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An Old Face in a New Place Empty An Old Face in a New Place

Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:14 pm

Captain of Naps

Jaeden Crow

Jaeden's return to active duty could be described as many things. He'd been given a seated position to show he could still hang. Or rather prove himself again as a valued member of the society. His frame laid upon the roof of one building. A piece of wheatgrass in his mouth. The entire thing had been calm until someone decided to let slip he was a Captain. That was the part that caused him trouble, as everyone was asking his opinions. He'd gotten questions on diets that people ate by some of them. Which was fine in all honesty. He was the older veteran who'd come back into active duty. How would Byakuya put it, building oneself up to reach nobility is futile? Jaeden didn't know half of the problems with that. But sighing he yawned a bit. The Gotei had changed drastically since his days. Since Zefonse came and beat him down into a bloody mess. Jaeden's record wasn't that promising before that either. He wasn't the best Captain and family ties contained Iriko. So people were inclined to judge him for Iriko.

His eyes resembled a vizard with a mask on, that was the degree of color they were. His frame sat up slowly from where he laid. Gently preparing his kiseru pipe for smoking. The night sky was lit up brilliant by the stars. With a pale moonlight filling the Seireitei. How many nights just like this one had he seen now? From his mountain where he trained himself. From the world of living as a member of the Vizard corps. From the human in the Rukongai and even here in this place. Jaeden lit his pipe as he inhaled from it. Blowing a small bit of smoke out as he closed his eyes. They weren't entirely ready to fight those upper echelon fighters. He'd have to knock them into shape. The Combat Division was missing Ibiki and her normal sense of brawn. Jaeden while not exactly Kenpachi material could at the very least. Fill the girl's shoes for a time. Produce something and teach those who asked. He was a veteran of many battlefields. Jaeden Crow had seen war and battle a thousand times over.
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