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 Beast Realm

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Beast Realm   Beast Realm EmptyThu Jul 25, 2019 6:35 pm

Overview: [WIP]

The Arbiters of the Beast Realm:

These are the three anchors who were bound to this world, tasked to make sure that those who enter do not repeat the same mistakes they have had. They consist of three beings eternally bound to this world, as they did not make the corrections for their clan needed. So much so that their sentence would numberize as a combination of trillions of years. Although on the surface they seem like beings bound for infinite time, they are beings that are sentenced for so long that they don't feel remorse for whatever crimes they have committed, thus continuing to do so, and ensuring that they can be a reminder of the mistakes of being bound to this world. The world itself is also known as "The Horizontal", meaning that when you are about to this world, the expectation is that you will always more forward, but never to improve or to degrade. If you do degrade within this world, they will release you from the shackles here, but cause a permanent halt in your soul cycle and may never return to former glory. Those who improve, they will grant you more benefits to improve your resolve.

[*] Enter NPCs: The Three Poisons

Depending on the severity of the sentence, one may have to report to one of these beings to finalize their sentence. Generally speaking, Ignorance would be the lesser sentences of 0-5000 years, Greed would be from 5000-10,000, and Hatred would be for 10,000+ If the sentence goes beyond 10,000, they will be bound permanently through this world, only to send scions of themselves to interact with others. If they still continue throughout those scions, the Three Poisons will subject them through trials that will keep them locked in time permanently for the length of their sentence. Once this trial sentence is over, they then are returned back having their only ability being to send scions of themselves. Should they still no submit after that, they will be forcibly exchanged with on of the Three Poisons and relinquish the Poison from their sentence, but taking on that sentence in their place.

Ignorance: (lesser time)

Beast Realm 73715b5b847e9e61e28b76ab226936a1

Greed: (average time)

Beast Realm Nicolas-paradis-compositing-02

Hatred: (harsher time/ generation bound)

Beast Realm 5763661171091141b48ff398dbedf6a3_1024x1024

Sentencing to the Beast World:

Lesser Plea:

Iramasha Encounter

  • Selected based on sin categories
    Within those categories they are not the highest level of the sin, but should still be punished for their crime, the animal choice is up to personal preference in terms of appearance, but generally the animal type is locked to a specific type of sin. These sins affect not only the user, but also those who share their name with them in their family/clan

    Seven Forms Taken Within the Beast Realm:
    -Avian: Lust
    -Reptilian: Envy
    -Mammalian: Pride
    -Amphibian: Gluttony
    -Fish: Sloth

    **Djinn** Demons who wanted a second chance in living are sent here to become bound to a hierarchy of rules. And should they follow, they are released from this realm. These beings do not take a specific form, but they generally look humanoid, or off-colored to humanoids. They may also have a form in which they show their true bestial heritage. If they are human in nature, often they wear colors to represent the aspect they were meant to represent (i.e red for hatred, etc.)

    **Mystical** Quincy who are bound to this realm resort to being angelic or taking amongst an new form. When this form is created, they have an oath that they must follow. Holding to the oath will grant ascension to their former glory. (Permanent Letz-Stil until all rights are achieved, regardless of tier). Similarly to demons, they do not have a specific form, but generally these creatures are based in fantasy, such as dragons, spriggans, or elemental beings.

    They do not have to be bound to a specific class, and can call upon any race to base their powers on, in addition to Bestial. Though, becoming arrancar or hollow is heavily frowned upon, and will increase their sentence after death.

    Release from your Sentence:
    There are few processes to decrease and even erase your sentence permanently should you choose to do so.


    Pleading "Guilty":


    This process is granted through rigorous amounts of training that can take up to 500 years. When one trains in this way, they will be released from their bestial form and granted a full human form. Should they act valiantly for the length of the time of their training, they will be granted the fuller version of their humanized form, and release those that come after them from their curse. Should they act against their rites during their human form, they will be permanently bound to their animal form and no longer able to make contact with the outer realms for double the duration of their training. They will not even be able to send scions of themselves during this time.

    Challenging the Bestowed Time:
    A more risky way to clearing the time, would be challenging the Poison that gave you the time in this world. Challenging and defeating them would cause yourself as well as other after you to be released from the curse, but put those before you in the position of the Poison defeated. Therefore, this route would kill off those who had the lesser times, and add them onto the time of the longest standing member of the clan, and replace them as a Poison. Not only would the clans time be added onto that one person, but they will also occur the time of the Poison who was defeated.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Beast Realm   Beast Realm EmptyTue Sep 10, 2019 6:35 pm

Species of the Beast Realm:
The Pride: Aspects of the Mammal

Beast Realm Rengar_Splash_2.0

Oath of the Hide:

- Respect/ Honor the dead
- Embrace your own humility

Humanization Trial:

Horizon's Grace: Aspects of the Avian

Beast Realm 1008786

Oath of Infatuation:

- Seek beauty in your life
- Make others understand the beauty around themselves

Humanization Trial:

True Horizontal: Aspects of the Fish

Beast Realm Ripjaws-ben-10-omniverse-37159771-895-893

Oath of Stagnzation:

- Progress in small steps or bountiful leaps
- Learn about yourself and bestow knowledge to others, so they may move forward with you.

Humanization Trial
Cursed Hunger: Aspects of The Amphibious
Beast Realm TK_Splash_WP

Oath of Famine:

- Assist and Support others
- All things must end

Humanization Trial:
Forked Animosity: Aspects of the Reptile

Beast Realm 07f491cf0c56c518bfd6e9c618917216

Oath of Desire:

- Offer yourself to others
- Offer resources when needed

Humanization Trial

Djinn: Aspects of the Mischievous

Beast Realm 0671acabad391c1591cfa4f713115e668c702525

Djinn are a sub-genre of demons kept in the Beast Realm because of their difference in idealogy compared to most demons. Djinn see themselves as significantly better than their brethren and and other races who are in their presence. Rather than feasting off of fear or pain, Djinn focus their efforts into causing mischief. They enjoy other's misery, and to them they see this as a positive interaction. They are however, permanently bound to this world, as they do not generate enough energy to be considered a "real demon". The energy that radiates from misery is far weaker than the energy that radiates from fear and pain, thus they can not have a true bount of demonic strength. They instead use their magic bursts, and when they are ready to become humanized, they must follow their oaths and are bound to a sacred artifact, soul, or creature, until they are accepted by completing their oath.

Oath of the Shackled:

- Sympathize with others, rather than creating their sorrow
- Grant the desires of others to make them feel pleased

Humanization Trial:

Unlike most races, Djinn are instead either bound directly to a soul or to an object. Their bodies are often too deformed to take the appearance of something humanoid, thus they rely on another humanoid figure to be the body, while the Djinn acts as the brains to the vessel. The humanoid and the Djinn must work together in a slightly symbiotic relationship for the Djinn to fully complete their humanization, often times the Djinn exchanges their power for the usage of the new body. Because of the Djinn's energy, upon hosting a humanoid, the human may take on elven like characteristics. Djinn being long, ethereal and shapeless beings often causes the humans limbs to become longer and lanky. They may also develop pointed ears and longer wisp-like hair in the process.
The Nephilim: Aspect of the Fallen Idols

Beast Realm Aurelion-sol-splash-fallback

Oath of Forgiveness:

- Return to your path of glory
- Cleanse your sins

Humanization Trial:
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Beast Realm
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