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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

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 Colin Washi [2019] [FINISHED]

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Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Colin Washi
» Titles:Headmaster of Wasteland Campus, Eagle God, Eagle Man, Beanpole, Former Co-Commander of the Vizard Corps
» Appearance Age: 23
» True Age: 642
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Wasteland Campus

» Appearance Description:
Colin's typical 'travel' appearance, where he simply roams around, is this one where he wears a red coat at all times. His hair is stylized and pointy like normal, and he wears a set of dark orange glasses to hide his face. He also has a small earring on one ear, at the very base of his ear.

This 'travel garb' consists of a very baggy main red coat, which is comfortable for him to wear in most conditions that are not air-conditioned. Beneath it, he wears a simple t-shirt and jeans. His arms are also wrapped up in some kind of cloth, and he wears gloves around both arms. His garment also has several belts that descend from it; perhaps as a style choice, perhaps because Colin just believes they are cool. The skin of his face tends to stick out a lot more while he wears this red garment, and the facial expressions he displays are also easier to seee.

» Relaxed Appearance Description:
Colin's relaxed appearance is just that. He lets his hair out, wears the extensions that he likes, and generally seems more at peace. Unfortunately, his beautiful golden eyes tend to be closed while he is relaxed, if he is not wearing his glasses. He tends to wear a t-shirt and jeans in this relaxed state as well, and does not spike up his hair like normal.

» Appearance Picture:

» Relaxed Appearance Picture:

I. Personality

» Personality:

Colin often comes off as an individual who does not have much stressing him at any given time. He often has a warm smile on his face, or a relaxed expression. He does not give in easily to his emotions, at least on the outside. On the outside, at least, he seems completely calm - even if he should likely be freaking out. An example of this is when he was told by Ulv that Mirja had died; instead of freaking out or losing his cool, he simply fell down into a sitting position against a wall, gently processing the dire information that he had been given.

Colin knows how to wait for what he wants. He is not afraid of playing the long game; and this contributes to both his social presence and combat. He is extremely fast, yes, but he is not typically reckless once he knows what he wants. He is willing to work to get whatever it is that he would like to have, whether that's saving up money or waiting for an opponent to come within melee range after dodging all of their previous attacks. There is no greater example of this trait than Colin's love for fishing; he can sit down with a beer and good friends for hours and hours on end, even if he does not catch anything. He does enjoy the rush of a good catch, though.

It is seemingly impossible to stop Colin's cheer. Even when he is ill or sick or in pain, he will grin and bear it, or do his best not to let it come out for other people to see. He does not like the idea of other people worrying about him; so he often wears a smile even if he should not. Even if he feels alone or abandoned, he will continue to keep his upbeat attitude.

While Colin might put on a relaxed, positive face most of the time, he can also be rather anxious. He does not like having his beliefs or the work of his hands attacked. He may slowly cut someone out of his life if they repeatedly offend something he sincerely cares about. He also tends to be able to empathize with others; his former rivalry with Stefan Soan shows how he could try to understand a man who was his enemy. As a result of this, Colin is also rather hesitant in whether or not he wants to offend another; unless he feels quite comfortable with the other person, he will keep most derogatory comments to himself.

A Bit Apathetic
While Colin is sensitive, he also has proven that he can be an effective leader. This is due to his ability to be fairly apathetic toward non-vital situations and other people in general. He puts on a relaxed, comfortable face with them, but if he does not feel comfortable with them or know them well, he will not take much of what they say to heart. Or at least, he will not let his opinion of them show on the outside. It is possible for him to bring it up with the people that he does trust later on; he finds comfort in being able to talk about his grievances, or rather how he put up with the irritating factor, after the fact.

Similarly, toward non-critical situations, Colin will deal with them at his own pace. He does not like to be rushed into things, but he is absolutely used to rising up to a challenge when it is required. He lets very little get under his skin; however, when he is put into a corner by someone or something or something seems off to him, he will be loud and vocal in addressing it.

Interested in Education
Colin is interested in education. He loves looking at people taking apart and putting back together engines of different kinds. He likes learning about his passions, and he also enjoys teaching others. Nothing makes him happier than when he can sit down with someone and show off his know how. Due to the nature of the life he now leads, this has also turned into an interest of training what he considers the 'next generation'. In a lot of ways, he feels that he has atrophied somewhat; he reached the pinnacle of his organization at the time, and after that felt himself become picked at by the day to day, over and over again. It is because of this more than anything else that he did not take up a position with the Lux Orior; once his obligation with the Vizard Corps was finished, he went on a journey to discover what else he would do with his life. Something beyond managing other people in the day to day.

Colin's mental abilities have always been keen. He is a loyal individual who looks at the world how it truly is; his sharp eyes have kept him alive in combat numerous times over. His battle experience, combined with his day to day life, has helped hone his sense of foresight considerably. For a person who can process information and react as fast as he can, predicting what the next step of a situation will be is absolutely critical. It's even possible to see this trait in his past-time; after all, Fishing is a waiting game where you expect to eventually catch a fish, and by responding at the right time the quarry is easier to snare.

Colin has a bit of a tendency to present himself as the solution to the problems of others. This can lead to him wearing himself out if he is not careful. It also can lead him to ignoring other possible solutions that may be better. In a way, this is a byproduct of his own abilities; because he can move so fast, he is usually able to be in multiple places at a time, or juggling multiple scenarios at once. However, even he cannot do everything forever; when his Hollow caused for him to become sick, it was because Colin's attention was split in every direction except for toward himself. While Colin may be good at planning for his future, he is less effective at viewing himself as a living, breathing person, and views his body as more like a tool that he uses to perform various tasks.

Colin has years of high level combat experience behind him. This leads him to be a bit arrogant in his own mind, even if he does not show it outwardly to others. He tries not to let his experience take him in over his head; but he does use it as a gauge for when things have become too dangerous. In some ways, this trait can make Colin appear haughty to others, especially when combined with how relaxed he is most of the time.

Reckless when Unobserved
When people are not looking at him, or he does not feel like he is being watched, Colin behaves a bit differently. He is a bit more reckless, willing to throw himself at whatever the problem is. This passion and gusto is something that most people who interact with him do not see unless he is working with something he loves. This trait can most easily be seen in the way that he trains; when Colin was working on the theory for Rapido Avaces, he repeatedly slammed himself into a cliff, over and over again, trying to make it work.

Taste and Distaste for Fighting
Colin does enjoy fighting. He enjoys the rush of battle, of sparring. It gets his blood pumping to have a challenge, to feel himself pushed against another or seeing them struggling against him. He also enjoys teaching someone else through fighting them, seeing them grow over time.

However, as time has passed, Colin has found that fighting does not give him the same rush that it used to. He neglects the rigorous training he used to give himself, but he could not give up on it completely. He has not lost his power, or how it feels when he does use it; but recently, he has become a bit sick of the constant power struggle between the forces of light and dark in his universe. He feels obligated to fight, more than anything else, and that kills the passion for him. The crux of this happened during his battle with Mana, where he had to fight a demon that he was certain could slay him, only for her to toy with him in various ways. That situation upset him immensely.

Family Man
Colin sincerely cares about his family. He loves his brothers, and he cared deeply for his parents. He would love to have a spouse, but due to his withdrawn nature from most people, he finds it difficult to try to start relationships most of the time. He truly wishes that Nathan was not tortured how he is, and that Justin would be able to one day come home. But he understands that there is essentially nothing he himself can do for them; and believes that they are the ones who need to work through their own business. All he can do, therefore, is be around for them if they do ever come calling for him.

When it comes to his nephew Len, however, Colin is a bit nicer. Ever since discovering the orphaned child, Colin has gone out of his way to improve the young man's life. He helped him get his job with the predecessor to the Lux Orior, and he also helped arm him against the dangers that he would inevitably face. He was not a helicopter guardian for the boy, however. While it hurt Colin to hear about each loss he suffered, he knew that it would be valuable experience that the boy would be able to someday use.

Colin just really loves to fish. He loves the quiet of nature, the relaxing nature of leaning back with a pole. He loves the surprise of the pole actually catching on a fish, and tugging on it until the catch is yanked out of the water. He loves being able to just relax with friends, chatting about life or whatever is on his mind between catches. He loves having a cold drink to sip on while he basks in the noonday sun, just breathing in and out on the cool ground.

» Likes: His nephew Len, his brothers Alex and Brian, his friend Ulv, training, fishing, working with cars.

» Dislikes: His brothers Nathan and Justin, the Monsuta, Stefan Soan for the destructive path he has taken, being inactive, thinking about the past.

I. History

» History:

Background: As a human, Colin spent most of his days inside, playing games. However, he also loved the outdoors, every part of it. He would go fishing for hours, enjoying the sunlight and getting a farmer’s tan. He preferred to take vacations in the north, where as a kid he had gone every year with his family. He loved his family, although it was a bit crazy with his 3 older brothers.

When Colin was 15, he decided to do something he had never done before. He decided to go rappelling. Colin hated heights his entire life, and being on that cliff paralyzed him. When it was finally his turn, he got on the rope and was down about 5 feet off the cliff face when he looked down. The sight made him panic. He began thrashing in his harness, but his belayer wasn’t paying attention. His rope slid out from his eight-ring, and he fell. His spine broke instantly as he hit the ground, and he died on contact.

Colin haunted his family for a while. After about a year, a shinigami finally found him. This shinigami told him about soul society, and Colin agreed to go. When he arrived, he saw that life was going to be pretty difficult. He joined a family who had many sons, as Colin was used to that. After about 100 years, he finally passed the Shino Academy entrance exam, and began his training. Colin’s favorite areas were his Kidō and the flash step, which he practiced tirelessly.

