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 Nicoletta Karlene (Finished)

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Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Nicoletta Karlene
» Titles: N/A
» Age: 30
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Currently Rogue

» Physical Appearance Description: Standing at six feet tall, Nicoletta already cuts a rather imposing figure. Combine this with what is most commonly seen first: Her eyepatch, and it can be understood why someone would find Nicoletta intimidating at a glance. Luckily however, people do not need to watch their tongues anymore. Where there was once an eyepatch, and an empty eyesocket..there is now another eye. Scarlet, like the other eye in Nicoletta's head. As for her figure, Nicoletta is indeed fit. But unlike her initial impression would lead people to believe, she isn't absolutely built like a bodybuilder. If anything, her figure could be described as that of your average female gym goer, with the exception of her bust. She is indeed rather noticeably busty. Her fit figure is typically attributed to her job.

Going past her figure, Nicoletta was once in the possession of a rather odd hair color: Scarlet. According to her, it is indeed a natural hair color that runs in her family. Unlike her mother and all previous generations of women in her family, she tended to keep her hair very short, allowing those wavy locks to come down only to her jawline. However..something happened. Where there were once wavy locks of scarlet that only came down to her jawline, Nicoletta's hair now is raven black, and trails all the way down to the small of her back. For some reason all of her hair is now this color, even her eyebrows.

As for clothing, Nicoletta seems to be a fan of rather plain clothes. While she has no uniform for her work at her Uncle's forge, she tends to almost always wear a men's business shirt along with women's black business pants, along with black gloves for when she herself enters the forge. Her clothes outside of work once tended more towards comfort, but retain the plainness, mostly so as to prevent her from catching too much more attention than she already did. However, as of late, she has started wearing anything that she thinks looks good.

» Physical Appearance Image:
Nicoletta Karlene (Finished) Tumblr-p7fz3i-GNQZ1tki4vbo1-400

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Having one eye is something that people will give you a lot of flak about. Most people get driven to anger by that immense amount of flak. However, Nicoletta is different, as she didn't really let it get to her. Why? Well, it's simple. She knew that she could do things that most people couldn't do with both their eyes with her one good eye. So the insults she has received from others growing up and in her work with disgruntled customers tend to ring hollow more often than not. Of course, Nicoletta is very aware that she has grown up to be a goddamn bombshell. As a result, she is very hard to set off. Like most people, Nicoletta has passions. However, unlike most people, her passions spread out over more than one or two things.

She finds her passion in the creative process. Be it writing something, working with her hands, attempting to draw, etc. The creative process has always been something that brings out her earnest and honest feelings about things. Of course, as a result of this, she has been known to find something to admire in most anything. Even the darkest of events. Of course, she isn't unaware. She knows very well that some of the things she can find something to admire in are very dark scenarios, and will ultimately admit that those things are not something that she personally agrees with.

And yet, anyone who has known Nicoletta for an extended period of time would not be shocked about this. But for those who have not had much experience with her, this tends to come as a shock. She can be rather vocal and intense about sharing her passions and opinions about the things she is passionate about, making it seem like she feels very strongly about absolutely everything. And to a degree, this is true. But she isn't one to lose herself in her strong emotions. After all, her training as a quincy required her to be able to keep a level head and focus. As such, she has always been one to stay calm in a hectic situation, taking charge and demonstrating a lead when most people would be running around in a blind panic.

However, perhaps she takes the responsibility of being a leader a little too seriously. When she is in charge, the rules are the rules, and she will be very hard on anyone who tries to break them. Admittedly, this is a byproduct of her training rubbing off on how she interacts with those she is put in charge of. But knowing that is akin to knowing that you are colorblind; you still can't see the colors. It doesn't help that she tends to be very stubborn when it comes to enforcing the rules and making sure that everyone respects each other, rather than having internal strife. But she isn't completely inflexible. Poke and prod enough, and show enough of traits that she finds endearing, and she'll work with you, bending rules if needed.

Her leadership style may be a little harsh, sure. But that doesn't mean that she expects perfection. Quite the opposite, really. If there are two things that Nicoletta is well known for, it is her willingness to offer a helping hand to pick others up when they mess up, and her own stubborn insistence on making sure that problems she creates end up fixed in one way or another. She knows that nobody is perfect. So rather than try to make everyone pretend to be, she offers a helping hand, a listening ear, whatever might be needed. Of course, this doesn't extend out universally. Just like most adults, she does realize that there are more people that are only out for themselves than there aren't. And she always keeps that in mind when dealing with people. But at the same time, she isn't the most cynical person. Just be honest and earnest, and you'll be on her good side easily enough.

