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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:04 pm
The tattered remains QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Ulv Auber
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Loss Of Powerset:

Tai Chi:

Two Suns: An unexpected action of her soul's revival, Ulv's Dantian was pulled from it's resting place and slammed into her Soul as it hung high above her Inner World - something that confused Ulv anyway, because she was sure that her Inner World was her soul, but semantics - and made a Taijitu. The Dantian now feeds the soul, and the soul now feeds the Dantian. The two, as one create a potent force of power, and allows for considerably faster cultivation, and an entirely new energy signature that is not entirely Vizard Reiatsu.

Crossing Golden Bridges: Connecting all twelve Islands are bridges of Gold. Each bridge is made from Ulv's Shen, and gives off a small degree of power by existing. This can then be gathered by crossing them, making something akin to a constant, albeit low-grade cultivation undergoing in her soul. These bridges change colour as her Dantian grows in Realm, turning black with Black Gold, and then a glorious prismatic in Yu-Shan.

Bone Metamorphasis Technique: A crazy technique that has been known to kill the unprepared with the sheer scale of pain, and cripple even the most durable of mental bastions for hours. It is a technique that removes a person's skeleton and replaces it with the energy of their Dantian, which means that even if they can survive the pain of the skeleton's sudden explosion, if their Dantian is too weak, they will collapse under their own weight and die as a puddle of person.

Gold 3 is the minimum, but Black Gold 3 is where one really sees some advantages over their normal skeleton. As their Dantian grows, the skeleton also grows. It's benefits, are an increased Cultivation as Jing can be brought into the Dantian faster due to the bones being pure energy rather than energy and bone and the energy being cycled through the body is enhanced by the energy of the bones. At higher levels, the skeleton is also notably (although not considerably) stronger than a normal skeleton due to the density of the energy with no increase in weight. This doesn't change the strength of the skin, fire will still burn and blades will still cut down to the bone, but the bone itself is more durable. This increase in density allows the skeleton to hit harder than it would normally, as the solidly packed energy makes for a much less forgiving surface to be hit with than normal. This can even transfer through Soul-Forged wrappings, as the bone's energy fills the wrapping with great vigor. This allows some protection to the knuckles, decreasing the skill level one needs to be at to avoid knuckle damage by one for Bronze and Silver Soulforged, and two for Gold Soulforged.

However, if the Dantian is in Yu-Shan, it can cause damage to even supernaturally hard knuckles, splitting the skin and scrapping as the powerful skeleton smashes against the object harder than the skin is able to handle. This necessitates some covering to use one's full strength. And, a person is not given the ability to control their new body immediately after use, meaning they have to practice in it's use to master it.


Bronze - Fatal
Silver - Crippling
Gold - Increased Density (Knuckles split at Adept and below)
Black Gold - Enhanced Density (Knuckles split at Advanced and Below)
Yu-Shan - Supernal Density (Knuckles split at Elite and Below)

If your Durability is below your skeleton's durability, then care must be taken, as certain blows can still pulverise organs while leaving your harder bones intact.

Thunderous Divine Beasts (reactive grade): A most potent technique collected from the tomb of Bjorn Ironside, [which turned out to actually have Jormun Gandr interred instead] the technique is exceptionally rare simply because of it's requirements. The user has to get struck by lightning eight times. Admittedly this does not have to be all at once, but the technique is only at 100% with all eight. As such, people have chosen less excruciatingly painful techniques.

If you can survive it, however, your Dantian is filled with eight beasts, who's activity stimulates the Dantian. With every Realm you reach, one more Beast becomes active. This makes the technique a legendary 'Reactive Grade' rather than a stoic grade like usual techniques. With multiple beasts, they interact with each other, scrapping and chasing each other, playing and generally causing a ruckus. The more activity, the more of an aide you have with your Cultivation, ending with a tumultuous whirlwind of assistance by Yu-Shan. The effectiveness of the Cultivation technique is a good one, not the best but then the best are stringent and restrictive, as well as eminently demanding. Use of this technique allows the user to progress with a respectable deal of promptness, and vigorous passion towards cultivation will allow a person to outpace the sands of time [were they human, of course. Spiritual Beings, have much less of a problem with getting old]. How to wake the other four, is a mystery.....

Dantian: Great Ocean Beast, Yu-Shan Realm, rank 4.