About 200 years after he had joined a squad, he was sent on a mission. On that mission, he met a demon and a hollow. That demon was a scientist who knocked out Colin, then used an experimental seal to place the hollow inside of him. When Colin awoke, the demon and the hollow were gone, so Colin returned to the soul society. However, he began having nightmares that scared the crap out of him. And then, one night, about 3 months after the incident, Colin faced his hollow.

He was doing routine training when it happened. Colin was in his zanpakto’s inner world, and suddenly he had felt an unnatural chill in the mountains. What appeared was the hollow, trying to take his body. After the ensuing battle, Colin was badly injured and played possum. As soon as the hollow let down it’s guard, Colin went for one last attack with his remaining strength. It was just enough to finish the hollow, but it left him the words: “This isn’t over…”

Colin had to flee the Soul Society after that, and began roaming the human world, learning about his powers at his own pace. He took up fishing again to clear his mind and keep his hollow under control. He may join the vizard corps, but only if things got boring for him. Or, he may just kill hollows at his own pace, as he won’t let anything happen to the outdoors and the people he treasure’s so much. Either way, this is his story…

Colin proceeded to join up with the Vizard Corps, and spent a lot of his time training to develop his powers. Along the way, he served under Ravanna in their stealth division, gaining in rank and skill enough to become his lieutenant. Around this time, he first battled with Stefan Soan, and the result of their battle became well known in Minatumi Harbor, with Colin being delivered the loss.

Over the course of many battles and training, including defending the Atarashii from invading K-World forces, Colin eventually battled his rival once again. This time, it was Colin who emerged victorious, delivering Stefan a defeat. It was also around this time that Colin developed his bankai, and around this time he had already begun to forge better relations with his inner hollow.

Not long after, Colin rose to the rank of being the Co-Head of the Vizard Corps. It was around this time that he developed his Ressercion as well, the results of his training displaying how potent his level of power was. It was around this time that the Vizard War of the Wastelands was fought, with multiple members of the Vizard Corps coming together in one place to fight Shadowfall and Monsuta aligned forces.

After this battle, Colin returned to his new position as Co-Head. Not long after this, he discovered Len Washi existed; the reckless child had gone up against Shadin himself, and been soundly stomped for his arrogance. It was not long after that Colin went to meet the boy himself. It took some doing, but eventually Colin discovered that he was the child of Alexander, his second eldest brother. So it was that Colin became something of a father figure to the young Len; trying to watch out for him when he could, and trying to get him work as the young man discovered his abilities.

Some more time passed, and Colin managed to complete the theory work on his latest invention: Rapido Avaces. Eventually, he would go up against Mana Asthavon within Madnise City, having been unable to defeat her but also managing to escape with his life. It was around this time that he realized something rather significant; if his speed could be stolen from him, he had little recourses left. So Colin decided that he would double down upon it; developing his Rapido Avaces even further, training in the Wastelands for months at a time. When at last he emerged once again, he had managed to finally achieve mastery of his craft, represented by 'Rumble Avaces'. This was the pinnacle of his mastery over the energy manipulation that made up Rapido Avaces.

Around this time, the relationship he had with the plant-sorcery based Sugiura Marama came to an end.

But, despite his success in creating Rumble Avaces, he no longer felt the same about combat. He no longer felt the same rush when going up against a new opponent, and in a way that made him… sad. He felt that he had reached a level of power where he could no longer test himself without needing to cause an international incident. For Colin, this was a problem that he could not really solve. So… in many ways, he began to allow his skills to deteriorate, sharpening them less and just trying to maintain them.

Ultimately, this would cause problems with his Inner Hollow. It had grown accustomed to the constant wars and battles that Colin went through; and without him being energized enough to use it, the hollow's energy backwashed through its owner's body. Colin became incredibly sick, stumbling through the streets until he ultimately ran into a woman known as Mirja. Mirja was someone who - after breaking his damn wrist with a cool kick - encouraged him to try letting it out, to let out the poisonous influence his hollow was now pumping through his veins. So Colin did.

After this event, Colin resolved to find a way to stop this from happening again. So he went back to the Wastelands, trying to find a way for himself to utilize his Rapido Avaces intelligently. Ultimately, his pools of energy would not deteriorate with time; if he could just find a way to ensure his body remained as sharp as it was at its prime, then he would not need to worry about maintaining itself.

Ultimately, he found a way that worked. But it came at a cost; Colin's eyes were badly damaged, and his body sometimes feels stunted when he is not within one of his release states.

Not long afterward, the Lux Orior proper was formed. As of now, Colin has not yet made known his public stance on how he wishes to work with the organization. When asked, Colin simply replied 'If we're doing this for the future, then I'll find my own way to contribute.'

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Impact Durability: During his training, he became REPEATEDLY slammed with large objects, both with explosions and with just FALLING onto rocks. Forcefully. This has made his natural body more resistant to impact damage in general, so something like being punched through a building wouldn't affect him as much. Colin's overall durability, however, is not that impressive for someone of his general energy and skill level. He is able to take a decent number of hits, yes, but he much prefers to dodge and evade incoming attacks, using his observations, foresight, and instincts to utilize his speed and make it so that he does not have to take hits in the first place.

Near-Peerless Natural Speed
Colin and his speed are well known. Moving at high speeds, using shunpo and his own body's movement, all of these things are easy as pie for the Eagle God. For a further discussion of how he utilizes and weaponizes his speed, look no further than his development of Rapido Avaces. There are very few people who can keep up with the Eagle God in terms of raw speed, and he is more than used to people trying to.

Colin is a master marksman, both with the use of his energy with Cero and Bala and his rifle/pistol. He can hit a target under the most stressful of circumstances with little thought; he is also able to take in multiple factors into consideration when performing these attacks, using his foresight to have a general idea of what he needs to do to make his attacks hit. This level of skill was developed along with his speed, and combining the two can make for a devastating amount of targeted damage.

Colin's level of reactions are of a legendary quality. It is extremely, extremely difficult for someone or something to get the drop on him. He is aware of everything around his body essentially at all times; this is, more than anything else, what has contributed to the damage his eyesight has suffered up to this point. His combination of Rapido Avaces and his reactions make it difficult to land a solid hit on the man, and can lead to a frustrating experience overall if he does not desire to be hit.

Colin is a master swordsman. He is used to dealing with opponents in close quarters combat, and is extremely confident in his use of a blade. His swordsmanship is a tad uncommon, however, in that he has trained himself to be a master of his Featherblades, which operate quite differently from a normal sword. Colin is also aware of how to use the unique property of his blade and feathers to his advantage, and is comfortable wielding one, two, or even more swords.

Inability to Deteriorate in Skill
Because of the power of his Rapido Avaces, Colin is able to forcibly choose how effective his body is in combat. What this means is that Colin is still able to call upon the same level of skill and power despite not training at all, or much less than before, when he was at the peak of his skill. His apathy toward his training was developed in this way; once he had figured out how to keep himself balanced with his abilities in this manner, he became convinced that there was no downside like he was feeling before, when his Inner Hollow was making him ill. However, that is not to say that this does not have any ill effects.

Damaged Optic Nerve
While Colin is not using at least the power of his Shikai and Mask together, or his Bankai, or Rumble Mode, his eyes are not able to properly keep up with his surroundings. The optic nerve itself is bizarrely damaged in such a way that acts like a 'limiter' of sorts. While Colin is not releasing enough power, or rather, is not manipulating a significant amount of power within his body, this damaging limiter is placed on his eye socket. For Colin, this is simply a fact of life that he has come to accept. The glasses that he wears allows for him to use his eyes mostly normally, but there are times where his eyesight worsens, particularly when he is feeling stressed, and this causes the entire world to blur in front of him as though he has an astigmatism. If he actually loses his glasses, his eyes will appear to rapidly dash back and forth from the Rapido Avaces within him, much faster than human eyes should typically be able to.

Battle Experience
Colin has copious amounts of battle experience. He has gone toe to toe with such figures as Stefan Soan and Mana, among a host of others. He has a large amount of battle experience, fighting in both cramped and open areas. This level of battle experience contributes to his reflexes and gives him a bit of an 'instinct' on what an enemy might do during a battle. Of course, this level of experience does not make him psychic, and the best way to land a proper hit on Colin is to cause his foresight to be incorrect before he has time to adjust. Due to the way he fights, Colin depends strongly on this battle experience to keep him safe from harm, and therefore has developed it much more than his natural defenses.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:
General Vizard Ability Access
Due to the union of his Inner Hollow, Zanpakuto Spirit, and himself, Colin is able to utilize most of his Inner Hollow's mask abilities to a weaker extent while he is not wearing it. This means that the benefits and bonuses of his Inner Hollow are passively available to him. He can use bala and cero, as well as garganta, without needing to don his mask or enter into his Ressercion.

Colin is highly skilled in the use of his cero and bala. While he has not dedicated time toward customizing them an extreme amount, his Cero and Bala do have a unique effect on them; when they come into contact with a target, they do not typically 'explode' unless Colin wishes them to. Rather, they 'cut' along their edges, severing and slashing at whatever they impact into. This can be difficult to understand when a target is hit point-blank; when this happens, the energy thins itself out, becoming shaped like a blade as it runs off of the target and uses the edges of itself to cut into them. This also means that Colin tends to not release all of his energy in an explosive manner; rather, he shoots of targeted beams or several shots of his Cero.

Customized Pistol
Colin can carry a special pistol. This pistol is something that he is able to craft out of his energy, and while it does not take much energy to do, he does not appear to be able to create more than one at a time. He typically creates this weapon in the shape of a revolver with six shots. This construct is actually created from a combination of his own energy, his hollow's, and a special configuration that has been made to his Cybermind. For most people, this would be a simple piece of equipment, but for Colin it is far more than that.