III. Character History

» History To be a pure blooded Quincy is to be an heir to the ire and will of those who were killed in the past merely for being what they were. At least, that is what the most radical of Quincy would say. The Karlene family on the other hand, is considered to be perhaps the least radical of all. They don't actively go hunting for hollows typically, and only hone their skills as a type of self exploration and least, most of them do.

Thirty four years ago however, this changed for a single branch of the Karlene Family. What changed this, one might ask. Simple. Nicoletta's mother married her father, a man from another, more typical quincy family. Four years later, Nicoletta was born. Hailing from Austria, Nicoletta has lived rather far away from any other Quincy family her entire life. So for a short time before she started to demonstrate her own spiritual awareness, she lived a relatively normal life for a child. However, by the time she was six, she showed great aptitude with spiritual awareness. As such, she began her training with her father.

She was gifted with a very average Quincy Cross, and started with the very basics. She spent a year focusing on creating a bow with solid mass, due to how strict her father was about creating a solid foundation for her skill set to be built from. Luckily, she had just as much skill as both of her parents. What would normally take someone years and years of practical experience and growth of their powers to do, Nicoletta was able to achieve with just a year of focused training on improving her foundation. From there, she spent another year on practical archery, where she wasn't allowed to use her spirit weapon, which was meant to teach her proper form and aim. The first half of that year was spent with a normal bow, and the second half was spent with her spirit weapon.

For the rest of her childhood and some of her time as a teenager, she continued to train, learning about ginto and other tools of the Quincy. However, when she was sixteen, tragedy began to strike. Nicoletta began to fall victim to a selective disease that affected part of her father's family. She began to lose vision in her left eye over the course of the next three years, to the point where she was forced to have surgery to remove that eye, lest it begin to spread necrosis to the rest of her face, and perhaps force her to lose both eyes.

After this, her training fell to the wayside, as she was very much unable to gauge the depth of targets, and her father slowly started to retreat further and further inward as she began to struggle with his immense desire to see her take the place he saw her taking in his mind. Eventually, she stopped her training. For a few years, she lived a completely normal life, unable to really do much to improve her powers. However, when it came time to work a part time job so that she could afford to buy herself things, something finally changed.

Her first and last choice of where to work was a local blacksmith owned by her uncle, the more lenient of the two men in her immediate and extended family. Of course, he knew about her missing eye, and how she had started to fail in her training. So he decided to drop a bombshell onto the young Nicoletta's head: her weapon could be anything. Her father was more of a traditionalist, and they had always butted heads about what was better. Her uncle was more of the opinion that having a melee option outside of the Seele Schneider, while her father was stuck in the traditional ways because of how their father was.

At this point, she was only seventeen, and her training had started up once more. However, talking with her Uncle had given Nicoletta an idea. Sure, a melee weapon was a good backup. But she wasn't completely blind. She still had a perception of depth out to a certain point. So over the next two years, she focused on trying to generate and reshape arrows. Over time, she did indeed manage to pull this off. This created her ranged option. Like with her previous weapon, it was named in German, and the throwing knives she made out of the very arrows themselves became known as Fangs. However, she needed a true weapon as her backup. And taking a page from her Uncle's book, she focused on making a melee weapon.

This weapon took on the form of the Executioner's swords of old, but scaled down to be used in one hand. With that in mind, she realized something rather quickly. She needed her cross to create these knives. But what if she needed more than just the three she could create on the fly? This led to creating two entirely new 'crosses'. A set of matching rings. At first, they were simple rings, with the quincy zeichen engraved into each one so that they could act as the focus for her powers. For now, that was good enough. She became able to generate her knives in each hand, doubling her instant creation output. But, she still had one problem. At least, in what she saw. She had nothing unique to herself. Her father had some kind of ability outside of his powers as a quincy, and her uncle had proven that he had control over molten metal. It was why he ran a forge in the first place.

Over the course of a year, Nicoletta did quite a bit of determined soul searching while helping with the forge. However, she discovered her ability by sheer coincidence one day. While hammering on a yet unfinished sword to assist in creating a decorative piece for a client, the blade suddenly snapped. That caught both Nicoletta and her uncle off guard. She looked at her hammer..and what she saw was rather surprising. The head was coated in a thick layer of frost. As was the blade. She could feel her power flowing into the hammer through the ring she had forgotten to remove. It was manifesting as quite a bit of cold. But..she could feel something else lingering just below the surface.

