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Tatsuya's Vizard Powers Empty Tatsuya's Vizard Powers

Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:05 am
Tatsuya's Vizard Powers QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Tatsuya Oda
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Inner Hollow Name: Hachiman

Inner Hollow Appearance:Hachiman takes the form of a version of Tatsuya. Its eyes glow a crimson color with nothing but burnt skin everywhere. This appearance seems common for it as pieces of the earth are often falling off of it. The clothing it wears and age seem to mimic that of Tatsuya's. But something about this being rages in the darkness of peoples minds. Its body seems to have burning lava through it. The armor is broken with scars and many markings Tatsuya himself has. These traits are rather easy to pick and notice for those who meet him. But a need to go to basic instincts and destroy. This creature's appearance holds one truth. Murder and slaughter those who come close. There is nothing about its appearance that would make someone believe otherwise.

Inner Hollow Personality: Hachiman believes in slaughter and murdering. This is the principal of power it has accepted. The strong kill the weak and the world moves on. They are not missed or important merely maggots in a festering wound. They are liars and cheats nothing more in this corrupt system. Best to rip their throats out and leave them choking on blood. Hachiman has no interest in small talk or such things. It tends to lean towards drastic action and results. The more chaos and bloodshed the better, making Tatsuya an ideal partner in some ways. Hachiman couldn't really give a rats ass about his plan to make a land of smiles. It would rather make land and slaughter everyone who came. A land of slaughter and brute strength over everything else.

Inner Hollow Powers: Hachiman has a rare and rather extraordinary power. Though it can be bad for the creature itself along with its bearer. The power is to induce earthquakes and release the power inside the body. So in the example, it can release different magnitude earthquakes inside its own body. Then release the force generated through physical contact with a person or the ground. The higher the magnitude generated the more damage is created by it. However, if the person wielding this isn't smart it happens to them also. Someone with low durability couldn't handle a potent move from this. It also depends on the Power Augmentation level how far they can go with it. Tier is also a standing point that can cause some trouble. Depending on their tier using this power can cause extreme damage to the wielder. These pieces are important and vital to a user to wield this power safely. Though it never becomes completely safe in any sense of the word. This is releasing devastation on the landscape in the form of an earthquake within your body. There are some repercussions for this act in of itself.

Hollow Mask Appearance: His hollow mask takes the appearance of an Oni from Japanese lore. But it's specialized with horns atop the head and a mouth while leaving the eyes exposed. It has no special cover ot anything for them in this sense. Making it a very strange mask for a vizard to wear. It doesn't have any special markings or such things at present time.

» Why: This is being done with Tatsuya's completion of the thread Volcanic Consequences This has been a journey that has been slowly set up over time. I am listing the powers of the creature here. I am also looking to apply Any burst if possible to him in some facet though pending completion of the thread obviously. This is just so you can have a look at what his hollow powers are.
» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]

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Tatsuya's Vizard Powers Empty Re: Tatsuya's Vizard Powers

Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:47 pm

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