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 Takehiko Big Upgrade

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Takehiko Big Upgrade QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Takehiko Kuchiki
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: Tier and Zanjutsu and Kido, Zanjutsu to Advanced if Possible and Kido to Elite.

Enhancement Kido: This is a technique further obtained from Captain Unohana. By training and understanding it Takehiko figured out to do it. But decided to add something special to it as his personal space. Takehiko is can cast it and control the level. This means he can pick what level of Enhancement he gains. By selecting a Kido Level from 1-99 he can increase his physical potential by that much. This is seen by how his body glows when using it. A glimmer is seen when he activates anything above twenty. On the lower end from 5-10, he is only circulating his blood flow quicker. Takehiko uses this most often to enhance his Swordsmanship and Flashstep Prowess. As his Kido style already has something that affects Kido. This Physical Enhancement Kido burns energy as one would expect but requires no incantation or posture. Takehiko's managed to forgo those by creating a form for him. While it's not perfect by any means it helps him with his Zanpakuto. This provides him with multiple and longer usage of the weapon. By increasing his blood production rate. It must be noted that he must be capable of using the Kido number. Meaning if his skill doesn't meet the requirement. It is impossible to do so. Thus concludes one of his more simple yet effective Kido techniques. Each enhancement lasts three posts. With only one enhancement at a time.

Hadō Physical Enhancement: This comes with risks as the user is unable to control it releases the spell inside their body. Destroying themselves, so a requirement to use it safely is a suitable understanding. Something to make sure the user can cast the spells normally. It is also required to be able to do so without incantation. As this effect can only happen within the body itself. Releasing a burst of Hadō power through the user. Which they can then release through their blade or next attack. Takehiko's first steps as a Swordsman came from this. Though it's a meager beginning for him. He's begun to grasp some of his straws. Beginning to understand more and more. Though this isn't as precise or beautiful as his uncle. Takehiko's found his way to wielding the blade. This requires Advanced in Kido at least to wield. And spells must be possible within the Shinigami Kido List/Tier. Meaning if you can't do it due to it costing to much power then it can't be done. Rapid firing these effects has risks. As if you aren't suited to Duel-casting you can implode yourself. Thus strict studying and practice are required to continue. You may not cast a Kido of 90 in a pair you can only duel cast a kido below the previous one due to strain. The Hadō used will have a physical manifestation on his body. For example, Sokatsui will have blue flames coming off his skin and sword before using it.

Blood Kido: Being unable to rely on the power that Akuma gave him. Takehiko began to realize he could both taint and empower his Kido. By using his blood as the catalyst. Though this is a type of sacrificial Kido and requires a price to be used. The user needing to spend Blood and energy to create powerful techniques. What happens to the Kido when influenced by this style of Kido is an increase in potency. By decent amount making the spells more effective in the long run. Though Takehiko's only begun experimenting with this and another. He's been focused on developing his skills further. Defending others requires him to come up with a difference-maker. As he doesn't believe that simple Kido alone is enough. He can longer use the power of Hollowfied Kido he discovered. But this form is stronger by far. By using his blood to dye it red. And release the powerful Kido that resides within him and others. It even works with Kaido making this a boon.

Rakshasa Chains: This is a Bakudo Takehiko developed to restrain multiple targets in gold chains that spring from the ground and air around him. Fifty chains total with power around level 40 Bakudo in this case. This is one of the Rakshasa techniques he's been tinkering with though only he can use. The chains last for five turns as does the binding. Unless shattered by someone's strength or otherwise. While this Bakudo is a personal one he's developed for himself. He has created another one with more potent aspirations. Though this is one binding spell of many. Showing signs of his changing beliefs and ideas. Takehiko moving away from using destructive means. Going towards more powerful and potent methods. Sometimes fighting alone is not the way to proceed. This doesn't allow for a person to grow or develop. Takehiko's begun to see the error in constant battle. But also that he's never going to be a Hakuda specialist. That he is more likely to be a Kido or Zanjutsu user in the end.

Shin no Ippō - Spell of Frozen Terror: By extending his hand outwards he releases a pounding pulse from his hand. This, in turn, freezes those with weak energy still. Making them unable to move for five turns when used. This spell is around rank 20. And can be broken though it does have a higher rank version. At rank fifty that can render weak enemies completely unconscious acting as a knockout move. Takehiko developed this for two reasons after the Keiko incident. Discovering that he was unable to put her to rest by simple means. A powerful Bakudo would have been extremely helpful. For the moments when Shinten may fail him. But also he's able to use this on multiple targets. Preventing loss of life as he would desire to do. Using his power in this regards Takehiko showing the more pacifist nature he has. Desiring to settle things without conflict if he can help it. As with his Bankai, it became painfully clear that the previous options are no longer possible.

Blood Enhancement: Takehiko is able to enhance his physical body through his blood. Using it as an increase to his strength and other faculties in this way. By pouring energy through his blood cells he can empower his physical attributes as well. Especially his Hoho and Zanjutsu that he enjoys. Takehiko's even developed his first and only step technique. With a Zanjutsu technique, he's working on. While he doesn't believe he will ever master them as his Uncle has. He does believe this suits him just fine. By activating this feature he pours nutrients into his blood overflowing the body with them. This is what allows him to enhance himself so. Takehiko's even gained some light regeneration from this. Able to hear cuts and stab wounds within two posts. Allowing him to recover more quickly from dangerous blows or such. Though he's unsure of how much he'll grow forward after this. Discovering the door in his way as it comes.

