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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Katsuhiko Koe [APPROVED, 3-1+, HAZARD RATING: D] Empty Katsuhiko Koe [APPROVED, 3-1+, HAZARD RATING: D]

Wed Sep 25, 2019 6:10 pm
Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

Katsuhiko Koe

Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Katsuhiko Koe
» Alias: Katsu
» Age: 159
» Gender: Male

» Association: Katsuhiko is currently Neutral; formerly of the Gotei 13.

Appearance Written

Katsuhiko is of Japanese descent, thusly he carries features common in that ethnic group. He has wild, messy black hair with a red tinge that invades the darker color at the left side of his head. His complexion is youthful with a peachy skin color. His head shape is Oval-like, a long face, a narrow jawline, and wide cheekbones. He has a pair of dark bloody-red eyes, molded over time into an ever languid expression accompanied by an equally as relaxed pair of thin, slightly frowning lips. He has an average tapering on lean build, as well as the only uncommon feature he carries when considering his ethnicity; he stands at a solid six feet. Katsuhiko has a nasty serrated scar that crawls around his neck, it is hard to miss.

He has a mildly varied wardrobe, but he often wears hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts thrown together with skinny jeans and his backless sneakers. As a Shinigami, he has the standard garb with some current era influence, but it is in quite the disarray and certainly would not pass inspection; tattered throughout, shortened hakama, and leggings underneath that look more akin to something a modern civilian would wear. Formerly, while he served the Gotei 13, he had a standard Shihakusho with no alterations, he preferred to go without footwear. His Zanpakuto was always situated at his left hip.The only piece of fashion that is consistent no matter what he’s wearing; is cloth that is snugly wrapped around his neck which covers the scar; as a member of the Gotei 13, he didn’t begin to wear this until after 2350.

Appearance Image

Katsuhiko Koe [APPROVED, 3-1+, HAZARD RATING: D] Jpz0cxW
Katsuhiko Koe [APPROVED, 3-1+, HAZARD RATING: D] RH3dd6m

Appearance Reference: Hizen Tadahiro ; Touken Ranbu
Voice Reference: Hizen Tadahiro's VA ; Touken Ranbu

I. Personality

Before 2350

Katsuhiko was a friendly, open, and welcoming individual; he faced a lot of ire from better blooded Shinigami, but his disinterest in changing his attitude due to such made him a nice face in Rukongai and a good colleague to those Shinigami who were not born to Noble Families. At the time he was also incredibly set on the ways of Bushido, prior to his death he knew the virtues he followed, but while in Soul Society they were a natural part of his morality; he also expected much of the same out of his peers, often quick to scold those that acted in a manner that was unbecoming of their station.

He was never overtly interested in romantic relations, but had a few harmless trysts here and there that never really amounted to anything. The only real observation one could make, is that he treated those he became that close to with a fierce loyalty; in all other aspects he was incredibly professional and never let such feelings change who he was. The starkest change to his personality came when he faced any opponent; regardless of power gaps, he never let up and he never showed favoritism towards those he called friends, if anything they happened to get a side of him others didn’t. One that sought to help them improve their abilities by not giving them time to relax. This didn’t always work out, but those that understood his ways considered it ‘tough love’.

Post 2350 - Before 2410

Katsuhiko could come across as disrespectful, but in all reality; he is friendly eighty percent of the time. The event that occurred in the year 2350 was the seed which caused his current cynicism towards the Gotei 13. The twenty percent of time he isn’t friendly, is a forced smile towards his superiors; especially those not in his own Division. He felt disgusted in himself all the while he refused to let go of his lingering issues. As a result his work ethic also suffered and he became disheartened to the thought of improving his skill. During spars and combat, he showed the same qualities as before, with slight alterations to his interest in helping his comrades improve; regardless of such, he was still supportive of others despite this.

Post 2410 - Currently

Katsu is still the friendly sort, but he is far more reserved and cynical; the latter attitude growing to include humans in their majority as well. He never goes out of his way to hunt Hollows, but he doesn’t let those before him go unvanquished; the same goes for Spirits, he’ll never actively search for them, but performs Konso on those he finds. It is these changes that have disconnected him from his initial, natural adherence to Bushido; the virtues are vaguely represented by his everyday actions, but they are a poor contrast to his past self.

In combat, he is less involved and finds it an inconvenience he would have rather avoided; so he tries to get through any encounter by using the least amount of effort possible. It is rare that something drives him to becoming fierce; an opponent that is equal or slightly stronger than himself are the exclusive witnesses to his truest abilities.

