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 Phantisma, Race With Time

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Phantisma, Race With Time   Phantisma, Race With Time EmptyMon Mar 11, 2019 7:30 pm

The Dangai is a dangerous place to cross, well known by Shinigami, Hollow, Arrancar Quincy and any other race in the beyond. As a rift between the human world and soul society this passage is the compacted rifts of time that extend for miles along the Soul Society’s edges. In this place it is said that 1 minute in here could feel like 2000 hours to anyone who is not careful and get lost in this place. That is, if you are not crushed by the immense energy known as Kōryū, or energy that was purposefully made to protect from the entry of Hollow or any other enemies from entry into this place. Even one step onto these platforms would force enemies to become stuck and slowly swallowed by one of the many walls in this passage. The only ones known to walk through this passage are Shinigami. And although they have the ability to, many of them openly neglect against going into this rift.

But what becomes of those who are devoured by the rift? Two things occur. If it detects that one is hollow or do not pose a fight in the walls, then it is converted into being a Blank. A soul that completely loses its memory and are sent to the Valley of Screams, aimlessly searching for those whom have memories. But for those that pose a threat, or have the strength needed, their memory is spared at the deal of working under Kōtotsu. Their refusal is not much of an option, since if they do say no their memories will proceed to be wiped and become a mindless slave to the Dangai. The warriors who accept this task, are known as Phantisma.

These warriors are not only granted a new life, but also enhancements to further aid their progress in their previous life. Phantisma are scions of knowledge, but rather than learning through the present and future, they rely on Bibliotheca, a quintessence of energy that is given off in the Dangai after converting lesser beings into Blanks. Bibliotheca also has a unique trait for storing past events, and those who tap into this power, can relive the lives of spirits before they were blanks to gain more information as to how they utilized that power to further enhance themselves as a Phantisma.

With this they can even fully summon the Blanks and use them as they would like, often times they are used as ways to support. The blanks can replicate limbs, heal wounds, or be used as ammunition for the Phantisma’s attacks. However they could also be used for many other attacks, so long as they have the knowledge to do so. Since Blanks are ...well… blank, they do not have to hold a specific form or trait, but when they are not in use they are often seen as floating white creatures wearing pink masks where there faces would be. The Blanks on their own serve no purpose, as they have no attacking capabilities and a generally mindless, following those who do have minds or memories, in hopes to maybe find their own. This is what makes Phantismas tick when it comes to their attacks, these Blanks are automatically drawn to them as not only are they a body of one singular life of memories, but also have the potential of carrying multiple memories at once.


Wrong Place at The Wrong Time:
A large portion of Phantisma are hollow, shinigami, arrancar, quincy, etc, who have crossed this rift, but as they did Kotetsu was doing its rounds in clearing the tunnels, which caused the destruction of their soul. Eventually through shows of strength, Kotetsu released them out as a Phantisma since they had the strength to protect his rift, yet didn’t lose their memory fast enough for it to take control of it as a Blank.

Phantisma are unique in that sometimes they can simply be thought into creation. Since they are replications of time, it is possible for one to simply go back in time and find a spirit they enjoyed or a spirit of themselves in a past life and become that spirit as a Phantisma, reliving as that spirit.

Detour in Death:
When people pass into the Soul Society for the first time, many do not know the initial dangers of this rift, and often wide up stuck here, eventually crushed by the new pressure. If the Kotetsu notices this fact, it bodes mercy on the soul, offering it a chance at servitude, and if it was meant to be stuck in the rift, it will be sacrificed and reduced to a Blank

Since they are of beings in the natural world, reproduction is possible, however it has to be done inside the Dangai for a Phantisma to be created, the compacted time rifts would be too much of a stretch for an outside influence to tolerate, and if the mother is a Phantisma, the child becoming a Phantisma is more likely.

Unique Traits:
As scions of time, they rarely age. And when they do age it is a very slow process to them. They could live for thousands of years before their physical bodies become remotely close to being that of a teenager. It’s often because of this that they can choose the age they want to represent, since their bodies can fast forward and rewind themselves as they please.

Enhanced Durability
Because of the energy given off by the Kōryū, Phantisma’s picked up on this layer of protection and use it to protect themselves in combat. How they apply it is usually a thin layer of compressed time rifts aginst their body. Anything in contact with this layer, rather than being deflected off, slows the object down. If trained high enough, this rift can collect projectiles and attacks, and even have the ability to redirect or rebound it.

Arsenal of Reincarnation
Some common equipment they hold, but not limited to using are:
Janus Rift
Temporaria Telum (Temporal Weaponry)
Tempus ad Vincula (Time Shackles)

Powers and Abilities: (Basic Powers to rely on.
Blank Manipulation:
As stated, blanks are white souls that lack a memory. Their goal is to latch onto beings and objects that have memories in hopes to find their own. As a Phantisma, Blanks idolize these entities and are drawn infinitely towards them. On their own, they really do not have much in terms of strength or power, which is why they are easily able to be brought in and out of fruition by those who want to use them. Phantisma slightly abuse the fact that these creatures have a lack of a memory, using their own memories as beacons to draw out the Blanks. With enough of them stored or brought to them, they can take a compilation of their energy generated as a soul to utilize this energy in combat, in training, with their Temporira, or to power their spells and abilities. Blank manipulation becomes stronger a based on how much knowledge and memory a Phantisma has in their bodies.


Arsenal: (Something Something, Time Magic. Kido equal)

As scions of time, they utilize their knowledge of life to manipulate matter and the forces of nature thier will. This is known as Oscillo, the magic of the Phantisma.

