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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Law
» Titles:Surgeon of Death
» Appearance Age: 20 something
» True Age: 200
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank:

» Appearance Picture:
Law (Vizard) [1-4; Hazard Rank C] NClpsrO

I. Personality

» Personality:

Aloof: Law has always been somewhat introverted but after the loss he experienced in his childhood he has grown even more distant. He keeps to himself whenever possible, and when he must interact with others he usually tries to keep the encounter as short as possible. That's not to say he can't interact well with others, he just prefers not to, mostly out of fear that he will again grow attached to someone only to have them exit his life, be that because of their death, their betrayal, or because of some unforeseen event. This causes him to not have real relationships with anyone, except maybe Urahara, but that's tenuous at best and he views Urahara as more of a teacher than a friend, although that may eventually change.

Arrogant: Law truly believes himself to be above everyone else, in virtually every regard. This occasionally gets him in to trouble with others, but most of the time he doesn't express this opinion. He considers himself to be one of the greatest warriors of this era, and believes that it would take a real fool to challenge him. In his mind no enemy is too tough, no challenge is too great, no puzzle is too complicated, and no one else really comes close.

Calculating: Law hardly ever rushes into anything. He will usually take his time and meticulously survey any situation he finds himself in so that he knows exactly what he is getting himself in to. He has a knack for getting the information he needs, whether it be through his own surveillance or by other means and he can usually tell what information is key and what he can throw by the wayside. Occasionally he misinterprets the data, but as he has aged he has also grown much wiser and savvy, and this happens less and less. With Urahara as a teacher Law would be a fool not to glean the most important lesson of all. Always have a plan, and if that should go awry make sure to have a back up plan, and just in case that doesn't pan out either, have a thousand more back up plans.

Dog eat dog Mentality: Law looks at the world in black and white. There are the weak, and then there are the strong. He views himself as strong and in his mind everyone should strive to be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be, if they aren't doing this then he is unlikely to try to help them. Occasionally he will assist someone who is obviously doing their very best in a fight because he sees potential to be truly strong within them, but most of the time it's just because he's seeking a new challenge. He harbors resentment towards the weak because on a subconscious level he believes that if his family hadn't all been so weak then they wouldn't have perished when they did. Obviously because of this he does everything he can possibly think of to improve himself, and to grow more powerful, be it the training of his mind, body, or spirit.

Genius Level Intellect: Law never had any trouble in school, in fact before his life took a turn for the worst he was comfortably at the top of his class. Urahara is the only person he's ever met who was at least as intelligent as he was, though Law isn't sure who is actually the more intelligent of the two. It is very likely though that they were are incredibly even in terms of intelligence as Law played shogi with Urahara many, many times while he stayed at the shop, and every single one of their games ended in a draw. This is extremely unlikely, as only one to two percent of shogi matches that are played at a professional level are drawn.

Independent: Law prefers to work on his own in whatever he does. He despises taking orders and will often times simply disregard them, no matter what the consequences are. It is his belief that a man should chose his own path and walk down it confidently, not needing to rely on direction from any higher authority or from someone of higher station. This is another trait that leads him into constant conflict and makes dealing with him less than pleasant. He is able to work well with others if it is truly a necessity, but if not then he will happily go about his business on his own.

Manipulative: If Law ever needs help to accomplish his goals he is not above coercing people into assisting him. He looks at other people as simply another resource among his arsenal to be exploited, and this mentality helps him to stay separated from them. He has what many would consider to be a silver tongue, and when he lays it on thick he can be exceptionally hard to resist. Some find themselves assisting him and then much later realize that everything he said was exactly what they wanted to hear, but more importantly, that none of it truly meant anything whatsoever.

Sore Loser: Losing has never been something that Law has dealt with well. In fact, it probably irritates him more than anything else that he has ever experienced. Fortunately he hasn't had to deal with it often, but when he does have to deal with it he doesn't deal with it very well. Often times in his past he would become angered and lash out either at his surroundings or at whoever had caused him to experience this terrible feeling, but recently he's mellowed out a bit in this aspect, and will simply insist upon a rematch.

Thrill seeking: Law isn't one to sit idly by for very long. He is always looking for some sort of exciting new challenge or adventure to occupy his time. If he is bored for an extended period of time and nothing interesting presents itself then he will inevitably go out looking for a good time. This could range from randomly starting fights with strangers for no particular reason other than that they looked at him funny, and occasionally not even that, all the way to more... lewd applications. This is one of Law's more dangerous characteristics as it can often get him into sticky situations with no clear way out.

Vengeful: Law is not one to let a grudge go. If someone wrongs him he will inevitably remember it, and eventually he will find a way to get his revenge. It may end up taking him years but in the end he will make sure to pay the debt back more than in full. Even if the affront is small Law simply is not capable of letting it slide, it is just not in his nature. His arrogance plays a large part in how vengeful he is, as because of it he sees even slight wrong doings against himself as grave insults.

In Summary
Plain and simple, Law is an asshole. He does what he does only to further his own goals or because he thinks it will lead to something interesting happening. He starts fights for no reason, breaks random shit, and in general is unpleasant to be around. He doesn't care much for saving people but he ends up doing so pretty often just because he's bored and is looking for a new challenge. He is a womanizer, an adrenaline junkie, and an incredibly sore loser, which leads him to push himself harder than is reasonable. He can hold a grudge for years and his idea of justice isn't so much an eye for an eye as it is a life for an eye. Law believes that no authority should rule over him, and that he should be able to do as he pleases. If others are too weak to look out for them selves then they should become stronger or die trying, and if he is too weak to look out for himself then he is a failure. He was not always so difficult to get along with but certain events in his life have shaped him into what he is now. Law is tortured by his memories, and he prefers to keep people at a distance so as not to feel the same pain he has felt in the past. Although his general disposition is unpleasant this is not to say that he can't be friendly when he needs to be, he can certainly be manipulative, he just doesn't get close to people. This hearkens back to his main personality trait, namely his ability to manipulate others, Law always gets what he wants. If violence is not an option he's perfectly fine with a bit of sweet-talk.

