is enacted upon the stage of the battle. Whereas before an orange circle of mystical solar energy - resembling the shape of a sun manifested from her Aura naturally - its appearance is now manifested within the form of a solar-empowered golden shield with a symbol of Mithra(Iranian Deity) in its center.

A radiant and enchanted gold, it is the absolute ascension of her spiritual layers, now given form and the first where something physical is actually created from her transcendent celestial energy. Aura was limited by how it could only handle spiritual attacks and physical attacks - limited by how it could only be broken by those who reached the apex of physical strength or those with significant spiritual power and attack, limited by how, if Midori chose to attack, her aura would no longer operate defensively.

Mithra shatters those limits as if they were dust, as the shield can now defend her from such abilities and actually maintain itself even after such powerful attacks. Resilient beyond compare, It now grants her with a defense worthy of fighting against a phenomenon that no longer exists within a common scale, fighting against the strongest warriors of the realm without relenting. She can wield a sword and defend herself with the shield.

Those of significant spiritual power(0 tier) are no longer given the opportunity to easily break through her defenses. The shield can now withstand greater levels of damage and requires the enemy to truly unleash more from their arsenal if they wish to break through her defense. As Mithra is empowered through her will and solar essence, the stronger her will is, the higher the shield can withstand damage.

Even so, the shield is still collectively composed of spiritual layers and maintaining it can be extremely taxing. In addition, a shield is still a shield, otherworldly or Earthborn. Midori must wield it properly and time her defense right. Even though she can defend herself from significant damage, she still must be prepared for an attack at unawares.

Strengths and Drawbacks: The strengths of Mithra is - in other words - an ultimate-skill level version of her Aura. It is her strongest defensive ability and therefore can withstand much greater damage.

Those with grand physical strength, who could easily penetrate her Aura, must bring all of their strength and skill to bear in order to break the shield. They can't simply whack away anymore. Warriors who are at the top of the mountain in terms of ability and skill can still flash their high-level Kido or Stronger Cero-type abilities but that does not mean the shield will shatter as easily as it did before.

Resiliency is the epitome of this shield and it is built to endure damage through the user's will. In addition, she can now dual-wield a sword and shield and combat her opponent in direct combat, especially if they revel in spiritual warfare/weaponry. However, maintaining Mithra ultimately means that most of her attention will be focused upon it.

It does not merely require her using her dexterity and otherworldly sensory perception - no, she must enact every fiber, every iota of her will for it to be maintained. It is also taxed with an energy drain that can deplete her reservoir at an unwelcomed rate. The secondary drawback is that it can - with enough damage - still be shattered/broken, which can leave her defenseless and weak. In fact, if she is not equal to the opponent in the tier, the spiritual-layered shield can break with enough damage, also leaving her vulnerable and susceptible to attack.

Beyond that, it now takes the form of a shield and so even in combat, physical or spiritual, Midori could still be exploited with a sneak attack if the enemy plans ahead of time. To be honest, Mithra would be best suited for events and situations where Midori truly needs to prevent herself from a death-killing blow. It isn't suited to the form of battle Midori is often fond of. Maintaining it is in the form of a seven-post limit and it can no longer be used afterward.

[Event Only] Helios - Omega Nova: Helios is one of the culmination and ascensions of Sol. An ultimate ability, a trump card only necessary when she feels she must bring all of her power to bear in battle. Whereas all of her other applications of Sol simply enter periods of cooldown, the might of Helios is beyond comparison.

It requires such a fierce will to maintain it that her resolve must be endurable, indomitable, unwavering. Her mind must fully be locked into the mentality of "this is an enemy I truly desire to eliminate." Adhering to that truth as if it were law, her ultimate ability can now enter the grand stage. She is no longer empowered by the sun - no, in this form she becomes the embodiment of a solar deity, a supernova illuminating the heavens.

Her entire body explodes with radiant solar energy, rays of light emanating throughout the entire area. Though differing far from the idea of a form, a state of ascension amongst others, the impression still applies. It is a state where her collective solar essence and will coalesce, merging into a force of such divine potency that she can truly be considered "godlike" in nature.

Embodying the radiant star of the galaxy itself, her solar energy is increased beyond its natural limit, ascending to the territory of divine might. Her entire body floats towards the sky, releases several beams of celestial light, as the entire area seemingly molds into another dimension entirely. In principle, however, the radiant star of the battlefield has layered the current reality within a dimensional realm that is the conceptual realization of her divine might, her solar essence in full.

This sacred dimension of light and flame was forged with the thought of preventing widespread damage to those within the vicinity, as her power becomes highly potent and volatile beyond measure. At the center of the sky, her visage appears once more, with the woven layer of mystic symbols of the sun rotating within the air, all forming into what can aptly be described as burning stars.

Her sun manipulation has now ascended and merged into the dual realm of flame and celestial manipulation, as she can generate multiple arrays of a fierce conflagration that can burn enemies physically and spiritually, breaking down the particles of their spiritual makeup until there is nothing left.

Even if they may launch a counter attack, the same principle can still apply as, with enough focus, she can launch her flames as a counter toward their attacks - if they are spiritual in nature - and disassemble the structure of the attack through overpowering the enemy's own attack within her flames. Absolute annihilation. However, that is merely a stepping stone.

From fire manipulation, she can accelerate and control the temperature of her flames, forming excess amounts of Plasma. She can manipulate the flames and plasma that she creates into different shapes and sizes, from swords to arrows, makeshift beasts made of flame, and so much more. However, the true nature of Helios is her control over the burning "stars" that roam over her dimension.

On their own, each possesses a mighty destructive force equivalent to nuclear explosions. When the stars combine into a single unit, she forms a supernova, constructing an otherworldly heat wave that incinerates everything in its path. She can perform this two more times before her energy starts to waver rapidly. One stellar burst is already taxing enough to perform, to say nothing of two.

As they are somewhere near the equivalent of exploding stars, the destructive nature is catastrophic, so much so that even Midori herself is affected by the explosive waves of heat.

Her Supernova attack is a last resort, a final-attack only when she believes it to be necessary. As such, before things even reach such a collision, Midori is also granted access to the offensive applications she used prior within Sol's arsenal. They are now soaked within her divine flames, no longer painted within the image of the sun or its indomitable light.

Apollo is increased ten times beyond the firepower she had before and Ra grants her a pair of wings that allow her to soar across her dimension like a blade of fiery retribution. She can simultaneously still use her Prima Materia to construct weapons and launch them from the sky, seeking to pierce or impale her enemies within an array of solar flame-soaked blades, spears, and arrows. However, with great power, comes great sacrifice.

Strengths and Drawbacks: No need to go into large detail for the strengths. This is Midori's final form/stage of power and it is incredibly taxing. It is the offensive culmination of her solar essence.

The strengths were detailed in the form of what was written above but if need be, the biggest strengths of Helios is that her solar energy reaches a state where it can become so extremely hot that constant damage to an opponent's body can result in parts of their body seemingly being "atomized" or divided into spiritual or physical particles, due to the divine nature of her solar energy.

Even more solar essence can also be transformed into such a state of burning that it becomes Plasma. She can manipulate the flames into varying sizes and shapes, granting her a versatile offensive attack when paired with her Prima Materia nature of creating/crafting weapons.

She can even use her flames to break down and divide spiritual attacks(though this is ultimately dependent on who she is facing and other factors). Not only that but she is given enhanced versions of some of her finest offensive abilities within the form of Ra and Apollo. Last but not least is the ultimate form of attack she is allowed when focusing her mighty solar energy into a collective force---supernova.

On their own, the aforementioned radiant stars - on their own - that float around her are capable of damage rivaling catastrophic nuclear explosions. However, when combined into a single unit, they become a large heat wave so potent that it could cause dimensional damage to the realm/location if it is not properly secured and defended. However, even with such strength.

Helios is not a form that is to be used lightly and is definitely within the realm of being considered an event-only ability or used only as a trump card if she cannot gain an advantage against the enemy.
Her powers are so destructive in this state that she had to form her own pocket dimension in order to contain its power... and it still isn't perfected.

