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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Kagami Iramasha-Clixx

Kagami Iramasha-Clixx JCRrxmK

» Name: Kagami Iramasha-Clixx is the name given to the daughter of Kin Iramasha and Claire Clixx. As the only surviving rosary, she chooses to adopt the hyphenated surname of Iramasha-Clixx, representing both sides of her family. Though she represents the Kokuryuteshi and her father's side physically, a lot of her mentality and upbringing was focused around her mother and holds a special place in her heart.

»Epithet: The Rosary of Blessing

»Race: Devil Iramasha

»Age: Chronologically 6, mentally and physically well into her 20's.

»Gender: Female

»Sexuality: Heterosexual


Kagami Iramasha-Clixx ZYHvEAT


»Timid: For majority of her life, she has approached the real world with a very timid nature. She is still rather young, although developed mentally and physically, only real world experience can develop a person in any meaningful way. If Kagami weren't timid it would almost be strange, as she is so young she will often have the attributes associated with a scared child. This is for her blessing portion only, as her timid attitude is something that is likely to sprout into an ambitious and prideful person who spreads blessing to all who come across her. The limiting factor right now is that she still lacks experience necessary to become such a person. Since her birth, her barriers have slowly broken down and she has opened up not only politically, but on a personal level to characters like Chifuyu and even her father.

»Naive: Due to being so young, her naivety almost goes hand in hand with her timid personality. She will often misread situations into being much more innocent than they actually are, and the world is still an optimistic place in her mind. Though she is aware of real world issues and handles a lot of K-world operations, there is a glimmer of hope and life in her eyes that is yet to be extinguished.

»Principled: Though young, she is far from a child at this point. Her blessing personality is a strong influence upon this, making sure her key values are always on display. For the most part, her most important value is the removal of pain from the world. She realises the Kokuryuteshi's ultimate goal is to remove suffering and pain from the world, and though their methods are harsh, she wears their goal on her sleeves, and truly believes them. In reality, she considers places like Vastime not too unlike the Kokuryuteshi, they share a similar outlook on wanting to aid Earth and the multi-verse, both with different ways of going about it. She is very sure of their goal, and she will share her blessing with the world, a twisted form under the banner of the Kokuryuteshi empire. The best way to describe this personality would be lawful evil, she truly believes in their end goal.

»Honor and Pride: The strongest motivators in her life as the daughter of Kin are her pride and honor. Her name alone represents the entirety of the Kokuryuteshi empire, and when her father and sister aren't able to take the reigns, she realises this falls upon her. She is prideful in this position, albeit scared to admit it. This is the reason why she is rarely seen in public, and when she is, always represents her family by donning her white over-coat, hand crafted to show her as royalty. She will not let anyone insult her family, her home-land, or destroy it in any matter. If they do, she is rather pig-headed and will fight them on all accounts. If they are disrespectful to her royal land, she will disrespect them in return.

»Family Orientated: She would be nothing without Kin and Sing Iramasha. Though Claire, her mother, was a major factor in her early days, her death and the disappearance of Neviah made her realise how quickly she had to protect those who were close to her. Though they are strong alone, Sing is said to be the one person who can calm her and turn her back from sorrow into her blessing personality. For someone so young, she had lost so much at an early age, and it put a black stain on her personality since. If someone hurts her family, it is a personal attack on her, and she will stop at nothing to destroy this. This is one of the only things that can send her spiraling into a sorrowful personality, and lose all concept of mercy.

» Ambitious and Caring: As she is the rosary of blessing, she is a rather kind individual at heart. Though she believes in the greater good of the Kokuryuteshi, many people consider her a very kind and welcoming rulers, not only removing all levels of bias and privilege when meeting civilians, but refuses to be addressed as a princess. She will treat them as equals, talk to them as such, and aid them in whatever way she can. Too many places in the world have harsh, uncaring people in power - and she refuses to be that way. She truly believes in their goal, and her kindness is like a wave of pleasure that sweeps through Kokuryuteshi territories, and her overall presence is said to raise morale exponentially.



» Perfect Memory: Though she has very few powers, her nature as a spiritual human has given her a few small advantages that allow her to utilize her tools to their maximum efficiency. In comparison to most, she has a very small pool of spiritual energy, but by compressing this energy within her, she is able to strengthen non-physical aspects of herself. This means that this compression is most often used to strengthen her eyesight, making a maximum of 2km visible perfectly until it becomes to fade out. This can be done to other bodily functions as well, meaning it can instantly (and subconsciously) increase reaction times, reflex in general, and even go so far as delete pain in some areas. This spiritual compression is a unique power that basically floods a specific location in her body with an overwhelming amount, so much that it can then warp a sensation, an emotion, or even warp the way the eye gives signals to the brain (like how it can effect her eyesight).

