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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.  Empty Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.

Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:18 am
Upon being forced out of the harbour by Ulv, Mitsuyo's thoughts continued to swirl. At first his thoughts were simply the origins of his hollow, but now his residing anger from the situation that forced him out mixed in with this causing his thoughts to become less fluid and logical. As he continued his thought patterns, he still had his hollow speaking with him and complaining to get attention, her now screaming and shouting in the front of his mind. This screaming may have been a mixture of the hollow's desperate desire to break free, as well as being fueled by his own anger. The hollow took this anger upon itself, becoming more annoying for Mitsuyo to deal with. Upon exiting the harbour walls, he immediately moved towards the forests. He knew he would talk out loud on accident when referring to his hollow and didn't want anyone to confuse his shouting as an attack towards them, or as a way for people to assume he was a lunatic, both fates having the possibility of taking him down in the process.

The treeline he strolled through was not that thick in terms of forestation. It was manageable enough to walk through and even see him as he walked. The canopy's of the trees were tall, yet vast enough to block out a good majority of the sunlight beating on him. There were enough leaves on the ground to cause soft crunches underneath his footsteps with each step he took, and occasionally an acorn would be crushed underneath his feet as well. There were no direct pathways, so his only motivation to keep moving forward was hopefully be deep enough in the forest that no one could hear him from the outside, and no one could see him unless they really tried to search for him or his energy signatures.

As he began to take his steps entering the forest, he dropped his guard a bit and began to talk with the hollow voice...

"Grounded...? Wha' I do?!"

"You're talking over my thoughts, and got me kicked out of a city."

"I didn' do it! She didn like you!"

"And since you're a part of me, what does that mean?"

"She didn' like you! She wanned ta help you an' you were mean!"

"I was not!"

"Yuh-huh! You said she was a wase of time!"

"Well, only because she kept calling me stupid just because I didn't remember a thing or two. That's not equal at all!"

This conversation continued for sometime until he moved to a piece of the forest that he thought was thick enough to not cause too much drama between the two of them. The trunks in this forest were quite large, and there was next to no indication that there was sunlight because of how large the canopies were for the tree branches and leaves. He found a larger tree and sat at the base of the roots, leaning his back against the bark of the tree as he folded his arms over one another and continued to argue with her.

"Well, look, the way I see this you want attention, and you have it now."


"*sigh* Yes... I have no one else. The one city I went to talk to someone for, I'm banned from. The people in the Gotei I usually talk to are gone, and you aren't letting me talk to Sumire. So I have no choice but to deal with you."

"Yay! So we can play now?"

"No. We can not. You're going to tell me everything that's going on with you. Because I don't want to just hand my body over to you and have you kill me."

"I wouldn do dat silly!"

"Based on what the lady said, that's your only objective. So... you have my attention for 10 minutes. If you do any funny business this conversation is over. Understood?"

"Sooooo...You trust some lady that was mean ta you over your own head?!"

"You're not me. You're my opposite. Which should make this easier for me. Now again. Do we understand? Because I can just end this now and we can go to the Gotei or something and get you out of here."

"Noooo!! Okay Missy-yo! Come to my part of your inner world!"

"That's what I thought. I'll be in there in a sec."

As he said that he took in a long inhale inwards before sighing in a very drawn out exhale. He looked out to the forest's treelines on either direction of him to make sure there was nothing else in sight for him. He didn't want anything that could be harmed to be near him, not even a butterfly floating in the area by accident. He then leaned his head downward, leaning forward to let his elbows rest on his knees, as he let his hands catch his head and rest within them. He wanted to think about as many situations as possible, but quite frankly he couldn't think of much. Even though her tried as it were, Akane was the forefront of his mind, and would possibly "hear" his thoughts if he tried to think of anything funky. The only thing he knew of, that Akane knew as a rule as well, was that this conversation that they were going to have was 10 minutes. With this in mind he sighed again and simply started counting seconds in his head as he assumed a half-lotus sitting pose and began his meditation.



Mitsuyo was exceptionally well at communicating with his inner world when he needed to, as within 15 seconds of him assuming his meditative pose, he slipped straight into his inner world. As soon as his eyes opened within the inner world. He immediately could tell that the world itself was 100% off to what it should be. The inner world is often described as looking like a galaxy. In the world, there are often pockets of lights, and those lights of varying shapes and sizes, often relating to his zanpakuto's powers of light manipulation. Within the inner world, Mitsuyo often has to find Sumire amongst the stars within the infinite clusters that liter this world. But in this time the clusters we all one color, red. The galaxy that usually represents Sumire's world was now split in two, having the main world almost drifiting away and dimming in power, as the new cluster, the one for the hollow, growing stronger. Not only were each of the clusters red, but there was end a red haze of dust that seemed to cover over the cluster of Sumire, making it more noticible that she was taking from her over time.

Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.  M31Clouds_DLopez_1500

Mitsuyo was filled with rage seeing the destruction this hollow was causing to his inner world, and wished he would have faced her sooner, but because of his neglect, he could only blame it on himself. He swallowed his own rage and tried to find where the hollow was, only to see a galaxy that looked to be inversed, underneath Sumire's. The galaxy's center was black, with the only indication of it being there was the rainbow of colors that swirled into it. Different shades of reds oranges, greens, violets, and blues, outlined this black mass and spiraled around it. And at the center was a small white dot that seemed to be moving up and down the center of it.

"Missy-yo! Over here!"

Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.  Kantai_collection_lycoris_princess_by_redundant_cat_da37y5a-pre

The white dot spoke, and like clockwork he floated over to the center of the cluster, allowing the figure to come closer to him as he planned his landing. The galaxy's center was highlighted with red crackling effects as he continued to descend onto the staging floor. As he landed, he then got a better glance to her. As Ulv told him, it was playing with his heart strings. As soon as he moved eye level to her, it turned out she was not a child by any means, in fact it looked closer to an inverse of Sumire more than a little girl. The figure was tall and pale, in fact so pale that the glow from her red eyes, reflected off of her skin and made her look pink. The figure wore what looked to be a long white blouse, with large shoulder padding, followed by tightly woven sleeves that flared at their ends. The sleeves revealed her hands to look like some type of black glove on each hand. One glove looked more square and undefined, while the other was a normal long black glove, that had some type of reflective coating on it, bouncing her reflective red eyes back up to vision. Her legs were exposed, with the only thing covering, was a black mini skirt, from there her shoes resembled gladiator sandals. They had multiple black straps that started at the base of her calf, and ended at the top of her feet, and they closed off at her toes. Despite the outfit looking well all together, the styles definitely clashed, hinting to her lackadaisical nature.

Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.  Lycoris.Hime.%28Kantai.Collection%29.full.2001459

"Oh, I s'pose I can get rid of my child tone since you see me now. I can't play with your mind as much as I want now...What a pity." She spoke as it cleared it's throat revealing a slightly British sounding accent with a slight reverb to it's voice."Well, since we're on the same playing field now... I am Akane. And well... this is *my* world."

"*Your* world? You destroyed everything Sumire did and painted it red!"

"I know! Isn't it just precious!"

"Where's Sumire...?"

"Oh relax, she's up there... somewhere. Oh and I kinda did to her what she has done to me, so she may not be feeling too well~!"

"Wh...She did to you?"

"Oooooo, So she's been hiding things from you~! You don't know that your precious little Suzy, has actually been locking me up for years, since you've had her!"

"Hiding...Why would she hide you?"

"Who knows and honestly who cares. But you're not in here for her, you're in here for me! So, wanna see what I can do Mittens...?"

*3 minutes...*

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Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.  Empty Re: Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.

Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:35 pm
Mitsuyo's mind began to race from the slam of new information he had received. Why would Sumire lie to him? What's so special about this hollow that he couldn't know about her any sooner? What is the hollow trying to achieve? What are it's "powers" that it's eager to show me? All of this plus Sumire still not being able to be accessed all threw him for a loop. He felt anger, confusion and hopelessness, as even though he wanted to fight this hollow and reclaim his mind, he had no idea how to do so, since his spirit was moved away, with Akane not being generous in telling where she is. The only option he had was simply to find her, hoping that would unlock something he can use against her, and hopefully not at the risk of loosing Sumire or his own body in the process.

"Well, since you've been living in here, I'm sure you know that i only let Suzy call me Mittens. I don't care for what you are, but you need to go."

"Hmm... I see, so you do want to see what I can do~" She spoke in a slightly creepy yet calming voice, as the misshappen glove began to glow a vibrant orange. As the glow occured, she stuck her arm outward and grinned, as she spoke once more. "At last... Playtime!" the glove began to pull from the glowing clusters of red, turning the whole galaxy orange as she began to summon some type of weapon to use against him.

Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.  Centaurus-A

As the energy continued to pool in her hands, a tendril extended out from her palm and slowly extended to the floor of the platform they had stood on. The tendril then continued to coil itself around the bottoms of her feet, and slowly solidify into large chain links. These links were easily about 5 inches in diameter, and seemed to have no telling to the ending of the chain. With the energy coming to a halt, Akane then turned her palm to face upright, and allowed the base of the chain to rest in her palm. As she gripped, the energy then dispelled outward, clearing the area around them with her energy, revealing that the lanes of the floor that were originally red, were now orange in hue. The chain itself was an eerie black, with a bright orange glow that seemed to accent the inner and outer curves of the chain links. She then reached with her other hand to grab another decent length of the chain as she spoke once more.