When using anything before the supernova, she can maintain her hold over the pocket dimension but it is certainly a taxing experience on her body. Once she combines those "stars" and executes her supernova phenomenon, the dimension is not long to last. One heat wave will completely shatter her pocket dimension. Even beyond that, if she cannot defeat or at least strike a massive blow to the opponent, she will not be able to maintain much of a fight.

Helios drains her of nearly every ounce of her solar essence. Draining one dry doesn't even begin to paint the image. Overuse can lead to a loss of vitality. Her skin can be extremely burned, and external blood loss can also occur. Her body is practically brittle within this state, so if the opponent can last long enough and endure, she is pretty much done for.

Even beyond that, even with such a grand release of power, she is not automatically granted a ticket of overpowering her opponent. The strategy is always what defines a battle. If they can play a game of cat and mouse and launch attacks at unawares, they can still combat Midori within the "Helios" state. It would require themselves accessing higher forms of their own power, of course, but nevertheless, she is certainly capable of being fought, even with the increase in firepower. She is granted no defense as all defensive aspects of Sol are locked.

As such, she is susceptible to attacks that serve as a counter to her element or an attack launched in her direction at unawares. In closing, Helios - Omega can be maintained for five posts maximum. Due to the strain of maintaining the dimension and her own power will leave her worn out and she cannot participate in a thread for the remainder of its duration.

If she forces it too much beyond that, she cannot participate within any other combat threads for a month. If any further, death. On top of that, if the enemy possesses a destructive attack that can break through her dimensional realm, there is the added advantage that would be gained, though this is dependent upon judgment on Midori's part. Even if the realm is destroyed - in theory - Midori can still operate and even fight without being "held back' in terms of maintaining two forms of usage.

However, for all that she may be ruthless, since the power of Helios is so intense, the heat and solar energy, the flares, the flames, and every ounce of her power is simply too much to be contained in one area and so any location must completely be ensconced and shrouded in spiritually-defensive mechanisms and measures to prevent any damage from reaching civilians. Since one strike from her ultimate star is equivalent to a powerful supernova - can affect the earth on a planetary scale but it cannot affect areas that already have spiritual defenses in place. However, the risk is still far too much for those that do not. It is why Midori often battles with the idea of whether or not she should even use it.

[Event Only] Hyperion - Alpha Nova: Regarded as the secondary form of ultimate ascension, this is a state where all of the radiant celestial energy that made Helios so destructive and overwhelmingly powerful in nature is composed to attune her body and is transmuted into a celestial force that can be maintained and ensure the safety of others.

Whereas before, she invokes a dimensional realm to protect the realm she is in from facing any massive or scarring damage, the tumult of chaos is compressed within her own body, allowing her to gain proper control of what Helios can impart upon her without reaching into civilian territory.

Whereas Helios was a hurricane - an unruly force of such destructive nature that it cannot be used in realms where civilian life exists, Hyperion is meant to symbolize the one aspect of heroism that still shines within Midori's heart. Granted flame manipulation that can be super-heated into plasma whose form she can manipulate and construct, the solar energy compressed within her body releases into a solar flare that surrounds her body in a magic circle resembling the sun itself.

Radiating with light and sun, the blazing star of the battlefield now ascends into a state where all of what she wishes to use is now compressed to a point where all of that titanic damage is now focused into her body and able to be released from it in not only heat waves but a culmination of all forms of solar prowess that was enacted before. Ra, Amaterasu, Apollo, and Mithra all grant her guidance, as each collective skill is combined and can be utilized in alternate forms.

Mithra is no longer a physical shield that can block her from forms of attack but the spirit of the protector can grant her defense and protect her from forces of spiritual poison that may seek to eliminate her, erecting a wall that can incinerate and disassemble spiritual attacks(with enough focus on her part) and completely eliminate the attack depending on its nature(though this is dependent upon many factors such as the tier of the opponent as well as the state of their power(at that point of the battle) versus her own. )

Apollo is now powered to a state where arrows can be formed from her body and controlled, pinpointed in wherever the enemy may seek to evade. In addition, they are granted offensive firepower from being able to now enter a state of flame and even plasma, which can lead to the enemy experiencing attacks where even if they may miss, the arrows can transform into a swathe of flames in order to envelope their entire body in the fire. If she does not wish to use the arrows she can once more utilize a secondary from where she can fire the beams of solar energy, flame, and plasma from her hands, arms, legs, and eyes.

Ra forms as a pair of radiant wings upon Midori's person that once again grants her flight, soaring the skies with a pair of solar-infused celestial wings that can bisect and incinerate the enemy on contact as well as increase her overall speed to tremendous levels(hypersonic) and can form gusts of hot air that can cause the opponent to experience a series of heat-induced effects from Nausea, Dehydration, failure to properly breathe, organ failure(if they are of humankind) and gusts of wind that can once more turn into tornadoes of flames that seek to eradicate them from existence.

Amaterasu can now focus its energy around those who decide to fight alongside her on the battlefield, granting a surplus of energy to those below her. Even a human may be able to use this power to heal themselves as the light of Amaterasu seeks to heal them from fear and woe, to show them protection. For her allies, they are given a temporary boost in whatever aspect defines them best, be it strength, hope, willpower, perseverance, and allows them to fight alongside her as comrades sharing a common goal.

A remnant of Helios appears in the form of Midori generating a large sphere from her body and onto the battlefield, an artificial sun within her palms. At that moment, she focuses her concentration upon the enemy and launches the sphere towards them; if need be, she may intend to entrap the enemy within ropes of solar energy to hold them in place. Once the sphere, endowed with nearly every amount of her solar energy makes contact, complete eradication of the enemy is not ensured. The enemy can launch their own attack in reply or boldly block the orb from enfolding them completely.

It comes down to a clash of whose might, whose will is the strongest. If Midori intends to use this sphere to its full power, she cannot utilize Mithra, Apollo, Amaterasu, or Ra, all focus must be on the sphere of divine light. If Midori happens to win in this clash, the orb absorbs the enemy within its solar embrace, it explodes, inducing a phenomenon akin to a supernova, however it does not create life once it is gone. The exploding orb focuses all of its collective might upon the enemy, seeking to incinerate them in a tumult of heat waves that seek to vaporize them completely.

Distorting the atmosphere, a form of light takes place within the sky in blazing colors until it dissipates. Her body now drained of energy, she can no longer fight and her body gives out as she falls from the ground and lands to the sky. Even though she does not die, her body is completely spent and she must be taken from the battlefield by an ally.

Strengths and Drawbacks: Hyperion is the secondary form of Helios. It takes all that made Helios so destructively potent and compresses it all within Midori's body, allowing her to release the enhanced solar energy to a point where it cannot affect her comrades or civilians, even though they may quite well be able to defend themselves utilizing their own skills or defensive mechanisms/tools for the cities to keep them shielded from any uncontrolled damage that may go haywire. It combines all of the wonderful aspects that she used before but in alternate and somewhat enhanced forms, allowing her versatility that she could not afford in Helios.

It also allows her to utilize her ultimate skill but is compressed into a sphere that resembles the sun in size and appearance(or think of the spirit bomb from Goku if you need a mental image example) and launches it towards the opponent, focusing every effect, every amount of damage onto them. if it enfolds them, a supernova explosion occurs but it is compressed from being released onto anywhere where life may exist, and all of that destructive damage is focused upon the enemy, to ensure that they and only they are the one to be completely eradicated and eliminated from existence itself.

The strengths are many but there is still a drawback in the form of maintaining the usage and how she chooses to use her power. For example, if she uses any form of the skills from before, it weakens what she can do with forming the supernova-induced orb. Which gives her a choice of choosing to use what she has with four or go ahead and cash in on one. And that can be a hard choice no matter what.

There is the possibility that an opponent may actually survive the attack, though they may be greatly weakened from how much damage they took on. Opponents with otherworldly willpower are the ones who can certainly survive in spite of such damage.

In addition, if they happen to possess an ability that can negate or clash with her own, Midori must focus even more power into the orb, and if she loses the battle.... well she is - pardon my French - fucked ten ways to Sunday. Her body will give out on her and she will fall to the ground, unable to fight back against the enemy, allowing them to end her life or attack her in a defenseless state.