I. History

» History:

Before Law became a Shinigami he was a human who lived in Karakura city. He had the ability to see hollows from the time of his birth, and possessed an innate understanding of spiritual pressure as well as how to improve himself mentally and physically. His abilities were somewhat of an anomaly as none of his family had shown any sort of power at all before he came along. Law's father was a private investigator who was widely renowned throughout the country, his mother stayed at home to raise him and his siblings. Law's immediate family members including his mother, father, and sister were tragically murdered by a criminal organization know simply as "The Hand" while they were on vacation, due to Laws father putting his nose where The Hand deemed it did not belong. Law was twelve years old at the time, and this was the first instance in which he did not accompany his family, he had refused to go, insisting that he was old enough to take care of himself for the week that they would be gone. As a result, he survived. This led to Law being consumed by an all encompassing sense of vengeance for the entirety of his teenage years, as well as part way into his twenties, and also seriously hampered his emotional development. He was able to piece together who the perpetrators were, but also learned that they were simply the thugs of a larger organization, and he would settle for nothing less than wiping out the entirety of the faction. As such he knew that with his current power he stood no chance, so he devoted himself to his training until the age of fifteen. Law was unable to procure any kind of work during this time so he mostly stole food or hunted to survive and slept wherever he happened to pass out. His only possessions were an old family heirloom, an Odachi that he took from the family home before it was foreclosed on, and a few pairs of clothes he carried with him in a backpack, as well as his hat. He left everything else behind, deeming it unnecessary.

It was around this time that Law met Mr.Hat-and-Clogs in a chance encounter. They approached each other from opposite ends of the street, Law walking north, Urahara walking south. At this point in time it was rather obvious that Law was a street urchin, his appearance was disheveled, his hair long and unkempt, and he had a wild look about him that made it clear he had been fending for himself for quite a while now. As they drew closer Law could sense that this man was no one to be trifled with, in fact, this was probably the last person you would want to engage in combat with. Urahara also evidently sensed something within Law as well though, as he invited him back to his shop where they chatted over a meal. Law explained to Urahara his obsession with avenging his family by wiping out The Hand, and how he had dedicated himself to this goal for the past 3 years. Urahara didn't necessarily approve of this attitude, but he recognized that The Hand were a menace to society, and that law had the potential to become a great fighter, considering the progress he had already made in such a short amount of time. Urahara agreed to take Law under his wing but there was a condition, as there so often was when one wished to gain something from another. Law would undergo an expedited training regimen, mainly focused on improving his speed, stamina, strength and endurance, but he would also take on any and all tasks posed to him by Urahara, regardless of his opinion on the matter. Law accepted.

For the next 3 years Urahara pushed Law to his limit daily, and then instructed him to relax in the rejuvenating waters of the hot spring. Urahara was not always present for the training, but he gave law a general outline that he would follow, usually weekly, but sometimes Urahara left for extended periods of time and told law to focus on one thing for the duration of the month. Every few weeks Urahara sent Law out on some kind of mission. These ranged from escorting an exceptionally weak group of individuals that Urahara was somehow acquainted with, to responding to threats that the Shinigami somehow managed to overlook, to fetching groceries. Law was particularly annoyed by this last type of outing, and would often "accidentally" retrieve the wrong items. Soon enough Urahara stopped sending law for groceries.

As the years passed Urahara became more and more impressed with Laws ability to rapidly improve himself. He began to send him on more and more dangerous missions, and Law never failed to impress, always going above and beyond expectations. Law was eighteen now, and Urahara started to take a more hands on approach to training him. They sparred every few days, sometimes with weapons, other times they used only their bodies, and it was obvious that Law was coming into his own now. Law was never quite sure how powerful Mr.Hat-and-Clogs was, as every time they sparred the fight was perfectly even, even when Law had undergone immense effort and had a breakthrough of sorts. This made it obvious that Urahara was always matching Law's ability equally. Occasionally Law imagined that he was getting the better of Urahara, to then realize that the man had been taking it easy on him for the day. This angered Law the first few times it happened, but then he realized that pity wasn't the reason Urahara was taking it easy, it was simply in his nature to be a lazy fuck.

At the age of nineteen Law finally felt ready to take on his enemy. The Hand had grown more powerful over the years, and their influence stretched far and wide but they were still based solely in Karakura city. Over the next few weeks Law carefully and methodically gathered information on the members of The Hand and discovered that they had remained a small organization, even while their influence and power increased. There were thirteen members, mainly humans, but the leader and his two closest underlings were vizards. Law decided he would start with the weakest, and work his way up the ladder. Urahara tried to talk him out of this, but Law would hear none of it. He'd been waiting years for this day, and he felt that he was more than ready to eradicate his enemies. The first three he went after were no challenge whatsoever, and Law cut them down without remorse. The fourth and fifth were husband and wife, virtually never separated and Law took them down at the same time. He was inflicted with a singular tiny scratch, and felt incredibly confident in his ability to finish what he had started. At this point though, word of his deeds had gotten around to the remaining members, and they started behaving more cautiously, moving around in groups.

The next group he went after were five strong. In truth Law probably could have waited for a more opportune time, when they had split up at least a bit, to launch his attack, but he was growing impatient. He wanted to rid himself of the burden he had been shouldering for years, and he felt it was firmly withing his grasp so he made his move. The five were walking through a small alley way openly discussing some of their recent misdeeds. They seemed to have no fear, confident in their abilities as well as their numbers. As they exited Law swung his Odachi decapitating two of them with a single swing. The man directly behind them was splattered with blood and let our a horrified scream before he was silenced with a stab to the throat. This left only two of the men alive, but the element of surprise was completely lost now. One of the men circled behind, and Law simply allowed it as the other squared off in front of him. The man in front of Law started speaking, trying to draw him into a conversation so as to distract him, but Law drowned him out, listening intently to the man who had circled behind him. When the man charged, Law immediately re-positioned his blade, pointing it behind himself and allowing the man to impale himself. With all of his allies dead or dying, the final opponent turned and fled, but Law was much quicker than the man due to his rigorous training with Urahara. In less than a second Law had gotten ahead of the man, blocking his path and delivering a swift and forceful kick to his face. The man fell to the ground unconscious, and Law finished the job and returned to Urahara.