Due to the connection with his Cybermind, the Pistol is able to 'correct' for Colin's bad eyesight. While Colin is looking down the barrel of the gun, he is able to clearly see his target, which allows for him to interact with the world around him and defend himself to some degree when he does not have one of his release states active.

Now, as for what the Pistol actually does. Colin's pistol is able to fire off Bala and Cero, for the most part. The Bala it shoots can have Colin's special cutting trait added to them, or behave like solid bullets, and the only way he is able to manipulate the energy released by the pistol after it has been shot is by applying his Rapido Avaces to it to curve or otherwise move the shot. While Colin has never fired off enough at once to be able to reach his theoretical limit, the weapon itself would shatter if he attempted to shoot more than two hundred of the small energy attacks at a time, literally slicing itself into pieces from trying to contain the 'sharp' energy.

Perhaps the most important thing to note about this pistol is its raw range; Colin is easily able to fire at multiple targets throughout the radius of a city with this weapon, his Cybermind's enhanced targeting allowing for him to make incredibly accurate shots with it. However, if he is using the pistol at this type of distance, he has to focus himself to the point where he cannot loose more than six shots at a time. He must manually reload the chamber of the gun after each set of shots, replenishing the energy within his weapon. These shots also tire him significantly more than his traditional ones; it would burn him out for a post if he were to fire more than 5 clips within a single post with this weapon.

Wind Manipulation
This manipulation of wind is a cross section of influences from Colin himself as well as his two spirits. He is a master of using the wind, effortlessly able to dash about along its breezes, producing gusts or even blades of wind to rend into his opponents or himself. This level of manipulation rises rapidly as his general level of energy at his disposal does, but even while standing completely still Colin is able to gather up enough wind to produce a miniature hurricane near his body.

Perhaps the most dangerous demonstration of this ability is that Colin can draw a significant amount of wind into his own hands within a matter of moments, shaping the air and then blasting it outward hard enough to dent steel. Naturally, that steel would have to be relatively close to himself; wind as an element is not that destructive in such small quantities. However, Colin's damaged eyesight in his sealed state can make this difficult to properly accomplish, meaning that he is more likely to use less damaging but more wide-area wind-based attacks.

I. Rapido Avaces

» Rapido Avaces (Quick Bird): This is a natural speed-altering ability of Colin's, although depending on the form he is in, he has more energy to use in it, allowing him to use it more effectively. His wind energy runs through his limbs, or any other body part, manipulating the muscle as well as the blood flow around that body part. By the movement, he is able to vastly increase the speed of the effected limb, increasing its general speed and moving faster until the energy he is placing into it is decreased. In sealed while using this, he could throw a punch that easily reaches 500 mph as it shoots outwards, although it wouldn't be as accurate as when in other forms where he has more control over his energy and his speed.

In sealed, however, it does take a moderate amount of energy to maintain, so he couldn't just keep spamming it for 2 posts with a Gatling Gun of punches in sealed. However, because it only affects one part of his body, he can achieve higher speeds due to the fact he isn't manipulating his entire body. He CAN manipulate his entire body with this technique, but doing so only increases his body's overall speed by about 40%, so he doesn't use it all that much. It doesn't take much to place the energy into different limbs/parts of his body, but doing so isn't instantaneous. For example, he could dodge a moderate attack by placing the energy in the muscles in his neck and throwing his head to the right to dodge a spear flying straight at it. Or, in shikai, for example, he could bend his head, place energy into his elbow to bend the arm up, grab the spear, push a bit more energy into his legs, flip around and throw the spear back at the opponent in one fell swoop.

When it gets to Resserecion, he cannot use Rapido Avaces on his sword or his wings or feathers, as they are controlled by his zanpaktou or his hollow. Basically, he can only affect his body parts, so when he runs out of energy, he can no longer use it. However, should he put too much energy into one body part to increase its speed too much, he can accidentally burn out that part for a post, making himself unable to fill it with his energy again.

» First Technique: Feather Marble/RA Bomb:
This is a quite simple technique that Colin has developed, but one that can also have devastating effects on what it makes contact with. In appearance, it takes the form of either a green, very light blue, or dark blue, depending on what energy Colin is using for it. If he is using his zanpaktou’s energy, it turns the same shade of green as his feathers. If he is using the wind around him, it takes on the very light blue hue. If he uses his hollows energy/cero-energy, it takes on a dark blue shape. It will normally start out the size of a large baseball in Colin’s hand, but from there, can change in a number of ways.

» How it forms:
The ability of Rapido Avaces is to transform Colin’s energy into raw speed for the limb where the energy is located at. This means that he can even increase the speed of his hands and fingers as well, even for delicate precision. Now, after he has selected the source of energy from which he is going to make the Sphere, his hand(s) that he is using begins to give off a faint aura of that color. Then, he floods the energy that he is using into the hand lined with the same energy, preventing it from damaging him as the energy over the hand acts as a shield. From here, he places energy into his hand, using Rapido Avaces, greatly increasing the speed of his hands. From there, he uses his own control over the energy and his high perception level due to his cyber-eyes, knocking around the energy.

It may seem like chaos; but, in reality, he is perfectly balancing the forces, moving them around at such a speed that they begin to balance themselves out, becoming the sphere of energy that he holds in his hand. This, however, is only the appearance. In reality, the forces are just so balanced within that space that they are flowing around themselves, and only react when their shell is broken. However, the level of energy he is able to insert in them varies greatly, depending on what source he is using and his own state. For the Green sphere of his Zanpakto, it doesn’t have much energy in it in sealed. In Shikai it is able to hold a moderate amount of energy, and in Bankai it is able to contain a reasonably large amount. For his hollow’s energy, while he has it sealed away, it is fairly weak, but possible, to create a Feather Marble from its energy. It creates a fairly decent Feather Marble when the mask is drawn, and is able to reach its maximum amount of “pure” Feather Marble (Will go into farther down). For his wind, it has the benefit of being able to create anywhere from a small to a very large Feather Marble, but it depends on how much time that Colin has to prepare for it, as it has the longest amount of time needed to charge to create the attack.

Once the Feather Marble has finished being creative, it can take several paths.

» Melee Path: In this form of the attack, Colin strikes with the Feather Marble, pushing it onto an opponent. It explodes outwards from his palm in a large sphere encircling the opponent, the energy trying to keep its balance as it begins entering into chaos. As it does so, it will either slice the opponent with the wind, feeling like swords constantly moving across the body, or burn them with the energy of Colin’s zanpakto or hollow, similar to being in pool when a warm current goes by. However, there is no water, and it is an EXTREMELY warm current. The radius and strength of the attack are determined by the amount of energy within the Feather Marble. The greatest advantage of this attack is that it cannot simply be dodged by moving out of the way, as it is a melee attack.

» Speed Path: In this path, Colin simply throws the Feather Marble. However, this is no normal toss. He pushes his hand forwards, manipulating the forces within the Feather Marble to shoot it forwards at a rapid pace. There are then two things that it will do from there. One, if it hits a surface and its field is shattered, it will break apart and have the same effect as making contact in Melee form. Two, Colin can time a certain wave of energy within the Feather Marble, making it detonate at an approximated point all around like in Melee form, trying to catch in the enemy and do damage.

» Force Path: Colin can attempt to overcharge the Feather Marble, causing it to swell up immensely in size. This makes it so that it acts like when it explodes, but being held in Colin’s hand and constantly getting larger, but at a moderate pace. While this has great power, it also has great disadvantages. Because of its sheer size, it takes quite a lot of energy to create and focus to maintain, more than normal. It is also quite slow, due to its mass. However, should it actually be broken by a force and explode, it will take out a good sized radius all around it, including Colin. That’s why it is quite dangerous to use. It can also, technically, be thrown from the sky onto the ground, gravity affecting it and speeding it up as it hits, creating a large explosion of either cutting or burning, depending on its energy.

» “Mix”: Colin can also attempt to try and combine his available energies. He can fuse them with Zanpakto+Wind, Zanpakto+Hollow, or Hollow+Wind. For Zanpakto and Hollow being added with wind, there is a 50 percent chance of success. When this is used properly, it makes the attack more potent, making it feel like burning blades are constantly being pushed on the opponent in the explosion. However, for Zanpakto+Hollow, there is only a 30 percent chance of success. This is due to the opposing natures of his Zanpakto and Hollow, and they will only mix if Colin forces them to. When he mixes Zanpakto and Hollow together, the explosion size and the rate at which it enlarges exponentially; between 2 and 3 hundred percent higher than it was before. If he places all his energy while in joint Ress and Bankai, the mass of power would be large enough to destroy many city blocks.

» Second Technique: Breaking Point
Forming a very small RA Bomb on the tip of his finger, he then wraps energy around it, maintaining it in that shape until it hits a solid object. When it does, it will do one of two things. Firstly, it will mess with how that object was created, its very "Structure." For example, if he stabbed his finger into a boulder, it would crack everywhere, shattering and exploding outwards from where he had impacted, hitting its "Breaking Point." However, if it hits something that has special energy of its own, unnatural energy, then it will merely act like a miniature RA Bomb, exploding a very small amount. It takes very little energy to perform but quite a bit of focus to find the breaking point.

» Cooperation: During his training, his spirits also came together. No longer does he need to force them to do anything, as they now work together, despite their differences. They have, for a better word, "Sync'd." So, they are able to communicate at will, as well as discuss and advise him freely, both of them desiring Colin's best interests.

» Master Rapido Avaces Control: His Rapido Avaces skills have reached what appears to be a pinnacle: he is able to manipulate it effortlessly, as well as it generally working at peak efficiency, under all but the most extremely stressful circumstances, making him an master-level user of Rapido Avaces.