She has everything to gain if she succeeds and yet so much to lose if she fails. It truly is a trump card used only when completely necessary. In addition, this comes with a five post limit with a catch.

If she does not decide to use the sphere quickly and instead resorts to her other techniques, there is only a three post period where she can utilize it. If she uses something else, it dwindles down to two, and eventually to zero. Meaning she is essentially stuck with all the super-enhanced versions of her other techniques and manipulations but no ultimate attack whatsoever.

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

Midori Sugiura [APPROVED, 0-4+; Soul Evo] Pbucket

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MIDORI Sugiura

Midori Sugiura [APPROVED, 0-4+; Soul Evo] 6EdIfMt


From the moment Midori was born - having no recollection of her true origins - she had always been heralded as one of the divine children of Misaiko Sugiura. The woman that she called "mother" - was a symbol of divinity who inspired hope within her people even after their defeat at the hands of the Tig-Ani.

Revered as Retaruseta Kamuy for her otherworldly appearance, Misaiko was met with little difficulty as she amassed followers who would later serve her, assisting her in creating the kingdom of the east, a diverse kingdom exalting the praise and glory of eastern culture, from the Ainu to ancient Japan, to the current era of the world. They occasionally added flourishes of Chinese culture, ever inspired by the wise words of eastern philosophers.

And so it was, the kingdom was built on a sacred foundation of honor, custom, and elegance. Eager to build upon their success as well as become stronger – in hope that they may return to their own world - Misaiko taught her kingdom how to fight even before martial arts came into prominence on earth.

Before weapons like swords were created, they would engage in combat frequently, tempering their own fighting styles before the concept of swordsmanship came to be. In time, the east became a land of virtue and honor.
There was never anything that had caused Midori to question her existence as a child born by the queen.

She had wonderfully woven locks of raven-black hair that flowed elegantly with the wind and amber eyes that were so supernaturally enchanting that one would've truly called her a creation borne by heaven itself.

Even as a child, her body had always seemed to radiate, almost as if she was a tiny bundle of light nestled within one's arms. As such, there was no reason to question her existence. She wholeheartedly believed that she was a child born from The Queen of the Eastern Kingdom.

Granted the name of Amaterasu - the mythological solar goddess of Japan - she took great pride in her family and what they represented. During her childhood, Midori had developed into a fine young lady, boasting an intelligence that defied reason. Around the age of five, she could easily form well-constructed words and sentences, which had impressed her mother. To the queen, something about her growth was unique... abnormal even. It was not as if it frightened her but she was developing rapidly and thus required more attention than originally thought. Truth be told, an advanced growth rate was not necessarily surprising for a Sugiura.

As days went by, she continued to grow in exponential spurts, having reached the physical form of a young adult by the age of fifteen. Witnessing such rapid growth in such a short time had left the queen in an extended stupor that she was struggling to recover from.

Even so, she loved her as if she were her own child... in spite of woefully acknowledging that she had adopted the child of an individual who she killed with her own two hands, someone she had viewed and loved as a sibling. Tokimi Kirorsa. The war general who dominated the battlefield.

A woman who was once revered by the entire kingdom, and subsequently outcast by the very people who exalted her name. She would continue to watch over her child, as a way of excusing her sins... as a way of honoring the memory of her best friend.

As Midori's body grew, so, too, did her mind. Even by the age of what most would consider a young prepubescent girl, she possessed common sense exceeding the realm of even the most intuitive of the queen's castle.

However, it did not mean that she was completely bereft of the childish innocence and mischief of your everyday adolescent. Her unique growth granted her the advantage of playing many pranks on the soldiers and gaining a mischievous reputation around the castle.

Even as a "child" she was still very much ambitious; whenever she was alone with her mother, Midori reminded Misaiko of how determined she was to sit upon the throne.

Such ambition frightened the queen, who had gradually become consumed by her own guilt. Midori had grown frightfully competitive, seamlessly growing all the more prideful as her body and mind developed.

There were certainly attributes Midori possessed as a possible Empress; The Queen would have been foolhardy to deny such a fact.

The hardest task was assuring her that her day would come.

Unintentional though it was, that woman had instilled false hope within her child's heart. As the firstborn, Honoka was the rightful successor.

Even if such a fact was removed from the equation, the fear of someone revealing who Midori truly belonged to was far too much to bear. Midori, unaware of her mother's worries, concluded that she was simply not ready yet.

A child - even in the body of an adult - could not properly reign over a kingdom. She would earn her mother's blessing in due time. As many years passed by and the kingdom evolved, Midori had officially reached the prime age where she was an adult - mentally and physically this time. Their kingdom continuously maintained peace and built relationships with others from various realms.

Honoka and Midori - though not yet at the peak of their powers - had grown to be fine warriors and equally graceful women. Even though the young maiden was determined to take the throne, she nevertheless formed a bond with her sister that was inexpressibly beautiful.

They were the epitome of sisterly love.
They even complimented each other well.
One was ambitious and haughty, and the other fierce and heroic.

They would travel together through the kingdom and participate in the local tournaments to test their martial skill, engage in ritual dances with the villagers, and even sleep in the same bed together. They were inseparable. It seemed as if they were destined to achieve great feats on the path they shared.

However, when the time had finally come to announce her decision as to who would undergo rigorous training and ritual to become the next Queen, Misaiko had made her decision.

Honoka would carry them onwards to the next era, marching towards the next generation with a will that was as fierce as lightning and a heart as brave as the great hero.

To no one's surprise, Midori found herself disappointed with the results; she certainly believed that she was as every bit qualified as Honoka.

Their bond should have been broken from the event but Midori had eventually come to a place where she could accept the token fate had given her.

If such an event failed to break their bond, It seemed as if the two were destined to remain together forever.... but everything changed on one fateful day. Midori had come to terms with the conclusion that her sister was far more qualified to be the successor to the throne. In the end, she had surmised that she would have her day and the only thing that was important to her was maintaining her relationship with her sister.

If she had merely avoided the Throne Room that day... perhaps such a promise would've been held to the end of time. Midori would have passionately supported her sister -as her guiding star to bolster the next era. She would have easily done so in triumph. If those cruel words had never shattered her illusion... such a blissful ending surely would have been realized...

"My Queen... even though I can tell you are not satisfied with your decision... surely you know that there was no feasible outcome where Amaterasu could succeed your throne. A fine warrior though she may be - choosing someone adopted from an enemy who nearly seized your throne would have been highly controversial. In due time, I believe she will understand. "

The Queen furrowed her brows at the harsh words of her advisor. She did not wish for him to repeat the words. The guilt was becoming too much to bear.

Gazing upon that disappointed visage on the day of her decision to decide who would she would crown nearly shattered her psyche. In a perfect world, she would have chosen them both to rule over the land, as silly as the notion was.

Even though she knew that the girl named Amaterasu was not her own - there was still love and compassion for that mischievous young woman. She could have let this moment break her bond between her sister; she would not have blamed the young woman for such a reaction. However, she handled it with pride and grace - just as she had raised her.

"Even so, I love her as if she were my own. Reigning over this kingdom has been a prime source of my torment - adhering to the wishes of my people, questioning the weight of my decisions, all while raising two venerable women whose legends shall transcend the realms... it is too strong a burden for me to carry. My Kingdom exalts me as a goddess who commands divinity and grace. I am no goddess.

I am an irredeemable woman who has sown such an inescapably tragic sequence of events. To uphold our foolish ideas - propagating this disgusting disdain of humans - My position as a queen compromisingly forced me to murder the only warrior I ever called sister.

Gazing upon those two girls, I find myself reflecting on those days we once spent in our true homeland. Compassionate to one another, sharing the same vision, a mutual passion... we were inseparable once.

An idyllic warrior who always chose to serve me with inimitable fealty. Maintaining foolish precepts caused an irreparable division between us. Why do we choose to remain divided? What is the reasoning behind a misguided worldview that perpetuates isolation? How can we, as open-minded as we are to the other realms, cast our judgment upon humankind? War? Greed? Chaos? For a kingdom that prides itself on honor, our ego is so vast that I find it comical. "

"Surely you jest, Your Majesty. Our kingdom is built on the notion of eternal progression and unblemished honor; accepting humans whose hearts know naught but greed and deception will only set us on a path towards ruination. "

"A path to ruination? The strife that followed from our betrayal nearly plunged my kingdom into ruin. Do you even hear yourself properly? In our desire to avoid conflict, we inevitably incurred it by threatening our most loyal soldier! For what reason? Fear?

