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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Toshiko Kamenashi, Righteous Guardian [APPROVED; 1-1+, Quincy]

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Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Toshiko Kamenashi
» Titles: Righteous Guardian
» Age: 24 years of age
» Gender: Female
» Relationships:
» Ritsuko Niklovich: Ritsuko Niklovich, the first woman Toshiko every truly wished to settle down with; and the love of her life. Albeit, Ritsuko is a little odd. But, she is Toshiko’s perfect woman. Not because she’s sexy, or because she’s got them good features; no. It’s because she was simply the most beautiful person she has ever met in every single way. Personality, body, and just the simple mannerisms Ritsuko had; Toshiko had been swept off her feet. OF course, it was no reason why Toshiko asked Ritsuko to marry her; it was simply obvious for the girl. She loved Ritsuko with all her heart and wanted to live out the rest of her years with her as her wife; no one else would suffice.

» Sofia: Childhood friend, possible love interest. However, she and Sofia are simply friends and coworkers nowadays.

» Affiliation/Rank: Vandenreich. Captain of Daten.

» Physical Appearance Description: Toshiko’s appearance is rather modern, in truth. However, it definitely is quite unique when one considers her exact attire. The most striking thing about her look is the hat she wears over her dark brown hair, which has a streak of golden-caramel hair running down the right side of her face as well as her fair skin. Of course, her fair skin is only further accented by the black sunglasses she almost always wears, even inside. Of course, she will take them off if the time calls for it. Another surprising thing would be her height. In total, with heels on, she is 6’0” without her heels she is 5’11”; a height that isn’t all that common for most women. However, things to do not end there with Toshiko’s appearance. Yes, she wears clothes. Doesn’t make sense for her to walk around naked or in her underwear.

One of the more prominent items of her appearance, besides the immensely heavy handbag she totes around, is her general theme. What may that theme be? Well, it is mainly based around her weapon; a Gatling gun. Of course, that is not all her appearance is based on, a lot of it is based around Mocha and black colors. The first article of clothing that matches her theme would be her shirt. With the shirt being mocha in color, it has long sleeves as well as a tiny midriff at the very bottom. Below said long sleeves, on Toshiko’s hands, are a pair of gloves that do not have an index finger; this exposes her index fingers on both hands. The collar of the shirt is a little fluffy and has a black scarf bound around it. Under that scarf is about 4 or 5 necklaces, all either colored black, gold, or brown. Around the bottom of the shirt, and Toshiko’s stomach, is a black waist cincher. The cincher has an area in the middle where it shows her shirt, and midriff. The cincher is bound by a strap that spans across the top of the cincher. However, not only does the cincher keep her shirt from floating up while in battle, it also accents her boobs slightly. Her breasts are at the lower spectrum of the C cups, but, the cincher can make them look like they are a little bit bigger than that.

Below that shirt, and cincher, is a pair of cargo pants, a belt, and what appears to be an asymmetrical skirt. Of course, the skirt only has the fabric extend down the right side of her legs, and not the left or middle. The skirt-like attire is bound to the second belt she wears. This second belt is brown, in color, and has rounds spanning nearly all the way around the belt. The buckle of the belt is golden in color and appears to be shaped like a crosshair. Under that belt is a belt that is indeed holding up her pants, and not the half-skirt. That belt also holds spare rounds in it as well, being brown in color as well. The pants that the belt is holding up are cargo pants, in all basics. The pants are black and have a total of six pockets, back pockets included. The pants have gold trimmings around the pockets and gilded buttons on the pockets. The pants extend to be just below her knees, where they are then cuffed slightly. However, they do not reveal any of her skin in that area. Just below the cargo pants are her high heeled boots. The boots are black with inch-high heels. The heels have about 7 gilded buttons going up each side, with the same gilded color acting as trimmings for some parts of the heeled boot.

The last, and likely most important, part of her attire is the handbag she carries around. Not only is the bag immensely heavy, stylish, and too small to carry anything; it is devastating when revealing its actual form. However, the bag itself is black in color with copper studs running along the bottom corners of the bag. The latch on the bag is brass and seemingly holds it closed. On the bag is a handle and a shoulder strap. On the handle there is a device that allows Toshiko to release the actual form of her spirit weapon. The bag also has a shoulder strap, that Toshiko can put onto the bag for support and for when she does not want to carry it with her hands. The strap is black, like the handbag, and has rounds all long the top of the strap. Other minor notes about Toshiko is that she has quite distinct gait to her movements when walking. Of course, this mainly happens outside of battle. However, it can happen in battle to due to her weapon’s nature.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Toshiko Kamenashi, Righteous Guardian [APPROVED; 1-1+, Quincy] PQT4znq

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: Toshiko is many things, humble, cocky, quite self-assured, confident, caring, and perverted. At least everything about her makes Toshiko, but, it also makes her quite an interesting character in the end as well.

» Confidence/Self-assurance: Toshiko is a very confident, self-assured, person. This can be shown due to how she walks no matter where she is going, be it just a couple of steps or across an entire battlefield. This also means that she can be rather stalwart when enemies show up. In other words, if she spots an enemy there will be no panicking. Instead, her face will remain calm; unfazed. She may even crack a slight grin at her enemy to show her own confidence. This confidence can lead to problems in battle, like attacking when she shouldn’t. However, it also means that she is rather confident in her allies as well; knowing well what they can do. She believes in her allies at all times, which is borne from her confidence. Not only that, but, her confidence can lead to her doing some rather perverted things. However, she is definitely what one would call cocky and self-assured. While her own pride could hinder her, it could also help her. This aspect of her personality is a double edged sword, but, it’s not forever.

» Need to Learn(When losing confidence): Whenever Toshiko starts to feel she is in a situation that she can’t do anything, say the enemy is evading detection or is completely handing it to her, she will lose confidence. When this happens, multiple things will happen to her. The first of these things is that her hands will start shaking, showing her obvious panic at not knowing what her enemy is doing. The second is that she will like lose track of an opponent more and more if she does not strive to concentrate, to hold onto her confidence. The third, and final, thing that could happen is that she could possibly temporarily withdraw just so she does not lose a single shred of her confidence. Of course, this does not mean she cannot regain confidence in battle.

While in battle, Toshiko normally won’t lose confidence unless the requirements above have been satisfied. However, this does not mean she will lose confidence completely. If the enemy gives her an opening, even the tiniest of signs that will make them vulnerable, she will take that opening and regain her confidence. However, this will only happen if she can successfully block her foe and then take the opening. Otherwise, she will remain in a state of panic. Again, that confidence can be lost once more if the same things happen. It’s a vicious cycle, but, it makes sense for one who is over-confident.

» Perverted: Toshiko, despite her upbringing, is surprisingly perverted. Being interested in all kinds of people and genders, expect Shinigami, she has very little restraints to how she will act towards those who interest her. These actions can range from simple touches, groping, and even sex if given the chance. However, it’s not something she depends on. The sex end of the spectrum is very unlikely to happen as she doesn’t normally care for such things. However, groping and touching people in general is something she would do on a regular basis, depending on who was near her. This means that she may get hit on a lot, and do much hitting on, but, she will have very little to no sex. However, the sex part has never been fulfilled as Toshiko has never lost her virginity.

