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Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:54 pm


Operation Name: Antag Burst
Mission Type: Recruitment
Difficulty Of Mission: Advanced
Who Can Join: Anyone interested in joining Shadow Fall, K-World OR creating an antag

Information: This is a recruitment for those interested in making OR joining a character for Shadow Fall, K-World or other antag based factions/forces on the site. This will be a constant mission and will allow those who want to make an antag to get a leg up. Since they are always looking to increase their numbers, I'm leaving this mission up for people to take an interest in role playing them since we are currently lacking antag based forces

Primary Task: Recruit new antag org members or antag based characters


Bigger Roles: We are seeking people who want to play an active role in being an antag based force on the site. So, by taking up this role, you will be having more potential and chances to do bigger events/missions/objectives on the site to otherwise make this ambition come true for your character and staff will be more willing to hear out your ideas/investments/plots/ and so on.

Tier/Skill/Ability Enhancements: It is possible to receive augmentations once you join Shadow Fall, K-World or create an antag. These may have to be role played out, but they have a large amount of resources to otherwise speed up the acceleration in growth when it comes to power. Additionally, antag apps with a strong narrative purpose may be considered for temporary tier enhancements based on how they execute them.

Resources: With your character joining Shadow Fall/K-World, they will receive a large amount of resources to help further their projects, enhance their powers or otherwise have large armies to call their own once they reach into positions of power. This is because their recruitment is in the tens, if not, hundreds of millions.

Land: Once apart of Shadow Fall/K-World, it will also be possible to potentially pick your own country to lead. This is because they have a large amount of countries claimed on Earth and they allow those within their ranks to watch over them. See the list below:

(Note: they also have their own native realms where you can set-up shop as well. In Shadow Fall's case, their stronghold is demon world and there is a lot more resources to work with there.)

Exp Boost: For present/new antags, we may be giving away exp boost related to tier/forms/skills/plot/events/equipment or whatever else have you based on how active you get on the forum to otherwise shake things up and give protags trouble. This is so we can further incentivize antags to take action on the site. These judgments, however, will be reserved for staff.



Character Name: (Self-explanatory)
Character App Link: (Self-explanatory)
Reason: (Why are they showing up in this mission?)

[b][u]MISSION TEMPLATE[/b][/u]

[b]Character Name:[/b] (Self-explanatory)
[b]Character App Link:[/b] (Self-explanatory)
[b]Reason:[/b] (Why are they showing up in this mission?)

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The KFC of PH
The KFC of PH
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Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:43 am

Character Name: Kutabare Gesuyaro
Character App Link:
Reason: I was already making them, but then this came along. Ayyy, shit about to go downnn.

EDIT: I'd just like more opportunities for plot and increase activity, honestly. Not looking for tier upgrades or anything like that and I plan on obtaining my resources ICly. Just fyi.

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