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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:53 am
Kokuto Rooks [REVAMP] [Demon, FINISHED] ZpgZe6i


Basic Information

○ Name: Kokuto Rooks
○ Alias: Reincarnation of Makhai, Demon of Power
○ Age: 433
○ Birthday: July 14, 1988
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Demon

○ Affiliation: Vandenreich - Sternritter, Personnel
○ Marital Status: Taken - Ichijou Muira
○ Nationality: Asian-American
○ Zodiac: Cancer
○ Religious Standing: N/A
○ Sexual Orientation: Bicurious

○ Height: 6'5 (7'5 in Chasm Revival)
○ Hair Color: Black (White in Overheat)
○ Eye Color: Blue

Kokuto Rooks [REVAMP] [Demon, FINISHED] UmHDFDK

Psychological Analysis

Calm: Overall, Kokuto isn't someone who lets his emotions get the better of him. While he did have several manic episodes upon his release from Hell, he has noticeably calmed down and has been able to mellow out after those events. Therefore, it's rather hard for someone to get Kokuto to lose his temper, as it isn't easy for someone to get under his skin. Furthermore, it should be noted that he is incredibly level-headed, rarely losing his cool, even in the direst of situations, something that has allowed him to keep his composure to make quick decisions that could mean life or death. So, he often uses this to perform brief moments of analysis to give himself a guess of what is to come. Thus, while he has become much laxer since his earlier days, he is very capable of using this to his advantage.

Seeking: Likely one of the most important traits to Kokuto's persona. Ever since his release from Hell, Kokuto has searched for a purpose in this world, something that he still looks for to this day. There is always a sense of emptiness and feeling of untapped potential lying deep in his heart. With this in mind, Kokuto has constantly traveled the plains of every dimension he can, simply wandering to find something to give him drive, no matter what that drive might find itself being. At first, he believed this was something that he could sate by joining Shadow Fall and being among his own kind, regardless of it being an antagonist organization.

However, this only served to partially fill the emptiness within him. Thus, he found himself spectating various events throughout his current life, with one of these sessions being different from the rest in the form of being in the presence of the Demon Queen herself, Mana Asthavon, during the Tournament of Power in Greece. After having his physical limits broken, the devilish Queen was able to see this feeling of emptiness and bestowed him the Seal of Eris -- connecting him to a family and continuing to fill that hole within him.

But, even then, it wasn't enough. These were all minor things to him, something that not only started to fill his emptiness but fueled his drive to find something that he could support wholeheartedly and find a deeper sense of purpose in. Therefore, even to this very day, Kokuto wanders the world to find that. From the Living World and the many places that he has visited to try and find it, to the Outlands of the Demon World. But, through this journey, Kokuto has come to one conclusion -- every step he takes has brought him closer and closer to his goal.

Indifferent & Blunt: To sum up Kokuto's thoughts on most things, he doesn't really feel strongly or negatively towards a lot of things. He is someone that looks at things from a very neutral standpoint and will rarely make any form of biased statements. Rather, he would generally attempt to come to some form of compromise between people. However, while he is indifferent, he has no problems with voicing his opinions. As a result of this, Kokuto is rather direct and blunt when it comes to his thoughts and opinions on matters, and -- tying into his indifferent nature -- there isn't much that makes him feel guilty or feel bad as a result.

However, he has shown to be rather remorseful when it comes to negative reactions being displayed because of this trait. As, deep down, he still does have a semblance of humanity in him. While he doesn't show it in the best form, he does feel genuine guilt, should someone shed tears in front of him. He can't stand seeing someone cry, due to him feeling guilty in return as a result. Therefore, while he hasn't abandoned this trait, he does feel the repercussions of it, and will often exhibit feelings of remorse, whether it be deep in his heart, or voicing it.

Makhai's Influence: As a result of the Seal of Eris binding to him and gradually causing further and further corruption to his body and mind, the influence of the Eris Child that he was chosen to become the reincarnation of has taken its toll on Kokuto's mind. Thus, being tied to Mana Asthavon and Eris herself has caused Kokuto's mind to descend into madness. With this, it isn't uncommon for Kokuto's calm demeanor to snap and break away, either during moments of intense emotion -- primarily stress -- or during combat. They can be short, or long. It's a fickle, complicated state of mind that no one can really put their finger on.