It was a dark night, around a week after Law's previous outing. Storm clouds could be seen overhead and there was the occasional crash of thunder and lightning periodically lit up the sky, but no rain fell. Urahara once more tried to convince Law not to go through with this anymore, but Law had always been stubborn, and now even more so. He was filled with grief, anger, and determination, and he would not rest until every last bit of The Hand was wiped from the face of the earth. Set on seeing his plan through to the end Law calmly left Urahara's shop and made his way to the headquarters of The Hand. Only three remained but they were vizards and posed a larger threat than the others had. Still Law believed he could take them on and finally be done with all of this.

He approached the hideout around midnight, being careful not to alert anyone of his presence. Slowly making his way through the building Law heard some noise coming from one of the rooms up ahead, what sounded like an argument. He cautiously crept closer, inch by inch, until he was at the doorway. They seemed to be arguing about the fact that all of their lower ranking members had been wiped out, who was behind it, and why it was happening now. Law gently pushed the door open and glanced inside to see the three sitting with their backs to him. They were at a table that apparently used to hold all of the members during meetings, he was just lucky that the vizards all sat where they did.

Drawing his weapon Law moved as swiftly as he could towards the leader, who sat in the middle of the other two speaking loudly. Right as he brought his blade down to strike the mans head a hand shot up and grasped his blade. A look of shock crossed Law's face briefly before he recomposed himself and leapt backwards, preparing himself for the hardest battle yet. The two lower ranking men in front of him took no time to assess the situation, simply attacking on sight while their leader stood back and judged the situation for a moment. Law knew that these enemies would be harder to deal with than the weaklings he'd taken care of previously and really wished he had been able to land a solid blow in his opening attack, but he didn't have much time to think about his error as he was under constant bombardment from these vizard. It took a lot of skill to hold of the two vizard and Law wondered why their boss hadn't joined in on the fight yet, he must have just been confident in his underlings abilities.

As the vizard to his left began to don his mask Law completely ignored the other and focused all of his efforts on eliminating the left one for the brief moment that he was slightly less effective. Law was able to overpower the vizard and fatally wound him but at the same time he received a nasty cut to his side from the vizard that he had ignored. The leader still did nothing, in fact he appeared to be laughing. Now that Law was in a one on one fight he was much better able to manage himself though, even with his injury slowing him down he made short work of the second vizard and then set his eyes on the last obstacle between himself and the completion of his goal. At this point the man thanked Law for getting rid of all of the weaklings he'd mistakenly hired, and informed him that he'd been planning on cutting all of these fools loose and starting over with larger aspirations in mind. He even offered Law a place in his new organization, second in command. This ignited a fury in Law, who despised the leader more than any of them as he was the one who'd given the order all of those years ago. With blood lust in his eyes he said nothing, and launched his assault once more.

As they matched blades Law could tell that he was slightly outmatched, something he hadn't experienced before in a true fight, and he doubted his ability for a moment, but then he steeled himself, willing to see this through to the end. The battle lasted upwards of thirty minutes and Law received many injuries during the exchange, nothing too gruesome but he could feel the blood loss effecting him. In the end the vizard made a thrust towards Laws midsection, expecting him to dodge it and be put off guard momentarily but Law made his decision; he would trade his life to complete his goal, he saw little other option at this point. Simply taking the attack and acting in the split second that he had before he would have been too drained, and while the vizard thought he had won Law sent a swift attack to the mans neck, finishing the battle. With his nearly decade long goal complete Law felt a sense of peace passing over him, and he managed to pull himself outside with the very last bit of his strength. He slouched against the outside wall of the building, sword still stuck in his gut and looked up at the sky. Finally the clouds let their rain fall, and Law let the rain drops wash away all of the blood that coated him. Law knew that he wouldn't survive the plethora of injuries that he had sustained, but it was nice to feel this sensation of rain drops on his skin one last time.

Law sat against the wall for only a short while before his injuries took a hold over him, and he was no longer able to keep his eyes open. He sat and thought of all of the choices he'd made in his life, and came to the conclusion that if he had the opportunity to do it all over again, well really he'd just do the same things he'd done already. Law could feel the blood draining from his wound, and felt his energy slowly leaving his body. He remained calm during this time, and thought about how fortunate he was to have met Urahara, and that he really should have thanked old Hat-n-Clogs for all of the things that he'd done for him over the years.

Upon Law's arrival to the Soul Society he immediately started attending the shinigami academy and began honing his skills further. He had to take an entrance exam first of course, but he passed with flying colors, and surprised even himself when it came time to demonstrate his reiatsu, at which time any passing observers and most of the test administrators were temporarily paralyzed by the immense spiritual pressure he gave off. After everything he had been through with Urahara the academy didn't push him very hard though. In fact it was pretty much a breeze, and became boring rather quickly. The only thing that bothered him was that his Asauchi was too short for his tastes when he first got it. The more he meditated with it the longer it got though, until it was the same length as his old Odachi had been. Once that happened he felt much more in tune with his weapon.