I. History

Life and Death Arc
2260 - 2284

Sickly but Headstrong

Katsuhiko was born on November 4th, 2099; he was a normal, Japanese child with normal, Japanese parents. Of course, bad luck doesn’t discriminate whatsoever; as normal as he happened to be, sickness seemed to befall him quite easily. He had spinal meningitis at two, which was the worst of it; thankfully treated before it caused any lasting brain damage. Chicken pox struck at four, and throughout his adolescence he had numerous fevers. Stricken with an odd weakness, despite having a solid immune system; prone to illnesses that were quite frequent and occasionally debilitating, yet that didn’t stop him from pursuing difficult goals.

When he turned six, he asked his Grandfather, Kazukata Koe, to allow him to practice and compete in the sport of Kendo. His parents were understandably against this, but the fire to refuse the shackles of illness caused his Grandfather to step in and persuade them. It took some doing, but in no time at all he showed an instant attraction to the competitive aspects of Kendo. His Grandfather who was respected among the community and considered quite the gentle old fellow, changed when he mentored the young Katsuhiko; there was a firm, yet loving strictness to the teachings that molded the boy into an exemplary swordsman.

It took two years before he would even be granted permission to extensively wield a Shinai, mainly because of the etiquette his Grandfather stresses was incredibly important no matter the sword you wield; he steadily came to respect ‘Bushido’, practicing each of the virtues explicated by Nitobe Inazo. This made him stand out among other children; it gave him a solid aura of mature manliness. Even further, Bushido helped him hone in on Kendo; at thirteen he was keeping up with his Grandfather who was a Master of the Art, granted he never landed a strike, but it was enough to earn silent praise. At fifteen he already have tournament attending down, winning nearly every one; with those he didn’t, ending in draws.

In school, Katsu was a multitasker, he never let Kendo take importance over his studies but also didn’t let it fall so far behind that he couldn’t compete at continuously greater levels. This in itself, impressed his peers and teachers alike. Alas, all the praise in the world wouldn’t help when tragedy slammed into him like stampeding elephants. His Grandfather passed in his sleep just a few months before he would graduate his last year and also when he would begin working to attend national Kendo tournaments. In the wake of this, he seemingly lost all interest in participating in such; he didn’t stop his training and constantly honed his skills, despite never applying them officially. His studies did not suffer as much, if anything, now that he did not focus so much on Kendo; his academic scores improved.

College was a sure thing, he had a love for Engineering and more specifically Computer Aided Design; so as soon as he graduated he chose an online college to pursue CAD. He immediately fell for the course and the aspect of what he would be able to do after getting his degree; alas, that bad luck still hung around and it struck when it had been brushed off as a long passed bad omen. At just twenty-four years, he made the mistake of not looking before he crossed and ended up getting smacked by a box truck. While he wasn’t turned to paste, his death was instantaneous due to incredibly terrible whiplash. That was all she wrote.

Before Konso Arc
Death - 2284 - Age 24

Katsuhiko awoke a spirit, his death was painless nor did he see it coming so there was clearly no trauma. He could hardly remember most of who he was prior to his spiritual form; the basics of course, and on top of that he knew he was dead. He spent his time in limbo wandering the general location of where he died; it took a short while before he found himself before a Shinigami. He took an explanation, accepted it without question, and moments later the Konso was performed; thankfully he had done nothing nefarious throughout his life, Soul Society was his intended destination.

Gotei 13 Arc
2284 - 2410

2284 - 2304

It was hectic at first, even if he didn’t wear the face for it, Katsu was certainly struck by the circumstances. For a good year he did nothing but coast, he fended for himself while making a few connections here and there. At least some of his hardworking nature survived, even if he couldn’t recall where it came from; as he learned about Soul Society and furthered his knowledge of the Shinigami he started honing his physical and mental aptitude to build up spiritual energy. He had no recollection of his life, but the muscle memory stuck with him even in death; when he picked up Kendo with a dojo in Rukongai, he showed instant prowess. The eight virtues of Bushido, while not recanted verbally, were ingrained in his soul to a point of natural repetition.

His good natured dealings with those of his general community were recognized as the years passed, he earned a great deal of respect from those he interacted with and more so from those he ended up teaching as he surpassed his own mentor of the time; Nobusada Gamou. It wouldn’t be long after finding this newfound responsibility that another would walk her way into his care. A small, purple-haired girl by the name of Kitarune Astillon. Her entire being screamed frightened and alone. It was slow going, but eventually he was able to warm up to her enough to persuade her to take a place under his wing as a student.

