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 Ulvs Arts

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Ulvs Arts QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Ulv Auber
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: Ulv's Arts:

Yī wàn yīnglǐ Sǐwáng: A single-strike stance technique, the user stretches their arms out to their full extent, a palm facing towards the enemy and a fist facing away from the enemy. The body lowers so the palm is in line with the face, and then they wait. Purely a counterattack style, it can’t execute anything on it’s own, but once it catches an attack, the stance is locked. While catching an attack too strong can shatter bone and tear muscles, it will not disrupt the stances form, and only after the attack has been launched will the damage effect the user.

Once the palm catches the incoming punch, it clamps in a muscular spasm, and slowly pulls back. Once fully retracted, the outstretched fist darts forward, like lightning. Growing faster the more force is absorbed, this can damage the person’s otherarm as well from the speed, as well as breaking bones and muscles on impact, since the force from the target’s strike is added to the user’s own. A highly dangerous technique for both user and target, it is designed to end the one it is being used against, and so it’s dangers are generally ignored.

Wolf-Fu: A style coming from Mirja’s expertise in combat, it combines multiple forms such as Muay Thai, Bājíquán, and Pao Chui with instinct and desire to make a unique and unpredictable style designed to crush the enemy. While this suited Mirja’s forceful and heavy handed fighting style, Ulv had a more fluid and precise nature to her, and so took Wolf-Fu with an educational mindset. It is not a style she uses, but rather one that has influence in how she fights, most notably Ursa Takkeyeon.

Ssamsu Takkeyeon: A style of Wulin combat focused heavily on kicking attacks, it has a variety of techniques that Ulv loves to execute in combat, and it’s spiraling concept of spinning up your kicks. Twisting your body into the attack and using far more than just your legs for a kick attack is an important part of this style, and Ulv’s Earth-Grasping Step using the same concept makes it really relate to her. The notable techniques detailed below are widely used, but the concept of “Recoilless Motion” is one much less widespread due to the incredible mental prowess one needs to comprehend it.

A second issue is The Three Flaws of Takkeyeon. They are;
"Stresses the user's body" - as the style uses Tai Chi (Or indeed, any spiritual energy the user has, should they be skilled enough to make the switch) to internally enhance the body and is a very forward and potent style, it can quickly strain the human body beyond breaking point, and even experienced martial artists can become fatigued in extended fights. Extensive, targeted workout routines and harsh training is the only way to overcome this flaw.

"Limited attack spots" - being a broad kick-based style, there are only so many points that it can strike effectively, which can lead to a person becoming predictable if the fight draws on. The solution to this flaw is to evolve past the style’s limits and create your own, adding in more attack spots that work with your personal flow. Not something everyone is capable of, and something that takes effort besides, however.

"Vulnerable to close combat" - another flaw of it’s broad kick-based nature is that the user requires a lot of space to pull off most of the techniques properly. If the enemy is too close, the kicks are hard-to-impossible to pull off, and the style is rendered mostly inert outside of one or two techniques, and two techniques do not make a style. Unlike the other two, there is unfortunately no in-style solution to this flaw, and the only way to not be crippled by it is to have a secondary style to pick from for close fighting.

Spiral: Some techniques require the use of Spiralling to achieve the desired result. This is used by splaying the arms wide and spinning the body in synchronicity with the spiritual energy used to enhance the style. The spiralling momentum is built up enough to create the required force to use the techniques that require it. This can also be used to enhance kicks with greater speed and accuracy.

Bo-Bup: A movement technique of Ssamsu Takkeyeon, it is a linear dash forwards, clearing distance rapidly to get in range for a strike. It can also be used to enhance a kick using the Step-In momentum, but has a problem with the attack being more predictable due to the constrained path.

Grounding: Some techniques require the use of Grounding for the force. Pushing one’s body and spiritual pressure down into the ground, the power gained from the returning force like a depressed spring let loose is then used to suddenly strike forward, stronger than you could otherwise achieve. Grounding can also be used to increase the physical destructive force of any none-air style.

Axe: A leaping technique, the user jumps into the air and then spins in a frontflip, aiming initially for the head or shoulders of the target, but can also be used when out of range of the enemy. Hitting the ground, the force can create a billow of wind to knock people out of stance or even off their feet entirely depending on the strength of the person, opening them up for other kicks from the style.

Baekdu: A knee attack, it uses Grounding to build up sufficient force, and then launches a knee-based attack, springing upwards to knock the opponent into the air and open them up for other kicks from this style, as well as making an attempt to crush through the guard with sheer force.

Cheonji: Bringing the leg up to be parallel with the rest of the body, it is then crashed down, using the heel to deliver a powerful crushing forces from above. This is generally used as a none-leaping version of Axe, and so can produce lesser wind gusts. Unable to truly throw the enemy up into the air, it can stuff buffer them and disrupt their form.

Fangs: Created by The Monkey King to hopefully give a wider solution to the vulnerabilities of close fighting, this technique uses Grounding to soak up force and then drives both Elbows down onto the foe. Successful application of this technique can knock the enemy downwards, allowing the user to throw a knee to their unguarded face and use the falling momentum to add impact.

Changdu: Considered by some to be the “Full” version of Baekdu, this kick uses Grounding to add to the force and then kicks to the groin or chin, the force impacted by the blow aiming to take the person clean off their feet. For the purists of Ssamsu who focus exclusively on the absolute perfection of kicks, this is the most popular style for its versatility and ease of execution.