"Plus... I am not too fond of being "grounded", consider this the revenge for that..." she spoke as the glow in her eyes now changed from red to orange as well as her eyes peered up to look at Mitsuyo. Mitsuyo was completely stunned by this ability, this was nothing like he had seen and nothing like Sumire had taught him, and was a mixture of impressed and scared by this process. His facial expression as it was being summoned was definitely one of awe, and Akane took notice of this, as externally, his body began to hollowfy, there was not much indication, but at the moment there was a decent amount of energy swirling around his body and the corners of a mask of some sort began to crawl it's way onto his face. Returning inwardly however, upon hearing Akane's sly comment, his excitement seemed to fade as he focused on what Akane was planning to do here.

Mitsuyo took one step backwards as he put his hand on his blade, ready to draw it when needed, while also keeping contact onto Akane. Akane saw his step backward and raised it, by slowly walking forward. She then released the second hand that was holding the chain, and started to swing it like a figure 8, sweeping from left, to right, to left, to right, each clashing of the chain hitting the ground causing an indent upon contact. As she whirred up, she giggled manically with each step. "Let's play tag! I'll be it, sooo don't get hit~!" And upon her saying that, she swung the chain forward launching it at Mitsuyo, hoping to hit his arm just ever so slightly.

However Mitsuyo saw the chain's trajectory and dashed upwards to cover himself from the impact. His objective still became clear, find Sumire. He could not use shikai without her presence, and even though he wanted to call for her and just hope for the best, he wanted to check on her first before making a bold move like that. As he dodged upwards, he looked up into the cluster for Sumire's stars and began to move towards them rapidly. As he did so he drew his blade, to act as some form of defense for if Akane was to follow him. As he continued to move upward into the cluster, he saw Sumire in the middle of it all, suspended by the tendrils that Akane used to summon her weapon, these seemed to glow in unison with her, as they were orange as well. He moved in and reached up to Sumire, gripping her wrist to try to shake her free, and soon as he grabbed on, he felt Akane's shackles gaining on him, and eventually grasping on his ankles.

*5 minutes...*

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Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.  Empty Re: Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.

Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:23 pm

Mitsuyo cried out in pain as he tried to pull the shackle off of his body, but as he grabbed with his hands they started to hurt as well in the same amount of pain that his ankle had felt. "What the hell is this?!" He cried out again as he took his hands off of the chains yet still felt the stinging sensation on his hands. He looked down at his hands and saw that there was no wound there, there was no tangible indication for him feeling this way. No burns, no flames, just pain that did not seem to go away.

Sumire slowly began to wake up and see Mitsuyo looking down as he was fighting Akane, and quickly spoke "Illuminate..." through her lips and then fell back into stasis. Mitsuyo looked back and called out "Sumire?!" and like clockwork, his shikai began to activate, causing a beam of white light to shine around his body, although it did not have the energy to dispel the chain it gave far more aspects to his combat than he had available.

"What. Did. You DO?!"

"Your spirit is boring... She only uses "light" as a principle. I'm more fuun Mitsuyo~! I use everything about her light..." she spoke as she pulled Mitsuyo down forcefully, slamming him back onto the area in which they met. Keeping the chains on him, he then reeled him in by pulling the chains behind her and then when he was in range of him, placing her foot on his chest. As she looked down on him. She grabbed the orb of light that Sumire generated for him, and crushed it in her hands, speaking over him while it occured.

"Look Mitsuyo, you have all of these pretty colors you could use for a weapon! You have reds, oranges, pinks~! And you only use this one orb. I want to be better than her... I simply want your spirit... I could care less about you. If I take you over, you're right, you die which in turn I die. Buuuttt, If i take your spirit... sure you loose "Suzy" but you get me... And everything i have to offer you!"

As the pain from her chains resonated on his ankle, externally, his mask began to form a lot more.Externally, the energy that he planned on containing now started to expel outwards and rip the tree that he was sitting under, straight out of it's roots, as well as a few trees in a minor radius around him. His physical body held no scars or no wounds to show he was in pain, all that showed his internal interactions was the front of his mask beginning to form in the front of his face. Though it was not refined, it was enough to say that his hollow was beginning to take hold of his mind and body. The mask was enough to cover his face, but showed no shape to what he could and could not do.

As the battle continued internally, with him writhing in pain underneath Akane's foot. He tried to figure an escape, knowing that by touching this chain he would be hurt in some form or another. As he regained his composure, he began to interrogate Akane.

"What... What is this?"

"My power, silly! I'm everything you have neglected being, while still being a part of you! In fact, the truest parts of you that you're too scared to face!"

He leaned upward and in this motion of moving upward he extended his hand upward and grabbed Akane by her shirt's collar and spoke more directly. "I ain't ask what you are. I asked What is this?"