During Laws time at the academy he was instructed in hakuda, hoho, zanjutsu, and kido. Hakuda wasn't really his style, but he managed to do well in it when he applied himself, he just didn't know why it was necessary if he never planned on using it. Zanjutsu however was his strong suit, and he excelled in it as he expected, considering his time with Urahara he hardly had to try at all. Kido was also something that came naturally to his surprise. Sure, he'd seen Urahara using it many times but he hadn't been able to train in it is as it was strictly a shinigami thing. It seemed that the main points of kido were strong reiatsu and control over it though, so it turned out to be pretty simple. Hoho was the hardest skill for law to pick up at the academy for some reason, and that hindered him a bit at first, but after about two weeks he started to catch on, and he caught on quickly. In fact after a short while at the academy they began to call him a prodigy. This really bolstered his already over inflated ego and Law pushed himself to really make the most out of the situation.

Applying himself completely to graduating from the academy as soon as possible Law truly excelled. He was able to leave the academy in only one year, tying Ichimaru Gin for the least amount of time taken by a shinigami to graduate from the academy. Law also managed to attain his shikai while still in the academy. He wasn't quite sure which of the divisions of the gotei he wanted to join, so he decided to take some time to think on it after his time at the academy had concluded. During this time he devoted himself to learning about and connecting with his zanpakuto, and made a great deal of progress. Of course he'd communicated with his zanpakuto while he was still in the academy but he found that it was easier now, and they seemed to develop a sort of working relationship. Law had heard that some shinigami didn't have the best time interacting with their zanpakuto spirits but this didn't turn out to be the case for him, in fact, they got along quite well. This made it easy to develop new abilities and in only a few months he already had quite a few that he could use, as well as a confident grasp on what kind of abilities he could expect to have in the future.

For the next month or so Law spent his time sparring with various lower ranking members of the Gotei, but none of them posed any real challenge to him. At this point he set his sights higher, and decided to challenge a few of the vice captains. These sparring matches were considerably more difficult, but he still found himself coming out on top or at least having the battle end in a draw. This led him to shoot for becoming a vice captain of one of the divisions so as not to waste his potential. He'd done a bit of research already, and the eleventh division, the combat division, appealed to him more than any of the others so he decided that would be the route he would go down. He encountered a bit of friction trying to pursue this goal, but that was to be expected and he didn't back down. He'd proven his ability many times over what with his extremely accelerated graduation, as well as his ability to fight on par with all of the vice captains he'd managed to convince to spar with him, so in his eyes the request was justified, and eventually he was able to call himself vice-captain of the eleventh division.

For around fifty years Law served as the vice captain of the eleventh division with hardly any problems, he trained more than almost anyone else he knew of, and was able to access his bankai rather easily, as well as learn a bit about its power, his only problem was the occasional case of insubordination. Not really anything major, if there was a serious threat or something of the like of course Law would rush to check it out, but that was mainly due to his own curiosity and the fact that he was constantly seeking something interesting, but if his assigned task was too mundane a lot of the time Law would find some excuse to not follow through, or simply ignore it outright. This attitude continued for another thirty-one years, and exacerbated his relationship with the Gotei little by little, especially because over the years he became more and more difficult. At this time it would be difficult to say that law was serving the Gotei with few problems, a lot of the time he caused more trouble than he helped to resolve, and his superiors were becoming increasingly frustrated with his attitude. This eventually led to him being placed on a probationary period and ultimately Law was stripped of his rank, exiled from the Soul Society, and instructed to never return. This didn't really sit too poorly with Law, he'd been thinking of going off on his own for quite a while now, and he preferred to work on his own in the first place so he was fine with this decision.

Expelled from the Soul Society Law had little choice but to return to the land of the living. He figured it would be interesting to catch up with Urahara once more after they'd been separated for so many years, and see what he'd been up to. So with that in mind he departed and made his way back to Karakura city. Things had changed a bit since he'd been gone, but they weren't unrecognizably different so he didn't have too hard of a time finding his way around. Most of the storefronts and buildings had changed at least somewhat, but as Law approached Urahara's shop he noticed that it looked exactly the same as it had on the day he left. He entered the shop and looked around, and shortly after Urahara exited the back room and gave Law a sly smile. They caught up in the front room, and Law explained what he had been up to for the last century. Urahara seemed interested in finding out just how strong Law had become during his time serving the Soul Society, and proposed that they had another sparring bout for old times sake. Law was much stronger now than he had been when he and Urahara last sparred, so the fact that Urahara matched him evenly after all of these years he'd spent training was a bit of a shock. It was obvious that Urahara was using more of his ability now though at least, that made Law easier able to accept it. When they finished sparring Urahara complimented Law on his progress, and expressed his interest in studying his power. Law was curious about why Urahara would want such a thing, but the only explanation he got was that his reiatsu felt somehow strange. With everything that Urahara had done for him Law decided that this wasn't too much of a request, and agreed to let Urahara study his power. He also imagined that Urahara would find a way to do what he wanted regardless, so best to consent.

Law could have stayed with Urahara, as the man expressed, but at this point in his life he felt it would be in his best interest to finally have a place of his own, so he went into the town and looked for an interesting place to stay. His expedition was serendipitous, as he approached a moderately sized apartment complex that was being robbed and vandalized. He could see an elderly man hiding behind a pillar somewhat in the distance and decided that it would be a small task to get rid of these heathens, it would interest him for at least a moment, and perhaps he could work out some kind of benefit for himself out of the whole ordeal, so he leapt in to action. It took him about five seconds max to deal with the men, and he made sure that he was in clear view of the elderly man who he imagined owned the place. He made sure not to kill them as that might sour his options, so he tied them all together in the middle of the complex after he'd knocked them out. The old man rushed out and seemed to be ecstatic that someone had helped him at last, but it turned out he'd never called the cops. Law didn't really understand why he'd expected help if he hadn't asked for it, but it must have just slipped the old mans mind.