» Master of Rapido Avaces:
At this point, Colin's skill with Rapido Avaces would be difficult for even one of his students to parallel. The number of techniques he has managed to develop all on his own, the level of intensity which he can manipulate his energy, and especially the demonstration of Rumble Mode all display how far Colin has come in his development of the technique. It is his Magnum Opus in several ways; and while Colin would like to eventually be surpassed in his ability of it, it seems that he will have to wait for another day to have that happen.

I. Rumble Mode

» Rumble Avaces Appearance

Now, this is a form that can ONLY be activated by use of Rumble Avaces, the energy around Colin which allows him to slow down or speed up his target. Essentially, this effect occurs when Colin has dragged in more wind energy then his body is supposed to be able to maintain, overloading his body from the massive amount of energy. This massive collection of energy begins to affect his body, and changes his basic appearance.

His hair shortens, the tips of it cut and made extremely thin, and changes to the Green color of his energy like when he enters bankai. His clothing is shredded and formed into a thin cloak that covers his torso, in addition to his pants becoming relaxed like pajamas. For such a form, his energy output is a grand total of… zero. This form gives out no energy, or battle prowess, or ANYTHING.

» Rumble Avaces Abilities
Basically, Rumble Mode is when Colin begins to truly draw in the outside power of his environment and send it into one thing. That's what it truly comes down to, although the specifics are a bit more picky then that general area. For example, he can only use momentum or wind-based attacks as fuel for this technique.

Essentially, this technique allows Colin to manipulate the momentum of things surrounding him. Everything within his spiritual pressure, whether it’s a person, a thing, or even a process, he can speed it up using this ability. Now how exactly does this work?

Well, in the time that Colin has used Rapido Avaces, he has come to the understanding of how the very concept of momentum works, this concept that has been a part of his life more then anything else. This might also be called his Concept Control. His mind has become able to simultaneously read the momentum and basic speeds of everything in a two hundred radius around himself, a full control around his body that he watches at all times.

However, now, Colin is able to apply the fact of Rapido Avaces to other things. He calls this the Rumble Mode of Rapido Avaces, because it allows for a variety of things. It has two modes, one mode for slowing and another for acceleration, which he can alternate between at any time he desires.

When he is accelerating, his target begins to move wherever their current momentum at a variable speed faster, a speed which Colin is able to determine. This can have a variety of affects, whether it results in them over shooting, or possibly accidentally slamming into something, or otherwise throw them in a way that they aren't expecting. The energy for this is provided by Colin himself, who runs his energy around the opponent in the direction that they are currently going. His energy flows around their body, causing them to move faster and accelerate beyond their normal speed. This principle can also be applied to objects and attacks as well, essentially anything which uses speed as a determinant.

When he is decelerating, the way the technique is quite different. The acceleration has to go somewhere, and where it goes is into Colin's body. Basically, his energy goes around the target just like when accelerating it; however, in this case, his energy begins to move backwards, causing the target to slow down exponentially. Resisting it can be very difficult, although Colin cannot bring the opponent down to a full stop. This is because of the fact that the movement requires some motion, meaning that without motion it cannot gain anything.

However, the force that it resists has to go somewhere, as generally it causes a massive amount of wind. When this happens, the very air itself around the target slows it down, but the wind has to go somewhere as it follows the path of the energy. So, where it goes is normally into Colin's feet. It can go into other parts of his body, but his feet are his favorite place for the wind to go, because of his highly durable boots.

Now, what exactly does this ability DO? Put simply, it makes the target slow down or speed up, the same linear way they were before, and just cause their acceleration to be decreased. This effect can easily be resisted by the thing going faster or attempting to dispel the energy around it, but this in itself is also very difficult. The energy is meant to make things grow faster, meaning that it will only make attempts to dispel it increase or decrease in its own speed, unable to touch the force that is causing the acceleration or deceleration that they are being influenced by.

Lack of Energy
In this form, Colin completely loses all of his passive energy, meaning that to anything which detects energy he registers as completely zero. However, this is truly because all of his energy has changed, becoming Rumble energy. Rumble energy cannot be simply detected, as the purpose of rumble energy is not to passively exist. This means that while Colin seems to have no energy whatsoever, because of what he has activated he truly has access to far more energy than normal. Rumble energy has to have this property so that Colin can still use his absorption abilities with Rumble Avaces ,which allows him to still draw in energy, and use it for any process that he desires.

Rumble Wave
Whoever, there is also another new things that Colin can do when he activates his Rumble Mode, and that is the Rumble Wave. Basically, this turns Colin's energy into a disruptive wave, which shoots out in front of it, activating all of its properties on anything that it touches. Basically, what Rumble energy does is dispel. Just like it dispels itself to make it possible for him to carry all of his energy within him, it can be used on things outside of himself.

Whenever his energy makes contact with a foreign object, it disperse things. First off, it dispels the realm which it has the absolute greatest amount of effect on; speed. This energy causes momentum that it touches when manipulated by Colin in this way to be completely dispelled, making it so that object loses ALL of its momentum. It can no longer move at all.

Then, the attack begins to disperse the second thing as its priority; anything which alters time and space. Essentially, it blows a restoring wind on any changes to reality, time itself, and space that it touches, restoring the thing touched to how it was deemed to be originally. This means that Colin can restore things that were altered beyond logical sense or restore things to how they should be as is deemed by reality and existence itself. This also means that Rumble energy is immune to changes in existence because of its own traits, and that his attacks made out of Rumble energy can't be altered in this way. However, this priority when used on other things is not very effective, meaning that it can fail a good amount of the time.

The third property, however, is rather strong. This is the property that clears away foreign intervention within the area of space and time itself. This means that it can blow away things like demon magic, soul sorcery, sugiuran magic and Kidō by coming into contact with it. These things are dispelled in its wake, and will often blow away physical objects as well and send them flying away. This trait also gives one single benefit to Colin; the Fact of No Caging.

Fact of No Caging
This is the true ability of Rumble form that Colin uses. Basically, when he has arrived into Rumble form, it becomes impossible for him to be caged. The definition of "caged" refers ONLY to Colin himself, and doesn't apply to damages made to himself or natural damage that is done to him which makes him unable to move. However, it DOES make it so that things such as limiting his senses, simply do not effect him. This also includes things like trying to slow him down, or seal him in a box. If he is no longer able to move within a space, then he will move through it, no matter what that thing is. This is because of Colin's conceptual being as an Eagle, of freedom; he cannot be caged in and that desire has spread to the Rumble energy that makes up his form.

This ability also applies to things which try to slow down Colin's attacks that he fuels but perhaps not powers with Rumble energy, which means that things lie his Cero cannot be absorbed because of the fact that that would involve them being added to an opponent and caged along with their own energy, which isn't possible, which means that his energy cannot be absorbed. In addition, the Rumble energy cannot be altered by anyone else either ,because as per the laws of its existence it does not exist for others to manipulate.

Finally, Colin cannot be emotionally bound while he is in this state. If he decides to do something, he will do it, no matter how much he might be raging over it. As long as he has the obligation to fulfill something, even if his dearly beloved were to be captured, he would perform his task, freed from his own emotions. He still has his personality ,and may hate what his body is doing and deeply regret it later, but at that point in time he is not caged by the feelings that he has towards something and will perform as he needs to in order to fulfill his goals.

Finally, the ability also makes it so that Colin himself can no longer lose to his hollow and his hollow gains an EXTREMELY profound trait. Colin cannot lose to his hollow any longer, since that would imply that Colin himself is trapped by the hollow. On the other hand, his hollow, and even his ZAPNAKTOU, gain the ability that they can no longer be caged inside of Colin. This means that they can choose to freely enter and exit his body as well, although they will not choose to as they are not used to this particular sensation. This is why his Hollow and Zanpaktou can still be used despite the fact that Colin's energy has turned into the traits of Rumble. They maintain the connection they have with Colin's body by choice ,and link with him in order to use their associated abilities.

At the end ,there should be a notice of why Rumble energy exists in the first place. Colin's concept means that his body would have to release all of its energy at once so that it would be free and not caged inside of him. However, because of Rumble, this is no longer the case, as the energy isn't IN him anymore, it simply EXISTS for him to manipulate, which is what makes it such a unique energy type.

God of the Air
Colin also truly comes into his own as a manipulator of air. Although this trait he has obtained passively even while not in this form, it is while in this form that its true power comes into observation. Around his body and for a large distance around himself, Colin has full control of the air. This means he can manipulate the air in this space in any way he desires, and use it to his own effects. This is because his spirit finally matches that of air, and he has a more perfect synchronicity with it then any other air user could hope to obtain, because of his Fact of No Caging.

This concept makes his body emulate the fact of air into a perfect form; Air is made up of molecules that have been freed and move about as they please with no limitations. Colin while in this form has nothing holding him back, being completely un-caged from everything that could limit him, and in spirit becomes one with the air. In body, on the other hand… Well, Colin can now move so fast that his body literally joins the air particles, making it so that he can no longer seen while using minimal effort.

Rumble King
There is also the reason he places the energy into his feet. The energy that goes around his feet solidifies, becoming the shape that is truly converting the energy, a large cone at the front of Colin's toes with two slots on the bottom of his feet, like he's wearing skates that someone took the wheels out of. These things around his feet act as Colin's new wings while in this form.

Now, there may be a question as to "why" as Colin still wears all of his wings when he goes into a form just like normal. However, these boots give the benefit of taking in ALL of the backdraft from what Colin does, including the wake of his own speed, collecting it and turning it into raw energy. These shoes are able to produce ANYTHING that Colin can normally, from his feathers, to cero, to making tornadoes, to developing a pair of wings, to creating a copy of Soringuiguru out of its tip, to sending out a burst of fire to self-cauterize, anything which Colin has these boots have, including a massive line on their outsides that looks like where it was sewn after a tear in reference to the scar that goes down the front of Colin's torso.



Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

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Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Sealed Sōringuīguru

» Zanpakutō Name:

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:
Soringuiguru is, at his heart, a mentor to Colin. The personality he has developed is a reflection of Colin's own father in a lot of ways. He is very patient with his charge, always trying to advise him and put him on the right path. While he may not always agree with Colin's ultimate decisions or hesitations, he does know that the man accepts his wisdom and encouragement whole-heartedly. There are, of course, times where they come at odds; but usually this is because of Colin's own reluctance toward performing an action that Soringuiguru believes would benefit his master.

When it comes to others, Soringuiguru is far more trusting than Colin is. He tends to be able to spot a person's strongest traits faster than his owner, and is more observant on personal matters in general. When it comes to the Inner Hollow, Soringuiguru has come to accept the nameless beast as a part of Colin's makeup; he views him like Colin does, as a tool to be used, but also as a partner that he needs to make sure he keeps a relationship with.

» Inner World:
The inner world of Colin's Zanpakutō is a mountain range. There are mountains as high as the eye can see, and it is impossible to reach their bottoms. Around the peaks of each mountain is a layer of snow. There is very sparse plant growth around the range, mostly in the form of lichens, or a pine tree here or there. The highest mountain in the range is the height of mount Everest, and the smallest is 3/4 the size of Everest.

Since the world is in the mountains, there is very thin oxygen. This makes it an ideal training ground for pushing yourself. The thinner the oxygen is, the more energy you use to move, so it helps people learn how to conserve their energy. The mountains also have virtually no cover from the wind, except for a few caves. This means that it is very easy to be frozen from wind chill and lack of heat.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers:
See Rapido Avaces for how Colin can utilize the energy of his zanpakuto in sealed state.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase:
Cut through the Skies, Sōringuīguru!

» Shikai Release Actions:
Colin simply needs to hold his blade and call out its name for it to respond to his call.

» Shikai Appearance:

When Colin enters shikai, feathers made of reiatsu about an inch wide and six inches long form down along his arms. The feathers are blue in color. There are 10 of them on each arm, and one in the center of his forehead. If that feather is removed, he is turned out of shikai. They are very sharp, as sharp as Colin's zanpakto, so he must be careful what they touch. His zanpakto changes into silver claws. The feathers are located on the outside of his arms so he doesn't cut himself. In addition, he gains a pair of wings on his back; these wings are made up of bright green feathers, extend to about 5 feet from his back, and have 120 feathers each; however, they cannot use shikai powers that require the ones on his arms.

» Shikai Abilities:

Eagle Shot: Colin places his arm in front of his face. If there is a feather down his field of vision, he can line it up with an enemy. The feather shoots out and tags the victim. It does this by cutting into them. Then, the energy released by the feather becoming uncapped shoots out, using the feather as a homing beacon. The blast has the same power as a cero of Colin's; which is quite am impressive blast.

The feather disperses once the blast finds it's target. The hairs of the feather are barbed, and hurt the target if they try to remove them. This move uses a little bit more power than a cero. He is unable to move during the time it takes to charge it. He can only fire one per post. It cannot be used if Colin has 3 or less feather's left.

Eagle Soul: By removing 4 of the feathers on his arm, Colin's body will heal itself of most major injuries. For example, if Colin's arm is nearly cut off, by using this, the skin around the arm would be melded together again. It is unable to heal anything worse than a severed limb on his body. There still must be connected skin for it to heal the injury. To use this causes a serious strain on Colin's mental health. If he uses it, he will feel waves of great pain that could cause him to nearly black out.

Colin is only able to use this ability once per thread. If he used it more than that, the mental strain would break his mind completely and his heart would stop beating from the stress. The effect activates as soon as he removes the feathers. Only after a post after the post with the initial activation will the stress fully fade. This ability is a last resort, and he should only use it as such. It cannot be used if he has 6 feathers or less on his arms.

Green Swordfish Slash: Colin claps both hands, with claws equipped, above his head. When he is ready, he swings down, creating a construct of explosive reiatsu. It takes on the form and shape of a normal adult swordfish, emerald in color. The swordfish is able to cover 30 feet in 1 second, with a maximum range of 200 feet. It has a small homing ability that allows it to move 13 feet in any direction once it gets within 5 feet of its target, and it will follow the target for those thirteen feet thirteen feet, before it makes a beeline to the ground or a solid surface to explode. When it hits something solid it explodes, in a sphere of reiatsu with a diameter of 10 feet. It can be negated by a reiatsu attack of equal or more power. It is a moderate range attack that can be used 3-4 times per thread, depending on how much power Colin puts into the attack. It can only be used once per post.

Flight of the Eagle God: Colin's new emerald wings allow him to fly at flash-step speeds, but only if they are in wing mode. He must have all his bankai feathers on his back to fly. In addition, whenever he flaps his wings, his entire body's speed is increased by 48%.

Feather Cloud of the Eagle God: The left, right, or both wings cut off from Colin's body, the feathers losing their shape and swarming. Each feather has the sharpness of a zanpakto. The feathers themselves are extremely fast, but the cloud is moderate speed.

Wind Blade of the Eagle God: Colin holds his palms out straight in front of him. From directly in front of him emerges a cross shaped wave of pure reiatsu, as invisible and fast as the wind. It can be detected if the target senses reiatsu well, and can also be used up to negate energy slashes of people Colin's teir or lower, up to tier 0-4.

Razor-Wings of the Eagle God: Each of Colin's feathers has the sharpness of a blade. So his wings are similar to multi pointed blades, and he has to be careful what they touch. If a feather draws blood while it is attached to Colin's body, that feather turns brown. This does not effect what the feather can do.

Feather Katana of the Eagle God: The right or left wing merges with the feather cloud, or both wings merge behind Colin's back. They condense and form a blade, the hilt being the only part that cannot cut. When the sword is slashed, the feathers form a chain, one after another, at a very high speed. The chain shoots out and can reach up to 50 yards away. To fully extend takes 1 second. To reach 10-50 feet happens nearly instantly. Any brown feathers are automatically pushed up to the tip of the blade. This still does not affect what they can do.

Floating Blade of the Eagle God: If the feather katana is knocked out of Colin's hands or he drops it, the blade will act as an advanced level weapon skill and defend Colin. This skill works until the sword is brought back into Colin's hands, if the feathers are removed from the shape of the Katana, or if Colin dies.

Eagle God's Shield: The feathers disperse from their current shape and pierce Colin's body with their roots. This does cause a small amount of pain to Colin but not much, as the roots are the dullest part of the feathers. The feathers then spread out act as reiatsu conductors, creating a barrier around Colin's body. The only place they cannot cover is his feet, which cannot lift off the ground while the feathers are off his back. Even pterodactyl flight is unusable if Colin wants to use this effect, as it cannot be activated unless his feet are touching ground. The barrier can be broken by a high power reiatsu attack by anyone of at least 2 tier. Most regular weapons are useless against it. However, if someone strong enough, about at least a tier higher than Colin, they could break his shield with their weapon. He can only use the shield for 3 of his posts after activation. It can only be used once per thread. If used in Bankai, the other wings are able to move through it, due to being feathers.

Slicing Feather Bomb of the Eagle God: Colin holds his hand straight out, curving his fingers. 30 feathers condense in front of his palm, held together by his reiatsu. They are in the shape of a sphere, about the size of a baseball. Then he can make a chain of feathers similar to how the katana works, being able to extend, with another 30 feathers, in his other hand, and attach it to the sphere. When the sphere comes into contact with something other than Colin's body, the reiatsu hold breaks, and the feathers shoot out in all directions. They slice whatever they come into contact with.

Air Dodge of the Eagle God: Colin can use his reiatsu to act like a breath of wind on his own body when he is in the air. The wind will move his body up to ten feet, allowing a small dodge while in the air. This cannot be used if pterodactyl flight has been activated. The wind only effects Colin's own body, and if he is touching something not part of him or his powers other than Windscar or his own clothing/weapons, it has no effect.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name:
Hirogeta tsubasa Sōringuīguru. [Extended Wings]

» Bankai Release Phrase:
Claws and Blade tearing through the air, Hirogeta tsubasa Sōringuīguru.

» Bankai Release Actions:
Typically, Colin's Bankai is utilized by his body widening its wings completely, allowing for the release of his Bankai to occur without distraction.

» Bankai Appearance:

His green feathers on his arms stays, but he loses the one on his forehead. The wings on his back cannot be used to activate his shikai powers. His eyes also change to becoming green colored. His hair appears to gain emerald highlights as well. In addition, above and below the pair of wings he already has, three more pairs of wings spurt out. One is just above his body, and are quite narrow, facing upwards. The ones immediately below his normal ones by 2 inches face downwards, and form a straight line with their tops when flat. The bottom ones, which are at the base of his spine, mirror the ones on top; so in total, he now has 8 wings, each with 120 feathers each. In addition, although it has no effects and is simply like a light, a bright green halo of energy shoots out of his skull, staying suspended a foot off of his head.

Colin develops a headdress made of reiatsu on the back of his head. He also can create a bow made out of feathers to use against his enemies at a distance, OR keep the feather blade/wings. He can use his Shikai feathers as well in this form. The feathers can either form on the feet or the hands, giving emphasis on speed or power. The headdress has 50 feathers in it, the feet/hands have 50, and the bow is made of the feathers on his back.

» Bankai Abilities:

Greatly Enhanced Speed: In this form, each of his wing flapping increases his speed by six times; so, even without Rapido Avaces, his body can reach over four thousand miles per hour. To make up for this, his body has very little wind resistance, and his skin becomes tougher as a result, resistant to most small attacks.

