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Welcome to The World Again Empty Welcome to The World Again

Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:07 pm
As the sun rose in the sky of the Seireitei, it’s beams of orange light came down on a certain part of the Shihōin manor. “Eruka!” A voice echoed a voice from beneath the manor in the lab of a child. Was it a child? Well of course not it was Leviathan Shihōin, the Shihōin who just so happened have the height and features of a human kid. He was excited as his a new development was discovered in one of his new serums. “Now for a break” Leviathan said as he pulled down his mask and took off his googles. The Shihōin thought about what to do but only thing he could think of was continue his experiment but maybe he could do something he hasn’t done in awhile, going outside the manor. He hasn’t been outside the manor in quite a long time, usually leaving his family’s servant to get things for him.

While he was still tormented by his parents death and that had kept him stored about for damn near six hearts, he wanted to see experience the world again, other souls and it wouldn’t hurt to find more organisms for experiments. Donning his usual navy blue clothes and lab coat, he made his way to the exit of the manor. Along the way the he passed his mother and fathers room, a place he hadn’t touched or seen since they had passed. He took a second to pause and look at but he then rushed himself out of the door in fear that if he continued to stay there any longer he wouldn’t leave. As he reached outside of the manor he just wondered what he would find himself doing, maybe finding a bite to eat? He didn’t quite know but Leviathan hoped his day outside the manor for the first time in five years went well.
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