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 Sojin Nakamura (WIP)

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The Wandering Nobody

Sojin Nomamura

Shinigami Dossier

Fake Name: Sojin Nakamura
Real Name: Ryuunosuke Miyamoto
Age: 871
Physical Features: Sojin has a very fit body as he did when he was alive. During the Sengoku era where he fought and honed his skills. Having learned under his father at that time. He was able to gain a good body and build for fighting. Though Sojin didn't enjoy the aspect of fighting and combat. He much preferred the scientific pursuits. Such things as waving a sword and combating the enemies. Fighting duels were such unsightly things that took so much away. He wasn't a pacifist by any means. He just hated that fighting required him to exert. So despite his personality, he is extremely fit. Having the body of a swordsman, though it's never perfect. He does train secretly and reclusively. His arms and legs are average for his height. He stands at five feet and eleven inches tall.

His weight is only one hundred and sixty pounds. Making him a very slim man without much body fat too him. Though the way he eats and how he lives it is surprising. Sojin benefits from a very fast metabolism that allows him to eat almost anything among humans. This provides him a very deceptive body. Most people assume that he is extremely weak. Due to his lithe frame and how he is often yawning. It's believed very often due to his demeanor and pressure he is weak. Everyone has more or less accepted him as a weaker version of Urahara or Kurotsuchi. He only ever made it to the fourth seat position. Thus his demeanor and even way he dresses come across feeble. Despite the true nature of him being beneath the surface. While he isn't strong as say a Captain or something of that nature. He never would match up to Kurotsuchi in that way. He never dreamed to challenge him as such. He wished to challenge him as a scientist. As a man of the intellectual world. The other one left him with no interest or desire.


Man of Science:Sojin was always ever interested in the single pursuit. Science above all other things was what mattered to him. He wouldn't get out of bed unless something piqued his interest. Science was the battlefield he desired above all else. There wasn't a day or a time he didn't find it fascinating. Even as a human he was enamored by the changes coming. Believing full-heartedly that someday science would overtake sword. Despite his skill at the weapon and such things. He preferred the route of a man of the lab coat. Believing inventing and tinkering where life's greatest joys. Bio-Engineering was one field he found immense interest in. Attempting to create a new species within the Soul Society. A different kind of creature like the Hell Butterfly shinigami used. He believed it was entirely possible to bring something else in.

So he made attempts at that during his time. He also made attempts at different means of travel and often got into scientific disputes with Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Especially regarding the creation of Nemu Kurotsuchi and her purpose. He found the man's lack of vision truly deplorable. Making such a being but having no plan aside from a tool. It was such a wasteful use of resources and scientific intellect. He respected Kurotsuchi heavily but didn't agree with the means. He didn't believe a man of science should make such things. Not without further goals down the road. Nothing is perfect for a scientist, that word is something he found detestable. Perfection meant nothing new could be born from it. His spiders would someday produce silk, which could be woven into threads and clothing. Creating a far more sturdy and applicable clothing resource. That could handle the far greater strain and act as armor. He didn't disagree with the creation of Nemu, only the lack of vision after the fact.

Nemu as production was a fascinating being. She required little touch and care but was set up neatly. Sojin often talked to Mayuri but as a scientist not as anything else. The two held some respect for one another. Sojin had been offered the third seat on one occasion. But declined due to it not holding any purpose. He could tinker, what good would a position above his give him? Only more paperwork getting in the way of his tinkering. Though none of his inventions saw the light of day. Some of his ideas were known to be outlandish among the Gotei. Even those within the Twelfth Division. He saw far-reaching options and choices for him to go for. So when he left the Gotei he went elsewhere setting up a lab. Deciding he'd require someone to help him. He created Yumi Nakamura, his daughter who would act as his assistant. For what good was a scientist without one such thing. Living among humans required certain conditions to be met. Firstly both of their spiritual pressure had to be hidden.

This meant using a gigai that wouldn't drain them but would allow them to hide. So much was made by him for both of them. With the option to jump out of it at any time. With a release function built into it. Yumi and he would remain in the living world. Setting up a lab and spending most of their time tinkering. Making inventions and just enjoying the quiet life. While he didn't have resources like the Gotei anymore. He got by on inventions he took with him. His bio-engineering lead to the creation of Hell Spiders. They bread well in the right climate and location. Their thread also had rather special properties one could use. Hiding his lab and even designing portable ones wasn't too difficult. True scientists work with what is available. They don't complain about resources or such things. One must have pride and energy to stride forward into the unknown. A treasure trove existed among humans. It was a fascinating world where some interesting things happened.

Sojin Nakamura (WIP) SADEASDSADQWEE4R_zpsobwx0yol
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Sojin Nakamura (WIP)
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