Even if her heart and its affections belonged to that of a human, what threat did he pose? What prosperity or honor was gained? Nothing! I trampled upon her dream of progression to uphold our own; banishing her child and husband to the world that we fear so much. Honoka has certainly earned her right to the throne... but do not dare speak to me as if Amaterasu was not equally suitable to rule over this kingdom!"

"Before you continue your tirade - so high and mighty - it was you who committed the act that led to her death. No matter how much you fool yourself or give her the name of a goddess, you will never be able to possibly claim her as your daughter. "

To whom did those words hurt the most? The Queen or her daughter who had overheard their conversation through the doorway? To think that the woman she had worshipped this entire time as her mother was, in fact, not her mother at all. Her mother had already been felled by the hands of this woman who raised her from infancy.

Gritting her teeth, she lunged through the door and began to suffocate her mouth,
tightly gripping her fingers around her throat.

Tears welled forth from the young woman's eyes, her fingers pressing deep into the queen's neck as she felt herself surrender to the malicious rage swelling within her heart.

The queen had surely never seen such an expression before. To see it directed at her had broken her heart.

Kill me. Please. I have committed so many unspeakable sins.

Her eyes seemed to speak such words as she gazed through faltering vision upon the beastly visage of her daughter.

Even to the end, with her hands upon her neck, she still loved her as if she were truly her own. The advisor ordered the guards to pull her from the queen before she committed regicide.

Misaiko executed a defensive spell that erected a wall of magically-impenetrable wind that served as a barrier between them, even under the duress of having her life forcefully being taken away from her. However, Midori relented as soon as she saw what her mother had done. Her grip loosened as she gazed into those loving eyes.

"Why...? You can easily kill me with the snap of a finger. You know this... and yet you are protecting me? I am not your daughter. He confirmed that. "

"Even if you hate me from this day forward... I will always love you as if you were born from my own blood. Never shall a day go by where you are not under my protection."

"I... have to go now. There is no place for me here. I am certain you are aware of that. "

"...I understand. Perhaps... one day you will find it in yourself to grant me the blessing of forgiveness. "

"Goodbye, Mother... "

Even to the end, Midori could have condemned the woman who took everything away from her but her love for the woman who had raised her proved to be stronger. At that moment, knew her time here was at an end and decided to see for herself how earth truly was. A path she needed to travel alone.

To the very end, for as much as she wished to, she still loved the queen as her one true progenitor.

Upon making her journey towards earth, Midori's experience with earth could aptly be described as, "love at first sight." Everything from the scenery, to the people, as well as earth's finest heroes.... all of it, was a dazzling revelation to her mind.

As she continued to travel around the cities of the earth - Japan primarily - she was stunned to see how kind humans actually were, in spite of how the advisors of the east tended to speak so venomously of them. She even decided to give herself a name on earth. Midori.

She had been to Soul Society countless times but earth felt so much more... lively, vibrant, and peaceful. Excitement burned within her heart; power surging through her veins as the revelation of being able to control her own destiny captivated her mind. There was a significant sacrifice that had to be made.

Much to Midori's chagrin, there was a bond between her and her mother that still burned deep within her heart. To the queen, she had felt as if Midori would never forgive her for her transgressions.

Surely the thoughts of visiting dominated her mind, for she knew where her child was at all times and kept a watchful eye. She was fond of earth but her loyalty to her homeland as a ruler remained paramount; preparing her firstborn daughter – Honoka - as the sole inheritor of the throne consumed all her attention.

As heartless as it was, Midori accepted her decision without a hint of disappointment. She knew that perhaps... even a visit seemed to be impossible in hindsight. Their paths had diverged.

As Midori became acquainted with earth, her residence would officially become Karakura Town. There seemed to be a lot of spiritual activity that fluctuated throughout the city. It seemed to be a town with a propensity for trouble. That nuisance aside, Midori found it necessary to properly develop her powers and skills beyond the physical and martial training she was taught in her homeland. Thus, in the times where she wasn't around the town, she was traveling the world to uncover her own identity.

Her blood was a mixture between a Sugiura and a Soul-evolution human, a race of humans capable of achieving supernatural/metaphysical feats that reached the realm of magic and alchemy.

With the death of her true parents, Midori had no idea of the direction she should go with her skills. A significant dilemma, to be sure, but one easily remedied.

In time, Midori traveled the world until she crossed paths with Iori Tokugawa. She was a fierce warrior with the strength of a thousand and the magical prowess of a divine sorceress. However, there was more of a connection than she was actually aware of.

In truth, Iori was her elder sister, who was banished from the realm of the Sugiura long ago. Their appearances were vastly different, so figuring out her identity was extremely arduous.

It was only when Iori had inquired about Midori's history and upbringing that she was able to piece together the remnants of memory, of how she held Midori within her arms like a baby, promising her that she would always protect her little sister.

That same memory was jogged within Midori's mind... and she found herself breaking down before the crimson-haired woman, elated with joy to have a such a venerable woman she could look up to. The revelation of finding a beloved sibling who was true of her own blood drove Midori to train with a madman's zeal.

She evolved at a rapid pace, developing countless spells and techniques.
Alchemy, the creation of familiars, developing her own Prima Materia and Anima Mundi, as well as her own unique abilities - she embraced her training and had truly reached the level of a warrior worth their mettle.

Her natural and metaphysical skills fully developed, Iori offered Midori an opportunity to roam the earth and aid those who could not protect themselves. Accepting the offer, the two roamed the earth, establishing a name for themselves as warriors who maintained peace wherever it was needed. They did not seek glory, only an upholding of the status quo. Peace on earth. That was all they desired.

Returning to Karakura after years of training, self-reflection, and enlightenment, Midori concluded that this town was in need of their assistance more than any other. Iori acquiesced, accepting the offer without a moment's hesitation. Iori would reside in Tokyo while Midori would introduce herself in a multitude of guises in order to scan the area for spiritual threats - hollows included.

Even though she was technically an adult by human standards, she possessed the appearance of a young and vibrant woman. As such, her entry into Karakura high was met with little resistance.

Her journey would eventually lead her into the paths of two men who would go on to lead legendary paths - one in infamy as her enemy, the other in heroic feats as her future husband. Those two were none other than Kin Iramasha and Shadin Yuudeshi.

Her first impression of the two young men was little more than the disposition of obnoxious perverts with a disposition for pranks and rowdiness. Her initial meeting with them had left a bad impression on her. Even so, in time, she found them to be charming, as they always provided her with a cheerful laugh. She became a voice of reason to prevent them from getting too out of hand. They had reminded her of herself back within her homeland where she was young and trying to find her own identity.

As time passed, they became the best of friends and engaged in many adventures, some that often found them in trouble with the town police, and others were they would play harmless pranks on the students around the school.

However, this time was not built to last. Nero, the first of many who would threaten the earth, kidnapped Shadin's family. Kin and Shadin had occupied a special place in her heart; therefore, she would not stand idly by while they were suffering so she added whatever resources he needed until he found them.

Acquiring the assistance of her sister, Iori, all of them were able to come together and defeat Nero, rescue his family, and avert any further crisis from befalling the earth. At that time, Iori would become familiar with Shadin and became attached to him, seeing him in the image of a brother she never had.

However, Midori could not properly prepare herself for the events that would transpire next, as Shadin had accessed power that came with a great sacrifice of his sanity. His demon. His Ziamichi. Oni-Chitta. In the following years, his overuse of the demonic energy within him had caused his personality to undergo a horrific transformation.

Whereas before, he possessed the mentality of an incurable trickster with a heart of gold, now he seemed to become increasingly antagonistic to those around him.

The culmination of his antagonism came in the form of two new friends Midori had found in the form of Ritsuka and Yuki, who she referred to as Snow. Hoping that inviting new friends into their group would quell his anger, Midori's efforts would prove to be more disastrous than helpful.

