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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Arianda Vael; The Fallen Angel [ERIS SEAL REMOVAL REVAMP][1-5; Hazard Rank A]

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Basic Information


» Name: Arianda Vael
» Titles: The Fallen Angel
» Age: She looks about 20, but is truly 300 years in age.
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Ex-Shadowfall; currently unafilliated

» Shifter Appearance Written: After events in the black world, Arianda went through a rather drastic change; appearance wise. The only thing that really did not change was her cloak; the one thing she would never lose about herself. While she still had the same crimson cloak, although more battle worn, her clothing had to change to fit her… growth. While her height has increased very little over all, an inch increase, her appearance had really changed in contrast. Her eyes changed from their crimson red to a brilliant silver due to her Seal of Eris reacting to the Oorja energy she has not interacted with before; which was a side effect she had not expected. Her face had also grown only slightly more accented, since it was already soft, not much changed there. Her hair had also changed to be black with red highlights. Causing her ponytail to look rather interesting until she got it cut when she returned to her own palace to get it cut. Of course, after that, she left the hair at about shoulder length with the red highlights accented, and complimented, by her cloak. Her attire also changed after she returned, to better fit her body.

The first change that was rather major was an increase in her boob size. They had grown from her normal flat chested state to be about a C size cup. While they were not the biggest C sized boobs on the block, it was definitely a strange change for her. So, when she returned to her palace she ended up getting some clothes that she felt were right for an appearance like this one. She ended up deciding on a rather Victorian styled shirt, what appeared to be leather arm guards, a corset, a miniskirt, mid-thigh length stockings, knee high boots, and her ever prominent crimson cloak. The shirt is a very plain white color leaving an opening in the top to show off her cleavage and the area of her chest before her collar bones. The shirt also had a nice collar that wrapped around her neck tightly; going halfway up her neck. The rest of the shirt is hidden by the corset and skirt; hiding the buttons on the front. The corset is a pitch black color with a nice red strap on the top; seemingly held on with a buckle of sorts. Bound to the corset are leather-looking straps that seem to hold the corset in a way. The straps wrap to form an x on her upper back; creating a place for things to be secured. The straps also wrap around both of her arms. One wraps around her right arm while 2 wrap around her left arm; forming an X on the outside of the left arm. The corset seemingly as two layers, revealing a red fabric under the corset. Where the corset is bound by strings, causing it to be tight, there is a lack of fabric; showing the red fabric mentioned earlier.

Under said corset is a miniskirt. The miniskirt, like the corset, is pitch black; with a red trimming at the bottom. On the skirt is a belt that is hanging somewhat loosely off of her right hip. There seems to be loops on the left side of the belt, but, what is in them is rather unclear to most. Of course, Arianda does indeed have something to somewhat cover her legs. She wears a pair of stockings that go up to the middle of her thighs. The fabric is ripped in about eight separate places. Thrice on the front of the right stocking, twice on the back of the same stocking; both on the thigh. On the left stocking there is about one rip on the side of the thigh, leaving two rips on the back of the stockings right on her calf. Not only are there tears on the left stocking, but, there is also a rose on the left stocking; the bud at the top of the stocking. Now, she also doesn’t run around without shoes. No, she wears nearly knee high boots that add an inch to her 5’2” height. The boots are black all around leaving the soles as a crimson red color, like that of her cloak. The boot on her right foot is only the slightest bit shorter than that on her left foot. This is likely due to how disorganized she felt after the black world. But, regardless, she still liked the look. The left boot had about 4 separate straps, all with buckles on them. Each buckle lines up to be on the left side of a boot. The right boot has four buckles as well, but, they aren’t as clearly laid out. A single buckle was on the left side of the boot, one on the back, and two on the right side.

Her cloak, meanwhile, is the same yet, strangely different. For one, the cloak is battle torn along the bottom due to events in the black world and Arianda being generally violent. Also, the cloak was made longer by Arianda personally so she can cover her entire body with it if she wishes. The general construct of the cloak remains close to the same as it was, but, it isn’t as patchy as it used to be. The cloak looks much sleeker, besides the battle damage. The cloak has a rose-like emblem now binding it to stay around her neck and shoulders. She also slightly secured it with the straps on her back. The hood is also much the same, though, the medals were removed and Arianda was unable to find them. The cloak is just mainly longer to better fit how she looks now. In general, Arianda’s appearance had adjusted to better fit how things were in the black world, to better fit Oorja energy. She ended up liking the new form quite a bit in the end. Because of that she did not change her appearance back to how it was before then. Arianda grew to like the appearance and decided not to change it back in the end.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance: Arianda normally enjoys not always showing her horns, wings, and tail; so she normally used her body manipulation to shrink or hide them. She can easily shift between these three appearance edits while also occasionally increasing the size of her bosom a very small amount and her height only a bit so she looks, for a lack of a better term, 'grown up'. It is not three different forms, but one; just occasional, very small, edits on appearance to fit the situation. Again, this is the same form, just slight appearance shifts.






» Taichou Ryakketsu Vael: Taichou Vael, Arianda's sister and basically the only one who can sate Arianda's desires. Taichou and Arianda are surprisingly close, despite Taichou only being half demon and recently turned into her sister. However, it should be noted that Arianda and Taichou do have a strange relationship in the eyes of many. Being siblings, with Arianda's DNA mixing with Taichou's to make Taichou half Vael, the two of them have some sort of a link that links them as siblings; this link normally allows them to have communication of a sorts between the two.

Also, it should be noted that Taichou and Arianda are extremely incestuous; meaning that, if given the chance, they would end up having sex without much rhyme or reason. To say the least, the two of them have sex because they love each other and are likely addicted to having their little bouts of attempts at sexual dominance. Or, it is mostly because they wish to express their love as sisters; causing them to do so in a more normal way before their demonic-ness takes over and they do things in a more... lewd fashion. Also, it should be known that Taichou means the world to Arianda. The best way to both piss her off and make her most vulnerable is to go after her sister. However, if you're going to go after Arianda's older sister, get prepared to find your spinal column being yanked out of your ass; don't mess with Arianda's sister.

» Mana Asthavon: While Arianda does have some feelings for the Queen of Demons; they are not of the positive kind anymore. Her love and care for the Queen turned more into a desire to get away thanks to how she had treated Ari after Ari got herself to deep in. Of course, some of it was Ari's fault, but she was done being treated like a chew toy. However, she holds no true hate for Mana. She never could. The woman made Ari part of who she is now. And Ari will be forever grateful even if Mana didn’t do any true favors for her.

» Henrex Astillon: Henrex and Arianda have gone from apprentice and master, to friends, to master and apprentice again, when he started to teach her Ninjutsu, and then back to friends once more. Of course, the actual complication for Arianda comes when she thinks about how she feels for him. She loves Henrex, truly. But, that love cannot be characterized except by the kind she believes it to be; brotherly love. Her love for a 'big brother' of sorts. Of course, this could be taken oddly if anyone knew what shenanigans they have gotten up to; more like friends with benefits at times. But, the point here is that Arianda and Henrex care for one another like siblings; comforting each other in ways they only know that are best for the other. Of course, this also means that it can pose some interesting issues for Henrex, given Arianda's position, but, Henrex is like a big brother to Arianda, and she ain't gonna let some stupid rules get between that shit.

Recently, after leaving Shadow Fall, Arianda has been wanting to spend more time with the man she basically considers her brother. She has gotten a few chances, of course; but there is always that want to have Henrex around. Not because she likes to toy with him, take him to her bedroom, or even just cuddle. She enjoys his presence more than he likely may know. Besides, he truly is like a brother to her; more of the family she feels she never had.

» Ceal Maxwell: Ceal is a very touchy subject for Arianda. She does indeed love Ceal, as a pet in fact and more, but, the girl had almost always done something to do the opposite of what Arianda wanted. Of course, it took Arianda a while to understand, and that was to understand Ceal was just her pet; not her love or anything like that. Sure, Arianda still loves her but, she's cut back on much. Arianda also does believe Ceal likely could be a goldmine for certain aspects but, Arianda realized that Ceal has needs; and they may be screwed up, but, she has to give her pet her needs. However, Arianda shall never be with her pet again after her supposed death; and can never truly forget that pain of loss.

» Akira Vael: Akira is Arianda's adpted daughter. Arianda originally found Aki in the Karakura woods, skinny dipping in a river. From there, Arianda basically seduced her, riled her up, and then, eventually, changed the girl into a demon; a demon that looked almost like a younger Arianda. Needless to say, the two are close as Arianda will look upon Akira as her daughter more than some form of pet or creation. From there on, Arianda looked after Akira; being rather paranoid about making sure she is safe. However, it should never be said that Arianda does not love Akira; she loves her much and will make sure her little Aki is always safe.