In these moments, it's often easy for him to succumb to the nagging desire for chaos and mania that has come from being so tightly bound to the Demon Queen, causing this to affect his actions, seeking the thrill of combat, battle, and discord. During this, it's not all that uncommon for him to lose sight of what side he's on, and even attacking his allies as well as enemies. Everyone is fair game in these times of chaos and mindless madness. So, while the Seal has granted him incredible power, it has most certainly come at quite the cost, even if somewhat situational.


Before being sentenced to Hell, before everything, Kokuto was human.

An American businessman went on an overseas vacation to Japan, meeting the woman who would eventually bear Kokuto Rooks, born in Japan, but moved to America at only a few years old, living the rest of his life in the Americas as a Japanese-American immigrant. With a working father and a mostly stay-at-home mother, Kokuto lived a relatively ordinary life with a middle-class family.

Not long after his birth and his family's transit to the States, Kokuto became a big brother to a younger sister, named Melody. It didn't take long for Kokuto to grow close to his little sister, developing a protective love of her. He'd walk with her in the halls often, sat with her when they had lunch, and helped with her studies. Of course, he didn't hover around her all the time. He knew that she needed space, that she had her friends and privacy. But, nevertheless, she knew that he was always nearby, should she ever need him.

To him, her happiness meant everything. His sister, above everything else, meant everything to him. He did his best to be the best elder brother he could for her. Throughout elementary and high school, Kokuto spent a lot of time with his little sister in his spare time, often throwing himself into physical activity like sports, wrestling, or other various activities, out of a mixture of both enjoyment of the activity as well as to keep himself strong to protect Melody.

In time, Kokuto graduated from high school, with his sister still having a couple of years to go before she would follow him. Nevertheless, he still continued to support and help her in any way he could. But, one night, he was waiting for his sister to call him to come get her from a party she went to with some friends. His phone went off, with the slurred crying of his sister on the other end.

He got confirmation on where she was, and he drove off to get her -- that was all he needed. He picked her up, brought her home, and talked to her in private. It was supposed to just be an innocent little hangout between friends, but, someone had spiked the drinks, and Melody had ended up getting drunk and blacking out, waking up in a bed, naked and alone. Kokuto felt a wave of emotions at the revelation of what happened, that his baby sister was raped. He felt hurt, angry, and the overwhelming desire to make them pay.

He waited, and listened. He might have graduated, but he still kept his ear to the ground. He checked the social media at the time, keeping an eye on anything that mentioned his sister. In time, he found out who was talking about it, bragging about it even. But, he kept quiet about it, keeping it from Melody. Without a word, he left one night, driving off into the night, with whatever he would need to keep himself concealed.

Kokuto didn't bat an eye as he smothered in their sleep. Being the 2000s, it didn't take long for the news to spread about the guy dying in his sleep, but whenever Melody questioned him about it, Kokuto brushed it off, dismissing it as coincidence, or something of that nature. There was a slight pang of guilt that tugged at his heart, but he pushed it aside. He told himself that he deserved it, and that, with him being gone, his sister wouldn't be hurt, ever again.

…Or, so he thought.

A few months passed, the incident now long since come out of the public sphere, Kokuto was dropping his sister off at her school, driving down the highway. They were talking, laughing, and making the most of a moderately long ride to the school grounds. As they conversation died down, and they were turning a corner, a truck came out of nowhere, colliding head-on with the car, obliterating the front of it and sending it flying across the road, coming to a stop not too far away from where the crash initially started -- Kokuto was dead on impact.

But, for him, that was not where his story ended. While it was not many, Kokuto was still a murderer, and instead of being sent to the Soul Society, his soul was judged, and sent down to Hell, chaining him to the final resting place for many sinners. Initially a prisoner, Kokuto was chained to Hell, unable to do much besides re-live what condemned him in the first place and living out his sentence.

As someone born before the days of rampant spiritual activity, it didn't take long for him to lose track of the time. Days, months, and years passed, and it all became a blur after a time. Part of him was surprised he was able to live as long as he did, much less keep his sanity. Perhaps it was a byproduct of Hell, or maybe it was simply the most basic, notable trait of humans: their inability to give up.