Shadin had fallen in love with Yuki. To him, she resembled a past lover that he met in the soul society. However, Yuki's heart belonged to Ritsuka, and Shadin could not accept that. Any time he was around Yuki, he constantly harassed her sexually, flirted with her, and crowded her personal space, in front of the young human.

It escalated to such a point that Ritsuka decided to humiliate Kin, Shadin's most beloved friend. During one incident, when Shadin and Kin had walked up on Yuki and Ritsuka. Shadin initially heckled Ritsuka before setting his eyes on Yuki, embracing her in a hug that seemed more lustful than formal.

Disregarding his presence, Shadin shamelessly flirted with Yuki. The anger that had been festering inside him was comparable to a broiling volcano ready to burst. Yuki, the victim in all of this, had all but lost her patience. Midori had done her best to reason with her and let her come around to accepting him, no matter how insufferable he seemed, absentmindedly ignoring the clues of insanity festering inside of him. However, that proved to be a grave mistake. Ritsuka had attacked Kin with a blast of energy that left him immobilized.

Ritsuka had not intended to hurt him to any degree beyond temporary disorientation, but there was little use in reasoning with Shadin. His anger had reached a breaking point, the volcano that had been seeping quietly finally burst forth, as Shadin's demon, Oni-Chitta, came to the surface.

Shadin, controlled by the wicked beast, attacked Ritsuka with vicious ferocity, ending his life in such an abrupt fashion that one might have thought that his gruesome decapitation was fashioned by the mind of a horror movie director with a penchant for shock value. A farce. A sight fit only for nightmares—and yet a nightmare that was all too real, all too inescapable.

As the dismembered head flew into the air and rolled onto the ground by the feet of the woman who loved him, a lifeless expression was all that her countenance could muster. She gazed upon him, raised her sword, and uttered the words that sealed her own demise.

“I always knew you were a monster. “ And with that, she charged towards him with her zanpakuto. A futile act leading to an equally tragic result. And so, too, the life of Snow, Midori's dearest friend, came to an abrupt end, as her body was viciously torn to pieces in an imperceptible instant.

When Midori sensed the ominous presence, she hurriedly dashed towards the source, only to be met with the grisly sight of her dismembered companions. If one had to describe their lifeless bodies, it was as if they had personally been dissected piece by piece, like so many slabs of meat.

Such a sight induced vomit as she held her hands to her mouth, observing the area with her spiritual senses—only to gaze upon the demonic visage of Shadin, possessed by his own demon.

She could deny it for a thousand years but the indisputable killer behind this murderous act was Shadin, or rather, an enraged beast that lived within his body. She initially attempted to reason with him but he could not hear her pleas. A battle ensued where Midori was clearly outclassed, and beaten within an inch of her life.

She could not bring herself to strike him down. Even if there were moments where she gained the advantage, landing a killing blow was unbearably difficult.

Her mother who had been keeping an eye on her from the Sugiura Dimension quickly traversed the realm to aid her daughter in battle. Iori also made her way towards the battlefield. However, even with the arrival of those formidable warriors, nothing could break the beast's defenses. He was too powerful.

Only with the assistance of Urahara Kisuke were they able to seal away the feral demon inside him. It was this event that led to severe nightmares in Midori's life.... one day when she was recovering from her life-threatening wounds, she leaped from her bed, experiencing another nightmare of that malevolent demon. It was too much.

She couldn't take anymore torment. When she walked outside, it was raining. She wanted to die here, like the useless piece of trash that she had deemed herself to be.

Her wounds were still fresh, her legs dirtied with mud and gravel, but she continued to wander. She didn't even matter. Shadin frightened her. What was inside him terrified her.

Falling to the ground, Midori exhaled a rough breath as she felt her heartbeat stagnate, slowing down.... it was fine. She had nothing to live for, so death like this was fitting for trash.

However, someone walked towards her, picked her up, and took her off to their home during her near-death state. Her name was Mirja Eeola. She gave her a temporary home to stay, nursed her wounds, and wondered why such a lovely girl with so much to live, collapse so readily as if to accept death. It wasn't so much out of care but out of curiosity.

Midori... couldn't really come up with a proper explanation. Was it really worth dying? Was she being cowardly? Was there truly no other way? Midori started to realize, as she hung around this beautiful woman, that kindness still did exist in this world and there was no crime in being kind to others.

Whenever she felt as if she had said something to upset Midori, she became hysterical which initially frightened Midori but she felt affection towards the woman who had rescued her from the rain and nursed her back to health.

She embraced Mirja and cradled her in her arms. A mutual desire to care for the other. Midori felt attraction towards Mirja, an attraction she had never felt for any woman before then.

The way she caressed her body as she healed her and placed her hands upon her cheek to regulate her condition... it caused feelings to arise within the raven-haired woman's heart.

Those feelings resulted in her planting a kiss on Mirja's lips before the two parted ways. Through interacting with Mirja, Midori found the courage to accept Shadin and embrace him for what he was.

Even if he tried, she could not find it in herself to hate him, as she could clearly see the regret and hurt in his eyes, could discern how remorseful his actions were. And much to the disagreement of her mother, Midori stayed beside him. This loyalty formed a romantic bond between the two. Even with his actions, Midori believed that he was still redeemable, and she supported him through his depression.

However, choosing to stay beside him had all but destroyed any possibility of rekindling the flame of a familial bond between her and her prideful mother. Or so she thought. In truth, Misaiko was simply worried about whether or not Shadin's demon would ever arise. Outside of that, she had grown quite fond of the young man.

Not once did they ever reach a common ground; a fact that tore her heart apart, eliminating any remnant of courage she had in returning to the place where she was born. In any case, she focused her attention wholly upon Shadin as the two developed a strong romantic bond. He realized how loyal she had been to him, deciding that when the time was right and the wars died down, he would marry this kind soul whose heart was filled with compassion.

Her loyalty to Shadin even went as far as her accepting his son - a child he brought into this world with another woman in his younger years - and giving him the love that had seemed to elude her in the past. Wars within the world became, even more, deadlier as they eventually faced another foe, Ender. While he initially proved to be an overwhelming force, with warriors under his banners such as Hime, Andrei, Roxy, and countless other warriors, Shadin's blossoming power helped tilt the war in their favor, especially with the growing emergence of Zin.

Add to that, the addition of Iori, one could not fault Midori for believing that their victory would be resounding.

However, the sacrifice came in the form of Kin Iramasha, who, being persuaded and manipulated by Hime, defected to Ender's army and now stood on the side of the enemy.

This shook her and her lover to the core, as Kin had been a source of inspiration and comical relief whenever they needed it. They had spent years together and for him to join Ender without an explanation had caused her to question herself, directing the blame upon her own shoulders. Shadin and Midori had formed a rescue group in order to enter Ender's base and convince Kin to return. However, neither he nor him, had any such intention of allowing them to escape unscathed.

A battle royal ensued with Kin showcasing his newfound power – The Seal of Junsui - and Hime overpowering them with sheer firepower. However, the two were forced to retreat on Ender's orders, and this too was an event that caused Shadin's mind to become even more weary with pain. His friend had not been the same man he knew before.

Whether it was Hime or Ender, one of these monsters had caused a change within him. This would prove to be the set up to a war where Midori would truly lose something. Ender, for as many strong warriors as he had amassed in his formidable army, had not expected a betrayal, not from Hime. Hime had realized there were significant flaws in his plan for world domination and no longer agreed, so she became a rogue along with her apprentice.

This greatly dampened his forces, allowing Shadin and the saviors of Karakura to overpower and defeat him. However, their victory was only momentary as a new enemy would soon rise to challenge them. For all that these harrowing events had drained out of her, she was blessed with one momentous event during their reprieve. Shadin had finally asked Midori to marry him.

Elated with joy at him finally taking the final step, Midori accepted his proposal without hesitation. Experiencing some of the best years of her life, her marriage to one of the world's strongest warriors with the warmest heart, was the defining point in her life here on earth.