Greatly Enhanced Focus: His focus is so high in this state that he can flap all eight of his wings perfectly at any time so that the rest of his body does not move at all; he will always seem to merely float in the air. This has a number of uses, from being able to react just enough to attacks, to striking with precision, to noticing several things going on around him at once, etc.

Eight Wings: In addition, his wings are able to do anything that his Shikai ones could; but, for example, he could create four feather katanas; or, alternatively, he could create a feather katana or two and still maintain his flight and high speed. If he activates a feather barrier, his wings can move right through it. So, this form is essentially a build on to his Shikai; and his greatest Bankai change is when he goes into its second level, The Chief.

The Wind Tunnel of the True Eagle God: Colin must calm his entire body, ignoring all pain and distractions. After a post of charging, he slowly opens his eyes, moving his hands in front of his face, letting his hands droop like weights. Then he straightens his arms up and out, with an exhale of breath. All still in the same motion he claps his hands together, releasing a great cloud of breath. From in front of his body shoots out three great tendrils of explosive reiatsu, emerald in color. From there one tendril shoots straight out, and the other two revolve around it. The entire thing is about 10 feet in diameter. This ability is very powerful, and can only be used up to twice per thread, with a six of Colin's posts cool down.

Afterimaging: Colin can use his great speed to create an after image of himself. He can create one after image with a post for it too cool down. It can only be used three times per thread. It creates an illusion to distract the enemy and believe the have hit Colin when he has really dodged. The afterimage cannot fool someone of equal or higher tier to Colin, and he cannot use it if he is weighed down by anything.

Feather Slicing: Colin can manipulate individual feathers, moving them about how he pleases when he has his mask on. He can then stiffen all the feathers, pointing them directly at his opponent. Then, he throws down his right hand, and all the feathers move straight down. From them are generated a slash of reiatsu capable of cutting steel. Each slash moves at about 70 miles per hour and are about 3 feet long. Colin is able to fire them all at once one time per post with a cool down of 2-3 posts, depending on how exhausted he is.

Wind Jets: His feathers are able to all turn horizontal, and his total speed is increased by 8 times, as his feathers spend his zanpaktou's reiatsu in order to shoot the eagle god flying forwards. However, in order to change directions, he has to make a full stop and wait a few moments, so he typically only uses this form of them for escape. In addition, as soon as they change, the sound barrier is almost instantly broken from him shooting off, so it is quite obvious when he uses them.

The Arrows: Colin’s bow is made up of about 30 of the feathers on his back. He can utilize 10 feathers from any part of his bodies and place them in a single arrow. Each arrow can have one of 3 effects. He can have 3 arrows notched at one time. The arrows return a post after being fired.

First, Explosive: The arrows all have an explosive quality of Colin’s reiatsu. Each one is about 10 feet in diameter in explosive power as it flies.

Second, Sky Shot Arrows: Colin shoots one arrow into the sky, and down on the enemy rains 10 of his feathers made into the shape of arrows. His feathers return to him quickly after being fired for ALL his arrows.

Third, Transportation: He can create an arrow with a flat surface that is able to be stood on. He fires it, and it charges up momentum for 5 seconds for Colin or another person to jump on it. The reiatsu of the person seals them onto the arrow, and when the five seconds are up, it fires. It’s like a rocket, flying out from the built up energy. When the person desires to jump off the person’s reiatsu releases from the arrow, dropping them at their destination. Then the arrow returns to Colin, wherever he is.

BOOM fist/BOOM kick: When Colin has his hands/feet covered in feathers and attacks an enemy with his hand, it creates a small explosion were he touches them. This is a passive effect and is activated when Colin makes physical contact with his feet or fists covered in feathers.

Finale Shot: He can fire up to 1/2 of the reiatsu left in his second Bankai level all in one shot from his bow. It flies out at 50 m/s and its size depends on how much reiatsu he has placed within it. He can only fire the shot once per thread.



Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

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Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name:
City-Face [Colin would rather refer to him as 'Nameless Hollow', though.]

» Inner Hollow Description:

Original Apperance:

» Inner Hollow Personality:
Colin's inner hollow is cheerfully insane. It would laugh and laugh at the same time it was removing your leg from your body as you were chained in a torture chair. It loves to trick people. It's favorite activity is causing a stir with the exactly right amount of incorrect information. It talks in riddles due to its insanity. It is impossible to get any kind of truth from it.

However, the Inner Hollow has changed over time. While previously it was constantly focused on sadism and its own self-interest, it has come to realize that it 'belongs' to Colin, that it is as much as a part of him as he is a part of it. Therefore, the Hollow now considers Colin as one of his 'possessions', but this relationship goes both ways; he believes he should be able to depend on Colin. When Colin does not show that same level of care, of being willing to depend on his Inner Hollow, it becomes upset, and this may cause for some issues between Colin and his Nameless Hollow. The Hollow is still sadistic, but it usually tries to implement these moments of sadism toward Colin's own ends, and he has no problem helping his host out in any manner requested of him.

» Inner Hollow Powers:

The Hollow's claws are the most potent weapon that it has. These claws are incredibly sharp, able to rip and tear anything they come into contact with. The sharp nature of these claws also extends into its wings; each of the feathers upon its wings are like small blades, able to rip at and tear into whatever they come into contact with, or at least make an honest attempt to.

The claws, and feathers, are also able to rotate in place, like a drill, trying to further damage or destroy whatever it is that they have come into contact with.

The hollow is able to emit a powerful screech, that is often accompanied by a stunning effect. Those affected by the screech will find their bodies a bit more difficult to move than they normally would. Obviously, this ability is affected by how strong the recipient of the screech is, and how much energy the Hollow has put into its screeching. The Hollow would only be able to continue this screech for up to a post's length before needing to stop to rest for another post.

Incredible Durability
The Hollow's skin is hard as rock. Touching it feels like rubbing one's hand against a stone on the side of a mountain. Furthermore, the durability that the hollow maintains causes most cutting-based attacks made against it to have a much more difficult time penetrating its armor. Even when the flesh is broken or shattered, the Hollow does not bleed; it will continue to simply keep going with the holes or damage still showing on its skin where it was broken into.

Gravity Nullification
Colin's inner hollow does have wings, but it does not use its wings to fly. The wings are considered weapons. Instead, the Hollow enables and disables its ability to be affected by gravity, using this localized manipulation of its own gravity to move about the air as it pleases.

Rapido Avaces User
Colin's Inner Hollow is aware of how to use Rapido Avaces toward its own ends. It can manipulate its own energy to speed itself up, or slow itself down. It does not have the custom uses of Rapido Avaces that Colin himself has developed available; but it can use the basic versions of the technique as it pleases.

» Hollow Mask Appearance:

Colin's mask is blue colored. The eye-holes have yellow paint around them out to an inch away from the holes. The mouth is a beak that protrudes out 2 inches from the rest of the mask. The mask also has greenish-blue feathers on the right and left sides. There are 4 feathers on each side. The mask also has thin red lines going straight up from the edge of the eye holes.

» Vizard Powers:

Strength and Durability Increase
Colin's durability and general strength rise considerably once his mask has been donned, becoming nearly 60% stronger from the act. He becomes able to deal with strain on his body better, and while his skin does not change its texture or basic functionality, it does gain a layer of 'defense' around it similar to that of an Arrancar's Hierro, making it more difficult for enemies to penetrate. He does not gain any particular bonuses dealing with blunt-force attacks, however.

General Sharpness Increase
Whatever weapon Colin is utilizing while his mask is donned is considerably sharpened by the influence of his hollow mask. The already sharp weapons of Colin Washi become up to doubly so, almost making it feel as if two of the weapon are tearing into his opponents when he strikes them. This sharpness increase applies for more than just physical damage, however. Due to the field of tearing energy that it applies to the weapons, it is also possible for Colin to cut through certain energy attacks that are not constructed in a durable way. However, after doing this, the energy field around his weapon will be considerably dropped from this effect, for up to a post afterward, depending on the size of the attack dispersed and whether or not Colin is in his Ressercion.

Gravity Nullification
Colin is able to use the energy from his hollow in a similar manner to his hollow; using it to make himself virtually weightless in the air. However, it only appears this way because Colin is utilizing his hollow's reaitsu to create an invisible field around his skin that lightens his body. Therefore, any attacks made against him would still apply as if they were done to his normal body weight, as getting hit is usually enough to cause him to lose his concentration and therefore lose the ability to maintain this state. Similarly, the field around his skin is unable to make anything other than Colin himself weightless. However, it is possible for him to recreate the field on his body after getting hit and recovering enough to focus before hitting the ground.

Airwave: If he is in the air, Colin may use his weapon to charge up the hollow’s reiatsu. He can charge this reiatsu for up to a post in length; the more he focuses on charging it, the more powerful the end result. If he is using his claws or Featherblade, he may charge them. When he fires it, a wave of pure reiatsu shoots out, its only noise coming from the fact it is splitting the air. It attempts to cut through anything in its path. If it ran into a block of cement, what looks like paper cement scraps would be the final result of the block being impacted. The wave's shape and side are determined by Colin and the amount of energy used. It looks like nothing more than a heat wave, so his enemies should look out if they suddenly see heat and hear air splitting. If utilized at max power, it takes 1 post for it to cool down enough for him to use it again.

I. Resurrección

[NOTE: This form is for 0-3 and up. Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Resurrección Release Phrase:

» Resurrección Release Actions:
Explained in appearance.

» Resurrección Appearance:
From Colin's mask fires a translucent blue sapphire sphere that goes around Colin's entire body. Then it pushes in on him, moving on his body. It fires off a burst that takes out a 200 foot radius with slicing reiatsu, completely destroying and wasting away everything in the area. When Colin emerges, his body structure is still exactly the same. However, he is very different looking. For a start, his body appears to be cloaked all on his skin by light blue feathers. They are all blue, since his Bankai feathers have been forced into sword mode. Under the cloak his skin is like rock, his body emerald coated all around his thin body.

