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 Takehiko Zanpakuto

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Sealed Zanpakuto Information:

Name: 血の見る Chi no Miru - Bloody Tears
Reitsu Color: Red
Release Command Drink
Sealed Appearance: His zanpakuto holds a rather regular form with little showing difference on it. The average blade does seem normal aside for a single thing. A red cloth wrapped around the handle and hilt area. Though this seems to be mostly a grip. Takehiko claimed he never put it on his sword as it always had been there. In terms of shape and contour, the blade appears like none before it aside from one thing. Just a strange edge on the handle within the hilt. This is meant to cut the palm of the wielder. Making the blade able to drink the blood of its wielder. Making it hard to grip without getting used to the feeling of a sharp edge cutting into one's palm. The sword holds on tightly to the user's hand in this regard making sure to not let go of them. In this sense the blade grips for the user where they would have done so.

Sealed Zanpakuto Powers

Blood Feast: Takehiko's zanpakuto's main power is known as Blood Feast. It devours the user's blood to release explosions of reishi and force. Draining till the user passes out generally or stops the process themselves. This is a risky process as the zanpakuto at the lower stages only drinks one to two percent of Takehiko's blood. In terms of percentages, it must be noted an average human being fifteen to thirty percent putting them in stage one hemorrhage. The symptoms of this include his heart rate increasing and a wooziness before anything else. Forty percent is the final stage for human beings losing blood in this regard. For those pondering how much blood he can afford to lose before it becomes a problem. Takehiko will slip into hypovolemic shock if this point is reached due to blood loss. Treatment will be needed for him in order to proceed. This is a weak point to his zanpakuto. This equals out to five pints of blood Takehiko is able to lose before that happens.

Blood Transfusion : Takehiko's last skill within sealed is a rather basic one. His body as the wielder produces more Blood then most people. On average an adult male as between 9 and twelve pints of blood. Takehiko's blood regenerates after he's lost a large amount at an exceptional rate. Now, this must be clarified right away. He does not regenerate wounds or heal his physical body in any sense. This allows him to regenerate lost blood his zanpakuto has taken at a rapid rate. Happening while he isn't fighting in combat and is resting mostly. He is able to regenerate five pints of blood within an hour's time. This cannot be used during thread unless stated to be resting and the hour is acknowledged to of passed. Cannot stress this enough this will not heal wounds or provide super blood cells. It's only making sure that Takehiko doesn't die from giving five pints of blood.

Shikai Zanpakuto Appearance/Powers

Shikai Appearance: The sword glows a crimson color before shifting it's form of the katana. The changes of note are around the hilt itself and the center of the blade. Red tassels dangle around the hilt's guard and from the bottom. With a cloth that weaves itself around the user's wrist and hand. This grip allows it to hold on as the user's wrist and palm are pierced. Allowing for blood to be taken from the wielder. This design is to allow it to drain the amount needed quickly. While the blood loss doesn't begin till a move is used which will use a set amount of blood. The design stores the blood in the blade but also releases a large amount of reiatsu as blood is stored. This effect allows the wielder to release attacks later if desired. Sort of containing his move in secret if he truly wishes. Aside from that, the design changes are very little in terms of appearance. His weapon maintains a traditional katana look.

Shukketsu kurosu-Bleeding Cross:
After drinking a set amount of blood going from one percent to five percent. He's able to release a crimson colored blast at his foe. This sends a wave that shifts as it leaves into the form of a cross. It's size and power depend on the amount of blood consumed and Takehiko's reiatsu. At it's lowest it is enough to destroy the front of a small building. But nothing else leaving an indentation of a slash. The cutting pressure of this attack is amplified by a blood feast. Giving up to a pint or more will result in cutting the small building in half entirely. Though keep in mind he only has five pints of blood to work with so using it like that would be costly. Putting him at risk like any of his moves their is a cost to using them. Takehiko cannot use these without spending blood. His zanpakuto's very nature is that of a blood-consuming fiend. All of its prowess is based around that. No other blood but the users will work to fuel this blade's attacks.

Shukketsu suru Hana-Bleeding Flower:
The user infuses two pints of blood into the blade. Releasing a burst of flowers from it that are infused with the force to cut through solid buildings in their path. the number of flower petals released is one hundred of them exactly. Sent towards the intended target by bringing the zanpakuto in a gesture pointing at the person. The red whirlwind of petal based blades come at them. This was a cascade of petals that can be manipulated by the user. Allowing control over the hundred blades at his use to slice into people. Now, these petals last for five posts total before vanishing. Unless cut or otherwise forced into contact with something. Upon contact, the petals no longer exist and are gone from physical manifestation. This bleeding flower petal is a simple move of offensive use. Through which the user gains a rather productive skill set. These petals are only usable twice per thread due to the blood cost. Unless blood is restored by other means of the user.

Hierro can be used as a means of defending against them and will make them disappear. Striking the target also ends them making them vanish as they aren't long-lasting.

Shukketsu no hōyō-Bleeding Embrace:
This is a healing based move that can be performed by touching the blade to the person. The amount of blood consumed by the blade determines the strength of the healing. Starting out a single pint will restore small class injuries with relative ease. Cuts and gashes will be fixed and filled by accelerating the healing process. Two pints can heal more heavily inflicted injuries such as deep gashes or nearly destroyed organs. Three pints is required to restore broken bones and much more severe injuries. Four pints is required for near-death injuries if he gets to them right away. Five pints is required for Negative containments inside the body that other means cannot remove. The way this power works is by touching the blade and releasing the consumed blood in a burst into the body. The user is able to then accelerate the regrowth of damaged body parts. Provoking a growth in this regard which is unnatural by most extents. The user must suffer however in order to bring about this cleansing of damage.

Shukketsu kyozetsu-Bleeding Rejection:
By using blood as a catalyst the user is able to make a dome based shield around them. Depending on the pints spent would depend on the strength of the protection. Defensive skills are rather potent in this regard depending on the required use of blood. He is able to reject things of a much larger degree by sacrificing his blood to the zanpakuto. But Bleeding Rejection is dangerous as it will stay up even if he falls. It remains active for ten posts. Able to block in a sphere of ten to fifteen meters. This lasts until it is completely broken down by the enemies attacks. Takehiko's sword takes blood as you will see constantly in theme. This can be reshaped into a wall in front of him to protect him. It's large enough to hide two people behind at most in a shell similar to a dinosaur egg.

出血ラディアンス Shukketsu radiansu- Bleeding Radiance:
This move is the last one of his Shikai. It is a healing technique of rather an ominous usage. The bandage on Takehiko's wrist unwraps before spreading out now as it flows into the air. Slowly around the air, small red blood particles are spread around the area. Thirty meters in terms of its radius of effect. By transmuting his blood to everyone around in him in that radius restoration begins. A red glow fills the area as small injuries are treated on the first post. But one pint of blood is taken from him during this time period. Broken bones and other such injuries are treated after this on the second pint. This being the third post in arms or lost limbs can be restored to former glory. But Takehiko's third pint of blood is gone at this point causing damage to him. Often times making trembling and shaking commonplace as he feels his body growing colder. Foreign bodies and harmful effects are removed from any present baptized out of them. Four pints of blood having been exhausted Takehiko himself can lose consciousness during this phase.

On the last instance near death or fatal injuries are treated. This allowed him to save the lives of people who are at death's door. But this does put Takehiko into shock due to the extreme amounts of blood loss of five pints being taken from him. He cannot mend himself with this technique in any way shape or form.


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If you have any concerns reach out to me and they can be discussed in more depth.


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