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Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:50 pm
Resolve Aura: Devil's Heart QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Ulv Auber
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Resolve Aura - Devil's Heart: Created when Ulv met Ibiki during the Resolve Generation event, the two came together and melded their powers into a gestalt ability called the Devil's Heart. Powered by Ulv's desire to see everyone's life bettered should they need it, this grants her wish in a spectacular fashion, temporarily supercharging the concept of her Tulpa to manifest what is required for the person's Foremost Negativity to be resolved. Rarely is this negativity known by name, but the heart has an eidetic memory, and can always recall when it was most scarred. This can be impossibly potent, doing things that should not be able to be done.

However, the limits of this, and steps to it's use are many-fold, for only the Soul King and his contemporaries can call such power without crushing limit.

The first of which is that the person on the receiving end must be receptive to Devil's Heart. If their heart and minds are closed off to Ulv, then this ability will not work.

Second, this may only be used for one primary desire within that person. So, by that effect, it can only be used one time in their existence, as it latches gently to your metaphysical existence and encompasses it, and your existence can not handle two such attachments. This attachment goes away when you enter the Soul Cycle.

The third condition is that Ulv must understand the person's heart, mind, and soul in order for this ability to be finalised. This can be as simple as talking to them while reading their heart with her Empathic Heart Of Fire, or as drastic as delving into their Inner World to converse with an aspect of their very soul. This is the most important step, as Ulv comes to grips with their desire in to uncertain terms, being as simple as them telling her about it, to gaining a spiritual epiphany surrounding the nature of their negativity. This is the turning point for the situation, where Ulv chose to help them or decides that what they did to gain this negativity was warranted. In this, it shows that while Ulv wants to help everyone she can, she also won't help people for the sake of helping them. If you have been cursed for the brazen murder of a child, then you stay cursed, because she will not help you. If, however, you were cursed because under the magical control of another, you murdered a child, the curse will be lifted.

The fourth is the limit of desire. Devil's Heart goes no further than solving the damage, physical, mental, or spiritual. In simple terms, if your Foremost Negativity is that work is too far away, the mentality to fix the issue, be it drive and aptitude to get a new job, or become fitter, or work out a deal with your job having been given a sharper and more sociable mindset.

It has a limited grasp on the physical world, instead playing cosmic chess rather than creating outright. A person with a terminal illness who has given up on life will be inspired to go find a doctor who has just made a breakthrough in medical science by a sudden flash of inspiration and needs volunteers. A man poisoned by a spiderbite finds himself unwilling to accept the oncoming death, and through this gains the much needed time to receive the required medical aid. The kickboxer with an amputated leg has a chance encounter with a Biogeneticist who wishes to test his new research in regrowing limbs. It inspires interaction with the world, creates a story to tell, and grants mental evolution through physical trials overcome.

The Fifth, is the scale's limit. It effects you, and you alone - unless the extreme circumstances where your greatest Negativity is wholly on another, but even then it effects that other and that other alone. If you are sad because war took your parents, then you are granted the courage and innate capacity to become the World's Greatest Diplomat. It will only ever effect you, or the one person to which holds your greatest negativity. It will never change the world around you, but rather give you the chance to change the world.

The Sixth, is that the Resolve Flame is a positive power, and so Devil's Heart always seeks to have a positive outcome for the person. If your greatest source of negativity is a person's existance, they are not harmed, but rather you are granted an ability to interact with them in a way that resolves your issue. This can culminate in harm, if that person killed your family and made you watch, then there is no talking in the world that is going to solve that. But it will always seek a positive outcome before going to neutral outcomes - such as giving him the confidence and aptitude to gain the skill to avenge his family. And as a consolation prize, you feel content at the avenging, not the empty cold feeling that revenge usually leaves.

The Seventh, is that if - by some miracle, like the greatest negativity is that you'll never walk on The Sun - your Greatest Negativity is impossible to feasibly do, the power winds down and does nothing. You do not waste your one shot, and you do not get anything out of it. This, is an extreme however, due to the power that it has.

» Why: To clarify and solidify what Devil's Heart can do, and to balance some aspects.

» Extra: Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?

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Sat May 04, 2019 1:57 pm
[adm]This is approved. However, the scale of it does mean that uses of the ability are still open to scrutiny should issues arise.[/adm]
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