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Lost Light Weyr Empty Lost Light Weyr

Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:09 pm
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Pern is no longer what it once was. Covered in ice and snow, the Northern continent has been plunged into an eternal night. Only one hold remains, in the grip of it's council of Watchers, Nerat stands tall and proud, alone. Lead by it's founding family, and supported by the descendants of the Lords of other Holds, Nerat has survived the changes to Pern. Some might say it has even thrived; with over-population soon to be a problem once more just over 100 turns since the last expansion. With over population, though, comes a large divide between wealth and poverty; many of Nerat's people live a short life; with no education, and poorly paying jobs. Those that are lucky enough to buy their way into a craft have to survive long enough to make money from their craft. And those who go into the Hand are forcing any descendants they may have to share their fate.

For the wealthy, life is good. Cheap labour, warm homes and plenty of food and wine to warm their bellies. For many, the wealth is hereditary, and crafts are picked up only if a person is bored. For the Watchers, life is politics - trying to keep one's station without being poisoned, assassinated, or married off to another Watcher's family is difficult. Trying to do what is best for the people of Nerat even more so. Some say that the only Watcher than matters is Lady Nerat, that the others are just for the illusion of a fair society.

They wouldn't be far wrong.

And where are the dragons?

Beyond the Wall of Nerat, living in small groups of twos and threes, living a life on the run from Nerat's Dragonhunters. Far have they fallen; the once heroes of Pern now reduced to begging for scraps or raiding the Free Folk they share the rest of the North with. Their past long forgotten by Nerat Hold; tales of their evil deeds becoming fact, and even a religion. Just 600 turns since the end of Thread, and their world has turned on it's head.

But on the horizon, among the stars and the ever changing light of the Last Dragon Song, a familiar enemy begins to rise. Perhaps it isn't a coincidence that the Free Folk are starting to make one of the old Weyr's their home.

Perhaps it isn't a coincidence that Lady Nerat no longer sleeps soundly in her bed.

Will Pern survive their enemy's return?

Welcome to Lost Light Pern, a place set centuries after the presumed destruction of Thread and the fall of Dragon Kind. We're a soon to be opened site that is technically a reboot of Lost Light Weyr from 2015. We loved the site and setting (and members!) so much that we've wanted to give it another go for a little while - and now things are settled, we're raring to go!

But instead of just rebooting the site, we've done a few revamps! If you're an old member, you will especially want to check out the New History, the Updates Rules and everything else!

If you're a new member, we hope you find our concept interesting! We welcome all levels of role play here, from beginners to experts. If you've never played Pern before, don't worry! We're here to answer your questions as quickly as time allows.

What we offer:
- A very AU Pern that is very different to the one you know and love.
- A chance for everyone to play a character of rank! We have ten Watcher families available for play, and Watcher Nerat's family is almost completely adoptable! Will you become heir to Nerat?
- We have Dragons! They will be joining up with Lost Light Weyr very soon, and it will be the first time such a big group has gotten to live together in centuries! The colour of your dragon no longer matters as much as your abilities - who will be the next rising star?
- We have Whers! This group will be standalone to begin with, causing chaos around Nerat Hold. Will they join up with the Nerati, or will they terrorise them?
- We will have firelizards! Every new member will be able to have a firelizard rolled for them in this first clutch. Every old member gets to choose one character from a previous site to be redesigned as a firelizard!
- We will have Akillim! A past favorite will be returning in the form of our furry otter-lizards! Soon to be hatching in a clutch near you!
- Politics abound; join us and shape the future of Pern!
- Non-gender, non-sexuality based Impressions. Anyone can bond to any colour!
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