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Yukichi Shihoin [APPROVED, 3-2; Shinigami] Empty Yukichi Shihoin [APPROVED, 3-2; Shinigami]

Mon 13 Jan 2020, 1:08 am

The Bizzare Flower

Yukichi Shihoin

Shinigami Dossier

Name: Yukichi Shihoin
Affilation:Shihoin Clan/Gotei
Alias:The Bizzare Flower
Height: 4"10"
Weight: 82 lbs
Physical Appearance:

His appearance was heavily taken care of by his mother when he was born. She wanted a daughter and decided she would have one. His hair and features were groomed and built towards the more feminine side of things. Yukichi's name and very being were made to be more girl-like. The clothing he wears is all-female clothing with occasional male things. Dresses and even the way his hair is styled along with markings. His mother spent hours making sure her baby boy looked as much like a girl.

Now in his older years, he still resembles a girl and hasn't grown much due to manipulation on her part. There isn't a hatred of his mother for what she has done. He's not known any other type of life. So he has grown to accept what his mother has designed for him. His eyes are an amberish color almost yellow from the appearance of them.


Soft Spoken: Yuki doesn't talk back much or showcase backbone in most cases. He remains silent often times staying away from others. His emotions are a bundle that cannot be entirely decoded. His mother insisted on dresses and a more girl-like appearance. So in this sense, he has come to accept the silent role he is given. Arguments lead to beatings and his mother attempting to alter his face with a knife. He's learned that silence is a lesson of life best kept. Fighting her isn't an option as he cannot win any battles. His father doesn't support him merely his mother. So this withdrawn nature is something Yukichi has embraced.

He tends to remain in the shadows and simply do things. He doesn't argue or comment on them, merely doing as asked. Some people believe this is due to him being direct. But in reality, it is him not willing to fight back. Yukichi's withdrawn and soft-spoken personality traits do make for a strange male. Especially when compared to his uncle who loved his family deeply. Yukichi admired his uncle but has accepted he could never be him.

Sharp Mind: Despite his silence and desire to remain away from people. Yukichi has a very sharp and keen mind, able to pick up the subtle natures of things. He is almost always reading books or other objects. Playing with puzzles and trying to sharpen his mind in some way. Yukichi doesn't believe himself a genius or special in any way. So he puts effort and time into learning so he can be stronger. He wants to protect the family in his uncle's absence now.

Though is aware he physically isn't a strong warrior even remotely. So he knows he has to train his mind and body twice as hard while keeping his mother satisfied. Yukichi doesn't wish to rock the boat with his mother so his mind is the best muscle. Training that is the best possible way around any misgivings his mother would have.

Devotion to Family: Yukichi would give his life and anything he had for the Shihouin Clan. He isn't a warrior or even remotely that strong in his opinion. So he doesn't believe he will fight anyone or become special. His opinion of himself and his self-esteem has been low. But even despite that, he would gladly stand side by side with the strongest and fight. Even if he was only to be a sacrifice so they could win, that is acceptable. His devotion to his family goes beyond the regular amount. Even to the extent of believing when his mother told him if he dressed this way and took this. It would benefit the family in the long run.


He was born to a sister of Papa Shihouin, his mother wasn't thrilled with her son's birth. The father not wanting to rock the boat decided to let the mother have her way. So it was hidden from most people that he was a male. Medicines and foods were used from the time he was born. To make him a more feminine-looking figure to increase the chances. Even research down into Kido in order to accomplish this feat. This stunted his growth and made his body very tiny compared to most people. He finally began questioning his gender situation when he was older. His mother cut the marks on his forehead.

Her reminder that he was her precious daughter and not to question it. She began training him in Hakuda and Shunko at a young age, remarkably young at that. He didn't pick it up or overnight anything as she desired. His training results were nothing good as a child. His mother would train him regardless because he needed to be useful for the Shihouin family. She pounded this into him as he studied and grew. Not letting him leave the estate until he was acceptably prepared. His dress and everything about him was for Shihouins.

Slowly the dogma she preached began to bleed into his mind. He accepted that his appearance and everything was for his family. Gaining a devotion that became an obsession for him. As he continued his training and growth in the estate his mother began relaxing. She was ready to allow her son to study multiple subjects of interest. While not interested in medicine he did visit earth a few times. Though all it did was leave him pining for home. Yukichi didn't want to cause trouble for his family so the estate became a home. Where he would study and try multiple things.