Two centuries went by, yet it all felt the same. Kokuto hardly had registered how long he had been there. When he looked up, someone was standing there. They gave him an offer -- they would enable him to be released from Hell, and in exchange, he would turn into a demon. Kokuto questioned them, wondering what the catch was -- there was no way that it was that easy. The person just shrugged, stating that there was no catch, before sitting down, waiting for his answer.

Kokuto pondered the idea, to escape and be released from Hell, only needing to turn into a Demon. So, with little hesitation, he accepted. It was a painful process, rewriting who he was to be turned into a devil, but, with how long he had been exposed to Hell's miasma and energy, it didn't take long for him to properly and fully convert, and, as if on a dime, the chains that bound him to Hell were released, reducing themselves to broken shackles around his wrists.

With that, he was guided out of Hell by his convertor, taken to the Demon World, before being allowed to roam free in his new life. A human, formerly a sinner, now turned Demon, wandered amongst the utterly colossal home of devils, eventually making his way into the Chaya Nation. It was there that he quickly learned of the dangers that the new home provided. It was violent, relying on brute strength and power to survive in. It didn't take him long to adapt, building up his strength, and developing his powers.

It was a tough place to live, but he persevered, spending tens of years within the Chaya Nation, living, and building his power. He was more than capable of taking on entire waves of weaker demons, and some decently big amounts of moderately powerful devils without exhausting himself. But, one of the things he learned during that time, above everything else, was figuring out how to leave the Demon World and return to Earth, and he wasted no time in opening a portal and returning to Earth, for the first time in over two hundred years since his death and sentence in Hell.

Kokuto set foot in America again for the first time in two centuries, and he was taken aback by just how much had changed. Everything was different -- buildings he knew had long since faded away or were taken down, replaced by new ones, renovated, or even just left to rot. It was then that he didn't even properly know what he was going to do, now that he had returned to Earth. For the longest time, while he was in Hell, all he could think about was his sister, his life, and the off-chance of getting out of Hell.

Now that he had been freed, he felt...aimless. He wandered his old hometown, unsure of what to do. He had been released from Hell, built up his power to become a formidable opponent, and was now back in the place that he had originally called home. It gave him a deep sense of nostalgia, but, outside of that, he felt empty. He came across those who hated and resented him, purely on the fact that he was a demon. He did some research, finding out just how much had changed, what had happened, and the stigma he himself now held by proxy.

It made him think, what if that was what he was supposed to be, and if he could ever escape that, and stand on his own? His travels had made him realize that, even as a demon, there was still part of him that was the same as he was before. Perhaps, with that, there was hope for him to escape the general stigma of demons. But, one event would be a stepping stone for the future. As he was going on a walk, he heard someone screaming nearby before it abruptly cut off, and Kokuto went to investigate, finding a woman being assaulted in a back alleyway. He started approaching them, a hand reaching out.

Before he could get close, his nose burned with the smell of smoke. All he could remember was screaming, being in extreme pain, the smell of his clothes and body burning, and the roar of fire in his ears. He woke up in the hospital, and after a time and a lengthy amount of treatment, Kokuto managed to survive, albeit with severe scarring and damages to his body, even damaging his throat and nearly losing his voice. It was a long road to recovery, but Kokuto was eventually discharged, and, returned to the Demon World for a time.

Becoming more adjusted to his new appearance, Kokuto began practicing and refining his powers and abilities, learning to control this expression of power. He learned the limits of his own body, how far he could push the heat before it became detrimental. In time he learned to separate the power into three different "levels" of heat, and becoming more and more aware of his limits, learning different ways to control and project his flames and how to manipulate their shape, compressing the mass to become smaller, but faster and deadlier.

Now approaching the more modern age of the world, around 2416, Kokuto found himself answering the call from the Demon Queen in Greece, attending the Tournament of Power and viewing it from her observation room. Despite his chest being stomped into pieces, the Demon Queen imparted the Seal of Eris unto him and making him into the reincarnation of the Daemons of War and Battle, Makhai, before being sent to Arianda to help him train the powers of the Seal, aiding in the ever-present influence of the Makhai.

