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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Calypso Asthavon [Danava of Dreams And Nightmares] [Approved 1-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Calypso Asthavon [Danava of Dreams And Nightmares] [Approved 1-5]   Calypso Asthavon [Danava of Dreams And Nightmares] [Approved 1-5] EmptyWed Jan 08, 2020 9:49 pm

Coding In Template By:


Danava Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Calypso Asthavon
» Titles: Member of the Demon World royal family
» Age: Existed for 2+ years; Mentally a young adult
» Gender: Identifies physically as female, however, is technically capable of being every manifestation of gender/sex due to her origin
» Affiliation/Rank: Herself, however is royalty of Demon World, while currently not a definite rank

» Shifter Appearance Picture: (If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)

» True Appearance Written: A highly enigmatic form incapable of being described or fully seen, but as described by Calypso...
"Very fucking big with a lot of eyes, looks real spooky. Probably would make people wet themselves."

I. Personality

» Personality:


Calypso has always been a joyful soul despite it all, behaving rather casually and jokingly around others in more relaxed settings. She enjoys having fun, especially with others, and yearns to make such connections with other people. If anything, as of recent, this quirk of her’s has been reignited, since she’s managed to burn off a lot of angst and tears that she’s had pent up for her entire life. She feels free to be happy with herself, and to be happy with others.

Teasing and Sarcastic

A part of herself that hadn’t manifested until regaining her memories of Pseudologoi, the ancient demon’s attitude seemed to rub off on the younger during their time, Calypso having high levels of teasing woven into her actions. She may call someone something rude, or make mean jokes, but she always means it in a friendly way. Despite Pseudologoi rubbing off on her, she isn’t anywhere near as mean as the Eris Child.


Calypso only judges people by their character, not their appearance or background. Such types of judgement based on race or family are a completely foreign concept to her; She’s a creature borne of a connection to all, and to all possessing some level of humanity and deserving of dignity and respect. Just don’t wrong her or those she loves, and she will respect you as she would anyone.

Strange Kind Of Love

Calypso, by default, loves everyone. But her type of love isn’t the same as the typical kind of love. Being a demon, an already highly emotional creature by principle, along with being connected to every being through either sensing emotions, or being privy to their dreams, she has had a long standing love for everything. If she were to meet someone she could deem a “partner”, she would have her own specific love for that person, an intensive love, but it wouldn’t be the same kind of intense love if she were to meet another. If such a person were to die, it would be as if she permanently lost one facet of her love, and bring great despair upon her.

Bursts of Mania

From her training within the literal epitome of madness, The Core of Eris, and the constant breaking and rebuilding of her mind and body, the experience has changed Caly and given her some habits, both good and bad. At times, the young demon may be in a state of constant ecstacy, being overly energetic and touchy. While she claims she’s just happy and having fun, she knows she’s in a state where she can’t help but have to be manic. She mostly exhibits this through needing to constantly have some form of stimulus, be it doing a very long session of writing or wanting to play or talk with someone else for far longer than the other person may be comfortable. She is by no means out of her mind in said moments, she just is saddled with the mania as a consequence of being surrounded by, and surviving such madness.

Bit O’ Her Mom

Calypso was always deathly afraid of becoming her mother, however she learned to forgive the wicked queen for all she didn’t do. With that, and the amount of time they spent together, the young Asthavon couldn’t help but pick up some of her quirks. Sometimes her accent may change, make strange metaphors, or just imitate her way of speech on purpose to fuck with people.

Strong Will

Surviving her training with her mother was no easy feat. She could have remained a mentally broken creature for the rest of her life, but she was able to overcome such a state and only further push for her ideals to become a reality. Being a being formed by emotion and mind, her abilities could only truly blossom by said facets of herself becoming stronger. A strong and only further strengthened will was what got her through that agonizing experience. Her desires to see to the restoration of Demon World, to protect her kind, and those beyond, such things she would not allow to die.


Along with having a strong will, a creative mind is essential for the young demon’s growth, and such a thing has manifested. She was forced to be drawn far out of her comfort zone and thus was forced to develop a unique form of control over her energies in order to adapt to said removal of comfort. Her powers greatly match her mental state, being rather “pretty”, even the more nightmareish manifestations have a sort of interesting aesthetic to them. She is very artistically inspired from the bones and said creativity is only expected to grow more over time.

Overflowing, Quiet Grief

Despite her growth in confidence and overcoming many personal roadblocks, Calypso still feels immense grief for those slain when she could have done something. Though she may not know all their names, or any of them on a personal level, she still feels connected to them, and though it might not be in the same form, she will continue to feel such. She wishes to avoid any future moments of helplessness with her newfound power, and wishes those who passed to have rest for their souls.

Fear Of Nothingness

Calypso has gained a fear of ceasing to exist. While it’s nowhere near a new or strong fear, she only has a much more elevated reason to fear the void; She feels as if she has far too much to do, that dying would be a massive disservice to all she wishes to aid. She isn’t quite sure how or why she could die, but she wishes to reach a point where it shouldn’t be a massive worry, however the fear is still something at the back of her mind. She needs to serve her people, not edge into the abyss of death.

Forced Into Maturity

This is the one thing Calypso either refuses to acknowledge, or doesn’t even notice; She became an adult far too quickly. Despite her demeanor, origin, and appearance, she is truly a young being, not even existing for a decade. Though demons are known to have a far different standard to aging compared to humans, Calypso never really had a comfortable childhood, the closest she could have had to it was probably her time learning things with Pseudologoi in the foundation of their mind. She simply.. Had to grow up, fast, in order to survive, literally and mentally.

» Likes: Cuddles, Cute Stuff, Women, Boobs (Touching them not looking at them you pervs), Flowers, Books

» Dislikes: The Unknown, Waterfowl (Mainly because Pseudologoi hates them), Loss of Autonomy

I. History

» History:

An Excerpt from My Rotten Goddess
At some time, long long ago, her eyes opened onto a world of darkness, the only thing within it other than her was a distraught woman. She was frustrated, picking at something pretty and red in her hands, it's soft petals falling onto the void's flooring, floating as if on the surface of a lake. She couldn't understand what she was saying, but she came over, touching the petals, and soon looked to the woman. Her tiny black hands tried to copy what she had, creating a child-like drawing rather than an actual, true flower. But this tiny creature had no room for reference, tugging on the woman's dress as she released a frustrated growl, looking to her as she then offered the flower.

Silence ensued in that moment, until the woman's soft hand touched the little one's own, her anger softening into tears; Tears of a being who had been alone for far too long. The little one then did something else that felt good; She reached her tiny arms out, and hugged the woman's arm, rubbing what little form of a body she had against her.

Such a little moment, from long long ago, birthed such a strong desire within the demon…

Calypso’s birth was one of sheer agony. After spending many tender months within the shared expanse of her developing mind within the safety of the womb, her birth lead to her connection with the world, and with that, horrible pain. The initial weight of connecting with many minds, across many worlds, across the entire threshold of existence, almost lead to an early death. The young one’s power was far reaching, but far too much for her little mind and body to handle. Her form was unstable, and she had no clue of who or what her surroundings were.

If not for Pseudologoi existing within the creature, they would have surely perished. The ancient child of Eris managed to grasp onto some of the new beings’s overflowing power, and force it into submission, however what little control the being had made it go wrong, not only did most of their initial power get locked away, so did the caretaker who taught them many things.

The next setting they were aware of, was a forest, far off from anything and everything. Their gaze would soon find itself to a puddle, observing their form. It was an undefined, humanoid shape, covered in eyes that were not their own, along with a kaleidoscope gaze. Though, looking into their reflection made them remember their mother’s face, and as any child would upon realizing said important person wasn’t around, a fearful gaze looking to and fro, their eyes would water, well, not water, rather fill with golden tears, and let out a pitiful wail,


After crying for a good while, they would soon realize that their ‘Mamah’ would not come running. Well, rather, they cried themselves into tiredness more than that, their body sinking into the dirt and soon, they slept.

