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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Coding In Template By:


Magus Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Anna Lebenstein
» Titles: Magus of Ascension - Shimura's Heir -
» Age: 500
» Gender/Sex: Female
» Origin: Ascension
» Kingdom: Northern Kingdom

» Affiliation/Rank: Shimura's Heir

» True Appearance Description:

In a word, Anna's countenance can be described as angelic in nature, in spite of the wounds on specific parts of her body(as a result of her torture).

The first definable trait in her appearance is the elegant length of her blonde hair, extending to as far as her waist. In the words of her soldiers, her hair is so grateful that one may think it mere illusion rather than a physical entity. One peculiar part of her hair that may get lost in viewing her appearance is a single strand that always hangs at the top of her head. Like a small plant, it always sprouts up, no matter what Anna fashions her hair into. This leads to lots of heckling from her sister.

Emerald orbs, possessing naught else but love and compassion, are the next feature that captivates the senses. Her eyes always appear to have a bright glow of hope and excitement. Her admirers claim that her eyes have to the ability to quell the hearts of men but there is no factual evidence to this claim. It is, however, not too out of the realm of possibility to say that her eyes do possess an adorable hint of persuasiveness when she finds it necessary, but it hardly falls under any form of seduction. It's simply the charm of her gaze that one could describe as spellbinding.

Concerning her body, Anna is very well-developed. Her skin is soft to the touch, while the complexion of her fair skin is milky white. Even so, what often catches the attention of those with wandering eyes---is the size of her breasts. Even though they may not be abnormally large, her bosom invites the gaze of many, much to her chagrin. In the words of her sister as well as some of the more perverse soldiers, Anna has "milk mounds". Although she is flattered to an extent, the unwarranted attention can often be a bit unnerving.

However, for all the positives listed, there is one feature that Anna wished would go unnoticed, not including her breast size. There is a jagged scar around her entire neck, where her throat is located. Appearing to be stitched, albeit, in a poor manner, it is a scar she suffered while being tortured during the period of a riot in the Western Kingdom. She was nearly decapitated, but due to the nature of her natural origin, she miraculously survived.

While her wound eventually healed with some assistance, it did not necessarily remove the scar on her neck. In most cases, she may hide it with a choker, as to avoid attention but among those closest to her, she has no qualms about walking with it in full view. She has never been ashamed of it.

» True Appearance Picture:


II. Personality Traits

» Personality:


Anna is the epitome of the phrase "heart worn on sleeves". Her emotions hold no deception. Though it may sound clichéd to the cynical, the multitude of her mannerisms often manifests in the form of unbounded love and heartfelt compassion.

Even so, when you think of it that way, there would still be some skepticism to be found in the description. In a world where warriors of divine might do battle across the universe, vying for dominion over the other, with countries and cities ravished in their wake, the notion of a loving heart is foreign - indeed, love ought not to exist in such a realm of neverending chaos; yet there is no falsity in the way she exhibits her angelic kindness.

She will not give out gifts in a bid to show how charitable she is, finding such a method hollow and disingenuous. She understands on a deeper level that those acts can be seen as a form of pity depending on the perception. She won't even hand out an empty compliment to make anyone feel better. She will not lie to avoid the truth of the matter even if you want her to.

Anna is the person that will say what needs to be said. Her sister once described her as a "Loveably adorable hard-ass". Acting much like a disappointed mother would to her child, Anna will tell you what you did wrong so that you can make it right.

To her, she wants to see everyone achieve their highest potential and happiness in life. That is the epitome of her ideal. Is she generous? Yes.

There isn't a time you won't see her cooking meals for soldiers, assist the handmaids of the castle with cleaning, and pick out flowers for her sister(even though she never accepts them). Will she compliment you? Undeniably so. She won't be deceitful, however. She does not possess that attribute in her heart. Deluding someone into false belief is no different than ridiculing them in their current predicament.