After one of their intimate sessions of love-making, Midori was pregnant with their first child, Kishina. A daughter that she knew Shadin would love and protect with his life. With love and guidance from her sister, Iori, Midori's world had reached the heights of true bliss. For a time, peace occupied her everyday life.

No fear of death, no fear of losing those she loved with every fiber of her soul. However, those days were not long to last. Another threat – the most formidable she would ever come to expect – appeared in the form of an old comrade. Kin Iramasha. He had amassed an army of his own – K-World – forming an organization of warriors who sought to engrave their image of how the world should be upon the universe.

Though their objectives may have sounded noble on paper, they were an organization willing to go through every measure possible to achieve their aim. His first show of power was to fight against them and the warriors who stood beside him were anything but weak; Hime, Andrei, Claire, and Roxxy. Although Shadin and his comrades had faced off against K-world, most of their battles could be considered to be minor skirmishes compared to what would happen next. Collecting his stronger warriors, Kin commenced a battle royale against Shadin.

In Karakura, Shadin would face Andrei. Hime would face Midori. And Iori would face Kin, as the two had a score to settle with the other, their battle was all but inevitable. Shadin held the advantage against Andrei, easily overpowering him with his plethora of newly advanced skills. However... Midori was no match for Hime. If their clash was comparable to the seas, then Midori's attacks were but a small splash in the face of a massive tsunami.

Of course, it was not as if Midori was weak by any stretch of the term but—Hime possessed one indomitable trait that Midori did not – experience.

Iori managed to hold a surprising advantage against Kin, using her martial prowess and time manipulation to equal him in combat. Kin had become annoyed at that fact, believing that he should've easily been able to overpower her. He would not allow himself to lose to someone whom he despised.

And so, he unleashed more of his power, launching a world-rending chaos blast filled with electrical energy towards Iori. Midori, believing that she would not be able to survive such a blast, lunged towards Iori, pushing her away from the blast as it consumed her body.

The blast had not killed Midori but she was gravely injured and left paralyzed. This caused Shadin to temporarily tap into his demonic state, empowering himself with Oni-Chitta's intense energy, and within seconds, he overpowered Andrei. He quickly called out to Midori and tried to order Iori to retreat, but it was too late. Iori soared towards Kin in a suicidal charge, prepared to take him with her to the grave, and strike a devastating blow to K-World.

Even to the end, Iori wished to protect the people who she came to love with all of her heart. At that moment in time, her sacrifice would have likely been the making of a tragic legend that would live on in history.

However, her efforts were ruthlessly thwarted by Claire, the queen of blood and madness. She dealt Iori a devastating blow that seemingly appeared to kill her, as she was enveloped within an orb of luminous light. Her wounds were exceedingly life-threatening, causing most to assume she had died that day. Midori and Shadin, watched on in terror, while Kin felt regret for the first time.

Temporarily, for but a single moment, he questioned whether this path was truly prosperous, but Hime reminded him that the world he envisioned would only manifest with necessary sacrifice.

Kin ordered them to retreat, deciding to focus his eyes on the Soul King. Midori would never be the same from that day. With each passing year, more enemies appeared. The blast had significantly ruptured her bones to the point that walking became painful, and fighting was all but an afterthought. Mana and Shadowfall came to the forefront and many other groups with chaos at the forefront of their minds.

In a word, she felt powerless. She couldn't do anything to help, so from her bed, as those years passed, she saw how Shadin changed, how he fell into a depression that wasn't easily noticed by others. It wasn't tears or agony but rather a quiet acceptance that things would never go back to how they truly were.

Even so, he would not allow himself to consider himself a failure. He had people to protect. And so, he delved into technology with unbridled fury, inventing the Yuudeshi network, enhancing and outfitting his body with nanomachines. Eventually, he implanted Imaginary computation within his brain, granting him the power to rival a god.

His daughter often followed him along in these endeavors. This made Midori happy but her growing depression slowly affected her, even when she was able to walk again without issue. The nightmares returned, more potent than before. Vivid beyond imagination, and without that old friend(Mirja) to care or embrace her, her nightmares led to a severe lack of sleep. She was useless and she kept reminding herself of that fact.

When she saw the graves of friends or soldiers who died, lending their aid to the wars for the earth and its resources - their graves, commemorative pictures, memoirs - and everything in between, it tore her apart. To add fire to the flames, while the body of her older sister, Iori, had been recovered... there was no guarantee that she would wake up. The attack launched by Claire had truly done a number on the sorceress.

Each of these events had driven Midori to contemplate the idea of suicide. She could not defend her own husband or watch over her children from a bed. She failed to assure that her sister lived through a life or death struggle. What purpose was there left for someone so weak, so useless? She pondered the thought as she continued to endure nights of sleeplessness and hellish nightmares. Strength. That was what she craved.

Was she too naive? Did she lack something that the others did not?

As she laid within her bed, these questions ensnared her mind in a vice-grip of agony that remained unrelenting. A useless woman... did she commit a sin by seeking to protect the sanctity and prosperity of earth? What was wrong with her? Midori roamed the streets, a sullen expression dominant in her graceful features, her jet-black hair flowing listlessly within the gentle winds. Roaming deep into a forest to find a moment of peace, she heard a voice call out as if it were directed to her and no one else.

"You know... you will achieve nothing by continuing to sulk. I can practically taste your despair "

However, she thought nothing of it and ignored the pesky noise as she returned to her home to sleep that night. However, there was something different in her dream. That same voice had returned, except this time there was someone with a physical appearance to match it.

It was a demon whose gender seemed to be female, endowed with a majestic appearance and aura gleaming with royalty.

A dazzling sight to behold, and yet Midori found it odd that she had allowed herself to become weak enough to allow a demon to roam into her dream world.

She mused that it was better than experiencing another nightmare. That aside, she asked a question that had dominated her mind ever since the demon had arrived.

"Who are you?"

"Who am I? Well, darling, I can be anybody you want me to be. I can be a Disney princess, the queen of Britain, or even a world-renowned model, buxom and sexy. "

"That did nothing to answer my question. In fact, you ended up confusing me even more."

"Yeesh, Louise! Did that blast fry ya' so hard that you lost your sense a' humor? If you were payin' close attention, I said that I can be anybody ya' want me to be. Clue time~! If I am here in your dream world, what could I possibly be then? I'll answer for ya' since ya' got a fried brain to combat with. I am Elphia, the Danava of Dreams. Or rather, I suppose I use to be. I think somebody might've taken my title.

You can never tell how many demons are roamin' the great regions of hell. Anyway... your nightmares were so rampant you caused me to seek out the source. Torment has really been biting you in the ass. "

"Leave. I will not bother in engaging in a conversation with a demon. You can never understand torment. "

"Naive gal, huh. My my, so you seem to believe through a faulty perception that we demons are nothin' but torment-givers and that we cannot experience pain ourselves? I suppose if you read a religious anecdote, that lovely book by John Milton, or the holy bible... you might develop a notion that demons are nothing but evil little' creatures that doom you to a life of eternal suffering... and yet that couldn't be further from the' truth, lady~!

Ya see... although there most certainly is a significant amount of demons who wish to induce suffering and torment on others... there also demons who have a heart of gold. If ya' truly knew about us demons, you would know that King Solomon pretty much captured 72 demons and then formulated a compendium on how to use us to teach others and extend blessings of luck and riches. So, like, think of me as one of Solomon's little playthings. I'm a demon who wishes to assist. "

"I... suppose I stand corrected. Even still, how do you believe that your assistance could be of any use to me? Wash away my nightmares and replace them with blissful dreams? A noble cause, truly, and yet there is little that could neutralize the torment in my heart. "

"Mnnh... not exactly. The nightmares are annoying. I usually revel in the bliss of a dream. Don't care which, really. I'm not picky. Wet dreams, lucid dreams, silly dreams... when I sense the happiness, happiness, and satisfaction fills my heart. When nightmares start, I can sense them.

Needless to say, yours are the worst. You have more sorrow in your heart than I had tears in my eyes at the end of Titanic. Washing away your dreamworld in lieu of a new one would only bring in greater nightmares. As I said back in the forest, you will get nowhere sulking. "

"No, you desire strength. I can sense it. You wish to be stronger so that the remaining ones that you do love that hasn't been lost... will never be harmed again. Such beautiful notions of heroism! Yummy aspirations. No, you are strong but you lack... a certain something.