An added, mixed-feeling result of this would be Katsuhiko providing her a home at his Dojo; with the stipulation that she remain a loyal student and not use her learnings for nefarious reasons, even if Kendo wasn’t inherently an effective combat form, it could still be used against untrained individuals. He also slipped in chores, as well as idle teachings of Bushido; outside of strictness, he quickly fell into a guardian or even older brother sort of role. Due to this growing affinity, his dojo would soon harbor plenty of bookfilled shelves.

Simultaneously handling both the Art of Kendo as a teacher and his own training to become strong enough for the Spiritual Academy was a strenuous task. Ten years, he didn’t feel right until twenty long years had gone by; spending every waking moment doing something to increase his abilities in various aspects. When he made it known that he would be attempting the entrance exam, his community also made it known that he would be missed; the ‘Good Lucks’ and ‘Farewells’ were simple enough, but each one added weight to his shoulders. Prior to his leaving, he would end up entrusting the Dojo to Kitarune; wholeheartedly believing she would be capable to take care of it but left the decision to take on students upon her shoulders.

Spiritual Academy Arc
2304 -2310

Entrance Exam

Katsuhiko was never the type to get nervous and this continued as he showed the exam attendees his physical prowess. His Zanjutsu was clearly his strongest selling point, showing he was frighteningly leaps and bounds ahead of Noble Family applicants. His spiritual energy, and the ability to control it came second, closely at that, he had incredibly focus; albeit his understanding of such things were not as refined as the Nobles, he could at least hold a candle in producing the energy. The exam was also the point where he learned his Reiryoku was a bloody red color.

Hakuda and Hoho were two elements he had less of a grasp on, his general hand-to-hand combat ability wasn’t anything to scoff at but it lacked the tuning of Hakuda practices; such would stick with him, honing his own flavor that resembled a boxing-Muay Thai mixture. His movement speed was lackluster compared to other exam takers and he had next to no aptitude when it came to applying his energy to his agility; regardless, he at least showed promise in this area. Kido was his sorest area, such showed; he didn’t have enough of a teaching to explain the practice, but he didn’t choke due to this and made his weaknesses known.

His scoring was given dutifully; his Zanjutsu, Reiryoku amount, Reiatsu, and Hakuda, despite his lack of score in Hoho and Kido, earned him a good enough grading to be placed in a category just shy of the First Class. His sponge-like quality when it came to learning, his aptitude when it came to his three strong points, and the reputation he earned in Rukongai all served to worry those who scored higher than him; mostly consisting of individuals with Noble blood and better education. This worry turned to resentment as their First Year approached.

First Year
2304 - 2305

Thankfully, the curriculum didn’t discriminate based on stature; no one was given boosts. The level playing field is where Katsuhiko shined like a burning star; his steady and able grasp on Zanjutsu allowed him to split more time towards the areas in which he needed improvement. Which was everywhere else. He had substantial idle Reiatsu Control, but couldn’t actually implement it effectively in an active manner. This was his first hurdle.

His Class had many students that were more adept at it than he, but the only one willing to aid him was a Noble* peer; one who viewed Katsu as a potential rival, but also respected the self-taught aspects of his abilities. It was thanks to this Noble that he improved in a strikingly short time; his control led to him surpassing the very same person, but he never let this sicken his attitude. He returned the favor by personally tutoring them in the ways of Zanjutsu as he knew it.

While his focus was heavily oriented towards Reiatsu, subsequently using Reikaku more effectively and applying the control to his offensive presence; he also slightly improved in other areas of weakness, most notably Hoho and Hakuda. Both would be touched on in his Second Year, which was also the second most trying throughout his entire time at Spiritual Academy.

Second Year
2305 - 2306

While his attention gravitated towards the physical aspects of the Academy, he was no slacker when it came to his studies; he appreciated courses that had to do with Edo era Japan the most and seemed to find a calling there. His kind nature, sunny outlook, outwardly friendly attitude, and a welcoming appearance; when he threw it all together, he was a social magnet. He wasn’t necessarily a butterfly, but he also didn’t get awkward when he was subject to situations where he received romantic confessions, haughty bullying, etcetera. This made him a force to be reckoned, not only on the academic side of things, but also when it came to garnering reputation.