» Love: Toshiko has only experienced such a feeling once in her life, that was not for her parents, and it was with her childhood friend Sofia Montero. However, she was constantly unsure of what these feelings were until she returned home. She also had no idea if Sofia held these feelings for her. It was something very hard for her to know since Sofia seemed to hide a lot of how she was; even to Toshiko. This caused Toshiko to never be sure about their relationship, but, she would still tease her and do other things, as long as they weren’t in public. Of course, it does depend.

» Humble: Whenever Toshiko is in social situations, she will be rather humble to those she talks to. Of course, the level of humbleness depends on who, when, where, and why. But, there will be exceptions of it’s something really important. This also means that she will drop her extremely confident attitude for long enough to actually talk to the person. However, the confident attitude will normally rule over all other attitudes.

» Faked Joy: There are times where Toshiko gets angry… VERY angry. When this happens, instead of yelling, scowling, or attacking in zeal; she smiles. Most would think that the smile is kind, due to its radiance. However, those who know Toshiko would run for the hills the second she had an extremely sweet smile on her face. Another indication of this would be if she had taken off her sunglasses to reveal her brown eyes. In general, if Toshiko smiles extremely sweetly, and removes her sunglasses, get prepared to run for the hills for she’s pissed and about to stuff rounds into your body.

» Fashionista: Even though Toshiko is likely one of the more combat, due to her large amount of battle experience, she is an expert on latest fashion trends and how to dress. Of course, this means that her outfit is incredibly important to her and she will normally do all she can to preserve it. However, this means that if her clothes, or even clothing stores, get destroyed; she will be enraged and proceed to kick the enemy into the dirt to the best of her ability. However, such a thing can stop if she gets distracted by something else. Doing so would take a large amount of distractibility and would basically have to be able to draw anyone’s attention away. However, such a thing would be dependent on her focus levels in the end.

» Vast Battle Experience: Throughout Toshiko’s 24 years of life, she has been through many a battle. This has caused Toshiko to know nearly all the movements in a battle, what to do, and how to perform. While a being so young shouldn’t be in so much battle and conflict, she was not only drawn to it, but, she also participated in so much of it because she wanted to be able to protect her friends, especially Sofia. However, this does not mean she is a tactical genius. In fact, if you throw her in a position where she is not allowed to do anything besides give tactical instructions, she will get bored and likely abandon her position. While she can lead effectively while in the heat of battle, tactical planning will never be her forte.

» Protecting Loved ones is my Priority: No matter the situation, the risk, or her own state of being; she will defend her loved ones no matter what. This means that she will put her life at risk to protect those she loves. Such a thing can be deadly to her as she may not be the most durable person in the world. She can definitely take hits, but, she won’t be able to take as much as someone who is meant to take damage. This means that if she was to be hit with an attack that would cause major damage, the damage would likely only be halved. Of course, this is only part of her person. She will do what she can to defend those she loves, meaning she will even fight to near death for them.

» General Emotions: Toshiko’s emotions can fluctuate quite easily, to the surprise of those that know her. This can cause her to quickly go from her normal state of confidence and perverse attitude, to any sort of emotion. While the fluctuation can happen on the dime, she can control when this happens due to the situation she could be in. Otherwise, whenever her emotions suddenly shift, her attitude towards someone, or something, could change drastically. Say if she suddenly went from her normal confident and perverse nature to say, anger, she may not respond to those she cares for in contempt, but, she would yell at those who try and challenge her, and mean little to nothing to her.

» Failure: If Toshiko may ever fail, she may see it fit for her to receive some sort of punishment; even if not deserved. The same goes with those she cares for, asking to be punished for failing them in such ways. However, when it comes to Sofia, if she ever fails her Toshiko could likely beg for Sofia to forgive her and then to punish her for failing her. While it won’t go to extreme levels like execution or death, she will do much to try and get herself from failing ever again; be it punishment or an overwhelming amount of training.

» Dominant/Submissive: The most well hidden aspect of Toshiko’s personality is her more sexually related side. Even though this can apply to just general reactions to people and things, and in no means sexual, it can more often than not be sexual. However, this side will never show itself unless Toshiko finds someone to truly love and have a relationship that lasts much longer than normal. When this is satisfied, she could either be submissive or dominant. Whenever Toshiko would be submissive, she will normally bow to the other’s desires and let herself get messed around with and so on and so forth. Whenever she takes the dominant role, she will normally put her desires onto the one she is being dominant. While these different sides can flip on the dime, the sides can mix. The sides only mix when Toshiko is in a situation where she is with someone she can be both dominant and submissive towards. When this happens, she will basically be dominant while also allowing her lover to take over and be dominant if wished; that kinda thing.

» Intelligent: For the longest time, Toshiko has been very intelligent; bordering on genius. She is good with technology, and has done a few other things on her own to improve her general performance in battle. She has done so with a pair of sunglasses she always wears, and are basically priceless to her. Of course, that was only to assist any weaknesses she may have in battle. Otherwise, she has used her intelligence to break into computer databases, and many other things linked to technology. While she is not an expert, she is great at what she does. This also means Toshiko is well learned to do most things and has the mind to understand it.

» Control: In all situations, Toshiko has rather good control; sometimes. She uses this control to keep her focus in battle. She helps this with her own levels of self-confidence that she has nearly all the time. Of course, this control can be lost occasionally. The time and place always depends on who Toshiko is with. However, she will almost always stay in control so she does not lose control and possibly go into a rage if she was in battle.

» Lack of Self-Control: While Toshiko normally has good enough control over her actions, especially with who she chooses to grope and touch, there are times where she can lose control. When this happens it normally only happens when she is in a situation where she could lose her composure. An example of this would be if she was around Sofia in private, and she has nothing restraining her actions. Of course, this does apply to other situations; like combat. If she doesn’t put specific limits on herself, she could lose partial control over exactly what she’s doing. Control can be regained if she tries hard and if she is in the correct situation. If it is in a situation with someone she is interested in, she may lose control if she doesn’t try her hardest not to.

» Favorite Past Time(s): Toshiko likes to do a lot of things to past the time, be it battle or spending time with her childhood friend/love-interest Sofia. What else does she like to do? Well, since she is a pervert she likes to be rather perverse in her speech, sometimes, and her actions. While she loves to touch others, she reserves it for Sofia due to her interests. Another favorite past time is cleaning her spirit weapon. Sure, it’s a spirit weapon that doesn’t need much cleaning, but, when you have thousands of reishi bullets flying through the barrels, gotta clean out that excess.

III. Character History

» History

Birth of a Technological Genius

Toshiko Kamenashi… A name that would be soon quite well known for her, well, her adventures as a child. Well, adventures are not the proper term. Why might that be? Well, Toshiko has been a technological genius ever since her brain developed enough to understand and formulate. Toshiko was born in November, on the sixth day of the month. She was born in 2,392 in Akihabara, Japan. The Kamenashi themselves only had Toshiko, and both did not, and could not, have anymore pureblood children. Why may that be? Well, soon after Toshiko was birthed, her mother’s eggs soon lost their ability to develop. This meant that nothing could make the woman pregnant ever again. Some believe that the Kamenashi family, a rather prominent family in Japan, would be ashamed at this; but they were not.