So, she removed her ring, and placed it into her pocket before holding both hands up. She allowed the amount of energy flowing into each hand to get higher than the other, a simple test. It became very clear what was happening. A new power had awakened in her. She was capable of manipulating thermal energy itself. One hand could chill to absurd degrees, and one hand could..and just like that, an idea had sprung into her mind. She cut off all the energy, and picked up the blade that had snapped before placing it back on the anvil. She then allowed both of her hands to fill with the same kind of energy before running them just above the blade. Yes. She could produce heat to the level of being able to essentially reforge the weapon.

As a result of this new discovery, her crosses gained a bit more complexity. She began engraving celtic knots into each one. A design she quite liked. After that, she proceeded to produce an inlay of two different colored metals for each blessed ring, and using her power to produce heat, forced the inlay to fuse to the metal of each ring.

For the next few years, she practiced with this ability, refining and refining her control over it to the point where she could easily switch temperatures mid attack, and infuse her weapons with this energy. After that, there was only one thing left to learn. Vollstandig. Between the library of quincy abilities that her father and uncle held, she had learned much of what she had done. These books had been instrumental in her figuring out how to create these arrows. So she went back to the books. Over the next few winters, she would head out of the city and to a rental cabin deep within the woods, practicing the techinques within the books that her uncle had to awaken her own vollstandig.

And worked. She was given a surge of power, and felt more and more control over her own unique ability, as well as a far greater ease of creating her arrows. When she first achieved Vollstandig, she was only twenty three. For the past seven years, she has continued her work with her Uncle, even to the point of becoming the de-facto manager of his shop, all while doing her side job of keeping hollows away and at bay as a way to keep honing her skills. She still has plenty to learn, and she knows this. But she is very confident in her abilities, and has plenty of faith in them.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: Paired Quincy Cross - Bereifte and Verbrannte Feder (Frosted and Scorched Feather): Like many modern Quincy, Nicoletta's cross does not in fact take on the shape of a cross. Instead, it takes the form of two different rings. Once upon a time, she did have a normal cross, but after the loss of her left eye, she has had to create and remake her crosses by hand. Due to her new focus with her spirit weapons, she has made two new Crosses. Bereifte Feder is the first cross, a black tungsten ring that has a celtic knot engraving that runs the length of the ring, which connects on both sides of the ring to an engraving of the quincy zeichen. This engraving is inlaid with cobalt, all of which was blessed with holy water at some point in the creation of this ring. This ring is always worn on her left hand's ring finger.

Verbrannte Feder is an identical type of ring. However, this ring is made of black nickel, rather than tungsten. At certain points throughout this ring, the metal takes on the normal silvery tone of tungsten, making the ring appear to be scorched. This ring also has a celtic knot engraving that connects to an engraving of the quincy zeichen. However, the inlay of this ring is of a vastly different color, as the inlay is polished bronze. Like Bereifte Feder, this ring was blessed with holy water at some point in its creation. This ring is always worn on her right hand's ring finger.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

Expert Thrown Weapon Marksmanship: A byproduct of Nicoletta's preferred method of battle. After creating Reißzähne, she was forced to become very acutely aware of how inaccurate her aim was due to her missing eye. While a bow or firearm would have been able to compensate, she found both weapons to be rather distasteful, and the easy way out. As such, she spent years upon years becoming proficient with thrown weapons as a way to improve her aim. As of now, she is as accurate with thrown weapons at mid range as a normal quincy would be at long range.

Expert Swordsmanship: After losing her eye, Nicoletta could no longer use the basic form of Quincy combat: the Heilig Bogen. However, she is capable of making use of melee weapons with relative ease. As such, her re-training with weaponry focused equally between thrown weapons for range, and swordsmanship for her to keep her cool when an enemy closes in. As of now, she is a very adept swordswoman, able to hold her own against most anyone at the same tier as herself.

Forge Master: For the longest time, Nicoletta had no real ability to call her own. Sure, she had the typical Quincy abilities. But her teacher had something else that made their powers unique. However, due to her determination to claim something for her own, she has claimed a power for her own. Dubbed 'Forge Master', this power is truthfully two different powers that interact with each other. The first aspect of Forge Master is Nicoletta's ability to manipulate and generate thermal energy at both the high and low ends of the temperature spectrum. This allows her weapons to inflict different types of wounds with every strike. However, it is not the only ability that falls under the Forge Master Umbrella. It is merely a simplistic application of the main ability.