It cheapens a relationship to the point of deterioration, wherein the person is lulled into a false sense of blamelessness from their situation. Anna is not the type to judge anyone but she will tell them her opinion if she feels it is necessary at that moment.

Though it may be fruitless venturing to find something that makes her tick, one peeve is when people take her for granted when it comes to the cruelty of human nature. One would suppose that such a cherubic soul would detest the thought of witnessing brutal events before their eyes yet Anna has long since resigned herself to being someone who can handle such violence.

As a Magus who spends her time around soldiers, she would hardly have made it where she has today without at least witnessing some act of tyranny.

She knows how detestable men and women can be from firsthand experience, having been a victim of it herself in a rural village in the west. Even as spirits, she knows that even the Sugiura have emotions not too dissimilar from those of humans.

There are those who are prideful, those who deal politics, those who adore literature and arts, and those who fight in the name of a cause in order to seek glory, no matter how questionable the motive may be. She has long since steeled herself to that unequivocal truth. She might tease about how blunt someone is but has the utmost respect for them precisely because they waste no time in expressing their feelings.

[Unwavering Conviction ]

Anna’s conviction - her very determination - is something that expounds from her soul with vigor and optimistic courage. She is not someone who would be defined as fearless but it is hard to invoke fear within her spirit. She has endured so much in her life that her fears only serve to strengthen her conviction. Most who look upon her would easily assume that she is harmless or requires protection from someone like a princess in need of rescue - Anna would coldly admonish them for their assumptions. It isn’t from a viewpoint of pride that she operates, but rather an optimism that so as long as she remains courageous, she can ascend to ever greater heights. As the magus of ascension, her nature, her very origin, has to be willful to facing unknown obstacles.

Whereas most warriors find their conviction in protecting others - which is what Anna partly finds her own - or pride, Anna finds hers to be within the law of her nature. In the past, she had resolved after all the tragedy that befell her in her life, to face her fears head-on, to never be a step behind those who protected her, and to be the soul that protects them. That conviction grew, it resonated, and it has burst forth to be a central tenet amongst Anna’s personality. It isn’t mere bravado, either.

You could threaten to kill her and have your sword or gun poised at her head, and she would willingly accept it. She isn’t running towards her death nor would she waste any time fighting back - it is simply yet another aspect of her conviction, her will to face whatever trials in life awaits her. In addition, Anna knows more than ever, that time will not allow her to stand around, acting as she is some aloof bystander, each day is, after all, an opportunity for improvement. Any day that is spent wasted on regret is a day that can never be regained.

Time is the enemy that waits for no one, and god be damned if Anna will allow herself to let thoughts of failure keep her from evolving. When she is around individuals who wallow in self-pity, she is not above being brutally honest and telling them to snap out of it. To reiterate a fact spoken of in her compassion, Anna does not believe in lying to allow others to feel better or bereft of their sins, failures, or transgressions. She fully resolves herself to allowing you to know what you need to do.

She would never forgive herself if she openly lied to anyone about the way they operate. This is not to say she still isn’t kind and loving, but don’t expect her to be of the sort who would purposely lie to make you feel better. Not only does it go against her nature but also cheapens one’s ability to improve. Anna could never be fond of those methods. To bear the cross of conviction, one must never question their purpose in life.

That was a lesson taught to her by a wonderful teacher. Whatever path has opened up for you, you must follow it without restraint. Let each day forever define the man or woman you wish to be. Anna has forever held those words in her heart and that is yet another reason she is so resolute in any path she follows. Why be ashamed of what you cannot do when you can spend those days learning what you can? Sure, you may end up kicked to the ground, with your face in the dirt, and your pride along with it… but think of how much greatness you can achieve when you fight against it? Indeed, Anna sees no finer path than the one of resolve and striving forward.

» Likes: Gardens. Nature. Literature and Mythology. Sweets. Earth culture(From various countries/nations/states). Western culture. Courage and compassion of warriors. Compassionate people.