The Kamenashi were very forward thinkers and definitely thought that having a female as the air of the family was completely acceptable; she did hold their genetic code in the end. Of course, the Kamenashi family was one of the Quincy who had no reason to limit themselves to a human age limit; many well exceeding 100 years of age as the family was quite powerful over all. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule when it comes to the weaker members of the family. Luckily, the weaker members do not get disowned or hated upon; they just get some slightly different benefits and must learn more in a shorter time. However, there are some who can live a long time who learn all that they can when they can. Toshiko was one of those exceptions. Her innate powers were strong enough for her to live for a long time, but, she learned all she could as a child; as soon as she could.

Toshiko herself was very intelligent from a young age, being able to solve many puzzles and issues with surprising ease; especially for a newborn. However, she was not a genius with such things at all times. There were times where some puzzles could stump her, but, they would have to be one of those puzzles that are ridiculously complicated. However, as she grew it was made clear that Toshiko was an expert in other respects. She was the most proficient with technology that the Kamenashi family has seen in years. This was both an omen to greatness as well as something that was rather scary to think of; especially with what she could do.

Overstepping Boundaries

From an early age, Toshiko had been amazingly adept when it came to using anything that related to technology. Of course, this had caused her a lot of good fortune as well as many bad things to accompany such things. At the age of three, Toshiko was already creating programs on a computer and making viruses that could break down simple computers; which she never used. However, that was not when things got a little sketchy for the young girl.

When Toshiko turned four years old, her parents gave her a laptop that was completely capable of doing all she needed; whether it be games or her normal computer antics. However, what they did not expect is that the girl would go a little overboard in two years and hack into the Japanese government. Of course, for now, she had no ideas of such things and just used the computer to make her own programs that she would give to her parents so they could sell them and give her a share of the money. She received shares of the money due to wanting to give her savings for the future and so she wouldn’t waste her money. In fact, she saved money on her own as well; spending it sparingly if at all. The vast amount of programs she made slowly made her family even more and more well known. Of course, people never knew that Toshiko was behind the making of the programs as her parents had sold all of it.

Basically, during the time she was four years old, she was making programs just for fun; even making games from time to time. Of course, this meant that a lot of the works she produced was requested and paid immensely for. Her parents had always hoped that people would not blame the family for enslaving Toshiko if they knew that Toshiko was making programs for the family. Making all the programs, games, and other computer related functions. However, one day her parents approached her with a sum of about a million dollars and gave it to her, telling her she could stop making the programs to be sold for the family so she could have even more freewill when it came to writing the programs. However, this freewill would soon cause Toshiko to nearly get herself into immense amounts of legal trouble.

At the age of 6, nearly a week after her birthday, Toshiko had learned how to hack like an expert. This meant that she was able to hack into nearly all of the biggest databases with some ease. Of course, she decided to challenge herself on new year’s; a time where the system may be a little susceptible to hacking. How wrong she was about that. While Toshiko was intelligent, she definitely made errors; it happens to even the most intelligent. On New Year’s Eve, Toshiko set up 5 separate VPNs, all in different countries. Each VPN had loops, trapdoors, and many other factors attached to them to prevent others from finding her in her intrusions. The second the clock strikes midnight; she began her work on hacking into the Japanese government. Her parents were not in her area of the house at the time, they were off celebrating and Toshiko was left at home with just a maid who was not very good at her job.

Toshiko sat at her desk for a good hour, typing away to counter measures that had been put up to block people from breaking into the databases of the Japanese government. Unfortunately for the Japanese government, they had not done any penetration tests on their firewalls and cyber defenses recently; which was perfect for Toshiko. By the time it was one in the morning she had already broken into the Japanese secret databases. She grinned widely at her handiwork, at the time. However, such a victory was short lived as, not even 30 minutes after she got into the databases and then quickly dropped all connections, those of the Yuudeshi family had taken her into custody and contacted her parents.

Being a six-year-old, even if she was a genius, Toshiko in no way could be tried as an adult. So, she was released from the governments custody with a sharp warning to her and her parents; warning them never to let this happen again or they would be forced to take action. As soon as the family got home, Toshiko was scolded for hours on end. When the scolding was done, she was sent to her room all technology confiscated. The only thing she had was an outdated gaming device that had disabled internet as well. She was also provided with a very outdated method of music playing, but, she didn’t use it. Meanwhile, her parents had contacted the Montero Quincy branch in Spain. They had asked if they could take in Toshiko for a while, until she learned her lesson and to not hack into governments.

Soon enough, Toshiko was informed about how she was going to be living with a completely different Quincy family for a while, and she may not even see her parents for a long while; in person at least. However, they sent her off with a modern phone, unlimited data, calls, and texting, as well as the laptop they got her when she was four years of age. Not a month had passed and Toshiko was sent off, by private jet, to the Montero family; to Spain.

Once a Hacker, Always a Hacker; Wait, Will she have a Friend?

Upon arriving in Spain, she was greatly confused by the language that was spoken there. Not English, she could understand that language, as well as Japanese, perfectly fine. However, what made things troublesome was the Spanish that seemed to be the primary language in spoke in Spain. Much to her confusion, some people did a mix of English and Spanish to the point where she had to learn bits and snippets just to get through a conversation. However, Toshiko soon met someone who would catch her eyes until the day she died.

Sofia Montero… the only child of the Montero family. Toshiko could relate to Sofia at least a little, since she too was an only child. However, for the first year she lived with the Montero family, Toshiko could never, never, strike up a conversation with Sofia. The second she saw her she would attempt to say hello or speak and she would only fall silent and look down towards her feet, her hands shaking; lost in panic. This was definitely Toshiko’s first encounter with any sort of sensation of feelings towards someone else besides her parents. She also soon found out that she was two years older than Sofia Montero, which actually surprised her, since Sofia seemed to be as intelligent as her; if not more intelligent.

Even though Toshiko never came across cold or unrelenting towards Sofia, she just came across as any child would when in a new home; shy and a little scared. Of course, this meant she fell back into old habits and nearly got in trouble with hacking; again. However, she avoided all blame in the end since the VPNs she had placed completely redirected anyone who tried to find her. She was lucky with that. She did learn her lesson in that same year she was there, but, she did not change from her constant use of technology to create and protect.

Not only did Toshiko learn that she couldn’t hack whatever she wished to, she also learned how to eventually talk to people; how to talk to Sofia. Finally, nearly a year after she arrived at the Montero family house, she approached Toshiko with a very red face as she bowed to her, as was to be done in Japan for greetings, and started with a simple hello and a formal introduction. That was the start of her first actual relationship, and things would seem to turn out well for Toshiko for now. New home, first friend, and old bad habits that were dropped; all were a start to something great.

