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Melissa Lionus


I. Basic Information

» Name:
Born Melissa Lionus the girl seems not to care much for the name preferring instead to drop the moniker of a child of death, to this extent she will rarely ever use her last name opting instead to simply stick with her first name for introductions. Though to those shes close to its very possible that the girl may reveal who she exactly is its just she tends to avoid such unnecessary attention that comes with revealing who her relatives are. Most people would simply know the girl as "Mel" a simple name for a simple girl in her opinion, after all she never felt important enough to warrant a last name as it is.

» Age:
Mel is a woman who's quite upfront about her age, being twenty four years young the girl is by far quite an intriguing girl. The girl has for most her life has acted much older than she was, doing things that most children would consider insane. by the age of four shed killed her first set of hollows, by the age of fifteen she had gained and learnt to control her anima stone and at the age of only nineteen she joined the ranks of the vanguard and slowly she grew there before leaving after a mere two years under their ranks. The girl compared to some who have been around for eons seems quite respectable for such a young age, keeping a maturity that most of her age bracket seem to lack.

» Gender:
Mel is a female the girl has never really questioned that factor. however to some Mel does come across as a sort of tomboy, never pertaining to simply being a girly girl. To this factor Mel tends to keep a cool confidence that shines through. Though deep down somewhere maybe a girly side exists and maybe somehow it will shine through .... though that's very doubtful considering just how little she cares for anyone's opinions.

» Affiliation/Rank:
Previously Mel was apart of the organisation known as the vanguard, however in recent times she had left the organisation to pursue her own ventures. This lead her towards multiple other countries and organisations, however her heart has always been with the side of good and the organisations like the vanguard who protect the world. She did however have some conflict in her heart after hearing about certain events that transpired when the moon was destroyed. She remained her own person after this no longer willing top be apart of any group rather she preferred the concept of being her own person, fighting for what she wanted and no longer being a foot soldier. Maybe a partial reasoning of this was the fact the girl never liked working alongside others, due to her volatile nature.

» Physical Appearance Description:


I. Personality

» Personality:
The girl in her past committed some dark deeds and thus now she bears the weight of these deeds on her shoulders everyday. To this length the girl longs to show that she is not evil. Because of her past Mel can often be cold towards others her ideals of helping people always comes first, but never has she met someone she would just open up too as thought they were friends. In fact Mel fears the entire concept of friends thinking that they will dislike her if they ever really go to know here, for this reason shes often seen pushing people away trying not to let them get involved with all of her problems. the girls utterly abrasive and harsh shell is truly only a front though as when one gets to know her they'd soon find the girl is someone who really cares about the actions she takes and regrets the mistakes she made, even going so far as to say she hates herself more than anyone else. Unfortunately despite her struggle for change Mel is trying to change her ways become someone others can depend on, someone who strives to help, unfortunately this is easier said than done as often instincts and past nature truly get the better of her, her anger even pushing to control her.

She is a girl who desires friendship a lot more than she lets on, Mel is on the inside really lonely and wants someone who doesn't make her feel like a monster anymore. To this point when someone gets close to Mel shell fight to protect that person to the bitter end, risking her very life to help her comrades. Because of her lack of care for her own health to save the lives of other she despises those who would allow their precious friends to be harmed and hates anyone who spills blood needlessly, though it isn't uncommon for her to resort to such a tactic when she experiences one of her slips in judgment, making her willing to take a route of harsh intentions for the greater good, be it harming an innocent for answers or killing someone to save many more, though none of this could ever be done without her sinking further into her pool of self loathing.

When in battle the girl though trying to control the situation would soon find herself lost in the darkness, she turns to bring down her opponents looking to stop them at every turn ensuring that if anyone was to die it wouldn't be her. To this level she tries to control her lasting hatred but as it wells up she quickly finds herself lost without mercy often times punishing further even after the fight is over. After a fight its near impossible to control herself without causing a massive stress inducement that can even trigger a heart attack if not treated properly, the adrenaline from the fight to much and finding it hard to calm herself. Shes often found a remedy for this is alcohol, a thing she hates but a medicine all the same. During a fight she hates cheap talk thinking its nothing, insults are only skin deep in her eyes and the ones spouting the words are often someone who's so hell bent on fighting they will manipulate someone else to feel the same way and finding a trigger to set her off is incredibly difficult.