A hallway of doors within the infinite expanse of the cosmos was revealed to them, initially freaking them out, but curiosity soon trumped fear. They took a look around, touching doors, looking up and down, soon learning it was a bad idea to look up; staring at the dark void above them was a terrible idea. And after that they would enter the doors, the very first one revealing a dream of a wedding, though it was far more fantasized. The young creature didn’t get it, but the pretty woman in a beautiful white dress took their attention, eyes glimmering with fascination. They wanted something like that!

The creature would only continue watching such a fantastical dream, until they were suddenly jolted awake. They felt something wet rubbing against their arm, their gaze slowly tracing to find that a pair of beady black eyes were staring at them.

The frightened child jolted from the spot they laid, the whole picture being revealed, a doe had been licking them, and was only advancing more towards them when they moved. Though fear was in their gaze at first, they calmed when they sensed no hint of malice from the deer, rather more feeling it’s enjoyment of what it was licking, the being’s tears. The child would touch their own still wet face, bringing the tear stained fingers to taste it; no wonder the deer enjoyed it, they were sweet.

This would be the first time in recent memory that the child had connected positively with another being, and would continue to spend a few days in the woods.

A single name would resonate in her mind as she discovered herself, her form changing, her concept of individuality growing; Calypso. It was always Calypso, what should she call herself?


She didn’t disagree with that ringing in her ears, deciding why not, might as well. It sounded like a nice name, the right name for her.

However, soon her wandering would bring her away from the woods, and slowly into human civilization. She’d have been senselessly running around and giggling, as she’d trip on a branch and fall on something she hadn’t had contact with; Concrete. She was a bit surprised by the sudden change, touching the stonely floor. Looking up gaze her quite the eyeful; It was some sort of town, and from the looks of it, full of people! Calypso had gotten used to the appearance of humans by walking in their dreams quite often, so actually seeing one for the first time wasn’t super astonishing.

But when she went to go say hi to, well, anyone her pretty little eyes laid upon, feelings suddenly rushed unto her. Feelings of despair, loneliness, fear, hopelessness, loss of control, and many more bore down on her. She had never truly felt these before, especially not at this volume. Unfortunately for this little one, she happened to be born during a period of strife within the world, and the attitudes of the people greatly reflected this. She was pushed away, back into the woods, crying and weeping.

That isn’t to say that she didn’t try to mingle with society, in fact she tried many times to make it work, but each and every time she was pushed into growing anxiety, soon becoming afraid of interacting with people. Any interactions where she didn’t feel like she was being overloaded were awkward and stilted, and the young demon only cried more and more. Crying became a regular thing to her, as she was constantly wrought with emotional turmoil.

She was quick to understand her stance in the world, as she had accidentally happened upon the ability to transport to her home, Demon World, though the emotion sensing issue was even worse there. What few interactions she could gather either had her fellow demons afraid of her, or wishing her dead. There was a fear associated with her name, Asthavon. And she had quickly learned that such a name bore a curse to it.

She would gradually spend less and less time within the demonic dimension, growing distant from her own emotionally volatile kind, spending most days on earth. Though the more time she spent, the more depressed she got, feeling rather lonely and afraid. She did want her mother, soon that want would become her thinking about things; she never truly met or even spent time with her, so she wanted to do the things she saw people doing in dreams, just.. Having fun.

[The following will be summaries of Calypso’s experiences and feelings towards the events that occurred within these threads. Note: May not be in full chronological order I tried my best to find every thread that counted towards her development at large]

Chapter 1: The Truth Of Her Mother

Despite all of her expectations of the one person she had been longing for, the woman she truly was, was greatly shocking to the young one. Though she tried reaching with her kind nature, it fell on death ears, in which all she could accomplish was waking the sleeping dragon to pillage the village. This was the first traumatizing period of the young one’s life, as even trying to help the eviscerated woman was just the first of horrors she bore witness to on this day.

Witnessing the slaughter of rioting demons against an opponent they had no power against had sewn discord within the young one’s heart. She wanted her mother to be much like the ones she had witnessed within many dreams, kind, sweet, loving, but all she saw that day was a mad monster that took no second thought to killing the masses of her own kind.

From this day, she both tried interacting with demons more, and the seeds of anger and sadness towards her mother were planted within her psyche, a feeling of powerlessness washing over her.

Chapter 2: Nevermore [Discord ICRP]

It was a fateful coma-sleep, did Caly meet the most unexpected of beings; A man whom had poised himself as the holder of The Truth, not that the young anxious child had any true idea of this man’s identity and past. She spoke with him within his dreams, for the first time ever did she feel as if her head wouldn’t explode speaking to another being. Above all, he had entrusted her with one task; Free him. She was fearful of accepting such a thing, but despite her fear, she sealed it with a promise.

A promise to fulfill to the first person who ever saw potential within her.

Chapter 3: A Fallen Goddess’ Blessing

Then came the second divine being she would interact with. She wanted nothing more than to help the fallen goddess, but if anything she received more help from her than she did from the child. Khala instilled in her the seeds of confidence that would later grow and bloom into a free, loving individual.

Chapter 4: A Burning Hope

Caly views this as one of the biggest steps forward in her entire life; While attempting to befriend a wild hollow, and ultimately would have failed and gotten hurt if a mysterious red headed woman, who went by the name Ulv, didn’t destroy it. She briefly conversed with the woman, soon the fellow empath would provide a way to make Caly’s suffering in public far more manageable; Resolve Flame. While she was hesitant to take it at first out of fear, she took it and was then able to not constantly be reading other’s full emotional spectrum, rather being able to view at varying levels of intensity at will. She feels forever thankful for Ulv’s help, and wishes she could pay her back someday.

Chapter 5: Transformation

A great turning point in her life; Calypso decided to stop giving completely into fear, and to unleash the potential she had wound up inside of her. Though she spoke to her fear head on, she didn’t listen to it, at least not fully, a show of hesitance in only creating a small tear in the seal within her Conceptual World. Despite such a show, it only lead to building an identity for herself, no longer existing as a black smear upon existence, rather appearing as a cute girl.

Chapter 6: Big Sis


With her newfound sense of self, Caly decided to pay her mother another visit. A smart idea? No, definitely not, however she wished to both see her mother, and to let her feelings towards her be known; The young Asthavon felt abandoned, and such wanted to calmly talk about her feelings, and learn some things. Her mother couldn’t truly be completely insensitive to her, right?
Well, such a meeting didn’t go so well, ending in her being rather ruthlessly smacked by the woman, only making her feelings of resentment grow, and ending in being sent off to the Demon Palace in a torn apart state.
However, at such a place, she had an encounter with one of her (possibly many) siblings, Algos, initially fearing the elder of them, but soon warming up to and having… Quite a night with the woman. Even if it wasn’t the most appropriate of methods, the demonic princesses formed a bond, and Calypso was given a sense of groundedness; Someone she could feel close to, someone she could form a love towards, was looking out for her, and intent on leading her to growth.

Chapter 7: War And Strife
-Midpoint ICRP (Sonny and Rasuca)

Calypso wasn’t certain of what would happen entering the battlefield. She had no interest in fighting, rather she wanted to support anyone she could. Her initial entrance was meant to just watch Rasuca while Sonny went about his job, however it turned into guiding frightened civilians away from the chaos of impending lava. When she found out who the true attacker was, a man by the name of Tatsuya, someone who she had met mere weeks ago, having a talk about creating a new place for people to be happy and safe, it drug the girl into despair. She was far too emotionally distraught to handle it, removing herself from the situation momentarily, however with Ulv’s appearance and encouragement, Calypso went back to evacuating citizens, soon looking for and removing the injured Sonny and Rasuca from the situation, leaving to the following battlefield she caught wind of.

