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The Most Extravagant Ideas [Liana/Julian] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Most Extravagant Ideas [Liana/Julian]

Mon Mar 16, 2020 11:53 pm
The Most Extravagant Ideas [Liana/Julian] - Page 2 LeCMmz3


Julian shook his head rather plainly in response to Liana's question. It did not necessarily upset him to know that the Coalition was no more, but what did upset him was the knowledge that it had fallen apart in such an abrupt manner. He knew fully the emotional turmoil that he himself had been in, and had seen all too plainly how lost Minerva had been. The man could only wonder how the others, especially those who had longed for a simpler life, would take it.

"I do not believe they are. The Coalition as it was is no more. Those who wished only for change have found it brought to them, if not perhaps in the way they had anticipated. I travel often among them to assist in their acclimation, and bring report of those districts which will require specific accomodation to the Captain Commander and the Research Division.

Those who wished instead for retribution against the Gotei are unconcerned with matters of policy or living conditions. The form of governance was never their concern, only to see the Seireitei in ashes, and I continue to do everything in my power to snuff them out. My desire to bring change has not lessened, Captain, but the method in which I desire to do so has."

There was a certain fire in Julian's voice as he spoke, a passion he had not shown or felt since his earliest days beginning the revolution. But now it was for something more, for the peaceful life he truly believed could be brought by his own hands. The life he had promised to give to Minerva.

"My wife has retired from these aims, and I will not ask her to return to this life. She has taken to caring for those children of the streets who would otherwise go without a home. A noble aim that I would not ask she forgo, particularly not for the sake of something that would put her life at stake."

He chose not to address the implication that he was under the Captain's thumb by merit of her ability to reveal his secrets. It was best kept to himself the closeness he held with the Captain Commander, he suspected. These were waters he knew well to tread carefully.


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