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 Masamune Shiro [APPROVED 3-2-, HAZARD RATING D]

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The Forgotten Hero

Masamune Shiro

Shinigami Dossier

Name: Masamune Shiro
Age: One
Race: Shinigami
Alias: None
Height: six feet, six inches.
Weight: 199 pounds
Physical Appearance: Masamune wears an eye patch over his right due to a strange affliction upon it. He doesn't know the reason why this happened to this eye. But due to its appearance oftentimes frightening people. He's covered it, while his other eye looked normal for the most part. The eye is an astral blue. Giving it a rather nice color with his black hair causing it to stand out. His clothing is a bit cheaper as he doesn't have money. Wearing run down shinigami clothing. His shoes have broken multiple times with the tabi. Underneath the eye patch, the sclera is pitch black. While his iris is a bloody red color with distinguished features. Around the eye within the red color, his pupil is shaped like a whirling vortex. This feature has scared people enough that he began covering it. Some accusing him of being a demonic being. His body is very well built from surviving in the world. Mostly from having to fight hollows and other people. He's had to survive in a rough area with his sword. Being unable to fully comprehend what was going on. People have attacked him leaving a couple of scars on his body. A notable one is on his chest where someone punched a hole through him. Making him appear to be broken in half by that person's fist. The injury is center on his stomach and left an impressive scar. Where someone wonders how he survived it. No other notable features define his figure or showcase anything. Masamune is but a man reborn into a new world beyond his understanding. Trying to comprehend what he should be doing. To see past the world's inescapable truths. Unable to remember who he was before he awoke with the sword. Memories forever lost in the haze of the past.


Whole New World: Masamune is completely lost in this world unsure of left from right. Not knowing how this body works or where he is. Only left with traces of his name Masamune Shiro. He is unable to fully register the spectrum of emotions. When he came to this new world he was markedly different. People ran from him and left him on his own. Some villages threw rocks and other things at him. Trying to get rid of him right away due to the glow of his eye. Mistaking him for a Demon or Hollow creature. They decided to shun him and push him away. This, in turn, has caused an effect where Masamune tries to stay away from people. Believing he is a monster, not a man or shinigami. He's covered his eye that caused trouble. Allowing him to traverse the world somewhat in the open. Often covering his entire body in a shroud before going places. It isn't that he is frightened of them or worried. Masamune just doesn't want to cause a stir or problems. So he's taken to shrouding himself in armor and outfit. Covering his head and even hiding his reiatsu or energy.

Hidden from Reality: He would rather spend his time away from others. Finding they don't like him and he isn't good with people. Not knowing how to steer a conversation. He's socially incapable of doing so finding himself very regulated by not getting society. Despite his appearance and aged figure, he is a mystery. Not because he chooses to be, but because he has no choice. Masamune is very much unsure about things being reborn as a Shinigami is strange to him. It didn't come about easily for him being born. Awakening in a place without people with only a sword to your name. One quickly understands they aren't where they imagined. People and the way they view him as a monster. He was labeled and vilified by everyone. Persecuted as a hollow or a demon due to one part of himself. He cannot hide from even himself despite wishing he could in the end. He locks himself inside the armor and hides away from the world.

Loyal Until the End: Most people have a principal or a system they are loyal too. He is very much a person who has stood by the protection of others. When it came to his friends he died for them at one point. Sacrificing his life and becoming a monster. An abomination as people have called him. A twisted and distorted thing. But the simple fact of the matter is. He will still rush in to save a life. Still, he will run towards danger. To protect someone he's never met and for what? He even acknowledges the stupidity of it all. Since all it ever does is get him hurt. They never are a bit thankful or express any joy that he helped them. In the end, he just wastes his time helping them. Because of his power they think him a demon. A monster who wheres the skin of the Shinigami. This has made him more reluctant to even stay around. Often helping and leaving without a word. Not speaking instead remaining a silent vigil who protects the weak.

Kenjutsu Freak:The only thing that often lights up a smile beneath his armor. it is these Jutsu and forms used for fighting. These are something he finds to be very enjoyable. Almost taking him away from the cries and people's concerns. The fact he is a monster in his physical and powers has often made people frightened of him. So one of his few escapes is practicing swordplay and enjoying the nature of it. He's fully accomplished himself in a form of combat kendo. Removing it's more sport-related background to make something a bit more brutal. That uses real swords over anything fake or pretend. Sport based fighting is a rather dim way to look at the world. With a rather immense amount of spiritual pressure, he's often unable to control his energy. So getting an enjoyable fight out of people or things is hard. But the layers inside him are a complex thing. Masamune is like an anthill, with more layers and complex things from just being a freak in one way. His need to develop and grow things with a blade is fundamentally all he has.


