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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Jason Stein  Empty Jason Stein

Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:20 pm

Plus Spirit Template

I. Basic Information

Jason Stein  ToKz9g1
» Name: Jason Stein
» Age: 20
» Gender: Male
» Appearance Written: [Write out how your character looks here]

II. Personality

Compulsive Behavior Disorder: Jason possesses a compulsive that drives him to inflict similar types of tragedies that he experienced onto others. While he currently does not remember them happening they are still deeply engraved into his mind nonetheless. One being his compulsion to physically make contact with others. It can be sexual, or non-sexual as he doesn't even understand the difference between the two. Now the second is the act of slashing, stabbing, and in general harming another with his knives. While controllable he will often feel the urge to stab others he'd normally view as attractive, or beautiful in order satiate his own desire for them. Same goes for potential friends.

Diluted Compassion: Despite his bizarre fixation on the fact that "ordinary humans" are all inferior when compared to himself, Jason has shown that he actually cares deeply for humanity in the sense that it can be fixed. Or the rather inexperienced male stays true to his own logic by aiding in the endeavors of others should they seem to be superior than human beings in the way of intelligence, looks, and overall body stature. While this by no means would gain them his favor it does place a small damper on his will to treat them like the filth they truly are. Regardless of this his compassion only extends outwards to those such as his mother, or father normally as they aren't seen as ordinary humans having given birth to him.

Masochism: When Jason isn't happily talking down to others, and placing great detail in how they are nothing in the grand scheme of things, he himself wishes to have the same done to him. The act of verbal abuse is what he finds to be the most stimulating of all. Yes, despite the overly superior attitude he displays when in the face of his fellow humans he only wishes to have one of the helpless fodder switch the situation onto him for once. Of course that never seems to happen, but in the rare instances that it does his true self will unravel before them. Quivering lips being fondled by hushed responses would be the only things to be heard from Jason as he simply stood still, and accepted the words of anguish that were awaiting him. Yet he wouldn't feel anything aside from pleasure. Words alone would be nothing more than stimulation for the sake of his need to be humiliated, or rather his overwhelming want to be backed into a corner is all that could him going. However his masochism can go beyond that of mere words as well. Simply being decapitated by speech isn't enough to fan the flames of lust that await the proper fuel to increase their intensity. So in the name of taking the extra step he tends to allow himself to be struck by a foe's attack in the middle of battle. The harder the strike on him the higher his intensity in breaking down with sexual satisfaction will be. While this by no means has any actual implication in combat it is a defining characteristic in his personality as the young male generously keeps himself open to damage of any kind.

Possessive: Really a self explanatory trait that is a major key to his personality as he never gives anything he borrows from someone back. Whether that thing be an object, or a person of great importance. For instance; If Jason kidnapped the queen of a kingdom for ransom under his families orders, and then happened to grow attached to her. He'd refuse to return the woman if ordered to do so. It has nothing to do with love, or being attracted to the woman. As he views everyone as no more than mere objects if they aren't related to him. Thus he would most likely break the queens bones one at a time before returning her back to the kingdom. In his eyes it is a noble trait to be willing to leave him, but foolish as they are considered to be lesser beings than him he within the realm of his mind. Now should he have fallen in love with that woman she wouldn't have been allowed to leave. War could've been the sole option, and if denied such he'd simply kill, stuff, and play with her lifeless corpse until it fully decayed away. Even then he may been seen talking to an imaginary version of that same person for days, or weeks after their death regardless.

Mysterious Curiosity: Jason is by every means an overly mysterious person even in the domain of his family. Yet one thing they have noticed about him is that he is endlessly curious about everything. Whether it be why water is blue, or the concept of why the world is truly considered round. This curious side of his more than often finds him wandering about the property of his family aimlessly without him having any idea as to where he may be going. Despite this he still ends up finding many things that are destined to be given to him eventually. Investigation skills also tie into his curious side as he more than often invades crime scenes without any regard for secrecy, or urgency that the authorities seem to give when throwing him out of their way. Being reborn as a pulse didn't do much to change this quirk of his either as he still intrudes upon the hard work of man even if they can no longer stop him from doing so. New things excite him greatly as well, but he becomes quite dense whenever something has garnered his attention for longer than a couple minutes.

III. History

The Stein Legacy aka, Jason Stein was born the crown achievement of his ancestors. Born to the son of the families current head Jason was the product of an affair his father Issac , and the scheme cooked up using several women wealthy women that were accused of being gifted to some regard. Of course the mother wasn't truly known, but none the involved parties had even the slightest intention, or guts to openly display their involvement. Because of this Issac whom secretly ordered to have the DNA of all those involved tested then reluctantly left his newborn son with all of them women in order to have him temporarily raised in a peaceful environment. Of course that was the plan, but things rearely ever go how you expect them to.