Learning the Quincy Ways

Toshiko’s parents had always wanted to teach her the ways of the Quincy when she was at a later age, since their family had always differentiated in how they functioned in combat. Of course, such things would not be clear to her for a long time. The Montero family started Toshiko off on the basics, trying to get her to learn how to control reishi as well as many other basic Quincy abilities such as Hirenkyaku, Blut, and how to properly form her Cross. Her training started off with Reishi, which… well she definitely was not good at. She had the necessary intelligence as well as the necessary know how; she just could not get it down and do what she wanted it to do. After great amounts of practice, she did obtain an average level; enough to fuel herself and powers effectively. Afterwards, she was trained to use her Blut. This was exactly what Toshiko specialized in for reasons that many did not understand. Not only were her defenses strong, but, the offensive capabilities of her Blut, complete evidence of her pure-blooded heritage, was very formidable as well, nearly meeting the strength of a teenager. This was from the age of 7, and it seemed like her strength and Blut expertise had no signs of slowing down.

As she continued her training, Toshiko was taught Hirenkyaku and the proper things to do with her Quincy cross. The one she obtained was once her grandmother’s, it was one of the few items she had since birth. The cross was actually a rose instead of a cross, but, Toshiko loved the cross anyways. Of course, it was one of the few things in this world that was not related to technology that she adored and hung on to; currently. However, Toshiko did notice how Sofia was sometimes treated. However, she never let it get to her since she knew the girl could care for herself, of course; she still worried about it anyways. For the remaining 8 years of her childhood, Toshiko trained and trained; learning the proper ways of the Quincy.

8 years later, Toshiko was 15 years of age and Sofia was 13, both still enveloped in large amounts of training. Of course, due to Toshiko’s specializations; she was separated from Toshiko in the training areas. Why? At this point her immense levels of strength truly started to show itself. At this point in her life, the strength was always fluctuating in how well she could control it. Part of the separation was out of her own request for not wanting to hurt the girl she cared for so much. Even though Toshiko’s care may seem like it made no sense, she just had such strange feelings that she hadn’t truly understood until she was 15. Even then, she was still confident she would always have Sofia in her gaze; she had no idea why though.

At 15 years of age, due to how her first six years of her life lacked training, she was finally trained to properly summon her spiritual weapon. Summoning the weapon was surprisingly easy for her, even just leaving it constantly summoned was easy. What was strange though was that her spiritual weapon was a bag, that was completely solid and seemed to be useless. Well, almost useless. The bag was heavy enough to the point where only she could carry it, so, if someone annoyed her she would place the bag on the person’s foot, or lap, and then walk away. However, she always felt she was missing something about the bag. Unfortunately for Toshiko, she was about to be put into a test that she was almost doomed to fail.

Just like Sofia was tested by forcing hollows to attack her, and two trainers, Toshiko was consigned to the same test. However, she was alone and had no one to help her. It was almost like she was being consigned to death, but, this trial was one those in Toshiko’s family had to endure at near the same age. If she couldn’t survive, obviously she was not meant to be. However, the young girl was more than confident she would survive; self-confidence being the best thing she had nowadays. However, in this battle it would not help her at all.

The second the hollow bait was broken, hollows smashed through into the world of the living and surrounded Toshiko. At first, she was grinning at the beasts as they stared at her. However, when one roared at her chills shook her spine. Her confidence was lost, and she was nearly lost as well. However, she still had enough composure to bat hollows away with her bag and her strength. This did not keep her from getting wounds, not even a little. Her Blut helped, but, the hollows did wear it down eventually. During what Toshiko thought would be her end, she felt something under her index finger on the bag; a button. She quickly pressed it as her bag shifted from a bag to a Gatling gun in far under a second. The second the bag changed into a Gatling gun, Toshiko’s attitude shifted immediately. A large grin split across the girl’s face as she filled the Magazine with reishi, seemingly out of instinct. Soon enough, after the single click of a trigger, all of the hollows were destroyed and those testing her stood there in such shock at what had just happened.

Eventually, Toshiko returned back to the Montero Estate. She was a bloody mess, walking, and still alive. Most, if not all, of those in the house saw her in the condition, not knowing what had happened; at least in detail. She was soon rushed off to a local hospital to recover. As soon as she was recovered, she was trained to the extent that the Montero’s could train her. Being not her own family, she wouldn’t be able to learn the secrets of the Montero family. She didn’t really want to either as it was their way, not her own; which was fine with everyone. However, she knew that she would soon have to leave Sofia, and that, over everything else, is what would break her heart the most.

Sofia is a Quincy… What about Toshiko?

2 years had passed, with only basic training for Toshiko ever since she learned all that the Montero family could teach her. In those two years, Sofia, the one she had feelings, she could not explain, for, was already about to be made an official Quincy. It warmed Toshiko’s heart to know that she had already achieved so much, and that she was going to master one of the greatest things to master; the Sanrei glove. However, such a thing was not for her. Before Sofia left for Navarra, Toshiko bid her farewell and good luck; telling her that they may not see each other for a while. Throughout the time she still remained in Spain, she always kept a smile on her face, when in truth, she was quite sad at knowing that she would soon leave behind one she cared for much.

Toshiko had no idea whether Sofia’s family had given her a form, or if they even could, but, she handed Toshiko’s mother a phone one day, a rather inexpensive one as Toshiko could only operate off the funds she obtained from occasionally selling a program, and asked her to give Sofia the phone when she returned, and to tell her that it was from Toshiko. After courteous bows and farewells, Toshiko had left Spain, The Montero family, and Sofia, for what she thought may be forever. However, she would meet Sofia again; fate does have a strange way of doing things after all.

Returning Home

As soon as Toshiko returned to her childhood home, she was greeted with great joy and cheer. Unfortunately, the emotions she had been holding back broke forth when she was greeted with such happiness. She had cried for a good part of the day over Sofia, her childhood friend and someone she had feelings for she could not explain; even to the day she returned. Her parents comforted her and eventually told her what those feelings meant, but, Toshiko sighed softly; having a feeling Sofia may not feel the same. However, comfort from her parents was not why she was here. No, she was back in Japan to learn the exact skills of her family and how they do everything.

Unlike most Quincy families, The Kamenashi do not have mastery over the Sanrei glove. They valued master over the self far much more than anything else. This is because knowing oneself is indeed the first step to true power; and such a Mantra held quite true for the family. The Kamenashi powers were mainly derived immense amounts of self-confidence and knowing oneself. Of course, the powers can function without the emotions present. They were just based around such concepts. This meant that Toshiko had to learn in a very interesting way. She had to meditate, for nearly a year she did so; not moving from where she was for a good long time; which drove her nuts. By the time she had reached a point of complete understanding of herself, the first thing to learn her lips were this: “I just learned that I hate to not move for elongated periods of time…”

Afterwards, it was only a manner of time and training for Toshiko to perfect her powers. However, by the time she was nineteen, and planned to visit Sofia, she was informed about the Demon attack on Spain. That night, when Toshiko was called for dinner, only a letter was found; explaining where she was. And where might that be? In Spain of course.