Rank 1: The Hundred-Man Armed Fists: With the basis of Reiki control, the user can focus their Jing to their fists. Being a technique entirely based on it's strength and resistance this allows them to throw a punch as it if were from a hundred men with gauntleted fists. The style itself focuses on basic but solid fist strikes that are easy to throw, and lack any level of straining nature on the body or the energy supply, making it a good opening technique, or a technique best used against someone you are trying to exhaust. It does not stand well against those highly skilled in Martial Arts, however, as the basic nature of the technique makes it easy to see through. Basic does not mean it is a lacking technique, and those without considerable Martial Prowess will still be overwhelmed by it, it is simply in comparison to the other techniques of Dantian.

Rank 2: Circling Nine Cranes: Focusing one's Qi to their feet, the user's manoeuvrability increases, allowing them to slip around a target many times with ease, throwing them off with a constantly moving target and striking out with their nails, clawing skin and drawing blood to debilitate and eventually defeat their enemy. A technique suited to the slow crippling of the enemy, it bleeds them over time until they can no longer stand, and as such, can be passed over by some who wish more immediate results, or against targets with strong defensive abilities or explosive offensive abilities.

Rank 3: Illusionary Palm: Focusing their Qi to their arms, the power allows them to make movements that are not entirely truthful to the naked eye, causing a scattered delay in the ability to see the strike coming, and making the enemy perceive several palms for every one that is thrown. This rank is focused on palm strikes, the stunning and disrupting of the target's stance and flow, or in more dramatic cases, their organs and bodily functions. The degree of Qi put into the palm dictates how many are seen alongside the real one, and so a true fighter will judge their opponent, and adjust accordingly.

Rank 4: Three Thunder Fists: A master of Hundred-man Armoured Gauntlet decided that he needed something greater, something more powerful if he was going to continue in Wulin. And so, he cultivated, trained, and partook in elixirs until one day he broke through into Three Thunder Fists. An advanced form of Hundred-man Armoured Gauntlet, the user focuses their Qi to their fists, and then strikes with such might, their impact creates a thunder clap. It retains it basic roots, but enhances the use of Qi and the technique of the strike, allowing it to be superior in strength, but also more draining.

Rank 5: Shrieking Mountain Wind: A technique designed for those who would rather avoid being in close quarters, Shrieking Mountain Wind focuses Qi to the arms and then allows the user to strike out, with palms similar to Illusionary Palm. However, the culmination of the technique is radically different, as the Qi and the focused palm strike allows the user to fire compressed balls of air at the enemy, striking them without stepping into range. This is not something that is best used on a person more comfortable at range, nor does it hit as heavily as the other techniques, and so it is more a technique to fill in a gap, or keep a target at bay.

Rank 6: Dantian Exploding Penetration Strike: The apex Qi technique, Dantian Exploding Penetration Strike gathers all the Qi the user has cultivated to their fist, and then makes a swift and strong forward thrusting punch, resulting in an explosive attack of incredible destructive power. It is here that the Qi is put under such pressure it is compressed into Shen, and so this technique is the gateway to the profound lands of Shen manipulation.

Rank 7: Soul-Crushing Strike: Drawing their Shen to their fists, or feet, the user then strikes a targeted location with such delicacy it could be considered the caress of a lover. However, with the enhancement of Shen, even such a caress holds dark connotations, as the power of Shen passes through the obstacles of skin to splinter bone and impact organs, sometimes rupturing them entirely, based on the degree of Shen in opposition to the sturdiness of the target.

Rank 8: Wulin Spliting Legs: Channelling their Shen to their legs, the user becomes empowered by the raging energy, that they may split Wulin asunder with their power. The technique revolves around a lot of leg work, with immense power and precision, granting superior range to the fist, and allowing the user to smash through any obstacle they are confronted with in their goal to bring about their target's defeat.

Rank 9: Breaching Heavens Gates: The epitome of Shen Manipulation, this technique is highly draining to use, and so only Great Ocean Beast masters can use it for more than a short burst. It channels the power of Shen to the entire body, and fills it with unparalleled strength, enpowering them to use the true Tai-Chi Fist style, striking with a vicious, but focused power from every point of their body, and overwhelming their target until it lays defeated before them, and they have triumphed.

Equipment lost:

» Equipment: Internex Gem

A small, red Iramasha gem, made uniquely for Mirja after she joined the Guild of Heroes. It resembles a large pea, and is deep red in colour. Once swallowed, it enters her Dantian and floats within the confines of the energy-center. There, it gets to work doing what it was designed to do, feeding on a portion of the Jing brought up from her kindeys, and then after working on the energy for a small while, releasing a refined, superior version.