As a result of creating such, he found it easier to seek help when it concerned his lacking abilities; thankfully, his search ended when he found someone that excelled in Hoho, who would most likely end up a practitioner of Shunpo earlier than most of their peers. Kido was his sorest spot, but Hoho was definitely the hardest of the combat forms to learn; he had a solid foundation to build upon, but it took nearly the entire year to build upon it. In the end he was able to use it substantially better, but he didn’t come close to the one who tutored him.

Hakuda was a different story altogether; thanks to his natural talent with hand-to-hand techniques, he didn’t require a tutor but he still found a place among others who viewed themselves as focused practitioners. The final months of his Second Year would see him begin to incorporate Hakuda with his Zanjutsu, creating techniques that had him combining the usage of both. His successes and improvements were met with more ire than before; despite his friendly disposition, he still ended up at the brunt of Noble students jokes and physical abuse.

Being the better man in those situations was a difficult feat but one he clung to all the same; unfortunately, most of those that had been watching him with potential saw this not as discipline but as a weakness of character. Those that believed such, grew distant from him; but the truer friends he had made, namely those that aided him and those he in turn helped, stayed with him regardless.

Third, Fourth, and FifthYears
2306 - 2309

Things seemed to settle, he realized his potential and strove to cap off the last of his weaknesses; Hoho was by far the hardest to learn, but Kido was not only hard to learn but incredibly difficult to hold onto. It was as if the offset to being blessed with physical aptitude, he had a natural disadvantage when it came to Kido. Regardless he forced the issue, but due to the previous years unfortunate events, he had very few he could go to who would risk their reputation to help him.

Thusly, it would be a stretch, but due to being unable to look elsewhere he seeks help from outside of the Academy. As a result, he returned to the Dojo, to seek out Kitarune; finding that his place of work and home had been turned into an orphanage for lost children. At first he had a negative reaction, but the overall warm aspect of such a thing pushed it away quickly. Once everything was settled, Kitarune proved to be an alright teacher; if a bit too lenient.

Kaido seemed to resonate within him for some reason, on a spiritual and emotional level; but he also credited his joy learning it to Kitarune, for teaching him the steps to develop the healing techniques, as well as those to refine them. His perseverance shone true, at least for the time being, as he chugged along to his sixth and final year at Spiritual Academy.

Sixth Year

The first five years were used to develop his abilities, the entirety of the sixth was meant to refine what he had rather than try to incorporate new things. He also put more time into communicating with his Zanpakuto. While he wasn’t the best student of his Class, through his ability to improve vastly in a short time and close gaps, as well as absorb information like a sponge; he earned the right to say he was among the best. Even if he didn’t outright declare such.

Graduation came without anything particularly interesting happening, but it was around this time that his Zanpakuto started calling out to him; he was ready to learn its name. This, funnily enough, made graduation less of a concern than it should have been; his lack of seriousness was noticed and perhaps served as a detriment to his future. Regardless of this, he would be assigned to Division 4, of the Gotei 13, due to his exemplary ability with both Zanjutsu and Hakuda, as well as his increasing aptitude with Hoho.

Zanpakuto Arc

About a year, give or take a few months, after he graduates Spirit Academy and is brought into the ranks of the Fourth Division his Zanpakuto calls out to him even louder. He understood the conditions were different for everybody, and the reason it took so long for him to answer the call was the search for the right element. Hours a day, at least the few he got to spend around his duties, were spent seeking such a thing out; for a while it seemed as if it would not be a place within Soul Society.

His persistence led him to an open meadow with a pretty, yet ominous patch of Chrysanthemums; each in bloom and a vibrant pink. For reasons unknown to him at the time, he felt the need to lay down amidst beautiful spread; not a split second after he did, he succumbed to a nice slumber only to awake a moment later in a space unfamiliar to him. All was dark, spare the surface below him; upon inspection he found it to be a cratered, pale ground. It resembled the moon, if he were to picture standing on it. Following his investigation a single, wooden rocking chair fades into existence before him; viewing this as totally normal, he proceeds to sit.

Once he’s comfortable, all the time he spent getting to a relaxed state was for naught; an overwhelming pressure wafts over him and across from him sits, upon a throne of hardened red clay, a twenty foot Ape with clean dark brown fur and a blood red face. Eyes like a pair of blackholes bead onto him with scrutiny, picking him apart from surface to soul.

So, we meet, child.

