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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Sat 06 Apr 2019, 21:51



Moths to the Flame [open] - Page 2 6EdIfMt

While everyone else was cooking or making temporary housing, Steiner focused on the people of the city more so than filling people's stomachs, or giving them a place to stay. He helped his motivated assistants to lift debris, search for lost family members, and occasionally he would stop to bark orders at some of the help giving them locations to go to look for more survivors that could be helped. All the while Steiner kept tabs on the other two, as he felt Ulv leave, and while it was confusing to him that she would leave, he didn't question her motives. She was, after all, Ulv, and to him Ulv just did things the way she wanted to do them, that was just how Ulv operated. Still it was sad to see her go, he had wished to show her something, but for now he was fine with working with the others. Working with them being an operative term as it seemed the three of them had split off to do what they could do best for the city.

"Someone help us over here! My wife is stuck under some rubble!"

Steiner snapped out of his train of thought to look about for the source of the yelling, using his eyes, and his senses to accomplish this goal. He quickly located them and in a flash of white light, Steiner had dashed over to them, and began to survey the situation. A man, no older than his mid-thirties, stood over a pile of rubble, and he struggled to lift any of it to get it off of what appeared to be a woman. The woman, pinned by rubble from the waist down, was groaning in pain, and couldn't help much due to her being pinned backwards. Steiner didn't hesitate, as he did with most things in his life, to bend down, and give the man aid by putting his own strength behind it. The man looked at him surprised as he had not seen Steiner arrive, but he nodded his head as the two of them lifted with all their might to finally begin to make some headway on the rubble.

After struggling for a few agonizing minutes, Steiner, and the married man had lifted the young woman from out of the rubble, but there was of course a problem. Her leg was bleeding profusely and though Steiner was not a medical genius by any stretch of the imagination he knew for a fact that if he didn't seal the wound that she would more than likely bleed out. Her husband looked down at her, the helplessness radiated off of him as he struggled to make heads or tails of the situation, but Steiner reached up and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Go West until you see a tent with the Vanguard symbol on it, get my bag, there should be medical supplies, and herbs in there, I will do what I can. Go, I will stay with your wife."

The man struggled to leave his wife behind, but nodded his head as he knew it was the only thing he could do, and the medical supplies would definitely help. Once he was out of distance, Steiner decided to take matters into his own hands.

I'm sure you are watching this...Vesuvius.

A feeling of warmth radiated from his chest outward as the Heart of the Mountain linked up with Vesuvius, the young volcanic spirit chuckled at him from all the way in Europe.

You said you were going to Fuji, Steiner. Instead you took a detour.

Need a bit of help here, Vesuvius...not a lot of time to talk. I need some energy.

There was a long pause as the warmth grew steadily higher, in fact if anyone would come near they would find the area to be way too humid in at least a hundred foot radius. Finally Vesuvius would answer, but in a serious tone that would feel like a searing heat within Steiner's heart.

And the last time you borrowed some of my power you froze up...your body isn't ready for my power.

Just let me borrow some energy or this woman is going to bleed asked me to undo some of the misconceptions about volcanic power...this is where we start.

There was an audible sigh as the feeling of power surging into Steiner, the appearance of which would seem like orange veins creeping up his visible form, became evident to him. For a moment Steiner closed his eyes and in the next, his eyes opened a dull orange glow to them, as he knelt down, and placed his hands on the open gushing wound on her leg.

"This is going to hurt pretty badly, but I need to stop the bleeding now or you could lose your leg or worse...your life."

The wife nodded through the severe pain and Steiner gave her comfort through the Resolve Flame as he focused as hard as he could. To be honest, he was new at all this, but he knew not to push too much power into her wound. In a second flame began to sear flesh shut, veins were seared shut, and the howl of a woman in distress was heard. Her pain however was eased rather rapidly as the wound was sealed and Steiner removed his hands and brushed her hair.

"You will be fine now..."

She weakly nodded as her husband appeared with the medical goods he had needed, he patted him on the shoulder, and left him to deal with the rest. As if on queue, Steiner staggered once he was out of sight, and coughed up some blood against the wall of a nearby destroyed house.

Even two percent is too much...we need to work on your physical body, Steiner.

The Heart of the Mountain deactivated and the orange veins faded along with the glowing eyes as Steiner slumped against the wall, exhausted, and choosing to rest for a bit as he kept his ears out if others would need help.
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Mon 08 Apr 2019, 03:50
Moths to the Flame [open] - Page 2 Shantae_v_nega_shantae_wallpaper_by_carionto-db0k8l7

The necessity for plates of food began to die down, and thus she had lost direction for what to do next. Still carrying well over 40 plates of food on each of her hair "branches", she split her hair once more to have her hoist another large slab of rock down next to her cooking stone, and began to set the plates down on that. When her hair returned she then looked around with a soft smile seeing the few families indulging into her meals. Although a lot of them were happy and continued to eat, most saw the plates and were still hesitant about the demon's intentions and blatantly threw full plates of food away into the fires, or even more disrespectfully on the ground no less than 5 feet away from her.

