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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:01 am
Arjana Nzama [Human; 5-3] [Hazard Rating D] Banner-nessa


Basic Information

○ Name: Arjana Nzama.
○ Alias': Nzambi. Spiritwalker.
○ Age: Twenty-three years old.
○ Birthday: November 27.
○ Gender: Female.
○ Race: Human (Supernatural).

○ Affiliation:
Iron Banner of Vastime.

○ Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
○ Marital Status: Single.
○ Nationality: African/Vastime.
○ Religious Standing: Custom.
○ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

○ Height: Five Feet Nine Inches.
○ Weight: Sixty-Five Kilograms.
○ Hair Colour: Black.
○ Eye Colour: Blue.

Arjana Nzama [Human; 5-3] [Hazard Rating D] Appearance-nessa

Psychological Analysis

Arjana is someone you'd say embodies a good Vastimian--she strikes for her legacy, believing that her accomplishments will push forward onto the next generation to follow and her spirit will live on through them. It is not a matter of adjustment into this lifestyle or beliefs, in fact it was more like the foundation was already there before Vastime even formed in Africa and her willingness to partake helped bring many of the peoples to follow the banner.

She is charismatic and easy to be around, lighthearted and lacking malice in her. These traits came from her role as a leader within her small group of people but her influence spreads to those that were native Africans all over Vastime before the forming of the country. She is a bridge between the ways of old and the new world.

Always one up for collecting she makes a habit of seeking out artefacts and relics--especially but not limited to African ones. She is something of a hoarder and while she likes things that have their own special meaning anything that really looks pretty or nice to her is enough to have her impulsively want to obtain it.

Faithful and loyal Arjana strives to be a model citizen and make strong relationships, trust is a big thing for her and once it's scrunched up you can never really get all the crinkles out of it with her. She can give back some but it'll never be as much as the first time. As a result she does her best to be honest and decent as a person that has a sense of pride and integrity to her.


Nzambi is Born, Age: 0-6
Arjana was born in the beautiful country of Africa--a lovely, hollow-infested and chaotic Africa. What could be worse one might wonder? Is that you were born blind, not in the literal sense blind but you could not see the spiritual world or people that were spirits. In the present day you might as well have been blind.

For her it was always a worry; seeing everyone else screaming and going into panic which left the young girl confused, then things start randomly being thrown around and invisible forces seem to rip into people's flesh and she cannot understand what is going on. When she was young she would rather have been born blind than to have been born unaware and she only could create pictures of the events from the stories her parent's would tell her about the land and ways of their beliefs.

At the age of six Arjana's parents resolved to try and help the traumatised girl, they called on their gods. All of them and during that evening one of them answered, the one that called itself Nzambi. Over the course of a night she had attained the ability to see spirits, the veil was ripped off her face.

She felt strange at first, like she wasn't actually able to control her body but in time she was able to synchronise better. She and her possessor had been able to connect in a way that made them essentially the same mind--however her sight was not the only thing she received from the spirit. She had received powers from the one that had saved her as well.

Protector and Leader, Age: 6-13
From that day she began to find herself able to heal the sick, divine things such as weather and when they were attacked again she learned she had the power to fight back and protect them. She was only a child but she acted with the resolve, strength and wisdom of someone well beyond their years in that moment.

When the dust cleared her desire to protect began creating a means to prevent the hollows from attacking them, a barrier that prevented spiritual entities from passing and they had begun to find a semblance of security under the child that they hailed as a divinity reborn even though she always argued she was no god and only a person with power to protect.

She thanked the one that had helped her, dedicating herself to the way of trying to do good by her tribe however this small piece of paradise could not remain forever, they had been protected from the spiritual threat but there was another one brewing that were going to play a part for her teenage years, the living.

Her powers were more aligned to the spiritual realm, making them less effective against those that were alive. When word spread of the blessed child that could end the attacks of hollows both corrupt governments, war-chiefs and other tribes alike wanted that security. It was the making of a war and it began when a young man called Abebe raided the tribe but left when they learned that Arjana was not there and left a warning.

When she returned she was devastated, she was still young and with a bit of naivety still strong in her. She did not expect to be attacked by people. They did not want to turn her over and she did not want to leave her family and friends exposed for the massacres she knew as a child to continue and so they fought.

Over a few days instead of preparing to turn herself in she helped and drove her tribe to start fortifying the location; walls, trenches and weapons being made. Over a few days they had created some shoddy defences to fend off Abebe, this worked for only a few hours before the defences broke and the battle turned in their favour.