Arriving to Kansas, she went about saving those fatally injured on the battlefield, begging them to run away, however she was soon stopped by a woman with the name of Chifuyu Yuudeshi. While she knew nothing about the woman, she was afraid, especially by her lack of emotions. Despite the circumstances, the woman convinced Calypso to go against her mother, in order to save her kind. Trying to save them under the current rule was pointless, she was right. Caly would soon depart the battlefield peacefully, returning to Sonny and Rasuca to ensure both were alright.

Despite the thought that she had to uproot the current monarchy over the demons to have any effect over their world, she took to still helping demons who managed to survive the attacks, be they citizens or soliders. Many unfortunately passed, but she had managed to keep a small group safe in the middle of the woods, for only a short while. A flame-wielding heroine had come along and slain the injured demons within the cover of night, and went to attack the demon herself. Being handed the severed head of one of her patients, Caly was dragged into despair, briefly fighting with the woman, and despite putting her into a position where she could have very well ended her, Calypso didn’t want to do it, the mysterious black-haired woman too sparing the girl, and fleeing.

The downtrodden Asthavon then returned to Demon World, sick of being unable to save anyone on her own, soon being brought into a conversation with her older sister and speaking about her role within Demon World. However, even if she were to be recognized in a royal role, she didn’t feel ready for it, no, she needed to do one more thing; Speak to her mother once more, but this time, everything.. Would be different.

Chapter 9: Triumph

Her most recent encounter with her mother, and the most defining one so far. Calypso held no punches this time, her long festering anger and confusion coming out, directed towards her mother, even slapping the one whom could end her with a thought. She felt no fear, she was furious, she wanted her fury to be heard, known, and understood, for once. But instead of being eviscerated, like she expected upon walking upon the unholy soils of her mother’s realm, the demonic queen hugged her, expressing a form of compassion and pride. It was an outcome Calypso would never have dreamed about, their conversation only falling into mess after mess, the conflicted child soon drawn to reach inside of herself, with the new energies given to her by her mother swirling about wishing to join her, but stopped by that “fear”.
Calypso committed her first true murder; The murder of her own fear’s manifestation that had been whispering in her ear and holding her back this whole time.
But with the death of that fear, came reunion, a tiny snake emerging from the seal of white beneath her. Though she didn’t know them at first, the snake gave her her memories of it back; That snake was Pseudologoi, her guide from a forever ago. Even if she spat venom, she was happy to have her back.

Upon returning to consciousness, Calypso was given a choice; Return to Demon World, or train within such a maddening space. Without hesitance did the young one accept the training, despite knowing the risks, despite the risk of coming out the other side different than she originally was. Life was one of changes.

Though initially, she had her mind completely broken by her mother’s injecting of power upon her, her primal rage emerging wishing to tear her mother apart, and soon collapsing from the spent energy, she wasn’t beyond repair. All it did was break her mind into a more vulnerable state, one similar to that of a child’s, all of her memories packed away as even her conceptual world had a sort of reset placed upon it. Upon waking, she shared moments of a true mother and child with the woman whom she loathed, and such moments would later give her a new perspective on Mana. After hard training and sparring with her, the girl would soon regain her memories after several days, admitting that she felt she could forgive the wicked witch for her mistreatment of her. Her rage was spent, and knowledge that her mother was capable of love put her at ease.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Calypso Asthavon [Danava of Dreams And Nightmares] [Approved 1-5]   Calypso Asthavon [Danava of Dreams And Nightmares] [Approved 1-5] EmptyFri Jan 10, 2020 2:19 pm

Coding In Template By:


Danava Demon Profile

I. Origin Powers

» Origin Name: The Intertwinement of Dreams and Nightmares

» Origin Power: Everything pertaining to the mind, it's functions, and it's emotions

» Origin Abilities:

Emotional Manipulation
Releasing some of the floodgates of her sealed potential has allowed Calypso to reach a more competent phase of her capabilities in other’s minds. In a sense, people are their emotions, and this gained competence is gained off of that understanding. Calypso can now directly hone in on and sense one’s present emotions, rather than passively feel how other’s feel and being held back by becoming overwhelmed. She can do this rather passively and easily detect surface-level and just a little under the surface-level emotions.

However, by focusing on a single person, she can dig deeper into the labyrinth that is the sentient consciousness, and sense more deeper, less obvious feelings and prods. She cannot read minds with this ability, under any circumstances. The closest she can get to thought-reading would be detecting the emotions affiliated with one’s thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts and memories, Calypso is also able to devour these for sustenance. Now, she cannot pick and choose what thoughts she eats, nor can she eat anything concretely set in someone’s mind, like an event or important memory(ies). That would require much deeper digging that she herself isn’t sure she’s capable of as of now. And, more obviously, she is capable of eating one’s dreams, which merely makes them forget that the dream ever occurred, since dreams aren’t truly concrete memories, and are more the mind’s reenactment of, and hodgepodging of, events, feelings, people, and other things.

Fear Manifestation
The eyes of Calypso’s body open up, staring intensely at the opponent. They pry in to pick up that opponent’s deepest, darkest fears, and change forms accordingly. With this action, the consciousnesses within Calypso can communicate the fear to her, and forms a weapon or creature from her demonic energies in accordance to that fear. Regardless, it always can be used offensively. However, she can only forge a weapon or creature from the opponent’s strongest fear, no matter how dim their fear may be. For example, if one’s fear was ‘Fire’, depending on the severity of the fear, it can range from becoming a sword with a blade of fire, to a malevolent entity made of flames. Calypso will always have control of the construct, because it is simply mirroring the fear and constructing it into a weapon, rather than the actual fear itself.

Horror Shroud
Taking strongly after her Nightmare concept, Calypso can spread her energy out into a scent. This scent becomes a tangible fog, laying over the field like a heavy weight. Those who inhale it begin to shiver and shake, feeling the pinpricks of fear and anxiety, like something is there, something is watching… Their vision darkens a bit around the edges, not to obscure it but rather to give the impression that it suddenly got much, much darker. The more of this fog one breathes (One breath within the fog per post) the more chilling things around them get. It starts off as simply anxiety, but it can get to the point of severe hallucinations and sensations of insanity if inhaling too much. The effects only get worse per post the character breathes it in, and if allowed two posts outside of the fog, the effects knock down a level, going completely away if uninterrupted.

Nightmare Cannons
A far more personalized and powerful version of her previous ability to morph her arms into guns. Instead of needing to morph her body, she instead forms outlets for the energy via obsidian-colored tendrils that span out from her back who’s tips greatly resemble the heads of the mythical beast, the Dragon, though a much more nightmare-inspired darkness. The heads always have their mouths open, the insides reflectling light in a rather distinct, prism-like coloration. One would know these are beginning to charge the Nightmare Cannons when a darker-than-black, star speckled energy culminates within their mouths, jaws unhinging to allow it to form into a full, condensed ball roughly the size of a baseball. Calypso can loose this energy in two specific styles, being…

Either the energy can be let loose as it is in it’s condensed state, which effectively acts as a bomb, being able to be chucked in any direction Cali decides to swing the head in. The condensed black ball is very sensitive to touch, the slightest nudge, not including from Cali, releasing it’s fury. Once it comes into contact with an object that is not of it’s maker, it instantly releases the compressed energy, which expands quickly and mercilessly as a flurry of black and white explosions, it’s radius heavily dependent on Cali’s tier, but can be devastating nonetheless, causing severe burning or loss of body parts to any caught in the blast.

The second usage for the cannons, and a far more controlled but less powerful version of the explosion, is shooting the energy as a stream of black and white mixed beams of Za Koa. The energy is quite mesmerizing to look at, a cruel beauty as it can mow through many weak opponents, causing those two levels lower (at minimum) in Will/Determination than Cali to be more likely to submit to the allure of the beam and get caught up in it. Being hit by one would feel like one was being stabbed with many, many flaming swords, with the potential to cause deep wounds or straight take off a limb.