» Kitarune Astillon: Henrex’s missing sister, someone he believes to be dead; but that is something that Arianda does not believe. As she is, she has very little idea how she looks, and very little idea of where to look for her. However, Arianda is determined to find her and bring her back to her big brother alive, and safe. After all, even if she could be rotten thanks to her demon roots, she would make sure to bring something pure to brighten her friend's days. In recent events, Arianda has found a very heavy attraction to Kita, or Atsuko, since finding the woman in the Wastelands and taking her on a date or two before realizing the feeling started to turn mutual. Even if it was slow at first.

» Sofia Montero: Sofia Montero, the woman that Arianda had met slightly randomly, seduced, had fun in an alley, went to dinner with, and then she even took the girl home for some private events. Arianda has a deep connection that she cannot explain with Sofia. Love is part of it, but a deep want for friendship; a desire to have this woman in her life and become close to her instead of simply having a one night stand. Sofia is the first woman Arianda has felt for as such. While she and her will likely not end up together, she is glad for her presence and aid.

» Sylvia Brauer: A woman who Ari had met quite recently after an incident in Beijing involving a zombie outbreak. After Arianda was aided by Sylvia, and Arianda took care of the woman for around a week or so, the two seemed to grow quite close; so much so that Ari and Sylvia liked to have semi-regular sleep overs. At least when they had the chance.

» Calypso Asthavon: Calypso Asthavon, the child of Arianda Vael and Mana Asthavon; a being that Ari had no idea was her child until Algos decided to invade Minatumi harbour in pure rage thanks to Ulv’s actions with Calypso. Ever since then, things have not exactly been mother and daughterly; but she still views Caly as her daughter and loves her dearly.



» Attitude: Ever since Arianda met Mana, her attitude had been constantly shifting to work with her Manic Queen and the world around her. This means that Arianda has shifted from her old more reserved origins to a Manic demon under the care of Mana Asthavon. This means that she can react in literally any way possible. It means that she can react in a sad manner, happy manner, or, hell, she will even react manically and likely cause those around her to be unnerved by her random manic-ness. Of course, this is dependent on the situation as good or bad attitude shifts can occur depending on Arianda’s mood.

» Blood Lust: Over the many years Arianda has been alive she gained an insatiable blood lust. This is normally what drives her to fight in battle, or the immense curiosity to see if the opponent would provide a good fight. This blood lust has caused her no pain, except for when she was betrayed by someone she thought was a friend. Ever since then Arianda has been trying to find ways to suppress the blood lust enough so she won’t enjoy even killing someone that she thought was important to her. However, this hasn’t always stopped her from killing the occasional Shinigami or Hollow. It only stopped her from killing Shinigami or Hollows randomly wherever she could. However, Arianda has vastly improved her control when it comes to randomly killing people or beasts. This means that she will be less bound to randomly kill someone. It also means, however, that she will be far more deadly in battle than normal as she actually knows how to channel her blood lust better.

» Manic Looks: Arianda has since forgone her attempts to shroud herself as something besides a demon. However, she has changed from simply intimidating demon looks to looks that just peak the Mania that runs through her veins. Such a thing is also shown by the grins she sometimes obtains, how her eyes shine when she looks at someone in a certain way, and how Manic energy literally leaks from her being.

» Hyperactivity: Arianda has, after obtaining her Eris Seal and spending a bit of time adapting to the effects, been quite the hyperactive demonic woman; seeming like she is a child hyper off of sugar. Which, for Ari, could be believable thanks to all the chocolate she ate. However, this is no facade, no false emotions; Arianda's hyper nature is simply natural and what makes Arianda Vael, well, Arianda Vael.

» True Joy: While most of this little demon's joy is born from the Mania that Mana had brought to her with the Seal of Eris and other factors; her true joy is quite different. This joy is mostly born from when Arianda is with her loved ones, when her smile is true, and when the demon's mind isn't being tainted by Amphilogiai or by any depressed thoughts. Generally, the demon's true joy is brought forth when she can relax and doesn't have to worry about the pain in her being. This doesn't mean her Mania is false joy, it just means it is not her true joy.

» Able to Accept the Past: Ever since Arianda reconciled with herself thanks to some help from Ulv, and the resolve flame; Arianda was able to accept the things that happened in the past. Some things she find hard to accept, like Mana's actions, still give Arianda reason to not sleep well. Occasionally. Others just give Arianda more room to grow as a person instead of wallowing in eternal pain and fear. Indeed, she has grown emotionally since leaving Shadowfall; a choice that has benefited her greatly. However, while she can accept the past, that does not mean there are some things about it that she wishes could be changed; or at least made better. The past, indeed, is the past; and Ari is on the slow path of learning to deal with it and move on.

» Mania: Arianda’s “joy” has since changed extremely thanks to her meeting Mana. This means that Arianda is far nuttier about nearly everything. This causes Arianda to be rather crazy when it comes to a lot of situations. This means that she could literally shift from one mood to the next; changing between every emotion quite easily in extreme succession. This also means that Arianda can also do quite a lot when it comes to nearly everything; switching her persona from here or there thanks to the things she has done. Not to mention it can help her pretend to fit into a situation for a time or simply use it to manipulate someone in a certain situation.

» Extreme Loyalty to Taichou; her Sister: Ever since Arianda accidentally made Taichou her sister, and they started having mind blowing sexual intercourse and became much closer than ever; Arianda has forever bound herself to be loyal to Taichou. It was true that Taichou was once Arianda’s pet, but, Arianda has no memories of her past, having most of those memories being faint or simply just, not there. In other words, Taichou is basically the only blood relative Arianda has; her only sister. While it is true that Arianda and Taichou perform incest, quite a lot actually, they do love each other extremely. Arianda loves Taichou with all of her heart, truthfully, and would never betray her. This could mean that if someone tried to get Arianda to hurt Taichou, she would likely hurt herself. Anyone trying to get her to kill Taichou? She’ll turn right around and kill the bastard wanting Arianda to harm her family.

Arianda’s amount of loyalty for Taichou is extreme to the point where she literally could never hurt her or betray her sister. This even means that if Taichou was under duress and the only way to get her out of it was to give up Mana, it is extremely likely she would choose Taichou over Mana.

» Mind Shattering Pain: Ever since Arianda severed her connection to Mana via forcefully breaking her Eris Seal; Arianda has long since felt the repercussions of such actions. In most ways, this can manifest in extreme emotional turmoil; or even PTSD. In every way, however, it always causes Arianda’s mind to be turbulent and barely able to handle the sea of emotions she is dealing with thanks to literally snapping her Eris Seal in half. It has left Arianda in a rather terrible state of mind; being almost worst than when Arianda had mental issues with Mana.

These legitimate mental issues cause Ari great pain when left by herself. However, Arianda has the benefit of Amphilogiai still being a part of her; which allows her some great help to correct some of the issues with her noggin. However, it won’t be a one and done fix. It will take time for Ari to truly recover from the absolute trauma that this event has caused her.

» Family Matters: It's pretty obvious at this point that Arianda cares deeply for her family. Nothing too complex or anything, just simple; she will make sure to defend and care for her family as much as possible. This means that Arianda would even give up on Mana, shadowfall, and most everything else to make sure that her family, Aki and Taichou, is okay. Even henrex is included in this mash up of a weird 'family', putting him in as an older brother figure that Arianda cares for greatly.

» Odd Feelings For Mana Ashtavon: In recent history, Arianda has pulled herself away from Mana; not wanting to be involved with the chaotic Queen of Demons. No, Arianda wanted to be safe; and for her friends and family to be just as safe as she. To do this, Arianda broke that loyalty to Mana. However, a part of her will always be grateful to Mana for the small amount of good she did with Ari's life. While Ari will never try to help the Queen of Demons again, she can at least know that staying away from Mana, and not helping her, is the best thing she can do.

In recent events, Arianda has gained some semblance of understanding why the demon queen is the way she is. While Ari does not love her, she at least understands her partly; but not enough to go back to her side. Her time of trying to help Mana is long over.

» Far too Sexually Oriented for her own Good: Thanks to a certain Queen of Demons slapping the Eris Seal on Ari, she has always been quite depraved; wishing so deeply for the contact of skin that her libido is normally through the roof. However, as if the demon has been gaining some semblance of self control, and calming down, she has stopped fucking as much as she used to. In all honesty, while she still is quite sexually active in certain cases, she has calmed down enough that she can now go very long periods of time without needing any form of sexual intercourse. Albeit, the demon still quite enjoys sex.

» Sad/depressed: Arianda has only felt sadness or depression once, which was when she killed the Shinigami woman who Arianda thought was her friend. After that Arianda felt something she never had felt before; a heart wrenching feeling that broke out after that day and many times still. Normally when Arianda feels like this she will try to isolate herself from everyone and everything that she can. This feeling rarely comes along now. Whenever it does come along Arianda, this sadness is basically crushing; it can tear her asunder much like Mana herself has done. It's pent up emotions that burst forth and assault her thanks to her current state.