Despite his victory being in hand Arjana had one final gamble, she said she'd go peacefully with him if he defeated her in single combat and tempted by her offer of no resistance she was able to buy a few days before this match was due. In this time she meditated and trained--with her connection to the land she was able to draw on knowledge and within these few days she had been able to learn enough that she felt she had a fighting chance against Abebe.

Their fight was quick but she was able to find victory against him, beaten and bruised they both were she told him to stay with her people instead of leaving as he planned. In this broken world the idea of protection was one not even his dignity could hold up against and he conceded to her request--with his input they were able to create a more protected and sheltered position from other war chiefs that would try to find her.

From Old to New, Age: 13-21
Finding a delicate peace she was able to get a few years of a pleasant lifestyle but it was always on her mind about the people that were outside of it all. She wasn't doing anything to help them except taking in the odd refuges that heard a rumour and followed through. She wanted to do more and help but she already had so much on her young shoulders.

Fortunately an opportunity arose, a man that came in and began to handle the devastated continent. Defeating the hollow infestation and bringing a form of unity, she was sceptical about it at first and wanted to preserve the old ways that she represented and sought to protect. It was only a matter of time before they were sent with an emissary and offered to join the Iron Banner. She wanted to say no but the thought of war and strife between her followers and this man came to mind. There had already been enough of that for her tastes and decided to be willing to take the offer.

Since that day she was offered the role of nobility but allowed for her parents to possess it in her steed as she had no interest in it. She began to adjust and learn, trying to adopt the new languages and culture that was presented to her. Over time she realised that she fit in quite well with this country that had been built and grew proud of it. Instead of becoming nobility she took towards education of the land and working with many areas to ensure the growth of Vastime. On the side she amassed quite a reputation in the fighting scene, having grown into it and enjoying the rush of a match between opponents.


○ Geographical Advantage: For Arjana she is deeply connected to the continent of Africa (Vastime)--such that she is exceptionally more powerful and influential within it. Following her possession by the "essence of Nzambi", Arjana does not believe it was an actual God but it's connection to the land was definitely something tangible that she learned as she grew up.

She links this to the ancestral spirits of Africa and her ancestors that allow for her to tap into the Anima Mundi around her and utilise it incredibly well without becoming drowned by it. There are a great deal of advantages that come from this such as the fact she can draw on power from around her, augment her powers in the territory and overall possess a kind of authority within the domain hence why she is often subject to monitoring by the Vastime Empire due to the potential disaster it could be if someone was able to manipulate these powers for a terrible cause.

    Ancestral Return: Tied to her aspect of Nzambi, she possesses the ability to channel spirits of the deceased that have become connected to the continent of Africa over the many years. As a result she can pull on nameless wraiths or specific people to channel their spirit through her's and allow for her to gain traits of them. Given how the Soul Cycle works though this is like the land creating a copy before it passes on, which is what Arjana is able to pull on.

    It is unable to change or grow, but she can graft some of them onto herself temporarily such as gaining access to skills she might not have known before or temporarily making her body stronger by channelling a spirit's strength. The effect scales off how strong a connection they possess, meaning those she knew would be exceptionally stronger than random people she was borrowing from. This aspect can only be used in Africa/Vastime.

    Ephemeral Dream: The state of mind that Arjana is able to enter, it usually occurs while she is sleeping or unconscious but can be accessed through meditation and ritual. The Ephemeral Dream is her ability to create an image of an Otherworld--a false plane of existence that exists within her mind that is created by the ancestral spirits of Africa as a kind of afterlife. Time moves faster for her here, specifically four times. Making her able to have time to think and potentially grow inside her dreamscape as all changes can be reflected in the outside world--through some set-up it is possible to bring others into this dream.

    Energy Transfer: She is able to draw energy through the land of Africa itself from the Anima Mundi that allows for her to replenish her reserves quickly. This requires that she actually absorb it through a physical conduit though, take having water nearby and drinking said water that is flowing the energy into her via that path. She can transfer her energy back into nature to generate and hasten the speed at which natural occurrences happen, such as generating a tornado at higher levels or with enough time.