His mother had taken him out on a hollow hunting trip. They were supposed to clean out some of the hollows that remained around a human area from wars. He performed well and it was commented that perhaps he should join the Gotei. Try to get some sort of space or attention for the family. He began studying the Gotei and places he could be of use for them. The Kuchiki remained yet in the Gotei and the organization had moved away from nobles. But perhaps he could be of use to the family head in that place.

It took him some time to study the laws and guidelines to see what was allowed. Yukichi was willing to join and take whatever role or position they gave to him. Though he believed his power was meager at best. Not able to wield his Zanpakuto due to the extreme focus on Hakuda and Kido his entire life. His mother believed that a Shihouin must be good at Hakuda and Kido. It simply wasn't acceptable otherwise.

So with some final training put in polishing his weaknesses and flaws. He was given permission by his mother to take leave for the Gotei. To join their organization and be of use to the family. Though it wasn't clear to him how he could be useful. Maybe as a spy watching on the inside or perhaps a fruitless endeavor. Something without meaning like many of the sweet lies his mother whispered. But in the end for Yukichi he listens because his mother knows best.


Enhanced Durability: His prowess for recovery and taking a hit is common. Most Shinigami can take a beating better than most. Yukichi survived flying through four trees that fell on him. They were oak trees and thus quite thick and heavy. As he matured he spent a great deal of his time working on his body. Believing his mother's wishes to study kido, hoho, and hakuda exclusively. Though he favors Hakuda more then most people would hope for.

Noble Pedigree: He was born into the Shihoin and the nephew of the Head. Though he has access to the rights he doesn't exercise them generally. Yukichi likes to take care of things on his name and not the Shihoin. Because if he messes up it should only affect him. It should never spread or damage their honor.


Utsusemi: He didn't make the technique but can use due to his mother's lessons. Drilling into him to be quicker when executing it. Yukichi's skill at stepping is decent. He's able to perform this with a few variations he thought up for himself. The move as one would expect is done at extremely high speeds. Leaving behind a tangible decoy for the person to hit. Often taking out the clothing or something typically worn by them. This has to be a fully-fledged effect in that manner.

Shadow Step: This is done by equipping his shadow to his lower body during Shikai. Or one leg when doing it in sealed form. This allows him to apply multiple flash steps in one move. Yukichi is able to step and step again in rapid succession. Changing his angle or destination with one move. He can make this effect happen due to his zanpakuto. But also by training with Utsusemi. He is able to combine his Hoho techniques fluidly into a singular one. This can work with any of his other techniques. Allowing for a flexible and fluid technique. Yukichi prefers for his moves to be interchangeable. Not things he needs to struggle to combine into something. Yukichi doesn't truly believe any Shinigami fights alone. Everyone has someone in their corner waiting. Ready to help them and stand by their side. But he's not one to voice such opinions. It's simple to him a move that uses his sealed powers. That was what he wanted most of all. Something physical to amplify his zanpakuto. So he came up with Hoho and Hakuda techniques around its capabilities. But not drawing upon his zanpakuto's own moveset when he can help it. Shadow Step is the first of three techniques he created using his shadow equip.


Akuma noyashi-Devil's Palm: Bringing his hand in front of him he takes a stance. Using his body's muscles combined with his spiritual pressure. He thrusts his palm outwards sending a blast of air towards someone. This concussive force can send people back generally. Though he does use it fairly often when it comes to it. Yukichi can deflect energy back with this if he puts enough strength behind it. That is, of course, depending on his usage of it. While he doesn't invent many techniques or give them fancy names. Since he never saw the purpose in all of it. Attacks are more powerful when you know their name. That is true but only for one's zanpakuto.

Shadow Axel: Bringing his leg into the air equipping his shadow to his heel. He slams it down on the ground towards someone. Sending pieces of rock and concussive force. The darkness forms into a cut towards them. As it's a portion of his shadow's attack as well. This is simply raising your leg in the air and bringing it down. He is able to perform this into or from Hoho. With little trouble or effort. Even able to do a spinning one in the air. Using his other techniques to rapidly move him. Creating an extreme degree of impact. Able to dent concrete and knock some smaller buildings down when applied full force. Yukichi uses more Shunko and Zanpakuto techniques with his Hakuda. So thus he didn't see a reason to make techniques. Not hundreds of them as his skill set is pretty known to him. He doesn't believe a change will come outside of Hakuda or Hoho. Kido while he did train it, he took as far as required for Shunko. Never going beyond that staging point.