These emotions have recently forced themselves back in full force thanks to Arianda severing her connection to Mana and breaking her own Eris seal as part of the process. However, these are far more potent than they had ever been when with Mana; the effects of breaking such a demonic seal weighing heavily on her entire being. While she will recover with time, these emotions will cause Ari to be far more unstable than she ever had been in the past.

» Joking: Arianda has a very morbid type of humor, which mainly consists laughing about the strangest of things. She mainly laughs about jokes that have to do with killing, blood, or anything like those. However, she will laugh at some jokes if they catch her off guard and seem funny to her. She doesn’t know many jokes, so the ones she laughs at will depend on the context and if she actually understands it.

» Voices of Conflict(Amphilogiai’s influence): When Arianda first obtained her seal and became a Child of Eris, the voices of Conflict always screwed with her. Always millions of voices shouting and shrieking different things. However, those voices have long since merged into one and became a single voice; and one Arianda could never hear above all that cacophony. That single voice was Amphilogiai herself, finally manifesting in some way thanks to Ari's personal growth; and even getting away from Mana. As Amphilogiai has never liked dear mother Eris, she didn't wish to fully reveal her true self until everything was right. However, now she is alive and well inside of Arianda; even able to take advantage of Ari's exceptional powers to create a corporeal form to use occasionally. Regardless, that voice is still part of Ari and she will never leave Ari until the demon dies.

Recently, even after her severing the connection to Mana, losing her Eris powers, her DE, and breaking her own Eris Seal; Amphilogiai still stayed with Arianda. The being is now bound to Ari’s life force; and will never be unbound from Ari unless forced or if the two die. However, both her and Ari will never let them be unbound. Their fates are now forever bound together.

» Ego Bigger Than the Sun: Ever since Arianda obtained her abilities from Mana, i.e. Regeneration, body manipulation at a molecular level, and so on, the demon girl has gained a severe amount egotistical habits; all of which go to nearly everything she does. This means that Arianda will be cocky in battle, when talking with others, in sexual situations; basically, anything that could be influenced by her Ego WILL be influenced by her ego. This could mean that Arianda would even be cocky with a being that is far more powerful than she. However, her ego can be foiled by certain circumstances.

Arianda’s ego is a little bit ridiculous, making it seem like she is extremely cocky and confident about anything that may happen with Arianda. However, there are ways to quell this ego. The easiest way is to be family. Taichou, Arianda’s new sister, is able to quell this ego since Taichou, not only being Arianda’s older sister in age, is one of the most important people to Arianda; this means that she can get Arianda to calm down her ego with being present or simply telling her to calm down. However, there are other ways to cause Arianda to lose her ego.

What is likely the best way, and works the best, is to actively take Arianda down in battle, without killing her, and then capture her. For example, if Arianda fought someone and then lost; she would likely lose a bit of her ego as she believes she isn’t beatable. Of course, wounds would only be deepened if she was captured by her opponents alive; being imprisoned. However, if this happens, it means that Arianda would become a bit more humble that normal, but, it really does depends since she has never experienced losing a battle.

» Craziness: Arianda, despite how she normally acts, is extremely crazy. Whenever she enters battle she shows this by laughing manically no matter the situation, even if she is beat to hell she’ll keep laughing. However, she’ll stop laughing if she falls unconscious or if she notices something that surprises her immensely. There is no doubt that Arianda is crazy, but she does know when to act more serious than normal.

» Dark Minded: No matter Arianda’s form, in the back of her mind dwells the darkest part of her being. This part of her contains many things, which mainly consist of all the fears, doubts, and terrible times from her past. This is also where most of her darkest premonitions toward herself rest. Where she passively stores her darkest feelings. In this part of Arianda’s mind, her suffering is stored there too. Whenever Arianda gets depressed in any way, this part of her mind takes over and causes her not to really care anymore. This will cause her to allow people who are trying to kill her, or harm her, to do what they wish due to her lack of caring. In this mood she will also hurt herself in various ways since when she is like this she truly does believe she isn’t exactly worth it.

This also can be associated with how Arianda can be when she is actually sad/depressed or even in one of her mental breakdowns. Basically, it just means that Arianda is far more affected by the negative effects of the Eris Seal than she gives on; showing how she can seriously be a different person just from a slight shift in her regular emotional pattern. Now especially Arianda needs to worry about the darkest parts of her mind; as those issues have become extremely prevalent thanks to Ari destroying her seal, and her connection to Mana by proxy, and bringing a torrent of pain and emotions down on herself.

» Respect: Arianda has immense respect for those who are the same race as her, or for anyone who is able to hold their own in battle. Whether it be against her or in general. Whenever Arianda respects someone she will most certainly treat them with the most respectful words, phrases, and gestures she knows. She may also try to defend them even if they are far more powerful than she.

» The Resolve Flame: After Arianda had moved from her mansion in Europe and to the one in Minatumi prepared by her friend Ulv; Arianda had obtained the Resolve Flame from her. While the flame itself is not a trait, it created some effects that modify the negative portions of her personality. Arianda's flame, while just that, helps Arianda cope with the negativity that had built up in her being thanks to the Eris Seal. This means that Arianda can actually be joyful more in situations. However, she has always been a hyperactive ball of demonic energy; she can just be that more without the bad. Of course, the bad is still there; she just knows how to cope in a way that is healthy instead of harming herself or keeping it all pent up.

» Likes

» Blood: Arianda has a very strange affinity with blood. It’s not like the blood has an affinity with her because she’s blood thirsty; it’s because, in truth, she has an extreme fascination with blood. To her blood is a liquid that is very interesting and she likes to see it. She causes people to shed blood since she likes to look at the blood afterwards, only for a little bit though.

» Human Things: Despite Arianda’s clear avoidance of humans, she really does think the things that humans do, and have, is very interesting. Because of this she stole a phone and a pair of headphones mainly to experiment with them and to have them. From doing that she has grown to like human music, as well as some human games that she has found on the device.

» Chocolate: During her time in the human world she had found many things to eat and do. One of the most delicious things she found was Chocolate. After Arianda stumbled upon chocolate she found herself obtaining some whenever she could and eating it to her hearts content. Likely the best way to make a deal with Arianda is to have some chocolate. Arianda even has an entire FRIDGE full of chocolate in her house in Europe; that's how much Arianda likes chocolate.

» Food: She also found many different types of food that she absolutely adored. To her all of the human food was very strange, and didn’t look like it’d taste good. However, she exposed herself to many types of food causing her to become infatuated with food; even more so than when she still lived in hell. Frankly, food of some sort is another great way to keep Arianda from trying to kill you, or to make a deal with her.

» Formidable People: Since Arianda has been battle bound for much of her life, anyone who can hold their own against her she will gain a liking to, no matter their gender, race, age, or anything like that. She believes that someone who is powerful is worth admiring. In cases like those she may try to get them to take her under their wing; to train her in some way. It all depends on how much she likes the person, and if this person isn’t tricking her in some way.

» Demon World: Even though Arianda left hell at quite an early age, she has always liked her home. If given the chance she would return to hell or bring elements of it to her. She misses her home, if someone tried to take her back to hell, say the queen or her family, she wouldn’t resist. However, that all depends on the situation.

» Shinigami: As of late, Arianda mostly likes Shinigami because she believes them to be quite interesting. Indeed, her best friend is a Shinigami, Henrex; and she definitely believes his powers to be interesting. Albeit, while she may not dislike the things some of them have done, she still thinks that the Shinigami try their best to do good. Even if it doesn't always come out that way.

» Sexual Intercourse: Ever since a certain Mana Asthavon exposed dear little Arianda to the wonders of intercourse; she has been addicted ever since. It all started with a certain little blonde Maxwell. Afterwards, Arianda was simply stuck loving, craving, sex. Of course, in recent months, Arianda has slowly matured; getting over her extreme needs for sex. She no longer needs it to help her mentality, and mostly uses it as a thrill or if she gets that occasional craving. But, normally, she can relax and keep it in her panties.

» Conflict: Thanks to Arianda's Eris Seal, and Amphilogiai, the red cloaked demon had become the Angel of Conflict; a being that fed off and created conflict. While she still is able to get pain for herself, conflict is what she adores the most now for her demon meals. Demon meals specifically; because she fucking loves chocolate.

» Dislikes

» Braggers: Arianda absolutely hates anyone who brags. If someone starts gloating, she wants to take her scissors and jam them into the person’s skull without any regrets. Even if this person can back up their gloating with actions, she will still hate this person until they stop bragging like an insolent child or until their actions outweigh their gloating.

» Quitters: While Arianda has gotten over her dislike for the weak, she will never get over her dislike for those who give up. Those who have the power to move forwards, keep going, and make things better should never quit. After all, whether you have the power to or not, you should never give up and quit on what you wish to do.

» Bloodshed: Strangely Arianda doesn’t always like bloodshed. It truly does depend on her mood, but if she’s remembering the time where she destroyed a city of humans she won’t be trying to attack anyone. However, she can bypass this slight dislike if her life is in danger.