Bladed Agony
A wing-like appendage forms from Calypso’s back, looking like a collage of all sorts of deep, dark colors and vague shapes. Though, if you’re any smart person, you wouldn’t take the time to stare at this formation of energy. If anything, it’d be better if you got ready to block, dodge, however you fly. This appendage then draws back, and then fragments into hundreds of shards, flying down to fill their target or targets full of cuts and gashes. The glass-like shards dissipate within a few minutes, or after causing damage to a target. The amount of shards is dependent on how large the wing, or wings, are allowed to grow, taking a bit slower to grow if she concentrates it into more than one. She can also materialize this ability by forming the glass-like shards in her flesh, but they do hurt quite a bit to be present and embedded in her flesh, thus the normal utilization that doesn't involve them jutting from her body.

Not too different from the Greek’s own telling of the fluid, Calypso possesses a golden fluid that is capable of healing others. Anytime she cries, instead of liquid tears, golden, honey-like fluid leaves her eyes in profuse amounts, which would easily tip anyone that it is not, in fact, normal tears. Her tears possess the ability to speed the healing process, revitalize, and otherwise aid those who consume it. By simply allowing the liquid to touch one’s wounds, they will feel their pain ebb away, and the wound slowly begin to heal. Much more minor wounds will of course heal faster, but more costly wounds will likely take a few more posts to heal, and much more life-threatening ones.. The best she can do is take the pain away with this ability alone.

This ability is strictly in mind for other beings, to heal them, and comfort them, and thus, Calypso will never receive any benefits from consuming or otherwise using the liquid upon herself.

Lucid-Mind Toxins
Calypso’s blood is the manifestation of metaphysically converted energy. Such energy is fine to exist within herself, as she needs it in order to feel sustained, but that doesn't say the same for others, being a toxin to organic and spiritual beings aside from herself. However, if these toxins have been in contact with the air for too long, their effects wane away and the blood becomes a dark grey-blue. Much more direct but unintentional ways to contract the toxins without them losing effectiveness would be by directly eating it fresh from the flesh, extracting the blood and having it in an air-tight space, or just a run-of-the-mill contamination via entering wounds mid battle. Calypso has also employed a new method of having the blood literally under the skin of any attacking limbs, and causing the skin to burst if a wound has been created.

The way these toxins function is by inverting a person’s mind, causing things from the subconsciousness to spill into the consciousness, and vice versa. For those in the waking world, this makes reality horribly confusing, being compared to extreme lucid dreaming. Their bodies feel numb, warm, and kind of weak, as the world around them distorts, memories, thoughts, fears, comforts, becoming revealed in the world before their eyes. Depending on the severity of one’s mental state, or the nature of the things bumbling around in their head, this can cause much from mild confusion, to a temporary state of madness.

This also affects those in sleep as well, pulling them into a sort of sleepwalking state; their body becomes just as active as their mind as they dream, though their dreams are formatted along with what’s in reality. For example, if someone was in a small room, was infected with these toxins, the second they’re put into the state of half-wake, their dream will include the walls that the room has, but as different objects that still play a part in hindrance.

*The toxin’s effects normally wear off in 3 posts, if the host of them psychologically fights through the state. Any other occasions requires player permission.

A Danava of Dreams and Nightmares would be an utter failure if they couldn’t travel in that state. Calypso is capable of accessing a realm between minds, all bound together by her desire to dreamwalk. This takes the form of an endless hallway, the infinite yet mesmerizingly beautiful void of space making up the excess.. Space. This hallway is littered with doors, starting with those closest to Calypso, and branching out to those farthest away. Calypso enters one’s dream by the simple action of popping a door open, and walking in, this door being something that the host of the dream cannot witness or touch themselves. Though she must remember that she is entering another’s domain, in all technicalities. She can always be forced out if the host does not want her there, or wakes up. Though in most cases, Calypso isn’t noticed if the host has no control over their dream, unless she makes herself known.

A good question would be, if someone wanted to exit their dream, could they? Well… Technically yes. Grasping the hand of the Danava allows them to leave their dream, however, they are unable to witness the marvel of the realm between dreams, simply appearing to be a black void to them, unless they enter another dream. If this person were to cease contact with Calypso, they wake up immediately, and are no longer outside of their dreams.

Harrowing Shriek
After warming up, the eyes on Calypso’s body open up, and open once more to reveal mouths with many pointed teeth, which all take in air during the warmup. If able to stand on a stable surface, all of the mouths formed on her body, using her own as a catalyst for the attack, releases a powerful, horrible shriek, that affects objects within a 20 meter radius. Not only is the force strong enough to badly damage buildings, vehicles, and smash about any glass unfortunate enough to be within it’s grasp in one pulse, those who were within 10 meters of her body would have received the true effects of the shriek, for it isn’t simply a release of sound, but uses Za Koa as a push off point for the blast, the energy in which ceases at 10 meters to exert force further out.

Those so close to her, provided they have a functioning sense of hearing, will all start feeling the real effects of the shriek; at first, they’d obviously hear ringing in their ears, but this ringing will instead sound like whispering. Depending on the afflicted’s Focus vs her own, this can either stay at whispering, peter out, or become far, far worse. The farther the distance in skill, the less or more damage it causes.

Blood Angel
Blood Angel is the name that Algos gave this particular ability that came with marking her sister Algos in their love. Being that her sibling has a high volume of Algos's blood coursing through her veins, the instinct of Algos to protect and love her kin is still invested in that same blood. Ergo, from this deep sentimental meaning of wanting to possess this love for herself, the blood acts as a protective mechanism to defend Cali's body. The primary ways in which this bond is utilized are marked below as a result of Cali and Algos's interactions with one another.

Mental Foundation
Above all else, the blood of Algos is meant to be utilized as a stabilizer given Cali's unsteady grasp on her inner self. Therefore, since Algos has a more resolute will and desire for this world, she makes use of that trait by giving her a resistance against mental assaults or emotional influences. That does not mean she is immune from them, but the blood of Algos makes it immensely hard to penetrate without a high volume of focused effort. And, even with that effort, it may not have the fully intended effects before this blood reacts to whoever is stimulating this mental assault. (whether that be outright attacking, Algos showing up or whatever have you is a whole another story.)

This was done in order to protect her sister from being so emotionally and mentally fragile in Algos's mind. She did not want to see her kin broken down in the future by another creature who may be able to use these exploits against her, so she wanted to at least put some kind of security in there given the fact that she has the prowess to be able to try and prevent that outcome from happening. Thus, this is her way of protecting and providing for her younger sister as Algos's responsibility and sentiment weigh heavily in this ability. As she refuses to let her sister down no matter the cost.

Telepathic Link
There is a telepathic link between both Cali and Algos because of the bond that they share. This private communication network allows them to exchange different feelings, thoughts, and memories with each other if the other is open to sharing all that they are to one another. It is able to transcend even other worlds; provided there is nothing that is actively trying to prevent them from communicating with one another. If this connection is cut off, however, the blood will still be able to act on its own based on the deep-rooted instinct of Algos that is planted in it and will do it's best to give her or Cali the last location of either sibling so that they may track the other down if such an event occurred.

Possessive Enhancement
While the blood of Algos has bonded with Cali, it will allow for her possessive magic to become more enhanced while she is under its influence. The reason for this is because it is in demonic lore that if a demon is to ingest the organs and extract of a more powerful demon than itself that their strength can become augmented. Thus, given the fact Algos willingly allowed for herself to be devoured by Cali during the time she marked her, it stands to reason that she may have an increase in her possessive magic.