Shadow Crash: Bringing the shadow to his hand now he folds his thumb across his palm. Releasing a chop downwards creating a black line towards his target. If he's close this will run across their body. Before it slams downwards. The weight behind the blow and power he releases. Are depending on Yukichi's power behind his blows. He uses this normally when dealing with energy techniques. By slicing it down the middle using his shadow to help him sever the energy. This only works if he is equal to or greater in power. Somethings he can't do it too. As he requires experience and knowledge of it beforehand. Energy can be volatile and hard to predict by the best. So it doesn't mean he can do it every time. This can be avoided by dodging and some people can take the hit. His strength may not be enough to move them. It can be blocked with proper means as well. Yukuchi's techniques hit twice in sealed since he's using his shadow as an equipped clothing. This formation is one of his hand techniques he has two more remaining.

Shadow Jab: By equipping it to one of his hands Yukichi will begin mixing in jabs. Sending multiple fluid jabs at someone that quickly becomes more. Yukichi can throw jabs quick enough to surpass untrained eyes easily. When his Shadow is added into the mix it makes it harder. Making this simple act of jabbing into a confrontation of the likes you could hardly imagine. He's gotten up to one hundred jabs in a minute thus far. That's his record on his own counting his shadow among them. He's able to fire two hundred of them off by equipping his shadow to his hand. While it's not a fancy technique. It's something common and basic. But it can be used and developed further. For if you wish to conquer any fighting ring. A jab is an essential part of the process for anyone. It's important or so it was stressed to him. His mother often said to develop a jab and one other move. Something that will allow you to defeat enemies.

Shadow Smash: This move while not his most polished is powerful. It's him releasing as much power as possible from his hand. While having his shadow equipped upon it. Channeling everything he has into a single move. Using Hoho and his Shadow to create an explosion of forwarding momentum in impact. This blow is akin to a small block destroyer. As he's yet to completely figure out how to use it. Yukichi wasn't much of a powerful fighter. He often fought using speed and skill. This allowed him to be more precise with his energy and techniques. To develop and use them differently. Shadows are like water and fit upon you. Making too many techniques didn't make sense. This was an obvious turn of events that came. When one runs out of time developing formidable techniques and practices.


Type:Yukichi's capabilities and prowess were clear when he was younger. His mother intended for him to learn Shunko. The type he was blessed with was the wind. Making his techniques and such more based around that than anything else. He didn't lay claim to fire or lightning but wind. Though he didn't mind it that much. Wind suited him fine for what he could accomplish with the power. Yukichi never considered himself all that much of an expert on anything. The high mighty didn't suit him well as a personality. So getting one used by a person he respected was fine.

Saikuron Shunko: Known alternatively as Cyclone Shunko, Yukichi can make wind rotate around him rapidly with massive gusts of wind. Protecting him by using his delicate reiatsu control. Though this does result in his top being blow off most times. And does send the cloak he wears into the wind. He's able to control the rotations of the wind-based shunko around him. Creating a defense and offense at the same time. This is something of his own that he learned. While not giving it a name aside from spinning vortex thing. Yukichi has shown tremendous control over it. Using it to break his fall on occasions when he fought. Using it when fighting the demons before returning. He was able to rather easily defeat them due to his defense.

Wind beneath my WingsYukichi's almost trademark technique within his Shunko. He applies his wind to his feet allowing for exceptional increases in movement. Using high gusts of wind with precise control to both feet. He is able to flash step quickly. This increases his movement speed drastically. Allowing him to fly across many locations. Yukichi had never tried to go at his absolute quickest. Or transform it into another power. As he believed transforming too quickly would be risky. Besides that, it was best to build things slowly. By using this almost twister amount around his legs as stated previously. He can combine it with Hoho moves and his zanpakuto. Allowing for quick traversing of any place he goes. While Yukichi doesn't have a ton of offensive techniques. He does have plenty of enhancement for his natural skills. He never deviated from his course as a Shinigami. Using Shunko and his zanpakuto were the only skills he concerned himself with. Yukichi didn't seek multiple powers. As they didn't suit him. Finding a power that doesn't fit you and trying to make it. Reminded him of a square being forced into a circle. It sometimes works out but often not so well.