Taking the time over the next few years to practice and train the Seal to where it was manageable, Kokuto found himself wandering, aimless once again. He desired power, and now he had it, what? What was he to use this power for? The question constantly lingered in his mind as he wandered the Living World again, until he came across someone. A Sueki, Ichijou Muira, originally teasing and pestering him, calling him a bootleg Freddy Krueger. The two hit it off, sharing their love of classic horror movies and games, and starting dating shortly after, with her inviting Kokuto to move in and live with her and her adoptive mother.

The more time he spent with Ichijou, the more Kokuto realized what he wanted to do -- he wanted to use this power he had to protect her. Perhaps it was a byproduct of a Demon's extreme emotional spectrum, but Kokuto felt a similar desire to protect as he did with his sister. But, this time, the desire ran even deeper. He knew knew that he was strong, and he knew that he could protect her -- and protect her, he would, with a love that only continued to grow stronger by the day.

Time went by, and, as World War Four approached the horizon, Kokuto opted to stay out of the conflict, staying with Ichijou to ensure that she was safe. But, as the war came to a conclusion, he could tell that things were changing. Demons had been largely removed from Earth, and now that they had left, he realized just how much worse the stigma had become. Many people refused to comment publicly about it because of how integrated Demons became to society, some were afraid of that. But, now, with Demons being mostly gone, it didn't take long for many to voice their displeasure and hatred for them.

For the most part, Kokuto wasn't bothered by it. He had heard and experienced far worse throughout his life, so, the rampant increase in racism didn't get to him much. But, his thoughts went to Ichijou. The backlash she would face from this was something that worried him. So, in an attempt to try and keep her safe, to try and keep the stigma off from her, Kokuto disappeared from the World of the Living, returning to the Demon World once again, isolating himself to some of the farthest reaches of the Sirsa Lands, the outreaches of the Demon World.

The month that he stayed there was slow, agonizing, and lonely. He wanted desperately to return to her, but he abstained. Perhaps it was what a devil like him deserved. But, he hadn't accounted for Ichijou's own actions, nor the people she knew. As the month was coming to a close, Arianda brought Ichijou to the Demon World, where she found her tall, devilish lover. While he was furious that Arianda had brought her to the one place that he had wanted to ensure she never went to, he couldn't deny that he was overjoyed to see Ichijou again.

With a brief exchange between the two, his lover convinced him to return to the place they called home. As he did, something else caught his ear -- the news of the Vandenreich's operation in America. The thought came to mind -- rather than run away from the stigma, perhaps his should prove himself, to show the world that not all Demons were monsters. Applying and accepted into the Vandenreich, Kokuto's recent activities have largely revolved around creating and bolstering relations with those in the organization. He still dealt with plenty of dirty looks, rumors, and even open, active insults, but, he still persisted. He had lived for over four-hundred years, and he had survived this long.

Despite everything, that would be one thing he would not give up. He would show and prove that he was capable and willing to protect and change the world.


Natural Traits

Strength: With his powers being centered around strength and power, as well as the way he lived his life in both living as a human and as he tried to survive in Demon World, strength was one of the most important factors for him. After all this time, Kokuto has developed a great deal of strength to match his durability, capable of shattering walls to entire buildings with raw power, able to power through most barriers with little trouble.

Durability: Having lived for hundreds of years, spending a large amount of his time as a demon fighting, building strength and surviving, as well as several accidents of self-combustion, Kokuto has built up a tremendous amount of durability, capable of taking blows from powerful beings without faltering, as well as having an immense pain tolerance, capable of taking these kinds of damage without so much as flinching, or even being cut, stabbed, burned, or an explosion going off in his face, and he wouldn't even bat an eye.

Speed: As opposed to his immense durability and strength, this, in turn, takes a massive toll on his speed. This is also due to his main method of defense being to simply stand there and take the hit, rather than dodge, as he simply doesn't always have enough speed to dodge the attack. So, these bursts of natural movement are often reserved for a more offensive form of attack, doing so to close the gap in between foes so that he can resume his attack without having to expend a large deal of physical energy to do so, as he can easily use Possessive Movement to make up for the lack of distance that he can't cover naturally.