The Demon Attack on Europe

At 19 years of age, Toshiko was definitely an expert when it came to combat, and this aided her quite well when she arrived at the home where the Montero’s resided; it was empty. At this she had cursed under her breath, but, she could barely feel Sofia’s presence and chased after her. While her presence was not completely revealed to Sofia, Toshiko would help her by taking out demon that tried to attack her or chase her down. Even ones that may have gotten in her way were long dead before Sofia would have gotten to them. Sure, she would have a chance to fight, but, Toshiko was protecting the woman she had held such strong feelings of love and devotion towards ever since childhood. Whether it be a story that is too good to be true or not, she acted on those feelings. After she made sure Sofia was out safe she searched for Sofia’s parents and informed them that Sofia was safe. This too was the last time Toshiko would see Sofia’s parents, as she now searched out Toshiko and the Vandenreich. She was determined to find Sofia and be with her again, anything that got in her way would be taken out.

Toshiko had been the strongest Kamenashi in centuries, and she was forging her own path now, she was going to do things her way. She was going to free this world from the demon menace, and she was going to protect Sofia while doing it. She was going to use her strength for good, and for the woman she found herself to love. Toshiko Kamenashi, it was a name that would soon be well known. When Toshiko and Sofia find each other once again, Toshiko will find all the power in her being to confess to her, but, it would only be a matter of time. Toshiko had not changed, only her appearance really had; being much more fashionable than in the past. But, that won't stop her from finding Sofia and being reunited with her once again.

Toshiko’s Life Currently

After that demonic invasion of Europe, Toshiko had simply wandered until she was brought into the Vandenreich much like her childhood friend Sofia. Something as that lead to much for the Quincy. A job, a new home to call her own, and the love of her life. Yes, she met Ritsuko while in the Vandenreich. She didn’t let her love get in the way of her duties, but, the Quincy purposefully reserves most of her time off work for her; Ritsuko. Of course, that lead to the Quincy being absent from activities outside of whatever she needed to work on; but she was still the Captain of Daten and held her responsibilities as one of her highest priorities. Eventually, the Quincy girl proposed to her love, Ritsuko, aiming to spend the rest of her life with the woman; and definitely intending to love Ritsuko all her life.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment:

» Shin no Kokei(True Sight): Toshiko's Sunglasses.

» Ginto, Seele Schneider, general Quincy equipment that is easy to obtain from the City of Light

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

» Durability: Despite the fact that a lot of Quincy aren’t normally rather hard to get a beat down on if you hit them hard enough; Toshiko is an exception to this. During Toshiko’s training with the Montero’s, and her own family later in life, she gained vast amounts of durability so she can take a hit and not suffer too much damage from it. This was done due to how she normally has to remain stationary when firing her Gatling gun so she doesn’t fly away from the force it generates.

» General Speed: Toshiko is a surprisingly fast person. Not only does she have excellent control over Hirenkyaku, but, Toshiko also has excellent footwork and is a very fast person over all. Toshiko actually has to be so she can actually use her weapon appropriately. You try swinging around a Gatling gun that fires enough rounds to push Toshiko back; such a thing needs speed and strength to control. Luckily, speed and Strength is something Toshiko acquired in her training, not even for this reason, but, it worked in the end.

» Strength: Toshiko’s strength has always been super human since she could actually use her strength at will and her body was trained to be able to use it. This means that Toshiko has always possessed immense levels of strength. It makes sense for her to have such levels as strength as well, since her weapon is much too heavy for most to carry with ease. This means that her strength has always been greater than average, and will be continue to be so as she needs strength to just use her Gatling fun in battle.

» Weapon Skill: Toshiko has always been quite adept with weapons, allowing her to fist fight some if the situation calls for it. However, while she is not an expert with her fists, she is a master with her spiritual weapon. This means that she can use her spiritual weapon, her Gatling gun, in many ways one would think to be impossible. This also allows Toshiko to be able to use her Gatling gun more diversely in battle so she is not vulnerable in battle.

» Reishi Manipulation: Toshiko’s Rieshi Manipulation is average at best. She understands the concepts and can to stuff like load her Gatling gun with reishi, she just can’t do anything really advanced. However, she can influence the reishi bullets that fire from her Gatling gun at least a little bit. However, her Reishi Manipulation is mainly focused around loading her Gatling gun, providing it with ammo, forcing it to exceed its limits temporarily, and to help her track enemies; but only slightly.

» Hirenkyaku: Hirenkyaku, the quincy equivalent to the Shinigami Shunpo. Toshiko valued this skill, and her blut, the most out of her other abilities. She also gained expertise in Hirenkyaku so she could battle effectively with her fighting style, which was to shoot at an enemy with her Gatling gun. Of course, she will include kicks, punches, and other moves into battle as well; they’re just not as prominent as the giant firearm that is her spiritual weapon.

» Blut: Toshiko’s Blut is among the most important skill she uses from her Quincy blood. While Toshiko will normally focus on the defensive capabilities of her Blut, or Blut Vene in this case, as she is normally stationary and getting hit by attacks that she may be unable to avoid would not feel great. However, whenever she goes on the offensive with hand to hand combat, she will use the other side of her Blut, her Blut Arterie. She has amazing mastery with this ability and can switch between the two skills, Blut Vene and Blut Aterie, quite easily without hindering herself in the process. Of course, she won’t use Blut Aterie in access due to how much energy it drains.

» Vollstandig: Toshiko does not use her Vollstandig often. She uses it as a last resort in battle. However, her Vollstandig is not perfect. While she spent many a year training all of her powers with the Montero’s, she learned much, and perfected much. She also gained quite a lot of experience with just simply using these abilities. This means she is just above average in the use of her Vollstandig, but, it is still powerful regardless.

» Battle Skills: Toshiko has always had quite a level of expertise in battle. All Quincy can fight, as they are supposed to be able to fight and not die. However, the Kamenashi family has nearly always excelled in combat. Whether it be because of the family’s nature or because the family had been on the forefront of danger. This causes Toshiko to be amazing in battle situations, being extremely valuable to any force whenever she enters the battlefield. She also has a commanding presence on the battlefield that commands both attention and fear.

» Combat Style: Toshiko’s combat style is very strange to accommodate the fact that she uses a Gatling gun as her weapon. Her combat style mainly consists of keeping her distance with enemies as much as possible. However, if enemies do close in; she is not helpless. When in close quarters Toshiko will start to use her fists and legs to fight, kicking, punching, elbowing, and even using throws to get the enemy away before she resumes shooting at them. However, she can also fire her Gatling gun from this pointblank range. Such a thing really would be rather devastating to anyone who got too close. Either way, in combat, she can flip her style on a dime so she can continue to fight.

» Martial Arts: While Toshiko was with the Montero family, she learned various types of hand to hand combat. She learned boxing, basic throws, even some kicks. When she went back to Japan she learned other martial art styles. The main one she focused on was Koryu Bujutsu since she knew she would be in many battle situations. She learned a mix of Kenjutsu and Jujutsu. While she does not use the Kenjutsu much, she uses Jujutsu instead. Jujutsu is “soft skills” this allowed her to have a mix of indirect force and direct force in a fight so she could turn around and punch someone very hard in the face if she needed to. While she is no expert in using the indirect force, it has helped her in battle so she can bend the battle more to her will than normal.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills:

» Blut Vene: While Toshiko’s Blut Arterie is not abnormal, her Blut Vene is what one would call abnormal. Being part of her Blut capabilities she can throw the same improvements onto her Blut Arterie, but, these improvements were naturally with her Blut Vene which makes it hard to transfer the improved property around without energy waste.