The man asked Law if there was anything he could do to repay him for his kindness, and Law hinted at the fact that he didn't have anywhere to stay for the time being. The man seemed more than happy to offer Law his pick of the available apartments and even gave him a tour of the premises. Law chose one that was decently sized and moved in immediately, thanking the old man for his hospitality. After relaxing for a while Law made his way back to Urahara's shop and informed him of the happenings of the day, and said that he would stop by every couple days to make use of the training grounds and during that time Urahara could spar with him, or record his activities for study at a later time. Law still wasn't sure what Urahara thought was significant about his reiatsu, but he imagined that he would be informed if Urahara had any hard theories or actually came to a conclusion. Law also requested that Urahara contact him if there were any major disturbances as he didn't enjoy being bored, and now that he was back in Karakura he wasn't sure how much action he would see.

Law spent the next twenty years training and completing whatever tasks Urahara had for him and in general he enjoyed himself. Occasionally there was a dry spell where nothing interesting was going on, and in these times he made his own fun or threw himself even further into his training. Urahara did continue to monitor his reiatsu, but nothing significant ever came of it, and Law assumed it was just something mundane and not particularly interesting. From time to time he assisted the Soul Society when they required extra hands and contacted Urahara, but only when Urahara himself was involved with it did Law agree. Through these interaction he mended his relationship with the Soul Society somewhat, and was no longer exiled, but he did not regain his rank, and he didn't imagine that he would ever have reason to return, nor did he want to. It was more his speed to work on his own, and occasionally with a small team of Urahara's or his own design, where he always had final say on whatever he chose or did not choose to do.

After this time though Law felt that he'd spent enough time in Karakura city and that if Urahara was going to figure anything out about his reiatsu then he would have done so by this point, so he decided it was time to set out and explore the world. When he thought about it, it was actually quite strange that he'd never been out to see more of what the world had to offer. He started out exploring various waste lands and ran into a plethora of enemies but didn't have too much of a problem handling himself, and enjoyed the exploration. After he was bored with the waste lands, some arctic, some incredibly hot, he ventured into more inhabited areas. Law visited north and south america, Australia, Russia, Africa and China. He enjoyed his time in China more than any of the other places he visited though. It was interesting to see the countryside and Law made it his goal to visit and thoroughly explore all of the mountains so he ended up spending a good while longer in China than he had anywhere else.

While Law was in China he stumbled upon an underground ruin that appeared to be immeasurably ancient. The entrance was crumbling away and there were strange writings on the walls of the enclosure. He made his way into the ruin but after only a short time he had to fashion himself a torch just to be able to see his hand a few inches in front of his face. Continuing downwards he stumbled upon a large open chamber after a time. There wasn't much in the chamber, but Law did manage to find a wooden chest nestled in the corner of the chamber with a variety of strange objects packed inside of it. Not entirely sure what they were or if they were of any value Law thought it would be best to gather them up and take them with him, so he did so. He stuffed the items into his pack and carried them with him for the rest of his journey, and although they were a slight encumbrance he imagined that in the end his troubles would be worth it.

Eventually Law returned to Japan and Karakura City after he'd been gone for years, and the city seemed rather small to him after all of the time he'd spent on his own, wandering the world. It was a pleasant feeling though, for reasons that he couldn't explain. He enjoyed being in the place he'd grown up with, although now he had a much larger scope of the world, and could appreciate it just a bit more. One of the first things Law went and did when he got back to the city was to go check on his old apartment, but unfortunately the old man who he'd assisted had passed away a few years prior and there was a new owner. He didn't feel like getting a normal job, although he'd found a few valuable items on his travels he didn't yet know what they would be worth, so he decided it would be interesting and also wise to have them appraised by someone who knew what they were talking about.

After some research he found a large shop in the city which specialized in identifying and appraising old and unique artifacts. The man behind the counter seemed interested in the things that he had, and appeared to be an honest guy but informed Law that he didn't have the funds to purchase all of the things Law had brought in at the moment, but he could purchase one immediately, and would greatly appreciate Law holding on to the rest of them until he could purchase them, and Law agreed when the man presented the money to him for the singular object. He hadn't expected to get so much, and this was only for one item, he suspected at the end of this ordeal he would possess a small fortune so he agreed and took what he could get for the time being.

Leaving with a small fortune already in his pocket Law payed for a slightly larger apartment than he'd stayed in previously and treated himself to a large lunch before he returned to Urahara's shop for further training. When he arrived he found a note stating that Urahara was out on some important business and that he was free to do as much training as he pleased until Urahara returned, and that it may be a few weeks to a month until then. Law let himself in with the key that Urahara kept hidden near by and made his way to the training area once more but instead of training his zanjutsu or body he made an effort to increase his skill with his zanpakuto's abilities.

Law visited the training grounds every day and by the time Urahara returned he felt he had a deeper and more consistent knowledge of his zanpakuto and its abilities. He didn't develop anything new, but he gave it his best effort to find out the exact limits of all of the things that he could already accomplish and discovered that he could do quite a bit more than he had initially thought possible. He realized that he hadn't been using any of his abilities to even nearly their full effect this entire time, and that he still had more work to do if he was to truly call himself the master of his zanpakuto. Even after Urahara returned Law continued to communicate with his zanpakuto, just in case there was anything that he had missed that his zanpakuto could inform him of. After a few weeks of meditation it turned out that he wasn't using his room, of all things, to its full extent. Up to this point he hadn't really thought about the level of control he had over things within it, but that was about to change. Kikoku didn't exactly come out and tell him precisely what he was missing, but he gave a bit of cryptic advice, namely; think small. Law thought this over for a while and then began experimenting with his room. At first he didn't know exactly what Kikoku had meant, but eventually he discovered that if he focused greatly on everything within his room he began to get a sense of what they were made of on an extremely minute scale. More than that though, he was able to change their physical makeup by tinkering with the atoms that they consisted of, for instance he had always been able to move an item, a pebble for example, to another location and switch it with something else but now he could take all of the individual atoms of the pebble and replace it with the atoms of say the dirt. By doing this he could completely deconstruct things and scatter their components to wherever he wished. This wasn't something that was easy to master, far from it, but with consistent practice and a lot of thought on the matter he was able to eventually make some progress in this endeavor.