When it comes to the idea of relationships Mel is always quite shy, she never knew why anyone would like her and doesn't want anyone else to be hurt because of her and thus often questions what is happening. Oftentimes shes been left wondering what people expect out of her as she is truly unsure of just what love is. She struggles with things such as seduction never really wanting to draw others closer to her as she prefers to keep her distance and enjoy others being happy rather than pursue her happiness to trample over another.

I. History

» History

A girl touched by snow, Mel was born in the cold nation of Russia she grew up the daughter of a broken family, her mother Selina often calling her the child of a man who was a soul still searching for his place among all the death. Selina however loved this little girl and assured her so did her father despite never being there and never knowing her, never once would she let her little girl feel let down, she loved Mel more than anything in this world and made it clear every day. Though they weren't rich Mel never seemed to mind with her mother, she was happy and that's all the two of them cared about.

However come her fourth birthday everything would change, her mother decided to take her to the place she once called home. When they arrived Mel couldn't really tell what her mother loved so much about this place, after all blood stained the wood and it was near rotted to death .... the only thing that remained was the bloodied sheets Selina now sat with her face pressed against, like it was the softest of all things, like it was something so precious it even brought her to cry. Mel hugged her mother showing her she was there never wanting to let go of this moment, however this place was not just a house this place was marked with death.

Hollows ripped through the roof, the walls even ripping apart the floorboards. Selina screamed for Mel to run both of them crawling from this place into the frozen lands around them. They ran across the ice field trying to escape these beasts, they nipped at Selinas heels ripping them open and forcing her to fall. Mel turned to try and head back and save her mother but the ice caved in. Mel fell into a watery domain trapped bellow the tundra fighting to escape. But through this ice she saw it, her mother knelt there being ripped apart by these monsters, she cried out but no-one could hear her not while she lay in this icy abyss. The hollows dug through her flesh, Selina offering little resistance as she looked at her daughter trying to tell her it was alright and Mel would be okay.

As they had torn through most of Selina these beasts ran, something above had scared them .... what could scare beasts like this? Through the ice Mel saw a man step forth to her mother embracing the dying woman before impaling her with his sword. Mel was shocked, scared, she had lost all that was important to her and now as this man trod along the ice she began to fade to black .. perhaps this was the end. The cold would take her to the emptiness, shrouding her, and at the edge of the darkness stood a figure. Mel always liked to think it was her mother waiting for her but she knew it wasn't the case .... this man stood the darkness itself afraid of him the skeletons and death embracing him like a brother... this was her father.

A hand ripped through the ice dragging her out of this end, she coughed trying to regain any sense of breath. Everything was hazy the world seemed dim the one thing she could see clearly though was the clutch of death lacing the man who drew her from the water, the stains of evil and blood on his hands. Mel crawled trying to reach her mother, the man walking from this place not so much as a second look. She sat for hours, just staring stroking her mothers hair as she sang the lullaby that Selina had sung of a night time ... the same echoing song that wolf had sung to Selina before her death.

Soon after she walked through the town drenched and blood covering her, the girl had hunted and killed every hollow that had attacked her and her mother taking their skulls as rewards and resting them like flowers on her mother's grave, it seemed her fathers curse and excessive need for violence had gripped her too. The four year old girl had sunk her fangs into blood and she would come out a beast waiting for the next hunt. As she stood in her shower the red running through her toes the girl couldn't help but hate herself. the girl grew into a very unhappy child believing that her father had abandoned her and her mother had died because of her. The girl grew up with self confidence issues and a tendency to prefer isolation among her peers. As she grew the girl would often visit the site of her mothers grave, spending some of the coldest days just sitting by her tombstone in silence.

The girl found her place in the world becoming a silent prodigy the girl managed to create her own anima stone by the age of fourteen the girl had already began a decent into her own darkness and by this age she knew that power was neccesary to progress further. The girl organised a doctor to implant her stone into her heart allowing a connection to it for it in her mind was her true heart. It was at this point that the girl slowly began decending into her own inner monster, baring her fangs against the world. She became cold finding the concept of people hard to understand, making her emotional connection and empathy for others seems shot.

