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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Tsuchihana Hakaizen

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Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Hakaizen Tsuchihana
» Alias: Hakai-kun
» Age: 418
» Gender: Male

» Association: Gotei United

» Appearance Written: Hakaizen is tall, approximately 6’5”, and lean, with pale skin juxtaposed against his long, ebony hair, which he keeps tied in a ponytail. His eyes are a deep purple and his features are sharp but hold a soft kindness. In addition to his Shinigami uniform, he also wears a kote, a type of light gauntlet, on his right hand. His zanpakuto is tied to his waist with a white sash decorated with yellow and purple flowers. Like most shinigami, despite being quite old, he looks to be in his twenties.

» Appearance Image:
Tsuchihana Hakaizen Tumblr_nhf1q45HhV1tdrgdlo1_500

I. Personality

» Personality:
Hakaizen has a lot of love in his heart for good people. He believes that giving in to the call of evil is far easier than fighting to stay good. When he meets people who are good, even if only just, he finds their life worth defending, and would happily do so. He cares most deeply for his remaining family and for his comrades in the Fourth Division. He is willing to devote any free time he has to his friends, and greatly enjoys passing the time on simple pleasures, such as practicing calligraphy, getting food, or simply enjoying brief moments of peace.

No matter how hopeless a battle, how devastating a loss, or how intense a pain, there has never been an event that caused Hakaizen to lose his cool. Even all those centuries ago when he had to avenge the death of his parents, an eerie calm filled his being. His calm and collected nature even grants him some measure of resistance against mental interference with the purpose of dragging out emotion. This allows Hakaizen to calmly and carefully weigh his options against any foe, regardless of how outmatched he may be. This calm is not only natural, but has been reforged through near-constant battle.

Hakaizen is a practitioner of both poetry and calligraphy, having inherited a great appreciation for both from his older brother Manji. He predominantly writes poetry in the traditional waka format, following a 5-7-5-7-7 syllabic pattern. He has also adapted calligraphy for swordplay, using his zanpakuto to mirror the strokes. It lends a bit of grace and artistry to his fighting. His favorite subject for poetry is idyllic nature scenes, and his favorite word to write is Miko, both a shrine maiden and the name of his little sister.

This facet of Hakaizen’s personality makes him a good candidate for the First Division, had he not gone into the Fourth. Hakaizen is unforgiving toward people who break the law, and toward people who use their power for their own gain, at the expense of others, or to bring harm to innocent people, he is merciless. When faced with a heinous criminal, he will not hesitate to cut them down. If the crime is grave enough, he has even killed people close to him.

Whether it comes to honing and refining his skills, serving as an extension of the Gotei’s will, or coming to the defense of his allies, Hakaizen never does anything halfway or with less than full intention. Sometimes, this can cause him to make mistakes, particularly when it comes to spending time with others...

I. History

» History:
Human Life
Uesugi Hakaizen was born in a riverside town called Gujo Hachiman in the year 1925. In the small town of Gujo Hachiman, his mother was a shrine priestess named Junko, and his father was a soldier in the Japanese military during the second world war, but before that, Uesugi Hachigen owned a kendo school. Junko had long, black hair and purple eyes, with soft features and a round face, while Hachigen had a rectangular face, strong features, and silver hair with piercing black eyes. Despite their home being a tiny little town, the school attracted students from all over Japan, due to Hachigen’s claim that he was a descendant of the legendary samurai Uesugi Kenshin. Hachigen’s mastery of Japanese swordplay made that claim much more believable, and Hakaizen wanted nothing more than to become as strong as his father. He trained day in and day out, having an immense natural talent that was matched only by his dedication. By the time he was ten, despite his young age, he was the top student at his father’s school. The two were very close, and Hachigen adored his well-mannered, dutiful son. However, their close bond would be threatened by the onset of war.

In 1939, when Hakaizen was fourteen years old, the second World War broke out. Hachigen was drafted to fight and die for his country. He told his son that it was truly an honor to take up arms for his home, but to Hakaizen, war was taking his father away. He began acting out in his father’s absence, and by thirteen Hakaizen had run away from home. He traveled the countryside, bringing only the sword that hung in his father’s dojo. He spent his nights getting drunk and starting fights with strangers. With the entire country focused on the war effort, the more rural areas had become outlaw territory, and among the circles of the other sword-toting criminals, Uesugi Hakaizen was gaining infamy.

As he grew, so too did his sword skills, honed by cutting down foe after foe, and his reputation. Before long he was not only killing other criminals, but he’d been forced to use his sword skills against law enforcement, as well. He was well and truly a criminal, now, and everywhere he went, he had to take certain precautions, such as using fake names and never staying too long in one place. By twenty, he’d won over a hundred duels, and had never tasted defeat. However, a single event changed his priorities for good. On August 6th, and then again three days later, the United States, in a bid to end the war with Japan, dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bigger than any that had come before them. Understanding the incredible destructive power the United States was willing to unleash on Japan, Hakaizen rushed to be on the first train that would get him home. He needed to get back to his mother, to beg for forgiveness from her and father.