Martial Skill: While Kokuto has no formalized martial art, preferring either his powers or even wrestling moves with his hands, there are some weapons that he has learned to utilize in his long life, the first of which being chains. Whether they be the chains on his wrists, or on his sword, Kokuto is capable of utilizing them as either ways of combatting against a range difference between him and his opponent, attacking similar to the Zanjutsu technique "Deadly Darts," using them to get some breathing room in a fight or mix things up with his sword, another weapon he uses. While not on the level of some of the master swordsmen in the world, he's more than capable of holding his own with this, as well as many other weapons.


Possessive Shifting [Major]: Between the two skills of Possessive Augment, shapeshifting is what Kokuto specializes in. While he's capable of altering his body to incredible degrees, to the point of creating his own technique after using it so much, the one curse that Kokuto has as a result is the lack of access to high speed regeneration. His body is capable of very slowly repairing small wounds or internal damage, slightly faster than a human body would, but due to his focus on durability and power, his body naturally offsets that by preventing him from regenerating, merely giving him a tremendous amount of potential for his shapeshifting.
    Devil Steel: A technique created from the consistent usage of Possessive Shifting, Kokuto can alter his body or use a coat of energy above his skin to create a thick layer of material akin to steel, reinforced by his own energy. This protective armor is equal to Advanced Durability and, once shattered, cannot be reformed for around three to four posts. However, with this protection, Kokuto can repel blades or bullets as if they were nothing, and is capable of repelling energy attacks up to the aforementioned level of Durability.

Possessive Movement [Minor]: As is the case with Kokuto being focused in dishing out and receiving damage, Possessive Movement is rather fitting to be the minor skill with Possessive Augment. While he's capable of using it to briefly boost his speed to cross small or medium-length distances, he's not able to utilize it for a whole lot else, much less for long periods of time.


Possessive Theme: Power

Possessive Powers

Immolation: Kokuto's signature and primary ability, as well as his expression of power. it's a fairly simple ability, by using his energy and heating it up, Kokuto can create and project flames from any part of his body. By proxy, this gives him a tremendous resistance to most fire-based abilities, as well as a much higher body temperature than normal. Due to him focusing on controlling and mastering this power for most of his life as a demon, he is capable of doing just about anything in regards to fire.

While he generally prefers simple projection, unleashing large amounts of fire at great distances, he is capable of other methods, such as compressing it, firing off smaller, condensed, bullet-like projectiles of fire at much faster speeds, capable of far greater, but smaller-scale destruction. As noted before, with the capability of projecting and creating flames from any part of his body, Kokuto doesn't always require much, if any movement to do so, allowing him to create these flames and control them with relative ease and generally low effort.

This also grants him the ability to control the level of heat and power that he puts into his flames, with the increase in heat also changing the color, creating three levels of heat, orange, white, and blue, each of them being their own respective levels of heat. The higher he pushes the heat, the more energy it costs and the quicker it triggers the drawback, Overheat. However, one major drawback would be the most obvious, water. While this only applies to the first level, water is still a way to combat against the basic levels of his flames, even if only temporary, as he could easily heat up his energy again to evaporate it, or use the higher levels of heat, at the cost of using more energy and entering Overheat.


Overheat: Despite having a tremendous amount of resistance to heat and flames of other sources, Kokuto's primary weakness is, ironically, himself. Should he use the second or third level (white and blue, respectively) of heat for too long or too often, Kokuto's body will begin to heat up and boil from the inside. When using the second level, it takes around five posts of continuous use to enter Overheat, and three posts for the third level. Continuous use after that will cause effects similar to that of heat stroke, as Kokuto's body temperature will go even higher than normal. his regular skin turning red, and so on. As a result of his body's increase in heat, it becomes near-impossible to touch him, and his body will also begin exuding steam, either continuously, or in a single burst to help him cool off and recover. But, one of the most notable traits would be Kokuto's hair turning white as a result. It will turn back to the natural black over the course of a thread after the fact.