» Dislikes:

Even though Anna has long since steeled herself to the violence of man, it does nothing to dispell her distaste for violence. Violence is what she dislikes, in fact, she outright despises it. She understands the need for war, understands that in some cases, it moves along the evolution of civilization. She knows that a world without war or even some form of chaos would become stagnant and die out. But she detests the brutality of war. Rape, decapitation, humiliation, defilement, debased honor, and the result of what the defeated and the victorious must endure once those wars have ended - she despises it all.

III. Character Background

» History

Born in a rural village within the West, Anna Lebenstein experienced a relatively normal life, free of worry and the turmoil of war. Born in the era of the Leonhardt, when Arturia and her family were at their finest pinnacle of glory. As she was a commoner who had no permission to roam around castle walls, she had never met or witnessed any of them within her village.

Even though the east was quite relaxed in who they allowed and accepted into their castle, the western advisors were far more strict in matters concerning their own rulers. Leonhardt was royalty---commoners like herself had no place within the presence of such prestigious individuals. Truth be told, Anna never possessed much of a curiosity to meet with them, wholly content with her mundane lot in life.

She was the youngest sister of two. Reinhilde Lebenstein(Oldest) and Anna(herself, the youngest) Lebenstein. Two vastly differing personalities. If Anna was the carefree girl who indulged in the merriment of life, Reinhilde was the fierce adventurer easily excited by the unknown. That being case, the two sisters possessed a strong familial bond not easily broken. She had no want for a knight in shining armor - her sister fulfilled the role quite perfectly. She was her sword, her protector.

As if it were unprecedented, Reinhilde had developed an immense physical prowess in the years leading up to her adulthood. In the midst of such development, her burgeoning skill set caught the eyes of high-ranking Western soldiers. For someone not yet a full adult, she possessed surprisingly impeccable skill with the sword. The soldiers decided to invite Reinhilde to participate in combat drills within the castle.

To them, her vast potential was far too great to ignore. Reinhilde promised to acquiesce on one condition; they would invite her sister as well. Anna was originally reticent to the idea as she felt that her sister had earned this accomplishment on her own.

Tagging along would only cause problems. Reinhilde would not allow her to refuse and eventually convinced her sister to come along. Upon their arrival, Anna felt anxiously uncomfortable.

She had never been inside the Royal Castle of the West. This sacred altar of the Leonhardts had long since seemed like an unreachable edifice that the young maiden had no dream of entering.

And yet, here she was---following her sister around the castle. Reinhilde was so excited to get her combat drills started and unconsciously left her sister alone.

Geez, why did her older sister have to be so unpredictable!? She was a fish on dry land now, robbed of all its oxygen, with no lifeline whatsoever, left to die a feeble death like every other fish on dry land.
Anna wanted to get outside as quickly as possible until--- she bumped into someone.

Alarmed, as her body was consumed with fear, Anna fell back on her behind and winced.

Praying to whatever god she felt would bless her the most(in that specific moment), Anna glanced towards the individual she had bumped into. She had to stop herself from gasping.
He was the prince of the Leonhardt family, one of the few males of royalty.

His hair was blonde while his emerald green eyes were piercing to behold, yet gentle in nature. There was no denying these features. It was none other than Kakeru Leonhardt. Anna's cheeks were now tinged with red as she quickly rose from the ground and apologized to the Prince for not paying more attention.

Her panicked expression caused the young man to laugh as he placed a hand upon her shoulder. "There is no need to panic so much around me--I mean, this castle is humongous. I recall a few times where I've gotten lost and had to find my way back to my room... It's really frustrating. Anyway, I don't remember any handmaid that looked as charming as you.... are you new?" What...? That response was unexpected. He wasn't ordering her away nor looking down upon her with disdain. He was so carefree that it made her feel at ease.