Around this time Law imagined that the man he'd seen in the shop would be ready for him to come back so he gathered up the various artifact that he had left and made his way to the shop. Upon his arrival he noticed that the shop was virtually empty, all of the items that had lined the walls were gone, even some of the nicer things that had been clearly marked "Not for Sale". He thought that this was a bit curious but decided not to dwell on it. Law made his way up to the counter and found the man busy on his laptop. He cleared his throat to alert the man of his presence, and the man jumped, apparently startled. Law chuckled, and laid down his items on the counter, when to his surprise the man hefted several large briefcases onto the counter, four to be exact. Upon further inspection Law realized that they were all stuffed full of money. The man eagerly pushed the briefcases his way and then took the artifacts into his hands, smiling a bit too widely. Law didn't understand what was going through the mans mind, but he wasn't going to argue. With this amount of money he'd never have to work a day in his life if he didn't feel like it. He could outright buy a house, and live a life of luxury free of worries.

That is exactly what Law did. He purchased a nice home somewhat close to Urahara's shop outright, spent his money frivolously on whatever he pleased, and generally had a grand old time. Eventually though the novelty of this wore off and he regained control over himself before he spent too much of his newly gained fortune. After taking it easy for a while Law was ready to see some action so he headed to Urahara's shop to see if there was anything particularly interesting going on at the moment. When he arrived Urahara looked rather grim, and Law could tell that something was going on. When Law questioned him on the matter Urahara informed him that there were some strange things happening lately. Natural disasters were ravaging the land, entire cities worth of people were disappearing, and strange technological glitches were becoming commonplace. At first these events were limited to within Japan, but now it seemed that it had spread further than that.

On top of that Urahara showed him a picture of a man who'd been killed before all of this started happening. Law recognized the man as the shopkeeper he'd sold all of his rare artifacts too, and began to become concerned. Apparently the man had been making arrangements to leave the country with just one small suitcase. The suitcase was next to his body in the picture, but it sat open and there was nothing left inside of it. At this point Law was seriously concerned, and he felt that he had no choice but to explain to Urahara exactly what had happened, and see if he had any insight into what may have happened. He relayed to Urahara everything that had happened on his trip to the ruins, the strange things he'd found, and how he'd sold them to the man in the picture. Urahara was interested, but unfortunately he knew no more than Law did. They both came to the conclusion that these strange artifacts had been important fairly easily though.

Law and Urahara both used every available resource at their disposal for the next several months trying to uncover whatever they could about these artifacts, but the going was slow. The only thing they had to go on after all of their research was an old Chinese legend, and the news reports of all of the strange events that had been occurring lately. Law focused on the news, and tracking whatever it was that was causing all of this mayhem, and Urahara focused on uncovering everything he could about the legend. Law initially had more success in gathering concrete evidence of what was going on because it wasn't exactly hard to track all of these large scale events. Urahara's job was a bit more difficult, as all he had to work on was an ancient legend, and even when he did uncover something new and interesting he couldn't be sure that it was true. Eventually though they felt that they had done enough research and that these peculiar items, when they were used in conjunction with one another, gave the user the ability to spread mayhem in its purest sense.

Urahara was adamant that Law must take care of this problem as he was the only reason that these artifacts had been unearthed in the first place. Law agreed, although this was more because he felt it would be an incredibly interesting enterprise, and not because he felt any actual guilt over the matter. Through his research Law had determined that at the time whoever they were looking for was currently wreaking havoc in China. Law spent only a few days preparing himself to depart so that he wouldn't find himself too late when he arrived. After all he didn't want this to turn in to an extended chase. He purchased a plane ticket, spent a day training, and gathered his things, then set off to China.

Upon his arrival in China Law noticed nothing particularly out of place immediately. He spent about a week scouring the news for any mention of large scale mayhem, but he had little luck. He did discover a few strange things, but upon further inspection they all turned out to be simply natural occurrences. Law began to become disheartened, and started wondering if he had arrived to late. Right around the time he was about to start looking elsewhere Law started to notice some things that just weren't natural. The first thing he was involved in directly was a massive storm. The storm didn't set on gradually like you would normally expect though. Instead he heard a violent crack, and the sky directly above him turned instantly black, and not a black you would expect from storm clouds. It appeared almost as if he were staring directly into the vastness of space in the middle of the day, except there were no stars. The sun was nowhere to be seen, and people were understandably rather panicked. Law spent upwards of two hours in this darkness attempting to locate the source of the panic, but it wasn't really an obvious disturbance, and he could see little. Eventually the darkness lifted and Law was disappointed that he hadn't managed to locate the source of the disturbance. Nonetheless he was now sure without a doubt that the artifacts were still here. Although he hadn't been able to track down the source, Law felt reassured that he wasn't wasting his time wandering around China when his target was somewhere else entirely. When he did finally discover the source of the disturbance, he was aided by both K-World and the Gotei, and was eventually able to recapture the orb that had started this whole fiasco. In the midst of this event, however, he underwent hollowfication, and was subsequently knocked out by Murasaki to prevent the ensuing rampage. He is now in the process of determining just what abilities he has gained from this unexpected intruder into his body, and will have to make a choice. Either subjugate the hollow completely, or find a way to entirely remove it.

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Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Zanjutsu- Law uses an Odachi and has focused most of his efforts on being an exceptionally difficult opponent to defeat in a straight up sword fight. Even before he became a Shinigami his main offensive weapon was an Odachi, as such he has a wealth of experience in wielding his blade and very rarely finds himself having to use his full skill to end a fight.

Hoho- Law understands how important it is to be able to keep up with his opponent, so he has dedicated an incredible amount of time to being as fast as, for lack of a better word, "humanly" possible.