Toshiko’s Blut Vene is indeed stronger than most, able to take quite a beating before she even gets actual scratches or wounds. However, that’s not what makes it special. Toshiko’s Blut Vene is further reinforced compared to most Blut Vene. Not only that but it has a type of spike property that, when hit, can damage the enemy if they hit her directly. Say, someone hits Toshiko with their fist, leg, foot, or any part of their body; the Blut Vene will create a reaction with the skin of the other person and basically open new wounds on the part of their body that was touched. Toshiko can control this to the point where she can make sure it won’t hurt those she is touching, or are touching her, in social situations. This is only an ability that will show itself in battle.

When Toshiko’s Blut Vene triggers the reaction, it creates wounds on the person’s body. The severity would be decided by tier and skill. When it comes to tier, those above her in tier would take much less damage while those below would take the damage the skill does or even more damage depending on how large the tier difference is; and vice versa. When it comes to creating the wounds, those with higher durability will not take as much damage. It takes Grand Master Durability to take little to no damage, again, tier differences are important here. At Beginner Durability, the damage would be severe and could be life threatening if not dealt with. Adept would receive many wounds, Advanced would have a medium amount of damage and wound size, and Master would have very little damage. Once more, tier differences play in important part here as those with a higher tier than her own will suffer much less damage.

» Mechromancer: Toshiko has done a lot of messing around with technology since she was a child, and she has loved technology ever since she was a child. She learned how to hack, how to make programs, and how to construct some basic robotics. While robotics was never her specialty she had always messed around with the technological aspects; and the programming. Eventually, sometime after she found Sofia, Toshiko decided to fully develop these abilities and create robots she could summon with a device. The device itself was just an extension of her powers so she could summon the robot she made almost whenever.

The summoning itself is not instant, it takes an entire post with mention of the summoning being made before she summons the robot she made. Afterwards, the robot will last a total of four posts until it disappears. The robot’s strength and durability will be just a rank under Toshiko’s own strength. This means that if she had Master strength, the bot would have Advanced. If she had Master durability, the robot would have Advanced Durability. However, having such durability does not mean it will be able to take a lot of punishment. However, the bot can be dispelled by destroying it early. While it may have a high durability after being hit with enough heavy attacks the bot would shatter and be destroyed. Due to the nature of the bot it also cannot be summoned again in the same thread after already being summoned once. While summoning the bot is not taxing, it just takes much too long for it to be repaired to summon it again within the same thread. However, the robot has mainly melee attacks. It is basically Toshiko’s forward attacker while she shoots up everything else.

» I Don’t Miss: Toshiko has always been an excellent markswoman, even with a normal bow or firearm. This meant that she could use her Gatling gun to its fullest capability in battle. It also means that Toshiko will almost never miss. This is done due to increased physical strength and general speed. However, it also means that while Toshiko will normally not miss when she fires her Gatling gun, it can happen if someone is moving fast enough or can control reishi well enough to redirect her reishi bullets. However, if someone does manage to avoid the reishi bullets, they will normally impact about where the person’s body part was. For example, if they were in front of a wall and Toshiko tried to fill their head full of Reishi bullets there would be many holes in the wall where the person’s head was if they were to dodge the bullets.

Bullet Overload: Toshiko has many rounds around her body, on her belts mainly. These rounds are not just decoration that sit on her belts just because she wants them to be there. No, they’re part of something else. They’re part of her powers. The rounds all hold reishi inside of them, being accumulated over days and days of not being used. This means that she can use the reishi inside of the rounds to create bullets that rain down from the sky at half the speeds, 850 MPH instead of 1700 MPH, reishi bullets shoot from her Gatling gun. However, there is a catch to this ability.

With the ability, there is indeed quite the catch. While it can only be used once per thread, it is rather draining on Toshiko; even if she does have a large amount of reishi collected in the rounds on her belts. Also, due to the multiplicity of the rounds it can be hard to avoid when one’s speed is quite low. Roughly 100 bullets rain down from the sky in 10 seconds; making them hard to avoid. Of course, a person’s general speed will be a great factor when it comes to avoiding this ability; to avoid the bullets. A Beginner in General Speed will not be able to dodge the ability easily if at all, an adept will likely be able to dodge some bullets while getting clipped and only having some solid hits on them, Advanced will be able to dodge most the bullets with only being clipped, having minor injuries, and maybe one or two major shots. A Master in General speed will be able to nearly escape all damage with only minor injuries if any at all. A Grand Master in general speed will be able to dodge all the bullets with east. However, tier differences will influence this as well. Those above Toshiko in tier will have an easier time dodging the bullets while those below Toshiko in tier will have a much harder time dodging the bullets.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Zerstörung. Meaning Destruction, Annihilation, or Ruination. The name that fits quite well for Toshiko’s weapon, which fits quite well for her.

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: Toshiko’s spirit weapon, when not in use, looks like a handbag. In fact, it’s the very same handbag she is always carrying around; it is always with her. When she chooses to she can transform it into its true form. What may that form be? A Gatling gun.

The gun itself is a golden color, with gray and black thrown in there for accents. The barrels of the gun, six in total, are all grey. Around them are discs that hold the barrels in place. One on the very end, two thin disc near the top, one in the middle, and one more near the actual body of the gun. Each ring is gold in color and seems to keep the barrels in place for greater accuracy. Next to the base of the barrels are two sides of the normal bag, making up a sort of shield on the weapon. Above that is a golden bar that seems to be used to additionally assist the weapon in preventing misfires and keeping everything together. With a rotating mechanism for firing, being able to rotate at high speeds depositing reishi bullets from the barrels at the higher speeds of bullets and upwards from that.

The base of the Gatling gun is likely the smallest part, except for the giant magazine that is filled with reishi. That part of the gun is completely golden, and seems to be generally immobile. This part of the gun is shaped much like what one would think it to be, angled specifically to not only fit as a bag, but, to provide a good handle for Toshiko. Even the handle that is normally on the top of the bag remains, being used for a secondary handle so Toshiko can hold the Gatling gun without needing to use a stand or something. Though, her excessive levels of strength is very helpful. The most important handle though, is the one on the back of the gun; which has the trigger. The trigger itself is not ‘light’ per se. However, it will only be pulled if the person pulling it is Toshiko, the same goes with the transformation of the spirit weapon from bag to Gatling gun; only Toshiko can transform it and fire it.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: The weapon possesses many abilities that relate to how Toshiko battles, and how she is as a person. Well, at least it is more based around how she can be in battle and how her weapon functions as a Gatling fun.