The voice was softer than he’d imagined, but had so much power behind it still; like slow flowing lava burning a permanency onto his brain. Katsu couldn’t respond, so the Ape continued,

You are small, but not insignificant. Your struggle is worthy. I shall share with you, my name…

It was as if he were being talked to by an ancient God, but in that moment he felt as though they were equals. After all, a name was promised,

From here on out, you shall know me as-

A flash, the moon turns red and his eyes etch the image before him; his ears echoing what was shared and he wakes in the flowerbed, repeating:

Unchained, Hinosaru.

Horizontally displayed above him as his hands grip the length; a bright red, spiked quarterstaff. As a result of this discovery, the only thought Katsuhiko could spare was something about not knowing a single thing concerning Bojutsu.

The Scar Arc

Hollow disposal, a task he had been dispatched to the World of the Living on many prior occasions to complete. His abilities were sufficient enough that he rarely needed a plus one; on this particular incursion he was assigned a recently seated member of the Fourth Division that went by the name of Tomouji Azai. Their difference in power was noticeable, but Tomouji had a bright future ahead of him; an incredible work ethic, with a clean slate to work with. He was average at just about everything, showing a lot of potential.

Katsu proved to be a calm and patient comrade, as they traversed the general location of the Hollow; the senior Shinigami would answer every question and offer as much advice as possible. He took a lot of this as an opportunity to show he was a capable leader, but also to aid his peer with improvement; as if to pay back those years in the Academy where he had good tutors. Eventually they narrowed down the investigation and found where the Hollow frequents.

There is a dark spot in his memory afterwards, the next thing he can recall; albeit vaguely, is a terrifying recollection. The vagueness does not prevent the ghostly feeling around his neck. A barbed wire-like tendril choking him and carving into his throat; death was a certainty and he felt the white light of continuation shine over him. It was in that moment that he found himself being rescued by the newcomer, Tomouji. Forcing the Hollow to retreat. The younger Shinigami performed Kaido and saved Katsu; it was a miraculous outcome.

As Tomouji watch over his work, it would be then that the Hollow strikes; driving the same tendril through Katsu’s comrade, only to loop around to pierce his flesh from the other side. This happened until Tomouji was dead and his form and Reiryoku are nearly devoured by the Barbed Hollow. The sacrifice lasted just enough time for Katsu to recover to a point of action. He used the distraction to destroy the Hollow before it grew in strength; effectively saving Tomouji’s soul.

This occurrence would be the seed that grew into his current cynicism towards the Gotei 13; one that sprouted immediately following the debrief he received. The revelation that those who sent he and Tomouji on this mission knew the Hollow was stronger than they let on; Katsuhiko convinced himself that if he was aware of this, he would have been able to adapt much quicker.

Lost Heart Arc
2400 - 2410

It would be a long fifty years of slow boiling that brought him to a point where he sought something else. His cynical view of the Gotei 13 had proved detrimental to his usual self; he was still friendly, but an amount seemed forced compared to his earlier years in Soul Society. The greatest change was his work ethic, it began to diminish; his desire to improve became faint, opting instead to always hone his abilities so they never regressed.

Only one individual was truly able to grasp the stark change in Katsu’s personality and mindset; Kitarune. He definitely would have been worse off without her supportive nature, but in the end it wasn’t enough to change his mind nor did it work in turning him back to the way he was. Instead, he would offer her a chance to go with him; for whatever reason, one he still hasn’t inquired about, she agreed.

While the deterioration of his effort was also his fault, he blamed it mostly on the incident with the Barbed Hollow. It was also the first point in his life, both the one he forgot and as a Plus that he felt an inability to just let it go. The foreign sensation only increased his want to leave the Thirteen and Soul Society as a whole. To achieve such he bided his time until he was given another task in the World of the Living. He made sure to smuggle the purple-haired Kitarune out with him. Despite his success in bringing his long time friend along, his close ties to Bushido had waned, but they remained to a degree that allowed him to have a sense of duty to her as well as one last completed mission.

He successfully vanquished a grouping of Hollows in Eastern China, but instead of returning home he utilized his skills and equipment at the time to go under the radar; to slip away. He was once a promising Shinigami, but due to his lack of effort he had already succeeded in being under everyone’s noses in Soul Society. He ran. He does not believe it cowardly, but it certainly is not the most thoughtful decision he’s made. Granted, with the responsibility of Kitarune beside him, he has yet to regret making it.

Last Nine Years
2410 - 2419

The first few months of being in the World of The Living was just as hectic as when he arrived in Rukongai; this time he had a plus one to worry about as well. To cover for this, as well as give them a sort of ‘undercover disguise’, he went through flaming hoops to forge documents that put them together as relatives; as well as making him her legal guardian for the time being.