This ability is quite simple: Nicoletta is capable of turning thermal energy into a solid construct of any shape or size. This can be done with thermal energy of any degree of temperature that Nicoletta is currently capable of creating. However, this is not exactly the skill that she is the most proficient with. She is currently only able to create simple weapons out of thermal energy at current, or simple shapes. Typically, this is used to forge weapons other than her spirit weapons for self defense.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills:

Weaponless Arrow Creation: Due to the nature of what can be considered Nicoletta's primary method of combat, she has been forced to gain a rather deep understanding of the way that her own base powers work. After years and years of practice, Nicoletta has become capable of generating and firing Heilig Pfeil without needing to manifest her Spiritual Weapon, and is even capable of launching these arrows with a simple thought. This is the basis for her construction of the weapon known as Reißzähne. She has yet to discover the definitive line as to how many of these arrows made back to back is the line of too many, and what will put her at risk of being defenseless. However, extensive training has resulted in Nicoletta's realization that without forming her true spiritual weapon, she can only create and launch three arrows simultaneously. This limit does not apply to Reißzähne as heavily. Due to the simplified nature of the knives created, this limit is doubled, but all other traits still apply. This ability does not apply to Stoßzahn, as it is capable of this by nature of being her actual Spirit Weapon.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Reißzähne (Fangs) / Stoßzahn (Tusk)

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: While every Quincy is capable of using any type of weapon as their spiritual weapon, most fall into one of two categories: Traditionalist, or Modernist. Technically, Nicoletta's weapon would fall into the latter. Instead of making her weapon a type of bow and using it to fire a Heilig Pfeil, or even using her spiritual energy to create a firearm, Nicoletta does something a bit different.

Reißzähne takes on the form of throwing knives, which all share a design not unlike a simplified arrow. Due to being a purely spiritual construct, Nicoletta is fully capable of throwing these weapons without so much as touching them. She simply creates them using either of her 'crosses', and with a simple thought, they are launched at the same speed that one would expect a Heilig Pfeil to be fired at. This is her primary method of combat, creating knives which she 'throws' at opponents via mental command or actually physically throwing them. However, not every opponent is so kind as to stay at range and allow her to toss these weapons at her. This is where Reißzähne's true nature is revealed. These knives are not multiplied formations of an entire spiritual weapon. Instead, they are simply the arrow itself, morphed into a weapon in and of itself.

As such, these arrows can have their shaped changed as Nicoletta desires. And when an opponent refuses to stop charging at her, this ability comes into use readily. Rather than throwing a Reißzähne, Nicoletta can grasp the 'haft' of the weapon, causing it to emanate a bright light as the weapon quickly morphs. The haft extends, the arrow shaped head of the blade flattening into it as the weapon thickens and reshapes itself, taking on the form of an Executioner's Sword: A large, double edged blade without a point. The historical version of this weapon was typically held in both hands, so as to facilitate its purpose of decapitation. However, Nicoletta's version is capable of being used in a single hand, or both. Regardless of how she holds it, this weapon is referred to as Stoßzahn, and was the intermediate step that was required to take before creating Reißzähne. As such, Stoßzahn can be considered Nicoletta's 'true' spiritual weapon, and is capable of being created in both hands simultaneously.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:


Path Redirection: Due to their nature as arrows that she can create, Reißzähne can
be redirected mid flight to continually track down an opponent. This is done by
using some of her own energy to lock onto the spiritual signature of whatever
target she throws the weapon at. This allows these weapons to travel up to thirty
feet away from her and maintain accuracy, whereas without this ability, Nicoletta
can only retain accuracy at about ten feet away. Currently, she is only capable of
locking onto two different targets at once.

Thermal Energy Enhancement: As a form of energy, these arrows can be infused
with thermal energy. This allows each arrow to do different effects from the
previous one, which allows for more and more creative uses of the weapons.

Splitting: An aspect of Forge Master's Solidification ability, any Reißzähne that has
undergone Thermal Energy Enhancement is capable of being forced to split into two
different arrows, one that is simply pure energy, and one that is solidified thermal
energy. This is typically used to make a stand against armored enemies. These split
arrows can have their paths redirected independently.


Enhanced Arrow Creation: As a fully formed spirit weapon, Stoßzahn is capable of
forming arrows with immense ease. These arrows no longer take on the shape of
Reißzähne, and are instead the shape of a normal Heilig Pfeil. Stoßzahn fires
arrows by gathering energy around its blade, and is aimed by pointing the flat tip
of the weapon at a target. This causes a heavy arrow the length of it's rather long
blade to be launched at its target. These arrows fly much further than her knives,
having a maximum range of 75 feet. However, there is a second way to launch
more than a single arrow. Upon charging the energy along the blade of this
weapon, Nicoletta is capable of swinging the weapon in any direction, creating a
streak of energy that launches up to six arrows in a shotgun style spread. As these
arrows fire, each of the six arrows shatters into five smaller ones, creating an
actual buckshot type spread of up to thirty arrows. This is a rather draining move.
As such, she uses it rather rarely. However, once every five posts, she can pull her
ultimate do or die scenario, and double up on Stoßzahn, allowing her to pull the
shotgun maneuver with both weapons. Of course, this delay only applies to
attempting to pull the shotgun maneuver. When simply desiring to fire another
arrow, she can easily double up on this weapon when she so desires.