» Reishi Bullets: Toshiko’s Gatling gun does not function off actual ammo. It wouldn’t make any sense for the weapon to function off such things anyways. The bullets are formed in each chamber of the Gatling gun, with about 10-100 for each barrel. This means that she has a nearly limitless number of rounds to fire through her Gatling gun. This allows her to be able to constantly fire without anything to stop her. However, if anyone stops the flow of Reishi, her Gatling gun will fire until it runs out of Reishi. Until that happens, the gun will continue to fire at very high speeds.

» Reishi Drum Magazine: The magazine that is deployed upon the moment that the Gatling gun is deployed can hold 24 hours-worth of constant firing from the Gatling gun until the mag runs out. Of course, the magazine can draw Reishi from the surrounding areas to fuel itself when it starts to get low. However, this can also be activated by Toshiko if she believes it to be necessary. However, the magazine can be isolated from absorbing reishi if someone can put a dampening field around Toshiko or just around the magazine. While the magazine cannot be removed, the ports that absorb Reishi can be removed for both cleaning or to hinder the absorbing of reishi.

» Rapid Fire: Toshiko’s Gatling gun fires about 600 rounds a minute, with about 60 rounds on average per second. However, this rate can be doubled thanks to Toshiko and her Reishi control. By using her Reishi control, Toshiko can force more ammo into the magazine, and chamber, of the gun. She does so by using her ability to control Reishi. Of course, since this is only temporary the double she won’t be able to keep a consistent 1200 rounds a minute. This will last longer, or not long at all, depending on Toshiko’s Reishi Control. At beginner Reishi Control, she will only be able to hold this for 1 post after use. Adept would last for 2 posts after use, Advanced would last for 3 posts, Master for 4 and Grand Master for 5 posts. The ability can only be used three times per thread after a 2-post cool down each time. Afterwards, the ability cannot be used anymore for that thread.

Another factor of this ability is that it will consume reishi at a greater rate, so the ammo can last much longer. This means that the Reishi in the Magazine will be consumed at double the rate, lasting only 12 hours in total. It also means that when this is active, Toshiko will be far more susceptible to being blocked off from Reishi. With such an effect in mind, it would be possible to make her Gatling gun lose all sources of ammo until the reishi dampening field, or device, fails or is disabled.

» Limted Access: Toshiko made sure that only she could use her Gatling gun, or even deploy it. The Gatling gun has two areas where it reads her fingerprints and checks her reiatsu signature so the weapon can be accessed and used. This prevents others from using it if they don’t have her fingerprint and the exact same reiatsu signature. However, this can be bypassed if Toshiko adds the person’s fingerprint and reiatsu signature to the weapon so it can be used by others. The main purpose is to keep others from just taking the weapon and using it.


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Coding In Template By:


VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: テックの神 (Tekku no Kami. Lit: Tech God)

» Vollständig Apperance: In Toshiko’s Vollstandig, her appearance changes based on the configuration she is in; each form being augmented by some sort of technological improvement and method that makes her better at what the configuration is attempting to complete. However, each configuration needs time to switch between unlike just having a single Vollstandig. This can create problems, but, the forms are all devastating in their own ways; and she can only have three.

» Vollständig Appearance Pictures:

Protection Configuration:

Artillery Configuration:

Raid Configuration:

» Vollständig Abilities:

» Configuration Manipulation: Due to how Toshiko’s configurations work, she can sometimes edit areas of the suits. While she cannot make giant changes, she can make minor changes; say to repair damage or create new parts or replace old ones. This can never change the purpose of the configurations and is only to make sure that the configurations don’t get destroyed. It is also so she can more effectively change configurations mid-battle.

» Multiple Configurations: Toshiko’s Vollstandig is rather special compared to others. She takes all aspects of technological enhancement and turns it up to an eleven. However, if she focused all of this into one function; it would overload and fail. So, she made it so her Vollstandig had three different configurations; Tank, Attack, and Artillery. Each configuration has its own weapon related to the training she has had in the past. Upon activation of her Vollstandig, she can go into any configuration she wishes. However, it takes her a full post to switch between each different configuration after initial activation.

» Configuration Switch: As an action, Toshiko has to actually make an effort to switch between the different configurations. This means that the fact that she is switching to a different configuration has to be mentioned in post. However, she cannot switch configurations immediately after initial activation of her Vollstandig. She has to wait a post until she can actually switch configurations. After that, she needs to wait another post for the configuration to be fully prepped. The cooldown for switching configurations is 2 posts. While there is no thread limit for this, it does take small amounts of energy that can stack up. She can deal with an average of 20 switches while in battle. However, if she reaches that threshold Toshiko will not be able to switch configurations for the rest of that thread.

» Protection Configuration

» Saint’s Standard(Protection Configuration Only): Whenver Toshiko is in her Rank Configuration, she gains a standard; a standard of a saint. While the particular Saint it is from may not be quite obvious, or it may be, the flag is made from a durable material meant to resist most punishment; not breaking unless under intense amounts of pressure and destruction. Meaning that if it was hit hard enough, enough times, it can snap like a twig. The Standard is spear, and flag like, in nature; but the entire thing is made from a form of tech. This is done so Toshiko can one, channel her energy through the flag so she can smash it into things with the same force she would as her spiritual weapon; and two, so that she can use the flag for its intended purpose. Protection. It is meant, in truth, to be a way to power up her Ultimate Defense and protect herself and friendlies as long as she herself, her energy, and the shield endures the destruction.

» Ultimate Defense(Protection Configuration Only): In this form, Toshiko can create a defense that can shield her from nearly anything. What happens upon activation is that Toshiko created a semi-sphere around her, and whoever may be close to her. While the defense is not impenetrable, it can stand up to a lot. For example, it could hold under a nuclear blast and keep out radiation as well. An example of how much force it would take to destroy the orb; it would not be able to resist a direct nuclear warhead. Toshiko’s Shield can resist potent attacks of 5 tiers long enough to where attacking it is futile. A four tier could smash their potent attacks against it for 15 posts before the shield may fall; if Toshiko hasn’t already pulled it down to attack. 3-tier potent attacks would take 10 posts, 2 tier potent attacks would take 5 posts of complete assault, 1 tier would take around three turns of of potent attacks before the shield fell, and 0-tiers could likely smash the orb in 1-2 posts depending on how potent the attack. To note, this is based around Toshiko’s current tier and is subject to change; but it is accurate for her tier now. It takes a single post to prepare the orb for deployment. Afterwards, the orb can deployed without a second’s thought. Once the orb is deployed it will remain so until Toshiko dispels it or someone destroys it. After being dispelled or destroyed, the orb cannot be deployed again for the remainder of the thread. Not to mention, Toshiko’s movements will be temporarily slowed by half for one post if the orb is destroyed.

» Improved Defenses(Protection Configuration Only): When Toshiko is in her Protection Configuration she is covered in different clothing, a hair change, and has pieces of armor here and there on her body; mostly at important places to defend. However, none of these are natural. The clothes are lined with carbon fiber for increased durability as well as nano technology that allows it to be quite flexible and able to stand up to Toshiko’s own amplified powers in this state. Not to mention, this reinforced clothing and armor gives her a boost to her own durability; allowing her to take a greater beating than normal. This means that she can take Elite Strength strikes far better in this Vollstandig configuration instead of in her normal state.

