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If You Would [Cyrus, Sylvia] - Page 2 Empty Re: If You Would [Cyrus, Sylvia]

Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:08 pm

If You Would [Cyrus, Sylvia] - Page 2 BENzhUU

Cyrus of the Blissful Flame

"Ah, it would indeed be a very long story to tell. Another time, perhaps, when there is far less to do."

Seeing Sylvia stand, Cyrus naturally stood as well, hardly wishing to simply let the woman leave without a proper farewell. Of course, a thought then occurred to her, and instead of simply walking her to the door, Cyrus wrapped her arms around Sylvia in a genuine, affectionate embrace, holding her quite close. She smiled softly as she did so, and spoke quietly, but with no small amount of confidence in her voice.

"Before I forget, I am so very proud of you, Sylvia dear. You have grown a great deal since we last met, and it brings me such joy to see that confidence in all that you do. I know that you will certainly go very far in life, whatever you choose to do."

Placing a short kiss on Sylvia's forehead, she released the Captain and gave her a small wave, naturally making sure to open the door for her. That was just polite, after all.

"Stay safe on your trip, yes? I know you will do wonderfully."

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If You Would [Cyrus, Sylvia] - Page 2 Empty Re: If You Would [Cyrus, Sylvia]

Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:41 am

If You Would [Cyrus, Sylvia] - Page 2 LT5vPYw

It seemed she was always caught unawares by these things, even if she could see them coming. Sylvia felt herself be embraced by the much taller woman, and for all intents and pruposes, her boss. She froze for a second, though unlike nearly every time before when someone had tried to get close to her, she didn't react violently.

Slowly, her hands rose to wrap themselves gingerly around Cyrus' waist, and she let her head rest on her sho-... Erm, in her bosom, then. The height difference between them hadn't been nearly so apparent when they were seated.

Even so, the hug was nice and warm, and her emotions practically flew out from her to share such a thing with the room. by the time they were done, and Cyrus had planted a brief kiss on her forehead, the blonde wore a bashful grin and no unnoticeable amount of pink in her cheeks.

"D-Danke," she stuttered briefly, and tried to quickly compose herself while the woman got the door. "I vill do mein pest!" With the warmth of the hug still holding her, she assured Cyrus before stepping out the door and making her way back down the long hallway.

She would need clear skies to make her trip, after all.


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