Background History

» History: Part 1: Arianda, like some demons, was born as a demon. From a very young age she showed expertise in battle with most types of weapons. Throughout the years, as Arya slowly grew, she gained expertise with weapons of different types. One of those weapons being a giant pair of scissors. Even past that, she trained her youth away using mainly the giant scissors as well as training with demon magic a little on the side. Despite her expertise in battle she never truly joined any armies or any sort of forces that the demons have. All she did was train and train, attempting to reach a new level of power. She trained so long and so hard that some believed she was to be quite powerful when she grew up.

After a time, some Shinigami somehow got into hell and attempted to attack where she lived. She was, in truth, annoyed by the presence of the Shinigami and she went alone to kill the Shinigami, despite the fact that she was only in her shifter form at the time. Alone she went, to dispose of the Shinigami. When she arrived they laughed at her and one of the Shinigami approached her to bat her out of the way. She promptly beheaded the Shinigami with her scissors, with great ease. She looked at the other Shinigami with a look of pure hate and immense blood lust flowing through her entire being. As she looked at the dead Shinigami in front of her she began to laugh. Laughing evilly now, to the point where the Shinigami have grown slightly scared, she slaughtered the other Shinigami without any hesitation. As she stood amidst the corpses she discovered her immense blood lust, how she loved to battle and to kill. Soon enough her blood lust outgrew her desire to stay at home and she left.

Arianda left to different parts of hell, killing whatever she could. She would sometimes venture to the human world, find stray humans and slaughter them just to witness blood other than that of a demon or Shinigami. She never tired of her blood lust, however, she did learn how to control it so she doesn’t kill everyone. She instead found ways to make it so her blood lust and aura wasn’t as prominent as it used to be. She began to wander around dimensions she could reach to learn more and become more powerful if possible. As Arianda travelled she learned many things, about the human race, some about the Shinigami, and the overall fear for her own Race. She had no idea of this such fear but instead of filling her with a desire to be what she isn’t; she decided to be what she was, and try to fight for her own ideals. Even if those ideals were mainly bound by the will to fight.

Part 2: During Arianda’s time in the human world, she only found out one thing; humans are annoying… as fuck! Despite that she still didn’t kill any humans, she truly believed that humans weren’t worth bloodying her weapon. She had mainly roamed in areas that were there were no humans. Say forests, abandoned villages, caves, mountains, any place that’s abandoned and where no humans roam. She always wandered and never kept to one place, trying to avoid humans as much as possible. However, while she wandered she always found something to fight; whether it was a Shinigami sent to the human world or a hollow. Her blade, and blood lust, did not discriminate between the two races.

However, as time went on, she started to actually want to try and protect some humans since she decided that if they weren’t worth killing, she may as well try to protect them. As a result, she integrated into human society for the sole purpose to “Protect them.” Which for her, meant to kill every single being that she could that attacked that specific city, or even a Shinigami that appeared in the city to “defend it.”

Contrary to what Arianda wanted to do in this town, except for the whole stealing a phone and headphones, she ended up killing a human…many humans actually… but what was ingrained into her mind was killing this specific human… a human she had gained a liking to. During this time, she found a woman, not a man, that she had taken a liking to. It wasn’t because of her body or anything, it was because this woman… this HUMAN reminded Arianda of herself. During this time, she got infatuated with this woman and attempted to get to know her better and be with her. However, Arianda soon found out who she was… she wasn’t actually a human she was a Shinigami stationed there. Arianda found her soul pager one day, crushing it in her hand. She later found the girl, her mind full of rage, her eyes unfocused and full of malice and murderous intent. She killed the girl, who had been lying to her and in her rage and complete udder disregard for life at this moment she destroyed the entire city, wiping it off the map at that time in her life. From then on she resumed her normal wandering and keeping distance from everything that was a Human. She decided that getting close to humans was a bad idea, considering how easy it is for her to lose it. Arianda ended up not caring who she killed eventually, as long as it wasn’t a human.

Part 3: And then, Arianda met Mana. Mana Asthavon, the woman who gave Arianda her powers, and basically her new life. Of course, she did become Mana's pet; and basically a sex toy. However, Arianda truly did not mind, she was in a position of power; and had herself get into rather interesting situations. The best of which would have to be the fact that Arianda had gained power unlike before. Not to mention, she even helped with the destruction of the moon bases before joining Shadowfall. However, then there is where the interesting things started to happen. Of course, Arianda slowly started to deal with such things. The more interesting things, to her, was the outrageous amounts of sexual intercourse. It was likely too much, but, she eventually calmed down after trying to screw many; probably one of her breaking points was when she nearly screw Yuki Kameko. A friend of hers that Arianda intended to see once more after their meet in the forest, but, it was really hard to say. Of course, that was only one event. One of Arianda's more important events was when she made the girl Mirja her pet for a little bit; she was a great pet and possibly Arianda's favorite despite how she acted towards Ceal. Of course, it was then things didn't go to well for Arianda. Mirja just had to prove herself to Arianda, which ended in her capture and then extreme torture. Of course, Arianda went to save her, fucked up, and Mirja left her. After a time, Arianda stumbled upon Taichou, near death and searching for the woman who had seemingly abandoned her and had abandoned Arianda. Of course, Arianda saved her life, nursed her back to health, and let her live within her house in the world of the living in Europe. Of course, that lead to some other problems that Arianda was glad occurred.

At some point along the line, Arianda had basically gained control of her Eris powers, interacted with Mana more and more, and she also basically ended up becoming half Mana on accident; with all her Vael blood still intact, luckily. However, something that really struck Arianda as surprising was that Taichou became her sister; their DNA mixed and Taichou became half Vael, half demon. Arianda was so glad to have her as a sister; and even more glad when they started their antics as siblings. These antics consisted of many sexual events that spanned far and wide; but, of course, that was something for another matter. Of course, Arianda has continued her interactions with Mana, Taichou, Henrex, and many other people. But, the earth was boiling; it was true something big was about to happen. It was only a matter of time, and Arianda was glad she was in the situations she was currently in. She had her daughter Aki, her lovable sister Taichou, Mana, and Henrex. Of course, with the current tension in the world, who knew when everything was going to boil over. At least the conflict would be fun.

The Seal is Broken; Connection Severed

Arianda’s life truly had been looking up. She had gained a friend after leaving Mana due to personal health and a desire to protect her family. Arianda had even found Henrex’s sister, had fun with a lovely girl named Abi more than just a couple of times, and even had Henrex next door to hug whenever she wanted! Indeed, everything was looking up. However, after some events that Ari does not understand, except that Ulv touched Caly when she shouldn’t have, Algos had decided to invade Minatumi Harbour. While Ari thought things were going quite well, something happened that Ari desperately did not wish to happen. A friendly force attempting to protect the city started to indiscriminately destroy the DE around the area. This may not have been an issue if a certain demon wasn’t in her DE Merge at the time; but she unfortunately was. This started a serious of unfortunate events.

The start of which was the indiscriminate destruction did more than a few things to Arianda. It invaded her body and started to slowly destroy the DE inside of her. However, due to her difference in power of the ones causing the effect the destruction stacked too quickly for Ari to deal with even after she had reverted to her normal state. It was destroying her from the inside out. She had to get rid of it to survive; she had to get rid of it to protect Amphilogiai from dying once more. Death was an activity both beings did wish greatly to not be a part of. So, the only solution that could be the least damaging versus death? Severing her connection to Mana and breaking her Seal of Eris. The process of which was not only hellishly painful, but left Arianda and Amphy bereft of their Eris powers and Death Energy control; both of which unable to control conflict or Death’s potent energy. Both were lost. Their connection to Mana was severed all except for a telepathy link that was no longer obligatory. However, even though Amphilogiai was not stolen away thanks to Ari and Amphy working to attach the being to Ari instead of the seal; there were adverse side effects and consequences.

Not only did Ari suffer a great deal of physical, and mental, trauma; Arianda and Amphilogiai’s actions caused a great rift between the Eris Family. IT caused conflict that the two couldn’t even dream to cause before. Conflict that they no longer desired to feel; it was behind them now. The two beings had to move forwards as one; with Amphy doing her best to help Ari along the way. Besides, Arianda had close friends, and lovers maybe, to help her as well; she wouldn’t be alone.



» Natural Abilities: Arianda has Shadow Movement, as well as the normal affinity for hell, sacrificing incantation, Curse Effect, and body manipulation; her best ability being her regeneration; while her best ability used to be using weapons. However, she still can use weapons quite easily no matter the type; with a semi-recent addition of modern weapons like firearms. She has mastery with the giant pair of scissors she wields instead of normal weapons. She can cause the scissors to split at the joint and use them as two separate swords. However, she can also spin the scissors around and slice with them as if they are a giant great sword. She also has the ability to basically transform them into whatever she wishes in the end. Arianda also has access to Kage-Chokyoshi; the method in which demons use to get around from dimension to dimension. As it works approximately like creating a portal, it is bound by similar rules. Meaning, if she is unable to teleport to a place that is sealed, or blocked via teleportation; she will be unable to go there through such means. Of course, as Ari was never good at it to utilize it in combat willy nilly, she only uses it for long distance travel that she wishes to finish in mere moments; or traveling to the Demon World.