» Artillery Configuration

» Zeus’s Railgun(Artillery Configuration Only): In Toshiko’s Artillery Configuration of her Vollstandig she gains a gun that is quite different from her Gatling gun. While it may fire differently, it also has an entirely different purpose in battle. Instead of being a fully automatic weapon that shoots 60 rounds a second, it fires out supercharged bolts of reishi that fly towards an enemy at the speed that a bullet normally travels at; 1700 feet per second. The weapon also works off of a Reishi reloading system much like Toshiko’s spiritual weapon. In other words, as long as reishi is around she won’t run out of ammo. However, if the weapon is cut off from reishi she will only have about 15 shots before the rifle runs out. If the weapon is ever destroyed it would take two posts to regain the railgun.

» Armageddon (Artillery Configuration Only): On the borderline of more destructive than the attack form, Toshiko can create a bombardment of electricity from the sky by firing the railgun up into the sky. Afterwards, the reishi shots will then rain down from the sky at random intervals, rates, and numbers. She can only fire a max of 15 into the sky at one time as well. Whether or not the railgun ammo hits, they will remain in the ground. She can cause a slight reishi reaction to make them explode; causing minimal damage due to the small scale explosions. However, this ability can only be used more than once a thread. After being used once, it cannot be used again in the same thread.

» E.T.S.(Enemy Triangulating Service)(Artillery Configuration Only): Whenever Toshiko has entered her Artillery Configuration in the past, she has noticed it has been rather difficult to find enemies, or hit them even. So, she decided to use her technological abilities and make her own triangulating service. However, she doesn't have her own satellite to do the triangulating. What may have this solution been? Hack into a satellite of course.

With Toshiko's hacking abilities she is able to hack into a satellite in the area, in orbit of course, and uses the satellite's services to scan a radius of 600 meters around Toshiko. The scan triangulates the locations of enemies in that radius of 600 meters and reveals the location to Toshiko on the visor of the helmet on her head. However, not all friendlies have such visors on their faces. This means that Toshiko has needed to create a method for friendlies to see the general locations of enemies on the battlefield like she can. With the ability she also deploy devices that allows friendlies to see what she can, call them "scouters" if you will. Toshiko needs those she sends the "scouters" to accept the use of the device, otherwise she cannot provide the friendly with the "scouter." The scouter will last as long as the friendly does not suspend the use of the "scouter".

However, this isn't something that is impossible to counter. If someone noticed her actions, and can counter them, they could counter hack the satellite and revoke Toshiko's control; effectively cancelling out Toshiko's surveillance. However, it would take someone equal of her hacking ability, or better, to counter her. However, if it's the person who owns the satellite, knowing it's inner workings and software better, they may be able to keep Toshiko out and nullify the ability for the time being. On a final note, those who have ways to hide themselves optically, they would be able to hide from the E.T.S.

» Raid Configuration

» Operation Raze; All Weapons, Fire!(Raid Configuration only): Toshiko’s Raid Configuration is akin to her outdated Attack Configuration; except the Raid configuration is all out assault and bombardment. When in this state, she can summon a premade arsenal of lasers, miniguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers; just about any weapon under the sun. Of course, she has the ability to use each of these weapons separately in any combination; a rain of grenades followed by a blast of a laser is one example. Toshiko also has simple weapons to use outside of lasers, rockets, miniguns, and so on. She has a couple revolvers, a pair of handheld small machine guns, a single shotgun, and experimental cannons that can rest on her hands. All of these weapons use her energy to fire; using her own speed stat to speed up far past the normal constraint that these weapons have at round travel speed. While she can propel herself with the cannons, and use them to attack, the weapons are experimental; so they may not always work correctly.

However, the main point of Operation Raze is to give Toshiko the ability to call down a pack of armor that is fully outfitted with the weapons she can use from the configuration and fires them in any direction in front of her; and can alter the path of fire as long as it is in front of her and not behind her. The preparation for this attack has no time tied to it, but, afterwards, she cannot use the attack for ten posts as it is meant to be a tank buster; to destroy something she has to destroy. However, she can still call upon her assortment of weapons; she just will have diminished firepower while the armor pack is on cooldown from expelling enough ammo to cost most people their life’s savings.

» Destruction Upgraded; Tempest Burster!(Raid Configuration Only): Toshiko’s Raid Configuration is, by all means, her way of trying to level whole cities, mountains, and even more with its raw fire power. However, even it can be lacking at times; the Tempest Burster is meant to overcome that for a short period of time.

When Toshiko uses the Tempest Burster, her armor, attire, and form changes a small amount; allowing her greater movement as well as far greater firepower. In this state, Toshiko’s speed, firepower, strength, and general offensive capabilities are all amplified by an addoontal two times her normal Vollstandig capability boost; making this ability very, VERY, potent. However, even though the ability has enough strength to be able to level cities and possibly stand up to rather high end zero tiers; it is limited.

After Tempest Burster is activated, Toshiko will have 4 posts to create as much destruction as she possibly can. This makes her potential decrease from an additional two times increase, making her power increase to a temporary 7-9 times instead of the normal 5-7, to her normal power in vollstandig. However, after those four turns have expired she will be forced out of her vollstandig due to the configuration overheating and forcing itself to shut down for safety reasons. This means that Toshiko will be locked out of Tempest Burster, and her Vollstandig, for the rest of the thread; meaning she either had to finish a battle in this time or run from the battle if she did not finish it in four posts.

» Updated Ancient Trigger; Cataclysm Unleashed!(Raid Configuration Only): Toshiko’s Raid Configuration is capable of creating, and summoning, a multitude of weapons; even some that are based off of civilizations with enough destructive power to destroy planets. Of course, she cannot replicate planetary destruction with this weapon; however, she can replicate it enough to cause area wide damage and mass pandemonium amongst her enemies.

In her Raid Configuration, Toshiko can summon a large laser cannon; with at least 7-8 orbiting lasers around the main cannon. The main cannon is on large laser that is focused into pure destructive energy through a large focusing lenses in front of the large laser cannon. This laser cannon simply has pure destructive power, channeling Toshiko’s energy, and her Vollstandig’s energy, into such pure destructive energy that is meant to destroy her enemies. However, it cannot be combined with Tempest Burster; as the energy overload would immediately overheat Toshiko’s Raid Configuration if she tried this.

Regardless, the Updated Ancient Trigger is limited, much like Toshiko’s Tempest Burster, and can only be used once per thread after a preparation period of at least two posts; in which she can fight, but at about half capacity until the requisite energy is given towards the Ancient Trigger and the weapon is fired. Afterwards, Toshiko will be able to stay in her Vollstandig, but she cannot use Tempest Burster after using Updated Ancient Trigger.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Advanced
  • Blut: Adept
  • Hirenkyaku: Adept
  • Reishi Manipulation: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Elite
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced


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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Everything has been sorted out in DM's.
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Toshiko Kamenashi, Righteous Guardian [APPROVED; 1-1+, Quincy]
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