» Resurrección Abilities:

Greatly Enhanced Speed: The hollows power and the power in the blue feathers energy is constantly moving and giving Colin momentum whenever he needs it. His entire body is now able to move at a clocked speed of 450-500 mph. He is this fast due to the fact that his body was already made weightless by his mask, and then he gains more energy from his Ress to place into speed.

The Wings: Colin’s Ress wings are an improved model of the original, acting and being controlled by the hollow in whatever way Colin wishes, allowing him to focus on attack. Feather tendrils do not extend from his wings, as there is no need, since Colin’s cloak is able to do this from all sides of his body. They are much more powerful than Colin’s Bankai wings, and move at higher speeds.

Enhanced Strength: Colin’s hollow is extremely destructive. It enjoys destroying things and torture. As a result, it is fairly powerful, and will destroy anything in its path. So Colin’s Ress also is fairly destructive as well.

Skin: Colin's skin is strong enough to resist his fairly strong attacks, giving him a source of defense. It is very tight, having no fat. If it is cut, it will not bleed, since it would be similar to cutting stone. It weighs 100 pounds more on his small body, giving him a small about of hindrance.

The Blue Feathers: The blue feathers are able to cut the enemy like a sword, like his zanpakto. If he blocked someone’s attack with his feather coated arm, it would be similar to striking a small wall of jagged swords. The feather's in Ress are also adaptable and can be used for several things. Colin has 550 feathers total in his cloak, and a hood with 25 feathers that make it up. His wings are made of 120 each, as they are twice the size of his Bankai wings.

Pterodactyl Cry: Colin can produce the cry of his hollow, creating a high pitched screech. In his Ress, it is three times as loud, and can temporarily deafen the target and people around them. The recipient of the cry must have quite some strength or resistance in their ear to prevent going totally deaf for 2 posts. This is typically used as a stealth move by Colin, when the enemy least expects it.

Feather Clones: The blue feathers can gather together and change colors, looking like parts of Colin’s body. For example, 10 of the feather’s on his cloak could gather together to make a hand, and the feather’s energy could be used by the hand. His entire cloak can make 2 exact replicas, each with their own reiatsu. However, they cannot speak, and do not have Colin’s equipment or the feather Blade. They also are unable to use some of his powers that take feathers to activate. However, they are corporeal and regenerate themselves, being able to remain in the shape for 2 posts before returning to Colin’s body to cool off for 4 posts from the stress of holding a form. The feathers themselves cannot be used in another structure for 2 posts. If one of the clones is attacked, the feathers simply blow around the attack, unless they are blown away by a moderate-large energy attack. If this happens, they can reform completely one time before returning to Colin’s body. If this happens, they have a total cool down of 5 posts. They are controlled by Colin’s mind, and he can see through their eyes as well as his own. He can also send them information mentally, giving them the benefit of his enhanced sight and hearing.

Blazing Blue Blade: The feather’s on his body (Not his hood or the wings) gather on his palm and move outwards, creating a structure capable of slashing, since it becomes a blade that ends in a point. It can be used in a variety of ways. He can manipulate the 550 feathers with his mind, shooting them however he wants in different directions, connected to each other by the other feathers (tendrils), with their source being the blade.

Feather Cloak: He can also manipulate the cloak to act like a feather sword, shooting out tendrils of feathers by will. It also has a minor defensive mechanism that can create one tendril behind Colin that defends him from slow speed attacks. It also provides a moderate form defense, as it literally is a spiked coat. It weighs nothing to Colin, as his feathers are formed from his mask, which grants him anti-gravity. If his ally wears it and he approves, it will grant them the anti-gravity as well. But Colin is still controlling it with his mind, still being able to manipulate it. However, if someone else deemed an enemy by Colin tries to place it on for its bonuses, it will stab into their skin from all inside the cloak, turning them into a human shishkibob.

Feather Spears: Each one of Colin’s hood feather’s pair up and disperse from behind his head and become a straight line of spears behind him, level with his head. He releases a cry from his hollow, and the feather’s burst into flames. The cry also still activates the explosives as well as lighting up the feathers. The flame’s form and mold into spears, with a feather on the end of it, totally stiff. Each spear is about 4 feet long, and is manipulated by Colin’s mind. They are straight spears, and point in a line, although they have a full range of movement and can be turned at any point along the shaft by Colin’s mind. If they hit someone, the feather tip would slice them a bit while the flames behind burned them a bit. He can manipulate them all at once, due to his enhanced focus. (Unless he is manipulating clones as well.)

Spear Structure: Colin can create a cylindrical compound of reiatsu, about 15 feet long and 4 feet in diameter. From there, he guides all the spears shafts ends into the cylinder, creating what looks like a giant porcupine tree trunk. Colin’s hollow power rotates the whole structure, which weighs nearly nothing due to the effects of the feather’s lightness. As such, Colin can move it as quickly as if it was only one spear, and send it after his enemies, ripping and burning them to shreds if they cannot avoid it. However, it can only keep its shape for a single post, and he is unable to use the spears for 3 posts afterwards.

Pterodactyl Orb: Colin must first place reiatsu feathers all around his target. He can do this in a variety of ways. He also must factor in the opponents size when he performs this attack/seal. He can place the feathers all around the enemy in a wide variety of ways. He can sneak them up on the enemy over time, or even just scatter them all around the enemy at once. When the feathers are in place, Colin holds up both his hands. He closes his right hand first, immediately, and begins the attack/seal. From between the feathers Colin produces a field of reiatsu, capable of severely burning the enemy if they touch the field. Then only Colin’s left hand is now open. This is now the one that is in control of the field. If he stretches his hand out, it will expand the field out. However, if he closes the left hand, it shrinks, moving in on the enemy from all sides. The field shrinks up against the enemy, meaning that they are pressed in by cutting feathers and the burning field of reiatsu. The field closes in at about 20 mph, giving the opponent some time to react. Also the field changes the content of the air within itself, attaching small particles, several of them if they are fast enough. If the opponent breathes them in or they get inside of a wound, then the particle absorbs the opponent’s energy, transferring it back into the field, creating a connection between the field and the target. So, if they try to change dimensions to escape, the particles remain connected to the field, forcing them back. The only way to destroy the field is to use a high powered energy attack to break it, or if Colin is forced to abort the attack. Colin can use this attack once per post, with a cool down of 5 posts. If the field is brought in all the way, it could turn an Arrancar with Hierro easily into a bloody mass. This is an event-only attack.

Feather Wave: Colin can throw out his hand, activating the feathers of his cloak with his mind. All the feathers in his cloak go up to the point in his body that he indicates. They do this by sliding along his body onto that point, piling them as they become straight and stiff, like swords. Then Colin throws down the outstretched hand, firing the feathers outward. They fly out like a bunch of spears flying against an opponent, in the metaphor slamming them into a wall. That is what it would look like. However, the feathers are smaller, faster, than and not as forgiving as the meekly spears. They fly around the opponent, cutting them, slicing their skin. If it hits the enemy full on, they would fly straight through the enemy, cutting them as it passes through the body, hitting them and cutting. However, the rules of what they can damage are still in effect. IF one went through the enemy, it would feel like being hit with a blade and being cut. The feather wave is guided by one central feather, a green one. If you traced that feather to its origins, you would discover that it once used to be on his forehead with his Shikai. He can manipulate that feather, causing all the others to follow it. This allows him to utilize the feather wave and 1 clone at the same time. However, he can only guide the wave for 2 posts before he must recharge the green feather for 3 posts.

Wind Element: Colin gains access to the element of Air (or more in his case, Wind), and utilizes it for 2 different attacks, as well as being able to use it in its basic form if he wishes too. He can only use the following 2 moves IN EVENT, however.

Sapphire Wind Blast: Colin activates the actual element of wind, utilizing its power in this attack. In Colin’s hand forms a spike that grows out of his hand of wind energy. It has a miniscule but deadly point and after it finishes growing is 4 feet long. Colin points the spike at the enemy, and releases it. It fires out from his hand, seeming to spin as it does so, and then disappears. It goes into the air around the battle field, and approaches the enemy from all sides. It converges on them, striking and slicing with the element of Wind, from all directions. It is speedy, as it can move faster than most of Colin’s attacks. It attacks the enemy a total of 20 times with different parts of the original attack. This move may only be used once per post with a cool down of 5 posts, and takes a considerable amount of strength for Colin, since while he is powerful; he is still fairly new to the actual element of air (or wind).

Wind Armor: From in front of Colin he extends his hands, acting as if there is an invisible wall in front of him. He calls on the power of the element of wind, focusing. In front of him steadily and fairly quickly forms a tornado, blue in color. Colin waits until it is larger than him, and then steps inside of it, as it is completely stationary. Then the tornado explodes violently outwards, and then, as if defeated, it moves back in on Colin, running like a current all around his body. This technique is used solely for defense, as it can take moderate-high powered attacks and walk away, replacing the penetrated space by whirling the wings all around faster. For it to be broken, Colin must use it for 3 posts, and then it evaporates with a cool down of 4 posts. Or, the opponent must fire a large enough attack to break through the constant current of wind, which is fairly difficult. However, if the Wind Shield is broken in this way, Colin is unable to reactivate it for 5 posts since the breaking occurred.

Slicing Scatter Shot: Colin places both of his hands in the air, calling on the strength of his hollow and his feathers. From Colin’s hands then fire several small blasts of reiatsu, all marked on a single target. From this attack spawn about 25 blasts of reiatsu. Each of them is capable of slashing at an enemy, but they are particularly effective against shields, as they continually pound through the same spot, slicing and weakening it. The time between each blast hits is approximately 1/4 of a second, meaning that a shield must be fast to regenerate between the hits or for the target to escape.