However, when he made it home, his mother nearly turned him away. After prostrating himself before her, and swearing to never leave again, she eventually allowed him to return home. There, the two of them waited for Hachigen to return. With the war over, they expected his return any day. However, the days stretched into months, and those stretched into years, but Hachigen never came back. Junko accepted that her husband had been killed, but Hakaizen refused to give up hope. He reopened the dojo, teaching students to bring in money. He never left the town again, and when his mother passed in 1957, he became the owner of the dojo officially. As time marched on, he attracted fewer and fewer students, and in 2001, at the age of seventy-six, he had a mere eight students. However, even though he had made it that long without ever being bothered by the law for what he’d done in his youth, eventually his past caught up with him.

One of the men he’d killed in a duel, one Yamaguchi Ryuuken, had been the heir to a powerful Yakuza family. After decades of searching, they eventually tracked him down to Gujo Hachiman and sent a squad of goons to kill him and burn his dojo down. The night they showed up, four of Hakaizen’s students were there late, studying calligraphy from Hakaizen. The Yakuza men attacked but found not a hobbling old man and a bunch of children, but a venerable master of Japanese swordsmanship and his highly formidable students. Even armed with only practice swords, they began to dominate the Yakuza, beating them into submission with their honed skills. Hakaizen himself, despite the many years having eroded his physicality and athleticism, drew his father’s katana and began slaying the men, one by one. It began to look like the Yakuza were severely outmatched.

However, the three remaining men did what all criminals of the modern age do when threatened, and drew firearms. No amount of martial arts skill could overcome their guns, and when they opened fire, Hakaizen’s old body briefly regained the fire from his youth. He moved quickly, throwing himself in front of his students. Bullets pierced hole after hole into his torso, but even so, Hakaizen did not fall. He remained standing upright, however hunched, and with a final spurt of energy, he stepped forward and ran one of the men through with his sword. The other men were taken aback by the final action of an old man who’d been shot more than enough times to kill him, and thus, dropped their guard. The students, spurred on by their brave master, disarmed and subdued the criminals until police could show up with an ambulance. However, that was ultimately unnecessary. Hakaizen died on the floor of his father’s dojo, fingers still clutching Hachigen’s katana.

Life in the Soul Society
Tsuchihana Hakaizen was born into a poor family in the 79th district of the Rukongai, Kusajishi. As one of the districts furthest from Seireitei, it was hard and dirty, with common crimes such as burglary and mugging being daily occurrences and more serious crimes such as murder being a monthly one. However, like most Earthly cities with high crime rates, it wasn’t as if life was always miserable. Like all families in the Rukongai, none of the Tsuchihanas were related, but Hakaizen viewed them as his family, regardless. He had a mother and father, Ritsuko, a very tall, slender woman with red hair and sharp eyes, and Shiga, a gentle man with dark hair, a wide smile, well-muscled arms, and a round stomach, two brothers, Genzo and Manji, and a younger sister, little Miko. He enjoyed sunny days roughhousing with his older brothers, and rainy days playing hide-and-seek in their family’s home. Their father was loud and boisterous and their mother had a kind soul tempered with an impish sense of humor.

From a young age, Hakaizen , Genzo, and Miko were all fascinated with sword fighting. Hakaizen and Miko had seen shinigami on several occasions and thought that they were brave, strong, and incredibly inspirational. Genzo, unbeknownst to his family, saw the power that a sword gave, a power that could be used to get what he wanted. He could provide for his family, money, food, clothes, whatever they needed. Meanwhile Manji, the second oldest, just saw them as weapons that threatened his family. He hated the idea of his siblings carrying swords, and constantly tried to talk them out of their ideas about weapons. However, that would ultimately fail, as their mother revealed that at one point, their home had in fact been a very small dojo.

The children eventually got their wish and Ritsuko armed them with practice katanas began instructing them in some sword techniques, ones purely for defending oneself. Among his siblings, Hakaizen took to it the quickest, rapidly improving like nothing Ritsuko had ever seen. His body had a knack for the movements and his analytical mind rapidly absorbed and memorized the material. In a matter of months, he’d surpassed even his mother, and was becoming something of a phenom. His family kept his skill a secret in a bid to avoid drawing unwanted attention to them. However, only a few years later, Hakaizen found himself being assaulted by a group of ruffians. They threatened to kill him, their leader wearing a sword at his waist when something within Hakaizen snapped.

Hakaizen took hold of the sword, drawing it from the scabbard with a swift, fluid motion, and dropped into a grounded stance. With shocking ease, he slew each and every one of his attackers without so much as a labored breath. He took the scabbard from the corpses and stole the katana, taking it home and hiding it underneath a floorboard. There it went unknown to Hakaizen’s family for years.

Meanwhile, Genzo had gotten his hands on a blade of his own, a kodachi he could easily hide within his kimono. Like Hakaizen’s, Genzo’s sword had also tasted blood, as he’d been using it to commit several robberies over the years. He secretly added money to his parents’ stashed amount, and in other cases, bought them things with money he claimed to have found. Not long afterward, Hakaizen caught Genzo sneaking out at night, his kodachi in hand. The brothers had a confrontation and Hakaizen learned of Genzo’s criminal activity. Before he could do anything, their fight had woken the family, and both their secrets and their swords were revealed. With that, Ritsuko refused to teach any of them ever again and gave them both an ultimatum: surrender their swords or be forced to leave the house. Their father, while much softer and more reluctant when it came to punishment, ultimately agreed with her. As much as they loved their boys, they couldn’t risk them bringing attention, and criminals, to the home of their family, of their younger sister. Hakaizen agreed with only some hesitation, weighing his family greater than his pride or his sword. Genzo, however, would not agree to her terms, and outright refused to win over what he saw as the key to providing a future for their family. He confirmed what Hakaizen had discovered, that he had been secretly padding the family’s savings. The argument reached a head when Genzo, frustrated, hurt, and too prideful to admit just how much, stormed out of the home, declaring that he wouldn’t stay shackled to the family.