Blood Step: By focusing his Blood enhancement into his feet. Takehiko's able to increase his movement potential. Instead of performing it all over his body. He puts it into his feet and legs especially. This allows him to move much faster. Clearing distances he previously thought impossible and moving quickly. Takehiko's found he can perform multiple flash steps within moments as well. This makes him one of the more agile Kuchiki at least by his mark. Though still eons behind his uncle. He believes this will help him rescue friends. Moving better to defend them. While he's unsure about how well his Hoho will grow at its present state. He's aware that time is the only thing he has going forward. While his skills have begun improving slowly. This is one of the few moments a leap forward has happened. Growing further than he anticipated from the training he gained. But he still believes his mind must grow more.

Goddess Tear: This is a Blood Kaido technique that is Rank 50. It lasts until the wounds within the body are treated. But it also treats anything abnormal within the body. Scabs within the eyes and other such problems are mended. This technique is done by bringing the user's finger over someone. Releasing a crimson glowing orb from the index finger over a body. This splashes upon the skin feeling both hot and cold. As it surges into the body but doesn't cause pain or discomfort. It begins quickly mending the damage and abnormal instances. It can reconnect damaged nerves and repair large degrees of it to the body. Though there is a catch to this power. It uses Takehiko's blood as a catalyst to begin. Thus the amount taken can increase the power of this Kaido spell. Further enhancing it to greater potential. Developing a special technique after Keiko so he may help more. This power is far stronger then Pain killers, managing to entirely numb the nervous system it pours through. Eliminating the pain and giving a sensation of being drunk.

» Why:

Info: This thread was Takehiko's first realization in an attempt to trust Akuma. The two came together through this deception became clearer later. It must be noted that while a social thread and recovery thread. It made Takehiko have some hope for the further in any case. And try furthering the Hollow skills he gained.

1:Anger is a Frame of Mind

Info: This thread was another social one with Takehiko playing the part of the fool. Still naive to the nature of his hollow. And blissfully unaware of the darkness looming. His advice to his friend Laskt showing some wisdom. Though still lacking greatly in the fields he should have been practicing.

2:After War Training

Info: Beginning his training with the ruthless Captain Shinryu. Takehiko got a crash course in what he did wrong. Making mistakes he'd made a thousand times before. Coming at this the wrong way over and over again. Pushing his life to its finale, though he discovered his Zanpakuto's true name here.

3: A strange addiction

Info: Takehiko after realizing he was an idiot. Something the world and others had found out already. Began to think about it but went to Ulv now. His desire to have the Hollow burned out of him. Understanding he failed Akuma and learning from it.

4:Negativity Burned Away

Info:This was the game-changer for much of Takehiko's growth. Abalia helped him reaffirm things but changed his outlook. Making him see what he'd been blind to this time. Becoming aware of the sins of his family but of himself. He would use this chance to go back to the Academy and grow his knowledge and experience. Taking tests he'd failed prior thanks all to her.

5:Requested Guidance

Info:While largely a social thread Takehiko began his quest to understand what a Captain was here. Trying to change his outlook and behavior as Vice-Captain. Showing his maturity beginning to come forward more as time carried on.

6: A Summoning

Info: Just coping with emptiness inside of him from losing his Hollow. Takehiko became the first to make this choice due to his failures. But didn't quickly embrace what was done thus this small solo thread.

7:Retaking the Past

Info: He showed some results of his training but also the nagging of his lost Spirit. Takehiko showing a lack of emotion and a somewhat less of himself. Growing less as a person and more a cold-blooded person. Having a match with Keiko where he allowed instinct to overrun him. Trying to find something to care about when facing Keiko but unable to do so. This would later help him reclaim his emotions he'd buried under his guilt.

8: Back to School

Info: Returning finally to train with Captain Shinryu again. Takehiko began learning and pushing himself hard once more. At first, there were difficulties but his Hoho had gained much greater prowess here. Studying and developing beneath the watchful gaze of Captain Shinryu. This thread also lets him discover the important thing he missed. That the spirit within him was enough. That his Zanpakuto could fill any void he just had to let her. Thus improving his Zanjutsu skills and growing further. Trying to push his limits as the time wore on. Getting more used to his Shikai from this training and movement in general.

9: Fragments of the Past

Info: A display of him using his healing skills to rescue his cousin. Though he considers it a failure himself, he does notice problems after the fact and quickly adapts to save her. Though considers his Kaido having failed entirely in this regard. Also that he failed to realize that the women had done as instructed but nothing worked on Keiko.

10:Black Medicine:

Info: A simple social thread informing his Captain-Commander of the situation.

11: Medical Reports

Info: A solo thread imbarking on his training and education further. Takehiko grew his mind more, studying further because of Keiko. Trying to sharpen his other skills outside of just power.

12: Medical Science and You

Info: This thread was largely Rukia looking after his nephew. Providing guidance to him both on taking care of himself. To especially take care of others like Keiko. He'd been known for working himself to the bone.

13:Over Working is Working

Info: Takehiko showed some medical skill but also excellent deductive reasoning. Able to figure out that a hollow creature was likely inside of his relative. Without going too far into it, he was also able to show his devotion to Keiko and the family.

14:The Doctor is In

Info:This thread was where at least he met his own Captain. Striking a chord between her and himself. Discovering from her questions that he could better obtain his Kido skills. Developing them further and providing his inspiration to a previously mentioned skill. That is largely done through the stage Captain Unohana set.

15:The duo of the Second Private Takehiko

Info: While Takehiko did marvel at the skills and lectures he was able to take. This finished out his studies within the Academy. Allowing him to accomplish high scores unlike he'd done prior. Becoming one of the better students they'd had; Though it took him a second attempt to do so. Even tinkering with minor inventions.

16:A Scientist is born

Info: A simple thread where Takehiko much like his Aunt attempted to mend things. Going to the family of Kaien Shiba or his brother especially to do his best. Though at first left shunned with his efforts. He made it clear that his peers were important to him. Enough to put everything on the line for them.

17:Past Tensions

» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]


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