Janus Rift:
This is the Phantisma’s way to travel from one area to the next in a brief amount of time. Theis rift can be used for entry and return into most places. By bending time within this portal, they can accelerate their forms into being as far in the past or in the future they want, without altering the timeline of the world around them. By fast forwarding in this way they can cover great distances for fast travelling, or by rewinding once exiting the portal they can return back to their original positioning, prior to opening the rift.

Tempus ad Vincula (Time Shackles)

Temporaria Telum “Temporal Weapon”:
This is the conduit in which all of the Phantisma’s powers are generated from. For this weapon there is no limitation as to what it could be from swords, to guns, to a scarf and a pair of boots, the sky's the limit to what this could be for. However the one thing in common for it is it must relate to their past in some way. The weapon can not be a sword if they have never wielded one, can’t be a gun if they were not an armed official or had a fascination with guns as a child. Objects of clothing are different, since they could be relatable in anyway, but try to be reasonable as to why that object holds value to them.
Unlike most spirit weapons, there is no soul to the weapon, as the memories of their former selves are what drives the weapon’s power. With that being said it is possible to store a Blank inside the weapon itself and allow it to gain the wielders memorizes and become the spirit in said weapon.

Unlike most races, when a Phantisma releases they don't have to bother with a secondary, or final release name. Instead everything is an automatic gradual change. However, because of this autonomy into their kit, they utilize ways to control the forms they would like to release in multitudes of ways to progress themselves naturally throughout a fight.

Rather than having release names, their release comes in phases. Each phase comes in Quarters rightfully named Meridies,‘Quarter Past’, dimidium praeteritum, ‘Half Past’,usque ad quartam, ‘Quarter Until’ and Summum horam, ‘Top of The Hour.’ Depending on their time as a Phantisma and their strength prior to becoming one, determines how long they can hold their forms. Some have a more balanced playstyle, putting an equal amount of energy in all forms while others may prioritize one specific skill and have it increase in potency simply from evolving overtime. Some may utilize this balance to “subtract” energy from previous or succeeding forms to further enhance the power or duration of the current form they are in.


Meridies “Quarter Past”
“What they are” is the best describer of this phase. In this form they remember their specific transitional moment into becoming a Phantisma, gain small passive benefits and minor control over what they were. In comparison to a Shinigami, this would be a state in between a very strong sealed state, or a very weak shikai. They know the powers of their weapon and what they would be able to do. It’s enough to keep up with most released phases, but generally is used to increase their defenses, speed, or Blank usage. For example let’s say our Phantisma in question is a water based Phantisma. At this time they would be able to manipulate bodies of water but may not necessarily be able to create said water. Their weapon may have a reserve for the water that they could use to make up for an area that lacks water, but overall fighting in this state would be advised to be more potent in hand-to-hand combat or the effect of their weapon, as in this state they would have the defensive stats to deal with a large plethora of attacks.

Dimidium Praeteritum “Half Past”
“What they were” is the best describer of this phase. At this time not only do they remember their training as a Phantisma, but also remember their training as their past life. In this they get an amalgamation of themselves in the past and in the present. This in comparison to a shinigami would be a powerful shikai, but no where near the level of a bankai. It is hear that no only do they gain the stats of increasing their phantisma training but find themselves, and gain their power as they were. Using our water based Phantisma, they would be able to not only manipulate, but create water at their free will. Their weapon would probably refine this trait a bit more, by say making the water controlled by the tip of their sword.

Usque Ad Quartum “Quarter Until”
“What they saw” is the best describer of this phase. At this time they now have fully grasped who they were before their quest into becoming a Phantisma. But the kicker is, they also remember what banished them into this world, or their last fight where they have released their full potential. In comparison to a shinigami this would be a very strong shikai to weak bankai levels of strength. Using the water user, not only would they be able to control and make water, but now they may be able to control the state of this water, say they wanted to make more acidic water, or basic water (like Ammonia… not basic like average). Instead of using the sword they may be able to control this water mentally, and use the sword strictly for defensive qualities. This mental control may be an actual stream of water, or it could be raindrops. Whatever they were before this, is now becoming more refined.

Summum Horam “Top of the Hour”
“What they want” is the best describer of this phase. At this time, they remember how strong they were and rather than looking at the past, they look to the future and pull their strength from that period of time. In comparison to shinigami this is Bankai level of strength and in rare cases, weak Shikokai, and depending on the wielder. Using our water Phantisma they would not only be able to control the state of water, but now they may be able to take the water out of other objects and force it to their will, they may be able to puppeteer matter that has water existing in it. If they made acid rain, maybe this acid is now so corrosive that it could melt through nigh everything. The freedom of creation would be up to the user.

Retrorsum converti Vicis “Turn Back Time”
“What they will become” is the descriptor to this phase. This is the true and final release of Phantisma, though very rare to see. This equates to a powerful shikokai’s mastery in terms of the amount of power they can output at this time. The water user would be able to create and refine to their heart’s content. As the name suggests “Turn Back Time”, not only do they have the current battle to pull their experiences from, but they now are overloaded with a library of usages that are completely at their disposal.

Training Statistics:
Simply put, since Phantisma literally become stronger as time progresses, they gain strength not by increasing their energy or physical strength, but the amount of control they can utilize within combat. This control allows them to have unique effects within their releases, so they can better tip the fight into their favor. Common synchronization techniques are including but not limited to:
Ritardo (Delay)
This technique allows them to slow the pace of a form they enjoy, at the cost of losing time on the previous forms themselves.
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Phantisma, Race With Time
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