The girl killed alot of people decending into the darkness at an exponential rate she hurt people became very scared emotionally as soon enough hunting monsters turned her into one. She became far to adept at killing and far too connected to it, she eventually found herself unsure of just what she could and when she faced a come to god moment in which she almost died she realized what she was. The girl continued on this path until she found one thing to stop her from being a beast ... a friend.

Melissa was approached by Desmond Hayden and asked to join the Vanguard a simple act of kindness that developed her mind to break free from her normal self destructive cycle ... or that's what she thought. During their times together Mel tried to advance her own strengths in order to protect those around her become an actual shield for the weak. But the girl constantly faced her own inner struggle knowing the beast inside her could come out at any time she truly believed the darkness in her was a key factor in this monstrous side she wished to leave behind, and thus when the one person she cared about was infected with it she didn't understand and couldn't comprehend how she could let this happen, and what Hayden saw in a power of a monster... and thus she did the same thing she always did and created distance getting mad at the man and refusing to talk to him.

This created a disconnect to her feelings once more bring the monster near the surface she struggled with her own feelings hating that she felt alone without her first ever friend. Soon she joined a division of vanguard to separate herself from her feelings hoping that somehow it'd pass but trying to make connections with others resulted in the girl finding that she had no semblance of understanding of people leaving her with the only concept that perhaps she wasn't needed here anymore, leading her to leave the vanguard becoming a rouge playing by her own rules.

hover it seemed different from before Mel had grown much more conciencious of people the concept of destroying everything and killing anyone in her path seemed to fade. She wanted to help felt the need to make a difference in the world, though she still finds it unclear why perhaps it was the adverse effect the vanguard had upon her or maybe it was just her suppression of the dark within her finnally became close to the reality. The girl still battled her demons however constantly at strife with her morals.

When the moon massacre happened Mel felt a sadness for the place she once called home but her emotions were met with a hammer even more when it was announced that Hayden had become its new leader, she kept tabs on the going on's the formation of vastime retaking Africa the vanguard leadership changing hands again, perhaps it was selfish but at times it brought her some solace to know Hayden had become someone so prestigious, but it also brought her some sadness seeing the paths they took diverge so far and for her to be alone as she was now.

The girl however put herself into her work however she had never been a being of extreme power, so often times she was left with the scars of her fights. The girl endured so much she was required to turn to means to allow her to continue. Slowly the girl began taking drugs to help ease her pains, however she slowly built her immunity to such things forcing her to take more and more until eventually she overdosed.

The girl awaken inside an empty place with no-one to find her, she was completely alone and it almost killed her, this forced a change the girl knew she could no longer separate herself from others, if she was to continue on her path she needed to find someone to care about her even if it was just for a moment.

I. Anima Stone

» Anima Stone Appearance:
Mels Anima stone resides within her body, specifically it sits within the girls body implanted directly into the right atria of her heart, allowing it to constantly absorb compounds funneled through her body much like these atria do to her blood. This implantation has left a massive scar lingering across the girls sternum, this scar is nothing but a reminder to the girl of lengths she has gone to achieve her goals. After all the effort she went to creating the stone she contracted a professional and powered surgeon to place this stone within her. The girl believes by all rights the implantation of this stone allowed her to more actively process her control and allow a deep connect to her source of power.

» Anima Stone Abilities:

Power Replication:
This power is one born from Mels very own being, the power enables her with consent from a person she is capable via a simple drop of the other persons blood capable of replicating there powers. This is done thanks to the anima stone that is embedded into her heart, once the blood seeps into her system and merges with her blood the anima stone quickly replicates the person who's blood shes just absorbed through her own system and replicates any anomalies making it so that she is capable of using ones own powers. The stone acts as a sort of adaptive recourse changing her systems to suit the blood and thus capable of on a much lower level using another persons powers. This however cannot be abused so lightly as a major factor to consider is that without another's consent she is incapable of creating what one would call a "soul link" this is a type of bond that allows Mels anima stone to activate, this soul link is simply done via someone drinking Mels own blood whilst they have a willing soul, this is due to the fact the souls link with the blood is the main object of this power. After this is done the anima stone recognizes a new substance and activates awaiting that corresponding substance to enter her system.