» Constant Awareness: The “eyes” that Arianda can sprout inside of herself and from herself allow her to see everything around her at all times. They are basically mini-consciousnesses strewn all around her body. They allow her to anticipate attacks as long as she can see her enemy/opponent. However, if she can't see them she won't be able to as easily anticipate the attack. This ability is normally limited by clothing, and speed of her opponent. She may be able to see them, but reaction times are always hard.

» Eris Telepathy: Ever since Ari had obtained her Eris Powers, and her Eris Seal, she had a line of connection to everyone linked to that network; Mana Asthavon being the giver. Because of this link, Ari has always been able to be contactable by the other Asthavon's without needing any form of consent from Ari. However, due to recent events, in order to contact Ari those who have the seal, and want to talk to Ari, they will need Ari's consent. She could freely contact say, Mana or Caly; but they would need Ari's consent or acceptance to be able to talk to her.

» General Increase to Abilities: This new Tier has given Arianda increased everything. It has augmented her strength, dexterity, and the like. Allowing her to lift more, and dodge more. In the case of her strength, her newfound power has slightly boosted how her body can handle and tolerate weight and her overall muscle density has changed without visual effects. When it comes to dexterity, Arianda's newfound power has allowed her to become a little more nimble, letting her move energy through her body and to dodge how she wishes.

» Unique Abilities: While Arianda is not the most powerful demon in the world, she is definitely quite powerful in comparison to her age.

» Dexterous Movements: Through Arianda’s training she gained the ability to move quite well on the battle field and in general. This allows her to manipulate a weapon in combat better and to target vital points much better. It also helps her when she decides she want to throw her scissors at an opponent. Overall, this dexterity she has is meant to make it so she can cause enemies to suffer when fighting them.

» Manipulation of Weapon: Even though the giant pair of scissors Arianda carries look extremely dull and nowhere near malleable; Arianda can manipulate the scissors to her will. She does so by channeling a slight amount of Magic through the scissors, causing the scissors to change only slightly. Arianda is capable of morphing her scissors into as many forms and weapons as she wishes; but she does have a few specific ones she favors.

First Manipulation; Twin Blades: In this form, the scissors split apart from the joint which holds the pair together. The general structure of the scissors remains the same, except the blades gain sharper edges.

Second Manipulation; Great Sword: In this form the Eye rings of the scissors break off from the top and fold down into a single handle. This causes the blade to seemingly bind together, as well as the edges becoming sharper.

Greatsword Appearance:

Third Manipulation; Bladed Staff: The Scissors do the same thing as when they transform into a great sword. However, the scissors split at the joint and then bind at the eye ring. This creates a staff like weapon with blades on both ends of the staff.

Manipulation 4; Chain Scissor Blade: In all basics, it looks like a giant chain blade. Except, the blade's are the scissor blades at each separate end of the chains. The chains themselves extend from the eye rings of the scissors which basically combine and form a sturdy place for the chains to be linked to. The chains aren't exactly abnormal, they look black and are able to resist hits from other blades since the chains are made from the same material the scissors are.

Manipulation 5; Shotgun: This is a more peculiar form that Arianda's scissors can take, but, it is quite literally a shotgun that Arianda can change her scissors into. The shotgun itself is a double barrel 12 gauge that is red, black, and white. The projectiles that fire from the weapon are made from Arianda's own energy; this is so she can control the shots and fire them far above the normal speed that bullets fly at. Of course, this manipulation is one of Arianda's favorite as she has become to like the shotgun thanks to the vast amount of weapons Arianda has used in the past. But, regardless, she still adores shotguns. Her scissors act like the one thing that she can always depend on. Especially with all the forms it can take.

» Increased Strength: At a young age Arianda trained and trained, getting as strong as she could. She kept on training and fighting to further improve her strength just for the sake of getting stronger. Because of this she gained abnormal strength, even for that of a demon. This abnormal strength allows her to wield the giant pair of scissors she uses as her weapon; which is normally unwieldy for most beings unable to handle it.


Possessive Augment

» Possessive Shifting(Major): Arianda, as a demon, has focused on Possessive Shifting; giving her the power to easily contort her form and herself by manipulation her body. However, she is also capable of high speed regeneration due to the influences she has obtained from Mana Asthavon herself. It was a gift from Mana, not to be squandered; and one that has kept her alive even as that same being had torn her asunder for a snack. The main factor is that, Arianda has rather extensive skill in this ability; both gained and forced upon her in order to survive her Queen's bad habits. All in all, this little demon could probably get her head lopped off her neck and not suffer too badly from it thanks to her Queen.

» Possessive Movement(Minor): Arianda has never been the fastest thing alive. Sure, the demon can motor when she really wants to; when she needs to hit speeds of mach 4+ at least. But, she isn't the fastest. In other words, Arianda's Possessive Movement is slightly lacking. While she can boost her own speed quite well, she is unable to do so quite as well as another demon who made Possessive Movement their favorite bitch to ride. In all, Arianda probably can gain rather good boosts of speed, but, not much above that without losing excess energy.


» Giant Pair of Scissors
» Material: Unknown
» Arianda has had these scissors since she learned how to use weapons. They don’t have any special attributes besides being absurdly huge for a pair of scissors. The scissors themselves are about the same size as her when she's in her shifter form.
» Za Koa Core: Arianda's Za Koa Core, once upon a time, used to be quite plain; pain. Plain and simple, nothing excessive; but over Arianda's time exposed to Mana and to her seal, things changed. At least, they did. In recent events, Arianda’s ability to control her Za Koa cores of Conflict have faded to the point of being unable to use them; only barely retaining her Possessive Drive of Conflict. While Arianda has complete, and utter, control over her Possessive Drive of Pain, it has morphed to fit a better source of pain; and that pain is Arianda herself. Causing her own pain in order to save her life and Amphilogiai’s. However, the form does not cause her pain, she is just reminded of the pain one must cause to their self in order to save those who matter most.

Arianda Vael; The Fallen Angel [ERIS SEAL REMOVAL REVAMP][1-5; Hazard Rank A] 95bb5b10

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Demon Magic(Possessive Magic)

» Pain Creation: Paying homage to Arianda's roots, this spell is quite literal. If her enemies are lacking in both Mental Deduction, it being lower than hers, and have a terrible Willpower stat they will likely feel pain. In other words, if someone had the same mental deduction stat as Arianda, they would feel only a slight bit of pain, above wouldn't feel any, and those below her Mental Deduction would feel the full effects. However, these effects of pain are meant to simply, well, hurt; pain being a good way to deter enemies as well as keep them distracted. But, the effects of this spell also depend on the enemy's Willpower.

Those who have an untrained in Willpower would likely feel as if their nerves are on fire, needles stabbing into them at the most painful spots; basically, they would feel a great, great pain. Beginner WP would feel a great pain as well but, they may be able to see past the pain and not be completely vulnerable. Adept WP would be about the same as Beginner, but able to focus a bit more than the previous stat level. Advanced WP would not be feeling as much pain, their ability to focus much greater than adept; but they would still feel the pain. Elite, however, would feel a lot less pain than Advanced; being able to focus through the pain with great ease. Master and Grand Master will not be hindered by the pain being jammed through their nerves; allowing them to focus as normal while Arianda's spell likely doesn't do much to them if anything at all.

» Ishtar’s Spear: In Beijing, Arianda manifested a power she did not quite understand. She had also done it back in demon world when Ari was still with Mana. Now, however, she understands it far better. A spear made from demon magic and solidifying her own energy creates a blue spear; a spear that burns with a great deal of malice. Why malice? Well, because the spear is nothing more than a creation deep from within Ari’s heart; a spear that is meant to destroy and consume through destruction. While the spear is completely created from Arianda herself, she can create multiple whenever she wishes; the spears costing very little energy to make. However, the spear is limited in its uses.

The spear can only be thrown or impaled directly into someone. When thrown, the spear explodes in approximately a thirty-meter radius; ripping and tearing through inorganic material in the area. Of course, it is not as effective on flesh. IT scales with durability: Untrained taking full damage, Beginner taking 80% damage, Adept taking 60%, Advanced taking 50%, Elite taking 30% damage, Master taking 15% Damage, and Grand Master taking 5%% to no damage based upon what the target did. IN a similar fashion, when the spear is directly impaled into someone, it tries to create an internal combustion if it can pierce skin and flesh. If it cannot get inside, it may only cause an explosion on the surface; scaling around the same damage levels. However, the spear cannot be used to blocked, can be blocked, and is not a practical weapon for fighting in close combat. After Ari causes the spears to explode five times, she will no longer be able to make them explode for 4 posts. She can still use the spears, but they will no longer cause damage based on explosive force and power.