"No, I'm not an h-h-handmaid.... um... my sister received an invite to participate in combat drills as a means of seeing her talent on full display. They told her if she passed with flying colors that she'd have a spot reserved for her as a knight to adorn the Queen's side. "

"Oh? I've been hearing about that young lass... Reinhilde, is it? They say that her skill for a girl so young is astounding. Her willpower is also not something to be overlooked. That's your sister? You must have a family of great warriors. "

"Not.... really. My mother is the owner of a local bread shop and my father was enlisted in the army for a short time but certainly not enough to garner any praiseworthy accolades. Even I myself lack any definable occupation worthy of adulation. I help my mother bake bread at the shop as her assistant."

"Baking bread doesn't sound that bad. I'm sure you and you're the mother are the best of the best. Don't sell yourself short like that. In fact, I do recall hearing one of my soldiers speaking highly of the taste of this bread he chanced upon from a bakery in one of the villages. "

He chuckled as he placed a hand on her head. In response, she found herself frozen as she felt her cheeks fill with the now-familiar tinge of red.

"Anyway, I'm Kakeru Leonhardt. What's your name?"
"Anna. Anna Lebenstein. "
"That sounds like a lovely name. "
"Ah, is that so? Thank you... "

And just like that, an unforeseen bond had formed between the two. Reinhilde passed with flying colors, which allowed her to continue being invited to the Western Castle, and Anna followed along. Not because of her older sister but because she had become infatuated with the prince of the castle.

She came up with every excuse to meet him, from delivering bread to trying to catch him outside the castle, Anna wanted to be in his company.

It almost didn't matter where they met, so as long as they met. He consumed every corner of her thought, like a virus that had become widespread with nary a remedy to be found.

As blasphemous as it may have sounded when she realized it, Anna had overwhelmingly fallen in love with the Prince of the Leonhardt. Deny it though she might have tried, the knight had stolen her heart without effort.

Eventually catching onto such a revelation, Reinhilde initially attempted to coerce Anna into confessing to prince charming but she wanted no part of it, for their worlds could not coexist.

She was a commoner and he was royalty, the two paths would never converge for no other reason than this; there were far better women he could have picked than some lowly bread-shop assistant from a rural village with no fame or fortune to their name - such a woman would surely bring dishonor to a family of his prestige such as his own.

Reinhilde, though very unfamiliar with matters of the heart, would not allow her sister to give up so easily. As she rose through the ranks - from a knight-in-training to a squire - Reinhilde became more popular among the lesser known soldiers of the Western Army.

As such, it was she who managed to convince all of them to throw a "celebration of knights" at the castle, one where everyone from royalty to even commonplace people could indulge in merriment, celebrating the many victories of the Knights who staked their lives on the frontline.

Arturia was pleased with the idea when it caught her ears and passed her approval on the concept without an ounce of hesitation.

In essence, Reinhilde would complete two objectives; creating a relationship between her people and the kingdom.... and forcing her sister's hand so that there would be no way she could deny an opportunity at confessing her feelings to the Prince. On the eve of the celebration, Reinhilde scoured the entire town to find a worthy dressmaker. She wanted the night to be special for her beloved Anna.

Eventually, as luck would have it, she ended up striking a deal with one of the West's best clothing designers, and from there, the next formation of her plan needed to be set in place. Reinhilde forged Kakeru's name and wrote a letter along with the beautiful dress that had been made for her, and placed it on their doorstep. Viewing the dress on her doorstep, Anna had no way of knowing that this was a plot of deception by her sister.

How could she?
She was enthralled by the beauty of the silk gown, questioning the letter that came along with it occupied not a single part of her mind.

The letter seemed convincing enough. He asked for her to be a date. It wasn't a love confession. Just a simple date. Reinhilde knew she had successfully deceived her sister, so now all she needed was to meet with Kakeru and convince him to go to the dance with her sister.