This can potentially make her magical spells/prowess doubled in strength with all of Algos's memories, instinct and sub-conscious power flowing through her body to help guide her sister toward being a proficient magic user. It should also allow her to have a faster inclination towards having a knack and grasp for magic as she trains in the future to rapidly grow this skill given most in the Asthavon family have a stronger leaning toward magical insight.

Blood Core
It will take some training to truly grasp this, but there is a core of Algos's energy that is dwelling in the depths of Cali's being. This cluster of energy has enough output of demonic power to be equivalent to a 1-3 character or so. The reason for this is because of the fact that there was such a copious amount of blood and extract that was consumed and devoured by Cali from Algos that it mutated and began to forge this deep-rooted seed of power within her being to further protect her.

The primary way this core of energy is supposed to be utilized is so that one ability/attack per turn can be used in an effort to help further enhance her strength until she is strong enough to not need the core and outgrow it. So she must manually focus on this core of blood within herself to summon forth this power and infuse it into her attacks, defenses or whatever else have you. An illustration of how this ability can be used is that she can merge this core of energy into a burst of demonic energy to try and release enough energy which can destroy a chunk of a city to protect herself.

The focal drawback with this, however, is that it will exhaust her body if abused too much. This can be shown by her feeling tired, sweaty, dizzy and otherwise strained if her body is already damaged from combat. So the side effects won't be felt if she is in 100% health and stamina; making it so that this gives her the advantage toward the beginning of any battle. As the fight progresses, this might become more daunting and tireless to wield given the fact it's a power beyond her current level of skill and ability. So, if she isn't 100% there mentally and physically, it will naturally become more unstable and unreliable to call on. So it must be wielded with caution, care, and precision.

Wish Upon
An ability pressured out into the open of her awareness through her sibling’s hand, Calypso can quite literally ask for and grant wishes. Though there are very heavy rules and limitations to this ability, due to it scratching at the bounds of reality in some contexts. How this ability works is, Calypso wants something to happen (And she has to ACTUALLY want it to happen for it to work, so in most cases there’s no accidental wishes), focuses her energy, and her energy independent of her works to make that thing possible. These wishes cannot do the impossible, only make the impossible situation be changed into a possible one. Meaning, she can’t wish that the vacuum of space was hospitable, but she can wish for that beer off the shelf.

Though this ability more works with cause and effect, karmic effects. For instance, this can be used for healing, but she has to actually be able to see and interact with the person she wishes to heal. If they were say, a demon, her wish to heal them would basically be her energy forcing the demon’s energy to focus and heal that wound. If it were a human she had to heal, it’s a trickier area and entirely dependent on the wound. She can force the body to accelerate the healing (While probably being twice as draining as if she did it on something that was capable of healing itself), but it would leave a rather nasty scar where the wound was due to forcing the existing cells to clamp together, along with being rather painful. In cases where the wound can’t be healed, it’s possible that if she states her wish correctly, she can turn the being into a demon or at least partially demon in order for them to survive the wound and heal on their own (though if this were to happen they’d develop abilities similar to her own, being more mental and horroristic, along with adapting some nightmareish traits).

Making more drawbacks clear, Calypso has to be specific on what she wants, stating it aloud for her intentions to be clear as crystal. If the wish isn’t possible, nothing happen. If the wish is possible, visible purple flame-like energy emerges from the girl’s most immediately used arm. Calypso cannot wish for something like someone’s heart to stop palpitating, or for a Jedi mind-trick type of thing; she cannot infringe upon another’s ability to live, or sanity with these powers, the extent of her control of people being only healing or calling to them, as they have their own energy that she has to actively push against. Objects are far easier for her to affect since they tend to have no will or energy of their own.

Existence, the very feeling of it, is very important to all beings. Everything feels and experiences it, and only negative feelings come about when their place in the universe is called into question, or even ignored entirely. This ability of Calypso’s fully takes that emotion, and takes it literally. Her body becomes untouchable, as if she’s become a walking ghost. While she is still able to be witnesses by beings capable of seeing spiritual entities, she cannot touch or be touched. Though she is able to control how much of her body is controlled by this ability, ordinarily it would just affect her entire body and she would go plummeting through the dirt, the only thing ensuring she didnt get stuck underground being that at the rate the return of her mass happens at just spits her out at the first contact of surface it achieves.

However, with better focus, she can make it only affect specific parts of her body, but she can’t just turn it on and off at will. This state appears to spread from her eyes first, since they are what roots her metaphysical body to the physical plane, meaning her head would be the first thing to be affected, but it wouldn’t instantaneously work on one of her arms.

On top of this, by touching someone, she is able to give them the same effects that she would fall under, however she must be touching them the entire time, or else they’ll just go back to being solid, and once again it can only spread upon them from the contact point, outwards.

Terrain Imposement

Calypso is able to endow the terrain with her energy, creating a sort of “layer” on top of a large area, the largest she could muster possibly being a mid-sized town to small city’s size at most. With this layering of her own energy’s creation, she can apply all sorts of terrain effects. Man eating plants to trip up her enemies, a spring of healing water, mushrooms that spew dizzying spores, etc. The more large and complex the terrain effects are, the faster Calypso will tire. However, despite it’s usefulness, Calypso must be touching the ground and focusing the full time she’s manipulating the terrain, or else it will dissipate.

Simple Terrain: 8-10 posts
Detailed Terrain: 5-7 posts
Complex Terrain: 3-4 posts

Energy Endowment

By placing her hands on a living organism, Calypso is able to safely give them some of her energy. Be it to aid in healing or give them a boost, she is able to seamlessly gift some of it to them. However, she has to very careful on how much she gives to any non demonic creatures, because of the possibility of it turning them into a demon, or even partially, or even birth a demonic entity within them if she were to gift too much of it.

Greater Energy Mass Manipulation

Calypso as she appears within the physical realm, isn’t her entire body. Majority of her body exists only metaphysically, a representation of her stored mass appearing as an endless sea of darkness and eyes within her Conceptual World. Before, she couldn’t draw much of it out without it being a considerable mental and physical strain, but now she’s able to give proper shape to the mass she pulls into the physical plain. They appear to take the shape of mythical creatures, and the more of it she draws out, the more energy she is forced to burn. As such, she can’t hold the form forever without completely exhausting herself.

- The Phoenix (10%)
>Can be retained for 8 posts
>Stronger Energy-based attacks
>Characteristically faster than her base form with the addition of a more aerodynamic, less dense, energetic body; speeds go up to past the speed of sound
>Body is literally made of energy-based fire
>Large enough to be ridden on with no issue, but isn’t utterly massive

- The Dragon (20%)
>Can be retained for 5 posts
>Physical strength is massively increased with the addition of a larger, more dense body
>Has spread awareness across the entire length of her body (Basically can see whats going on around her all at once)
>Is completely massive, as any true dragon would be

Possessive Infection (Energy)

A further manifestation of her ability to assimilate energies, Calypso is able to effectively take someone’s attack, bend it to her will, and use it how she wishes. This power can only affect energy-based attacks, so say a Bala was coming at her? She could stop it with her hand, convert it on the spot, and throw it right back at her opponent. As this is literally her energy infecting the foreign energy, it needs a chance to spread, meaning Calypso must be able to touch the energy long enough for her to infect it. She probably won’t be able to stop and infect, say, a massive Cero blast long enough to use it against an opponent, but she’d be able to quickly take over a Bala and use it, considering sizes and how long she could handle it for.

Possessive Infection (Mental)

A rather.. Darker expression of this ability did Calypso manifest through experiencing a high level of sheer, raw emotions, over and over. This ability of her’s is able to project whatever emotion she is currently feeling into a tangible field of energy, appearing like a thin mist to the uninitiated. Inhaling this mist thus “infects” that person with her extreme emotions, forcing them to experience the same level of high that she does. Say that she were to be extremely angry, this ability would leak out and anyone who were to have a low resistance to mental attacks would quickly fly into a rage of similar calibre. Anyone removed from the area of effect will slowly snap out of it and only be faced with a bit of mental fatigue. This ability’s effectiveness is based on her Willpower/Determination vs those around her’s, along with it’s prevalence in the area being based on her Possessive Magic skill.