Katsuhiko and Kitarune bounced around China, but eventually settled in Japan; as it was the place he spent the most time in doing duties prior to going AWOL. His friendly nature continued to shift to something less outward, his cynicism began to encompass the Nations of the world and people supporting callous leaders; so he was hard pressed to find someone to revitalize his view on either world. He also struggled to keep a job, as the majority of his skills were meant to vanquish Hollow and perform other tasks relating to the Shinigami. Some he lasted a long time working, others he hardly made it a week; his most recent was a bouncer at a strip club.

He still held that job up until his decision to move from the mainland and fly south to the Ryuku Islands; hearing of a place for those that seek not to involve themselves in the ways of the world or any other for that matter. The humble setting in question came to him as Minatumi Harbor. This is where he hopes to live out the rest of his life in solitude and inaction. He still manages to keep his athleticism and other attributes honed, but he still holds true to the decision to never improve.

Miscellaneous Information

It was some time between 2315 and 2410 that Katsuhiko became acquainted with a Vizard by the name of Mirja Eeola.

I. Natural Abilities

» Bojutsu-Hakuda; Muay Thai and Capoeira - He was blown out of the water when he discovered his Zanpakutso was a staff when released; over the years he adapted his fighting style to incorporate both Bokutsu and Hakuda. As a result of his focusing on these aspects, his Zanjutsu suffers to an extent that would make him matchup worse against someone who had been steadily improving neck and neck with him.

» Natural Reikaku Ability - While Katsu does not have the ability of foresight, when he applies focus to his perception of energy; he can use his sixth sense at a degree better than Shinigami comparable to his strength. Being blinded will not always hinder him, but he consumes a moderate amount of energy to both use this enhanced perception and perform standard actions simultaneously.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Hinosaru, Red Ape

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: A giant, brown-furred Ape with a bloody-intense red face, blackhole-like beady eyes, and incredible muscle structure. At any given point, Hinosaru can shift their size, from dwarfing the moon itself to fitting on Katsuhiko’s shoulders. Their main form is the Ape described before and they are often sitting upon a red-clay throne that seems to be just as much them as their form. Hinosaru has a scar on their neck, beneath their fur that is only visible when the moon has shifted to its crimson shade; in turn making the scar vibrant and available for inspection. The scar clearly resembles Katsuhiko’s and seemingly appeared after he received the one he is stained with. Hinosaru is presumably male, supported by their masculine features and deep, yet soft voice.

» Inner World: A pale, lightly cratered moon, that can shift to solid crimson; a starless, pitch black sky and an ominous, moaning wind that is always feintly audible. There is also, always a single, wooden rocking chair somewhere nearby intended for Katsu’s use. Usually on the moon with him, is the throne where Hinosaru rests, but on occasion both the throne and Hinosaru can appear dwarfing the moon.

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Hinosaru’s dormant state resembles a finely crafted Katana; the blade is a dark, steel-gray and finely sharpened. The hilt is made of mahogany, wrapped in a red, silky fabric. The hilt-guard is brass and ordinary, with no stand-out markings; opposite, is the pommel which has intricately engraved star-like emblems dotted across it in a random order. The sheathe has a line pattern, alternating red and black.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: Katsuhiko can create small, red flames on his fingertips and in his hand to serve as lights.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase:Unchained, Hinosaru.

» Shikai Release Action: Katsuhiro grips the hilt just behind the guard and strokes towards the blade forcing the guard to stretch along the steel; effectively covering up and stretching the features of the Katana until they are warped into the bo-staff that is his released Zanpakuto.

» Shikai Appearance: The pole itself is made of red oak, and stretches twelve feet end to end with spiked brass-colored caps; it is alarmingly ordinary.

Shikai Abilities

1. Funka, Spout Fire
Katsuhiko stabs either end of his staff into the ground and calls forth the ability; causing a single spout of flame to erupt at an area of his choosing, within a fifteen meter (32 Feet) distance and reaching fifteen feet into the air. Alternatively he can create a line of flame that spouts from the ground and goes along a fixed path, that is considerably less powerful than the singular usage; it is also held to the same reach limit as the spout, but the further it extends the lower its flame becomes. It starts out at around eight feet in height but lowers to the minimum of four in one foot increments.