Ground Drawer: A kick that uses Spiraling, this grinds the heel across the ground and can be used to kick high and spit debris at the enemy while attacking them, or kick low and blow the enemy’s ankle or knee with the kick and pitter their legs with the kicked up stones.

Dongbaek: One of the more difficult kicks, this style sees the back leg sweep up dramatically twisting the whole body into an ungainly position that required auxiliary training to retain your footing with. The advantages of this, however, is that it comes quickly, from an entirely unexpected angle, and hits with great force as it puts the whole body into the blow.

Hoe Grab: An anti-guard technique, the user feints a reverse kick, only to slide back and slip their leg between the targets arms and drag them down, opening their guard for a few seconds and allowing for a blow to the unprotected face. This is only effective against an actual guard, and Reactive Guards that do not hold a static position are immune to this technique.

Dragon Catcher: A variant of Hoe Grab, the reverse kick instead hooks around the target’s neck, and then with Spiralling, twists their body, throwing the target forwards and driving them into the ground. This, much like Hoe Grab, are unique kicks in the fact that the kick is utilitarian rather than offensive in nature.

Hwechook: The Iconic Technique of Ssamsu, the Hwechook is unique in the fact that it uses Spiralling and Grounding together to make it’s roundhouse kick, coming in strong and fast. It is a mutable kick, as seen with how many techniques share it’s name. It is also the most strenuous and difficult to execute due to the force and required circumstances for both Spiralling and Grounding.

Lowest Hwechook: A Hwechook that is used as part of a duck, the ducking movement is used as the Grounding, and then Spiralling is added as the user falls, allowing to throw a Hwechook to the thigh, knee, or ankle, depending on how low they duck.

Ricochet Hwechook: A highly advanced Hwechook, this attack can only be used after blocking an enemy kick with your leg. The impact of the blow is used to instantly enact Grounding, and then the user leaps slightly and Spirals into a kick with the opposite leg, lashing out a sudden counter attack after blocking the attack with their leg.

Jin Hwechook: Called the “True Hwechook” by some more ancient beings, this technique invented the Grounding concept. Instead of sending one’s full body-weight into the ground and then springing up, you plant one foot heavily into the ground and then lean off to the opposite side, transferring the force and lashing out with a tremendous kick. The damage it can do is considerable, but the strain it causes on a person’s body means this technique has faded somewhat in use, preferring the modern “Hwechook” instead.

Front Hwechook: A Hwechook used with the front leg rather than the back leg. It is executed the normal way to the Hwechook, but sacrifices strength for speed in an attempt to catch the opponent off guard.

Ursa Takkyeon: Less of a style, and more of a personal execution of Ssamsu Takkeyeon, this style uses most of the same techniques but incorporates more fist-based attacks from Wolf-Fu and also has some upper-high techniques using The Wind and Ulv’s exceptional physique. This takes Ssamsu Takkeyeon and turning it into two halves, the Goshin style of training her friends and playing with people, and the Jissen style of turning people into hamburgers.

Imugi Hwechook: The Imugi is a lesser Dragon, a mere copy that must live for a thousand years or catch a sacred bead descended from the heavens before they can call themselves Dragons. Fitting then, that Ulv created this Kick to symbolise her own growth. From the confusion of her birth, the doubt of her nature, and finally the acceptance that she was a true being, and not just a copy.

Imugi Hwechook is no difference from a regular Hwechook - or True Hwechook, depending on what the situation calls for - but is enhanced by a large, hardened barrier of Wind. The swirling power allows for a much stronger impact, and then a secondary impact as the wind bursts like the breath of a true dragon on impact.

Skycutter Hwechook: A Hwechook that is enhanced with The Wind to a highly compressed edge, Skycutter adds a sharpened slicing capability to the already exceptional force of Hwechook, allowing it to bypass resistances to bludgeoning impacts.

Amaterasu Hwechook: A variant of Ignis Ragna, Ulv does not immediately launch the fire at her enemy, but rather keeps it swirling in the blazing typhoon that surrounds her foot, and uses it to add to the impact of her Hwechook by giving a potent burning fire to the kinetic force of the blow.

Earthcracker Hwechook: Using a reiatsu platform that spreads across the ground, Ulv drops her entire force into the platform, mitigating the issue of shattering the earth with too much force and losing your footing and built up power. This allows for a spring attack of monstrous potency, great for shattering huge beasts or enemies of exceptional durability.

White Hwechook: Not an attack so much as an enhancer, that increases the Spiralling power with Hollow Reiatsu to allow the spin to be much more forceful than usual. This improves Ulv’s Hwechooks by a good margin for superior force, but costs her 1 post of Mask as the burst of reiatsu is burnt up in use.

Ursa Hwechook: Similar to White Hwechook, Ulv instead gets some Reiatsu from Beowulf. This accomplishes the same thing, but spend a point of Bankai rather than a point of Mask to execute.

Heaven And Earth Hwechook: Adding White Hwechook and Ursa Hwechook together, the melding of reiatsu spends two posts of mask, and two posts of Bankai to increase her Hwechooks spiralling power by an incredible amount, crashing furiously into the enemy with all the force at Ulv’s disposal.

» Why: Having been inspired by "Blade to Whetstone" and "I'd Like to Avoid Plan B" I decided to write up Ulv's Martial Arts rather than just leave them vague and nebulous.

» Extra: Awoo

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Ulvs Arts
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