After that, the days began to lose their light, their color. Every smile was tinged with sadness, every happy moment tainted by the fact that Genzo was not there to share it with them. He fell out of contact and for years, the family merely kept on living. Manji began teaching Hakaizen and Miko about calligraphy and creative writing, and Hakaizen’s mind, having never forgotten a single detail about wielding a sword, mentally translated his strokes as the movements of a blade. Eventually, all the children went their separate ways. Manji left to become a writer, moving to a district much closer to Seireitei. Miko stayed with Ritsuko and Shiga, and Hakaizen took his sword back from his mother and left to live on his own in the woods nearby. There he resumed his daily training, devoting himself to mastering the use of a sword. His training began with his mother’s teaching, but swiftly he began to adapt her style, gaining new facets, but retaining the principles and foundation. He began cutting leaves before they could reach the ground, slashing trees, whatever he could do on his own. While he was living amongst nature, he developed an appreciation for nature, and, inspired by Manji, took up writing nature poetry when he wasn’t training or hunting. Every so often, other people would stumble into his territory, and he was always kind enough to guide them back to town or assist them with whatever odd job they might need at the moment. He gained a reputation among the townsfolk, and more and more often he was asked to be a bodyguard. Often, this meant sword fights with criminals, but every time that happened, Hakaizen left his opponent alive. He knew to return to town meant possibly seeing his family. He would not let them see a killer. In the end, it didn’t matter. No matter how many times he came back into town, he never saw any of them. He thought of returning home, but could never bring himself to do it. In the end, he always simply returned to the woods.

That was how he came back into contact with Miko, now a woman. She wore several scrapes and bruises, having tripped and stumbled through the woods until she found Hakaizen. She revealed to him through running tears and frantic sobs that a gang of criminals had attacked their parents’ home. Fearful for their lives, he quickly followed her back to town. When the two of them made it back, Hakaizen’s worst fears were realized. The house was burnt to the ground, and his parents were nowhere to be found. That night, through the rain that began to pour, they dug through the blackened debris for hours, until Hakaizen finally found two charred bodies, arms wrapped around each other. Miko fell into hysterics, devastated at the loss of her parents. Hakaizen, on the other hand, felt that same internal snap that he’d felt the first time he’d taken a life, only much more powerful now. His eyes took on a dark, lifeless quality, and he left Miko there alone to depart on his own mission. He began defeating and capturing criminals. He would interrogate them, often painfully, and in cases where they proved too capable with a sword to knock out and capture, he killed them. He bloodied the streets of the 79th district until he got answers about a gang calling themselves “Akato”. Apparently, the leadership had changed, and the new man in charge was much more violent than the last. Hakaizen tracked down their headquarters and, without any hesitation, attacked.

Armed with a sword and without any backup or support, he stormed the large house Akato had been using and began cutting through the men. Most of them hadn’t fought anyone stronger than an untrained peasant, but even the more experienced members were lacking in fundamentals. To Hakaizen, they were all the same, and he slew them one by one. Eventually, he reduced them down to three men and a woman, all armed with swords of varying length. They were clearly trained, but their true strength was in their defense. One on one, Hakaizen would inevitably overcome them, but with their defensive fighting style and greater numbers, they were proving to be almost more than he could handle. Eventually, they even began landing strikes, delivering cuts to Hakaizen’s arms, torso, and legs. His wounds were shallow at first, but over the course of the battle became more and more serious. More and more he was struck, more and more he bled, but his sword never slowed. His immense natural talent was bolstered by his daily training regimen and experience in fighting opponents gave him an edge, and despite his increasingly wounded body, he killed the final members. All that was left was to face their leader. In his mind, this gang had been hurting people for years, and now they’d killed his parents. They deserved no more mercy than they gave, and was absolutely ready to end their reign.

When he entered the leader’s room, he was greeted by a much older Genzo, standing before him with both a katana and a kodachi tied to his waist. Upon seeing the face of his lost brother, Hakaizen’s quiet rage dissolved and without that rage to spur on his adrenaline, pain and exhaustion wracked his body. Genzo revealed that he’d ordered the house robbed and that the men he sent had gotten caught and were forced to kill the couple. Ritsuko stood her ground, but the men had been trained by Genzo and were familiar with her style. The fire was to make it look like some sort of accident. Hakaizen heart broke when he saw how low his brother had fallen, what Genzo had become. With nothing left to discuss, Genzo drew both his blades and the brothers began to fight. Their battle dragged on for hours, and Hakaizen’s muscles screamed, both in pain and in exhaustion, but still he would not falter. Genzo fought with a unique style, one that had inverted their mother’s defensive techniques into a two-sword offensive designed to overwhelm an opponent’s guard. When the final blow was struck, despite having taken a fresh bevy of wounds from Genzo, Hakaizen’s sword had pierced his brother’s heart. With his brother dead, Hakaizen set fire to the base, willing to succumb to his wounds and die.

