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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Tue Nov 12, 2019 9:43 pm
Takehiko's Brushing UpGrade QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Takehiko Kuchiki
» Link To Character:
» Upgrading: Takehiko's rewritten Shikai

水瓶座の真 「Mizugameza no Jijitsu」Truth of Aquarius is the new name.

Shikai Form: Upon activation Takehiko’s zanpakuto drastically changes shape. It’s blade falling into fine bristles. As the hilt gradually changes into the handle of a brush. The tip of the white brush turning red steadily. As a small bracelet-like object links itself to his wrist. This, in turn, allows the brush to empower itself with his blood. The blood acting as the ink and base for his power doesn’t take pints at a time. But does take a considerable amount of concentration to use. As this requires Takehiko to be fully prepared to draw and combat people. The brush and its bristles are hard as a zanpakuto blade. Despite his weapon having the handle of a brush, it can be wielded with two or a single hand. This allows for a free transition and the brush in its Japanese form is very Kuchiki like. This bracelet can use energy instead of just his blood. To prevent the Kuchiki from passing out though this isn’t as powerful as his own blood.

Blood Transfusion Overload: Once his shikai is activated this goes to work. Causing his body to produce far more blood then he could contain. His sword is always drinking from him skimming from it. But his body is overloading with blood in this regard. It doesn’t act as a healing factor or any such thing. In fact, the risk is still very relevant and he could still blackout. Making this a once in a shikai chance for him. Though this does allow him to fight more it still holds risks. Even should he use his entire body’s worth of blood? This does not mean he will remain entirely awake. This isn’t a free pass by any means what so ever. This, in turn, does conclude the Blood Transfusion’s benefits or effects for him.

Painting the Holes: Takehiko is able to use his brushes power to heal people. By running the bristles along with injuries. He’s able to fill them in as though a canvas without color. In this effect, his zanpakuto uses his blood. Consuming into the flesh and bone are replaced. This feeling when touched by his brush isn’t cold or wet. Yet a warm embrace pulsing through the person’s body. That is the nature of his zanpakuto’s power. It is a tool designed for healing. With a few combative techniques for him to use.

First Act - Blood Moon: Drawing a circle in front of him with his blood. A crimson orb forms as soon as the line is finished. Taking no time at all this orb jettisons towards his intended target. The orb is able to shoot up to ten chains with spikes across them. These red chains are able to shred and incapacitate his enemies. The chains are slowly pulled back into the figure reeling in those it has caught. The chains can be blocked or deflected. Outrunning them is also possible for people who do so. But a word of caution should be known certain kido can be fired from the sphere. Allowing it to act as an offensive weapon for him. Or defensive depending on his requirements. Though this is the first act it is far from the only one the Kuchiki has. Though this is his preferred move by and large. Making it something of a favorite for Takehiko.

Second Act - Blood Revival: This is a healing technique one of a few his zanpakuto is capable of. Drawing a line upwards on a wound as though filling it. This will, in turn, close the injury and depending on the severity of it. The more blood will be needed from Takehiko and energy. It is almost like he is coloring in canvas with this technique. By reviving the damaged flesh he is able to restore the injuries of those near. It must be noted that this requires him to do this for each cut. Not making it ideal for multiple wounds. But very efficient for severe cuts or limbs being lost. As he can restore them merely by drawing along the lost appendages location. The most this can heal is a lost limb no further than that can it go.

Third Act - Blood Line: It’s name is the most simple but this offensive technique is a bread and butter. Takehiko draws a line towards his target upon the air or ground. The line shoot towards them traveling along the ground or air. Towards them at frightening speeds before shooting towards their bodies. It is as sharp as a blade and can slash or pierce flesh. Though it also can be used to bind a target as its purpose is open-ended. Kido may be applied within the line as well. Released upon it reaching its target. Though it can travel through the ground and rubble. It is noticeable as things above it are moved aside as though it’s very much a living thing. Blocking it with a blade or outrunning is entirely possible. Even strong enough people could grab and break it with their hands.

Fourth Act - Garden of Blood: Activation of this is final act within his zanpakuto’s shikai. Bloom is the command used to begin its effect. Touching his brush bristles to the ground or air respectively. Upon doing so red ink shoots out twenty meters in a dome around him. This ink begins forming plants and other such things. Tree’s of blood and other things begin to form around him. Slowly fruits manifest on the end of branches. These crimson-colored fruits provide liquid healing to those he deems allies. The liquid is strong enough to heal any injuries no matter how severe. Though more intense injuries require more fruits and cost him more blood. This winding garden of bloody ink is his zanpakuto’s final stage within Shikai. The Garden of Blood is begun by the command Bloom. Completing the act of his zanpakuto’s first phases slowly.

Water Lilly: This power only works within the twenty meter radius. It affects the user and those within the area. Once the phrase is spoken all parties move as though waist-deep in water. This drastically slows down some people. Though once they get far enough away the effect stops. If enough Reiatsu or energy is used it’s possible to blow it away. Though it is potent it’s merely being in the Garden that causes it. The effect won’t disappear but you will be protected from it by consuming energy.

Vine:This command causes all the vines in the twenty meter area to spring to life. These attack plants begin targeting his enemies. Coming from below and above with equal parts of intensity. These can be blocked, broken or anything one can think of. But at the same time, they can wrap and cut people with thorns. Making them a formidable weapon, as the entire twenty-meter radius is filled with them. Making them number in the hundreds within that zone. But they can’t leave it making escaping it a rather safe move. Kido may be put through the vines as Takehiko has shown for other techniques. But one thing is clear he is unable to move during this. Takehiko’s body must remain stationary the entire time.

Bursting Seeds: The last and truly final phase of his shikai form. Is the Bursting Seed’s technique of the garden. Upon activation the vines around the area. Begin to open small pods on them. Creating an explosion of reishi pressure in them. As small seeds burst forth into the air of the radius. Those seeds are containing a high amount of reishi that is shot outwards. Think of these things as miniature bullets. They are able to punch through solid stone and several concrete walls. This drastic force is sent out around Takehiko. A safe zone exists around him making this an aoe that drenches the entire garden. The seeds shot through but never extends beyond the garden’s zone. That is the true nature of the artists Shikai.

» Why: So the first part is because I wrote something I am not fond of with my shikai and Bankai. So I'm giving a rewritten more balanced form so Takehiko can fight. But also still have a zanpakuto that isn't complete any use. The second part is that I have amassed some threads to put in for him.

» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]

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Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:51 pm
If you have any concerns reach out to me and they can be discussed in more depth.


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