Her soft smile began to turn neutral, as she started to think that maybe it was because even though with the help given, the event in it of itself was still filled with turmoil, and there was still much to be done. She looked over to the genin, and saw her constructing homes, with each of the families that entered giving her warm embraces and smiles with each piece of utility she provided. She then looked over to Steiner, and without any medical prowess from what she had knew, managed to keep calm and assist in the healing of a woman caught within the destruction of the rubble. And then, she looked back to her stones, the plates still there, the dishes loosing steam, and the litter created from people simply throwing her plates on the ground when they were done surrounded the base of her stone. The one task she assumed she would have won the hearts of others with, was now slowly just turning into an even larger mess than what was already here to begin with. From there, her neutral face turned into a soft frown as she started to look away from those who were throwing her plates away and began to slowly walk away with her head down.

"Hmm... so they did not kill you physically. While that is a shame, it seems that have killed you mentally, which I suppose is a win within its own right." Tha'alyuua spoke to her, almost scoffing at how feeble Saiya looked in this situation. "Oh, but don't give up now, vessel. I'm sure whatever it is you want to do here, is far more important than me turning you in as a token of gratitude.", she continued to speak in a mocking tone to her, clouding Saiya within her own mind. With Saiya being lost mentally at this point, she felt like Tha'alyuua slightly had a point. There was no reasoning for her to be here, but she just felt like she had to make sure everything was well. And with this, Tha'alyuua continued to feed on Saiya's negativity, projecting more negative thoughts into her mind.

"Yeah... I'm not doing too well here... I just...I just want to be useful. And I need your help..."Saiya began to agree with it, as she slowly walked away from the stones, and back towards the alleyway where she had descended from. Her answers were spoken out loud, which personified this feeling towards others around her that she was ready to destroy the land even more. With her saying "I need you help..." causing people to go on edge, assuming she was talking through some magical connection device of some sort to an overlord for another wave.

"Darling. I am on the side with the creatures who caused this in the first place. You are trying to undo the work of my brethren. Of course I will be adverse to the notion of you "wanting to help". You may be helping them, but you are not helping me. And if I'm part of you now, you will do what I want you to do. And what I want you to do, is leave, vessel."

"I can't leave now... they are relying on me to help clean up and show that we care. I just need you to show that we can care. " Again as she spoke, "I can't leave now..." most people tuned out anything else she said after that, and began to go on the offensive. Many people began to swear at her and insult her, turning the internal argument with the demon within her, to be external as well. Saiya's face began to swell with tears trying to fight it off, because she knew that these people would need aid in someway, but the barrier of being a demon was a much larger toll to be paid for, and wouldn't equate to just making food and saying "I'm a good person. Trust me."

"I can tell from in here, they do not need you here. The ninja and the boy have done well enough, the ninja hasn't even talked to you. And the woman that gave you the job of making the food for the people here, has left as well. That should show you how little they care for your presence. If you want to leave, I will not argue against it. But if you continue to stay, I assure you after all of this, there will be punishment for your actions, vessel." Tha'alyuua spoke, forcing more thoughts of negativity into Saiya's mind.And although that may not be true, to Saiya, she was naive enough and broken down enough to make that a fact in her mind.

As Tha'alyuua left from the forefront of her mind, it allowed Saiya to analyze what was going on. The people were still in mourning, which wore her energy down significantly. Not to mention the physical exhaustion that she already had from utilizing her flame persona in such a way, and her inherent magics within her locks of hair. She knew she had to keep going though, and the one that seemed to push her forward with directions to do, was currently exhausted on the ground farther off from them. As as a last ditch effort, she pushed through the negativity and started to look to Steiner for encouragement.

She started to jog towards Steiner, noticing him panting and mildly in pain from the strain on his body from healing the lady in the distance. She wanted to see if she could replicate that in some way, and thus she used her hair again, and caused it to extend forward, wrapping around Steiner's waist. She then began to ignite her hair, but rather than it being lavender, it was an eerie mint green in hue. And as the flames spread along the hair it began to transfer her own energy into him, hopefully revitalizing him enough to move into action. If not, the technique would simply warm him and provide some sort of comfort. "Umm... no one is taking the food...And I want to help... but well... I want to be that light...I...Is there anything else that I could do?", she spoke softly as a soft smile started to appear, though her eyes were very sullen as though she was tired and sad in a singular mixture, making the smile feel forced rather than true.

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Tue 09 Apr 2019, 21:50

The Wandering Genin

Yoriko Morri

Moths to the Flame [open] - Page 2 JCRrxmK

As Yoriko finished constructing make-shift homes for the civilians she figured it'd be time to check up on Steiner and see how he's progressing, as the girl walked towards the man she noticed the stranger walking up to him with a body language that screamed "Please help me" immediately she ran towards the two and was curious as to what was going on. What's the matter? Is Steiner okay? she said looking at the girl before noticing that Steiner's once fatigued body had begun to revitatlize, that was a good sign at least besides she wouldn't want him dying here and there.

Regardless she would look back at the girl and ask her a question Tell me what happened? Is everyone treating you okay? Yoriko would tell the girl as she was clearly worried about her well being, after all a sudden demon attack made a few individuals upset and ponder about why they are receiving help by someone like her in the first place.


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