Howling Blast: Yukichi doesn't claim mastery over his offensive tools. Extending his palm outwards he creates a massive amount of energy in his palm. Before releasing a huge blast of concentrated air towards someone. This can rip things to pieces and is generally pointed in one direction. This isn't precise or neat and is showy. Something Yukichi adheres very much. But sometimes you require a game-changer. While he's not a fan of using techniques like this one. He understands it's purpose. It's a last resort Shunko move, something for when all else failed. Yukichi had rarely had to use this or any of the offensive tools. As he believed that he had them. It was just a matter of studying and not over developing things. Yukichi's method and thought process was different. It wasn't the same as anyone else's. He believed skills existed that would fit his better. That learning and educating over simply rushing for new powers. The power you couldn't control was no power at all.

Wind Blades: Circulating the air around him rapidly. Yukichi creates small portions of the wind that he rotates faster and faster. Moving them around him before releasing them. By containing them until he's ready he has created a directional weapon. Something that can cut through buildings or many objects. It's sharp and very dangerous due to the high speeds. It's also why Yukichi killed ten hollows. Because he became a blender with them being the fruits. Yukichi while not pleased to have used it. Did keep the damage down to almost none. Yukichi prefers a high degree of control over anything else. This is something not many select. They'd rather just create multiple flashy moves. Hoping to take out everyone in a single burst. Sacrificing their energy and life force for stupid moves or things. Yukichi never understood the reckless all that well. Considering them a foolish and disgraceful bunch to anyone. Family and friends had best watch them closely.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Ahokage - Fool's Shadow
Zanpakuto Shikai Release Command: Embrace
Reiatsu Color:Puprle/Black
Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: His zanpakuto takes the form of a man standing with no appearance. He wears a black suit and lacks facial features. Its bodies are completely shrouded in shade. His voice almost like a whisper upon the senses. Ankokudzura is the embodiment of what it means to be darkness. Pure and simple in terms of his looks. His personality is much like his master. Very silent and speaking only when Yukichi comes. Though on occasion something piques his interest. He is one of the few who Yukichi converses openly with. As his words have fewer family consequences. Though he still is tactful even with his zanpakuto. This being his partner and friend in any struggle he comes across. Yukichi fully accepts Ankoudzura. As his partner and friend for any fight, he comes into.

Inner World Appearance: It is nothing be blackness for miles on end. No colors exist in this void within him. It's empty of anything and sometimes his zanpakuto appears as the world itself. Yukichi's inner world is something most call bleak. He remarks often it's a comfortable thing. Just like the still of the night when one rests.

Zanapkuto Blade Appearance: Yukichi's zanpakuto is small these days. He changed it into something the size of a pocket knife. Keeping it on his person only to use his power. Not out of disrespect to his partner. But to wield him to the fullest extent. This zanpakuto was designed for a melee fighter after all. A swordsman would use it similarly. Though Yukichi uses it as a front fighter who uses Hakuda. Sometimes combining it with his Shunko. But the knife itself is small enough to fit into his pocket. Though it wouldn't break the skin of most things. The weapon isn't that but Yukichi himself. That is the purpose behind Ankoudzura. It's meant to be Yuklchi who is both the blade and shield. He is the zanpakuto when he wields his partner. Never fighting without him when they do suit up.

Sealed Power: Yukichi is able to equip his shadow to a part of his body. It can only be a single section of his body. For example, arm left or right, leg left or right. Or his torso and back or maybe his head. He's able to condense it to just his hand as well. Though this is something done rarely as he views it's the length as useful. Yukichi doesn't wield a blade when his zanapkuto is concerned. He uses Hakuda like many of his clan do. Wielding it to a deadly level of control. It was something that he learned. That he and his zanapkuto are stronger as one. Fighting with one punch instead of two is foolish. Why not wield the darkness and fight back. Even in the shadows, a light can be found. For those who look through it hard enough.Yukichi accepted a role as the Shihoin's shadow. Someone who remained apart from the nobility. And lived to bring honor to the name of the Shihoin. It was something he saw as a mission left to him in life.