Possessive Powers
» Possessive Power; Pain:

» Extreme Pain Reduction: Arianda, as a Demon of Pain, and recently of conflict, has always been able to eat the pain of other creatures; remove it from their being. However, she can take it to extreme degrees to absorb her own pain, or another's, to prevent a bodily shut down from an overload in pain. However, it's not just a touch and Instant pain removal! No, the exact ability requires Willpower in order to be able to take the pain. Arianda herself truly does absorb the pain, in the case of taking the pain of another, or temporarily put off her pain in order to keep functioning. When Arianda takes the pain of another sentient being, she must be able to resist the pain she gains from taking the pain from that person.

Whenever Arianda takes someone's pain, she must be able to resist it. If Arianda had, say, an Untrained in Willpower, she would pass out from the pain taken from the person; being unable to take it at all. Beginner to Adept would be able to take the pain, but be unable to function completely for a post or two; depending on the magnitude of the wound causing the pain. Advanced to Elite Willpower could take the pain quite easily; being able to function almost normally. Almost normally means that Arianda would be unable to do anything huge for a post with that pain in her body. Master and Grant Master would face very little consequences from taking the pain of another; as their body is steeled past most capability to take pain and keep trucking through. However, if Arianda herself willed to put off her pain for a few posts; things would change.

If Arianda herself willed her pain away, temporarily, she would be able to do so for around 2 posts before the pain came back to her body; twice the potency as it was before. However, with a higher willpower she can shrug off the pain for longer. Untrained would mean normal duration on the demon shrugging her pain off. Beginner to Adept would be able to extend the duration by a single post. Advanced and Elite would be able to further extend the duration by another post. Master and Grand Master would be able to extend the duration even further; adding a final post to the count for a total of 5 posts before the pain returns. However, when the pain returns, Arianda will be unable to take the pain unless she has a Master in Willpower; causing her to collapse on the spot. The demon is still able to move and get away if she needs, but, her movements are slowed, pained, and she is unable to talk as her teeth would be clenched in such a way that her jaw will not part easily. It also should be known that Arianda would never will her own pain away unless she needed to do so to escape or preserve the health of a loved one or friend.

» Shredding Claws: Arianda has always been a demon to inflict pain on those she is at opposition with. Of course, there are the normal methods of cutting, punching, biting, breaking, and the like; but Arianda prefers to use her claws at times. However, her claws are not some normal claws that give a good gash and nothing else. No, when Arianda wills it, her claws can further increase the pain someone feels from her claws, and her claws alone, by at least twice the potency. This doesn't increase physical damage, it just makes the person feel pain easier than they normally would; or feel more of it depending on how well they take pain.

Those with Untrained Willpower would likely feel exactly double the effects; their pain getting amplified to a point where it would likely be too much. An example would be if they were punched in the gut with Adept strength, they could likely feel the pain of a punch from an Advanced Strength punch; but the damage of an Adept strength strike. While unable to render unconscious, it leaves the person in great pain despite the small wound. Beginner to Adept would feel 1.5 times the pain; getting a little bit greater pain than normal, but not as great as one untrained in Willpower. Advanced to Elite would feel only 1.2 times the normal effects; getting some additional pain from the attack, but nowhere near the same amount as Untrained. Meanwhile, Master and Grand Master would feel the normal pain of the actual claws; the pain increasing effects losing their potency thanks to their great Willpower levels. In all, the main effect is to inflict pain, not to inflict additional damage.


Possessive Drive

Possessive Drive of Pain

» Possessive Drive Name: Okina Kutsu [大きな苦痛](Great Pain)

» Possessive Drive Appearance: Arianda’s Possessive Drive of Pain used to be based around the pain Ari felt for the death of her friend, Mirja. However, it has recently took a turn a turn so that the source of her pain is none other than herself. A heavily modified version of her old self, and the form she used to call “The Goddess of the Underworld”. However, she is now the Goddess of her own pain; fully understanding that sometimes… sometimes pain is needed to protect everyone.

Her hair is blonde with red ribbons tying long pig tails that blend in with the rest of the hair and can barely be assumed as nothing else but part of it. Her eyes change to a deep orange or dark red, much like looking into the depths of a roaring fire, but her face is surprisingly soft for what Arianda would like to call herself as a Goddess of Pain. Not to mention, those same eyes can change color from red to a more golden yellow when she uses her powers in excess. Otherwise, her eyes stay the same reddish hue. Her stature stays at her normal 5'2", not exactly towering over the competition but her frame need not be bigger. She has B-C cup size breasts and normally wears outfits of black and red. Her blonde hair falls past her hips and accents the palish features of her skin.

» Possessive Drive Appearance Picture:

A second image just in case:

» Possessive Drive Benefits

» Special Scissor Manipulation; Kur's Holy Spear: As a reminder to her great pain, even Ari’s scissors take on the exact replica of what her Death Energy merge used to be. The weapon, when Arianda holds it next to her, one point on/in the ground and the other skyward; it is easily taller than her by at least half a foot. Yet, she can wield the spear like it weighs nothing; which it does to her. The weapon is very bulky and can be a little unwieldy because of its bulk. However, that bulk and size make it good for abstract attacks; much like simply riding it down to so slam into an enemy. Arianda could even use it as an improvised shield if the moment really called for it. After all, the spear is big enough that blocking an attack with it would be surprisingly easy for her. However, it is no simple spear.

Sticking to being a Goddess of Pain of some form, understanding her own pain fair too well, the spear is able to rend flesh like paper, depending on durability; amplifying the pain of others greatly depending on their Willpower. Untrained would feel the full effects of the increase to pain, being around a 100% increase and be cut to ribbons by the spear. Beginner would feel around 80% of total effects; being able to resist the spear’s blade a bit better despite it still being able to sever flesh from bone if given time and opportunities. Adept feels 60% of total effects. Advanced 50%, so they could reasonably resist the attacks better than most. Elite 30%, being able to take the damage quite easily and deal with the pain if their Willpower is up to the same level. Master at 15% and Grand Master at 5% to none. Again, it is worth mentioning this scales with both Durability and Willpower. For example, if someone had Elite durability, they would be able to deal quit well with the spears exceptionally sharp Blade. However, if they had adept Willpower, they would still feel the extra 60% of effects; causing greater pain for less damage and vice versa. This ability, however, has a cooldown. After being used for times to consciously cause damage, the spear will cut like any normal spear and deliver the same amount of pain with no additional pain than what is physically caused. Once that cap is hit, the spear cannot cause such pain and damage for 6 posts. It is to be used sparingly and strategically.

» Cages of Pain: Cages made from Ari’s own energy can shove themselves out of the ground at the enemy on Arianda’s command; their speed based off Ari’s own speed and any augments from Shadow Movement. While the demon is no expert in speed, it benefits her to use such an ability. However, the cages are mostly meant to throw off opponents; to give Ari an opening. However, the cages can do more than simply appear out of the ground before fading after their job is done. No, they can do much more.

Upon emerging out of the ground, as long as two or more are present, Arianda can use the two cages to conduct red lightning at her foe. Ari needs two so the lightning can be controlled at proper speeds and be given proper damage; allowing Arianda to remotely electrocute someone within a range of 30 meters from the demon. The lightning has a special attribute that targets nerves that receive pain; and purposefully causes the nerves to feel as if they have been lit on fire with as much pain as possible. Those with a high Willpower can better resist the effects. Untrained will receive 100% of the effects. Beginner 80%, Adept 60%, Advanced 50%, Elite 30%, Master 15%, and Grand Master will receive 5% to none of the effects. However, the ability to cast lightning from two or more cages has it’s limits. Not only does there need to be explicitly two cages to conduct Ari’s energy into lightning; she needs time to set this up. After setting up the two cages, without them getting destroyed or being more than 20 meters apart, Arianda can freely conduct the red lightning between them. The ability also cannot function more than twice before a cooldown of two posts. Of course, as the cages and lighting are all from Ari’s energy, creating them costs energy.


Resolve Flame & Tulpa

» Resolve Flame; Joyful Refrain: Arianda’s resolve flame was a gift from Ulv when the demon had first moved to Minatumi. It was an aid, something she kept hidden within her heart from the powers that would’ve destroyed it. However, since the days Arianda forcefully removed her Eris Seal, the demon had let the flame mature as it should have; allowing it to become a source of pure joy. This flame is what holds Arianda’s mentality together most of the time; allowing her to feel joy over the vast amounts of pain, trauma, and various other things that could cloud Arianda’s mind. However, the flame is simply that; something that helps Arianda stay sane. Not to mention, it allows her to spread bits of joy at a very small level; allowing her to spread her happiness just because she is there. At least, as long as said person is willing. Otherwise, Arianda’s Resolve Flame is a personal thing.

» Personal Tulpa; Fallen Angel’s Stand: After a brief bit of training with Ulv, Arianda gained her very own Tulpa. With the memories she had recently uncovered, her desire to protect those she loved; Arianda had conjured a relatively simple Tulpa. It was a shield, a shield she can change the size of at will. However, she can’t increase the size of the shield past twice the width of her body, nor make it much taller than six feet in height without causing immense strain on herself. Attempting to bypass such limits would likely cause the shield to sputter and fade. However, as long as Arianda stays within those parameters, she still has quite a great deal of options.