Thermal Energy Enhancement: Stoßzahn is a melee weapon. As such, it is affected
very differently by Forge Master than any of Nicoletta's other weaponry is. When
Nicoletta enhances Stoßzahn with Thermal Energy, it flows freely throughout the
entire weapon, causing the blade to either suddenly ignite into flames or become
covered in frost. Using the other ability of forge master, Nicoletta is capable of
turning Stoßzahn into a two handed sword by holding the weapon with both hands,
causing the blade's flames or frost to suddenly solidify and extend the blade of the
weapon to that of a two handed greatsword, causing the weapon to deal an
additional damage type.

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Eisfuer Salbei (Icefire Sage)

» Vollständig Apperance: When Eisfuer Salbei is activated, the air around Nicoletta suddenly drops in temperature, creating a cold mist before a great burst of heat emanates from Nicoletta, creating a tornado of mist before it disperses. As it disperses, Nicoletta is revealed, but changed. Her skin is now unnaturally pale, typically likened to that of a corpse. Her eyepatch is also gone. In the empty socket, there is a new eye. One made entirely of glistening black ice. With this eye, she regains her proper sight. Along with this, her clothing changes.

Instead of whatever she was wearing before, she now finds herself wearing robes not dissimilar to that of a witch or sage. These robes have long, flowing sleeves. However, these sleeves end in cuffs of flickering blue flames. Going lower, these robes fit very snugly to her waist, giving an appearance of an hourglass figure. These robes go all the way down to the floor, covering Nicoletta's feet entirely. The hem of these robes produce the same flickering blue flames which reach up to her calves.

Going back up to above her chest, these robes feature something that would push these robes more into the lane of being those of a sage. Around Nicoletta's neck comes an undersized shawl of frosted and flaming raven feathers, which go all the way down past her chest, but end just before her waist. From her back are two wings, representative of each side of the spectrum. Coming from her left shoulder is an angelic wing of pure white ice. From her right shoulder comes a more demonic wing of blue fire. While this Vollstandig is active, Nicoletta constantly floats.

» Vollständig Abilities:

Enhanced Spiritual Weapon - Kriegsstab Salbei (Sage's War Staff): While within Eisfuer Salbei, Nicoletta's weapon changes entirely. This weapon takes on the form of a war scythe. A polearm with a scythe blade pointed upwards like that of a spear, rather than that of a traditional farming scythe. This weapon floats around Nicoletta. With a simple thought, this weapon can swing in a direction and fire off up to one hundred copies of Reißzähne within its swing arc, firing them off simultaneously. However, this is not without its drawbacks. These knives can only travel up to thirty feet away from their point of origin, and are currently incapable of using the path redirection or splitting techniques that the base weapon is known for. Along with this, Nicoletta can only pull this maneuver once every three posts while within her Vollstandig.

Returned Eyesight: Using the black ice eye settled within her missing eye's socket, Nicoletta's eyesight has returned to normal, giving her the depth perception she would otherwise be lacking. Along with this, she gains the ability to visually perceive and read heat signatures accurately up to a range of 100 feet from herself.

Thermal Magic: Due to the massive amount of thermal energy flowing through Nicoletta's body while within her Vollstandig, she is capable of freely manipulating it in a way that would fall under the definition of magic, allowing her to freely weave spells of both massively hot fire and absurdly cold ice with ease.

Flight: While within this form, Nicoletta passively floats above the ground, and can use her wings to take to the skies as she pleases.

Enhanced Thermal Solidification: While within her vollstandig, Nicoletta is capable of making and manipulating up to three highly complex constructs out of thermal energy, such as firearms. With less complex constructs however, comes exponential growth. With simple weapons, she can create up to a dozen. With shapes, this grows to several dozen.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Adept
  • Blut:Adept
  • Hirenkyaku: Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Adept

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept


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Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Hazard Rankings
  • Power:D
  • Influence:F
  • Resources:C

Comments/Notes: Fine by me Captain
Hazard Rating:D

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Nicoletta Karlene (Finished)
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