Hakuda- Law is decent in hakuda, though he has little training in this aspect. He does not use his fists though, preferring to deliver kicks with his long legs so as to stay at a reasonable distance from his enemy.

Kido- Law is able to use many kido techniques and was considered a prodigy during his time at the academy, although it's generally his last resort as he prefers to be up close and personal with his enemy. The fact that his Zanpakuto can end up using a large amount of his reiryoku also has something to do with his reluctance to use kido. His most used kido are Hadō#4: Byakurai, Hadō#31: Shakkaho, Hadō#33: Sokatsui, and Hadō#73: Soren Sokatsui.

I. Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Kikoku (鬼哭) Demon Wail

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Law's Zanpakuto spirit Kikoku takes the form of a fairly short woman (5'3) with long straight black hair that reaches nearly all of the way down her back. She appears to be around 22 years old, wears an elegant dark purple kimono with a black floral pattern, and usually leaves her hair down to accentuate its length. She has a rather small nose, and a beautiful face which houses wide, emerald green eyes. She has full pale pink lips, and her teeth are impeccably nice, straight, and white. Her skin is very pale, which contrasts nicely with Laws own rather tanned skin, and she has small, delicate hands with long fingers. Her legs are rather long in comparison to the rest of her body and she is almost always wearing high heeled shoes. She usually presents herself as calm and collected, but under certain circumstances can have a bit of a fiery temper. Law gets along with her well though, and they don't seem to have too many difficulties.

» Inner World:

Law's inner world is made up entirely of a conglomerate of intricate pathways, staircases, and platforms which intersect, spiral around, and occasionally collide with each other. An unknown material makes up these structures, and the different pieces are either the deepest black, or the most brilliant, shining white that has ever existed. All of these pieces are constantly shifting, and no piece remains in the same place for very long. Anywhere that there isn't some strange piece of architecture is just a flat, bleak grey. With how much Law's inner world shifts and rearranges itself it can look radically different from one day to the next, and is quite easy to become lost in. Law has no idea how far this landscape stretches, but he has tried to reach the end before by simply walking in one direction for as long as he could possibly stand it, to no avail. He now believes that his inner world is an infinite landscape. This is not entirely true however, the strange architecture would indeed continue on for as long as he chose to walk, but this is because of the inherent nature of the world itself, it is constantly focusing its efforts on putting new and interesting sights in front of him, and neglecting the areas that he is not currently exploring, resulting in an apparently never ending landscape.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

Kikoku is 90 centimeters in length (Odachi) with a purple handle and red ribbon wrapped around the sheath. White crosses also run the length of the sheath.
Law (Vizard) [1-4; Hazard Rank C] Rik3yyJ

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers:

Room- Law can create an "operating room" within which he has great control over the spacial positions and properties of objects within. The room is 25 feet in diameter and takes the form of a sphere. Once law places his room he can not move it, which means that he will need to dis-spell it if he wishes for his room to be elsewhere. After considerable training Law can maintain this for 10 posts.

Shambles- This is the key phrase that actually makes the manipulation take place. Shambles only works within the room, and is much easier to use on inanimate objects or animals than any kind of intelligent life form. Whatever law wished to manipulate must have already been in his room for a minimum of two posts if it is organic. Shambles causes objects to change places. All effects occur within one post, no further energy is required for these objects to remain in their new positions.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Cry, Kikoku

» Shikai Release Actions: (What kind of action does your character perform to enter Shikai? This is optional.)

» Shikai Appearance: Law's physical appearance doesn't really change when he goes shikai besides a change in outfit. His jacket changes from yellow and black to blue with a black feathered collar. Kikoku's wrapping changes from a light purple to a somewhat grey color and the wrapping of the sheath changes from light red to a reddish orange and the sheath becomes a pale green
Law (Vizard) [1-4; Hazard Rank C] B1kIFn8

» Shikai Abilities:

Amputate-Law removes one of the limbs of his opponent for a short duration. This ability does not actually damage the opponent, nor is it permanent, it is simply a way to gain an advantage over the enemy for a short period of time. Law is required to make contact with the specific limb he wished to amputate with his blade or hand which will glow with a deep purple aura before he makes contact. Normal healing will have no effect on the affected area of the victims body, as the limb is still perfectly fine, and still attached, just in a different place. If someone were to manage to retrieve their lost limb however, perhaps they could manage to reattach it faster. This takes 2 posts to charge, and lasts for 2 posts. Law is not required to focus greatly to charge this ability, he simply directs his energy into his blade, serious wounds however, may hinder his progress or outright cause him to lose concentration, cancelling the ability. It also requires a moderate amount of energy to use.

Takt- Law can manipulate objects within the room in a more telekinetic fashion. This ability is limited mostly by Laws imagination, and he has thought of a number of ways to use it such as levitating his own body, giving him the ability to fly for short periods of time, as well as pulling large objects in front of himself and locking them in place in an effort to block any sort of projectiles coming his way. The amount of energy required to maintain this depends on the mass of the object that he is manipulating. Law can continue this for as long as he has sufficient energy.

Counter Shock- Law uses his thumbs to deliver a current of electricity directly to the chest of his opponent. This ability is capable of stopping the opponents heart momentarily if they aren't prepared, or causing their muscles to spasm and react violently, inhibiting their combat ability. This ability takes one post to charge, its effects last for 2 posts, and Law can not use it again for 4 posts.