Substitute Shinigami Arc: Not by the same name he was once a Substitute Shinigami filling and helping with matters. His life wasn't quite as normal as previous incarnations. He didn't perform or do the great deeds Ichigo Kurosaki did before him. This mantle though a heavy one was one he maintained. He was born to a lower-class family who struggled to make a living. Their son would grow and be regular. Not a stand out at anything at all in his life. Until he became a Substitute Shinigami where he protected the earth. This job and life were one he knew better than anything else. His powers manifested when he was but a teenager. Learning and growing through conflict and battle in the living world. He devoted himself fully to the goal of mastering himself and the sword. Learning what he could in the real world of combat. But never quite reaching his full potential. The use of his zanpakuto eluded him even as he became a father and married. Keeping part of his life very secret from his beloved wife Ramona. His name one lost to history and forgotten even by him. When the war began to come around, things got worse. He had many things to do and protect, but he'd not given up. He'd gotten so close to learning the name of his zanpakuto. Inches from realizing the full name of the being he shared dreams with.

But as the war raged on and both sides had casualties and things tore apart. His home within a small portion of Japan was struck. To protect his wife and children he did something he'd never thought about doing. Apologizing to the zanpakuto spirit that he never got its name. On this day he fought three hundred demons who'd invaded. They'd come to this town to raze it and let chaos rain supreme here. But he would begin cutting down demons and taking injuries. He created two piles of demonic corpses sub coming to his injuries and passing on.

He had no name when he died he was but a warrior who fought valiantly to protect those he loved. He gave his life to kill three hundred demons and prevent them from proceeding. This was a small thing so his children and beloved Ramona would live. He didn't mind dying this way, as he sat with demonic weapons piercing many parts of his body. His face was a gore covered mess that held together through will alone. Nobody came here to help him, there wasn't rescue or a person to come help him. He'd spent his entire life putting other people first. Putting them ahead of his life and needs. Since he was a child and when his hour came. He died alone forgotten among the casualties of war. This was the fate of a hero or one who played such a role. But a name lost to history, never to be honored or remembered. His wife remarried a year later to his best friend. And his children called him daddy and had completely forgotten him. But fate wasn't yet done with this man. Not by the long shot, World War Three claimed him once. But it didn't have the final say on his life.

Shinigami Arc: Born anew among the ravages of a district at war with itself. Zaraki was the district he was born into with nothing. No name or memory of anything as he came too. His life here didn't begin as a baby or a child. He was a man, born and frightening people quickly with his appearance. A sword katana was with him and he saw monsters around him. His eye is decidedly different from everyone else. Rocks hit him and people even tried to kill him when he came too. Mugging him as he awoke to a new reality unknown to him. A person came and saved him whose name he never knew. This man killed them and announced he would teach him. Unsure of everything that came about in this period. He began to learn survival above everything else. Only staying with the man for a week. Picking up breathing techniques and an almost supernatural level of them. Before the man was killed by people who'd wanted his clothing. He didn't have a method to save his friend but he did have something.

He went and killed those who harmed his friend, only knowing his name as Masamune. Masamune Shiro was the best he could do despite the name meaning little. He began fighting enemies and growing himself as quickly as possible. He realized something was different about him. Having to cover his body in armor and an eye patch. For everywhere he saw monsters and nightmares. Creatures that defied the logic of this world. He was told to seek out a goal and become Kenpachi. That was the order given to him by his nameless friend. It wasn't ordered though more of a request. One he felt he could maybe accomplish somehow. So he made his way towards the Gotei fighting and growing his strength along the way. He fought seven hundred duels on his way out of Zaraki to get closer. Most of those duels were to sharpen his skills, though he began to realize something. The caliber of the enemy here didn't equal out to strong. And defeating the weak wouldn't help him become a Kenpachi. It would only prolong his journey, so eventually, he changed tactics. Stopping from challenging or fighting everyone.

To hiding away from them as he began to drift ever closer towards the Seireitei and its fabled Captains. Stories of the fierce nature of those who wore that mantle. Were all he had to go on at this moment. So his ambition was clear enough to begin growing further. As he finally found himself able to make that journey completely without being dueled or bother due to special armor his friend left him.


Masamune's Armor: Made of special metal to confine his appearance and spiritual pressure. This isn't done in the same way as a certain man's eye patch. Because while he has a large sum of reiatsu. It's not nearly that big. The armor is designed to help him keep his appearance hidden. His armor does attempt to conceal his reiatsu but some tend to leak out giving away his power. The armor is made up of samurai-like clay that surrounds his body. With small parts revealing his shinigami attire. These parts though small are present for him in defensive nature. Shoulders, chest, head, arms, legs, and feet. This armor covers these points allowing movement but not extremely quick. The armor is also quite heavy weighing in at an alarming three hundred pounds. Making moving a matter of muscle and strength on his part. Masamune has been able to journey from Zaraki too Seireitei in this armor alone. Traveling from the furthest reaches of the Rukongai to join the Gotei. Because that seemed to be the only way forward. He didn't go to join Shino Academy or become a student. He came to help the Gotei in whatever way he could.