    Wandering Sea: An ability with two functions, within the African continent it serves as a powerful sensory ability. Quite literally on the continental scale, it can be described as looking up at the night sky full of stars. The people that have a strong connection to the land, whether by birth or have developed an attachment--Arjana as an example of the former while Desmond Hayden an example of the latter. Those that don't have a connection are dimmer and differently coloured for her perception. She is able to pick out people and connect with them through this, but only if they share that connection with Africa from which she can serve as a powerful support from a long distance--this aspect only works on the continent however.

    It's secondary facet is the only part of her geographical advantages that work outside of the land. When outside of Africa she becomes like a conduit, meaning that she can gain access to her benefits at a twenty percent potency compared to their normal one-hundred percent potency in Africa.

○ Touched by Death: Due to being possessed by Nzambi--a spirit that claims to be the Creator God and also a God of Death from the mythological figure. She was able to develop at a much faster rate, hence why at the age of thirteen she was already an established figure of her tribe as well as the many feats. Nzambi also functions as her catalyst that allows for her to interact and see the spiritual world and also being the main source of her powers. In essence, if she were to have no Nzambi then she'd be a nobody. However separation of these two are basically impossible due to having merged in mind and body so much Arjana is Nzambi and Nzambi is Arjana.

    Corpse Collector: She is able to break down corpses and dead organic matter to convert into energy for her to use, making her most suitable combat environment a place with many dead bodies. Due to morality she does her best to only use the bodies of enemies rather than her comrades as a sign of respect however is willing to do it if necessary for the sake of a cause she and they believed in.

    Death Energy: Arjana attributes Nzambi's powers to the force of Death Energy that she learnt of once she joined Vastime, due to possessing Arjana's body and melding with it she gains access to the energy herself. She is not well-versed in controlling it but knows it fuels some of her capabilities. She strives to become more in-tune with the energy over time and grow.

    DE Class: Fifth.

    Divination: Arjana is able to perceive things that shouldn't be perceivable without the aid of technology or others. The most basic form of this is her ability to see spirits, when she was born she could not see them but following her possession she could see and interact with the spiritual world. Arjana struggles to lose things due to her eyes seemingly being drawn towards what she was looking for. It makes her incredibly observant and able to pick up things that others might not however its true nature lies in its almost instinct-like qualities--take a fight for an example, she sees through most feigns and tricks in the moment as though she's predicting it just before it comes. However just because she can potentially predict things as they come at times doesn't mean she can physically stop it.

    Origin: Zombie: Attributed with raising the dead as mindless slaves Nzambi's name would eventually become the word zombie on a world-wide scale. Due to her connection with spirits from her possession Arjana is able to make use of Necromancy to some extent, such as taking command of dead bodies to use as familiars. Depending on the effort she puts in these familiars can function as mindless animals that are befitting the modern interpretation of a zombie or they can possess a level of cognisance and understanding but lacking their freedom of choice. The level of thought process tends to come down to how much she invests in them both in terms of effort and energy.

    Spiritual Magic: Her magic is very spiritually aligned, meaning that people with a physical body and are alive will tend to be incredibly resistant if not invulnerable to its effects. Against a spiritual target though her power is much stronger, as a child she was able to create a field that warded off low-tier hollows from entering but had no effect against physical targets. As a result her spells are eighty percent more effective against spiritual targets but are inversely also eighty percent less effective against physical targets.

○ Under the Iron Banner: Arjana is unofficially a noble within the Vastime Empire, although she allows the role's duties to be held in proxy by her father for the most part. Over the few years since its formation Arjana has developed herself to become more in-line with Vastime and their ways. Including their combat and even some small alterations to her body with their technology, most noticeably the Vastimian Gene.

    Matters of the Fist: She's trained in the use of most basic and semi-specialised weapons, but her true prowess is in her few months she learned hand-to-hand combat with instructors. She shines in physical brawling through a variety of soft and hard styles which variate between attacking people with raw force or exploiting weak points. She is notably good with a spear however she does not use it very often.

    Matters of the Mind: Educated since she joined Vastime she is no genius or science prodigy but when it comes to language, literature and affairs she is pretty clued in on the workings of things. With her accelerated rate of learning from her early maturity she does have some knowledge of engineering and warfare but a lot of her wisdom comes from knowing many things well--not knowing a few things great.

    Water Affinity: She has an affinity for the water element, being willing to flow and move she is able to accept change. Her affinity manifests in her body, allowing for her body to move at a moment's notice, this eliminates potential situations like being stiff before or after a fight and makes sure she's always ready to fight. She has a higher rate of healing but not in the realm of regeneration, she will just spend less time in the hospital through recovery.

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