"What's what?" she coyly asked, to purposefully get on his nerves, and just as she expected, he went to grab the chain to lift it up, only to cry out in pain again from grabbing the chain. Akane laughed hysterically, then took the slack of the chain and began to hog tie Mitsuyo with the orange chains. "Oh-ho-Ohh, You mean thaaat~!" She spoke while giggling like a sinister child of Hell. "That's my power, now that I have your attention. If you let me speak and finish, I would have continued. But nooo, you want to be arrogant and pushy." She continued to speak her exposition, as Mitsuyo cried out in so much pain that his body was beginning to go into shock from it all. His eyes flickered closed and opened again as she then took the rest of the chain, and hung it over a support beam structure in this world, and then began to pull hard, making him swing around like a pinata as she continued to speak. "Every sort of emotional pain you've hidden, you've stored into me! Soooo, this, something that you felt remorse for, something that makes you guilty, something that got you in trouble because you were too self-centered. Greed. That's what causes this chain. And you have a lot more were that came from! In fact, this isn't even the worst one!" She said playfully as she, skipped to the back of Mitsuyo then hopped up on to the supporting beam. As she got seated, she took some more slack from the chain and began to make it dangle in front of his face. "Buuut, Since ya know... I'm grounded and all. Plus I'm annoying to you... and I'm a brat... and you want to control me in some way... I'll be nice enough and show you just a little bit of what the worst one is going to be. Kay?!"

She spook as she then took the final bit of slack of the chain and began to tie it around his neck, craning his body upwards and causing another cry of pain to echo throughout his world....

*8 minutes...*
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Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.  Empty Re: Go to the corner, You've been a Bad Hollow.

Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:58 pm
Mitsuyo was officially helpless in this world of his own, well now, her own. His weapon fell to the ground upon being hogtied upwards, and the final tie around his neck caused his body to go into shock momentarily. His eyes rolled back at the end of his scream, because he had truly lost control of his mental body. And to make matters worse, Akane did not look like she was done, in fact she had just started from what it seemed like. She wanted to make up for lost time, and she was becoming disappointed at the fact that Mitsuyo could not last as long as she liked him too in terms of his pain threshold.

As she hopped down from the support beam she then did a small twirl on her dismount, and then turned to face him. "Aww, you're tired already?! That's no fair! I didn't even get to take out my favorite color yet!" She leaned in, bending at the hips only expecting him to talk back like he always did, but this time not a single sound came out from him. His face was frozen as he tried to prevent himself from slipping into shock, yet his eyes rolled down just enough to see Akane's smiling face as she tried to coax him into more answers. She went over to him and grabbed on the chain, faking him into thinking she would move it in some way, which caused him to speak for her in fear of what the next step was. In fact, he knew the next step, if he passed out here, he would lose consciousness out there, and cause his physical body to be taken over by her. He then heard in the distance... "...540...541...542...". It was Sumire keeping his count from before he took this dive, which filled him with enough energy to try to hold on. That meant two things... He only had a minute left before he could leave, and Sumire was conscious enough to hopefully have contact with him when he leaves this place.

"I'm up... I'm up... What do you want... brat..." He spoke in his last words, which excited Akane enough to let her hand drop away from the chain and put her disfigured hand to the side as she called more tendrils of energy to her hands.

"I wanna show you my favorite of them all! Red! My favorite color!... The color of Anger! And my my my, do you have a lot of that stored in you!" as she spoke the tendrils then moved to her opposite hand as well, coating each hand in a black mass over her fists. As the mass formed, four claw like extensions jetted out from them, and started to emit a red aura from around them. She slowly walked backwards and then paced forward again...


As she jetted forward, she did a small cartwheel and as she was coming up from the cartwheel, the first claw came moving downwards, hoping to slash straight for his face...


His eyes slowly closed as he saw the claw come downwards, and shortly after seeing the other repeating the same pathing for it. And as soon as he began to feel the tingle of it being close to his face, he was ejected out of his mind and forced into his physical body.

When coming into his physical body he screamed out loudly, easily being audible for anything and everything that was close by. The scream was loud enough to cause birds nearby to fly away, if they didn't fly away from the dispersion of negative energy he was emitting. After his scream stopped he then quickly looked down to his wrists, noticing no markings from the chains or any resemblance of pain he should feel. He then looked to his ankles, and still no feeling. He then went to rub his neck, and felt something poke him before touching his neck. He then touched the surface again, and then touched his entire face, feeling a bone like structure coat his entire face. As he felt this presence he went to the top of the structure and pulled it down, and then looked at it's design... a hollow mask... fully formed on his face. He looked at it as an accomplishment and then as a since of fear, remembering the pain the hollow had put him through in the first place, and chucked it against a tree, causing it to crack from the force he threw it.



"Are you okay...?"

"...Are you...?"

"...But... Are you?"

"I will take that answer as a yes from us both...Mitsuyo."

"I'm not! You left at the fun part!"

*11 minutes...*
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