When he awoke, he was in what looked like a clinic, but far nicer than any he’d seen. Next to his bed was both his sister Miko, and a shinigami woman named Haru. She’d been hearing more and more about the threat of organized crime in the further districts and had been investigating when she saw the building on fire. She had saved Hakaizen’s life. When she asked him what had happened to all the criminals, and why the burning building had been littered with corpses covered in wounds only caused by a blade, Hakaizen calmly explained that he had killed every member of the gang. She was impressed with his sword skills with as little real training as he had, as well as with his ability to receive as many wounds as he had without passing out. However, she was disturbed by his ability to kill so many people without flinching. When she questioned him about it, he realized that he harbored an internal hatred for criminals, and in his eyes, those who broke the law, hurt innocent people, and lorded their power over others deserved everything they got. Haru was still concerned by his mental state, but recommended he join the Shinigami Academy and pursue a life as a member of Gotei United. Despite the physical and mental pain of what he’d just gone through, Hakaizen couldn’t help but feel excited at the idea of becoming a shinigami, and Miko was just as excited for him. He took her up on her offer.

When Hakaizen got to the Academy, his very first lesson was a difficult one. He was forced to realize that had been a prodigy of the sword in the Rukongai, but in the academy there were many others at his level. However, instead of becoming discouraged, Hakaizen saw it as a chance to grow his skills even further. After all, he was still a natural in the art of swordplay, and he took to the lessons he received unlike any of the other students in his class. His instructors were very impressed with his growth in that field, which lead them to decide to focus on cultivating his skill in other fields to make him more well-rounded. He began receiving instruction in Kido spells, hoho, and general applications for his reiatsu. He didn’t have much in the way of natural talent when it came to bakudo, but he was a decent Hadō practitioner and he took to hoho almost as naturally as he did zanjutsu. During his Hadō studies, one of his instructors decided to show him Hadō no. 11, Tsuzuri Raiden, a spell that transfers electricity through a shinigami’s sword and into whatever the sword is touching. Hakaizen drew the asauchi sword he’d been given upon entering the academy and tried to cast the spell, converting his reiatsu into an electric current and passing it through the sword. However, as soon as he did, a voice rang out in his head.

“Ahhh... I see.”

When he awoke, the generic asauchi he’d been holding was replaced by a longer sword with its own unique guard, wrappings, scabbard. His instructor was beside themselves. When trying to cast Tsuzuri Raiden, Hakaizen had somehow managed to truly solidify his slowly-budding relationship with his sword, and it had become a true zanpakuto. This event put him on the fast-track to graduation, so to speak. His skill in zanjutsu improved even more quickly, and with each passing day, Hakaizen stopped feeling like he was carrying a sword. It was so subtle that he hadn’t noticed it, until one day while practicing sword forms. He realized that when he held the sword in his hands, it felt more like just a part of his arm. He tried nightly to get the blade to speak to him again, but it would not. However, even without communing with the zanpakuto their relationship deepened. Before long, Hakaizen graduated, and his incredible natural talent for zanjutsu and hoho made him almost a certainty for the fourth division of the Gotei United. With that, he was a shinigami, just like Haru, just like the one he’d seen with Miko all those years ago.

The first thing he did with his free time after graduating was visit his sister.

She was living in the 6th district, having found work as a live-in maid. Her employer was a woman whose husband and son were shinigami as well. She kindly welcomed him into her home and even made tea for the two of them. Hakaizen enjoyed catching up with Miko, and she hung from his every word. Seeing him in his shihakusho made her eyes well up. They shared laughter as they reminisced on old memories and moments of sorrow as they thought about Genzo and their parents. Even Manji, while not having died, had been gone for so long that they wondered if they’d ever see him again. Most of all, they were just happy to be together, and to both be thriving.

The meeting with Miko would prove to be the last time for a long time that Hakaizen got any time off, however. As a fresh shinigami with stellar Academy records, he was quickly shipped to the Realm of the Living to battle in the globe-encompassing war against Demons, Arrancar, and Hollows. As a member of the Fourth Division, there were certain expectations placed on him. He exceeded them. He charged into battle without fear, remorse, or mercy. In his eyes, the enemy were all criminals, moreso than anyone else he’d ever met. In the depths of such a massive war, life-or-death battles became a daily occurence. Every day he was cast into the crucible of war, and every day he survived to see the next one. In the times he actually got a chance to sleep, he always had the same dream. Every time he closed his eyes, he found himself at the base of a staircase carved into the side of a mountain that stretched up into the sky. Every time he climbed the stairs, and every time he stopped when they became obscured by thunder clouds.

Every time but one.

During the events of a battle, he’d been struck several severe wounds and left on the verge of death by a Hollow. He passed out, and when he opened his eyes, he was once again at the base of those stairs, and once again he ascended. However this time, unwilling to turn back and spurred on by how close he was to death, he pressed on, walking through the storm clouds. He was battered by wind and rain, and bolts of lightning struck the side of the mountain, but he kept going. One foot fell in front of the other, over and over, until finally he made it through the clouds and stood on the top of the mountain. There he found a large temple behind a torii gate. He walked through it and toward the temple and stopped when a huge, eight foot man with white hair and dark skin stepped out of the temple and into the sunlight.

“Finally, you are here. Finally, you lay eyes upon me. Finally, we can speak properly.”

With a burst of spiritual pressure and renewed vigor, Hakaizen rose again, ignoring his wounds to deliver the finishing blow upon his enemy. From then until the end of the war, Hakaizen fought like a raging whirlwind through the battlefield, wielding a shining golden sword. Come injury and great pain, he persisted, and then one day, the war was over. He’d lost track of the decades he’d spent fighting for the lives of humans and shinigami, as well as his own.