Fore at the age of three the women each begun to reveal their true colors as the came together under the light of a full moon in order to perform a special ritual of sorts. One that required the blood of their blood to be present for it to succeed, and Jason fit that description perfectly. So they begun the ritual using the young Jason as a catalyst, but it went horribly wrong. What was supposed to be a high class sham of a job they were secretly recording the women did not expect that the ritual they performed would be real, and as a result of their foolishness they dragged what could only be classified as a demon out from the depths of hell itself. A Rakshasa is what it called itself, but no formal name was given. Instead it spoke only in riddles before the terrified women around the infant offered it his soul. The creature laughed, and politely declined before it devoured each of them whole until one remained.

This woman was truly his mother, and unlike the rest she could have been considered "awakened" to the secrets that laid dormant within the world. So she was prepared for death, and only asked to hold her child one last time. Yet once more the demon chuckled, and proclaimed that it would return on the childs 21st birthday in order to claim his soul. Until then she would be tasked with nurturing him like one would a cow to be slaughtered. With that it vanished, and soon after his mother Retalila fainted with Jason in her arms. With the ritual failed, and Issac hearing nothing from them for weeks he took it upon himself to storm the household, and eventually found Retalila still unconsciously holding onto Jason while he simply held a joyful expression. The corpses of the others surely alarmed the man, but he ignored it as he took both the suriviors home with him. There he married Retalila whom swore an oath to guard Jason with her life.

With that horrid day behind them Jason was enrolled into the household as the Young Master, and started his training to be the future head as well. Spanning across 16 years he received lessons in general edicate, multiple music lessons by professionals, and tutoring of potentially high class professors meant to groom him into a member of high class soceity. Yet with most of his time dedicated to lessons he barely had enough time to be himself. Meaning he never experienced childhood nor did he ever face the outside world. Instead he found himself in a perpetual cycle of studying, sleeping, and combat training. The combat training being done by his mother who simultaneously taught him about the existence of Chi, and Quincy she had met over the course of her life. They called this treatment mandatory under the guise of having him protect himself, but in truth it was better for them to have him locked up due to the mistake his mother's so called coven made beforehand. They called him special because of it, and thus he was confined for their benefit as well as his own. Only showing him off at parties, and special family gatherings when neccessary.

However on his 19th birthday he was to be crowned the house lord, but he didn't show up. Instead Jason fled the mansion in favor of the outside world. To his surprise it was nothing like he had imagined. No blue skies, or crystal clear water. The streets were littered with sick people, and pollution filled the air. A complete disaster in terms of environment as his family had actually driven themselves into the mud financially as they attempted to keep him safe. Thinking that this was the reason for their imprisonment he became outraged, and returned to his home before he began to slaughter all manner of people one after the other. Servants, cousins, guests, and children alike weren't spared from his wrath. 119 people would become casualties before his mother, and father received fatal wounds sealing & locking him inside a coffin underneath the mansion where a fire soon enough broke out because all the commotion knocked over a few candles. Jason who was locked at the time died from suffocation after struggling within his prison, and was later reborn as a Soul Pulse.

IV. Special Traits

» Natural Attributes:

Ivory Smog: As a new generation member of the Stein family, and the start of it all Jason was gifted, or rather infected with a special power of some sort. But, how do you ask? Well when he was only an infant the Rakshasa that invaded the false summoning, and kill nearly all of those involved he was infected with a tiny bit of its magic. It allows him to conjure a thick white smog from within the pores of his skin, and manipulate it on a whim. The smog itself is both physical, and non physical in nature. Able to directly interfere with the super natural, and ordinary concepts freely. So constructions made by it, and from it will harm almost anything of a spiritual nature as well. An example would be him creating a large first out of the smog, and using it to knock down an already crumbling wall, or grasping onto another Plus that is spiritual in nature just like himself. Now the main effect of the Smog is a status effect called 'Withering'. As the name describes it causes non-living targets to slowly age, and crumble with extended exposure. Living beings however are sapped of their five senses and lose them in the order of their sense of Touch, Hearing, and Taste for a period of 2 posts after they were first exposed to it. The effect wears of 1 post later, and can only infect others after it has been breathed in. As you'd expect this same smog can affect Jason all the same should he breathe it in despite him being dead already.