Executing part two of her fairy-tale-esque plot, she knocked on the door of "Prince Charming"(as she teasingly called him), placed a letter on his door and dashed off without so much as a trace she had been there. Receiving the letter, Kakeru was surprised to see that it came from Reinhilde. He had sensed her spiritual trace just a moment ago but couldn't catch her in time.

The letter was an invitation to a date with...Anna? The thought was frightening, due to the fact that his own sister tried to force him into going with her instead. He had convinced her that he was going only to celebrate the accomplishments of his fellow Knights, not to dance with anyone.

However, Reinhilde had been such an incremental part of creating familiarity between the kingdom and its many cities.... so based on that factor alone, he acquiesced. The stage was set.

Her marvelous fairy-tale would be enacted.
The Knight's Celebration had begun, and the turnout was monumentally legendary. Thousands, tens of thousands, even those born of Eastern blood, attended the function.

Reinhilde hid in the crowd so she could catch passing glimpses of her two lovebirds from afar. Kakeru had made his way to the location where Anna was waiting patiently, glancing around as if worried that someone had played a prank on her.

Had it all been a trick? She wondered. Kakeru assuaged her misguided suspicions and placed a firm hand upon her shoulder, catching the angelic maiden by surprise. When she turned around, he was absolutely stunned by the dress she had picked for the occasion.

In a word, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Who had picked such a lovely adornment? He wondered. Anna decided to initiate the conversation first, praising him for the dress he had given her along with the invitation.... wait, what? He never sent her a dress along with an invite.

Anna was equally dumbfounded when Kakeru spoke of Rein- there was the culprit. Reinhilde Lebenstein. She really was such a mettlesome individual.

If there had been even one mean emotion in her heart, she would've surely upbraided her for this detestable offense! Sighing as though filled with a sense of disappointment, Anna began making her way to the entrance, content with walking out of here with her head held high---if only the prince had allowed her the right to do so. He did not. Kakeru grabbed her by the wrist.

"Listen. In being completely honest with you, I had no plan whatsoever of coming here for no other reason than to celebrate the accomplishment of my fellow knights. Truth be told, my sister tried to force me to come along with her but I turned her down. On the other hand, I would be remiss not to fulfill Rein's sincere wish to make this night like one of those fairy-tales spoken of in lore, to make it special for her beloved sister. That's how the note read. And so, in accordance with prince-like etiquette, allow me to pose but a single request; may I have this dance?"

The lovely girl couldn't properly register what she was hearing right now.

It was if someone had weaved a dreamlike scenario in her honor. She laughed at the unfathomable improbability of it all. A prince dancing with a commonplace villager? She wanted to laugh so much till her throat could no longer function.

Even if laughter was the emotion she was looking for, Anna instead found her face wet with tears. It was the sort of elated joy one found when they reached some grand height in life that no one else could possibly hope to perceive.

" It would be my honor... "

Whether they were aware of it or simply found themselves lost in the gracious dance, they had caught the eyes of a large portion of those in attendance.

As if their dance was dazzling to behold, they became onlookers, as though they were witnessing a scene being enacted from the finest opera or the supreme highlight of a romantic film - in a word, they were entranced. At the conclusion of such a momentous night, the two had become a popular subject among the circles of royalty and commoners alike...

As if it was predestined, the two eventually became a couple, neither understanding why but merely following along with the flow that fate dictated. Eve was introduced to Kakeru's family and though there were some objections from a certain party, the Leonhardt family accepted her with open arms.

Reinhilde, at this point in time, had finally accomplished her goal of becoming a vaunted soldier in the army of her homeland. Kakeru had blessed Anna with many things - from presents to newer bakeries for her mother, and even the cherished moment of a first kiss.

None had made her happier than him. She wished that such happiness would be everlasting, that each moment would feel more like an eternity where the days would never end and her moments of ephemeral bliss would never fade.