Since the end of the war, Hakaizen has continued to carry out his duty, as both a respectable shinigami and a friend to all those close to him.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: N/A

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:
Zanjutsu: Zentoichi-ryuu (All Swords as One)
Throughout his life as a human and as a spirit, one constant has persisted: Hakaizen's proficiency in swordsmanship. During his time fighting criminals in Rukongai and training in the Academy, he honed a school of fighting that can be seen as "the amalgamation of all sword forms Hakaizen has come across." It is meant to be a style focused on rapid evolution, analyzing one's opponent and adjusting your attack patterns accordingly. As such it uses principles from various styles of swordsmanship, such as kendo, itto-ryu, and iaijutsu, as well as movements and techniques derived from pure improvisation. It is meant to be the last style one would ever need to learn, and as such, it can be used to fight off opponents with many different styles. This is reflected in the three forms he utilizes, fluidly switching between them.

Zentoichi: Shunboei (Flash Defense)
Hakaizen rests a hand on the hilt of his sheathed sword and assumes an iaijutsu stance, ready to draw. However, instead of using the quick-draw maneuver as an attack, he uses it to rapidly parry incoming attacks. The speed and force with which he draws is useful for defending against an attack and forcing an opening in the opponent's stance. The parrying action in this form looks less like defense and more like Hakaizen is "striking the enemy's strike."

Zentoichi: Ken no Tate (Shield of Swords)
Hakaizen holds his sword in both hands above his head. From this position, he can quickly react to incoming attacks and fend them off with downward strikes. The two handed grip gives him the strength to reliably defend himself from physical attacks, so long as he can match his opponent’s speed.. The technique is centered around “defending oneself from a sword” and was originally taught to him by his mother.

Zentoichi: Muto (Empty Sword)
Hakaizen holds the sword out in front of himself in both hands, taking up a kendo stance. In this form, he primarily focuses on dodging, rather than blocking or parrying enemy attacks, and utilizes the extra strength granted by the two-handed grip to deliver strong counterattacks. However, if he cannot dodge an attack and is forced to instead block it, the two-handed grip also allows for a strong defense to be mounted. The technique was derived from Ken no Tate, and while Hakaizen can go seamlessly from one style to another, Muto and Ken no Tate complement each other exceedingly well. Hakaizen is capable of switching between these two stances so quickly and gracefully that is can seem like he hasn’t changed stances at all.

Zentoichi: Yasei Gazan (Wild Fang Sword)
Hakaizen holds his sword in a single hand in a more improvised fighting style. In this form, attacks come out seemingly at random, and through a combination of wild, sweeping strikes and acrobatic prowess, the style can be difficult to predict and guard against. This form is far less focused on defense than the other two, and treats protection as an afterthought. While utilizing Yasei Gazan, Hakaizen will avoid what damage he can, but his focus is on overwhelming an opponent through sheer volume of attacks. It is his brother Genzo’s two-sword style, adapted for a single blade.

Hakaizen has some measure of talent in this field, and is notably more proficient in the use of Hadō that involve wind or lightning. He is far from a master of this art, however, and opponents skilled in energy projection can easily overcome his spells.

Hadō no.1: Sho
- The user extends a finger toward a target and releases a burst of reiatsu in the form of kinetic force. The force is enough to push a single target a few feet, but not much else.

Hadō no.4: Byakurai
- The user takes aim, either with their whole palm or just a finger and releases a bolt of pale, white lightning toward a target. This spell has considerable piercing force.

Hadō no.11: Tsuzuri Raiden
- By channeling reiatsu in the form of static charge into their zanpakuto, the user can push that electric energy into whatever surface their sword touches.

Hadō no.63: Raikoho
Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!
- The user gathers reiatsu in the palm of their hand, creating a ball of lightning. Upon finishing the incantation, a lightning bolt fires from the ball and creates a high-yield explosion on impact.

This is the area which, after zanjutsu, Hakaizen demonstrates great aptitude for. He can travel significant distances with a single step of his shunpo, and can perform multiple shunpo in rapid succession with little impact on his stamina.

- The user steps in with shunpo and delivers two rapid attacks from the front and back. These attacks can seal the target’s saketsu and hakusui, which can impede or halt the flow of a person’s reiatsu.

Hakaizen has a bit of skill in the art of hand-to-hand combat, but aside from a few impromptu scraps on the battlefield, doesn’t have much in the way of experience.

- A skill very similar to the human art of Judo, the user takes hold of the opponent’s arm and performs a simple throw that leaves the target flat on their back.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Kusanagi

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Kusanagi appears as a large man over seven feet tall, with dark skin. His hair is long and wild and white as snow, and his eyes are a bright red. He is bulky and extremely well-muscled, and he is garbed in a sash, pants, armored sandals, and a single arm-length gauntlet over his right arm, all of it in hues of gold and blue and extremely ornate. In his right hand is a golden, double-edged sword, which is the Zanpakuto’s true form, and behind him float eight taika drums.