Zanpakuto Information

Release Command: Call
Reiatsu Colori:Gray
Release Type Shikai: Constant
Phsical Appearance: This creature does not take the form of any no monster. It's a twisted and distorted creature of flesh and bones. Its shape isn't understandable by human description. A circle merged with a triangle. Mangled and brought together bound wrapped around a pair of legs and arms. Flesh and scales almost like a dragon, octopus and a human. It's a strange beast that doesn't have an image or a picture within one's mind. Just looking upon it long can drive people insane. Masamune himself cannot look at the twisted creature for long. It's body aside it seems to say nothing letting its words be thought up. The voice of the creature is like a thousand whispers at once in your ear. Slowly gasping for breath beneath the ocean. Twisted and perhaps more so ever-changing beneath the tide. Its body is never the same when he sees it. Masamune has oftentimes compared this being too an ever-changing ocean. Or the weather itself, never the same always different in some way. Discrete perhaps in ways that scream in one's mind.

Zanpakuto Sealed Appearance:His zanpakuto in this form though it never is in it. It looks like a regular rusted katana. Despite having been well taken care of. Something old that looks as though it came from a frightening place. His sword doesn't have the appealing glimmer or shine of other blades. Small pieces of it drip with small bits of flesh at times. Even in this form, though these are only visible by the cursed eye. It's formed to the rest appears normal and rusted. Though the blade is sharp as a normal sword. The old and dingy looking metal is just how the weapon appears. It could easily cut boulders and people's flesh. Able to carve through bone with no trouble. Another strange fixture upon the blade is no matter how one polishes or cleans. Only the tools will get dirty and ruined. The blade will maintain this appearance. Despite being stuck in Shikai due to his lack of control in his sealed form. It is something of a strange one among shinigami.

Zanpakuto Sealed Power: The Cursed Eye as it is known in terms fo techniques. Changes the appearance of the user to themselves. Making them visually see horrors and nightmarish abominations. Things that strike into the imagination with ghastly effects. Tree of skin and bones with faces that scream. Fungus molding into human bodies and deforming them drastically from what they once were. These things are visible to the owner of this cursed eye. Now it must be noted these aren't invisible creatures. They aren't some physical reality that we can't see. His sword is just sharp despite being rusted, that is all there is to it. His eye shows him madness and insanity without allowing a moment of rest. That is the nature of his sealed form's power. It doesn't do anything outside of this fact. He doesn't suddenly have the power to manifest these things outside of Shikai. Making this form merely torture sustained for the user for all eternity. They are never able to turn it off, even when they dream.

Zanpakuto Shikai Information

Shikai Appearance: Upon activation or in this case constant form. Its blade is shimmering and glowing having lost those rusted edges. Appearing to be made out of a silver-like material. His weapon's hilt is a cross guard giving it a nice feel in his hand. The blade has no tassels or attachments to its form. Simply being a regular weapon that blends in doesn't quite fit his blade. It's still got a strange feeling to it. Those around it hear the whispers in their ears. The thousands of voices calling in a raspy voice inside their minds. This can be blocked out by a large amount of training or simply ignoring it. Though this only happens when he draws his weapon. When in the sheath a sweet silence stands. His zanpakuto does maintain it's sheath. Though a simple black case is all one will see.

Abnormal Growth: Masamune's zanpakuto allows him to manifest the horrors he see's on a frequent basis. Creating something that becomes a reality. Often a tail comes from his back near where his spine ends. Bones wrapped with stringy tendons and flexible muscles. Allowing for powerful attacks from his tail. It's strong enough to block heavy shots or blade strikes. It is also very quick-acting on the general speed he has. Durable and potent with it's built as it appears. This physical endowment is made of many fleshy barbs and bone-like plating. It's a fascinating piece of the horror Masamune constantly sees. But the tail isn't the only part he can grow. Nor is it singular in its appearance, he can grow up to three of these. It is worth noting only one piece of body horror can be manifested at a time. He can create fleshy muscle-bound arms or a chest. Bones and tendons of dripping horror twisting and writhing around his form. Legs are also a possible portion.

