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 Roman Dufresne [WIP]

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Roman Dufresne [WIP] C0zWQ7e

Enter the Broken


I. Basic Information

» Name: Roman Dufresne
» Alias: N/A
» Age: Unknown
» Gender: Male

» Association: Mercenary for hire; currently imprisoned in Vastime.

» Appearance Written: It is obvious to any who see Roman, standing out more than anything else, that he is a man who has been broken. This is not simply a matter of his stance or his demeanor, but something far more visually obvious: All across Roman's skin are not only more traditional scars, but wounds that seem to have been coated over in gold, glimmering and bright. If touched, these wounds are much colder than the rest of his body, and feel as though made of metal.

Outside of his peculiar scarring, Roman is by all accounts a relatively normal-looking man. His hair is a quite stark white, cut fairly short and slicked back to stay out of the way. His attire is fairly out of place in any crowd, a form fitting jacket over an otherwise shirtless torso, accompanied by what appear to be the pants from a suit and white dress shoes, all with a belt that has its own set of coattails. In all, an extremely peculiar set of clothes.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality Traits

» Self-Hate: Every day, Roman rises in the morning and hates. He lives, and he hates. He sleeps, and he hates. He has failed in his life, and is reminded of it every day of his life. Where there was at one point joy in his life, there is now only anger at himself, for having failed to save the one thing which brought him meaning. It may sound self-absorbed, but it can never be overstated that it is simply a guilt beyond measure.

» Undaunting:

» Repentant:

» Dead:

I. Relationships

» Abalia Yuliana Isaenko: His charge twenty years ago, not a single day has gone by that he has not regretted her death. It is no exaggeration to say that his failure to protect her is what singlehandedly drove him to find solace in crime, not for the sake of it but in the hopes he might be arrested. In that, at least, he could find some penance.

In her life, however, Roman saw her as something closer than his own family had ever been. Abalia was more than simply his charge, even if those feelings have long since been pushed away simply for his own sanity. The two spent every moment together, for her own safety at first. But the years in which he watched her grow were the happiest that he had ever experienced. Though he was a mere gun for hire, Roman truly placed more value on Abalia’s happiness than anything else in the world.

Even if they were not flesh and blood, Roman treated young Abalia as if she were his own daughter. He was not her father, but that did not matter to either of them. He was there for everything that occurred in her life, and supported her through it all. Though he was only there to protect her, he taught her the ways of the world in a way that her own flesh and blood simply did not have time for. How to cook, the basics of fighting, even how to fire a gun. All of these things were done out of the kindness of his own heart, and the words Abalia spoke to him when he gifted her a small toy revolver simply represented the truest way it could have been worded;

“Thank you, dad.”

Even now, those words echo in his heart, though he shuts them out simply to keep from breaking down wherever he might stand. The sheer thought of it would be unbearable.

I. History

Workin on it homie

I. Equipment

» Kurzebrand: The two handguns Roman carries are not in fact separate weapons, but a single weapon which merely takes the form of this pair. They were, at one time, merely ordinary firearms, but through Roman's life and experiences, they have become something akin to a zanpakuto in their nature, linked to his very soul. When this occurred is unclear, but one thing is for sure, that these guns pulse with an energy far beyond even the Spirit Weapons of the Quincy.

When fired, Kurzebrand does not create any traditional projectiles, but rather shatters the energies in a straight line from the barrel. This is a rather visually striking effect, and indeed it is impossible for Roman to ever fire this weapon subtly. This shattering fills the air with golden cracks, much the same as those that cover his skin, as if the very world itself is fracturing. A sound not unlike breaking glass is also produced, but with the volume and mighty rumble of a peal of thunder. These cracks are massively dangerous, and indeed are the single most threatening aspect of combating Roman. So long as energy continues to come into contact with these cracks, they will rapidly spread through it, breaking it until it reaches the very source. Anyone who touches the cracks of Kurzebrand will find them as dangerous as a spiritual blast from one of Roman's strength, and as such becoming surrounded by them can quite rapidly create a situation where one is entangled in their wounds. These energy fractures will last indefinitely should outside energies continue to be poured into them, but typical ambient energy will make them last for only 2 posts before they fade out of existence.

Due to their shattering effect, they can in fact function as a defensive mechanism as well. Kurzebrand’s fractures, if deployed in a manner where they would come into contact with a spiritual attack, will absorb an amount of energy up to the shattering’s own power, before dissipating in a sort of overload. Regardless of the power of this attack, the crack will dissipate, meaning that while it may be used to defend against massively powerful attacks with decent ease, it can also be made quick work of if one approaches it correctly. Should an amount of energy more than the shattering’s own come into contact with it, the maximum amount that can be absobed and dispelled, but the remaining amount will continue as it otherwise would have. As this is Roman’s only defensive ability, he has become quite adept at setting up nets of Kurzebrand’s cracks, such that he may significantly mitigate otherwise lethal attacks.

I. Romanova

» Name: Romanova

» Appearance Image:

» Status: Plus Spirit

» Summary: A spirit who stays near Roman at all times. Fundamentally linked to Roman's own soul, and locked at a tier of 5-5, she has no powers to speak of. Always offering an encouraging word and a smile to Roman, she does her very best to cheer him up with her every action. It rarely seems to work.

» Haunt Unending: Due to the kharmic link between Roman and Romanova, she cannot be more than 100 meters from him, though she is able to become invisible, and due to her impressive lack of spiritual presence, this is often enough to functionally disappear from most people’s notice. Additionally, should she be killed in a thread, she will simply return to Roman after its completion, for her soul seems to actively resist the cycle of reincarnation, even in cases of forced movement such as a konso

I. Abilities

» Mine for Hers: Everything that Roman once was has long since fragmented away. All that is left is the singular drive to repent; to make amends for the life he failed to save. Forever haunted by Romanova, cursed to remember her death day in and day out, not even the final release can save Roman. So long as Romanova lives, Roman will return to life after perishing. Not only will he simply fail to die, but his wounds will glaze over with a bright golden energy, his very essence acting as a patchwork body, and returning him, functionally, to his fullest strength. Of course, as this energy is only a bandage, and not true healing, Roman still suffers the pain of every fatal wound. It is quite unpleasant.

This return to life is, of course, not without drawbacks. Due to the tremendous amount of spiritual energy required to completely revert one's death, he may only return to life so many times. The base amount of resurrections is 3, and this number increases per full tier above 5-tier that Roman reaches. This means that his maximum amount of resurrections would be 8, but only were he a 0-tier. An additional resurrection would be gained per tier within 0-tier, due to the massive increase in power each of those tiers entails. Furthermore, after each resurrection, Roman's energy is docked by one sub-tier for the remainder of the thread in order to maintain his body through death. As a clarifying example, were Roman at 1-5 to perish and be resurrected, he would return at a functional tier of 2-1, rather than 1-5, as that energy is now wholly dedicated to keeping him from dying on the spot.

I. Skill Sheet

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Roman Dufresne [WIP]
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