» Inner World: The Inner World appears as a traditional Japanese temple with brown wood and a pale blue roof. It is atop a mountain, and the temple sits just above the clouds. The clouds shift depending on Hakaizen’s mental state. They storm when he is enraged, they are clear when his mind is unbothered, and snow covers the edges of the mountain when he is in the throes of despair. The shrine itself, however, is eternally in pristine condition. The only way it will every appear damaged is if the Zanpakuto itself is damaged. There is a set of stairs that goes down into the clouds and disappears, and a red torii gate sits at the top of the stairs. The skies are always pale hues of golds, reds, and blues.

» Zanpakutô Appearance: In its sealed state, Kusanagi's blade is just under 86 centimeters, just slightly less than the length of a nodachi. The scabbard is black, the handle is wrapped in white cloth, and the tsuba is silver and resembles a puffy cloud. A pair of hanafuda earrings hang from the buttcap like tassels. One of the hanafuda has a cloud painted on it, and the other features a lightning bolt.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: Even in its sealed state, Kusanagi has the ability to manipulate wind, turning a breeze into a gale, or vice versa. He also is naturally resistant to lightning and electricity, shrugging off damage far more easily than the average shinigami. Additionally, when he utilizes kido that involve wind or lightning, the power is magnified, increasing the strength of the spell for very little additional reiryoku.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Arekuruu(Rage), Kusanagi."

» Shikai Appearance: When released, Kusanagi becomes a golden, double-edged sword with a vajra for a handle. There are four indents on either side.

» Shikai Abilities: When Kusanagi is released, Hakaizen gains the ability to control the wind, from changing the strength and velocity to the temperature, limited to temperatures wind could naturally achieve(meaning it cannot be made as cold as space or as hot as the sun). However, wind speed and control are where this power shines. Hakaizen’s shikai can create gusts of wind at up to 600 km/h, significantly faster than the most devastating recorded tornadoes. He can affect an area of up to 2 kilometer in diameter, rendering an entire area extremely dangerous to all but him. He can also “shape” wind, allowing him to turn it into cutting blades or blunt, concussive blasts of force. Additionally, he can siphon the air from a 20 meter wide area, removing any oxygen. This power can be further utilized in several techniques.

Zanto (Distant Sword)
- Releases slashes made of wind that can attack distant foes. The slashes are equal in power to Hakaizen's physical sword attacks.

Magerukaze (Bending Wind)
- Utilizes precise bursts of wind to adjust the trajectory of energy-based attacks(like Hadō or a cero, for example). Hakaizen can "push" attacks from opponents close to his own strength, but against opponents much more powerful, this technique will typically fail.

Shinkuuto (Vacuum Blade)
- Pulls the air from an area at incredible speeds. By adding his reiatsu to the vacuum, he can create “blades” that slash at anything within a 20 meter cone in front of him.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: "Bankai: Raijin Kusanagi."

» Bankai Release Action: Hakaizen points his sword to the heavens and a bolt of lightning strikes down on him. The lightning originates from a cloud that forms directly over Hakaizen, allowing him to trigger bankai even while indoors.

» Bankai Appearance: The sword itself does not change from the shikai, however in this form eight taiko drums float in a circle behind him.

» Bankai Abilities: In addition to control over the wind, Hakaizen gains control over lightning. His lightning strikes at approximately 350 million kilometers per hour, roughly 1/3 the speed of light. However, before the lightning can strike, there is a brief charging period which indicates the point of impact for a moment, giving targets an opportunity to avoid or attempt to deflect the attack. The strikes differ from normal lightning, as they carry several thousand tons of force and can reach 60,000 kelvins in temperature, twice that of natural lightning and ten times the temperature of the sun’s surface. Hakaizen can also manipulate lightning in the form of electricity, and every swing of his sword carries an electric charge, which he can transmit onto any surface the sword touches, including other Zanpakuto. These electric shocks, while minimal at first, can over time cause numbness, muscle contractions, and in extreme cases, serious heart and nerve damage.

Kaminari no Densetsu (Legend of the Thunderbolt)
- Hakaizen points the sword at a target and the drums, after glowing briefly, release a strike of lightning at whatever the sword is pointing at.

Arashigami no Korin (Advent of the Storm God)
- While in bankai, when Hakaizen utilizes flash step he can chose to release a burst of thunder, wind, and electricity upon reaching his destination. It doesn't carry enough force to wound, but can be useful for blasting enemies back.

Arashi no Ten (Divine Storm)
- Hakaizen raises his sword. When he does so, a small tornado whips up around the blade, accompanied by bolts of lightning running through the tornado. He then points the sword at a target, causing a much more massive tornado filled with large lightning bolts to appear at the target location. This attack is massive in scale, as it incorporates Hakaizen’s maximum wind speed with the maximum power of his lightning in an up to 50-meter area, but it is also extremely draining.

Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (Heavenly Sword of Gathering Clouds)
- Much like the activation of his bankai and of the Arashi no Ten technique, Hakaizen points his sword to the heavens. A gathers above and reaches down to his Zanpakuto, accompanied by several strikes of lightning. The full scope of Raijin Kusanagi and Hakaizen’s power is actualized in the form of a blade with immense cutting power. Hakaizen then delivers a downward slash, smiting foes. This technique can be seen as a “desperation attack,” as using it greatly exhausts Hakaizen’s reiryoku, even moreso than the Arashi no Ten. However, at the same time, it is his most powerful attack, capable of destroying everything within up to 5 kilometers in front of him

I. Shikokai

[NOTE: This form is restricted until 0-3, and is not usually granted upon approval. This is ONLY for pureblood Shinigami! Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Shikokai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikokai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikokai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Kidō: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: Hakaizen hated the wind in the Living Realm. It must have once been nice, he was certain. At one point, the wind must have been cool and gentle. Refreshing. Now it seared and burned. It brought dust and blood and the scent of tragedy. He stepped foot into it solely because he must. As a Shinigami, it was his duty to fight against the legions of Demons, of Hollows and Arrancar. As he descended from the sky with several other fellow Shinigami, he drew his zanpakuto. Below him, the open jaws of Hollows were all that waited to greet the team. The blade of his sword glinted in the unnatural light of the blood-soaked clouds choking the sunlight as he thrust it forward, stabbing into the mask of a Hollow that had leapt up to meet him midair. With the swipe of his arm and flick of his wrist, he drove the blade downward, bisecting the mask down the middle. All of the Shinigami landed together, swords drawn and kido at the ready. A war cry sounded and they sprung into action. Hakaizen gracefully shifting stances as he battled the monsters. His sword wrote poems in their masks and bodies, purifying them with the cold efficiency and finality of a reaper. His movements were hungry and merciless, seeking out the openings and holes in the stances of his foes. He punished every single mistake he saw.

Glancing over his shoulder, he locked in on a Hollow preparing a cero blast some distance away. An attack at the range was safe from blades, and the scale could injure multiple targets, both human and Shinigami. He sheathed his zanpakuto and took an iaido stance. He took a step with shunpo, soaring into striking distance of the Hollow. As he moved, he drew his sword and cleaved cleanly through the creature's mask. However, the attack had moved him away from his team and surrounded by enemies. He took hold of his sword in both hands, eyes rapidly shifting to track foes. They descended on him in a wave, teeth and bladed arms and tails. Hakaizen weaved rapidly, dodging strikes and removing limbs and slashing masks in unforgiving counterattacks. He was dealing a good bit of damage, but despite his efforts to avoid strikes, had received his fair share of damage, as well. His jaw flexed as he clenched his teeth, his sword swings still cleaving through enemies with no less force. He took to the sky, leaving several Hollows grouped up beneath him, where he once stood. He extended a hand out to them.

"Sprinkled on the bones of the beast."

He spoke in smooth, clear tones, reiatsu swirling around him. "Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, halt and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle." A ball of lightning formed and crackled loudly in his hand as he completed his incantation. His eyes narrowed, zeroing in on his target. "Hadō number 63: Raikoho!" The ball erupted downward as a lightning strike, crashing down in the middle of the growing group of Hollows and exploding. The blast had outright killed a couple of them but had merely blown back the rest. It did, however, have the added effect of stopping several of the foes that had tried to give chase. He detected movement to his side and saw another Hollow closing in on him. It was lithe and vaguely human-shaped, with sharp blades for arms, resembling a praying mantis. It attacked, slashing at Hakaizen with its arms. The Shinigami rose his zanpakuto, quickly defending against the strike, but getting blown back by the force. He landed on his feet, sliding back a bit in the dirt. The Hollow landed in front of him, ten or so meters away. They watched each other for a moment or two as war played out a hellish scene all around them.

Suddenly, the Hollow leapt into action, aiming another slash at Hakaizen. He lifted his sword above his head before slashing downward to parry the attack. Its other arm came around and Hakaizen shifted his grip on the sword almost imperceptibly. He ducked under the slash and pivoted, swinging around the back of the Hollow and aiming a downward slash aimed at its spine. It nimbly used the momentum of its previous attack to give its dash an extra bit of speed, carrying it out of the way of Hakaizen's strike. It spun around to see that the Shinigami had given chase, closing the distance between them in a step. Hakaizen saw that he had managed to push the Hollow onto the defensive and switched to a one-handed stance. He unleashed a multitude of attacks at rapid speed, attempting to overwhelm the Hollow and force an opening to deliver a finishing blow. The Hollow, however, was woefully swift and skillful with its paired arm blades, deflecting every one of Hakaizen's attacks. His eyes narrowed as he realized that assuming he could overcome its defense that easily was a mistake. He attempted to leap backward and create some space, but the Hollow was coiled like a viper. It delivered a slash, leaving a wound that stretched from Hakaizen's collarbone to just below his ribcage. He hissed in pain but didn't drop his stance. The Hollow made a show of licking the blood from its blade before dashing toward Hakaizen with speed equal to his own. His eyes narrowed.

Sonido. I see... His eyes darted to try and follow the Hollow's movements. However, for just an instant he lost track of it, and it slashed him down the back. He gave a brief grunt of pain and collected himself, rapidly performing shunpo. He met the Hollow in high-speed combat, and the two of them clashed blades rapidly in the sky over the battlefield, constantly trading offense and defense. Hakaizen landed a shallow cut on its shoulder but received a hard kick to the stomach in return. He landed hard on the ground and rapidly jumped back to his feet in time to block a downward slash. Sweat glistened on his forehead. This one's strong. More and more he was forced onto the defensive. Not only that, but the Hollow's sheer speed was forcing Hakaizen to give up on counterattacking almost entirely. If he did attempt to strike, he was constantly at risk of receiving a potentially more dangerous attack in return. He stayed in the defensive stance his mother had taught him, unable to switch. That continued until the Hollow made a distance mistake and overextended. Hakaizen danced to the side and took an Iaido stance once more. The Hollow launched another attack once it found its footing, but Hakaizen had predicted the strike. He drew his sword with great speed and force, batting aside the Hollow's attack. He rose his sword in both hands, attempting to slash downward and finish his opponent.