Arianda’s Tulpa, being only a shield, has barely any offensive capabilities. Could she shield check someone with it to knock them off their guard? Perhaps. However, the shield was not made with the intention to attack; it was made with the intension to protect and defend. Due to such a reason, the shield’s durability is nigh unbreakable; as long as Arianda doesn’t attempt to tackle something too extreme or have her will waver. Otherwise, the shield will last as long as Arianda’s energy and will can sustain the basic Tulpa. Not to mention, Arianda can fashion the shield to look quite like any shield in history; as long as she has the capability and will to make the shield and it would not fall out of the parameters set for width and height. However, Arianda can only change the shield once per post for the moment. Changing it too much could cause her to lose focus and then possibly lose hold on her Tulpa in the process.

Ari's Tulpa scales off her willpower, its defensive capability dependent on such a stat; as a Tulpa is a willpower based construct to begin with. For example, Arianda could block an attack that was strength based as long as her willpower measured up to be the same level; the same goes for energy based attacks that are somewhat skill based. Lower skill levels would be easy to block, meanwhile higher skill levels would be increasingly more difficult to block; enough to the point where blocking a move that is too powerful will break the shield. I.E. If a GM Cero, Bala, or some form of energy attack like it hit Ari's shield as she was at Elite Willpower, the shield would likely shatter and cause Ari injury that she was trying to avoid by blocking it. Elite willpower compared to Master cero, or some other equivalent skill, would once more result in a broken shield; but only after the potency of the attack was reduced by half. An equal level, say Elite Will and Elite Cero, would result in a stalemate of sorts; allowing Ari to block the blow while retaining her shield. Anything below Ari's Willpower would likely cause little to no damage; allowing Ari to block the blow with relative ease. In essence, Ari's Tulpa is only as unbreakable as her will is.

» Full Tulpa; The Fallen Angel’s Last Bastion: Arianda’s full Tulpa is what Arianda believes to be the fullest form of defense; the best way to protect more than just herself and those immediately close. It is not a surefire way to protect everyone, of course; but the “shield” Arianda’s full tulpa creates is something that is meant to protect all under it’s influence.

Arianda’s full tulpa, when activated, creates a large construct; one that can be increased in size to cover an entire city, perhaps more if Arianda has the energy reserves to deal with the strain. The tulpa itself looks quite a great deal like castle walls; bricks hewn from red energy that erect themselves on the spot when Arianda activates her Tulpa. The walls are thirty feet thick, and four feet tall; completely enclosing whatever Arianda wishes to protect. It’s notable to mention that the walls can become thinner if it is stretched out quite far; but that would depend on the distance and if Arianda was even still able to maintain the Tulpa. Not to mention, a sphere of hardened energy surrounds the castle wall to help reduce the chance of attacks getting through from on high. The spherical barrier that surrounds the castle walls is about half the thickness of the castle walls; around fifteen feet of hardened energy meant to act as a shield for whomever Arianda decides to use it for. Due to such a high amount of hardened energy that is meant to protect and defend to the utmost; that means it is quite difficult for Arianda to use over extended periods of time. Especially when she uses it over very large areas.

Normally, Arianda will only be able to manifest her Full Tulpa, at most distances, for around two posts at most; perhaps three depending on the situation. If Arianda had more energy to pour into it, she could even last longer; up to five if she was a zero tier. However, most of the time managing two posts of constant upkeep is all she can do before she has to release the full Tulpa to avoid the risks of overusing her energy. However, it is worth noting that if Arianda attempting to use her Tulpa at very large distances, say an entire country as an example, she would be lucky to manage a post of upkeep without assistance from others. At zero tier, Arianda could likely easily manage up to two posts of upkeep with such a large amount energy at her disposal. However, without such energies Arianda would be lucky to manage that single post without assistance; and especially without passing out. However, due to such limitations, Arianda at least knows when, and when not to, cast her Full Tulpa across such a large area.

Arianda's Tulpa in its full form is able to take far more than Ari's personal tulpa truly could; as its purpose is to defend from almost everything. Once again, the shield's defenses scale off willpower versus other skills; along with possible tier involvement. Scaling off Willpower, Arianda's Full Tulpa, her bastion, can take far more than her normal shield ever could.

After jumping past untrained willpower, because Arianda needs willpower to conjure her Tulpa, and going straight to beginner Will; Arianda should be able to hold the shield to constant assault, and likely very high power attacks, for around one to two posts. Depending on the amount of force used, it could even last less time; even possibly lasting less than a turn. Adept would allow the bastion to last three to four posts to such concentrated assault. Advanced jumps up to five to six posts; depending on how vicious the assault can be. Elite allows seven to eight posts of defense; being quite capable by this point. By the time Arianda could get a Master in Willpower, she would be able to hold her defense for 9 posts. If Arianda was ever to reach a GM in Willpower, her bastion would be able to hold for a total of ten posts; not counting unknown variables that could drastically reduce the shield's capabilities.

However, it should be noted that Arianda's Full Tulpa is extremely energy costly. It is very likely that, after defending for a solid five posts, the demon will become quite fatigued due to the requirements of such an immense Tulpa. In fact, without enough energy stores, it can be quite likely that Arianda's Tulpa, and willpower, wouldn't be able to stand up to the punishments of a high level 0 tier for terribly long. For example, if Ari's willpower was Advanced, and she was a low 1 tier facing a high 0 tier assaulting a certain area; her Tulpa would likely last have the time. Frankly speaking, if the assault was extremely vicious, her Tulpa may only last two posts instead of a possible five to six if not less. Not to mention, if Arianda is ever able to have her Tulpa last as long as her willpower can maintain, Arianda would not be able to conjure her Full Tulpa for the rest of the thread. The energy expenditure is far too great to do it again. Frankly speaking, Arianda could even be rendered unconscious depending on how everything went. Regardless, Arianda's Tulpa relies on her Willpower for its defense; and if that fails, so too does her Tulpa.

However, it should be mentioned that, as Arianda continues to grow, her Full Tulpa could grow with her. It may not change, but its defensive capabilities will not fall with growth; they will only increase. Such defenses will increase and increase until Arianda could have a true bastion; a fortress with which she could protect everything she cares for, and lose not a thing. The Fallen Angel's Last Bastion.


Enter The Child of Eris
» Name: Amphilogiai
» Titles: Child of Eris; Conflict Incarnate
» Age: Around 2500 years old; looks much younger than that
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: N/A; a spirit bound to Ari’s life force and the demon herself.

» Appearance: Over the years Amphilogiai has existed, she has taken many forms, many shapes; and has very rarely stuck with one solid appearance. At least until recently. The child of Eris has taken the form of her host; with her own personal modifications. Her eyes are that same blue of Ari’s eyes. However, they take on a much brighter shade of blue; even more so than Ari’s. However, there is a crux with the little demon’s appearance. She can shift the colors of her hair and eyes to match her mood. Or, when her mood is foul or she feels like it, her eyes and hair can shift colors endlessly like a rainbow; showing off a bit of the conflict that has run through the little demon’s being from the very day she was born as Eris’s own child. However, she seems to like having her own special attire for whenever she is in corporeal form; sticking to an oddly military inspired set of clothing. However, Amphilogiai also enjoys dresses when she has the chance to wear them; which is very rare and few and far in between.

» Appearance Picture:

» Personality: Due to Amphilogiai’s short life, her personality never really grew up from her childish nature; never developing as a proper adult. This normally amounts to her being childish; but she has a few quirks to her nature. Especially how, despite her stature and nature, has an aversion to enjoy sexual activities like any demon does.

» Childish Nature: Amphilogiai has always been childish due to her departure from life at a young age. It’s caused her to be underestimated both before, and after death; allowing for her and her sister, Pseudologoi, to do the things they used to do. This also means that Amphilogiai sometimes has trouble getting her points across. She has the brain power to do it, but her aversion to being childish, to make up for the time she lost in dead, causes her points to become far less understandable unless Amphy takes a moment to think and rephrase. Otherwise, her point may very well go over the head of who she is talking to. However, anyone who knows Amphilogiai well will be able to get an understanding of what she is trying to convey without Amphy having to take a moment to explain.

» Calculating: Being a child of Eris has lead Amphilogiai to needing a brain that worked quickly and easily; and an intelligence that allowed her to take advantage of situations so she can never die again. While Amphilogiai is bound to Ari, she tries to help the demon in ways she can. This used to be gifting Arianda her powers. However, most of the time she does her best to assess the movements and attacks of enemies or whatever opposing force; doing her best to find an eventuality where she and Ari can get out with minimum damage. If they can escape with their lives intact; and the lives of those they care for.