A fire deep inside your heart. You are held down by your ideas, by certain aspects of your mercy, and regrets at the hands of betrayal.

A beautiful heart, certainly... and yet one that needs to be enlightened in the ways of battle. Let me take you through a journey in hell; meeting demons that I know of that can aid you in growing stronger. I promise it is certainly better than sulking or lamenting on things that were out of your hands. So, what shall your answer be?"

Although she was very much baffled by this turn of events, Midori found it hard to disagree to what was said about her ideas, of how she craved to grow stronger so that no one - from her husband to her children, or even her sister should she wake once more - would ever know pain or suffering ever again. To realize such a goal, would the road to hell bear good intention?

There was a lot she would be risking. Would she continue to spend the rest of her days lamenting on her failure... or would she accept this opportunity to ignite a new flame within her heart? To return to the days of a warrior who knew not a single ounce of fear? Sighing deeply, she looked back at the Danava of Dreams and announced her acceptance to the offer.

"To think that the fate of regaining my self-worth... lies within the hands of the underworld. I do hope you mean every word you said. "

"Well, think of it this way. You'll be helping me as much as I help you~ "

"So, does this mean I have to wake up now and... find my way to the underworld?"

"Not necessarily. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would come looking for you, your husband being one of them. So to avoid all that messiness, an astral projection would be less messy. You can sleep each night and wake up, as though nothing changed. Some days you can sleep away if you wish to engage in more contact with me... and so forth, and all that. At the very least, we can avoid a lot of questions. "

"Lead the way, Elphia. I am pretty sure you know my name so there is no need to introduce myself. "

"Midori~ I reckon' that isn't your real name, though. Amaterasu... no, not that either. Either way, I'll rock with Midori. Let us be on our merry way!"

Not knowing what to expect or who she would meet, Midori prepared herself as she felt her soul descending towards the underworld. Having no particular expectation, her sole desire to ascend beyond her limit, and noble wish to protect those around her, Midori would not falter. She could not.

Welcome to Hell...

Upon Midori's first arrival in the underworld, she felt a sense of discomfort that had not wavered since she was offered an invitation to roam the realm. Her body so far was little more than an astral projection, meaning that should anything occur to her where she is gravely injured, she may well experience that in real life upon waking up. Elphia, however, reassured her that all would be fine as she continued to show her around various locations within Hell. To her surprise, as Elphia said, she found that while demons were still the same sinful creatures spoken of in lore... they seemed to possess aspects of personality that made them seem human, kind, and socially delightful.

Some were humorous, some were nonsensical, some were serious, and not a single one ever held any contempt towards her. Elphia had introduced her to her person legion of demons she had accumulated over the years. They welcomed her as if she were family.

Demon children would always request playtime and became smitten with the raven-haired woman. Elphia could tell that she was finally beginning to ease up, that her shell was slowly breaking. In time, each day of rest... no longer seemed to be a hellish nightmare. She would travel to hell with Elphia, probe the minds of demons, and accumulate knowledge beyond her own idealistic scope.

"You see, Midori... not every demon is a creature that wishes for torment, the despair of others, nor the punishers of your sin. The reason you're able to connect with us... is that we aren't too different, you know? Like humans, we feel the emotions of the seven sins, we feel happiness, and we feel so much more. It may have... perhaps been a whim on my part but I've become quite fond of your company. "

"Me too. "

"However... I am well aware that your true intention is to become stronger. As such, I have prepared a meeting with someone whom I believe will teach you all that you need to know. She is the Danava of Knowledge. Consider a gift... for dealing with us demon' folk. I can take you to the entrance of her personal domain. That is where you're training shall be conducted. "

The moment was nigh, the true reason for why she was brought here and who desired to see her the most would soon be revealed. Entering the domain along with Elphia, she stood within the halls of the demoness, awaiting the arrival of her host.

From the main corridor of the halls, as Midori made her last step across the hallways, she came face to face with the Danava of knowledge --- Satella.

Distinct - in appearance and nature - from the majestic and flamboyant visage of Elphia, Satella's form was graceful, yet possessed a powerful radiance that still overwhelmed the raven-haired woman standing within her presence. Through her, she would undergo the final trials that would help initiate her ascension to a higher realm of not only skill but perseverance.

"Judging by what was described to me of your appearance, I take it you are the hero from the earth that has fought in many harrowing wars? Elphia has told me that you wish to seek my guidance. "



"To become strong enough... to protect those I love, to never experience the feeling of weakness that torments my soul ever again. "

"A noble cause, yet one that is nevertheless misguided. You cannot possibly seek my tutelage over something so trivial, so benign. "

"I do not understand. You consider my cause noble... yet call them misguided? Before you reject my request, answer me as to why my cause is unworthy. "

"Quite simply, you lack the mettle of a true warrior. As a demon who has witnessed the wars and battles of countless centuries, beholding visions of mighty men and women who amassed victory and accolade equal, what ultimately defined them is their ambition.

The manifestation of ambition is formed through many ideas. Grotesque. Profane. Impure. Beautiful. Honorable. Admirable. Even so, never did their ambition stem from wishing to protect someone in the name of love.

Such notions are fit only for fairy tales, though there are none that exist in your world. If your intent is to truly reach a higher realm of strength and skill, all that you desire... should reside in your heart, for your own wellbeing. If I were to train you, I would humiliate you, bare your soul for all of demonkind to see, and drown you within the depths of hopelessness. Pray that the abyss grants you mercy I am incapable of giving. Answer me, young one, would you be willing to go through such a hellish series of trials? "

As Midori heard her harsh yet honest explanation, Midori looked off into the direction of her companion, Elphia, then redirected her gaze towards Satella, who gazed deep into her soul, baring down upon her with fierce yet quiet-natured eyes. Her resolve could not falter now.

Even if death is what awaited her at the end, surely nothing would ever compare to the humiliation of losing a war, of feeling so useless that your life no longer held meaning. No, she would experience that no longer!

"As much as I would like to disagree, I cannot deny how correct you are in your conclusions of me... which is why I wish to bear the lessons of your tutelage. I wish to be shattered to pieces and rebuilt in the image of something far greater. Satella - Danava of knowledge and intuition, bestow upon me all that you wish. If it means that my death occurs, then so be it. "

"Very well, I wish to see you enter my realm in your physical body and not the astral form that you are currently occupying. "

From that day forward, Midori had decided to do as she was ordered and enter the demon world in her physical body. She arrived within the Danava of Knowledge's domain, preparing herself for four trials that would test the limits of her sanity and state of mind.

In the first trial, what Satella forced Midori to experience was acceptance of physical damage and the endurance against it. She destroyed one of her eyes and severed an arm and burned half of her body, scarring her tremendously; as she herself said, there was no mercy in the heart of this demoness.

The pain was so excruciating that she felt her mind entering a realm - if only momentarily - of uncertainty. However, the pain soon turned into resolve, bolstering her to remain stalwart and complete her trials. The second trial was based in humiliation. Images, phantoms, and ghosts all surrounded her, jeering at her unattractive state.

Each image was of someone she cherished, and each one felt so real that she questioned whether they were truly phantasms of Satella's making or the individuals she truly loved. It may have seemed simplistic in nature... until an image of her mother appeared.

That queenly visage stood before her with a smile that seemed so graceful and benevolent that it was otherworldly. She had never addressed these emotions that she still retained within her heart, never addressed the guilt she felt at having to leave a kingdom she loved.

"Pathetic daughter, my child who I love with such conviction, even though I never chose you to lead our kingdom. You will never eclipse the shadow of the firstborn. My beloved daughter. My own true blood. "

"I do not wish to eclipse her shadow!" like a shout, her voice was so loud that it bellowed throughout half of the realm. "I am a warrior worth a thousand. For far too long I've allowed my humiliation of not being chosen to fester in my heart. No more. I love my sister, even if we do not share the same bloodline. My destiny lies with the earth now. I must protect those that I love here. Know that even as an illusion, no words from your lips could ever humiliate me. I still regard you as my mother. I still love you as my mother. "

The image of the false queen seemed content to hear those words, smiling gently as the phantom dissipated. Two trials were complete, and there were two more that had to be completed. The third was act was extending no mercy whatsoever to those who desired to be rescued by her, no matter how noble or innocent they appeared. She was constantly faced with the decision of having to save a single life over thousands of others; If she was truly as heroic as she said she was, such a task should've posed no difficulty.