Eris Child: Makhai / Machai

Eris Child Theme: Daemon of War & Battle

Makhai's Powers/Abilities

Combat & War Empowerment: The base ability of the Makhai, whenever Kokuto is in a fight, he will gradually begin increasing in strength and durability as the fight progresses, leading up to around a 1.5x boost in power as a result, at the peak of the ability, which takes around five to six posts after the fight begins, of which is fully registered when the first punch is thrown and landed, lasting around four posts after initial activation. However, during times of war or event threads, this causes a significantly larger increase, able to reach a peak of 2.5x power after around eight posts, lasting the same amount of time as the aforementioned.

Weapons of War: One of the main parts of warfare and battle is the use of weaponry, and with this ability, Kokuto is capable of summoning weapons from all across history, such as firearms, blades and shields. Anything he summons is always within the immediate vicinity of himself, and at maximum is around five feet away from him, and he can only summon one weapon at a time, having to wait around two posts before summoning another, and these weapons are also able to leave the summoning range to hand off to other people. While he is capable of summoning larger weapons of destruction, particularly nuclear armaments, this would take an absurd amount of energy and would largely serve no purpose, as it would also put him within the blast.

Rally: By channeling his willpower and creating a unique pulsation of inspiration around him in a fifty foot radius, Kokuto can boost the Willpower and Focus of others around him by a level, capping out from boosting Advanced to Elite, for around four posts, before having to wait three posts to do it again, and only able to do this twice a thread.

War Cry: Focused on his own benefit as opposed to others, this ability centers around Kokuto letting out a loud, powerful cry to reaffirm himself and channel his focus and willpower, Kokuto can increase his own strength and attacking speed mildly above his current level (though not boosting it by a full level) for three posts before having to wait for another three posts to perform it again.


"The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin."
— Book of Enoch 10:8

Chasm Revival Name: The name of Kokuto's Chasm Revival is Azazel, named after a fallen angel in the Book of Enoch. Azazel taught men the art of warfare and battle during the times that preceded The Flood, as well as teaching them to make weapons and armor. Eventually, he was chained to the foot of the archangel -- Raphael -- for all eternity until Judgement Day, further tying his connection and symbolism in with the formerly chained sinner in Hell.

Edict Oath:

"Shatter the chains of Dudael and rage against Raphael, Chasm of Azazel."

Chasm Mark: Chest



One Man Army: Within this state, Kokuto loses all other Eris abilities outside of the base combat empowerment ability, while he himself becomes exponentially stronger, a representation of this form meant to make him a "one man army." This form also grants him the ability to summon a single, colossal sword that is capable of cleaving through most low and moderate level defenses easily. Furthermore, within his form, Kokuto's nerves deaden and alter, preventing him from feeling any pain and, by proxy, preventing him from faltering or reacting to it. While this form doesn't necessarily grant him much in terms of new abilities, it focuses on the advent of a tremendous increase in power.


Colossal Energy Drain: One of the most notable things about his Chasm Revival is that, more often than not, it is a last resort. There is a tremendous amount of power that Kokuto can tap into with this form and his base abilities, but with his Chasm Revival, but this form can only last around three posts before Kokuto exhausts himself, unable to use either the form or any of his abilities for the rest of the thread.


Rakshasa's Claw: A rather strangely designed sword, with a jagged, curved black blade with purple wrappings around the hilt and a chain dangling from the bottom of the pommel. A weapon made during his time in the Demon World, cultivating and building his power and skill, it is made from his own energy allowing him to synchronize his other abilities, as well as allowing him to summon and dismiss it at will. However, by far the most unique trait of the sword is it's indestructability. No matter how much strength or force hits it, the sword will never break. While capable of cleaving through most moderate defenses without much issue, it's primary draw is its durability.

Shackles & Chains: A permanent memento from his time in Hell, two shackles bound around his wrists in the form of handcuffs with broken chains dangling from them. But, by using his energy, Kokuto can recreate the chains and use them as weapons, to try and bind them, or use it to extend to his sword, Rakshasa's Claw, for a variety of different means, such as extending range, or even containment, by wrapping them around someone and breaking off the link to spawn new sets of chain links. As they are made from his energy, they are notably difficult to break, equal to around Advanced Durability and can extend up to a couple hundred feet away, though if broken, will not break the shackles or the original remnants.


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Elite
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Adept
  • Posessive Magic: Beginner
  • Possessive Augment: Advanced
  • Possessive Influence: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

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