Two Of A Whole

Calypso’s eyes are the anchor for her body to be materialized within the physical plain. Her eyes contain halves of her soul, and work the best in sync when they are together. However, Calypso has learned how to literally split herself in half, safely dividing her form into two equally sized bodies, however she cannot form half of her body, the half missing an eye appearing as a shadowy purple in contrast to the rest of her. Both are still linked to each other, thus behaving in sync without too much division in ideals is possible, however both halves are represented as literal halves of her personality.

The left eyed represents the more logical side of her, and the right eyed represents the more emotionally powered side of her. Both are capable of talking independently of each other but they aren’t like two different people, they both sound just like her, just different facets.

Freudian Split

Emotion, Logic, and Empathy, all three are key parts of what makes a personality. Calypso has learned that she is able to turn off at most two facets of them within herself at once, in order to operate solely in that state of mind, or in only two thirds of said state of mind. For example, she could turn off her logic and empathy in order to fight more aggressively and without fear, or only turn off her emotion to solely think on a logical level, with some consideration for others with empathy.

Behind You

Perception is an important part of people’s lives, primarily visual perception. If you aren’t able to see something and don’t expect it, you likely wouldn’t even realize it was there. This ability is based off of that form of perception, being that Calypso is able to appear where the sensation of sight does not touch. If she were fighting one person and not another soul were around, she would be able to appear freely behind that person, for they don’t have eyes on their back. This can easily be countered by just having a buddy with you, literally growing eyes to cover any massive blindspots, and similar things. If said position is visually perceived, she cannot suddenly appear there.

Wings of Desire

Calypso sprouts wings made of pure energy, resembling that of a butterfly’s, the wings themselves extremely distracting to look at. Such wings’ manifestation allows Calypso to do one major thing; Fly. Well, not quite fly, rather, it reduces or increases gravity’s hold on Calypso, the effects dependent on her emotions and desires. If she wishes to become lighter, she will become lighter, however if she isn’t careful and has “heavy” thoughts, she could plummet, so such an ability requires focus. The wings themselves help her navigate during such states, such as not allowing her to go flying off into the atmosphere from being too light, or to control where she falls if she becomes too heavy.

It’s entirely possible for her to say, become the heaviest thing possible, however the resulting impact can and will greatly hurt her. Just because she can become heavy at will, does not mean it will protect her from fall damage alone.

Blossom Shield (Protection)

Materializing her desires to protect herself and others, it has taken shape as a malleable shield, often appearing in a shape similar to a flower. It is a very strong magical barrier, capable of being big enough to hide 2-3 average sized people behind it, and can only be produced directly in front of Calypso. Calypso must use both force of will and energy to keep the shield stable and capable of taking attacks, so she must be at least mostly focused on keeping it up. Though depending on the attack, it could lead to the shield shattering all too quickly.

Grandmaster-level attack: 1-2 strikes
Master-level attack: 2-3 strikes
Elite-level attack: 4-6 strikes
Advanced-level attack: 6-9 strikes
Adept-level attack: 10+ strikes
Beginner and Untrained-level attacks: Champ ya aint breakin’ it

Blossom Shield (Bubble)

A far less focus-dependent version of Blossom Shield, this version of the ability is able to eclipse a specific object or attack in, well, a bubble. This bubble is tough enough to require a force to pop, but being thrown against a wall really hard very much well do the job. Whatever is trapped by this bubble is placed in a sort of suspended state, like for example if Calypso put a burning candle in it, the flame will be retained and the candle wax will not melt, it will remain in the same state it was trapped in until the bubble is either released or popped. This suspended state doesn’t appear to work on organics or strong spiritual beings, however, they simply being trapped in a kind of tough to pop cage.

Gates Of Infinity

Calypso had discovered the ability to create gates between small, large, and even entire dimensions worth of expenses. They appear to be a sort of “in between” line, seemingly based off of places where people have been or witnessed. The realm between the two points in space is dangerous to inhabit for too long, it’s a realm of nothing, timeless, spaceless. There is no air or life within it, so residing in it for long brings no good things. However, Calypso can safely store inorganic or nonsentient things within it, or even use it as a way to redirect an attack. She can only open two points at a time, one to take in, one to spit out, and she must know where she is going to place the second one in order to make it appear in that place.

Ego Release (Plot/Character Ability): This is a new ability that Calypso attained after her encounters with Liu and Nizhuan in the depths of hell. After being influenced by Liu's liberation flux ability, Ego Release had been born within the vessel of her body. It draws on the power of the subconscious mind by Calypso's own prowess of dreams, nightmares, and fantasy. The inner psyche of a person goes through so many different alterations, changes and thoughts when put under the guise of slumber that it is possible for her to bring these notions of the subconscious self to light.

With all of that said: how is it even possible for this ability to work? Well, firstly, she cannot forcibly pull this aspect of a person out. There has to be either verbal or mental consent for this prowess to properly work. When that is given, Calypso will then have to form a connection to that person through her energy being utilized as a medium to bridge the gap between her and the other person. Then, when that is done, her influence must put them to sleep, drag them into their dream world, and then the process of merging these selves can take place.

Once within the person’s mental space, a myriad of things could happen, but the end result is still the same - The culmination of whatever that person deems their darker, more unconscious feelings, be it an innher hollow, a part of themselves, or merely an unconscious self woven together due to her presence, regardless of how it manifests, it is brought to the forefront for Calypso to interact with. The inner ego and she may be able to discuss, to fight, to argue what’s happening, and if she manages to quell those inner aspects of another, she can bring the more conscious version of that person to formally meet what they could perceive as their more unfavorable self - in order for them to talk things out and help the person understand and learn of this aspect of themselves, to accept that they are a part of themselves, or to figure a way to otherwise better themselves.

When Calypso is able to sit there with the person, awaken their dream self and try to release the restricted aspects of a person's mind, she then holds the capacity to alter their ego forever and develop the character. As within her soul is a burning desire to help people. And, from this ambition did this power grow because she found this sense of betterment from the liberation of herself by Liu. Therefore, she wishes to spread this gift of inner release to the world and continue the cycle of karmic evolution for those who wish to have this awakened within themselves.

Living Conversion: As a sort of evolution within her ability to assimilate other’s energies and use them against them, not only can she take the energy for her own, but provided she didn’t wholly absorb it in the moment, she can actually create sort of temporary familiars to fight on her behalf. Whatever creature is created is one hundred percent made of whatever kind of energy attack (And it has to be energy attacks, such as Ceros or flames generated from energy) was attempting to do her harm. These familiars don’t gain any new powers or the ability to act on their own, rather being a way to effectively turn someone’s attack back onto them rather than her absorbing it.

Said familiars are formed from only 30% of the original attack's power.

Will-Leechers: An evolution of two previous abilities, Calypso can create moth-like entities to do one of two things - Steal energy, or put others to rest. The first action is done by the creatures flying over to their target, be it a person or even an object that generates energy, latching onto them and then proceeding to drink their energy in order to store it inside of themselves. The amount of energy they can hold depends on their size, being from a regular sized moth to something more comparable to a large dog in size.

They will drink until either Calypso gives the mental command to return, or they’ve had their fill. Once finished, they can either return the energy to Calypso, or just hold onto it for as long as they live. They cannot sap energy from active attacks, only from either passive attacks, or merely from an existing object or person.