The Feather Katana of the Eagle God, Mach 2: Colin’s feather blade gains a bit more power, now being assisted by Soringuiguru as well as Colin’s hollow. As such, its feathers are at a different level of speed and power, more effective as a cutting tool than before. If Colin drops the blade, it is more effective at parrying and defending him, as Soringuiguru is now only concerned with the blade, as the hollow is assisting Colin. It can create tendrils of feathers and such to protect Colin as well, thanks to the assistance of said hollow.

Wing style of Hand-to-hand: Colin’s hollow assists him with a new style of hand-to-hand, allowing him to utilize his skin and feather cloak as best to harm and stop the enemy. Wing Style is what Colin uses, meaning that he uses his wings to his full advantage when he attacks. It helps him attack at peculiar angles and putting a good amount of strength behind them. He could theoretically play Ping-Pong with a hollow by kicking it back and forth across a distance of 7 feet with himself. He is between an adept and advanced user of Wing Style.

Feathery Finale: Colin places his right hand up into the air, his feathers completely still. He speaks the name of the attack, and extends and stretches out his palm. ALL his feathers, including his wings, blade, cloak, and hood, gather up into the space on top of his palm. ALL the feathers are there, as well as their power. They start as a mass above his hand, and then shrink directly above the skin of his palm. They form into the size and shape of a baseball, all that power in such a small form. Colin can point his hand at the enemy, his skin preventing the power and weight of the sphere from completely obliterating him. Then he pushes it out with his own life energy, just a small amount. From there, the sphere builds its own momentum, firing out with its immense power. It moves approximately 2x as fast as Colin at his maximum comfortable speed. Colin controls it with his right hand, aided by his cybernetic eye at targeting the enemy. From here, it can be activated in 2 ways. The first is that Colin thrusts his hand shut, detonating the attack. The feathers convert themselves into pure energy, being able to slice at the molecular level. It attacks out with molecular destruction in a radius of 10 feet around the point of the detonation. It also has one other effect. It fires off a great field of energy, blowing away everything from the spot of detonation for a half mile radius, not destroying, but MOVING all the solids (including the ground) away to a half a mile from where the Finale detonated. If the first part of the attack connects with the enemy, they will be cut into molecules and then split from there as well, completely destroying them. This typically only happens if it hits the enemy in sphere form, which is the second way of using it, and if not, they will typically escape with only part of themselves wasted into molecules and blown away a half mile.

After firing this attack, Colin is frozen from the energy use, requiring aid to escape the field of a half-mile from the detonation. His skin remains on as an active defense mechanism for 2 hours after detonation unless he is helped and it turns off automatically. The feathers must be reformed within himself after a rest to be used again. Typically it takes 24 hours for them to completely regenerate. This is typically Colin's last resort do-or-die move that he uses when he has no other choice and has decided the enemy isn't worth letting live. It also has the mental effect of Eagle Soul, which is why Colin freezes from the pain of the detonation. Typically this move will be event-only unless I gain permission to use it from an Admin.

Featherportation: Colin's cloak feathers in tendril form are moving around at all times, and Colin can use them as a special effect. His cloak will take the feather farthest from the tip of the tendril and switch it with the one on the tendrils end. This makes Colin where the tendrils end was before hand and the farthest feather now in the place where Colin was. The feather at the tendrils tip is now a part of the cloak again. Colin has a limit about this though. He disbelieves in teleportation, since he prefers his natural speed to instantly moving without effort, so he rarely uses this. However, if he must, he is able to use it one time per post, every other post. It is also a bit of a last resort.

Wing Style After imaging: Colin's afterimages become more complex, as he is able to manipulate 4 at one time right after one another. Each of the afterimages is also able to maintain its shape and appear to be hit for 7 seconds now, plenty of time to deceive Colin's opponent. Colin is still able to typically fool anyone under his own tier and usually gets people of his tier. However, one thing is different about the afterimages as well. Colin now also uses them for attack instead of just tricking the enemy and dodging. What he does is strike out like he means too, and then seeming to stop halfway, jumping back from the enemy. However, the one who jumps back is just an afterimage, since between the strike and the jump Colin creates an afterimage, striking past what the enemy sees and striking them through where the image stops. So it seems like Colin gives up his attack when he truly follows through with it to attack the enemy and damage them. He is able to do this up to 3 times in a row before he needs to take a break from it.

Pterodactyl Eyes: Colin can make his emerald eyes flash, temporarily paralyzing anyone who looks at them. He does this by firing a pointed burst of reiatsu from his eyes, pressing them directly down on them, being able to stop them in their tracks. Typically, anyone weaker than Colin could be frozen for up to a post. Characters of equal tier would be perhaps stunned for a few moments, allowing Colin an opening. Usually it won’t have much effect on higher tier.

Absorbing Feathers: The feathers cannot be turned on Colin, since his body would simply absorb them as they are literally a part of him and his hollow.

I. Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment:

Colin's Cybermind

"This is a surgery to convert almost any race's brain to be compatible with any of Phatomtech's abilities or parts used in Cybermind's Store. "

Colin's Cybermind is intricately linked with the Yuudeshi Network, more so than most. However, his permissions have been significantly reduced since he stopped having such a central leadership role; while it would be possible for him to retake such a position, he has not chosen to at this time.

It should be apparent from this, however, that Colin's cybermind is highly customized to be able to deal with his level of speed.

Colin's Worn Cybereyes

"It's the same as the previous model expect now The Eye can now decode computer information and translate it, Flare suppressors react instantly to bright flashes of light. Blinding effects produced by bright lights have no harmful or debilitating effect on the recipient. It can also scan for spiritual pressure in a 10 mile radius.

As an added bonus, you can also perceive how strong a being is (if they are not cloaked or hiding their spiritual pressure) by a color system. If the person has a blue glow around them that means their reitsu is low (So if your in battle this will be useful to see how much of your opponent's reitsu has been drained), if it's green that means it's moderate, yellow means that it's strong and red is dangerously strong.

It can also be adjusted to where it can read your body's overall strength and adjust these color systems to see who is weaker then you or stronger."

Colin's Cybereyes, however, are hindered by the damage done to them by his Rapido Avaces' 'limiter'. As a result, they are only able to maintain the benefits of being Cybereyes once that limiter is removed; it takes enough for his Cybermind to process the vague, blurry images normally, much less utilizing the additional effects of these eyes.

Other Small Things

Colin's Hunting Rifle
"This is a silver weapon capable of locking onto any spiritual pressure within a half mile wide area through the specially made scope, complicated machinery that guides each laser or shell casing to it's target and computer that tries to analyse the best angle to shoot from. It is able to fire off it's own bullets made from Plasma that, if given enough time, equals to three cero's going off at the same time. So, if you wait one post, you will get the strength of a cero. If you wait two post, you will get the strength of tow cero's. And if you wait three, you will get the strength of three.

It is also capable of shooting off many rounds of smaller particle and plasma blast similar to a bala. Not only that, but it also accepts regular bullets, custom bullets and creates new bullets from your reitsu or anyone else who touches the gun."

Colin technically still does own this rifle, but it is rare for him to be seen with it. This is partially due to the fact that if he were to use it properly, the thing would shatter from how powerful Colin's own energy is at this point. So, he keep it around more of as a momento at this point. At wherever he is living at a given time, it can be found serving as a mantlepiece.

Colin's Plasma Knife
"When deactivated, it's a blade less knife with a very strong handle that would be tough to destroy. It's even possible to beat someone's head with it if you try hard enough. However, by pressing a silver button on the sword a very sharp plasma will emerge from the knife. From that point, you can cut through some people, fire off plasma blast's and waves; you can even use it to charge some equipment if you are low on energy. However, if it takes too much damage, it may go offline and will need repairs for 2,000 yen."

Colin's Plasma Knife can be much more dangerous than it looks. Due to the potency of some of his sharpening abilities, it is possible for this little knife to do much more damage than was ever intended. This is the weapon that Colin will reach for if he is still within a sealed state and cannot work out how to damage a beast; even if the target is not rent asunder by the attack, they will almost certainly feel damaged from how much raw severing power is used with this blade. Other than that, there is nothing special about this plasma knife; save that Colin keeps it on his person at all times.

The blade itself if pure black and there is a shard of emerald on the base of the hilt. However, when Colin goes into bankai with it, the blade turns a bright emerald green and the shard shines. The sword's one and only special ability can be utilized by Colin's Bankai. The blade has a kind of field around it that reacts to the energy in the feathers of Colin's Bankai, making them power its ability. The sword gathers air currents around it, keeping it in a field on the blade. So, the more it is swung, the more air currents it gathers that swirl around it. What this means is that when Colin discharges the currents, if he has reached the swords maximum capacity, a move along the strength of the Airwave of his hollow is dispatched. However, he can only use one of these Bladewaves per post. They are able to be dispatched at any time, no matter what the charge. However, it can only get as strong as his hollows Airwave to do deal moderate damage. The sword also weighs almost nothing in bankai, as it naturally swirls the currents to counter-balance its weight down to .3 lbs.

I. PhantomTech

» PhantomTech:
Colin does possess phantomtech, as discussed in his equipment section.

» Phantom Tech Abilities:
Explained in equipment section.

» Phantom Tech Powers:
Explained in equipment section/throughout the application.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho:
  • Kidō:
  • Zanjutsu:
  • Hakuda:

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation
  • Cero:
  • Mask Protection::
  • Hollow Control:

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill:
  • Garganta :
  • Cero/Bala:
  • Regeneration:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Focus:

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:

I will refer to this thread, Masks Don't Hide the Sick.



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