» Familial Love: Amphilogiai has always loved her family. Her mother, Eris, has always been loved by the little demon; even in times where Pseu had extreme distaste for their mother. However, Amphy has never been able to love another of her family like Pseu; she was there when no one else was. Even if Pseu did not return the care that Amphilogiai had for her sister; their bond was still greater than Amphilogiai had with the rest of her family. This is also why it was dreadfully painful for her, and by extension Ari, to sever their bond to Mana and break her Eris Seal. Because, while Amphilogiai loves her mother, she cares for Ari, and her family, much like she has been family the entire time.

» History: Over the two-thousand some years that make up the life, and death, of Amphilogiai; there were many things to cloud her memory. Many things that happened in those long, long years; things that defined the life of Amphilogiai as a whole.

She never could remember too much about her mother, Eris. The one thing that always stuck out to her was being held in her mother’s arms feeling such warmth and care; as if nothing else mattered but that moment. However, that memory was buried among a pile of static that she could not remember. Her early years were a blur, mixing in that previous memory along with some moments with her siblings. Everything else was static up until her earliest years she could remember; the years she was with her sister, Pseudologoi. Those were the best years of her life.

However, there were some things that were hidden from Amphilogiai. Her powers were extremely unbalanced; extremely unstable. She always had issues with her powers when she was younger, never being able to control them to the proper amount. However, Amphy’s sister, Pseu, gave her young sister the love and care she desired via mindfucking Amphy now and then to make sure her powers stayed in check; which normally caused Amphilogiai to be at a far greater disparity in power compared to her sister. Since most of it was hidden behind a barrier created by multiple mindfucks, Amphilogiai always stayed at Pseu’s side for safety.

When Amphy was young, the little demon always spent her time with her elder sister, Pseudologoi. She loved her dear sister greatly; a feeling that was not always returned with the same sincerity. IT was clear there was a close bond between the two sisters, as they went around having their sisterly fun of torturing random men in Ancient Greece. However, the times were not always perfect. As time progressed, people started to catch on to Pseu’s actions; causing her to become a target of sorts. Of course, this caused multiple issues. Most of which it normally endangered Amphilogiai; who had her powers suppressed by her elder sister via methods meant to force them into control. It worked too well, in fact. So well that Amphilogiai could only help when enemies got close. Soon, however, they ran into quite the snag.

Amphilogiai did her best to protect her sister, even though her powers were mostly locked behind the suppression that Pseu caused; she always tried to protect the woman. She loved her elder sister and never wanted to lose her. However, she greatly miscalculated when someone tried to attack Pseu and the demon jumped in front of her sister to save her; even if it wasn’t needed. However, due to Amphy’s constantly weakened state, the demon was unable to protect herself properly; and the attack carved out a perfect hole in Amphilogiai’s chest. It completely obliterated her heart and left the little demon to die in the arms of the sister she loves so much; her powers finally lashing out of control to the beings trying to kill her sister nearby. The last effort of the Being of Conflict. So she thought.

In the years proceeding Amphy’s death, she remembered suddenly being back in her body; alive and with a beating heart. However, something was seriously wrong with Pseu. Her mind was… shattered, broken from the experience of losing the one being who mattered more to her in the world; someone who had latched onto Pseu’s heart without even intending to. It was tragic, really, that Amphy had to die before her own sister and then watch as she was reduced to this; causing Amphilogiai no less pain as she died and was brought back at least three other times before death seemed to take her sister as well. However, since then, Amphy was trapped in a void of Za Koa; her essence never being retrieved by Eris, nor by Pseu. Maybe Pseu was able to realize bringing back her sister would cause her nothing but insanity; or maybe she was unable to do so without bringing suspicion to herself. It was no secret to Amphy that Pseu didn’t hold the greatest feelings of adoration to their mother Eris; but it seemed off. They had such different memories of Mana. What happened to cause that? Whatever the case, Amphy simply existed in the void; learning to speak this foreign language called English. Soon, however, Amphilogiai realized her consciousness was being pulled from the sea of Za Koa; with someone finally intent on bringing her back in some capacity.

In the years to come, Amphilogiai’s powers had clearly waned as she floated in the sea of Za Koa; barely able to properly manifest herself in what appeared to be her host. She was not in a body of her own, but in that of a host; a demon girl. Arianda Vael. Of course, at the time, she was only able to speak; and given her inability to properly manifest, she only really had a clear voice when she was in the presence of someone who greatly calmed Ari. It was quite an odd experience really. Eventually, as her host grew, and Amphilogiai did too, causing her to manifest more clearly; first in Ari’s dreams as a being made mostly from shadows. However, as she and Ari got stronger, she started to manifest in a clearer form; a form based on that of her host. It was not too different from the form she died in, but, Amphilogiai was certainly in a new form compared to before; heavily intrigued by how she found herself. However, she still had not fully manifested in Ari, she was barely able to show herself to the demon and even barely help keep her mind straight as time with Mana and the Seal started to tear it apart. Then, Ari left Mana.

All had become clear as Ari left Mana; the being who is currently inhabited by Eris. It did hurt Amphilogiai to leave the comforting arms of her mother. However, every child leaves the roost one day; and it was her time to do so. Of course, she could still talk to and see her mom; but such things were likely behind the two as Amphilogiai focused on helping Ari repair her psyche; eventually causing her to become quite gathered and truly happy and joyous. However, in recent events, Amphilogiai has been able to manifest completely thanks to Ari’s growth in power; being able to use a clone made from Arianda that she can possess to be corporeal. She had finally regained enough power to be a corporeal being of some form; allowing her to enjoy the things she had been unable to enjoy when she was alive. Her life was short before and she had no plans to leave Ari ever again. In case of the eventuality that Arianda tried to remove her seal, or the two were killed, she bound herself to Arianda and not the seal; wanting to be with the demon and experience the fun together. She didn’t want to be trapped in a sea of Za Koa ever again; she wanted to live her own life even if it meant leaning on another for the rest of it. However, something complicated it greatly.

Algos, one of the Children of Eris, decided that she would invade Minatumi to pay a visit to Ulv; the mayor and local sex felon. At least, that’s what Amphilogiai’s understanding from Ari was. She mostly seemed like an interesting woman who tried and let her desires get the better of her. However, the main problem was that Algos wished to beat the shit out of Ulv and even destroy Minatumi and its citizens. Unfortunately, more than just citizens of Minatumi were there to defend the city. Cyrus, a man who cast an aggressive destruction of all the DE in the area of Minatumi; which caused quite the issue with Arianda. The demon, Ari, was in her DE Merge, as she wished to combat the DE that Algos was throwing around the city; unfortunately this caused her to be a target of the aggressive DE Destruction. Simply put, even after reverting to her normal form, the damage was still done and would cause her to perish if not for quick action; she had to remove the DE in her body. She saw no other escape and did not wish to feel death again. She did not wish for Amphilogiai to die again.

Arianda and Amphilogiai could only come to one conclusion as the two were short on options and time; and that was to eject the DE forcefully. And the only way to do that was to sever the connection that Arianda shared to Mana; the connection that gave the demon her seal, her powers over conflict and Death’s Energy. If she had more time, maybe there could have been another option; but there was no such time nor option. With physical comfort from Amphilogiai, as well as instructions from the girl on how to prepare herself; Arianda was able to successfully break her connection to Mana. This broke her Eris Seal in the process, leaving it’s black, broke, imprint on her skin; and removing all the powers she had received from Mana. However, Amphilogiai was the only influence of Eris that remained with Ari; and would continue to remain with Ari until the very day Arianda perished. However, even then, with their life-forces so heavily entwined, it was likely she was never to leave Ari after death.

» Powers: Amphilogiai now only has the few powers Ari herself possesses; having a small energy pool of her own to possess a body that Ari creates for her. It takes little energy to maintain, but it means Amphilogiai cannot be too far from Ari; lest she be dragged back and her corporeal form demolished. The ability to maintain and possess this body that Ari provides her, and being able to call upon it on her own, is the only ability Amphilogiai has now thanks to severing her connection to Eris to save her life and Ari’s; being left with only her ability to interpret Ari’s mind exceptionally well.

» Corporeal Possession: Amphilogiai is able to temporarily, for about a thread as long as she is within a vicinity of 50 meters of Ari, can retain herself in the body that Ari had created for her; only able to venture so far thanks to Amphilogiai using her own small pool of energy to sustain the form. However, she still leans on Ari greatly. Outside of Ari’s range of influence, Amphilogiai can only last in that corporeal form for a post or two, depending on effort, before she is forced to return to Arianda to recuperate; as she cannot be separated from Ari any further.



Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Elite
  • Possessive Magic: Advanced
  • Possessive Augment: Elite
  • Possessive Influence: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
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  • RP Sample Present [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Hazard Ranks
  • Power: A
  • Influence: S
  • Resources: C

Comments/Notes: All skills can stay the same. Tier reduction is taking into accound the loss of substantial energy reserves and abilities fueled by them through DE and the Seal of Eris.
Tier: 2-1
Hazard Rating: A
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