To Satella, the concept of heroism was flawed once you delve deeper into its philosophy... One would always have to weigh the options; in order to save a few, perhaps the many would be sacrificed. No matter the outcome, not everyone would come out unscathed. In this trial, she would not be regarded as a superhero who could achieve everything. She would have to choose who lives and who dies.

Each failure to save a life, delivered a pang of guilt to her heart, as she could not bear the thought of gazing upon their agonized faces as she avoided saving them or delivered death blows to put them out of their misery. Slash. Slash. Cut. Cut. Stab. Stab.

"You promised you would save us... "

"You are no hero. You're a failure. Is this the true form of justice? Our lives sacrificed only to save the few who survived? "

At times, these were merely virtual scenarios - illusions of the mind - but in order to truly break her, Satella saw fit to use actual victims as test subjects. Indeed, one of Midori's deepest fears was the inability to feel as if she could prevent everything from going down a path of chaos and bloodshed, to feel as if she could be heroic and fight for a noble cause, the way her sister had taught her.

To discard her philosophy - a notion to which she had grown religiously adherent - would shatter all that she had ever come to know about what it meant to fight for the sake of others... or the sake of her own desires, her own glory.

In her heart, at the lowest point of all, beyond protecting the very few that she did love... she possessed a surprisingly dark edge to her that had manifested before her very eyes.

It was her before Satella had burned and torn apart the flesh of her arm. In no wasted motion, she beheld the sight of herself, ruthlessly killing those who were at the root of the torment. It did not pain her whatsoever to weigh those who mattered most and provide a merciful death to those who could not be saved.

She was... the remorseless heroine. The image of a woman she would become if she discarded her long-kept worldview. She weakly raised her hand out towards the remorseless self, as if to confirm that this was what she truly desired to be. In truth, the part she detested most was her inability to act.

It haunted her in every part of her life. There so many things that she could have prevented. A fundamental flaw in her heroism is that she felt everyone to be redeemable, even those who betrayed her.

Had she truly been so naive? Was it truly a lost cause?

The remorseless self-had confirmed to her that the only way to achieve her grand desire, to ascend to greater heights, is to adorn oneself within the robes of a tyrant, to give in to that merciless nature and trample over all until nothing was left to stand before her or her comrades. Fight evil with evil. Be even more ruthless in your actions than they are. The end justifies the means if it ensures that those you truly love are protected.

Grasping onto the hand had confirmed the acceptance of her remorseless self and the shattering of the heroine of justice. With a single touch, the remorseless self had erased most remnants of heroism in her heart.

One more trial.

Satella was impressed that Midori had endured all three of her trials. From surviving mutilation and scarring, to enduring humiliation, and being a force to come face to face with her own ideas and inner demons that came with them, Midori had definitely transformed into someone far more relentless than who she had been before. She engaged in battle with other demons and wasted no time in showing her superiority.

To say that she was proud of was an understatement. Yet it was not over. One more trial awaited her at the end. This was a trial that was a culmination of all that she had learned. She was going to be forced to fight on her own and survive in the state she was currently in, to establish the reputation of a fierce warrior in the underworld.

In the end, if she survived any demon who wished to see her die or enslave her, she would face Satella herself and her training would be complete. Each year passed by, thousands of battles had been waged, and she had completed the goal of building a reputation in a realm that was starting to feel like home.

She had come face to face with the Danava of knowledge in her own domain, for what would most likely be the last time. Their paths may cross again in the future, but Satella had accomplished her end of the bargain. She did not have any significant connection to the woman before her - save perhaps a newfound admiration to one who had completely rebuilt herself from all that had been shattered to something far more ruthless in nature.

She could feel the domineering presence over her skin as it emanated from the remorseless heroine. The two engaged in a battle that seemed to possess no end whatsoever, with Midori emerging victorious in the end. Her sword was placed at the Demoness's neck, grazing flesh as she flashed a haughty smirk.

"I fought through many battles in order to finally face you and I find myself unsatisfied. Perhaps I should kill you and wear your head as a symbol of my training."

"If you very well desired it, there would be little that I could say in response. However, I have something far more valuable that I think I will pass onto you. I crafted it as a reward for all that you endured..."

With those words, a book formed within the hands of the Danava demon. She placed a finger upon it, firing it towards the waiting hands of the remorseless heroine.

"It is a book of artifacts; weapons, shields, bows, spears, and other items that can be of use to you, as the nature of your power is in weaponry and your main skill as a soul-evolution human is manipulating the sun through different aspects of power. Truly, if you roam the earth now, you will find weapons that you can replicate or utilize with little effort. "

"Until the time is opportune, I believe I'll make residence here. If you do not mind, of course. Consider it my second prize for your defeat. Until then, I wish to celebrate with the others."

"Very well, stay for as long as you like. "

So gather ye demons, it seems it's your day
I sin but I've paid more than ten thousand graves
And though we're the damned we're so far from alone
So let's bury the hatchet inside of their skulls



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  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

Comments/Notes: Most of the abilities that Midori has are fine in concept, there just needs to be a few more limiters in certain parts, to prevent them from being too strong and allowing for combat against them to be a bit fairer. I trust them not to be abused, it's mainly the fact that there's a lot *to* these abilities, and there just needs to be a bit of moderation and adjustment to them so they're more balanced, in general, across the board.


Quote :

The only problem I have with this would be that instead of every five posts, I'd prefer it to be lowered to every three posts.


Quote :
Photon Manipulation & Kinetic Energy Manipulation

While I don't have a problem with the ability itself, I think a reasonable limit would be a limit to the number of applications she can use at a time before going on cooldown. I'd also like a limit on Kinetic Energy Manipulation, just how many times she can use it before she starts exhausting herself and go on a brief cooldown.


Quote :

I think this would need to have a specialization on which it blocks better. Meaning, it could block both, just one of them is exponentially better, leaving the other at around average. Still capable, but not nearly as much as the prime source of damage it's attempting to mitigate. I think there should also be some more leeway as to what all can damage/destroy it. I also think the post limit for about three to four posts, not five to six.


Quote :

Reading this, I feel there should be a note that, when drawing these lines and utilizing these vectors, it may not drain stamina, but it should drain a larger amount of energy in order to continuously keep that up. I also think there should be a post limit as to how many times she can perform these augmentations before tiring herself, as well as only being able to utilize one of these boosts to various types of speed per post.


Quote :
Sol - Genesis of the Sun

For this, the only problem I have with it is that I'd like the manipulation of cells (by heating them up/igniting them/making them explode) to be within a very small distance of herself, and I'd prefer if sentence about "Spark Manipulation" was removed.


Quote :
Ra - Radiant Wings

For this, I'd like for it to be mentioned that, while it does boost her speed, it does not increase her level directly, it instead allows her to be faster than the average at her given speed level. This would make it easier to scale, as it would just be moderately higher than whatever her current speed skill would be. The only other thing I have to mention would be the natural speed post limit being reduced to four to five posts.


Quote :
Apollo - Arrow of Retribution

I don't think it should be able to stop regeneration completely, unless their skill in it was low, or they don't have the energy to perform it. I'd prefer if it caused the process of regeneration to be slower than usual and took more energy. As for the destructive capabilities, I'd also like this part to be removed: "...and a large city at its maximum...", since I would prefer the total destruction of these ten arrows be capable of that, rather than individually.


Quote :
Mithra - The Guardian of Truth

If I were to approve this, I'd like for this to be labeled as [Event/Player-Permission Only], since this seems to be a kind of "all or nothing" type defense.


Tier: TBD
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite

Comments/Notes: After discussing the history and app with Frost, considering this is a very old app that is being reworked, and the detail that's gone into everything, I don't have a problem with the final verdict. If anyone does have an issue with the verdict, contact me or Frost.
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