The gem can not drain all the Jing brought up in one sitting, and so only manages to refine a portion, and so the enhancement to any cultivation session is limited to a modest advantage over a normal cultivator, but the long-term effects of this gem make it incredibly valuble.

One side-effect of the gem is it's double-sided nature surrounding Elixiers. The herbal-backed energy comes with greater vim and vigor than normally, and thus the gem processes and returns even greater output than normal, but this also decreases the thresh-hold with which an overdose and the Dantian rupturing can happen. Being a forgein body, such a rupture can dislodge the gem, and cause it to fall out of the Dantian, and so the intake of Elixiers must be monitored thrice as carefully for the gem's assistance.

Hiroi-Tsubasa Ryu [Broad-Winged Dragon]:

A Tattoo to aid with Cultivation, the thing spreads across Ulv's entire back, sparkling softly from the ink it was drawn with. Due to it's specialised design, most of the energy of Cultivation is brought through the tattoo first, which enhances and empowers it before it is returned to the Dantian, allowing for a more potent cultivation session than would normally be applicable.

Powers Gained:

Blazing Bones: A power designed instantaneously out of necessity, when the Shen began to dissipate from Ulv's destroyed Dantian, her reiatsu replaced it piece for piece, to ensure that the fool who blew up her skeleton and replaced it with a solid-energy variant would still have a skeleton at the end of the day. The change here is minor, as she is able to "regenerate" her bones that are damaged by sealing the cracks with more reiatsu. Other than that, there is not much change from her old Bone Metamorphasis.

Double-Down: A simple technique. Ulv folds the hollow power coming from her mask on itself, doubling it's power at the cost of halving it's post limit.

Power Augmentation to Master

» Why:

A thing for the physical body, Ulv's Dantian underwent abuse when her unique body faded and flourished with the usage of Devil's Heart. Stretching and straining her Dantian as it shrivelled and then suddenly sprang back, only to shrivel again as Ulv's body was worn by the overuse of her Reiatsu and then the recovery of that Reiatsu, it eventually could take no more abuse, and split open, shredding apart and disintegrating into the ether.

With the lost of the Dantian, it's auxiliary techniques dissolved as well. The Divine Lightning Beasts scrapped and tackled each other even as they fell apart into nothing, the Golden Bridges - which glistened with every colour in modern days - faded in luster until it settled in a warm, amber coloured light. The Taiju faded away, leaving nothing of it's presence, and there was a dusting of particles as the Internex Gem cracked and crumbled into nothing.

The glittering Dragon on her back stayed as a physical thing, but the glitter is all gone, leaving it as mundane a tattoo as any who bare them. And as a memorial to what has been lost by Ulv...

But it is not all doom, as the great amount of energy that was stored within had to go somewhere. And so it did. As it was connected, housed and fed with Ulv's soul, so did it become exceptionally malleable to those within it. And so Hvit took the opportunity to gather all this energy and feed upon it, drawing it into herself and converting it to power so that she might rise higher than ever. Add this to the exhaustion of her powers earlier, where she had everything she could give dried up
by Ulv, and recovering from that was like recovering from a three day exercise. Painful, but with great growth. The energy was taken because, even after her development, she was still a being of immense pride, and so viewed herself as the greatest and most important of Ulv's spirits, a thought reinforced every time Ulv used Hvit instead of another power. And nobody had the heart to tell her that was because she was the weaker, and thus easier to control...

This didn't stop Ulv from jumping into the Inner World and at first admiring the new appearance Hvit had from her Evolucion, but getting down to a fight afterwards to solidify the bond and the power that Ulv had gained from taking in all the energy. The clash was fierce, and Ulv left feeling close and overwhelmed by Hvit's feelings. She really had grown since the beginning...And with this Growth Ulv went and faced a Hollowfying Tatsuya, the force of her Hollow reiatsu pressing the beast down and making it cautious, allowing her to avoid any casualties between Sonny and Murasaki.

Finally, a great and inspired idea came to her, and while making a man looking for her push an impossibly heavy rock, shesat with her Hollow 'mask' on. Doubling the power the link could give, she would burn through the energy in half the time. And like muscles, the link between her and Hvit would only grow through strain. And so she strained it until Hvit could no longer hold it and went to go snooze under a tree. It was good training, considering she ate pie while doing it.

» Extra:

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Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:52 am
[mod]Approving the loss of several different powers and the addition of Blazing Bones and Double-Down. Also approving the upgrade for Ulv to attain a Master in power-augmentation. Please make the changes in your app accordingly.[/mod]

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