As for the second use, these creatures have strange, patterned holes in their wings, and if they were to flap a certain way, it would sound like a song. If she were to form a swarm of these, they could wear a target down or even put them to sleep with their melody. How quickly the effects roll in is dependent on one’s Willpower/Determination, as exampled below:

Untrained: 1 Post
Beginner: 2 Posts
Adept: 3 Posts
Advanced: 4 Posts
Elite: 6 Posts
Does not work on Master or Grand Master

Energy Assimilation (Rewritten): Calypso doesn’t need to depend wholly on the insectoid creations to sap energy from other beings. Typically, she would do this by touching another being and retaining contact, being able to directly drink one’s energy away from their reserves, however, if she is able to hold an attack ay bay long enough, she can infect it with her energies, and effectively absorb it into her body. If she is unable to stop the attack via contact, she merely will take damage and will not be able to properly absorb it, as such an action takes intentional effort and focus.

Draconic Body:

As a part of her training with Liu and Nizhuan, Calypso needed to learn how to dip into the sinful, uglier parts of herself, and to come out the other end, knowing and understanding both her soft side, and her beastly one. Awakening to the darker parts of herself, she manifested the spirit and features of one of the most fearsome beasts borne of the imagination - the Dragon.

Much like the hide of the grand mythical creatures, Calypso’s body is capable of becoming very dragon-like at will. Her skin can quickly develop hard, black scales, increasing her durablility towards things such as physical attacks. As they are tougher than her normal skin, cutting through her flesh will be harder than normal, but not impossible, typically any noticeable difficulty appearing with non-spiritual weapons. She also gains claws and fangs that are a similar hardness, being viable tools in hand to hand combat if ever needed, as well as a dragon-like tail and horns.

Dream Realm: Dream Realm is an ability that allows Calypso to create pocket-dimensions for her dream space. These spaces are often no bigger than a few city blocks or so. Additionally, if used for combat, they are only capable of lasting for 3-5 posts before a 3-5 post cooldown. If used for non-combat/training threads, she can take the time to make them more permanent.

With that said, the spaces are often used to contain various objects, energy or to create pocket realms that have her elements of dreams infused in them. Primarily they are used for her to train herself/others in, but it can be useful for trapping various types of attacks in combat. If a person in a combat thread gets trapped within it, they can still exit the realm if they destroy it or wait for 3-5 posts for the realm to disappear.

Destruction of one of these spaces will require a level of energy mastery and output similar to or greater than Calypso's own - A skill level of Expert or greater in any race's respective energy-related mastery stat (Ex: An Iramasha's Aether Control or a Shinigami's Kido stat) is required to break the space, in a combat situation to break it before the post limit is reached.

Dream Write: This taps into Calypso's ability to use her dreams to alter reality. Dream Write is used to heal and restore a character's various mental, physical, and metaphysical injuries. Effectively, Dream Write occurs when a great deal of energy is siphoned from her inner core. When this takes place, her energy must be used as a medium to induce its effects. As, when she mentally visualizes this power, she needs to focus on a person, understand the scope of their injuries, mentally internalize her dream of helping them and infuse that will into existence to try and overwrite the injuries done to them.

Now, this has a few stipulations to it. If this is done in a combat thread? It is often limited to surface level injuries. These range from cuts, bruises, gashes and similar injuries, transferring her energy into them to replace their stamina and things like that. This is to prevent it from being too overpowered in a combat setting and she can only use this power 1-2 times per post and it must be focused on this alone; as she won't be able to use her offensive powers while it is active (but defensives are ok), as doing things such as restoring limbs or organs amidst combat would simply take too long to be reasonable or practical.

Additionally, if it comes down to deeper mental/spiritual damage, that will often require a separate thread as it takes more intense focus, development, bonding, and understanding for her power to work in this way. So this will otherwise incur deep character development because it will force the characters to understand the trauma, go over it, have them connect, and otherwise try to resolve it.

Light of Defiance (Power Subsection)

Something very strange happened as Calypso fought her mother within the space of dreams, a space she would be most intimate with. As her mother was encroaching upon her with Death Energy, Calypso took the power into herself, and through raw emotion filled with defiance towards dying to her mother, not only did the energy being burned into her bond with her, it completely changed in nature. Be it the multiple sources of positive flowing energy inside of her, or simply her emotions in that moment, or perhaps a little bit of both, it caused Calypso to defy the rule of the energy used to harm her, changing it into one that would help her, instead. It is more or less energy borne of defiance towards death.

Incinerator of Calamity
This is the very first manifestation of this strangely natured light born within Calypso, a cascade of white hot flames that coat her body. These flames would not burn the typical person, merely feeling warm to the touch, however if you are a being made of negativity, these flames seek to burn away and devour said negativity, until none of it is left, be it that it kills you, or leaves whatever normal, positive aspects of you alive. These don’t target negative feelings necessarily, more beings that are composed of and thrive off of negativity, to such extremes that it would be hard to tell the difference between them and said negativity. It was borne of wishing to strike down Mana, a being who is mostly, if not completely devoured by her concept of madness, which is used for negative purposes most times. However, if you are a demon consumed by a strongly negative aspect, these flames will be especially effective. These flames are wholly meant to be used as a purging method, as retaining the flames is extremely exhausting for Calypso, and they have hardly any use outside of burning away extreme forms of negativity.

I. Eternal Partner/Conceptual World

» Conceptual World: (Describe what your Danava Demon's Conceptual World looks like. Usually, it's influenced by whatever Origin Power they have. So if you have a water based Danava? Then they'll typically have something like an ocean in it. If you add in ground? Then you can get islands and what not into the mixture. Just use some imagination.)

» Rilīja Attributes: (What is Rilija? Rilīja takes assocations that your character's Conceptual World has, and releases them to the outside world. An example of this would be if someone who had the concept of "Water" as their Origin Power and summoned immense tidal waves onto the the field with. Another would be if someone had a "Rock" based origin could summon things like massive boulders or massive pieces of Earth at their opponent. These are optional and you can remove them if you cannot think of anything.)

» Eternal Partner Name: (Please put your eternal Partners name here. Usually, it'll most likely be related to their origin based power. So if one had a fire based Danava? Then it could be something like this: "Kasai Seishin", which means Fire Spirit in Japanese.)

» Eternal Partner Appearance: (What does your Eternal Partner look like? You may use a picture or write it out. It can be related to their Origin Power, but sometimes it may not.)

» Eternal Partner Personality: (How does your Eternal Partner act? This can sometimes be heavily related to their origin based powers. So if there were to be a fire based Danava? Chances are that their Eternal Partner would most likely be some sort of fiery persona; being hot-headed, irritable and a quick thinker.)

» Eternal Partner Powers: (Does your Eternal Partner have their own set of powers, any unqiue powers or do they simply share the same powers as their Danava Master? Please state so here. If they share the same? You can simply leave a note or remove this section altogether.)

I. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: Staff of Duality

» Atma Vatou Appearance: (What does your Atma Vatou look like?)

» Atma Vatou Abilities: This weapon created amidst the training in hell she received from Liu is a powerful one, as it represents the full realization and manifesting of both her concepts into one weapon, tasked to work together in order to survive and thrive. The weapon is a literal extension of Calypso herself, and thus it doesn’t operate like a typical weapon - She can abruptly change it’s shape and path of directory, call it back to her hand immediately, and wield it as if it were a part of her own body. Calypso is the only one who is capable of touching or wielding this weapon, as it is a manifestation of metaphysical concepts - It would just pass through the hands of anyone else who would attempt to wield it.

This weapon has three distinct forms, all of which have their own abilities, being the following:

Neutral/Combined State:
This state of the staff is well balanced, and as such is used as a focus point and amplifier for Calypso’s magic abilities. For example, if she wished to use her ability Bladed Agony, rather than forming a crystal-like wing, the crystallization of her energies occurs at rapid real time around the top of the staff, and once swung would release a rapid barrage of focused needle-like crystals at an opponent. However, she would sacrifice the sheer amount of crystals the traditional use of the ability would create for more a smaller, more potent, focused and easier to conduct version of the ability. While this same manner of effect wouldn’t ring true for each and every ability, the main idea is for Calypso to have much better control over the ability, as well as higher potency as a result, using the staff as a focus point, rather than using it how she typically would.