This cannot be done to strengthen her physical body, making her hit harder or become tougher. This is mostly only possible on theoretical and non-physical traits that send signals to the body.

» Accelerated Aging:

» Physical Age Restriction:

» Vast Aether Reserves:

» The Rosary of Blessing:

» Dimensional Shifting: The Valley of Screams The Valley of Screams is a dimensional world that exists between the shinigami world of Soul Society and the human realm. The Valley of Screams exists between the worlds, and like her mother, Kagami has the ability to shift herself between whatever world she may currently be in and The Valley of Screams. Whilst she is still learning about The Valley of Screams and everything it means, she has a good grasp of how it works as she has practiced multiple times with Claire. When utilising this power, Kagami's body begins to fade in and out like a television scrambling, within a few seconds she begins to entrap herself within the Valley of Screams. Like she can cause herself to be trapped in the Valley of Screams, Kagami is capable of temporarily causing a rift around wherever she wishes, the very rift she creates splitting space and time, transporting said object into the Valley of Screams. Whilst her own ability can only make it so items around the side of a average computer monitor gets transported, when used in conjunction with another Rosary, she can transport even entire beings through this rift, trapping them for a time in the Valley of Screams.

» The Valley of Souls: Blanks Being born a Memory Rosary, Kagami Iramasha-Clixx is capable of creating the inhabitants of the Valley of Screams, those of which are known none other than Blanks by the Memory Rosaries. The blanks are beings that are known as infinite sources of energy. The energy they give off is purely made up of Nether energy, that of which is capable of being absorbed, the reishi based around their being also capable of becoming one with Kagami and fueling her own body. She can use them as energy without wasting energy herself on creating them. Although whilst she can create them, as of right now, her supply of Blanks is limited to around two hundred total as a child.

» Dimensional Shifting: Flicker Flicker is one of the few traits that Kagami has gained upon birth and trained with her mother. After learning more about this ability and where it originates, Kagami has gained the ability to displace herself between dimensions. Just like her mother, Claire, Kagami is capable of doing this through her rosary roots -- meaning she entraps herself in a state which is both within two dimensions, just not as a tangible force. This means that she cannot be harmed whilst in flicker, but she also cannot harm anyone else. It's a double sided coin, so she couldn't sit in flicker for the entire time and launch of attacks at everyone when they can't do anything to fight back. When this is done, it is usually displacing her between the dimensions of The Valley of Screams and whatever realm she was originally in. Just as Flicker allows Kagami to become displaced between dimensions, it also allows her to teleport to any said location, as long as she can physically see it. This means that within an instant, Kagami can use this 'flicker' to be wherever she wishes, within eyesight. Whilst Flicker is still being developed to become much stronger, Kagami has shown to be quite adept in this art, making use of it in many situations to either escape or simply be present, but not touched. This takes a few seconds to split her body between realms, and can be interrupted if given the right circumstances.


» Aether Class Name: Ankoku busshitsu (暗黒物質, 'Dark Matter' in English).

» Aether Class Appearance: Kagami's Aether Class is rather unique in how it interacts with the world around her. For the most part, it's appearance is rather subtle and hard to notice at a glance. Dancing through the air, controlled by her thoughts in an instant, she can control a think layer of particles that almost act like a golden hue of light. These particles are astronomically fast, and can be spread out on a wide stage in front of her by simply willing it. It takes on very similar traits to the human realm's understanding of dark matter, as it does not reflect light, the only way this aether class is visible is through the small amounts of aetherical energy that Kagami uses to control it. This is limited to her touch and direct vicinity at this point in life, but at max it can appear a hundred meters around her body in any direction.

» Kihon - Accelerator: One of Kagami's most powerful skills falls onto her Aether Class' ability to directly manipulate the age of an object, person or environment. Kihon (Acceleration) is an ability only made possible through the invisible particle Kagami can control at will. The moment her particles touch her, and she wills it, it can infect the target and begin to rapidly speed up it's personal place in space. This is done in a fashion similar to Barrigan, in that the miasma touches a target and then proceeds to age it to a point of complete eradication.

» Hōkai Suru - Scattering World:

» Kansen - Infection:


The Star Realm is something quite unique to the family of Kin Iramasha. Due to her direct relation as his daughter, Kagami's most defining inheritance has been the adoption of a power-source not too dissimilar to the infamous Burning and Genesis Stars. Unlike her father, her unique "star" is still in it's infancy, and will take quite a long time to mature fully. Although it is weaker and less outlined than her father, The Star Realm is a world of stars and constellations that outline, and connect to the individual on a person level. The Stars act in a way of "choosing" the individual, and has a direct lineage to Kin's family.

Kagami's unique constellation is named "The Eternal Star", with a capability of learning more constellations in future.

» The Eternal Star:


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