Monsterous Manifestation: He is able to manifest things he see's with his cursed eye. Tentacles of bone and flesh from the ground around him. Twisting and writhing with dripping fluids everywhere. The sight of which could drive one crazy. Black skies and crimson clouds flowing around him. Tree's of corpses and other things made real. His worst nightmares come forward into reality. This is the nature of Masamune's zanpakuto. Large beings who combat whale's in their size can be summoned through this takes a large amount of energy. Bringing them to this reality for others to witness. Often he limits it to changing the surrounding area small pits. Bringing out things that will grab and hinder. Paved roads with bodies coming out of them covered in blood. Bloated creatures who's organs and intestines drip upon the ground. Screaming noises of flying undead corpses around the skies. The noise of a thousand whispers and young goats roaming.

Single manifestation in this regard is only possible within Shikai. Creating the creatures of twisted abominations and abnormal creatures. Standing tall over ten feet tall, weighing over four hundred pounds of tentacle in flesh and bones. These creatures can only be called one and manifested into reality while he has reiatsu.


Breathing Technique: By having a very precise and high control over his breathing. He's accomplished something naturally few people do. Most people all can breathe well enough. Masamune can breathe strong enough to shatter vases and other objects. Even capable of popping a balloon with his breathing. But it goes beyond that, by accessing certain patterns of breathing. But the main use of this is to create a potent rush of oxygen through his body. Increasing his strength and speed allowing him to combat foes quicker than himself. But through heavily trained breathing he has been able to do more. Increasing already impressive power over other features of his form. Masamune is capable of yelling across cities almost. Shaking and even imploding some people's eardrums with just his lung capacity and voice alone. Painful though it is to yell so loudly for him as well.

Sustained Breathing Technique: Having at first started small with his technique. He learned how to alter his breathing pattern completely. To draw out his absolute peak physical capabilities. Allowing him to deliver monster attacks at any time. Changing how you breath and the power of your breaths took time. This isn't something one learns quickly normally. Masamune has been doing this during his journey even when he sleeps. Practicing regardless of time or place. This allows him to draw much stronger attacks from his body. Though he can select which breathing pattern he uses. To influence his body and it's controlled. Masamune while not a very powerful man by his own choice of words. He is unsure of what the point of this training he did was. But something inside him screamed to do this. Mastering breathing before learning anything else. He's created a couple of techniques from Combat Kendo that use these breaths alone. It is the entire idea behind his style.

First Style: Collapsing Void: Bringing both hands to his sword he'll draw a heavy breath of oxygen in. Bringing his sword up and releasing a potent forward-slash towards his target. The blade as it comes down releases a potent explosion of kinetic forward momentum. This rips and tears towards his intended target. In performing this he can channel his maximum potential strength. The recovery time for this fast as he doesn't leave an opening. And can alter the move mid-swing. His style doesn't stop with moves or controls. It fluidly changes as it goes on. This forward swinging while mimicking the traditional kendo. Does a rather curious effect of him being able to fight differently from other users. Sport forms of martial arts do exist in this world. But so does the other side that is devoted to killing. So in this, he made the Combat Kendo his only style of fighting. Ignoring kido as he had no talent for it regardless. Cutting his enemies to bits with simple techniques.

Seocnd Style:Nightmare Vortex: Bringing his hands to rest on his zanpakuto hilt. He lowers the blade by his hip and in motion does a fast spin. Creating extra power at the edge of his sword's tip. This is released in an explosion of force on his target. He can add multiple spins if he feels like he can. But generally, a single spin can cleeve into rocks and other obstacles. While a second spin has snapped a man's arms backward before. He'd tried to block the attack from Masamune. This move while not as exceptional and has an opening for someone to take advantage of. It is a rather effective means for one to fight using raw power.

Third Style: Void Ripple: This is done by breathing and waiting calmly. The user generates an area around their body of interaction. Sort of a sensory deployment to react too. Imagine a sphere around their body where they can cut quickly. Generally judging on this the user will bring their sword in front of them. Able to react extremely quickly for a moment. Enhancing their physical output for an instance to defend themselves and hopefully counter. This doesn't always work as people exist who are too fast. But in that exists the chance to improve upon Combat Kendo. This is meant to grow and evolve as time moves forward. Through combat and usage is that it will change. Usage and testing one's self upon the battlefield. That will be the hallmark of the power that Masamune builds. His legacy will not be built in some time, but he will grow into a potent swordsman. Someday in the future, he will become a formidable warrior.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:Adept
  • General Speed:Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept



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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Hazard Rankings
  • [b]Power: C
  • Influence: E
  • Resources: D

Resolved three things in DM's: the number of demons he slayed before death, how he acquired Kenjutsu to be able to use it at the level he does, and

Tier: 3-2-
Hazard Rating: D


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Masamune Shiro [APPROVED 3-2-, HAZARD RATING D]
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