Once this little ritual is performed the anima stone allows her to store powers and use the unique basis of powers she absorbs. This could mean if she absorbed a power that uses an element she is capable on a very low level of reproducing that element, she isn't however able to do what the original user would be capable of with the power and the moves and special uses he has with that power would remain uniquely his or her own, she would just copy the basic core of the power. Because of this after absorption she would only be able to replicate the power to the most basic extent with very minimal control, as time progressed she may eventual become more adept with the power but to begin with she would be a complete novice. She is able to store a multitude of power but the usage of them would rely on the girls usage and practice with said power and would also rely on her own capabilities. With this move she is able to reproduce things such as zanpakutos powers as well as normal powers due to the soul and blood being linked but if she was to come in contact with a multi power user she may only be capable of receiving one of the said powers from them.

OOC INFO - ooc permission will be required for all powers absorbed or taken, all powers given however will be the lowest tier until she further progresses and will be incapable of producing powers to the same level as another. Her own strength in the power will be determined by both her ability and her tier, this means that all powers collected are to be used at her tier regardless of the tier of the original user.

I. Natural/Racial Abilities

» Natural/Racial Abilities:

Massive Strength And Speed:
Melissa is quite unlike an everyday ordinary person, due to her anima stones ability of enhancing her natural abilities the girl is capable of performing enormous feats that would seem impossible to the ordinary, this isn't to say Mel is a true powerhouse, compared to those with real strength shed be hardly able to make a dent with her fists alone. This technique just allows her to perform at a higher level than most humans could function at, her anima stone enhances her muscles core strength allowing her to perform feats such as lifting cars with one hand or smashing through concrete with a single punch. This ability also has an ultimate effect to her speed. Via increasing the muscles used for running she makes her capability in speed enough to run at the same level of the greatest Olympians.

Prima Materia Control:
Mel to a degree could be considered somewhat of a prodigy when it came to her control of the Prima Materia, the girl has personally developed this as a source in which she can expand upon her own weaknesses through alchemical concoction. by tapping into the source of the Prima Materia she uses the untapped energy to create several different states of chemical matters a state which whilst she may be incapable of manipulating to massive extent her generation is well versed. The girl is capable of creating different chemical compounds that work in specific ways, she can simple spread chemicals in a very base form forth or via merging it with other components (ones not created by her) she can make different and much more volatile concoctions. By doing this Mel has found extremely useful applications of this art being capable of making such drugs as healing elixirs that boost the immune system, ones that can increase ones natural potential for short amounts of times (next level of said skill for 2 posts) and also ones that can even manage to speed up natural regeneration progress. This is done via this energy being mixed with several other components including some that make up the human body for more complex drugs. Mel has also found other uses of this power in form of simplistic yet extremely useful ideas, poisons, tonics, near any elixir one could think of, Mel's repertoire most likely carries a very toned down version of such things. These tonics are always made into liquid form the girls control not allowing her to generate anything but. But this allows the girl to have several different liquid helpers during fights.

Anima Stone Control:
Mels Anima Stone control is quite adept, the girl has often delved into the concept of using the stone which she has a deep connection to in order to pacify and assist her in fights and other scenarios. The girl has always been fairly good at using the power of the Anima Mundi to help project the energy outwards and fight off others who attempt to warp control in their favor. She often tries to large scale blanket areas with this acting as wall to any that attempt to infect areas with such volatile energies, the girl is capable of using her own energy to add fuel to the fire here, pouring energy into her anima stone in order to expel any forces opposing her in major ways. The girl however has never really been seen using the sensory abilities of this technique perhaps its because her own natural senses are on a unique level. But it is believed she is capable of enhancing her natural senses with this energy. By doing this girl has enough control to quite literally make her an apex predator being capable of registering her senses on levels of heat and sounds such as heartbeats setting her off. This does however require a vast amount of Mels attention to use, often leading her to avoid it unless necessary.

I. Unique Abilities

» Unique Abilities:

Keen Smell:
a genetic gift given to mel from her fathers genetics, with this ability mel is able to sense things from almost a mile away the finest details. to this level her smell receptors enhanced by her fathers dna make her able to smell such things as a persons very blood making her excellent at tracking and finding others all the way to smelling hormones others excrete. This allows her to almost analyse someones core genetic make up with a few wiffs of their body, her blood hound level of smell making her able to even detect things such as sickness within the human body. This technique however has a few major flaws in the ideals of if were she to lose her sense of smell somehow she would be left relying on her other senses also another major downfall is even with her blood tracking ability she would be very hard pressed to locate and use this ability to perfection among a large group of people or large area of aromas as the scents would begin to cancel one another out.