However, even if happiness was what she sought, the moments soon shattered into shards of broken glass, as if someone had manipulated her story to a nightmare rather than the happy ending of her fairy-tale. In an unexplainable turn of events, Kakeru, who at this time, rose to kingship with the disappearance of Arturia Leonhardt, disappeared, too, leaving no trail of his existence behind.

It was the equivalent of being stabbed in the heart while the offender left the victim to bleed to death. She knew that their worlds were often at odds but nevertheless believed that happiness was a possibility for them. So why was she given this fate?

How utterly foolish had she been to believe in fairy-tales? Such a short-lived romance seemed like a comedy in retrospect, tragic as it was.
To make matters worse, it seemed that now even the kingdom was up in arms.

There were no rulers, the Leonhardt family had all but disappeared to whereabouts unknown, and the entire kingdom was in such a turbulent state of disarray bordering on self-destruction.

The west, once a mighty kingdom of honor and glory, built on the zealous foundation of military strength, was now little more than piss and feces, a debased farce that was outliving its worthiness to exist in this land.
The soldiers who remained did their best to quell the riots in their kingdom but it held no meaning.

To the rioters, a land without a ruler was a land without law. And so, murders grew in number, women who were well-respected within the land regardless of their birth due to Arturia's honorable way of knighthood were violated and raped in equal number.

Those who had always harbored thoughts of rebellion became even more ruthless in their pursuit.

Even though it had become a clichéd metaphor by now, this was hell given physical form. And she was caught up within its flames.

Reinhilde fought against the rebels with what was left of the western army and chose to try to uphold the ideals fostered by the old regime. Her plight seemed futile, yet she wavered little in the face of such heinous atrocities. In order to fight the beasts of Hades, she would become a beast herself, fiercer than any other. Anna, on the other hand, had little to no abilities as her fighter which made her fate all the more damning.

She was captured by a group of depraved heretics, all who were once popular Western enthusiasts, designated Anna as the culprit in Kakeru's whereabouts. They captured her and what followed was nothing less than cruel.

Repeatedly, as if a film was on rewind, she experienced several unspeakable tortures at the hands of those heretics. She was beaten down than healed only to be beaten once more. She had her limbs nearly severed, only to be reformed and brought to the edge of severance once more. She even had her throat slit, which would result in the scar she has on her neck.

They desired an answer she was eager to know herself.
Where had the Knight of Knights disappeared to? Had she merely been a passerby in his life? Did her existence hold meaning anymore? She found herself ruminating on such thoughts as she yearned for the inevitable embrace of death. She didn't even know if her parents or her own sister were alive at this point.

If they were, she was hardly against following their lead into oblivion. Eventually locating the whereabouts of her sister, Reinhilde murdered her captors and saved her from the hellish nightmare. it had taken her five years to find her beloved sister but none of that mattered in the grand scheme of things - she was merely happy to see her sister still alive in this chaos. There was a contemplation of whether or not they even wished to remain in this land.

However, Reinhilde had found a glimmer of hope in a man who could come to be known as her new ruler - Johan von Volkhardt.

She had witnessed him conversing with the raucous sort of rioters, claiming that the solution to their kingdom lied within himself, that he would bear the burden of an entire kingdom upon his shoulders.

In response, they ridiculed and attacked him. Reinhilde and Anna had watched from afar, now having become wanderers with no home, their house burned to ashes during the rebellion.

Anna was dumbfounded. How could a single man quell the hearts of thousands?
Reinhilde, on the other hand, found herself enthralled by his domineering air, his indomitable confidence.

No man without a heart of true courage would dare to speak before a city of raving madmen---yet he did so without even the slightest ounce of fear. In time, stories were passed around in the circles of the villagers by a man adorned with the robes of a priest. Hans.

From each village to even the capital itself, he spread tales of valor in the name of Johan.

Anna found herself walking out into the city to hear the stories, ever intrigued by this mysterious man the priest spoke of. The two sisters desired to meet him in person and when he arrived in the capital, all that was required for him to usurp the throne was a threat that resonated throughout the hearts of residents.