The former’s strengths lie in Katsuhiko’s ability to deceive; he’ll often make it seem as though he needs to use his eyes or hand to direct where the spout triggers, when in reality he doesn’t need to have line of sight, nor does he require his hand to move to guide it to its destination. The heat is considerably more vibrant with the single spout than it is the line. The spout fluctuates snugly around 900 Degrees Fahrenheit (482 Degrees Celsius), the wall rests at 500 Degrees Fahrenheit (260 Degrees Celsius)

While it is meant to be his more catch-them-by-surprise technique, there are quite a few tells; the major three consist of the following: A rumbling that is more noticeable the further away from Katsuhiko an opponent is, Katsuhiko -must- remain still, and most importantly the stabbing of his staff into the ground. Another major weakness to this ability is that it is subject to the Leidenfrost effect; moving fast enough through the flames as they are created negates the burn.

2. Muchiuchi Yakedo, Whipping Burns
The ability is more so an action than it is a command, tendrilous flames form at either end of Katsu’s staff which serve as scorching extensions of his weapon and only extend the total length of the staff to about sixteen feet; four feet longer than the original. The flames are free flowing, but can be solidified through spiritual control and just as dense as the staff itself.

As it is free flowing; every attack can be made normally, but where he would normally miss is given insurance of a second chance as the whipping tendrils follow close behind. For brief periods Katsu can extend the tendrils even further but cannot solidify them; he often uses this in conjunction with his capoeira to unleash a flurry of rapid, unorthodox attacks that resembles punkish street, break dancing with a fiery twist. As it is solidified; every successful attack would usually feel as if they were being hit by his staff, but with the added burning sensation. He cannot extend it further than it already is and he also can’t keep it solidified for very long before the fire totally dissipates.

In both instances, either production can be instantaneous, but defending them can be a simple adaptation to the length; while also steering clear of the whipping tendrils. Utilizing this ability also constantly expends his energy, meaning he could get to a point of exhaustion if he relies on it too heavily. Lastly the flames are dependent on one another, if one goes out the other does too.

3. Nomikomuhi, Swallowing Fire
Katsuhiko’s strongest and highest energy cost Shikai ability; it requires a large wind up, but the display, albeit wild can be quite beautiful if seen from a distance. It has a somewhat versatile usage, but the end results are virtually the same in each aspect. In order to create this ability, Katsu has to twirl his staff around consistently for a few moments. If and when he succeeds, torrents of flame shoot from either end of the staff and shoot out as a flat plane corresponding to the angle at which the ends are directed as they spin. The distance from him to the edge of this plane is about ten feet, usually forming a rough circle that is about twenty feet in diameter; at an instant the edges curl in and shoot up to about seven feet and fall back in towards Katsuhiko.

The flames themselves reach a staggering 1800 Degrees Farenheit (980 Degrees Celsius) and are strengthened by his spiritual energy; making them more resistant to being put out as well as passed through as a means of escape. This attack is most effective when the plane is perpendicular to the ground but can be utilized at any angle with varying degrees of success; it also heavily depends on being clear of obstacles. For example, if Katsuhiko were to use this ability in an alleyway, the walls would stop two portions of the fire and create more of an opening to escape.

The greatest weakness to this attack is the short time it takes to produce; with more inconveniences following, such as the ends of the ‘plane’ never touching, meaning there is always a point at which an average sized person could escape through before being ‘swallowed’. The Leidenfrost effect is still a hindrance, but due to the flames being far hotter and strengthened through spiritual energy it would take an incredibly fast individual to go through the flames unscathed.

The attack itself resembles a chrysanthemum receding from it’s bloom.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase:

» Bankai Release Action:

» Bankai Appearance:

» Bankai Abilities:

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Kidō: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Role Play Sample

Katsuhiko felt the jet lag wrestling with his will to stay awake, sitting down in an uncomfortable chair made comfy due to the fatigue setting in. Alas, rest would come much later; at least the sort that would find him easily. The small airport terminal didn’t give much to look at, thus making it hard to find vibrant colors to keep his eyes lively; thankfully he had at least a few things driving him to keep his mind active. His right hand rested on the shoulder of a prone Kitarune, whose head nestled comfortably on his right thigh; subtle stirring, soft breathing, he was quite jealous of her peaceful slumber.

The thought of his jealousy urged a small smile to his lips, a gesture he seemed to display less and less as the days went on. Thankfully, it was a slow day in Osaka, they needn’t worry about a lot of foot traffic and loud noises disturbing the girl’s sleep. His deep thinking arose when he tried to figure how he would find the train station that connected Osaka to the Harbor. Using google maps was one thing, but he dreaded all the responsibilities he'd have to consider when they got to the Harbor; a stint, truly, as he had to not only find a place for them to stay, but a job, get licenses squared away- the list went on.