Liquid Nitrogen Generation:

A power Mel gained through her absorption method a long time ago, this power enables her to turn her bloods particles into that of the liquid form of nitrogen. This enables her body to act as a sort of conduit for her power. due to the effects this liquid can create i.e freezing she tends to only use blood that is already free of her system due to the fact her inner systems aren't use to the cold and thus she could literally kill herself by freezing organs and such. Due to this most people think Mels Power is very limited due to her bloods supply, however thanks to the powers affect she is able to manipulate and stretch the molecules of her liquid nitrogen to the point she can make 1 ounce of blood equal out to almost a bathtub full. the temperature this liquid can freeze to usually is close to absolute 0 however with Mels technique on organic matter it is much less affected only being capable of hitting temperatures of a lesser but still very effective negative 100 degrees at full power, though the usual temperature would be much closer to say about negative 50.

Liquid Nitrogen Control:

This power was brought along with her ability to Generate the element. Mel is able on a basic level control her liquid nitrogen making it so she could achieve such feats as firing blasts of the substance. she is able to directly control the path of her ability being able to control the direction and partially the form of her nitrogen, though this doesn't mean she could create weapons or structures from this liquid. the basic structure will always stay the same and due to her lack of much control over this she is currently incapable of allowing the liquid to touch any part of her but her hands due to risk of freezing and cell damage. because of this she is often seen manipulating it as though shes using some invisible force to guide it or having the liquid wrap around her arms allowing her to use this thing as though it were a pair of gauntlets. The destructive force backing the liquid nitrogen is one quite high increasing her own strength and adding on the added effect of partially freezing what she touches.

The Death matter Curse:
Unlike her father the girls death mater doesn't manifest itself into her physical being and make up her entirety, in fact the girls true power lies like her nitrogen control in her blood. The girls very blood is made of death matter, capable of like those who had been embodiment of it before her of being manipulated by her will, she could in theory control the death matter as though it were a simple extension of her will however the flaws in her own case are much higher due to the death matter being literally a part of her blood stream and keeping her alive.

She in theory can use this technique much the same as the other users of death matter, simply flowing her blood out and expanding her blood cells outwards to generate a pool from a ounce of blood and manipulate it freely. However her powers centered around the ideals of unlike her fathers corruption or uncles control Mels Death matters key ability comes with absorption and repulsion. In this sense hers may be seen as something of a even more powerful form than even tora or wolfs for the death matter in her veins once exposed to oxygen break down on a molecular level coating the body of the girl so that upon touch the death matter literally engulfs around the matter she is touching and begins to molecularly dissipated, breaking down on an atomic level as the death matter absorbs the energy in their atomic bonds breaking down the matter into nothingness in seconds, however this doesn't mean that the matter is gone forever for the death matter can then be restructured and reform any matter that it previously took in forming it once more at her command.

The level at which she could do this at could allow her to literally break down entire building and then structurally reform them at will, though a big problem is that reformation isn't instantaneous and can with much larger things take more time, another factor associating to this is that she cannot dissipate physical and spiritual beings due to their atomic bonds being of a different structure to matter, but as is if used properly she could in theory absorb the matter of a thousand blades and reform them all within the air around her and then due to the death matter still infecting them use it as a force acting upon them to control the generated things as if they were nothing. The problem with this power is Mels lack of control is immense when using this in the way of her dissipating ability and the matter itself due to her subconsciously controlling it against her own will it means she is not skilled with this enough that she could do that at any given time but only when her subconscious thoughts and natural thoughts are similar which for a girl who within her subconscious mind doesn't want to have control its quite hard.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Racial Skills
  • Anima Stone: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Prima Materia: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Aiónios: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Víma: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you roleplay. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s


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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]

  • Willpower/Determination:Adept
  • Mental Deduction:Advanced
  • Focus:Adept

  • Comments/Notes:

  • Tier:2-5-
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[mod]Moving to approved.[/mod]

Melissa Lionus [Approved, 2-5-; Soul Evo] 8Bvy1N8


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[mod]Due to member inactivity, this character is being moved to the archives. If the member becomes active again in the future, they may be reinstated.[/mod]


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[mod]Unarchived on request[/mod]
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Melissa Lionus [Approved, 2-5-; Soul Evo]
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