"Give me the throne or our people will make me a throne out of your bones."

As if guided by an overwhelming force, Anna walked within the castle walls where Johan had sat in his throne.

Anna stood right beside her. Reinhilde bowed in reverence to the new King and requested but this; that she be his sword and his shield, a knight peerless above all knights, to fight at his side and bear witness to the new era. He accepted without hesitation. He then turned to Anna and wondered what role she desired in his kingdom.

He was gracious, offering her an array of options. In his words, the two had now become his "family" after all. She accepted the role he saw fit and it was this; to be a source of morale boost among his soldiers.

The soldiers needed hope and she could encourage them to have that hope. He also spoke to her of how being a spectator yielded no results. As if encouraged by those words, she decided to join him along with Reinhilde. And from there, a new era in the kingdom had officially started.

She still felt the sting of flashbacks and nightmares from her tortures and it would be false to claim she was still not shattered mentally by Kakeru's disappearance but this new charismatic figure sparked a sense of self in her she had never thought possible. From here, she would carve her own path...

The Journey had hardly ended here, however, as her life would undergo several more events she could not possibly fathom.

IV. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities

Aura Perception: As a development that stemmed from circumstance, as well as the discovery, sought to confirm her origin, Anna developed the innate sense of detection towards one intention - in other words, the ability to perceive Aura on the spiritual scale. The manifestation of her perception is formulated through a color system, allowing her to properly decipher the scope of a specific situation. Differing from precognition, it is more comparable to an advanced form of intuition.

Perceiving danger before danger occurs, the system of colors that emanate from her point of view is as follows; Crimson Red(Danger) Emerald Green(Friendly/Non-threatening) Azure Blue(Neutral) and the imperceptible white(Unknown).

Each of these colors paints her vision momentarily, like a flash of light appearing within the line of vision, and quickly can confirm whether or not she should escort the area or act with poise.

As she detests the thought of combat itself, she uses it as nothing more than a tool to analyze any situation and execute her own decision on what is necessary for the situation. In addition, Azure Red can be applied to protagonist characters as well as antagonists. War, no matter the cause, will always lead a wave of destruction in its wake - in her eyes, the only time she wishes to be requested is if it to heal and hurry into the background as efficiently as possible.

Latent Potential: Unbeknownst to herself, Anna has the innate potential to be an excellent Magus. As she is a canvas that has to be painted with any true color, she equally possesses the spiritual attributes and origin necessary to rival spellcasters of legend, if developed properly.

As her origin is evolution, she possesses a natural affinity for improvement that would not be available otherwise. As animals or even technology evolves, a hypothetical peak for her ascension is frightening to imagine. Lifeforms that get better over each generation, technology that improves with each design, and a burgeoning desire to tap into such potent energy make her potential all the more enthralling to witness.

One expert magus under Johan's new regime once told her, "If you had learned of your origin earlier, I no doubt believe you would be one of the strongest magi to ever walk these lands. "

» Sacred Weapon

»Personal Mystic Eyes:

» Equipment None

V. List of Magic Spells

    Name: Shimura's blessing
    Type: Healing/Ancient Magic
    Rank: B
    A basic healing magic, this channels the user’s Psions into a white, slightly slow-moving substance that something can still pass through, but it will be slowed by it. This white energy can flow into the target’s body, restoring both the body and the Energy at the same rate until either one of them is full, after which the restoring energy focuses on the remaining aspect. This technique thus works slower than Shinigami Healing when focused on Energy alone, but has a more wide-spread effect. To master the spell takes a while, but to learn the spell at its base is easy to do.

VI. Magecraft


VII. Skill Sheets

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Magus Skill Sheet
  • Modern Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Ancient Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Mystic Eyes: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

VII. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:...


Anna Lebenstein[2019 revamp] Pbucket
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