Nightmare State:
This version of the staff morphs it into the weapon that the feared Demon Queen, Mana, typically wields - A scythe. However rather than being a cut and dry scythe, the weapon’s blades are instead made of malleable purple energies that can be grown, shrunk, or increase in number at will (As in, the actual number of blades manifesting upon the single weapon. Ex: Can shape itself to become a full double-sided scythe), as well as the shape of the staff. Regardless of size, the scythe is a potentially deadly weapon, capable of causing serious damage in direct combat situations, being scaled to her skill in the demonic magics.

Dream State: This state of the staff is empowered by one of Calypso’s more intense desires converted into power - The fervent desire to live, defying death itself. Her staff gains the ability to wield and only wield the Light of Defiance that exists within her, at a greater potency than she can typically wield it. Whatever abilities the Light has grown and developed, this state of her staff can wield them with greater strength than if she performed it normally.

Now, Calypso cannot cycle between these states endlessly. The neutral state of the staff is the default and is always the default upon summoning, but if she, for example, switches to the Dream State, she cannot just flip back to neutral or switch to Nightmare State willy nilly. The staff's switching state is forced into a cooldown of 1 post before she's able to switch again, meaning the state of the staff is locked in whatever state she switches to until the cooldown is over.

Ex: (START)Neutral -> Dream -> Cooldown -> Nightmare -> Cooldown -> Neutral

Note: To prevent people from being overloaded who make Multi-Origin Danava, we allow them to qualify for certain forms if they a Atma Vatou for each Origin Power.

I. Diverse Paths

» Note: THIS PART OF THE DANAVA REQUIRES YOU LOOK AT THEIR RELEASE FORMS IN THEIR RACIAL THREAD! Therefore, if you have a Danava that has a Saca Atmā (Constant Release)? Then simply remove all of the below and state their Saca Atma or leave a note. Also, remove this note upon completion of the app.

» Aliṅgana State Appearance:

» Aliṅgana State Powers:

» Aliṅgana State Abilities:
Hell's Influence:
These are upgrades given to her by Nizhuan and Liu from their training. From pouring their hellish energies into Calypso's body, as well as bonding with and being the catalyst of awakening this state, her basic abilities would reflect this hellish bond, in all of their combined desire to see the demon grow in strength and power. As a consequence, it is possible for Calypso to use the following abilities gained from Nizhuan and Liu's influence in this form:

Familiars Of Sin: This is just an NPC based ability. Essentially, Calypso can call upon different bodies of sinners or creatures of hell with the approval of Liu/Nizhuan. For the most part, she can summon various types of hordes of low tier sinners, different types of demonic familiars, and so on that are around the 4 tier level, the masses being low to mid 5 tier. At most, she can only summon one-hundred 4 tier creatures, and nine-hundred 5 tiers. This can lead to more powerful familiars, but those would still have to have an NPC based profile made.

Hell Bond: It is possible for Calypso to remain in contact with both Liu and Nizhuan at any moment if she should request a private channel of thought with them. This is important because if they are able to fixate on her location, it is possible for them to summon and produce different types of equipment, attacks, or supplies to her. This will require energy on their part, but if the circumstance is dire, they will be willing to assist with her through this bond. This should only be used if Calypso is in grave danger and is more of a form of assistance than an outright ability.

Hades Summon: Hades Summon is the capacity for Calypso to summon up different portions of hell into the thread. This can be useful because it can have different types of weapons, equipment, or familiars for her to use. Additionally, the miasma of hell can sicken or weaken other characters as it can make it harder for them to endure the toxifying effects of hell. Though, it can be mitigated by characters if they are able to form some type of shield or barrier around it or be made into neutral effects if some type of purifying agent is summoned. Granted, if Calypso's energy is more potent at the time, it may overpower that.

The area of effect for this ability is limited to half the size of a town given the scale of her current tier. However, it is recommended to only do a few city blocks at a time in most circumstances. Additionally, it has a time limit of only five posts or so before a four post cooldown is given before it can be summoned again. This is because of the fact that it can be used as an enhancement to a degree for herself and other demons in the area if she desires. It is capable of boosting another character's capacity by 1.5x times when it comes to their will, strength, and abilities, so it needs a limit.

Hell Aura: Hell Aura acts more like an exoskeletal force and is an extension of both Hell and Liu's influence over Calypso. Essentially, Cali can tap into this power at will and summon a scarlet aura around herself. From there, different types of appendages, tendrils, and hell-infused abilities can be made from it. For example, if she were to fire off a magic-based spell, she could incorporate elements of hell to either enhance the potency of the attack, potentially infuse elements of Liu/Nizhuan's restrictive/liberating power or use the tainting power of hell to corrupt and infuse the opponent with various elements of its negativism. So, with that said, there are a variety of ways to use this ability.

With that said, this ability has no set time limit, but it will take a physical/mental strain because of the focus that is needed in order to channel its effects. So whatever actions are taken while Hell's Aura is active will drain various levels of physical/energized strength based on how complex or immense the attacks launched from Calypso in this state are. Furthermore, she is limited to only using one or two attacks from Hell Aura per post in order to further limit it. And, if her health dips to 1/4 of her energy, it will stop working since there won't be enough energy to stimulate its effects.

» Unnata Release Appearance: (What does your Danava Demon look like when in Unnata Release? If one were the origin of fire? They'd most likely have their entire body engulfed in flames in order to become the embodiment of this element; perfecting this origin further then in it's previous state while in their former release state. Another example: If one represented a past filled with pain? Then in this transformation, they'd most likely be covered in head to toe in blood, eyes turned red with agony and body covered in physical scars from all the mental pain racing to the surface in order to display just the type of horror they've had to endure in their life. Pictures are also accepted.)

» Unnata Release Powers: (What sort of powers does your Danava Demon advance in while in Unnata? The primary focus in this transformed state is to ultimately, as the title says, advance. This means that most Danava can further develop, strengthen or otherwise evolve their powers. However, it is possible to gain new powers that are related to your origin while in this form. It's just very dependent on it being associated in someway with your Danava's Origin. )

» Unnata Release Abilities: (What sort of abilities or techniques does your Danava Demon have while in Unnata Release? This is the same as Origin State Abilities and Aliṅgana State Abilities. Meaning, that these will be related to whatever powers you advance or gain in Alingana.)
I. Merged Paths


» Phyuja Rājya Appearance: (What does your Danava Demon look like in their fused state? Typically, they'll more often then not look like a fusion between their elements. So, if one were a Fire and Water Danava? Their appearance could take the shape of fire that appears to be liquid, as a half-baked example. Pictures are accepted as well.)

» Phyuja Rājya Powers: (What sort of powers does your Danava Gain while in Phyuja Rājya? Please note that their typically related to their secondary and tertiary Origins. So this is where you are able to use more of your Multi-Origins with ease. It's also possible to take concepts, origins and elements to fuse them into a new power. Such as taking a Solar Origin and a Lunar Origin to gain some sort of Twilight Power.)

» Phyuja Rājya Abilities: (What Abilities does your character have in Phyuja Rājya? These are very related to whatever powers you got from your fused state.)

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Appearance: (What does your character look like in their Caṛhā Saṅgalita Release? In some cases, you may not even need a change in appearance.)

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Powers: (What Sort of powers does your Danava have while in this release? Feel free to go all out here, as this is their peak pinnacle of power.)

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Abilities: (What Sort of abilities does your Danava have while in this release? Feel free to go all out here, as this is their peak pinnacle of power.)

I. Equipment/Other Resources

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Untrained

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Elite
  • Posessive Magic: Elite
  • Possessive Augment: Elite
  • Possessive Influence: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Elite


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