Searing pain filled his torso instead.

He looked down to see that the Hollow's other arm blade had pierced his stomach. He glared in the Hollow's face and spat blood onto its mask. It removed the blade and he ducked, avoiding another strike. He slashed upward, delivering a deep cut to its chest. However, all he cut was air as it disappeared with sonido. It reappeared behind him and delivered a slash down his back. He stumbled forward and it kicked him hard in the stomach, sending him crashing to the ground some distance away. He gritted his teeth and stabbed his sword into the ground, using it for support as he stood. He readied his blade, his breathing labored. The Hollow closed in rapidly and unleashed a roar accompanied by a multitude of incredibly rapid slashes. Hakaizen blocked the strikes he could, but when the attack ended, he was covered in wounds, some shallow, others less so. His sword trembled in his hands for a few moments before he let out a groan and fell onto his back, eyes closing against his will.

When they opened, he was... elsewhere.

He stood, finding himself on a stone platform at the base of a huge mountain. He knew this mountain. It was the one from his dreams, the one he never finished ascending. The tip disappeared amongst massive storm clouds, dark with rain and lightning. Before him were stairs that extended up into the sky, seemingly forever. He looked down at himself to see that his zanpakuto was missing. He returned his gaze to the peak. "It's up there." He didn't know how he knew it was at the summit, but regardless, he knew. He took the first step, then the second, and before he knew it, he had taken a hundred. He kept walking, growing closer and closer to the storm clouds that loomed overhead. Eventually, it was time to walk into the storm. Wind and rain tried to push him off the stairs, away from the path. Lightning struck down around him at constantly and erratically. He lifted a hand in front of his face in a futile attempt to stave off the inclimate weather and simply kept walking. Just when he was growing increasingly worried about falling down, he broke through, stepping out onto the summit. Here, it was calm, and the sun shone gently upon him, warming him. Hakaizen's eyes widened slightly as he took in the visage before him.

He stood at a torii gate, and beyond it was a large temple, with a blue roof. He passed through the gate and approached the temple, his heart and stride were equally calm. As he approached, a man stepped out of the front doors of the temple. He was of massive frame, standing over eight feet tall, and had dark skin and bright white hair. The man's crimson eyes locked on to Hakaizen's own purple orbs. They stood in silence for moments, before the man spoke.

"Finally, you are here. Finally, you lay eyes upon me. Finally, we can speak properly."

Hakaizen regarded him few a for moments. "Who are you?" The man grinned. "You know the answer to that. Come." He led Hakaizen back to a table. A pot of tea had been prepared. Hakaizen knelt down across from the man. "Drink," he said. "Drink and tell me what you think of the taste, Hakaizen." Hakaizen nodded and reached down, taking hold of the cup before him and taking a sip. He blinked in surprise. "It's bitter." The man nodded. "Indeed it is. You are bitter. Bitter at dying before you could realize your true power. The clouds," he gestured at the storm clouds below that stretched as far as the eye could see. "... are angry and tumultuous. You are not at peace. It's plain." His crimson gaze narrowed. "You don't want to die. Not now. Not here." Hakaizen returned the look. "Of course not. I'm..." He stood from his seated position. "... not done yet." The main grinned and stood as well. "Good. Those are the only words you need to say. Those, and my name." Hakaizen looked at him quizzically. "What is your name?" The man grinned. "I am..."

Back on the field of battle, Hakaizen forced himself to stand once again. The Hollow looked back at him, having already started to leave, and readied itself in a combat stance. Hakaizen took his zanpakuto in one hand and lifted it, pointing it to the heavens above. "Rage." His voice boomed like thunder. "Kusanagi!" A tornado whipped up around him, obscuring him from view. Weaker Hollows were tossed around and battered by the raging winds. When the tornado died, Hakaizen stood, holding aloft a golden, doubled-edged blade. The Hollow attempted to leap at him. Hakaizen's grip tightened. His body was wounded, but his heart and his spirit remained strong. "Zanto." He spoke solemnly, his voice unwavering and unaltered by emotion. His heart was a calm sky as he slashed downward with his sword, even though his opponent was still some distance away. However, all the same, a slash opened up on the Hollow's chest, a blade of wind and reiatsu striking it in but an instant. The attack halted the Hollow's advance, giving Hakaizen opportunity for a follow-up. He took his zanpakuto in both hands and delivered a lengthy series of rapid strikes, sending blades of wind to eviscerate the Hollow. It blocked a few of them, but now the tables had turned, and several strikes found purchase in the creature's flesh. It howled in pain, encouraging Hakaizen to continue his onslaught.

He dashed forward, pressing his advantage and closing in on the Hollow, still reeling from his previous attack. He brought his sword down upon it and it formed a hasty defense, but with the force of a tornado, he crushed his foe's resistance. He delivered a swift slash, cutting once more into the Hollow's flesh. It tried to counterattack, but with a gesture, he summoned a blast of wind that slammed into it and sent it flying back. He crouched into a low stance and sped forward with shunpo. Before the Hollow could react, he stepped within its guard. He positioned his sword and slashed the creature and its mask directly up the middle. "Begone," he spoke as the creature's two halves fell to the ground, before disappearing in dust made of light as it was purified by Hakaizen's blade.


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