Radio Knife- Laws blade is charged with electricity and delivers a great shock to anything it comes in contact with. In addition it hampers regenerative abilities and can even give the target mild to severe burns in the area directly surrounding the wound. Law is able to manipulate electricity because he has control over everything in his room at a subatomic level. He pulls electrons from their atoms and moves them to wherever he wants them to be, resulting in an electric charge. This takes 3 posts to charge, effects last for 2 posts.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: Kikoku Zashiki

» Bankai Appearance:

Again, Law's actual appearance doesn't change much between his shikai and bankai forms apart from his clothing, that is. In Bankai Law wears a long black coat with a high collar and a long white line that vertically intersects the coat from top to bottom which is slightly off center to the right. Kikoku's sheath returns to an even deeper black than in it's unreleased state and the wrapping on the sheath becomes a deep red with tassels hanging off of it. The wrapping on the handle at this point is completely grey.
Law (Vizard) [1-4; Hazard Rank C] WiKc51t

» Bankai Abilities:

Doctors Orders
Bedrest- Law focuses his energy on hampering the opponents movement. This ability is only to be used against faster opponents, and for the duration drains Law's energy. Law can only slow his foes so much though so depending on the power difference, and the speed difference between them this ability may not be effective. In addition a massive burst of energy could overpower Law's control of his target, forcing the ability to end prematurely. This can only be used within Room, and they share an energy reserve meaning that for every post that Law maintains Bedrest the duration of his Room is lowered by 0.5 posts.
Stay out of the operating room- Law concentrates his energy on making the room more tangible, making it very difficult for things to enter, and slightly harder for things to leave. A strong enough foe could shatter the room when it is in this state, leaving law without the ability to reuse Room for 3 posts.

Gamma Knife- Law instills a large portion of his reiryoku into his blade and stabs an opponent. The energy will remain in the blade for a short amount of time, so if Law misses more than 2 or 3 times he will have wasted roughly fifty percent of his energy on a useless attack. When it does make contact though Laws reiryoku is dispersed within the opponents body at a violent rate, causing severe damage to their internal organs. The max amount of time Law can control his reiryoku while it is within his sword is 3 posts.

Blade of Death- Law uses his takt on his zanpakuto but with a much higher amount of precision and control. He then spins the sword at an incredibly high rpm, basically mimicking a buzz-saw. Law can also control the path of his sword, effectively making it a projectile weapon. The effect of this only lasts one post, and requires a great deal of energy, as well as immense concentration.

First Aid- With the greater control law has over things within his room he can even attempt to repair injuries within his body such as suturing together his internal organs, repairing skin, veins and arteries, and even artificially pumping his heart at a slightly increased rate so as to give his muscles more energy, and give his brain more oxygen so as to elevate his thought process. The most basic healing effects take only a small amount of energy, larger injuries take a bit more energy, and healing organs takes a fairly large amount of energy. Law can repair small cuts or punctures almost instantaneously, while larger ones can take some more time. Repairing severely damaged arteries may take up to half a post, and repairing internal organs takes a full post. The steroid effects require a moderate amount of energy and can only be maintained for 5 posts at his full energy, less if he has already been injured. If law uses this ability too frequently he risks popping his heart.

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Eye Gouger

» Inner Hollow Description:
Law (Vizard) [1-4; Hazard Rank C] Pb31NTZ

» Inner Hollow Personality:

Eye Gouger is an incredibly rude inner hollow. It wouldn't be a stretch at all to say that he is basically evil incarnate. He enjoyed tormenting humans, keeping them alive instead of killing them immediately or quickly, as most hollow did. Now that he is Law's inner hollow he hasn't changed at all, but he obviously has less ability to act on his desires. Because of this, whenever Law is in a situation that requires him to make any kind of choice, or sometimes just randomly, Eye Gouger will whisper the worst things he can think of to Law.

The hollow also prefers the dark, and attempts to direct Law away from places filled with light. This doesn't work whatsoever. He is also quite angry that he is Law's inner hollow, simply because Law is almost completely unaffected by his attempts at manipulation. The dynamic is generally aggressive on both sides, and the hollow is beginning to think about trying to escape from Law. Law's intent is to either subjugate it completely or remove it.

» Inner Hollow Powers:

Eye Gouger has the general hollow powerset, at this time no unique abilities are known.

Acid Skill: Eye Gouger possesses a strange and unique acidic ability. His touch is not acidic, his spit, however, is highly acidic. It can burn through flesh to the bone, and even melt steel beams. It requires a higher amount of energy than the general hollow acid that results from a simple touch though.

Garganta: For some reason, Eye Gouger does not possess any ability to open a Garganta.

Cero: Eye Gouger's main focus in battle is his Cero. Because of this he has developed a plethora of unique Cero, but at this time Law is not aware of them. He is, however, aware that just the basic Cero that Eye Gouger utilizes is on the upper echelon when it comes to pure destructive power. The downside to this is that it uses up more energy than it would normally, and is harder to control. These Cero smash through humans, buildings, and most anything in their way, with extreme prejudice.

Regeneration: Eye Gouger has a very low level ability to regenerate, but he seems to have cut this ability off after becoming Law's inner hollow.

» Hollow Mask Appearance:
Law (Vizard) [1-4; Hazard Rank C] FtJXJsq

» Vizard Powers:

When Law dons his hollow mask he experiences a great increase in the amount of energy that is at his disposal, which is able to raise his tier by about one sub-tier at this point in time. In addition to this he becomes much quicker, both in terms of general movement and reaction time. The downside to this, at this point in time, is that because of the change in his own energy he is not able to use his own abilities with the same level of precision. He is able, however, to use Eye Gouger's Cero and Acid to a lesser degree.

I. Resurrección

» Resurrección Release Phrase: (What does your character say in order to transform into their Resurrección state? This is optional.)

» Resurrección Release Actions: (What kind of action does your character perform to transform into their Resurrección state? This is also optional.)

» Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?)

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. Please state what kind of powers that your Vizard obtains when ascending to this form.)

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment: (If your character has any equipment, then you should put it in this section. Otherwise, if they don't, do not fill in this section and you can leave it blank.)

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Untrained
  • Cero: Untrained
  • Mask Protection:: Untrained
  • Hollow Control: Beginner

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Untrained
  • Garganta : Untrained
  • Cero/Bala: Untrained
  • Regeneration: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Focus: Elite


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