It seemed he had enough sitting around, pondering uselessly when there was so much to do before he could finally kick his feet up for real; he gently slips out from under the sleeping kit, situates both of their backpacks haphazardly over his shoulders, then came the ever delicate task of lifting Kitarune without waking her. His seriousness in the matter would be a boon, the result was a success; going the extra mile making sure she would still find a semblance of comfort in his grasp. A nice doze like this was hard to come by.

With all the important essentials on his person, he would make for a pair of metal-framed, glass doors which led out to a large parking lot. His gaze swept about the emptiness with a soft sigh, knowing none would be waiting for him but still looking for that someone; a saving grace to say the least. A moment of stillness passed by and he was off towards the street adjacent to the terminal where he would begin moving down. His pace was good, but he took the time to absorb the sights and subtle sounds; there wasn’t a lot going on, but it was enough to appreciate being in civilization.

A solid minute of just walking and he was stricken with some doubt, his movement was met with frequent stops and alterations in direction; getting desperate. Somehow, someway he was going to make it; in the same somehow fashion, he ended up in a park, a small one but still pretty. He took the fresh, ocean-influenced breeze in; his second of peace was interrupted by a loud, howling cry, drawn out by the need to express pure agony. When it was over he dropped his gaze to Kitarune to make sure she was still asleep and undisturbed by the always-ominous scream. Lucky. Only when he was sure she was still under, did he glance around.

His inspection fruitful, as the source of the blaring wale was approaching; at a snail’s pace. A large, grey specimen; at least ten feet tall and packed with muscle, brown accents dotted about its canvas. The mask had a rounded center with a grinning mouth, branchlike extensions jutted out in various directions from the edge. Nothing out of the ordinary, that much he was grateful for. The hollow’s slow approach would allow him the time to seek a park bench; taking a small amount of time to slip the backpacks down to serve as temporary pillows for Kitarune. He would then reach into his pocket and pull out his Gikon dispenser, Bruce as it were.

He would pop a Gikon, down the hatch it went, and in seconds his soul splits from his Gigai. The artificial spirit which takes over immediately begins cowering in fear, but as soon as it notices the sleeping Kitarune he covers his mouth whilst shivering. Katsuhiko, garbed in his last frick you to the Gotei 13, would step towards the hollow who was narrowing the distance. He pushes forth, post haste he slams his hand into its mask, midair, using his momentum to force it to go with him until he decided to let go. A few meters into the sparse vegetation of the park did Katsu take his prey.

When they finally landed, he would use the angle he had forced the hollow’s body to be in to slam it downwards violently. The ground churned up, dirt being pushed to make way for the hollow’s skull. With the upmost fierceness dominating his features he would lean down, dangerous red hues setting all before him ablaze; with his free hand he would bring a finger up to his lips, gazing right into those hollowed sockets, he huffs a, “Shush, she’s sleeping.” In a flash, his right hand moves away from the mask, reaches for the hilt of his Zanpakuto and brings it out, quietly he utters,

Unchained, Hinosaru-

His release was instantaneous, and it also served as the hollow’s freeing; as he let it out, his hands had angled his blade so one end would extend towards the soul’s head. With ease it cracks through the mask, shattering it and allowing the spirit to finally move on; dispersing in a flaky way until there was nothing left for the breeze to carry. His face said it all; no matter how much he resented his origin, the gentle feeling of ceasing ones agony made him feel at least a nanosecond of tranquility.

With that out of the way he brings his hand to one end of the staff and moves as if he were going to collapse it; as he does so the release recedes and in its place was the Zanpakuto. He sheathes his weapon, before heading back to the park trail; he finds a still shaky, but calmed gigai and the still sleeping Kitarune. Another small smile graces his, otherwise frowning, lips; he approaches the bench, kneeling for a closer look to ensure her slumber wasn’t going south due to their unfortunate encounter. When everything seemed on the up and up, he would return to his gigai after expressing, “Thank you, for keeping an eye on her.”

He would retrieve the backpacks, pick the kit up into that cradle again and set off for somewhere they could shack up; despite the ease of dispatching the hollow, that last bit of exertion was all he could spare before the clock out hit. He spent the time to look for a motel, quietly purchased a room with two beds, and made sure to get Kitarune onto one of them; blankets and pillows all. Only when she was situated did he kick his shoes off and fall onto the other bed, gracefully passing the fuck out.

So you made it this far

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