The Folded System: Yukichi's shadow takes the power of a punch, kick, movement or spell. Then increases its power by a certain amount or a number in this case. For example, think of it like this, one punch only has so much power. His Shadow takes the power of the one punch and puts it through a Shadowboxing process. Where it then produces say thirty of them. So one punch now has the strength of thirty behind it. But there is a catch to this, his Zanpakuto is only able to use his own power as a base. So it is never stronger than Yukichi's capable output. So you are getting hit with no more than the character is capable of. In Shikai the number is set to one hundred as a comfortable limit. But for example One Hundredfold has the power of that move plus one hundred behind it.
Yukichi's power while mysterious is built on the principle of this and increasing the amount folded. Now as stated it takes the power and imparts it into his blows. Yukichi is required to say or think the number. But at present, it would function akin to this below.

If you are hit in the gut it will feel like you'd been hit in the same spot ten times with tenfold. It's not multiple punches or a barrage. But a single punch with the power numbered behind it. The concept is behind Fear not the man who practiced ten thousand kicks but practiced one kick ten thousand times. So it would be one kick or punch with that force behind it. It's usable on Hoho and Shunko, though it's harder for him to control Shunko aspect of it as it requires more and tears his body up. So he doesn't fold it and does a simple mimic of the moves.

Zanpakuto Shikai

Shikai Activation Power: Upon activation his shadow connects to his upper body or lower body. Able to shift between them but only having one move between those two sections. Yukichi has spent a rather extensive amount of time on it. Never over pushing for his zanpakuto's powers or techniques. Considering them special moves of the darkness he wears. The black flame-like substances that come off his body like residue. That is the sign of the Shadow on his body. Making it easy to see where it is and locate it. This effect allows him to wield darkness. Wearing it almost like a coat on the upper body or a pair of pants and shoes upon his feet. This form and appearance are where his nickname and many of his traits come from. Yukichi is able to settle most of his issues in Shikai alone. Never venturing beyond that gate unless absolutely needed. Remaining in this vexing form for his enemies. The shadow does provide some protection like a zanpakuto. Acting as both an offense and defensive tool. Allowing him to block blades or other things. By using his body itself as a weapon.

Hundred Fold Shadow Sweep: Yukichi when he's put it on his legs turns his frame. Creating a powerful sweeping kick outwards. This sends a blast of darkness outwards that radiates across the earth. Breaking through the area with raw power. This is able to crash and hit a building akin to a car crash. While Yukichi hasn't tried going above the hundredth fold for either form. Believing the strain too much for his body. Reckless fighting benefits no one, not you or them around you. One must be poised and prepared for what they can accomplish. Things beyond that are mere trinkets of reality. Ten meters is its full range.

Hundred Fold Shadow Divide: Only usable upon his upper body section when activated. Yukichi is able to create a line by using his hands outwards. These are able to cut through solid rock and buildings. Breaking them like clay boards upon its path. Yukichi wields it with a careful control oftentimes. Never going past his intended target line. Some complain that he's too careful and risk more. Yukichi often chuckles at the thought to himself. As it would be easy for him to pretend. That he didn't want to live on the edge. But he had to wield his partner as a true friend. Something that hurts his zanpakuto isn't worth rushing towards. People around him rely on him to be standing. By getting hurt needlessly by himself, he merely is placing stress upon them all. Yukichi owns his purpose and beliefs all his own. Never stepping beyond himself in this aspect and remaining true to himself above all. Yukichi's power may be small but it's powerful. Ten meters is its full range.

Zanpakuto Bankai

Bankai Activation: Upon activation his shadow merges with him fully. Covering his body head to toe and protecting it but enhancing it. Making him the embodiment of darkness incarnate. That is the power that Yukichi wields when in this stage. He is the shadow and the darkness of the night. He can move between them and jump around. Able to travel through shadows in this form. He's able to multiple his shadow impact up to a thousandfold. Though he's yet to attempt to do so. His bankai is immature yet still new to Yukichi as well. Something he's trained in private yet, not before masters. Believing Shikai was better to continue working on. It must be noted his hundredfold attacks were tenfold at the beginning. They were only ten shadows upon a single blow. That was the effect he could accomplish. But he didn't see the need to over train himself. But his Bankai is present at his finger tips.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu:Beginner
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

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