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

VI. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

The Moon can be your power. The Moon can grant you a kiss. It can be mother, father, or even the child to a God. However what it cannot be is your beloved. For the Moon has no heart, and thus love is not what it strives for me. No matter the beauty it holds, or the conquest of its ephemeral time the sun will have it grasped within a metaphorical bosom it surely did not possess. If this was not love, then what was? To humans a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit someone can meet their wildest desires, but could the same be said for the Celestial Bodies Of Moon, and Sun? Truth is such a thing was impossible outside of Lagneía, and its home within the Hysteria Dimension. Like a primordial soup it was a mix of many values, and odd aspects coming to find a balance in a chaotic sphere of influence. God Kin played here, and oftentimes held those living here within their palms. Most left to simply dance upon the tips of fingers before finally falling before catching their last measly breaths.

Celestials were no different in this matter. Bound to the Hysteria Plane, and forced to follow its whims without a moment's notice. Living, breathing, and very emotional creatures that took on human vessels after many years of disembodiment. First of which were Sol Sunshine, and Luna Moonlight. A loving couple that would soon know the rue of attracting ire from God Kin. Seeing themselves as worthy they established the first kingdom within the realm, and enslaved the stars to he its workers. Ruthless as they were the new rulers still held the notion of family with one another, and held a bond of trust matched by no other. Eventually the God Kin of Lust, Silva made their appearance within the land. Taking on form of whomever is seen as the most beautiful person in the eyes of those viewing them. In the case of our two celestial King & Queen they only saw each other reflected back at them for a moment. Luna eventually came to see Sol, but he wasn't so lucky himself. Fore no matter how long he started his own image was the only thing that appeared. Emotions soon ran high, and with them so did Sol. Literally murdered by his wife the next day. Thus sealed within his Sun form forever more.

Guilt stricken Luna mourned her husband's demise, and in her sadness had slept with Silva whom now reflected her own image as well. Now distraught having peeked into her own truth she took the life that didn't deserve to live any longer. Dispatching herself in that very same bed, but in truth neither of them deserved. Silva had deceived both by shifting the galmor placed on it causing the entire complication to begin with. Silva required no reason either, but in all honesty the God Kin simply disliked their attitude of acting as if it weren't present. Almost as if to say their beauty was too unconditional to be uprooted by anyone else. For that punishment was in order, and now the couple may only hold one another at the time of an eclipse for naught more than a few moments. Today was one such day, and after a single year the Imperial Salvadorian Dynasty had finally established this day as a holiday of sorts for young lovers to ask the celestial bodies to bless their union, but also a day to ask for both a Bride Of The Sun, and Groom Of The Moon to be chosen.

"Welcome citizens. Today we will celebrate the passing of our forefather, and Mother as they watch over us from above. The new tradition of Crowning a Bride Of Sun, and Groom Of Moon shall occur as well. Two lucky people will get the chance to test their love in my trials, and become children of the Imperial Family should they be kissed by the Celestials here this day." Fore once the Emperor Xperia Nebun Silvador Asthavon wore a genuine smile upon his face. His facial expression lit a blaze by joy as he stretched his arm forward before quickly whipping it upwards toward the skies above. Clouds quickly moving away as vivid array of both orange, and violet purple melded together in order to create a glittering smog of condescendence to bathe across the viewing place of the bystanders. Transparent as it was the encroaching Moon, and Sun were ever so hard to focus on with it present. Yet the masses still failed to kill any excitement they had before finally it happened.

In one climatic moment the crowd all leapt for joy. Some screamed, and others looked around in a confused manner. Suspicious is what it was, and Xperia wasn't having it as he sent guards down to investigate the matter. Foolish in a way as disaster, and destruction soon rained down from above as well as below. "Bombers...Those damned cultists!" As he spoke several people in hoodies emerged from the crowd. Each a different color, and in the center a masked being stood. Its voice muffled, and obviously changed somehow. Behind them a segmented rope had somehow made its way around numerous necks of corpses that now laid dead beneath the Emperor's balcony. "You ignored us. You ignored the Godkin, spawn of Avon. So we must punish you, and if not you your citizens. So come now. Come quick. We await your execution."

"You await a false destiny then. Kill as you like. The children of Gods can die like dogs for all I give a damn. The thing I answer to his my desire, and it tells me to slaughter you all. Now who wants to go first?" Almost directly after he finished his final words ever single cultist was dropped in place, following a single gunshot ringing off in the distant. "How anti climatic this all was. Dismissed the lot of you. Kill anyone else that looks at you funny. Dogs of that damned Cultist rebellion shall be dispatched from here even if I have to burn Lagneía to the ground brick by fucking brick." Final words of parting spoken the Emperor turned to leave just before tossing thee feathered decoration that hung around his neck over the balcony rail. Children stricken by poverty were the first to grasp at it, but soon enough a fatty woman wearing noble clothing snatched all three up for herself before slipping away into the shadows with quite the agility despite her size. "Damned decorators. Always fitting me with these animal skins for every occasion. I should just skin them.’

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